• http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Very good. I may just be used to the gimmicky nature of most Kpop these days, but it was nice to have a bit of a throwback to some non-thematic, straight up groove music of older Kpop. Great huskier harmonies.

  • pg13247

    Miss $ was a duo that primarily focused on rapping and they did a song that featured Nemo a while back and they worked together really well. It’s nice to see that she joined them. They have very solid songs, but they don’t get much media attention.

    Weird fact: (Nemo is Sang Eun who was a part of failed SME group known as Shinvi)

  • MissSfan

    Um…Nemo and Hyeyoung haven’t been in the group in over a year, Nemo in like two, do you mean Minhee and Jace?
    You should probably check this info before you post an article? I mean they aren’t a popular group so it’s easy to get mixed up, but a lot of sources have this information.

  • AcadiasFire

    I like them. Their really good. Their voices are very nice too. Enjoyed the song. Its one of my new favorites.

  • azimahdun

    i like all their songs.. me also just know them this year after their teaser for this comeback and i searching about them in the internet, and surprisingly i really love all their songs in their album in 2009. I think it worth to buy, but they are not really famous group. But now, they becoming my favorite band, because i love their music not because their face etc etc.  I hope they will become famous after this..:) ah! and one thing make me love their music, because it remind me t-ara style when their first debut. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1042394200 Nga Ngắc Ngoải

    love them <3 I liked What is Love, and Good Night is quite similar. I'm a sucker for dramatic angst