• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VAG2JJTUCBHK7NE6HHD7RPDX2Y Wunmi

    I liked the movie and i agree with you that the ending was kinda wack…in fact i felt like it was a cop-out.. like at they couldn’t come up with something better. Still loved it though

  • kitsukushima

    you would not know how much i love suzy..i love her before she become nation first love,my love towards her bigger than the entire uncle fan’s love towards iu and bigger than elf’s love towards eunhyuk..tbh, this film is too simple and naive..n ya the ending also left me unimpressed.

    sincerely by,
    suzy’s biggest fan girl

  • Sophia

    I really enjoyed this movie – i had reservations due to both Suzy and Han Ga in, because i think that they are terrible actresses, although Suzy has a sweet likability which shines through no matter what. In the end i was presently surprised, they were both…good enough. 

    However its the male leads that carry this movie, Uhm Tae-woong was good, as always. But for me this movie was all about Lee Je-hoon, who was sweet, funny and just captured the nervous energy of first love. It was my first introduction to him and he was both charming and heartbreaking at the same time! I agree, this movie is worth a watch.

  • hyukki

    I really like your comments.
    Seoulbeats is just about the only site that has quality writing… Thanks

  • hyukki

    By the way,

    Suzy was fantastic in this movie and she really deserved to be recognized.
    I know she was criticized in “Dream High” for not ‘acting out’ but in my opinion her acting in that drama was really spontaneous. And I think she really nailed it here.
    She really is multi talented. I just hope she doesn’t over do it.

  • Agrias

    Nice review. What makes you think that the female lead slept with the other guy in the past? I think by the way she rejected him trying to kiss him while they were sitting on the street and the feelings the main two characters had for each other was strong enough for her not to sleep with him.