• dany17

    I love this show, thank you for your comments.

  • panshel

    This show is all kinds of awesome! The insane amount of chemistry between Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah makes me giddy, and I am loving every time Yoo Seung Ho comes on the screen as the Jade Emperor. I somewhat dread the angst that will eventually take over the fast-moving storyline, but the mysteries introduced so far are very exciting. Thank goodness today is Wednesday!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    My favorite of the 3 new dramas (along with Faith and To The Beautiful You) so far. I swear, Shin Min Ah always ends up having crazy chemistry who whoever is paired with her. :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    I am so into this drama even before it started with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah and Yoo Seung Hoo were more than enough to make me giddy. And this drama did not disappoint, the story is very rich highly entertaining while keeping you guessing and the cinematography is amazing. The two gods bickering just cracks me up,I could watch an entire episode with only the two of them going at it.
    And to the writer,you should try watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho that starred Shin Min ah where she played the gumiho/nine tailed fox.It’s equally hilarious.

    • Ambika_SB

       Is it? That’s the one with Lee Seung-gi as well, right? I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but I’ve never gotten around to actually watching it. My trouble tends to be actually starting a drama -_- But I’ll keep this in mind!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        Yes,that’s with Seung gi and it’s by the Hong sisters and trust me it’s way way better than their latest drama Big.She played the role of mystical creature so well, I came to like Shin Min-ah because of that drama.

  • Streby

    Lee Jun Ki is really the best. I truly missed him <3

  • Kim Youna

    i think that right now at this moment ,this drama is the most enjoyable from all the kdramas avalaible at the korean tv.

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