• Sophia

    So all men are dogs? Only in it for the chase? Thats great news, i guess i’m gonna die alone then.

    • pianonomocha

      “So all men are dogs? Only in it for the chase?”
      Generalizing, huh. With that kind of mentality, yes

      • Sophia

        I guess i should have said…”just kidding” – just taking my cue from the song itself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Favorite aspect: The brick wall — kind of has a Bohemian style about it. 

    Least favorite aspect: That has to be the most wishy washy and inconsistent man I’ve ever seen. All he ever does is quit something — toys, guitar, photography, his relationship. He might ought to invest in some therapy or self-reflection, because he clearly has issues allowing himself to commit to anything.

    Overall, I don’t think this video deserves a shot with a sledgehammer. The guy is a crooner and you can’t really expect more from a crooner than melodrama.

    I will say this, though: men are NOT all like this guy — quitting everything he ever became interested in. There are men that still keep every baseball card they ever collected. There are men that stand beside their mate for their entire life, not just for the smooth times, either. 

    The woman… Let’s just say there are tons of women out there that smile when no man is in sight.lol I’m told that women like a little space, sometimes — that they don’t just sit sullenly on a chair waiting for that next moment when a man deigns to speak to them. Strange, I know, but I’m told this is true.

    The video was actually well done, so I can agree on the score (for a change). Still, the title of the song is misleading. A more appropriate title would be: I Am Like That, And I’m A Man, So All Men (False) Must Be Like That.

  • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    I remember Jeff Buckley in an interview talk about how when he first heard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, how he was impressed that he didn’t hold back for fear of criticism or misunderstood as pretentious and enunciated each note, each syllable with heart, feeling and strength.  I remember it because I find that many singers do tend to hold back, especially in ballads, even just that little bit, just because they fear over doing it or maybe, as I believe more often is the case, they haven’t the feelings or experience to sing from the heart.  Kim Jong Kook, for me, falls into the category of people who are able to sing from the heart AND lend the rendition credibility.  Even though I don’t love him as much as Nusrat or Jeff, I admire and respect his talent and dedication.

    I am a huge fan of Song Joong Ki, and in terms of his part in the MV, I think he gave it layers and depth that in another face might have come across as something more arrogant or cold.  However I am very biased in this regard, so I might be wrong.

    As for the MV story, lyrics and general message of the piece, what I take away is that the title, ‘Men are all like that,’ isn’t so much a statement or generalization but rather an excuse the protagonist/singer uses to justify his actions. It is almost as though he cannot blame himself because he was ‘born to betray’ her trust in him, being a man and all men are like that.  The song is all the more poignant for it, and those undulations of sorrows carry another layer, wherein we find that he isn’t trying to convince us or girl, that this is the reason that it all went wrong BUT rather himself. 

    The final stanza where he reinforces that justification by asserting that the girl too, played out the part of the woman, placing herself in the position that would allow her to become heartbroken.  It is almost lamenting the fact that if would have been better if she had acted against ‘her nature,’ been tougher and never trusted him, left him before it all went terribly wrong.  In this way, he is hoping to feel less blameworthy because it was just inevitable because these are their natures and this is the way it is BUT the sad tone, those knowing expressions in Song Joong Ki’s face (and yes, I know I could be reading too much into it) say to me that he knows it is just an excuse, a justification but he cannot tell the truth to himself.  Difficult as this state already is, that would be unbearable. It was be his undoing. 

    Just my take on it. Loved the song and the MV.

  • pamrawr

    In truth, men and women are like that. If we’re truly honest with ourselves, we all have a part in ourselves where we tire of something and want something else, brand spanking new. Whether it be a new computer game, the newest apple product, clothing and yes, relationships. That’s not to say that all relationships are like this, but a good amount (I’ll tentatively say majority) are. It’s part of all of us, and while I’m not saying it’s justification for our actions, I’m saying that we should admit our faults and try to improve them. After all, acknowledging our faults is the first step to becoming better. There are better ways to end relationships as the one depicted here.

    As stated below, Song Joong Ki, I did an amazing job for portraying the character in this mv, cold, distant and arrogant. I think it is a pretty accurate portrayal of lots of relationships, once we strip away the numerous fights, lovey dovey moments, and the endless web of of he said she said. The bottom line is, someone or both get bored/stops trying. And the woman throwing herself into the arms of Joong Ki, trusting him openly and not being even somewhat independent is also pretty accurate depiction. With females today being encouraged by society to become independent, I would also definitely say the roles of this relationship can be reversed as well, with the male as hopelessly devoted and the female as cold and distant. Gosh, I’ve seen it enough times.

    Great mv, love the song and the acting. I love mvs were like this, clear and related to their actual song.

  • edenhyper

    Just beautiful. His performance of this song live is just breathtaking. I probably wanted a little more from the MV, but it all so tastefully done and the lyrics are spot on. Like @pamrawr:disqus said this can be said about both men and women.

  • SB_Mark

    OMG I can’t believe I haven’t seen the MV until now! Anyways, excellent review Ambika. I wish there were more MVs with such complex meanings that allows us to discover a deeper appreciation of the lyrics of the song. 

    I enjoyed your reading of the final scene of the man in the chair. It seems eerily familiar to a scene earlier in the MV when the boy was idle in a chair before he received his new gift (the airplane).

    If there was one thing I would have to disagree with is the intended audience of the song. If this song were speaking to men, then it would be a way of excusing their behavior for treating women as toys, by simply saying they can’t help it, it’s in their nature, blah blah blah. However, I can’t help but feel that the narrator is speaking to women as if warning them to be wary of men’s true nature, and also the tendency of women to fall into their trap.

    The most touching scene was when the woman was placed adjacent to all the discarded toys, clearly depicting her as just another object of a man’s desires. The way she is positioned throughout the video reveals that she is passive, available, and willing to please, just like all his other toys. I believe this video does a great job in pointing out the objectivity of women and that it’s actually intended for women to understand how they are objectified and fetishized in the minds of today’s modern man. 

  • http://twitter.com/relmneiko relmneiko

    Women cheat as much as men… humans are not monogamous mammals. We ARE all like that – we evolved for it. Monogamous relationships generally only maintain if you forgive at least a little cheating.