• takasar1

    i fully agree with sections of this review, especially those
    relating to the shooting of the MV and the excellent incorporation of MJ into,
    what is, a much better effort from the boys. yet, simultaneously, i am also
    horrified by the direction that the majority of the seoulbeats writers seem to
    be taking (‘the hardcore feminist’ line). one of the authors main arguments
    against the song is that it is “condoning cheating”, i would like to
    remind the author, as delicately as possible, that this song is not your
    typical ‘love song’, despite the generic sound of the song, the lyrics deal
    with a much more complicated and typical feature relating to the feelings of
    certain men near the end of a relationship that they never intended to last
    (including their feelings towards the woman who is evidently aiming to destroy
    them). unlike the aforementioned teen top and b1a4, in this song Ajax, rather
    than singing about the benefits of cheating (and so condoning the act) are
    providing more of a social commentary on what can occur at the result of a bad
    emotionally abusive relationship. if this was indeed created as a counter to
    snsd’s song, then i can fully understand the rather crude and snide lyrics,
    especially since they were crafted as a response to a piece containing lyrics
    such as: “I’ll come back even better and I’ll get revenge. Don’t forget
    it”. the writer would do well to remember that music should attempt to
    represent reality, and reality is not always sweet and fluffy, a consequence of
    a break-up can (and usually will) lead to anger and hatred. additionally, it is
    common knowledge artists cannot always play the “good guys”, ajax are
    attempting to wittily reply to ‘run devil run’ by putting on a mask of
    indifference to the threats put forward by the woman. if ‘run devil run’ was an
    attack on an abusive rake, 2MYX, is a short and sharp response by the rake
    displaying his nonchalance. face facts, the lyrics will influence no-one, ajax
    are simply not well known enough.

    IMO, this is a surprisingly good effort with a fairly standard ‘box’ mv. i did
    find the ending of the mv to be its greatest asset and would like to commend
    the director for doing a decent job with regards to camera angles.

    p.s: i love the work seoulbeats are doing (despite my scathing attack, i really
    do) and am fully in support of free speech and open opinions, yet i would like
    to add that sometimes writers on this site attempt to over-analyze every little
    aspect and make the mistake of treating the song in the same way one would a
    Shakespearean tragedy, all the while forgetting to include the obvious.
    moreover, should the writer allow his/her feelings regarding the (admittedly)
    controversial nature of the lyrics to impede his/her overall judgement of the

  • k_db

    What’s with this new trend of retro 90s’ish music?

    • MisOpparsSonMejoresQueTu

      I don’t know, but I’m totally okay with that. It’s amazing

  • AcadiasFire

    I like that it was an ode to MJ but I don’t like it as much as Hot Game. Maybe a few more listens.

  • CJux

    Honestly, I agree with takasar1. I don’t think there’s a point in dissecting this song through scrutinizing feminist lens when the song is only meant to be a response (albeit immature) to another (also immature) song. Reading Run Devil Run’s lyrics really puts A-JAX’s song into a different perspective – perhaps even more disturbing, but not because of the playboy character portrayed in 2MYX, but because of the overall picture both lyrics give of this dark, unhealthy relationship these people were trapped in. I think A-JAX’s 2MYX was actually a very interesting response to SNSD’s Run Devil Run and it definitely gains much more lyrical complexity when you analyze it as a response song. It doesn’t seem to me the song is about justifying or condoning immoral behaviors; it’s just about raw portrayal of vicious behaviors.

    Let’s start with SNSD’ Run Devil Run. In the lyrics, the girl complains about her boyfriend cheating on her many times, yet she never seemed to want to leave the relationship until now. She comes off as a neurotic (the part of accusing him having a lot of male contacts in his cellphone that turn out to be girls because she found out he was changing the characters – if that isn’t neurotic behavior I don’t know what that is), and controlling person (“No matter how much you run, you’re still in my hands.”) And even though she finally lets him go and presumably stops caring about him, she threatens revenge and warns him to not forget about her.
    Now A-JAX’s song. From his perspective, she’s the one who turned him into a playboy, because (I assume) she would never let him go/run. He accuses her of being obsessive, and advises her to not be stupid and to stop caring about him because he also forgot about her. He admits to her accusations, that he’s a devil who has no manners; and he doesn’t seem to have any regrets of what he did to her.

    Instead of analyzing the song separately and try to see what it condones or what is does not condone, one should try to see this two different point of views of two people that are deeply flawed, immature and empty, trying to get away from a slightly bizarre and quite unhealthy relationship.  She’s obsessive, in a way she’s still trying to purse revenge instead of just letting him go; and in response he says “Now I’m telling you, you were completely deceived” as a form getting his own childish revenge on her. While his words sound disturbing, she (as he himself said) is no better than him. And in terms of self-centrism and disturbing apathy, I have to agree, they’re both fucked up. I recall the part in SNSD’ lyrics where she deems herself better than all the other girls he also cheated on, and that she’s just “disappointed” that he tricked her. Her regret is based on the fact that he’s “no fun” and has “no manners”, and not exactly on the hurt and pain he should have caused on her (was she hurt at all?). It seems to me the relationship was mostly based on superficial lust and obsession from sides, and not on love. He makes it very clear it was not about love.

    The song is not condoning anything if you agree with him, that he’s indeed a devil. He’s no boyfriend material. Rather, this song is strictly focused on showing the other’s perspective of a doomed relationship that until now we only knew through her point of view. And when you combine the two lyrics together you get this overall raw, dark picture of real-life relationships based on covetousness and shallowness: it’s just self-destructive and not ‘fun’ at all. 

    Oh, and about the song itself: I kinda like it, but I feel it would sound better if they had deeper (manlier?) voices. It does sound like an American boys band song from the 90’s, but without the husky baritone vocals to counterbalance the boyish high-pitched voices. Then again, it’s a constant complaint I have with many K-pop songs nowadays…