• http://randomizm.tumblr.com Chiara Popalopa

    Tbh, the three you listed, and from what I picked up from variety shows, especially Hyoyeon, decided/agreed on whatever fashion mishaps you listed. I think I remember Hyoyeon saying she wanted the bangs. Now I don’t know why she changed her mind, but , you’re right, it’s for the better.
    I wish we had more BTS, but from what I assume, the management team discusses the new concept (for the comebacks) and then discuss with the stylist about who’s going to be blonde etc… What I am curious about is whether or not the members have a say or can put a veto on something. 

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    K-pop is an eye opener when it comes to the fashion bit. For instance, 2ne1’s rather unorthodox outfits can be rather interesting and the makeup, despite overblown, can be thought as freedom of expression although I am pretty sure it is just a concept on the company’s part. I do admit that all this fashion experimenting can produce some pretty disastrous results though. Who can ever forget Taeyang’s curry puff (Malaysian delicacy) hair in Monster or G-Dragon’s seaweed hair (REALLY?!)?? Also, as much as Taemin’s long hair make me envious as a girl, I often think about the appropriateness of it in a high school setting… 

    Having said that, I feel that all that fashion-experimenting that is going on in K-pop makes a whole lot of us who are insecure with our fashion tastes a lot more secure Suddenly, more of my peers are sporting red and blondes, thanks to Park Bom. Some even caught the ombre/ rainbow hair trend, citing some Korean superstar as an inspiration. Not only that, it provides inspiration for those who used to have dull wardrobes. For instance, my baby sister. My baby sister used to be the kind of person who dresses way too mature for her age – she defends it as being conservative. But since K-pop and Korean dramas came waltzing into her life, her style has morphed from Jackie O Kennedy to a do appropriate for her age (think Ga Eul from Boys Over Flowers). To conclude, the experimentation is more good than bad. I think it is certainly the case for many fans of K-pop. :)

  • YourYG Bias

    I’m too chicken to try some of their outfits but I like staring at them, definitely. 

    F(x) has pretty good casual wear and I bow down before J. Scott and 2NE1 for their Adidas stuff which is funky yet still public-worthy. 

    One thing I look to k-pop for in trends is hair. Japan has the edge for clothes for me but k-pop hair trends like dip-dye, faux-hawks and dyeing in general are always a treat. Except for Key’s “Lucifer” locks, ugh.

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Dara from 2NE1 as a lab rat. I think her, even more than Hyoyeon, gets the sad part of trying out new looks. I love Hyoyeon and I feel bad for her because until recently it seemed like stylist didn’t care too much about her appearance. It’s not that they kept trying new looks on her (She wasn’t the only girl in SNSD to go blond or to have those curled bangs at one point), just that the new looks they gave her didn’t suit her.

    Dara, on the other hand is constantly given weird looks, even weirder than her members. Just look at her hair : from her palm tree hair during their debut, her crazy hair in the It Hurts MV, to her vegeta hair during I am the best and now with part of her head shaved (and the hair she still has dyed in different colors). You can also look at the clothes she gets : That cap with those ridiculous long threads during Ugly or the fact that if one of the girls has to wear baggy clothes that won’t fit, it’ll be her.

    I think Dara’s styling is actually quite interesting because she is the prettiest girl in 2NE1 yet she gets some of the most awful stuff. She looks very delicate and feminine but since 2NE1 is marketed as strong group, I feel the stylists try to tone down her beauty by giving her awful stuff. While CL and Minzy have the attitude to be in 2NE1, Dara doesn’t so her clothes try to make up for that. This leads to her having many styles that we can only look at and wonder what were the stylists thinking. Had Dara been in another group she probably would have been the face of the group and the girl whose style rarely change. 

    • http://twitter.com/nicholys Nicholas_SB

       Dara does not really bother me, if cause 2NE1 have been associated with that look, and she does seem able to pull it off (or maybe she is really so good looking, bad fashion also works)

      But I agree with your point on if she were in another group, she would be the “goddess” who always gets the flowing brunette locks. Now that’s a very interesting (and funny) thought)

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    …Seulong is really attractive. And, oh yeah, good article.

    …That’s all. :P

  • straighttohelvetica

    Oh, my love/hate relationship with idols’ hair. I hope someone apologized to Hyoyeon for that “Hoot” hair (just like I hope someone apologized to DBSK for the “The Way U Are” hair, which was 1,000 times worse than their “Tri-Angle” hair ever was). My all-time favorite SNSD hair has to be Sooyoung’s “Run Devil Run” hair. That cut was so gorgeous on her.

    I love everything about Big Bang’s fashion sense because it always seems to be theirs, rather than the “oh we got a new album coming out, let’s change up our looks just because” mentality that some groups seem to have. Even when his hair is mint green, TOP still some how makes it seem like his. Strange hair colors have become a TOP thing. And I love watching G-Dragon (not to fond of his current look, tho.) He’s like the Johnny Depp of k-pop in that, for a while, I wasn’t sure what he actually looked like.

    • http://twitter.com/nicholys Nicholas_SB

       That Sooyoung hair has been known to create instant fans. But then again, the RDR era was also when most of them had like really good hair. That was like one of those concepts where SM did not fumble with the ball.

    • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Tannya Aditya

       the first paragraph made me cringe. i wish so!

  • lemonoide

    Hyoyeon is horrible in every sense with whatever hairstyle she has

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Well, that’s a little harsh. :/

  • moua23

    I personally think that in KPop, fashion is a big deal. IMHO, G-Dragon has some of the craziest, ugliest, and weirdest fashion sense but in some weird way he pulls it off really well, I mean he makes it look cool. Like the skirts he wore during Tonight promotion, they looked queer-ish at first but he made them look manly for some odd reason. But nonetheless it looked cool, but his only fashion crime would be in the Bad Boy MV, but his seaweed hair was pretty cool now come to think of it. Also to add BB has some of the best fashion in KPop, it’s just GD that’s the fashionista in the group. I think a lot of SM people don’t experiment with fashion a lot,  they wear the same usual stuff or just clothes that aren’t really eye catching but just simple. Like SNSD has been wearing boots ever since idk when, no much of fashion experimenting. Hyoyeon does look prettier these days and I thought Eunhyuk looked much better in blonde, but I guess. Also idk if it’s just me or does the idol boys dress way better than the idol girls? I mean the boys are much more fashionistas then the girls, the girls dress nice and big brand stuff but that’s it, there’s not really one that I could consider a fashionista in the same sense as G-Dragon, I think the closest one would be CL? I also believe the girls focus more on looking pretty than fashion experimenting, idk, my thoughts

    • http://twitter.com/nicholys Nicholas_SB

       Maybe girls do have to play up the feminine angle a fair bit, so that means conservative dressing and some expensive stuff (to show a perk or two in idol life and cause Korea loves their branded goods).

      • moua23

        could be

  • http://twitter.com/FranFOD Fran

    Only Key could pull off whatever it is he chooses to wear. It’s like he’s constantly spilling diva vibes.

  • goldengluvsk2

    I always feel SM likes to experiment the most.. and in a bad way… Hyoyeon is like the biggest fashion victim in SM… seriously, someone from their stylist team HATED her like he/she was an anti O___o im glad shes recovering lately I really like her blonde hair now… you forgot Khun!! hes the ultimate vicitm when it comes to hairstyles in JYP…

    even when Yg artists wear bold/vibrant/edgy stuff I always find some kind of relation with every piece of what they wear and think most of the time they suit them… EXCEPT from GD… i’ve always had this debate with his fashion… I was amazed with his Hair from late 2010 to 2011 with Gd&TOP and Tonight promos but after that, seriously… nearly bald hair? seaweed hair? blonde hair?? red hair!? pink hair?!! and on top of that a BOWL hair cut? too much x__x

    and im gonna say this because im extremely BIASED!! i need to thank big bang stylist noona for Daesungie’s haircuts and clothes… if any of you know her please tell her i love her lol i loved his previous hairstyles and brown hair but he looks better than ever now :’))) The blue velvet and black suits, and those sleeveless in Bad Boy… MY GAWT take my breath away…. stylist noona, i owe you a cookie! :DDD

    • http://twitter.com/MusicTeaorg MusicTea.org

      I love G-Dragon’s style. :D It’s funny when people try to come up with names. (G-Ronald McDragon?? lol http://www.gokpop.com/i1/news/3/11333-rmtpkt0vov.jpg )

      Once I randomly came across a picture of him on Tumblr with long, bleached blonde hair, black eyeliner, and metallic silver nails. I thought it was some guy from a random early 90s metal band haha. Then I realized it was GD. :D

      • goldengluvsk2

        yeahh his blonde hair during his solo album promos looked extremely good! when people were calling him G-punzel cuz of Fantastic Baby i loled xDD it took me a while to catch the joke T__T  i was like Rapunzel who? where? but when i did i loled so hard xDD

  • vip

    noona stylist are all blind.

  • http://twitter.com/Andr3w_Ezz Andrew Simson

    if were mentioning bad Hyoyeon styling you MUST include her visual dreams hair that consisted of a crescent roll bang and a bear claw ponytail. poor girl

  • jang64

    gdragon style are over the top. its not  pleasing..
    i like him,but i am being objective. i hate his style, he cant pull it iff. you are so biased..

  • jang64

    although  i am not a fan of shinee, key could pull offevery style  they give him

  • http://twitter.com/emmieislame Emmie Surom

    this article is very poorly written -__-