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    I really like all the couples on this season. But the thing that bugs me the most is whenever there is an article about the Joon and Oh Yeon-seo, people always have to comment on Oh Yeon-seo’s age. People are saying she’s too old, she has wrinkles, blah blah blah and it just makes me frustrated. She looks like a woman, a real woman. She’s 8 months older than Joon but that age difference is like nothing, like I don’t get it. Yeah, that’s the only thing that really bugs me, some fans can be very obnoxious. I like the couple a lot, their interactions are so nice. 

    • Juvilyn D

      Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon are actually my fave couple. I like her because she sets the rules in their relationship and she is sincere about what she wants from a guy… saying she doesn’t like this and that… she’s honest unlike fake girls who always laugh even if she is no longer enjoying her partner’s actions.

  • LikeXClockwork

     Awesome article, i posted something similar before saying that Julian and Yoon se-ah marriage while may not be the favorite in Korea in the west they would be more  popular ( at least in my opinion ) because while i like watching the other couples and past WGM couples there were a few romantic moments but other than that it felt like two friends who kinda like each other met up every now and then, to me when a one year marriage ends in a couple holding hands or a kiss on the cheek is very strange to me so watching Julian’s marriage is much more natural.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    i like this article but i can’t believe you said yoon se-ah would have an easier time because she has type b blood….. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

      It’s the Korean equivalent of “What’s your sign?” Western societies (or pockets of people within) believe your astrological sign determines your personality; just replace blood type personality with astrological personality and there you go.

      • lemon224

        It would be weird if the author had said that Yoon se-ah would have an easier time because she was a capricorn or something too. Neither has any scientific bearing.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

        lol i know that. i just found it weird since say someone wrote this about a western couple they wouldn’t be like “she’s a pisces so she’s be able to understand him more.” :P

    • inxomnia

      I think though, due to the acceptance of blood type and personality, at times, it all can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • bethany_SB

    This is a great article :) I’ve only been semi-following Kwanghee/Sunhwa and Joon/Yeon-seo so I haven’t seen anything on Julien yet. Definitely going to start following the other couple as well! 

    • Juvilyn D

      You should watch Julien and Se Ah.. Their episodes are really great and also Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo… Kwanghee/Sunhwa, I always watch them last, no chemistry and irritating to watch… I can skip them if I want to but I’d rather not since I’m still hoping they will change but it’s so hard because Kwanghee is so… GAY.

  • waynecollections

    For the Kangyoon couple, I’m kind of following them, kind of not. For me yes they are quite natural with each other and I’m used to seeing foreigners or non-Asian guys because I’m from Canada so I’m not immediately captured by Julien’s foreign-ness or behaviour. They are nice together but I can’t help but feel that sometimes it does feel like a mother-son relationship. There was one moment where Julien said Yoon Se Ah had a motherly vibe or something and I felt it right away as well.

    I’m watching mostly for the Sunhee couple. So entertaining but I do feel it’s definitely friendship based more than anything.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KDICKBONRNKMR46Q6GEWPQUD64 edc_74

    I find the pairing of Julien and Se-ah a bit force fed. Not a big fan of WGM in the first place but I read somewhere that the purpose of the show was to give younger idols, who due to their chosen field and thus lack of dating/social history, a chance experience going through (an albeit fabricated) relationship. Julien being western and in Asia has likely had lots of experience with women and Se-ah being older is probably no spring chicken. So besides the WM/AF gimmick my thinking is they could have worked a little harder to find a more deserving union.

    • Bstar5

      That may have been the purpose of the “We Got Married” spinoff “We Are Dating” but it definitely wasn’t the purpose of “We Got Married”. The show had the wackiest pairings at times before Season 2 and wasn’t about pairing up inexperienced younger idols at all.  That all started to happen with Season 2.  The show was more about entertaining an audience than watching a romance bloom.  People are in love with Season 4 because it reminds them of the entertainment factor that’s been missing from the show since Season 1 with the exception of Adam Couple.  Even though my favorite couple so far has been Yongseo, I can see why many original fans have been tired of the show since it lost the energy it originally had.  Adam Couple saved the show from cancellation in Season 2 and this new crop of couples are saving it again.

    • peachstem

      Lol Julien is half-Korean. He’s not just “white.”

    • illerz

       as a die hard WGM fan from back in the day, I hate to break this to you but you couldn’t be more wrong. Idols only started infecting WGM around second season and not only that but the best couples were different. I think there was only one idol at a time back there. The couples consisted mainly of odd couples. The ones that didn’t quite fit together but some how made it work and believable. I didn’t watch the idol wgm. I missed the older couples who were more natural and made me laugh so much. It just felt so fake. Even though I know WGM isn’t real but there interactions felt fake maybe because idols were still trying to hold onto their images I don’t know but season 1 will always remain my favorite and my favorite idol couple was hwangbo and J. sigh! This is the first time since season 1 where I have been dying for each and every episode! I love kang couple <3!!!!!!!!

      This show wasn't created to give idols a chance, idols have been using it as such but that's not its original goal so I am SO glad its slowly going back to its roots

      • 7cinta

        *Sigh* Same here friend~ I’m with you.

        • illerz

          LOL  I dont want the show to get cancelled. so praying for it to remember its roots fast

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    This may be harsh to say, but although I do enjoy Kwanghee and sunhwa’s bickering and all their relationship is more like friendship and not married couple
    but then again I just can’t see Kwanghee with a girl, just can’t…

    • Juvilyn D

      I agree. They were very irritating after the first episode.. Just like two girlfriends constantly bickering with each other. It’s irritating and depressing to watch.

  • RC_RC

    Does everyone in South Korea know his/her bloodtype? I don’t know mine. 

    • 7cinta

      My roommates from S. Korea knew theirs and guessed mine. I didn’t know mine until I donated blood. By chance, they were correct.

  • inxomnia

    I think I agree with everything you say. I like the diversity in couples this season, the western/mature couple is just more natural and it feels sweet watching them, the variety couple brings laughter and amusement and the awkward couple brings back that awkward crush-first love memories.

    I love how natural the mature couple are, none of those childish mind games new couples play in past seasons. The variety couple is funny but don’t seem romantically attracted to each other, but its the potential that keeps fans anxious. The Joonseo couple is awkward but so sincere, I love that they are so ready to put their true selves and quirks on display. I mean Joon is certainly an dd

  • inxomnia

    *oddball and Yeonseo is so feisty. Oh and I’m excited to see their interaction since they’ve both been cast in IRIS 2. And Joon will be paired up with Jiyoung… oh the tension.

  • tabemonogatari

    Thanks for the article. haha I was actually waiting for something like this to pop out.
    This couple is actually my personal favorite out of the current roster this season. They really are great to watch since they feel natural. Plus the fact Julien is pure eye candy =)). And I like the fact that despite being younger, he still leads as a man. I can’t help but wish it may actually develop into something more.

  • Janee’

    I just can’t get into the  Joon/Yeon-seo couple at all. I watch them for the sake of watching but their “we’re so shy, innocent, & awkward” seems a bit too much. I know that Korean culture is different so I’m not saying I expect them to lock lips or anything but I watch them & I’m like “COME ON! R U KIDDING ME”. They bore me & Lee Joon seems more into himself than he is into Yeon-so

    • illerz

       I’m with you on this. I skip it and I actually really like joon. I just want to move on from it. I had enough of that kind of shyness and awkwardness from the dimple couple. And the only reason I put up with it was because they were actually working on it. Instead of being silently disappointed in each other.

  • goldengluvsk2

    “Scandalized, but pleased” hahaahah you killed me with that phrase…! I was just pleased to see his muscles tho xD my ultimate bias is Julien oppa!! Julien oppa all the way! at first, I began watching only for Joon but Julien oppa won me over! after watching like 6 eps. of the kangyoon couple before going to sleep, Julien oppa showed up in my dreams lol this couple is the more natural to me maybe because they have a more mature vibe to them and are more free. i dont know if its that way because they include idols but for example:  sunhee couple although theyre fun to watch, its more like friends who are having a sleepover and not a couple… joonseo couple, theyre so awkward lol but shy with each other… yeon seo def wants to get physical but it would take some time for joon to get a clue its okay to have some skinship… so yep, my fav is kangyoon couple!

  • Juvilyn D

    I agree with the article so much!  That Sunhwa and Kwanghee are the variety couple but with the insincere vibe… So I don’t find them interesting after the first episode just irritating as you have described… I wish they would change though… and I appreciate the interaction between Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo… You are so correct, being in a relationship right now, I can sense the very thick sexual tension between these two… and of course, Julien and Se Ah, I love both of them as well especially in the latest episode, you can see how far they have become attached to each other romantically. :)

  • Aria Haneul

    I love this commentary, very accurate in many ways. I like that each couple is different, because honestly if they were all the same (shy, variety, natural) then it would get boring very quickly.I’m a Westerner so Julien and Cherry are my favourite because of all the skinship, it makes them seem like a real couple. Lee Joon and Hatnim are so awkward but cute it reminds me of my first love (they need to get over that because it will get old, fast). I don’t think I’ve loved 2 couples this much since YongSeo and Khuntoria. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002440032753 Shalina Hyun-Ae

    Where do you watch We Got Married Season 4 with english subs?

  • bluemoon2010

    “Who is your favorite couple?” I definitely love and adore the joonseo couple? although julien is fine to watch, it seems that I can already predict what he will do next unlike the joonseo couple where I don’t know what to expect. I love that they are shy around each other and I love their cute reactions when they are really pleased with what the other does. It’s like watching myself when I also first fell in love. That’s why I really love watching their interactions. I become my younger self again remembering all my first love experiences. Thank you for your most insightful take of We Got Married. Very much positive and optimistic. I love it! :)