• http://twitter.com/adhsty Stevani Adhisty

    Actually I noticed something different about the MV. See, GD actually played two characters in this MV, one is “the bastard” (the one with all the tattoos, never shown his face but always seen touching and embracing Jennie) and the nice guy (GD with messy hair and shows his face through the video). But the storyline, is about the same as you’ve mentioned above. What makes me thinking is the ending of the video where the bad GD sits with Jennie. Maybe in the end after good GD suffers for her love, Jennie wouldn’t listen and still ends up with the bad guy. I’m not really good at interpreting MVs anyway, so the ending maybe means a lot of different things which I couldn’t explain >.<

    • k_db

      This is how I saw it too.  Although I don’t think good GD and Jennie were dating.  He seemed to love from afar and didn’t approve of her relationship with this seemingly married man (he takes a ring off his left ring finger in the beginning and is with another woman).  A lot of the scenes were timed with the lyrics.  Bad GD always appeared at the word “XX.” “Blind” was timed with a scene of Jennie with a veil, possibly meaning marriage, which could mean she wants marriage or doesn’t see that he’s married. 

      In the end she still stays with bad GD, and it’ll probably end in an “I told you so” kind of way

      • http://twitter.com/nadetzquills rosita widiyanti

         wow, i am agree with you, your interpretation about scenes were timed with lyrics i think right….

      • http://twitter.com/pianonomocha Emily San Pedro

        I think the ring that they’re talking about is the “couple ring” in which couples have to wear if they are in a relationship(not married) 

    • http://www.facebook.com/crysalide Farha Crysalide

      Yeah I think the MV showed two sides of GD with the bad one with the tatoos and the gud one showing his face. 

    • yeahwhateverman

      I totally agree. I love it even more that he plays both roles in the MV… I don’t know, it makes the MV even sadder for me (and thus, moving too). I love it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dk.woo.9 DK Woo

      I agree with you about the end of the MV.So I felt  a little strange at first about the interpretation which talked about the ending written in this article.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    My favorite GD song/MV ever. The song is ear friendly, lyrics is perfect and the MV actually conveys the song.I really love it.

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    The 5 out of a 5 is truly justified. I like your insightful interpretation of the MV. ;)

  • ThatsVeryFunny

    I love this song. I love the MV. I love the lyrics. I love everything about it. While OOAK didn’t do much for me, this makes up for it and more. It definitely deserves the perfect score. :D

  • PrincelyLuna

    i love your interpretation of the MV and the song.

  • myeolraVIP

    Two thumbs up for this article and GD’s very unexpected song. Oh and btw, they look like siblings on that last photo. :P

  • Ditu3ka

    This is the reason why I always wait to judge MVs that caught my attention untill I read translation of the lyrics. It helps a lot.

  • http://twitter.com/AresChoco Ares

    Perfect MV, perfect song. Definitely 5/5.
    And I think this is actually the first kpop MV I’ve rated so high, I’m just completely blown away.

  • cbau2058

    5 out of 5 is absolutely right :)

    I fell in love with the song and MV right away. We got the best of GD as a singer, rapper, writer and composer in this song. I loved his voice, his words are touching…

    I hope he knows what a true treasure this song is :) even if he doesn’t get an award.

  • http://twitter.com/_bloos gg (¬‿¬)

    -slow clap- I don’t remember the last time I liked a SB’s article about GD/Big Bang this much. Everything is on point. Except I think you missed a very obvious MV plot point…! GD plays two roles in this. The narrator/friend AND the XX. Tattooed, slick-haired GD is the XX, the one who’s always seen with the girl and the one who we see in the closing shot. Bitter, normal-haired GD is the narrator. On my first watch, I wasn’t too sure if I was interpreting it correctly, but a quick read of the English translation made it clear. 

    I think an interesting point to discuss is that GD decided to play both roles instead of casting someone else to play the cheating boyfriend. Perhaps he’s exploring the villain he sees in himself? We know GD’s had rocky relationships in the past. Someone on tumblr brought up the idea that GD struggles between being the kinda boyfriend that is able to satisfy his girlfriend’s material needs (G-Dragon; “Expensive cars, beautiful clothes, high-class restaurants, they all suit you well” ) and being the boyfriend that is able to satisfy her emotional needs (Kwon Jiyong; ” I want to make you happy by the same amount, baby, Rather than going through the pain alone, share some with me, baby”).

    Well, whatever his reasoning, the resulting duality makes me appreciate GD’s artistry even more. Definitely GD’s best work yet. Well to me both OoaK and That XX are his best work, but in two completely different ways. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    I enjoyed reading your interpretation and thank you for giving it a rating I agree with. 

    As for the song, it’s just a guy singing about how he thinks the girl is with the wrong kind of guy. 

    However,  the way I see it, the MV took it a notch more adult (and cleanly, I might add). It should be noted that GD is playing the role of both the narrator filled with contempt and guilt, as well as the wrong man for the girl.  Think of it as a story of a  man and his mistress whom he loves.  The man feels guilty but would not leave the girl just the same although he knows she deserves better.  With this interpretation of the MV,  I think choosing a younger female lead is justified. 

    Regardless of the interpretation (and yes, it is subject to a lot as most of GD/BB MVs), I think this MV is beautiful.  Going to France really proved beneficial for GD as it seems to be the visual theme of this new album.  Can’t wait for the next MV. :)

  • hapacalgirl

    I have a love/hate relationship with GD but I simply loved both the song and the mv the minute I saw it.  Even without knowing the lyrics meaning I felt that the MV really matched the tone of the song and was well made, now knowing the the meaning of the song only makes it that much better.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AQAFWVCLA364WSJXPWC6YSAMEA Tiffany

      I gotta tell you I think I too have a love/hate thing going with GD.
      After beating up on him for the past couple of weeks regarding 
      two words I’m not so sure I want to include in my vocabulary 
      any longer — cultural appropriation… 
      When I saw this video on Friday, 
      I believe the word enthralled comes to mind.
      I thought it was beautiful, 
      I thought his performance was beautiful, 
      visually and vocally; and once I saw the lyrics I was hooked.
      I thought it was an extremely well-rounded, 
      well-executed, wonderfully produced piece of work. 
      At first I was going to say that I must now concede… 
      except that I always thought of him as unique
      in the realm of K-pop idoldom; but 
      he is indeed “one of a kind.”
      I’d just like him a lot better if he didn’t brag about it.

  • sabcan

    Guess I was the only one who was bored by both the song and the mv. GD doesn’t have the vocal chops for this wisp of a song and the mv looks good but all yg mvs look good. Like ooak, this is a retread of several yg mvs and didn’t really speak to me.

    Overall, I’ve been disappointed by his comeback so far. I’m not the biggest fan of heartbreaker but I enjoyed his work with top and he’s been in great form with bigbang this year, so I had high expectations. I hope the rest of the album is better.

  • mybiasbeatsyourbias

    Are you serious? This song was a “bleep” motha” bleeping” cliche. I’ll let you decide what the bleeps can stand for. The whole song is so basic.
    -guy likes girl but knows girl is dating a jerk. Guy tried to tell girl but she is in lalala land. Guy feels fustrated and wants to tell this girl “aye yo man ain’t bleep” but girl don’t see guy because well its just complicated. Like that Avril song.”-

    Is this the making of majority of kpop songs and dramas. Let’s not forget the cheesy acoustics. The melancholy persona in this mv is turning to emo. Let alone the fact he is wearing more make up than her. I find that just a little odd and distracting. Other than that it is typical like his last mv but more on the kpop side. So I guess that makes it better?

    I honestly feel his best work was with GDTOP. There was something about that album that allow GD to flourish. He is raunchy,he is pig headed, he is bold but this seems to false. This seems like an ideal than anything real. Once again he plays his tricks well and show two personas. A person who long for love and acceptance and the other who is rebellious and consumer of emtions. As well of materialistic goods and fame.

    I don’t feel GD is really showing himself. Its what they suspect him to be and what fans will buy into. I’m still waiting for that moment like “Korean Dream” and just let it flow.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AQAFWVCLA364WSJXPWC6YSAMEA Tiffany

      I’m sure he scared some people with his “in your face” “One of a Kind.”
      He needed to bring it back down a couple of notches
      so as to not frighten away his more ‘innocent’ fan base…
      Just a thought.

      • mybiasbeatsyourbias

        He is in a shell that glitters and people like it. Pop music is hard but he can expose something just a little more real. It would speak in volumes as an artists. Those moments are difficult and an artist must trust their own fandom to accept and understand. I don’t think kpop idols really build that level of trust and connection.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/AQAFWVCLA364WSJXPWC6YSAMEA Tiffany

          I was joking,
          only in that it is unfortunately true on some level.
          Most k-pop idols do not take that leap of faith,
          and trust that their fan-base will understand
          and appreciate; and in this sometime rabid environment,
          I can understand why.

          In reference to my comment referring to
          his breaking out of his shell, and pulling back a bit,
          if it were genuine it would be understood.
          Unfortunately, for some reason,
          many doubt his sincerity,
          and therein lies the problem.

    • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

      For me, his best work would have to be his Heartbreaker album. That felt like reading different diary entries more than anything.

      GD&TOP was so meh for me. It’s probably the only Korean Big Bang release I didn’t buy.

  • loo00oool

    lol gd and his stans….

  • panda2cool

    The song wasn’t bad, it was just boring.  In the beginning, the MV was wonderfully done.  It had beautiful people and a gorgeous setting.  Then, the MV kept on repeating itself and it became tiring.  The bleeps were ok, but it would have been better if they were not there.  G-dragon’s voice was too nasally and not suited for this style.  If it were me, I would give it a 3 out of 5.  Check out Jam Hsiao’s Only Missing You to hear a perfect example of a beautiful, acoustic song with a well-done MV: http://youtu.be/VEYVQmgWsIg

    • mybiasbeatsyourbias

      G-dragon can not sing. He needs to stop it and spare the ears ofhis fans. But some fans will think every thing is gold but its fool’s gold.

  • ragdolleyes

    As a long-time reader of this site, it’s actually really hilarious to observe how people react to certain artists’ reviews. It’s quite predictable to see how GD/YG/Big Bang stans are praising the article to high heavens since the author who reviewed the MV just happened to give it a rating that biased fans agree with (aka a perfect score of 5/5). And then when an author decides to criticize the group, they respond with accusing the writer of being a lazy journalist, not “doing their research” and looking far enough into all the “deep” interpretations of a POP music video or complaining that SB is picking favorites/antis – or even worse start personally insulting the writer. But I guess Kpop fans can never be satisfied, eh?

    As for the MV itself (excluding the song), I thought it was shot very well – like most YG videos – but was nothing to write home about. Nothing really original, thought-provoking or deep. So a 3/5 or even 4/5 would be my guess.

    • soluiz

      hey thats what fans in every fandom do. protect the oppars!!1!

    • http://twitter.com/dal8_ dal8

      You know, you can say pretty much the same with anti-fans. And it is even more hilarious to me, how GD/YG/Big Bang antis are praising the article where their MVs and songs get lower ratings, and immediately turn hostile when reviewers have some nice things to say about them. You can see the same things happening here, too. (I don’t mean you, btw, I also think 5/5 is a little too much)

      • ragdolleyes

        Well of course. Because both fan and anti-fan run along the same kind of thinking, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. They don’t have the logical/moderate “middle ground” for balance – it’s either you love it or you hate it, and anyone who disagrees with them gets bashed or attacked. There’s no room for complex or multifaceted opinions.

        I really have no problem with people praising Big Bang. They are in fact my favorite Kpop group to date. So I hope people here didn’t see my comment as indirectly giving the side eye to people who agreed with the author. It’s completely OK to have an “ultimate bias” group but as a regular reader I’ve recognized a lot of crazy stans here (by their usernames) who are kind of shameless with the way they comment and showing the attitude they have towards their biases/writers who review them, and it can get grating.

        The only reason why I posted that comment was because I’ve seen so many fangirls who, based on their past comments/likes/activity on SB, are clearly biased/delusional Big Bang fans and have rudely insulted writers/commenters who gave a lower rating than they agreed with. And on more than one occasion, saying anything “not good” about the artist gets me complaints and insistent rebuttals to the nth degree. I actually love YG generally but I don’t like most of their fans (or Kpop fans overall) to be honest. As someone who was formerly part of the VIP fandom, it’s disappointing to see such a blatant lack of respect towards critical reviews and their writers. That’s all.

  • muggle87

    i can’t stop listening to this song. its totally unexpected but i love it.

  • soluiz

    love the song.. its unexpected. love the details in the mv. to me coward/considerate gd is like gd’s conscience talking , the fact that he doesnt seem to be real and at other times similar to bad gd’s stare and make up. and following his lyrics for the whole year are practically dissing haters one way or another. this could also fit in this song when gd asks why are people so keen in loving that fucker (people’s bad image of gd) no matter what he says. in the end there is no conclusion so.. thing’s are still the same. i find this mv fun to dissect with a few plausible interpretations including mine overall a very beautiful story and visuals cramped into 3 and a half minutes.

  • 271828

    5/5? Wow.
    All I can say is that GD needs to get a new video editor because that shitty filter applied (I think it was some sharpening one) made him look like he was 40 and had bad skin. Sharpening filters (or any type of filter for that matter) should never appear in music videos. That random blurring was also annoying.

    • http://twitter.com/GabBoramm Boramie Gab. HONG

      ohh so that’s what it was ~ I thought it was too much powder, like cake-face lol

  • hippocampus123

    5/5? I think that’s a little too generous. Is seoulbeats catering to the masses now? I expected something a little more critical. That XX is indeed beautiful with the soundtrack but where it fails is when it falls trap to banal teenage-angsty-romance trope. Oh poor GD, the multi-faceted genius who just can’t seem to find true love because girls prefer his hyped up image to the real him. Really?

    I personally felt that GD&TOP were successful because they could be themselves, and catered to a far larger crowd. With this song, GD has once again gone back to wooing teenaged girls when he could have just as well used his solo to leverage and expand himself to an older age group.
    For the incredible background: 5/5
    For the real life girl: 4/5
    For the nasal singing: 3.5/5- I’ll admit it’s still catchy
    For the beaten down nice guys finish last: 0/5

    I would love to hear Daesung/Taeyang or even Seungri sing this.

    • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

      While I agree that a 5/5 is a little too generous, I don’t see how that is catering to the masses in anyway. Because if the rating is justified then wouldn’t it be just that, justified, and not catering to anyone. Also, it confused me that Seoulbeats is somehow prohibited to “cater to the masses”. I mean, if that’s the writer’s opinion, even if it’s the same as the “masses”, would it hold less value?

      Anyway, I was just really confused, especially how you said that GD&TOP could be themselves with their release and then followed it up with “catering to a far larger crowd”. And how is this song wooing little girls? IMO, GD&TOP has their fair share of “love songs” in their album as well, and had a good number of filler tracks to boot.

      Also, to me, this isn’t a typical case of “nice guys finish last”, especially how this was more an internal battle than anything else. I mean, cliche theme but pretty good execution.

      That being said, I would have preferred if Seungri sang it. Maybe even Taeyang.

      • hippocampus123

         Sorry I should’ve been clearer. When I said masses, I meant hordes of fangirls which is pretty much what the majority of the fandom is made of. I’m not criticizing the fact that the writer likes the video, but more so that it reads like one of those youtube comments written at 4 am with a billion likes. I have no problems with Nabeela fangirling over it (she’s entitled to it) but I find it ridiculous to idolize GD and to over analyze  something along the lines of Taylor Swift’s You belong with me. I personally just don’t see the need to put POP on such a high pedestal.

        GD&TOP were able to cater to a larger crowd despite the fact they said about nothing insignificant and that’s because most people ( at least the older ones) could care a little less about whiny songs.

        I guess I didn’t make it clear enough but I like “That XX” a lot, but GD does not have the vocal ability to carry through the emotions as depicted in the lyrics. The song is wooing little girls with not just the romantic angst of a good guy looking over his shoulder but also with the addition of the “very young” female lead. Do people just not see that? And then we complain of the unnatural attachments girls feel towards their oppas. C’mon, anyone can see that this song was particularly catered to a far younger crowd.

        • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

          Well, it seems that the majority of our opinions are opposites of each others’ but that’s just really normal. We just don’t see things the same way especially with GD&TOP. I guess it’s because it was my least liked release from Big Bang, solo or group-wise. It’s the only album from them I never bothered buying. It just isn’t my cup of tea.

          However, I do disagree when you said that they sang about nothing significant, because they did. Their execution of the songs just isn’t something I was inclined to like. I admit the production of the songs, quality-wise, are top notch, but I was having trouble connecting the singers to the songs, but that’s just me. Knock Out is probably the only exception.

          I don’t find it ridiculous that someone would “over-analyze” a YG production, especially if it’s GD’s. Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the symbolism in most of BB’s MVs. Sometimes, what GD couldn’t put in words, the MV director says. It’s something that I’ve always found interesting with their MVs, which is why watching their MVs is just as enjoyable as listening to the songs’ lyrics.

          I personally find GD’s singing voice… unpleasant. I said before that I would have preferred if Ri or Bae sang this, the only reason is vocal-wise. Because while their vocals is far better than GD’s in terms of singing technique, them interpreting the song would lessen the impact and value of the song. The song, imo, is more about GD as a person than anything else and I just wouldn’t have been able to connect this song to the singer if Ri or Bae were to sing it.

          Anyway, I don’t really get what everyone else is whining about the girl in the MV (this is not particularly target to you, but to some pressed fans in general). I know she’s being hyped up by YG for their upcoming girl group but I really just… don’t care enough to factor her appearance in for my feelings about the song. I mean, I just treated her just like any other leading lady in any other MV the boys has starred in, regardless of name, company and age. She’s the girl in the MV, end of story for me. The MV for me is about the song first and foremost, what comes after that is how they interpreted the song and translated it into moving picture – which for me, didn’t disappoint with the imagery. Some young-YG-girl-trainee appearing in the MV isn’t going to ruin it for me, imo.

          Also, I saw the trainee’s inclusion in the MV as YG merely getting her new group exposure rather than her age being an indication of who the MV and song is catering to. Ji wrote the song probably ages ago. I’m sure his thought process while producing it with Teddy were nowhere near,

          “Oh hey hyung, let’s write a song about a bastard merely toying around with his girlfriend’s feelings while there’s another side of that same person wanting to be the better boyfriend but still failing. Or it could be a different person altogether. I’m not really picky. And oh! Let’s have an underage young girl act as my lead girl in the MV! Who’s the prettiest among the girl trainees? I’m sure her inclusion in the MV would make my young fans feel that the song is for them! And oh, I want the lyrics to explicitly say the word ‘bastard’ so it will have an R-19 tag while we’re at it!”

          I just don’t see it. If anything, the inclusion of the girl negated the notion of this being for young girls because they are too busy whining and bitching about having “oppa” with one of those girl-trainees.

          But of course, these are just my thoughts. I did tell you we seem to have opposite opinions~

          • Tru3star

            yeah but its hes song, if he wants to sing it, he should other people can cover it later and u can get thier version :)

          • hippocampus123

            Oh we definitely do! When I say nothing significant, I mean they’re not talking about starving children, or poverty, or extinction. I actually gave props for the inclusion of the girl in my earlier comment, I just find it incredibly naive that you’re willing to accept a “deeper symbolism” as opposed to something blatantly obvious. 

            Imho I like my symbolism tongue in cheek but in your face- simplicity at its finest. If you have to dig this deep and be philosophical about it, then it just isn’t worth it and is more likely your better imagination covering for a lackluster effort.

            And the conversation went like: 
            GD: Hey I wrote a song about failed love.
            Teddy: Oh man, people love those. Croon away my love
            GD: I want to add in a real girl.
            Teddy: Yea! How about “insert playboy-esque model”
            YG: I prefer to promote the new girl group. They’d get better exposure.
            GD/Teddy: Isn’t she a little young?
            YG: Aren’t your fans a little young?

            And THAT my friend is how it went down :D. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
            P.S. Seungri would sound goddamn delightful.

          • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

            Oh well, who even knows what went down in that studio.

            I didn’t really look for “deeper symbolism” though. It was simply what I gathered from the song and the MV. It wasn’t like, I spent a day, even a mere hour or a minute, trying to analyze it. I heard the song, watched the MV – impression made. So yeah, it just reads different for people. I mean, I watched it for a grand total of two times since it came out. I have better things to do than pause it every millisecond, haha!

            This is actually pretty funny to me. I mean, Ji is far from being anywhere near my bias list, much less in Big Bang. I just like a lot of the music he puts out. Not all cause he’s done some pretty questionable tracks but most.

            And Seungri – forever waiting for his second mini, or a full length album.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

            Not to take anything away from GD, but when I read your suggestion, I went, “Yeah, I can totally imagine Seungri singing That XX.”

  • http://twitter.com/pianonomocha Emily San Pedro

    I thought this story is about a guy who got dumped/friendzoned by a girl who fells in love with a douchebag. God, I’m spending too much time on 9gag o_o

    • Nabeela

      that would be the shorthand version of it, i guess you could say. 

  • goldengluvsk2

    honestly, at first i was like O__o meehh… after finding the lyrics things made more sense to me as usual but I still dont feel that i like this song that much… theres no much explanation for why i dont like it, it just feels like i’ve heard this before… I always end up really liking the songs that have no MV or arent promoted… for example “shes Gone” is my all time fav of Gd’s solo songs -and it was BAAANNED btw… he actually says something worst than “bastard” hes says “F*cking the d*mn shit!” but i looove that song and MV! XD-…

    I can say i really liked the aesthetics of the MV! everything from the outfits to the decorations of the rooms/sets! there was someone who explained it to me and it wa slike this: GD is playing 2 characters… the bad guy/bastard current bf the one with groomed hair we dont acttually see his face and the good guy who is “ex-bf” -the one with the bangs and messy hair… so as the mv and song imply the good guy is watching from the sides dying to tell the girl how she’s not the only one in her BF’s life but holds back to not hurt her… at the end, we see the bad guy looking all almighty and with a somewhat cocky attitude just letting the girl lean against him… showing almost a “one sided love” interaction as the girl is all happy and he’s like T___T like this just being part of a routine… I was like WTF?!! O__o when I read Jenny was going to be in the 19+ rated MV thinking she wont even able to listen or buy the song because shes 16 … I thought it was trolling but in the end it made sense because her image is favorable for the story of “the young girl you want to protect from a bad guy”.

  • http://twitter.com/dal8_ dal8

    Regarding GD/Big bang stuff, Seoulbeats articles always surprise me. I really enjoyed One of a Kind and it was seriously the best stuff GD has produced for the recent 2-3 years. I also really enjoyed GD&Top album. This song, by the way, although I agree that the song is very well written and the MV is quite artistic and compelling, is not the best work GD has ever done. I understand the unexpected “Wow” factor about this song, but I personally think GD stands out the most when he performs hip-hop rooted tracks (such as One of a Kind, Bad Boy, and Intro of GD&Top album), not with the acoustic, mellow tracks. So I was pretty shocked when Seoulbeats reviewed One of a Kind with the score of 3.9/5 (to me it’s like 4.7/5). Yet, there was more to be surprised with since the reviewer gave That xx 5/5 (I’d say, 4/5). Haha. 

    It is very amusing to see people’s reaction in this thread though. About how people leave hateful comments on the song because “GD didn’t do what they expected.” People have VERY DIFFERENT expectations on GD: some will complain why he doesn’t produce something like GD&Top album, some will complain why he doesn’t do song like this – acoustic, mellow ones -, and some will complain because he sings, and other will because he doesn’t, etc. Although they generally agree this is a pretty good song, they go on and say “well he is not showing himself,” “still he needs to do songs like xxx”, or “it is not suited for his style.” Well, it is perfectly fine to have your own expectations, but I do think it should not interfere with your likes/dislikes about the song itself. A song doesn’t become an inferior one just because “the other one is better,” or “it is not what I expected.” 

  • Jum Roongruang

    That girl is too young.
    I don’t feel comfortable when I know that she’s only 16, just like my little sister who is still in high school.

    It would be better if  the girl is 18+. 

    • Tru3star

      its not like he was feeling her up or anything, whats with the rotten mind everyone

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Omayra-Quintana/100000218686039 Omayra Quintana

      there are kid actors who do worse things than what she did here why people dont complain about that is just acting age diference or not is for show is not like is happening in real life

  • Jum Roongruang


  • sagedip

    Lol, I will definitely give you a 5/5 for such a comprehensive interpretation of the mv.  The song is alright–I like the guitar acoustics, but hate G-Dragon’s whinny and nasally voice.  His voice is not suited for this type of song–somebody else with a prettier voice would have done it more justice.

    As for the mv, the visuals are brooding and full of theatrics.  I like the funky/Victorian aesthetics in monochromatic pattern/color mostly of blues and greys with splashes of reds/rose colored dresses worn by Jennie.   As for characterizing it as an mv brimming with romance, passion and utter desperation, I think it falls short.  Its concept  is reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game; but whereas Wicked Game is jaw-dropping sexy and brooding, this one is tame and pretentious.  

    Btw, I was creeped out watching this knowing that the girl is only 16 years old.  An 8-year gap is usually no big deal amongst adults; but in term of maturity level and life experience, an 8-year gap between a 16yo girl and a 24yo adult is huge.  YG should have used someone older–they can find other ways to promote Jennie Kim.

  • Eliza17

    The beeping was a little annoying.  For some reason everytime it came on, it made me laugh lol.  I wish he would release an “explicit” version!

    • Tru3star

      yeah they did, check iTunes

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Omayra-Quintana/100000218686039 Omayra Quintana

      i think the beep makes it better gives it more emotion to it like the hatred gd feels against the other guy i heard d uncensored i miss the beep ^^

  • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Nyan

    i’m not too fond of the mv cos it’s kinda cliche with a twist but i love the song so much <3

  • Jacqueline

    Actually the person sitting on the couch at the end, if I’m not mistaken is the one that she wants, not Jiyong who loves her. Yet, this is a great article. I didn’t care for the beeping in the video. Here in America, you just get a blank space that blends in better even though you know it’s there. It’s not as annoying as the obvious beeping. Maybe that was for the board’s benefit. Nice job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000328195514 Cutee Mc Deck

    XD u got it wrong GD is speaking of himself as the bastard like..he knows what he’s doing to the girl is wrong but he just can’t be the guy she needs

  • http://twitter.com/vipz_222 qchnch222

    When the 1st second of the song played, I cried. It’s something I can’t name but so sad and hurt. Even though I don’t understand it’s meaning but the melody so touching and after reading translation I love this song more than ever. This song perfect and reminds me lots of memory. SO PROUD!  

  • http://twitter.com/syakilaeleeza syakila eleeza

    totally head over heels in love with GD again!! XDDD

  • Jade

    Actually, u did miss out something. GD is actually playing two characters.Or should I say, HE IS the same person. He’s actually the bad guy, “xx”.He knows that he’s hurting the girl. But yet he wants to be with her. But on the other hand.He wants her to leave him, to see that he’s an XX.N it’ll do her no good to stay with him. Something like that. LOL.I dun really write that well.But hope u get wat i mean. XD

  • kapoyani

    that bastard… i think is himself. duality