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    I liked Hyori and MBLAQ picture for this week’s comments of the week. I love Whitney Richardson’s comment on the American Dad episode with the B12 boyband and how the boyband parody applies to all boy band in general and everywhere (mostly the west) not just kpop as boy band and pop music industry in general is defined by selling music and image/visual (more on image/visual) and each member in their group has a role and character where they attract a fan who’s seeks and drawn to a specific characteristics and archetypes which is the magic of boy band (and i’m a huge sucker for boy bands and pop music so I know how it works) Regarding Bstar5’s comment I don’t think both talent and conventionally attractive (visual) people in kpop (and entertainment industry in general) is really going to fade away in the mainstream scene it never has been it’s always here in the past, present and future and this has been always like this there will be soloists/groups who’s either a) talented b) conventionally attractive (visual) or c) combination of talented and conventionally attractive (visual). Overall this week comments of the week gave me interesting thoughts to think about.