• AcadiasFire

    I really enjoyed this song. Hong Ki’s voice is always very much appreciated lol

  • goldengluvsk2

    FTIsland won me over with songs like Love, Love, Love, Reo, Reo, Primadonna and my all time fav “I Hope” that was incredible from the MV to the song itself! I liked the song but the MV was rather confusing :S I always get confused with this videos with just one girl as love interest per boy group O__o or she was a 5-timer or they were representing Hongki’s memories… id like it to be the latter… but well, i liked the song the Spanish guitar got me all excited I hoped they used it more too. id like “Paper Plane” to be the follow up, i think that song is by far more interesting but well, as you said groups tend to use as title track the songs that most people would like so I’ll just replay over and over their live performance of that song i just love how it sounds live xD

  • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

    I was kind of dissapointed with this song, i too prefer my share of angsty FTI because it suits Hongki’s voice better, i don’t like how he sounds here. Since Bad Woman i haven’t been able to really love a FTI song, i don’t know why i prefer their older work and to this day i randomly listen to  them.
    The only parts that i like a lot were the intro and Jaejins rap, the rest sounded not so good for me.