• Medusaspeaks

    I was very moved by 15&.  Sincerity can not be faked and that’s what we heard from these girls.  They sing w/great charm and warmth.  That Inkigayo audience knew they were witnessing a special moment and they responded accordingly.  I look forward to hearing more from these lovely young ladies.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I’m glad you used the Music Bank performance of “Catch Me”, because it was definitely my favorite (I really hated the backless costumes, okay? >_<). I know it shouldn't surprise me anymore when I hear TVXQ's MR Removed videos, but the singing for "Catch Me" was really solid despite the difficulty of the dance, and also the length of the song. 

    Anyways, solid comeback stages.

    And Ga-in is flawless. 

    Also, noticed a typo? “Ga-in: “Tinkerbell” and “Bloom” KBS Music Bank, Friday 7th October, 2012”

    • Gaya_SB

      Sorry, it’s hard living in the future lol. Fixed now, thank you for pointing it out!

      Also, am I the only one that liked the backless outfits? I mean, they were MUCH better than the white outfits from the same performance.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        Well, I liked the backless outfits…besides the backless part. XD

        And anything is better than those white outfits! 

      • Jaclyn

        I loved the backless outfits too! They looked pretty good when performing, but the pictures from it are what makes me love them… and Yun&Min backs…

  • http://piggy68gal.tumbr.com/ piggy68gal

    CHAOS! I really like ‘She Is Coming’ and now ‘Kiss Kiss’ as well. They sound really great but the choreo seems a little awkward. Anyway I’ll be looking out for them! :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Out of Yunho and Changmin’s 3 comeback stages this week, I vastly prefer their Music Bank stage. It’s just raw energy and pure live vocals that won me over. Yes, Music Core and Inkigayo had the fancy schmancy effects that were really awesome to look at, but nothing beats seeing the boys just straight up perform: singing and dancing live so well, exactly how they’ve been doing for so many years now.

  • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

    I look forward to this article every week because I get to listen to new songs and discover more good artists. This is how I discovered U-KISS and I really like their work. If I hadn’t heard their song here, their name – U-KISS would have absolutely turned me off.

    That actually makes me wander off into the names given to these groups and companies. Who names them? Is there some meaning, logic or thought put into it? Do they consider the use-case perspective at all? For instance, if I searched google with “U-kiss” or SM Enterainment , I would not even want to know what kind of hits I get. With the way google tracks our search patterns, I may forever be put into the ‘R’ rated sites :-)

    What does Super Junior mean? I haven’t had the inclination to look for that deep meaning, but I think of Austin Powers and Mini Me when I hear that name.

    What is M-BLAQ? Is this a wish to be identified with Black Panthers? I don’t know. Five Treasure Island – say what? When I heard the name, I thought of treasure island, pirates, and then my mind veered off into my crush – Johnny Depp. I I like FT Island’s music – thanks to SB for introducing that.

    Then there is EXO, FIX, VIXX, TASTY (????). More incomprehensibility and confusion with 2 AM and 2 PM and also isn’t there a girl group called something like 2 Minutes? When I first heard of BTOB, I did a google seach with B2B. I got a hit on B2ST and some Business Intelligence sites. Same situation 2NE1, ShinEE, NU’EST and SISTAR. The promoters really must consider the users when they select group names. Again, if not for SB, I would have missed them.

    I like the names CHAOS, KARA, 24K, CN Blue, RaNIA, Mighty Mouth. And DBSK is a pretty darn awesome name. Dong Bang Shin Ki. Its got the ‘tude in spades and a great meaning too.

    I am afraid of clowns – so no to C-CLOWN.

    My favorite show is Big Bang Theory. Honestly that is the only reason I started listening to Big Bang and I am so thankful I did.

    Names like Boyfriend are frankly embarrassing – IMO. Also Teen Top. What were they thinking off with the name Teen Top? Apart from the obviously disturbing thought process this name could evoke in some people (:X) I am thinking – are the promoters going to disband this group when the members hit the grand old age of 20? Or will they will be recycling members after that golden age? This is the same as the new group 15&. 15 and what? 15 and what? Don’t leave me hanging.

    Therefore I appreciate SB’s weekly music roundup. It helps preserve my google search user reputation.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Super Junior doesn’t really have a deep meaning compared to other artists’ group names in their company. Basically, when the 12 members of Super Junior were finally bunched together as trainees, they were made to perform in a company event, and went by the name SM Junior, because they were the young kids/trainees in the company.

      Then they performed and Lee Sooman was all, “Oh they’re so good at many things. Super! Super! Super Junior.” Thus, the name stuck ever since.