• Gaya_SB

    I was so fixated on that tank in “Hot Summer” that I didn’t even notice the cars until you pointed them out, Nicholas.

  • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

    Is it just me or does Taemin(?) look rather serial killer creepy in the last picture? Damn – I OD’d on Criminal Minds this weeked.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    All is gotta say is Yong hwa looks like a sexy beast, look at those biceps man ^^

  • haaaaalo

    JiEun’s “Going Crazy”. should be the only k-pop mv with someone hidden in the trunk lol.

  • LimpyLimpious

    Where are Taemin’s eyebrows!?

  • SB_Mark

    How bout lettin’ the ladies drive for a change?
    Kahi can sing and ride a bike at the same time. How sexy is that?
    Get your own ride Nana! 

    • 271828

       One of my favourite After School MVs. Kahi looks amazing.

  • bluecherrytree

    I think two videos should be added,they showed alternative use or placement of cars,it’s Love Song MV by Big Bang,the pricey car just blows up,GD not only hates this love song but the car as well.And what about Tomorrow by Tablo feat. Taeyang?It’s basically cars and more cars driving and circling around them.Talking about ladies have everyone forgot 2NE1 video Go away? not only CL is driving but she’s driving like a bad ass,like using car for a plot line not only decoration.

    • TheJadeBullet

      @Tomorrow: Koenigseggs. Koenigseggs everywhere O.o It was rather laughable, considering the actual content of the song.

  • wickfan

    pssh and people talk crap about rap artist using cars in their mv

  • TheJadeBullet

    I laughed at the irony that was Maxstep. The one opportunity they’re afforded to make acceptably gross misuse of cars in an MV and they don’t.

  • http://vestigialdreams.livejournal.com/ rairakkusu

    no mention of dbsk’s aston martin, used in the wrong number mv? :(

  • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Nyan

    you forgot dbsk’s wrong number. i think it’s pretty iconic