• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VAG2JJTUCBHK7NE6HHD7RPDX2Y Wunmi

    Im loving Ghost right now…really wish the plot would pick up more…its really slow…i understand they have 20 episodes but still guys…speed it up a little…also helping is So ji Sub*drools* such a smexy man!!!! I also dont think the plot is that crazy….especially compared to Dr. Jin cuz from what i have heard about that show….smh…but i do think they keep taking one step forward, 5 steps back in terms of the pace of the show!!!
    I’m a Heat hater but more so a LBJ hater so i was super super sad n mad…so sad n mad…lol…that i didnt even go on espnNBA for the next two days!!!
    As for non-Kdramas…m loving Pretty Little Liars and True Blood….total opposites i know but they are both sooooo good!!!

  • hapacalgirl

    I am happy the heat won personally.  Maybe now we can focus on LBJ’s  skills on the court instead of the dumb PR move he made with “The Decision” 2 years ago.  It boggles my mind that a guy who was universally liked before that PR move suddenly gets hated with such vitriol after he changed teams.  It was a dumb PR move having that special, but other than that do we hear about the guy in the news causing scandals or complaining about his teammates when he loses ? No we don’t.  He plays his basketball, completes his endorsements and then lives his life.  He always speaks well of his teammates unlike Kobe who complains about his teammates playing bad whenever the Lakers lost.  I mean we have athletes always in the news for domestic violence, adultery, divorces, this and that, being accused of rape (in kobe’s case) or cruelty to animals (NFL’s Vick) and yet we hate a guy that much for changing teams.  Also if anyone says that to be a great you have to be able to succeed alone, that is BS, Kobe can’t win without Shaq and Gasol, and Jordan had Pippen ( even though I was just a kid I remember watching the Bulls with Jordan and Pippen when I was in elementary school).  LBJ  stayed loyal for 7 years with the Cavs and after 7 years of their owner not getting him any help on the court he changed teams, any other basketball player would of done the same.  We can complain about him not being loyal but when it comes down the line 10 years from now no matter how good a player he was we would of talked only about how he never won a ring if he stayed with the Cavs (similar to how we talk about how Barkley was a good player but never won a ring).Yes it was sketchy how Wade/Bosh/and James got together, but they just did what an owner would do but they chose the players themselves.  Any basketball team owner would of tried to get those three on the same team and its good for the Heat owner that those three wanted to play together just as much as an owner would want them together.  Each of those three took a paycut to play on the same team.   I am personally a Celtics fan but I do like the Heat but after the Celtics lost I wanted the heat to win so people can shut up about it already.  Also after watching that series I was bummed that it was short and really look forward to future Durant/James matchups for years to come.  It amazes me that Durant is that good at 23 (5 years away from his prime Bball years) and James is as good as he is just entering his prime.  The fact that they are in the same position in opposite conferences will make for some awesome bball matchups for the years to come.  

    I am finally going to a kpop concert!!  Even though it was a bit pricey I was able to get pretty decent seats to 2ne1’s concert at the Nokia Theatre in LA.  Now if only those Big Bang Tickets would go on sale already.  I have to admit that considering the age group of the people going some of those prices were pretty steep, I work full time in research and generally don’t spend a lot or have a lot of bills so I can afford a $200 ticket but I can’t say the same for most people. Plus I live 2 hours south of LA so its not like I have to spend extra money on plane tickets or hotels like some people.  Oh well I figure it was unlikely that I would get a chance to see them in concert and YG artists tend to be kick ass performers and perform completely live unlike some  concerts so it was money well spent for me. 

    As for kdramas, still primarily watching Big but with the 60 hr work weeks I have been pulling for a NIH grant, I am way behind on the drama and will probably marathon a few episodes in a couple weeks after my grant is submitted. 

    • http://randomizm.tumblr.com Chiara Popalopa

      I don’t follow basketball but thanks for your input, really well written

  • Brent Fahrmeier

    I’m pretty upset the Heat won. As a Clevelander it’s just upsetting the manner in which he left us. The whole “decision” thing was disgusting. He should have let us know a little ahead of time instead of embarrassing us on national television. Speaking of which if you ask any Clevelander, 7 out of 10 will say that LBJ purposefully threw the finals a couple of years ago. There is no way he could’ve won a ring and then left the Cavs for the Heat like he planned, so he purposely played horribly and it was SUPER OBVIOUS!!

    On another note, I LOVE SUITS! I’ve been waiting for it to come back forever. It’s such a classy fun show that I really enjoy. It was really nice coming back from taking the dreaded GRE for vet school and watching the newest episode. Ugghh I hated the GRE!!!

    In the K-pop sphere, I can’t wait for Sistar to make their “comeback” (can you even call it that, it’s been like two months if that). I love them, and I know they’re gonna come out with some catchy, bouncy, summery dance track. I just really hope the lines are evenly distributed kinda like how Alone was. And please for the love of God please let Bora’s rap be bearable.

    That’s my two cents on this week.

    • mangochic

      Just because you think he threw the finals does not make it true. He gave Cleveland 7 whole years so why shouldn’t he leave. People change jobs all the time for bigger and better things so why is it different when it comes to him? The Decision was in bad taste but its time to GET OVER IT! 

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

    i’m so glad I stopped Dr. Jin early, I usually hate not finishing dramas, but I think I’ll survive. Ghost is alright. I like computers and So Ji Sub so it’s a decent way to spend an hour. 

  • goldengluvsk2

    i dunno why i havent watched Ghost yet… I think im too obsessed with A Gentleman’s Dignity re watching the eps., searching and listening to the OST and drooling over Kim Min Jong oppa plus waiting for Jonghyun’s scenes that i dont have eyes for another drama lol and the epic cliffhanger this week was EPIC… *sigh* ill def start watch Ghost and Bridal Mask! :3 but im surprised to read that Dr. Jin is that bad O__o i thought it was going to be a decent drama…

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