• Mika_San123

    I love Minho and all, but I’m inclined to think that they chose him to play Sano because he can be his own stunt-double.

    And I would really hate for Hanakimi to turn out to be an initially light-hearted rom-com that turns into a huge angst-fest by the middle… What I really loved about the Japanese and Taiwanese Hanakimi was that it placed an emphasis on the school camaraderie while going through Mizuki’s whole love story; I’m scared that the Korean Hanakimi will just focus on the romance aspects. I mean, in the other Hanakimis, there wasn’t really anyone to hate – Hibari was just silly, and even Sano’s rival had a funny episode in the Japanese drama, so the drama was really about Mizuki forging bonds with everyone… but if Kim Jiwon’s character is evil, well, the drama might not be as lighthearted anymore…

  • http://twitter.com/deanheat Heather

    I am ridiculously excited for this drama–I’ve loved the Japanese and Taiwanese ones dearly. However, you bring up some good points making me think I should get my hopes up too high.  One of the reasons I love this drama so much is because it is lighthearted–none of the makjang elements so common in k-dramas.  I’d compare Hana Kimi (Japan) more to Sungkyunkwan Scandal in terms of fluffier episodic episodes with a very enjoyable ensemble cast.  Losing the camaraderie and competition of the three dorms (especially Oscar!) would take away the heart of the drama.  At the end of the day, what keeps Hana Kimi Taiwan afloat is the relationship between the two leads, Ella and Wu Zun.  If Minho and Sulli can capture that level of chemistry, the drama will be worth watching.  However, I don’t see Korea masculinizing Sulli to the extent Taiwan did to Ella.  We shall see–the basic plot has all the tropes necessary for a successful, enjoyable show–hopefully Korea can adapt it well.

    (Clearly I have a lot of Hana Kimi feelings…)

  • RainieNight

    I can deal with bad acting because I’m not the greatest judge of it myself. But if this is going the same route as Boys Over Flowers, I will be extremely disappointed. The characters weren’t very likable, and I couldn’t even force myself to like Geum Jan Di. Maybe go the Sungkyunkwan Scandal route?

    So, hopefully, this remake won’t put all their focus on the visual aspects and actually make all the characters likable like the Japanese version, which had viewers even liking even the “antagonists”. At the very least, make Sulli and Minho’s characters bearable. And Jiro Wang and Ikuta Toma were the best parts of both the Taiwanese and Korean dramas for me, so hopefully the Korean actor playing the role will do a good job.

    I’m already disappointed in the addition of the female romantic rival. I’m pretty sure they’re going to unnecessary jealousy scenes simply because all K-Dramas seem to do it.

  • muggle87

    Nakatsu is my fav character and I really hope to god they don’t mess up his character up. Ikuta Toma play that role so perfectly.

    To be quite frank, I am have low expectation of this korea version of hana kimi….. i don’t think they can recreate the magic that is hana kimi. Hana Kimi is extremely funny with crazy ass moments that wouldn’t really happen at real school, and with a set of characters that has a lot of heart. I feel like they will take out all of that and replace it with stupid love triangle drama between mizuki, sano and that chick.

    Idk, I just hope that the writers don’t forget what made hana kimi so osm in the first place.

  • http://twitter.com/pixelblue970714 Marisa Rui

    I loved the original manga and the first Japanese adaption of Hana Kimi. All I want is for SM to bring something fresh to the K-drama adaptation while staying true to the original. Based on what I’ve read, I’m not sure if I’m going to look forward to ‘To the Beautiful You.’ I guess I’ll have to watch and see. 

    [I have a feeling I’m going to watch all of it even if it sucks and be disappointed in the end like Dream High Season 2…]

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    Hana Kimi was the first drama I ever watched and actually sat through both the taiwanese and japanese version in a matter of days. I am extremely scared for this korean version. Nakatsu is my favorite character in Hana Kimi and all him questionning his sexuality is a big part of what I remember of the drama. The scene of him dancing around with panties on his head singing how he isn’t gay still makes me laugh to this day. I am so afraid that they will downplay it will change the whole him accepting his sexuality as a drama factor. Nakatsu is a comedic relief but he also has some depth (I always compare him to Jeremy in You’re Beautiful). I am so happy that it’s an actor that gets this part.

    Another thing I’m afraid of and you touched it while mentionning Seol Han-na : Korean dramas tend to overdo with the love triangles and the second female leads. In the original stories there are no real love triangle, no real drama. Sano likes Mizuki but doesn’t show it, Mizuki likes Sano but she thinks he thinks she’s a guy, Nakatsu likes Mizuki but it’s not this huge love triangle, and Hibari is this brat that thinks she deserves to be loved by Sano because she’s this popular girl in the sister school, no one really cared for her. The japanese version made her mor of a comedic character than anything else.

    I think I will give this drama a chance, but my expectations are not high honestly. For me Hana Kimi is this hilarious, ridiculous, sweet and light drama that sometimes has these more serious scenes. Korean dramas from my experience tends to overdo the drama and not so much the ridiculously funny that I’ve come to associate Hana Kimi with. And considering how in boys over flower they overdid Jandi’s relationship with Jihoo, I am scared for this remake.

    One thing that I am intrigued though, is how the drama will end. The taiwanese and japanese version both had different endings wich were both coherent so I wonder what route will this adaptation go.

    I’m sorry for this rant but I have so many apprehensions towards this drama. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

      I agree, I dont want a love triangle. They always make the love triangle the main focal point and make me hate watching this other character who plays the bitch.

  • noiha

    i’m a bit afraid of hibari’s role. hibari, while she definitely had a thing to sano, is more like a comic relief. she and oscar are my favorite couple tbh, lol. i wonder about the soundtrack. i’m not a fan of smtown summer tracks.

    now i have a bad hunch that soon k-drama will also release my precious nobuta wo produce. noooo!!!! please, just don’t touch that drama!!! ><  

    • black_rose45000

      speaking of oscar, i wonder who’ll play that wacko :

      • noiha

        kwanghee! lol.

        • black_rose45000

          holy crap that’s just awesome! i think i’ll youtube his scenes when the drama airs rofl.

  • samlun100

    I don’t have faith in Minho at all. His acting was so terrible in Salamander Guru and Pianist.
    I think Cha Eun-gyeol will steal the limelight from Minho.

  • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

    I ignored the Japanese Hana Kimi and I will continue to ignore the Korean version, especially with the actors and actresses lined up to take the roles beloved to me in the manga. So far, only a few adaptations can live up to the manga such as Cat Street and Nodame Cantabile. I don’t want to scar my teenage memories of my favourite manga by watching this -_-

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    Nodame’s live action adaptation is wonderful. I think Ouran came out quite well also but the movie will be the final factor.

    HanaDan in JPN was good minus the movie…the mainland China version was interesting and different too.

    When I think of changes to the manga I think of that Sailor Moon adaptation. With better directing and sets that could have been awesome.

    Antique BaKery was butchered in JPN but the movie in KOR left in all the elements so there is hope

  • Yoio Vallejo

    Just in case you didn’t know (which I don’t think you did), Korean Sano won’t be a trackfield athlete, but a soccer player… At least that’s what I remember reading a couple of weeks ago ^^U And while I think it’s logical in a sense that Minho is skilled in that, I’m sad they changed it :(

    What did you think about 2011’s Japanese HanaKimi? Did somebody watch it? Because I can’t really recall it, but if I’m not mistaken, it mixed the first Japanese drama’s craziness (except the ‘onna ga suki, homo ja nai’ bit T_T) with Taiwanese drama’s / manga’s plot… And probably because it was a remake, it felt weird :/

    Anyway, I’m trying not to expect a lot of this drama. I mean, I have
    almost no problems with Sulli and Minho because I think they’ll deliver
    it, but considering its director (I wasn’t able to finish Boys Before
    Flowers) and the fiasco that was Dream High 2 (nothing to do with
    HanaKimi,, but I mean it in a ‘too expecting it to be a good drama just
    to be really disappointed by it’ sense)…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

      Sano’s not going to be a high jumper anymore?? But the whole point was Maki falling in love with Sano because of his beautiful high jumping form…. what’s she going to fall in love with now? The beautiful way he kicks a ball?? 

    • itsmysunshine

      I think Minho will be a high-jumper in this, cause I saw a news few weeks back about him practicing high-jump, there was even a picture if my memory doesn’t fail me.

      I watched first few episodes of Hana Kimi 2011 (for the sake of Nakamura Aoi, but he’s just… terrible being Sano), and it’s pretty okay. Not really a big fan of that AKB48 girl, but I love Miura Shohei as Nakatsu. Still can’t beat Ikuta Toma’s Nakatsu, but I think he is the saver of the whole show.

  • whirlypop

    The character of Sano doesn’t need so much acting chops anyway. Minho would do good by just being good-looking. All he’d do there is be snobbish and hot. 

    I just don’t approve of Sulli. I don’t hate her but it’s such a bad casting. Maki Horikita looked exactly like the Manga character. Sulli, as pretty as she is, suits the rival so much more. Krystal would be a better choice, and Amber but she doesn’t act so that’s impossible.

    • Bstar5

      I don’t get why people think Amber is a good choice for the role.  This is a quote from the back of Vol. 1 of the Hana Kimi manga: “THE PRETTIEST BOY IN SCHOOL…ISN’T A BOY”  A lot of people think Amber passes for a boy, well she may pass for a boy, but she doesn’t pass for a pretty boy much less the prettiest boy in school.  The role should be played by a girl who would look like a guy who appears more feminine than masculine.  Amber is not that girl.  If this was Coffee Prince 2.0, Yoon Eun Hye’s role would be right up Amber’s alley, but not Mizuki.  I think people aren’t giving Sulli enough credit.  Number one she can act.  Minho hasn’t proven himself as an actor yet, Sulli has.   People keep talking about what Sulli’s like in real life, but the whole point of being an actor is to portray the role on paper which I’m convinced she’ll pull off.  So with two actors as a lead and second lead, I have more confidence in this drama than I would have had it been the idol fest many originally thought it would be.  Dream High had a number of idols, but out of the four leads (Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon, Suzy, and Eunjung) two are officially actors (KSH and Eunjung) and Taecyeon, at the time, had experience in a major drama working opposite some of the best actors in the industry.  Suzy was the only newbie of the four.  Weak and green actors improve when they have strong actors to play against.   I knew that if Minho was going to wind up playing Kang Tae-joon, there was no way it would work unless the person playing Mizuki was an actress.  I didn’t want an idol playing that role at all if Minho was going to get the part.  Back when I thought the drama would be an all out SM Town fest, I knew if Minho got the part the only person to play Mizuki at SM was Sulli.  She was the only one who was officially an actress plus she had serious credits under her belt.  Two idols with barely any acting skills playing the leads would have been a recipe for disaster.  This project definitely has much more potential than I thought it would have since SM is actually being serious about who they’re casting.  They can’t afford to have yet another drama their idols are attached to be considered a ratings bomb so they so far are doing a decent job in their selection.  So happy to see Cha Eun-gyeol in this drama loved him in God of Study and Equator Man.  Hopefully most of the supporting cast will be established actors.

      • whirlypop

        And you take the prettiest boy in school literally? That’s a tag line. Lol.
        Mizuki’s supposed to be small and gangly but pretty. Sulli is nothing but the last part. What a casting disaster.

        • Bstar5

          Small and gangly is irrelevant when the best looking guy in school sees her as his rival because of her looks.  The character has to pass for a pretty boy.  Bottomline Amber would never work.  She seriously puts many idol boys to shame with her her masculine energy.  Amber and Minho coupled up?  I just don’t see it.

          • For Only

            Finally I see someone agreeing with me, that Mizuki should be played by someone pretty. Retaining some feminine trait is important to give Mizuki that bishounen factor.

            Am I the only one who think that Ella is the real casting disaster? The overdose of masculinity contradicts badly with the supposed cuteness of Mizuki, rendering the act cutesy rather than kawaii. I am glad that the Koreans do not repeat the same mistake with Amber.

  • ThatsVeryFunny

    Still butthurt that Heechul’s in the army. He would’ve made a perfect Umeda. :'(

    • noiha

      or oscar? lol.

      • Riley

        omg Perfect Oscar

      • itsmysunshine

        omg yes perfect for Oscar!

  • black_rose45000

    Hana Kimi was one of the very first j-dramas I have watched, and I still remember that “it’s a whole new world” impression I had when getting into contact with such Japanese “over-the-top” dramas.
    I watched a few scenes of the Taiwanese version and I wasn”t too excited. I didn’t even bother myself with the second J-version (why did they even do it?). Some things, imo, are more or less legendary, and the first version of Hana Kimi was something like that. The cast was great (minus Maki, oops), the directing, etc. And if the K-version is going to tone down a lot of the elements that made up the wacky humor (and btw, there were indeed quite a lot of sexual innuendos too, not only the homosexual ones – how about Nanba who was constantly drooling for girls, or the dorms’ leaders’ perviness in one scene I remember vaguely? I somehow don’t see such a topic approached loosely in K-dramas, but then again, I have watched like, 1.5 K-dramas), if they’ll change the characters and add new elements to the story, then what’s the point? It’s not a matter of adaptation anymore imo, is like writing a fanfic after a book.

    Then again, I don’t really care since I wouldn’t watch it anyway. Like I said, to me it’s only one Hana Kimi. Not that I enjoyed everything about it, but the humor was quite irreplaceable. I can’t picture another Oscar, another Kagurazaka, another Nanba, another Umeda and that spazzy photographer he constantly bickered with, another Tennoji, and another Nakao. Oh will the guy who saw ghosts or something, be there too? The more I think about it, the more characters I remember I liked.

  • myeolraVIP

    I just hope that Lee Hyun Woo would do a good job as Cha Eun Gyeol cause honestly, I enjoyed and finished watching Hana Kimi because of Nakatsu. Ikuta Toma’s potrayal of the character was absolutely spot on and he did a brilliant job in his acting. :) If it’s not for him and the other side characters, (can’t remember their names) I couldn’t care less. I’m sorry for the main characters but that’s the truth. Haha. =))

    *Typing this makes me want to watch this series again. Boohoo. >.< 

    • Riley

      lol Same for me. The other main characters were so boring, but Nakatsu was just so awesome that it was worth watching the entire thing.

    • black_rose45000

      “If it’s not for him and the other side characters, (can’t remember their names) I couldn’t care less.”
      MTE, lol.

  • Riley

    The only problem I’m really facing is that the director is Jeon Ki-sang. BOF was an absolutely terrible drama and I don’t think I can watch another drama like that. I cross my fingers that this drama turns out quality because I really want To The Beautiful You to work out.

  • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

    at first i wasn’t interested because i thought it’ll only be an idol fest but when the rest of the casting was announced… Lee Hyunwoo. ‘Nuff said.

  • Black_Plague

    That picture of Minho with Sulli…..why is it that I feel so trolled by just looking at it???? I only caught a glimpse of his acting in some drama a while back starring Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi as the main – boy was his acting quite….ugh, I won’t even say it.

    The day SM suddenly decides to do a zombie apocalypse series, I’ll be blasting my head through the ceiling like King George II.

    • catzeyes_92

      what drama was that? As far as I know Minho’s never been in a drama with Lee Seung gi. The only dramas he has done, were a special one episode drama called ‘The Pianist’ and a sitcom called ‘guru salamander and the dark shadows’, both of which lee seung gi did not star in.

      • Black_Plague

        AHHHHH crap, epic fail on my part. I confused the actor for Minho XD. Shit, can’t believe I made a mistake like that *facepalm*. Ah forget what I said lol.

  • http://twitter.com/BeiNanXi Bei

    I was really looking forward the drama, because while I was still into manga I loved Hana Kimi’s story, but after reading about the major changes…. I can hardly see how this will be Hana Kimi! If you don’t let Nakatsu develop feelings for Mizuki, Umeda isn’t gay and there is a love triangle added, it’s a completly different story! And it doesn’t sound that funny and interesting to me.
    I hope it won’t turn out as boring as I think it will be, not to mention that I expected more SM Idols to take part, at last for small parts.
    But I’ll still watch it.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/lovetigerfist xnopex

    i was not that excited when i first heard about this i have a feeling this is going to be not that great. it’s not any of the actors’ faults (i like the choices!) but i’ll place blame on the korean darma rom/com formula

    -cuteness/character introductions for eps 1-4
    -male slowly lead falling for the bear ep 5-8
    -admitting their feelings around ep 9-10
    -rival messes everything up / bear vs fox fighting / misfortune finding the loyal bear ep 11-13
    -male lead realizing he likes the loyal bear (after putting her through a ton of garbage) and going through noble idiot syndrome for eps 14-15
    -male comes around and then everything comes together in ep 16

    we’ve seen this stupid formula in a lot of our favorite dramas (this is a 10+ year formula) and i do not expect this one to deviate heavily from that. i only wish the writers would use this drama and the ample amount of source material to change up that formula.

    bc SM, sorry $M loves money,  i don’t see any of the writers taking those chances though.

    • Bstar5

      Love this comment and I seriously wonder why the Korean television industry doesn’t get it since rom coms and dramas with this formula are getting low ratings left and right.  Even big name actors can’t save them.  If there’s not more going on than this overdone storyline, things don’t look good for Hana Kimi.  People want something fresh not the same story over and over again.

      • Black_Plague

        The way they’re filmed alone is also pretty outdated and too time-pressuring. Sometimes they also look like they’re hastily done to wrap up as soon as possible due to the low ratings.

        Korea needs some zombie dramas while cutting down on the laws regarding gore and violence :)

  • aironaz

    In all honesty, I don’t have high hopes for a SM produced drama. SM is notorious for image control and I don’t see them following Hana Kimi in its full potential story wise. What made HK popular wasn’t for the two leads (well that’s what I think). It was the other characters who made meaningful relationships and stayed in the hearts and mind of many fans. HK blended the ridiculousness with moments of sincerity and friendship while touching on topics that young adults can relate too. I think SM will bypass all the crucial moments and make the drama into a SM monopoly. Hopefully, I am wrong because I wouldn’t mind watching another adaptation of HK when done right.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    …At least this drama doesn’t have Kim Hyun Joong…. >.<

    Too bad it's probably going to be changed so much from the original version…they're just going to turn it from a relatively interesting plot to an overused one. :/

    • FlaminMinho

      I liked Kim Hyun Joong in BOF. He was the best part in it. 

  • samiesama

    The Taiwanese version was too focused on plot? The Japanese version too focused on comedy?  Uhm, excuse me? I think you mixed that part up. It was Taiwanese version that focused too much on comedy. The heck.

  • MamaWack

    I’m sorry to say this but I think Hana Kimi is not right for Korea because knowing the country squeamish stomach for blatant sexuality i.e homosexuality which Hana Kimi has their second male lead confronting and a teacher being gay (another taboo), it will only lead to a completely different Hana Kimi, while I am all for each country adding their own flavor and spice to the drama taking out core parts of drama will only make it seem like another kdrama which Hana Kimi is not.
    I love the Japanese version and enjoyed the Taiwanese version and became a big fan of the series but seeing all these alleged changes is kinda disheartening but then again they might just be rumors, I’m probably one of the few people who have no problem with the casting. hopefully this will turn out well and not disappoint fans too much

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    After finding out they were making a Korean version of Hana Kimi I decided to reread it (I read it like 5 years ago in gr8) and well…. Hana Kimi is too “gay” for Korea in my opinion (the manga was pretty much a yaoi manga disguised as a shoujo one). They are probably going to change it so much it won’t be recognizable as Hana Kimi…. I hope they don’t make the gay school doctor straight…. the whole point of his character is pretty much that he’s gay and the all-boys school is like his own little heaven. 

    In the acting department I think Minho could easily play Sano’s character (he just needs to act like he did when SHINee debuted lol) and Sulli was a child actress so I think she’ll do fine (Maki isn’t exactly a hard character to play, you just need to act stupid and optimistic). No idea who the actor playing Natsu’s character is but since he’s an actual actor I think he’ll be good. 

    I’m kinda looking forward to the drama though, be interesting to compare it to the Taiwanese and Japanese versions. :P

  • zazuki_24

    I have a bad feeling about this…
    (L and )Hyun Woo, I’m sorry! :P

  • Momostar

    Jasper  you seem optimistic , i wish i was like you. Unfortunately i cannot help but feel nervous since Hana Kimi was my favourite j-drama.  i loved everyone in the cast , in particular Nakatsu , it is perhaps still my one of my favourite j-drama to date. So when i had heard that sment was gonna make a remake i had a mix of feelings since i didn’t know whether they were gonna take the JYP route and use idol to play characters. So when i heard that Sulli was gonna play Maki i didnt mind so much since i knew that she could act. However when i heard they were letting Minho to play Sano , i nearly lost my sanity. Dont get me wrong i like minho but i just think he’s incapable of acting even though the character is really similar to him. Somehow he will defy logic and be horrible. As for the dude playing Nakatsu , im glad that he’s an actual actor rather than a rookie.
    Maybe its just me feeling like this but i really hope that Minho proves me wrong (please prove me wrong Minho)  and they make a successful Hana Kimi Fingers crossed

    If not i swear i will book a ticket to Korea and personally visit Sment , and kidnap all my bias one by one till they improve the show :) i think that sounds like a reasonable deal 
    Sorry for any bad grammer or spelling :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Pass. The Korean version of Hana Kimi sounds like a VERY loose adaptation of the original story, to say the least. Too much for me to really get on board if they still insist on calling it a remake of Hana Kimi. 

    Removing the homosexual elements, in any amount, denigrates a large section of what made Hana Kimi an interesting story. Part of what made Nakatsu such a great character was the conflict that occurred when he felt attracted to Mizuki while thinking she was a he. It wasn’t something he resolved quickly, either. It took most of the first part of the series for him to come to terms with the fact that he cared for Mizuki, whether girl or boy. Both Toma Ikuta in the original series and Jiro Wang in the Taiwanese version had a great opportunity to flex some acting muscle in the role of Nakatsu (Toma Ikuta, especially, impressed me in his role). If the homosexual aspects are cut out of the role and story, I don’t see the Korean actor getting a chance to play anything more than a goofy character in a teen K-drama. 

    I wasn’t terribly impressed with Oguri Shun’s acting in the original Japanese version of Hana Kimi — though I attribute that more to a belief that Sano is just boring as a character. This could just be my western sensibilities bleeding over into my drama viewing, but Sano just always came off as more dull and depressing than anything else to me. It was to the point that I was pissed that Nakatsu didn’t end up with Mizuki in that first version. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but it was ridiculous how much better the chemistry was between Maki Horikita/Toma Ikuta as opposed to Maki Horikita/Oguri Shun. 

    On the subject of Maki Horikita’s portrayal of Mizuki, I still stand by my belief that nobody has done the role better than her in any of the other adaptations. She may have been too pretty in the face to really be mistaken for a boy, as the article said, but she certainly had all the mannerisms down that you would expect to see from a boy (sitting with legs apart with the other guys, the way she walked, etc). Part of that came from the fact that Horikita was known to be a tomboy growing up. She was always more comfortable doing guy things and hanging with the boys. That is well documented. In the original Hana Kimi, she carried herself like a boy well enough that even with a feminine face, if you didn’t know beyond a doubt Mizuki was a girl you could actually be fooled into thinking twice.

    Overall, I won’t say this version of Hana Kimi won’t have some redeeming value — I’ll just say it sounds different enough in some very key areas that I would probably be better served thinking of it as a series inspired by the idea of Hana Kimi, not an adaptation.

  • itsmysunshine

    To be honest, I won’t even bothered comparing it with the original Hana Kimi. Nothing can beat the trio of Toma/Maki/Shun for Hana Kimi (although Shun, I wasn’t impressed). If I did watch this SM’s remake, it will be only for the eye candies. 

    Sorry Sulli, I know you can act, you’re probably one of SM’s biggest hidden asset in terms of acting, but seeing how you will be paired with Minho, I can’t help feeling sorry for you. I like Minho and all, but his acting is just big no imo.

    • Rie Nakano

      really? Minhos not good at acting? i didn’t know that cuz Minhos like the only one whos acted in dramas (like salamander guru) before in SHINee so I assumed (I never watched his dramas…) that he was good…

      • FlaminMinho

        I don’t think Minho has been given a chance. The Pianist thing was too slow and solemn and mushy. It didn’t suit his character. The Salamander thing was more his character but I haven’t seen a lot of it. The part I saw was kind of hmmmph … I would say the direction wasn’t good and his role wasn’t great. Also, the whole series was pretty bad. I hope Minho doesn’t keep choosing bad roles and dramas. 

  • theicecrumbs

    I watched the original HK years ago but I still distinctly remember Nakatsu. The other main characters? God, I don’t even remember their faces. Lol. But Nakatsu was such a memorable character and the actor played it so well. :)

    As for a Korean version of HK, I don’t know about that. I’m sure it’ll be aesthetically and visually good. But I don’t think they’ll follow HK’s storyline. Lots of the plot points for HK will be changed because let’s admit it, Korea remains conservative until now. And I will bet my precious cat that SMEnt will not let any of these sensitive issues get in the way of its money-making ventures.THEY. WILL. NOT.

  • theicecrumbs

    Everything you said: *clap clap clap*

  • maligurl

    So destroying Hana Yori Dango wasn’t enough for them…now they want to kill Hana Kimi too?! Korea stop while you’re behind and just stick to what you do best, and leave classic J dramas alone.

  • linhee

    I love Hana Kimi. It was one of the first manga I read and I followed all live adapations as they aired. I like Taiwanese adaptions because they tend to follow the original source as closely as possible. I like knowing what happens and the extra scenes they add in serve as a little surprise that I welcome.

    On the other hand, the Japanese adaption was a lot more comedic. It didn’t always focus on our main trio, opting to show the bromance between the different dorms and how they were essentially at the whims of the principal as they competed for whatever the prize happened to be for that episode.

    Despite any changes that these adapations made, Hana Kimi was only changed to suit its target audience in its country. Taiwanese idol dramas are in abundance with overacting with exaggerated facial experessions, and this is what happened in Hana Kimi. People who aren’t accustomed to Taiwanese idol dramas will be turned off, but for those who are, it’s just another manga adaption. As for the Japanese adaption, it had the dorms competing for something in every episode because that’s how Japanese dramas tend to be – episodic. Anyone remember Gokusen or G.T.O? One problem at a time. And well, the drama was pretty crazy which is characteristic with a lot of other Japanese dramas out there. Despite these changes, these dramas can still be recognised and considered as “Hana Kimi” because they are still true to the characters that make up the Hana Kimi world.

    Which is why I understand that certain aspects need to be changed so that the show can suit the audience of its country, but only if it’s still in the realms of the Hana Kimi world. This is clearly not the case for the Korean adaption, especially with the information we’ve been given.

    Firstly, changing some important characteristics of Nakatsu, one of our leads, will without a doubt change the Hana Kimi story. The characteristics that belong to Nakatsu define him as well as the choices he makes and his reactions. If something so elementary is changed, then the Nakatsu presented to us in this Korean adaption is not the same. He will not be one of the first friends Mizuki makes who offers her his umbiligical cord as a sign of friendship (Jiro), nor will he have nose-bleeding fantasies of her (Ikuta Toma).

    Secondly, I’m guessing a lot of the homosexual relationships and elements will be removed for the benefit of the Korean audience. And like many that have commented before me, this is an integral core of the manga. Removing it will lose a lot of what makes Hana Kimi what it is. Not only that but we can expect a lot of the sexual innuendos or pervy jokes to be scraped also.

    By the looks of it, Hana Kimi will be changed to be any other rom-com out there in Korea. Like Boys Over Flowers, it will become a drama that will just happen to share some very shallow similiarities to its original source.

  • http://twitter.com/4M_kellyxo 포미닛 짱 ♥

    Ignoring. Hana Kimi is one of my favorite Japanese dramas and I just can’t stand to watch a remake because it holds a special place in my heart :P Cheesy, I know lol. I couldn’t even watch the 2011 remake or the Taiwanese version.

    Also, I hated the Korean BOF so that’s another reason why I won’t be tuning in to this drama

    • http://twitter.com/4M_kellyxo 포미닛 짱 ♥

      Oh and yeah the homosexuality thing, I wish they wouldn’t cut it out (although since it’s Korea I’m sure they will) because it’s so important in the story. *sigh* I heard they’re cutting out a lot of the characters from the dorm/school too. That’s a shame because I loved them. I hope they don’t cut out Nanba Minami D;

      • nufreshbang

        I doubt they’d actually cut it out. Homosexuality doesn’t actually exist in Korea. It’s a ‘magical western illness’ and also since he’ll be declaring he’s gay because he loves Sulli, it’s not actually gay. If that makes any sense.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    I want Heechul to play the super gay school nurse.He would’ve rock that role. Amber could have been a good choice but I guess Sulli would be fine as well as Minho. Like the others I’m also worried that they’d downplay homosexual elements all Hana Kimi fans enjoyed so much,because those were undoubtedly the most memorable scenes.When he was so worried that he likes a guy and then accepting the fact that he likes a guy and eventually embracing the fact that he is gay screaming it out for everyone to hear were just great scenes and are indispensable. Jiro Wang utterly nailed that portrayal,he was so hilarious in the TW version I ended up being his fan,I heard the J version is great but sadly I still havent seen it but now I will.I’m not worried about Lee Hyun Woo’s acting since I saw him In God of study and he’s really great, it’s the writing on his character in the context of  Korean culture that’s worrying.I’m not saying that they should follow very closely the other  versions but if they change it too much then it’s not Hana Kimi anymore.And the nurse should be gay,its essential to the whole story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001343867792 Julio Mercedez Dotel

    Base on what i see and heard, to the beautiful you will be completely different from the original hana kimi, minho will play the pole vault rather than high jump and  the production costs of Minho & Sulli drama “To the Beautiful You” was approx 5 Billion KRW ($4,3Million/Rp41Milyar)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001343867792 Julio Mercedez Dotel

    -Sulli cuts her Hair: 
    -[120703] Minho and Sulli Filming and Production Budget: http://www.minhoxsulli.blogspot.com/2012/07/120703-minho-filming-to-beautiful-you.html
    -[120702] Cast Filming To The Beautiful You is completely different to original manga: http://www.minhoxsulli.blogspot.com/2012/07/cast-filming.html

  • dc ss

    Minho <3

  • http://www.looking-glass-beauty.blogspot.com/ Yinnie

    I think I’ll give it a skip.

    With the taiwanese and japanese adaptation, which were both brilliant. I was a hormonal teenager when it was they were aired. I WAS that target audience. I’m NOT that target audience anymore. I don’t think it’d have the same effect. 
    But I am interested in how Nakatsu is portrayed. If anything, the hardest role yet because it’s a role that supports both the female and male lead. In both taiwanese and japanese, they got the far more talented actor to fulfil this role because it was such a big role.

  • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

    Definitely passing this one. I hate Korean remakes of popular Japanese dramas/manga like Hana Yori Dango. Taiwanese versions I can stand a bit more since they usually make the remakes slightly different and more mature with additional plots e.g. Meteor Garden. I hated the Korean remake of HYD (Boys Over Flowers) so I probably won’t be able to stand this one as well. I always enjoy Japanese adaptations of their manga since they always have the same humor added to it whilst Taiwanese ones are good to watch cause they’re a tad bit more dramatic (if you’re into that) but Korean versions are always floating in between and are just not as interesting. Korean dramas are great but not when they’re trying to adapt another culture’s work. Well…that’s my opinion. It MAY turn out great who knows. Plus, like someone previously stated below, this kind of storyline was great when I was at that age a few years ago. But at this point, definitely not anymore.

  • http://eraeos.livejournal.com/ Feron

    To be fair, Jeon Ki-sang also directed the best of Hong sisters’ dramas (My Girl, Delightful Girl Choon-hyang), so I’m inclined to believe that Boys Before Flowers was more or less a fluke.

    Besides, the directing of Boys Before Flowers wasn’t what was shotty, it was the writing. The resume of To The Beautiful You‘s scriptwriter (all of the High Kick series, Nonstop 5) promises solid writing, so I don’t think the negative comparisons between the two at this point are fair to make.

  • GreyLeaves

    Yeah I’ll skip it. The korean remake of Hana Yori Dango and Kimi wa petto was just painful and horrible. Also, I don’t think the actors they cast will be up to par.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    LOL, another fangirls-exclusive drama that will be battered against but worshiped among Shawols, Fx fans and Exotics

    • avebak

      Yupp. I will watch it to the fullest but complain at the same time. The life of a fangirl. lol

  • avebak

    I loved the manga Hara Yori Dango, but the Korean drama version made me cringe a little (but its what got me into kpop, so I have a special feeling for it). The plot/ridiculousness is what made me cringe not the actors because till this day Lee Minho and Kim Bum are still 2 of my faves.
    I am hoping that this stays true to the manga tho because then I will love it even more. I am happy that Minho, Sulli and EXO are in it! YAY!

  • Almira Agathas

    Another SMEnt marketing strategy? Wow, this company is unstoppable.
    Naah, I think I’ll pas

  • me me

    I’ll probably watch it out of curiosity than anything (and*cough*minho*cough*).  The first Japanese Hana Kimi is my all-time favourite drama, and I’m kinda worried that the k-adaption will take away the humour and become an ott dramatic drawn out drama

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrystaldee Dee-dee Lie

    I think I’ll ignore this just like the other Japanese manga drama adaptation. Manga is just best stay in a manga story.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MRYDXY5MJ6HSO2EAFQNQV73TM hazel

      i think you shouldnt be so close-minded hun, but your probably a dirty monkey so you would be all nationalistic right babygurl? 

  • shineemax

    ignore it

  • http://www.facebook.com/asyiela.nuryena Asyiela Nuryena

    can i ask you something..what name of the school soul han na is in the drama ttby??

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MRYDXY5MJ6HSO2EAFQNQV73TM hazel

      Whores academy for Fags, ur welcome my dear ;) 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001734886137 Cindy Valencia

      If i’m not wrong, it’s called Senri High School. it’s an all girls school.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MRYDXY5MJ6HSO2EAFQNQV73TM hazel


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001734886137 Cindy Valencia

    some people might not like the drama since it’s already adapted to different versions. but i personally like this drama (*cough*Minho*Sulli*cough*). but i did watch the japanese version. and loves this version more. i wish they had more than 16 episodes. at first i thought sulli wasn’t really fit for the role since her face is considered too feminine for me. then again i watched you’re beautiful stars Park Shin Hye as the female lead just like sulli. well, compared to Shin Hye, i think sulli has more potential than shin hye as a boy. but don’t get me wrong. i’m also a fan of shin hye. now i just can’t get over minho sulli moments in the drama -_-

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001734886137 Cindy Valencia

    don’t get me wrong, i know it’s a little off topic. but, does boys over flower really that good?? people seem so exited about that drama. i haven’t watch it yet but from my point of view, it looks more like 4 hungry lions fighting over a meat -_-2 male and 1 female i can handle but 4  male and 1 female it’s just.. too much.
    sorry if i offend some of BOF fans. 

  • bethyuh

    this whole drama was unnecessary.