• http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Uh… I like tacos. 

  • hapacalgirl

    I am so glad that Song Joong Ki’s first prime-time leading role is such a meaty role. Its been awesome watching him and Moon Chae Won play the screwed up characters after playing such sweety pie / jovial characters for most of their respective careers.  I am not sure how much I will be able to follow it though since dramafever slammed the DMCA card on pretty much every streaming site known to man and I absollutely refuse to pay dramafever to stream their dramas.  I might have to shift back to viki.

    Speaking on wonderful actors, what are your thoughts on the Park Shi Hoo / Moon Geun Young pairing?  They are both wonderful actors so I am playing a wait and see approach for when the drama starts filming and airing later this year.  MGY spent most of her career playing opposite older men and Park Shi Hoo can have chemistry with practically anyone so I think this may just work. 

    Had to stream the Psy performance after it aired since I had a hefty commute to go to work.  It is still boggling my mind how big this has became.  I mean my lab of professors and post-docs know about it, I hear it on my local radio randomly in San Diego,  and it has essentially become a part of american pop culture.  Sadly I know this gimmick will last only for so long but I am glad PSY has enought ability and Charisma to make it work while it does. 

    Okay so I didn’t even hear about KCON till the 2ne1 LA concert last month from a fellow concert goer and I wasn’t planning on going but I dunno, BAP is performing and Taebin/Danny from 1TYM is going to be there so I might have to make that trip to Irvine (which isn’t really a trip, since Irvine is literally 1.5 hours from where I live. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

      Gangnam Style deserves a place among the great nation sweeping themes of the past, right up there with the Macarena and Achy Breaky Heart’s line dancing. Presidential candidates were doing those dances. They were everywhere. Psy has done something great, and I am happy for him as an individual. Just like the Macarena/Achy Breaky Heart, Gangnam Style will have an expiration date, I agree. But like you, I do think it is cool that Psy managed to do this with a song that, essentially, was never intended as anything more than an offering to his fans.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    Nice Guy is a melodrama which I try to avoid because its kind of stressful to watch but this one seemed great.I was kind of skeptical about Joong Ki playing a gigolo role,I was so used with his very likable funny image.But kudos to him for doing this kind of seemingly dark role.

  • hanje

    Not super into melos but had to check out Nice Guy purely for the cast and I’m really enjoying it so far surprisingly enough. I think what impresses me most about Song Joong Ki is that he could have easily just coasted on his looks because damn, that boy is pretty, but his last few roles have really encouraged him to stretch his acting chops and he’s been killing it so far. Props to him. He’s also got a lot of range (he can be funny when the role requires it, dark, intense, cheeky, etc.) which is impressive since he’s still pretty young.

    His SKKS co-star Yoo Ah In needs to borrow his agent or something because I had high hopes for YAI after SKKS and then Fashion King happened. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      You’re absolutely right about Yoo Ah In, I always thought he was one of those actors that are so picky with dramas and roles.I wonder why he was in Fashion King(?) that just sucks.