Left and right, f(x) has been picking up their share weekly awards for their latest infectious single “Electric Shock,” and for good reason too. “Electric Shock” is easily one of the summer’s catchiest pop jams, and does well to revive the edgy, funky f(x) aesthetic. This week, the SB Look Book takes you inside the leather pants, neon hair pieces, and colored circle lens to bring you outfits inspired by “Electric Shock.” The wardrobe for “Electric Shock” is nothing drastically different from what we’ve seen from f(x) before: Sulli’s skirts are still there, Amber’s got her tanks and board shorts, and there are plenty of colored skinny jeans to go around. However, this time f(x) gets loud with their prints and accessories, and plung into bolder primary colors to get across that ‘electric’ feel.

And of course, as a reminder, the SB Look Book is here to emulate K-pop fashion and make it available to you in both a cost-savvy and accessible way. That means you can get all of what you see from places you know, both online and in-store here in the US. These outfits are made for fans, like you, by fans, like us!

Ladies: Outfit #1

Belle du Jour Top — Macy’s Juniors

Leopard High Rise Denim Shorts– Forever 21

Doc Martens Patent 1460 — Urban Outfitters

Tribal Pattern Cutout Bracelet — Forever 21

Feather Trio Earrings — Forever 21

Outfit #2

Pink Rose Top — Macy’s Juniors

Shiny Legging — American Apparel

Alexander Spiked Sneaker — Nasty Gal

Faceted Faux Stone Necklace — Forever 21

Whimsical Head Wrap — Forever 21

Outfit #3

Polka Dot Peplum Tank — Forever 21

Lace Up Ankle Skinny Jeans — Forever 21

Parker Wedge Boot — Nasty Gal

Shimmering Bead Necklace –Forever 21

Gents: Outfit #4

Fox Hydroelectric Hybrid Shorts — Pac Sun (online only) 

Tank — H&M Mens

Young and Reckless Block Logo Snapback — Pac Sun

Flat Link Chain — Forever 21

Superstar Vulcano Shoes — Adidas

Outfit #5

Volcom Vapato Color Chino Pants — Pac Sun

T-Shirt — H&M Mens

Scarf — H&M Mens

Buckle Bracelet — H&M Mens

Jeremy Instinct Hi Shoes — Adidas


Phew–and that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this edition of The SB Look Book, featuring outfits inspired by f(x)’s “Electric Shock” comeback. Let us know what you think about our selections, your opinions on what other clothing brands we could be using, and recommendations on whose style we should try recreating next! Be sure to look out for future editions of The SB Look Book to find out how you can dress like your favorite K-pop idol!