• kitsukushima

    so…….what do you mean by two (silly) thumbs up?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

    I agree with everything you said!! On the topic of Suzy, a lot of viewers are saying she’s too stiff, they don’t like how she’s playing the role, she can’t emote. But I think she’s doing a fine job portraying Mari. This is the first acting role I’ve seen her in since Dream High and it’s obvious that her acting chops have improved a whole lot. That’s not to say that she should be landing all these roles, but she is a good enough fit for this character. Cut her a bit of slack peeps.

    As for the drama itself, Gong Yoo is practically carrying this one on his back. If it wasn’t for him this drama would be your run of the mill romantic comedy that I would watch but forget immediately. But this man has succeeded and keeping me glued to the screen. Forget the fact that he is beautiful (lord is he beautiful) but he also has a face that’s so expressive and he’s able to control those expressions like a pro. Need MOAR Gong Yoo please.

    I’ll finish watching this drama for sure, despite the fact that there hasn’t been much crucial plot development. Sometimes that can be a good thing if you do it right (see Pasta). Looking forward to finishing this one

  • goldengluvsk2

    i wasnt sure about BIG either even when it had my bias goong yoo I was like “bodyswitching… again??” but after re-reading the plot I was like man, for Goong Yoo i’ll watch lol i’m in ep. 2 I wanted to strangle the doctor cuz since the 1st time they showed him to us it was obvious was two timing or at least he wasnt that in love with Teacher Gil -she annoys me at times because she sounds like a Sasaeng fan with her “yoon jae-ssi THIS, yoon jae-ssi THAT yoon jae-ssi!” CUT IT OUT! she sounds more like a fan than a wife-to-be…- but in the other hand, I’ve already laughed like an insane person countless times…! I only think they needed to develop more kyung joon so that we could recognize him… goong yoo ohh goong yoo <3 that body… awww… I love his body but more than his body  is his expressions what I love :333

  • http://twitter.com/AridniLi Aridni Li

    While I adore Suzy, I’m not blind to her flaws in the acting department. But you know what? I just love the fact that she got a minor role, because she is nailing it and Mari fits perfectly with her. She oozes charisma and breaks the slow flow of the plot. A+, indeed.

    • jesuis2

      I like Suzy, but I wouldnt’t say she is “nailing” the role of Mari (a bit stiff at times).

  • Berdy

    Could anyone recommend any dramas that do not exactly follow the common cliche?

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      Try out Protect the Boss, I think it broke almost every K-drama cliche there is.

      • Berdy

        Thank you, will do:).

      • myamya

        I’m so glad I gave Protect The Boss a chance back then. Still one of my favorite :-)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        Yeah Protect the Boss was a league of its own.Thinking I almost didnt watch it becase I thought the leads werent attractive enough made me hate myself. Became a Jaejoong fan because of Mu Neunim.

    • jesuis2

      The First Shop of Coffee Prince – the best all-around K-romcom; great acting, directing/editing, script/dialogue and soundtrack (it starts a bit slowly and doesn’t really get on track until around ep 6-7, but after that, it is simply the best – you’ll end up loving ALL the characters).

      The Man Who Can’t Marry – great cast w/ an odd-ball, but interesting main character.

      The Greatest Love/Best Love – a much better Hong sisters drama than Big (it’s a satire on the Korean entertainment industry; while some people didn’t like the over-the-top main character, Dokko Jin, simply one of the funniest characters to have ever hit the screen; and oh, the little kid is adorable as well and a better actor than many adult actors).

      My Princess and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (another Hong sisters drama) – both romcoms have their issues w/ regard to plot, secondary storylines, but both do a very good job with the relationship btwn the leads and how it develops over time (really fun/cute dialogue and scenes).

      — As for Big – it has been a bit of a mess w/ an unclear storyline and happenings that don’t make sense (body-switching is fine, but when regular things don’t start to make sense, you have a problem).

      Also doesn’t help that Da-ran is one of those “not too bright” heroines and that “baby talk” was insufferable. 

      Gong Yoo, as always, is fab and is carrying the show.

  • animasaurus

    This show is so cute imo!

  • samlun100

    I like Suzy’s character more than Lee Min Jung’s character. Even though Mari is a stalker, she’s really cute, honest, funny, and harmless.
    Daran is just so submissive to  Yoon Jae. She acts even more like a kid than Kyung-Joon/Kyung- Jae.
    Gong Yoo is such a great actor.Big has many funny moments, but also many boring ones. It really needs more storylines.I still watch it for Suzy and Gong Yoo.

  • Eliza17

    I for one am watching both so I don’t need to choose btwn the two heeheee!

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

    I’m probably gonna stay with it, especially since they did the time jump, but it’s not moving me. I had such high hopes for Big, but it’s just blah to me. I guess my problem is that I don’t care about any of the characters enough. Like I’m supposed to be on Da Ran’s side, but I could really care less about her. I don’t know if I was just put off by how annoying she was at the beginning or what. I’m willing to go for the ride, but if they are going down the road that everyone’s gonna figure out they switched, then…yea. Why would anyone have a reason to suspect that except Ma Ri? 

     I’m not really looking to pick up another drama atm since I’m watching Ghost, I do I do, and Gaksital (Yay for summer), but I’ll put A gentleman’s dignity on the list. 

  • SHINeeOnewLove

    Many people still don’t like Suzy’s acting, but I do, and that was weird for me too. When she was acting for Dream High, I hated her acting…she was just terrible. Ever since then, she was painted in my mind as a pretty face who tried acting and miserably failed (despite the love she got from her loyal fans). But right now, imreally liking her as Mari. I think she adds that chic-ness and spunk to Mari’s obsessive but harmless stalker character. The only time I had a problem with her was when she got “sand in her eyes”, and she didn’t look like she did at all. I do agree that she was lacking acting chops especially during that part because that is definitely NOT how I would be reacting if I got a bunch of sand in my eyes. Nut all in all, I think she makes a nice fit for my favorite character, Mari, the harmless stalker.

  • beatrice lim

    I just can’t get into this series.  I tried watching it wishing that it will get better each episode.

    I think the main problem for me is that I can’t see any chemistry between the main leads.  Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo.  Lee Min Jung’s acting on certain parts is very dry and on other parts she’s overacting.  I noticed those acting flaws also on her series Smile You.  My husband who was watching the drama with me at that time, urged me to turn the tv off, cause he could not stand her acting, saying that she is a terrible actress and that cries like a dying Walrus, asking how she became an actress.

    Suzy has improved a little bit since Dream High but still has a long way to go in the acting department.  Luckily, this is a minor role and the perfect role for her age. 

    What I find weird is that I see more chemistry between Suzy and Gong Yoo than Suzy and Lee Min Jung.

  • myamya

    Jang Ma Ri is more real than Gil Da Ran :-)) Loving how Suzy portrayed Jang Ma Ri. Been watching it since yesterday, and I sure did giggled a lot :-)) 

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  • Agnes Jimenez

    I strongly disagree!  Though there might be some dragging moments, this is one of the most unpredictable Korean series I’ve seen so far.  I recommend you to continue watching the rest of the episodes so that you will know how great this series is.  This is one of the best KDrama in 2012 so far and I’m so glad to see Gong Yoo acting in the small screen again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WOQ4TAR6QJJVFH5I3I3BWRIN34 David

    I like the show and it’s cute.
    blu-ray ripper for mac

  • http://twitter.com/Bakerbellelove Fadz Ahmad

    obviously….not within same wavelength…

  • Afterdark

    I watched it till episode 6 i think.. it was so boring, i couldn’t believe Goong Yo was in such drama.. I loved Suzy and Goong Yo but for me the main girl was really annoying. The plot was interesting but the development, omg, so silly. But, yeah, everyone has their opinion :3

  • MoMo

    This drama had SUCH a fabulous start! I love love loved it! And then it ended with so many plots holes!!! The ending for me, killed the drama.