• http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

    Hehe. Jr. is Junior, not JR. (JR is the leader of NU’EST.) He’s called that because his name is Park Jinyoung, just like JYP.

  • saywat88

    Why does everyone have a problem with R.E.A.L,lol. I love that song, honestly, no bs, if that was in english and one of these big American pop stars put it out, it would be a hit. I don’t think that WG are “stuck” in retro, I think it actually suits them. You have all these girl groups who hop on one bandwagon(concept) after another girl group does it and it becomes soo overdone that it gives you a headache. I don’t think any girl group could do the type of music that WG do, and while all these other girl groups are hopping on and off certain concepts that have been overdone, WG are upgrading their “retro” concept and music.

    • YourYG Bias

      I loved R.E.A.L! Even better than the fan-fave “Girlfriend”. It’s so refreshing to hear from the WG who seem to stick with their tried-and-true hook song formula.

  • http://twitter.com/cheeryeternity Ria

    I agree with JJ Project needing better music… I also don’t really get where they’re headed musically. Also, I feel like the pre-debut hype was sooo little in comparison to other groups (cough, cough EXO).

    The WG… yeah I feel like Lim is out of place. JYP should have really added a singer at sunmi’s level or better, tbh. The quality (or is it the tone?) of Lim’s voice really makes me want to cringe. I get why he wanted to keep them as a  5 member group, but Lim feels out of place. But yeah, she really has blossomed as a result of their comeback with ‘Like This’.

    Side note, but I really really really prefer it when Amber sings instead of that… rapping of hers.

    Oh yeah, and it is junior, not JR (junior as in, park jin young junior)

    Hmmmm let’s see… thought I might try and guess the songs for this week.

    Song #1: Before This Song Ends — JJ Project feat Suzy
    Song #2: Hey Boy — Wonder Girls
    Song #3: Girlfriend — Wonder Girls
    Song #4: Love Hate — f(x)
    Song #5: Beautiful Stranger — f(x)

  • ieatyouineverwanttoseeyouagain

    이 노래가 끝나기 전에 jj project ft suzy of Miss A
    hey boy  Wonder girls
    girlfriend wonder girls
    love hate fx
    beautiful stranger fx

  • km313

    The thing is, I get how f(x) is supposed to be the sister group of SHINee, but SM failed with group construction in f(x)’s case. Luna is essentially carrying the vocals, with help here and there from Krystal. Dancing quality varies from single to single. I find SHINee to be fairly balanced, some of which they had when they debuted and some of which they grew into over time. They’re all good dancers that can adapt well to new concepts, and their vocals are fairly balanced (Taemin’s improved and Minho….well…is Minho). I don’t find many people that will argue that they aren’t talented. 

    I don’t understand why SM has fumbled so much with f(x). They’re a ways behind in terms of where SHINee was at the three year mark and where other ’09 debut groups (2ne1, 4minute, T-ara) are currently. Honestly, sometimes it’s strange seeing them with the other SM town artists because they seem like such a non-factor compared to the other workhorse groups. f(x) needs an identity, but they also need better management and a stronger skillset. Electric Shock is a step up, and the single fixed a bit of what was wrong with NU ABO (plus it’s nice to hear Amber singing, since I’m not a fan of her rapping). But they have a long ways to go before they’re actually credible. 

    • YourYG Bias

      I’m liking where f(x) is going actually. Though they remind me so much of a prep version of  2NE1, their songs and choreo beat SNSD. Hands down.

      It just sucks that SM isn’t giving them the attention and management that they deserve for an old group. Though SM isn’t really known as the caring type…

      • km313

        SNSD has been slipping in quality. Compared to their other Japanese singles, Paparazzi isn’t doing it for me and the video, while flashy, is lacking in substance, with some huge imbalances in screentime for some of the girls. 

        I do like Electric Shock as a song. I don’t have any gripes with the members, though Luna and Victoria are probably my favorites. I really want to like f(x) but SM hadn’t given me a reason to like them in the past, so I’m hoping that any attention they get from Electric Shock’s success encourages SM to do more with them. But I’ll be honest, they need to step up in terms of stage presence (to be fair they haven’t had as much experience as other groups in that department).

        • YourYG Bias

          Their album this time around is great. It might just be me, but I love 50% of the songs on that mini and that says a lot since I’ve ignored f(x) for a while now. 

          I don’t know where SM bought these songs from but as long as f(x) gets more of the good stuff, their ranking will rise. But I have to agree with you on the stage presence thing. I’ve noticed that most SM artists with the exception of the almighty BoA haven’t learned how to work a stage.

        • ISayyy

          I agree with you on the stage presence. Though they’re all able to smile and wink at the audience, f(x) is still quite a novice in that department. They all (even Luna who gives off the sweetest smiles or Amber and her sometimes too-enthusiastic stares) seem so robotic. It’s as if they’re too preoccupied with the idea of looking good on camera/looking like perfect mannequins even though it’s not needed anymore ’cause they’re all good looking. They’re sacrificing charisma and presence for stoic beauty. SM groups are very guilty of this, in my opinion. The only one who has impressed me so far in terms of stage presence from SM is EXO-K’s Kai albeit it’s not too fair ’cause he has always been a dancer-performer so he knows his game way before getting into this business. 

          • kakadu kakaduson

            Make some sense people. What are you talking here, people. F(x) lacks stage presence? Ehem…. make some sense, seriously. Along with the nonsense of 4minute being ahead of f(x) in terms of achievements also this bullshit… Victoria’s facial expressions when she dances. You people being very subjective and lost in your subjectivity.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      And I think the problem with f(x) is kinda circular — they didn’t get good enough material for them to be popular when they first started, which meant that they promoted less, which circled back to the problem of them staying not-that-good. They stayed stagnant and trudged along only because they had to keep promoting (I don’t think SM is in the business of debuting groups like CSJH and just completely dropping them anymore bc it’s a bad business model).

      In the meantime, 2009 debuts blew them out of the water and continued to gain in popularity while f(x) just kind of fiddled around in the background. And like you said, they are far behind their 2009 peers, and also not on the same level in terms of an SM group that’s already in their third year of debut. It’s definitely a curious case that I think might be remedied with heavier promotion and more frequent ones. It results in a lot of fatigue but unfortunately that’s the only way to stay relevant in this game :

      • YourYG Bias

        I wish. Heavier promotion won’t be likely as the lovely cash cows, SuJu will be coming back in a few weeks. This is why f(x) gets the short end of the stick. 

        They aren’t well established like the other SM groups, get shitty material, lack of promotion and are severely overlooked by SM. Plus with the huge roster that SM has, they don’t pay enough attention to f(x). 

        I don’t care if they promote themselves sick, as long as they get the attention they deserve as a group that has been making improvements since their debut. Unlike their seniors who are lowering standards in all aspects, f(x) can pull off a live with nice choreo. Which is why I choose them over *cough* any day. 

        • danahz

          Have you heard Suju’s music. They also have the short end of the stick.

          • Streby

            More than short end of the stick with Super Junior, I think SM is just playing it safe with them. This is the biggest reason I like SHINee musically better than Super Junior, SM thankfully still experiments with them a bit whereas, with Super Junior, they seem to have found the ‘Sorry Sorry Formula’ which they will use till the fans have had enough (which I highly doubt will come soon, though I’m not crazy about them, I found myself listening to Mr.Simple for a bit even though it was monotone and repetitive).

    • kakadu kakaduson

      Irrelevant comparison. Are you serious? Agree on 2ne1. But 4minute and T-ara ahead of f(x)? 4minute??? No way. Get real and make some sense. 4minute is left behind long time ago, T-ara pushing hard forward by doing non-stop promotion. f(x) doing only one comeback per year still sweeping the charts and collecting the trophies. Don’t lose your sense of reality.

      • km313

        Okay, I’m only replying to your comment on my month-old comment because I received an email notification about it. Look, I like f(x) more than I like any of the aforementioned three girl groups, but that doesn’t change the fact that 4minute (undermined by Hyuna’s solo activities) and T-ara (maybe until recently given current issues) hold their own strongholds and I would say are generally more well-known than f(x). I never said that was permanent. And if f(x) continues on the upward trend they started this year, it won’t be for long.

        Electric Shock was very successful and did much of what I could have hoped for f(x). They’ll fare well if they can capitalize in Japan. f(x) is the only one of those groups that has not had their own legitimate tour. And they never will until SM believes they can obtain enough profit to warrant one. f(x) also has the benefit of being under one of the most powerful entertainment companies in the market. They benefit from the most superior packaging, appearances from other artists, strong advertising, etc. Don’t patronize me by saying that I’m losing my sense of reality. Those other groups win awards. It’s not unusual for most groups to top charts in the first week or so of promotion. Yes, I was serious in what I said, even a month removed from it. Things have changed, f(x) did better than expected, and I hope they’ll continue to do so. 

        Don’t be rude.

        • kakadu kakaduson

          I don’t know where do you live nor where do get you all your information from. Since April 2011, in what alternate reality was 4minute more popular and more well known than f(x) I don’t know too but it’s clear not in our 14-billion-year-old universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO 4minute as a group became irrelevant long time ago and 95% of kpop folks know that. Even “underrated” members of f(x) like Luna is more popular than the 4/5 of 4minute. 4minute along with Miss A became 1-member girl groups. Yes Hyuna have fame, but it’s her only. It’s same with Suzy. 95% of Miss A fans are Suzy fans. In korea Fei, Jia and Min just don’t exist. General public knows Suzy but don’t give a fuck to the rest. As well as other 4 members of 4minute. They are just backup dancers for Hyuna. Not to mention, Hyuna’s solo activities never considered as 4minute’s. 9 out of 10 people telling that 4minute are floppers. So pls get real. I am not being rude, I am stating the obvious. In girl groups popularity ranking 4minute is somewhere near the bottom while f(x) is among the top groups.
          People (like you) always underestimate f(x) and no matter what achievements they make you will find another excuse to look down/underestimate them. But each time f(x) show “IN YOUR FACE” to the downlookers. This was in last year, yet f(x) killed it with Pinoccio. They knocked out 4minute! Then Hot Summer. They passed 100k+ album sales in 2011. This year again the same people were saying the same things about f(x) yet f(x) did “IN YOUR FACE” once again, they knocked out WG. They won over them 5:1 LOL. Their music video has passed 21,2 million views on Youtube.They already sold about 70K albums in Korea and 13K+ in Japan without promotion. Even in Japan they are going to do far better than Flopminutes.
          By the quality of comeback f(x) are ahead of T-ara. T-aragedy make 4 comebacks per a year to reach top group status. Too forced! Too artificial! But f(x) being “a stepchild” for SM make just one comeback in a year and kills it. See the difference?
          But you are right in one. That SM treats f(x) bad. Very bad. Shitty treatment, I’d say. It’s true. In the long list of SM’s priorities f(x) clearly the last. They get leftovers of music and promotion materials. Their comebacks are always rushed. Yes they are unloved by their own company.
          But that doesn’t mean they aren’t popular. Instead, they are very popular. Very big. And they make more money than Flopminutes and a bunch of other groups. Just stop comparing them with SNSD, SuJu. Then you will realize how popular they are.

          And remember: As of post 2011-reality, f(x) are more well known and popular than 4minute.

          I wonder what folks come here on SB. YG-biased people? I went through articles about f(x) and read comments. Some are just lost sense of reality, tbh.

          • km313

            Are you seriously going to accuse me of being YG-biased just because I said f(x) has not grown to their potential yet? I’m not going to tell you to “get real.” I’m not going to punctuate my sentences with 5+ exclamation points. I’m not going to throw childish nicknames on groups either, because, quite frankly, I’m too damn old.

            Your comments about Suzy’s popularity are valid. Yes, Hyuna has always been promoted as the “face of the group.” Those aren’t exactly secrets in K-pop. But I could question some of your comments as easily as you can question mine. I don’t know what to tell you. You talk as if I don’t like f(x). I do like them. I said as much. You call me YG-biased. I’m not even a big 2NE1 fan (or T-ara and 4minute for that matter) and my favorite groups are from SM. You have no basis from assuming that.

            T-ara’s draining schedule is a reflection of their company’s management and their role as CCM’s main breadwinner. And calling f(x) a top group is a stretch among stretches. You need to take a step back from your rose colored glasses. To call them a top group you have to compare them to SNSD. You have to compare them to Super Junior. You have to compare them to (gasp!) 2NE1. f(x) simply does not have the monster fanbase to be a top group. And it’s okay that they’re not. T-ara isn’t either. Neither is 4minute. Neither is Miss A. It’s the reality of the industry. f(x) just isn’t there. Argue that when f(x) has an official fanclub name. Argue that when they have their own tour. Popularity is completely relative. My favorite group is SHINee and I will be the first to tell you that I don’t think they’re quite up there in popularity with them just yet. I’m not saying f(x) doesn’t have talent. I think you and I both know that you don’t exactly have to be an extremely talented group to be popular. So don’t accuse me of “underestimating” f(x). You’re being oversensitive, especially when I credited them for the good work they’ve done this year. 

            Calm down. Grow up a little. If you’re going to throw around childish insults and mudslinging, you might as well stay on allkpop. I would have more respect for what you’re saying if you didn’t sound like a petulant 14 year old. I’m not going to argue with you about something I said a month ago, especially not like this.

          • kakadu kakaduson

            TBH i think in age department I am from the stone era, so better not bring it up XD Your comparison of any group with SNSD (and SuJu) is invalid and meaningless by its nature. SNSD is not just your simple top group. It’s ANOMALY in kpopuniverse that probably would never ever happen again. Hence the national girl group status. Hence its 200k+, 300K+ album sales within a half-year etc. “In korea there is what?”. SNSD, as we all know XD There is top groups category and above it SNSD in their own league. In top groups category folks usually put 4-5 groups. 2ne1, Kara definitely from that class. And then there are T-Ara (until recent, with their speed of 4comeback/year) and WG (who are just riding their old fame tbh). And then there is f(x). Last january, right in the middle of their year-long hiatus they were #6 girl group, topping B-list or ‘mid-tier’ category. But after their recent comeback, when they knocked out WG, and the T-aragedy incident, f(x) definitely moved up from their #6 position through the ranking hierarchy. Place them at #3 or #4 or #5 your choice. They are in top 5 now: 2ne1, Kara, WG, F(x). I 100% agree F(x) haven’t shown their full potential yet. But I 1000% don’t agree they are not popular than 4minute. Top groups usually have very good physical and digital sales because a top class runner must run on both legs. In that f(x) are like mini-version of SNSD. They are good at digitals (after 2 months #18 on Melon weekly chart while WG at #22), good at physicals (after SNSD). A girl group that sells over 80K albums in two months is definitely in different level than 4minute, miss a, sistar, after school, etc right?

          • km313

            This comment is rushed but you brought up an interesting idea.

            You really think SNSD is an anomaly? There’s a cycle in K-Pop. Wonder Girls was the biggest thing before SNSD hit the market with Gee. Just like BoA, just like DBSK. It’s not an anomaly in K-Pop to do well. With digital sales becoming a legitimate income source in the last few years, I would say that SNSD has been given opportunities to be extremely successful. Marketing nine girls well can easily bring in massive profits. The only way it won’t be able to happen again is if SNSD proves to have the longevity that groups before them haven’t been able to. If SNSD stays in the game for even more time, it’ll be harder for f(x) to move up the ranks. It’s the reason f(x) is undermined in SM. It’s one of the reasons SHINee isn’t as popular, even though you could say their sales are just fine.
            You can’t bring Sistar and After School into it because, and I think you’ll agree, they’re not up there at all (After School moreso than Sistar though). And sales only go so far in proving how popular a group is. Fandoms work hard to pull in good numbers, especially digitally. And the girl group playing field is very thin in terms of legitimate acts. What I was saying when I brought up T-ara and 4minute many, many moons ago, referenced credibility more than popularity. Before Electric Shock, f(x) didn’t have a big hit that defined them as a group to people that weren’t casual fans. There just wasn’t that Abracadabra or Bo Peep or even Muzik caliber hit. And I would agree with you now, a month later that f(x) has more credibility. I don’t rigidly consider sales a metric of popularity, as I said. And if you stack the numbers up (using Wikipedia because I don’t have much time), Electric Shock didn’t do that much more than Volume Up. You can’t fairly use Japan’s numbers to compare because Cube didn’t do a legitimate release there.

            I’m not going to talk up and down about 4minute because I don’t like them enough to defend them. Some of f(x)’s popularity is solely from being from the strongest entertainment company. Yes, they’re the red-headed stepchild but they still benefit from resources. II would certainly hope that a girl group under SM would sell over 80K albums in two months. 

            4minute is from Cube and gets by with considerably less across the board. f(x) should be destroying their numbers. Right now they’re only slightly outselling. That’s why I said what I said. Post-Electric Shock I would put them at 4. But there’s a big gap between them and the top three, which is why I can’t call them a top group. Say what you want about WG, but they still get by because they still benefit from what Tell Me/Nobody did for them. And contrary to what a lot of people think, they still sell well. You know what the difference between f(x) and the top three is? f(x) is not the flagship girl group under their company. And we still don’t know fully how successful tiered groups under one label can fare in the long run. f(x) fans have a right to be militant. Their group is being mismanaged. What will happen when SM debuts a new girl group?

          • kakadu kakaduson

            Yes. I think SNSD is anomaly. Just look at their album sales. It’s HUGE for a girl group. Usually top boy groups have that amount of sales. And SNSD. Also they are good at digitals. WG was big thing but they were never good at album sales. I dare to think, it was more a popularity of a song than the group itself. As I said before you should run on both legs. That’s why (not counting their US trip)  WG are there where they are now. So yes SNSD is anomaly in sense of popularity and sales/profit.
            As I said before, to estimate how successful f(x) are, one must compare them with other groups from other companies (that debuted between 2008-2010) not with their labelmates. By that logic, f(x) is less successful than 2ne1 and less-or-comparable-to T-Ara, and more successful than the rest. My logic is, even when they are treated badly by SM, they still managed to create domestic and international popularity for themselves and reach #5 or #4 or #3 group status.
            Before ES, Danger and Hot Summer considered to be quite a big hits. Danger ranked #6 on korean digital charts last year. And Hot Summer album is still charting on Gaon: being released in June 14 2011, it was sold 10.000 in 2012 first half. In Korea Danger was a hit, hence its 8 wins on music shows (2 triple crowns on Mnet and Inkigayo, and 2 win on MuBank). It’s just international kpop fans ignored or didn’t pay enough attention.
            Wiki numbers for ES was taken from Gaon chart. It shows sales from June 13 to June 30, 17 days. Now it’s august 10. Quite reasonable to think that ES was sold at least (!) 13k-15k from July 1 to August 8. Which would make around 70K+ numbers. Add japanese sales 13k. Total sales: at least 80K. At thus rate, we can expect that by the end of the year amount of sales can reach 100k. And it’s only a mini-album.
            It’s an established thought that digital sales express popularity of a song while album sales show popularity (or fanbase) of an artist.
            Yes. f(x) is least popular SM group. Yes they should be destroying their numbers (by the way they are destroying other girl groups not including SNSD, 2ne1, Kara). Still, they are one of the top-5 girl groups. If they were one of top priorities of SM they would have been #2 group already. If they belonged to other agency they would have been #1 group of that company.

            Some info on album sales:

            Top 13 sellers in the 1st half 2012

            TTS – Twinkle – 140826 – 2012.04.29
            T-Ara – Funky Town – 73004 – 2012.01.03
            F(X) – Electric Shock – 56765 – 2012.06.13
            4 Minute – Volume Up – 54603 – 2012.04.09
            WG – Wonder Party – 25119 – 2012.06.03
            Miss A – Touch – 20908 – 2012.02.20
            APink – 1집 Une Annee – 17773 – 2012.05.09
            Sistar – Alone – 15689 – 2012.04.12
            After School – Flashback – 14197 – 2012.06.20
            2ne1 – 2nd Mini Album – 11731 – 2011.07.21
            F(X) – Hot Summer – 9998 – 2011.06.14
            T-Ara – Roly Poly – 6784 – 2011.08.02
            Girl’s Day – 미니 2집 EverydayⅡ – 6335 – 2012.04.18

            f(X) album is the latest one in release but already #3.

            And one more thing. Danger was a hit that established f(x) popularity in Korea. Electric Shock is a hit that established their popularity internationally. 21,6 million views in 2 months? A group doesn’t always need to have one single mega-giga-tera popular IT-song to gain popularity. The rout to the popularity can be different for different artists. But i still think f(x) haven’t got yet their IT-song ke ke ke

          • km313

            WG is where they are now because they lost so much momentum by going to the U.S. By the time they came back, Gee had already struck the market and SNSD was becoming an unstoppable force. If WG had never left there might have been a legitimate battle to determine the nation’s it-girl group. 

            Why are you so against comparing f(x) to their labelmates? It’s the only way you can determine that they’re an underperforming SM group. And I really don’t believe if SM put more energy into their promotions, they would be #2. Speaking objectively, f(x) isn’t putting out music that any other girl group couldn’t produce. Could they pass KARA? Maybe. Could they pass 2NE1? No way.

            And of course they receive domestic and international attention. Even being at the bottom of the totem pole with SM is, in many cases, better than being a top-tier group with a smaller-name company.

            It’s fine that you’re showing the numbers. They’re not exactly surprising. It’s fine that you’re saying they’re in the top 5 girl groups (which, again, isn’t saying much because the spectrum of credible, established girl groups is very thin). If f(x) wasn’t in SM, I don’t think their rank would be that high.

            ES could stand to be their IT song, unless they shock everyone by this album not being their peak. It really is a good song, my favorite title track from them.

          • kakadu kakaduson

            If WG had big loyal fanbase like SNSD then they wouldn’t have lost their position of kpop queen so fast. As I said loyal fanbase will support you no matter what.
            The reason why I am so against comparing f(x) with their senior labelmates (basically SNSD) is very simple. They don’t get same treatment. That’s it. I said before, I’ll repeat it. They are last in SM’s list of priorities. They don’t have their voice over song/music choice unlike SNSD. Their comebacks are always rushed, not enough preparations. ES comeback was rushed too. They always get leftovers of SM’s money and resource. SM never put 100% effort into their promotion. Even their ES mv have 720p resolution while others have 1080p lol. And, they don’t get best music and song from SM. In the end it’s all about music and song they are given. From the very start SM labeled them ‘an experimental pop dance’ group, so the treatment is ‘experimental’. They give all the risky, confusing songs to f(x) while obvious ready-to-be-hit catchy “cute+sexy” concept songs go to SNSD. Imagine SNSD with f(x)-type-of-image and f(x) with SNSD-type-of-image. SNSD singing Nu Abo, Chu, Mr Boogie, Danger, Electric Shock. f(x) singing Gee, Genie, Hoot, etc. Kpop shape would have been very different, i guess. And they are doing just a single comeback in a whole freaking year! What is this? Are they on the level of SNSD, 2ne1? Nope. Then what the hell is SM giving them only one comeback per year? Look at Sistar, T-ara, WG. They are making comeback after comeback, releasing single after single, producing MV after MV. Non-stop promotion. “Strike while it’s hot!” strategy. And it’s giving results. But SM? No hell they are like forget f(x) for a while and suddenly remember one day “Oops we have a group named f(x). Hey let’s quickly organize some fast comeback for them”.
            Despite this shitty treatment f(x) managed to become top tier group. Give them proper music and some more attention they definitely will be #2 or #3.

          • km313

            But SM has the same marketing strategy for all of its groups. f(x) isn’t the only group under SM that essentially has an annual comeback. It’s questionable if SHINee will have a comeback this year. DBSK is likely going to only have yearly comebacks, if that. There are rumors of EXO having a comeback soon, but they’re a rookie group, and with so many rookie groups out, it wouldn’t hurt to get their name out there again. Other companies have different strategies, and some of them HAVE to keep their group doing comeback after comeback just to stay afloat, especially if its their flagship group. A yearly comeback doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

            I agree with you that f(x) can only do better when SM decides to let them do better. But one has to wonder if SM’s perception of them will ever change. They can’t be a top-tier group if their company doesn’t treat them like one.

          • kakadu kakaduson

            With this kind of treatment f(x) can not become #2 or #3 group obviously. But #4 or #5 definitely possible. 2 comebacks in a year would be perfect for that: one comeback with a mini-album, the 2nd one is just with a single. Like they did in 2011 – full album in April, digital single in June.
            One of the reasons SM being slow with them is, their age, I think. Sul and Krys in their 18s, Luna 19, Amber 20. Over half of them under 20.
            As for their music style, personally I like their “conceptless” concept. They can fit into any given style any given time. It’s an advantage for them. Overall, f(x) have that unique “not too sexy”, “not too cutesy”, “not too girl power”, “not too bad-ass wanna be” image. Some people like to criticize that. Stereotypes! Why must f(x) stick to one particular concept? Without doing so they are managed to stay relevant. I like their ‘experimental’ music, want them to continue with it, just SM needs to give some more attention, that’s all.
            f(x) gets treated cheap but makes money. With this comeback they made around 1,5 million $ (~500k from digital charts, ~1m from album sales) which is huge compared with others (WG, Sistar). It’s okay, SM! You can continue treating them cheap just pay a little more attention.

  • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum I’m with Beyonce

    I enjoyed f(x)’s comeback of course. 

  • destined2bebossy

    The thing about f(x) is that their “concept” is supposed to be eccentric and out there. I love the fact that they have an overall concept that can change and still be under the same umbrella with each comeback; hellooo “F(X)”.  Thats why Sulli can be in the group. They aren’t ‘cute’ but they aren’t some bad ass hip-hop wanna be group or sexy leg flinging group either. They sorta are this ultimate blend group of style. Sulli is your cute, Vic is your sweet and sexy, Krystal is your sassy sexy, Amber is that anti “girl group” look, Luna is sorta versatile but if you get to know her you’ll know shes more hiphop rnb. I guess not alot of people like this formula with a sorta unstable image but I love it. It really keeps them fresh and unpredictable.
    I will agree that f(x) has been lacking when it comes to choreography. f(x) has always had nice verse choreo and simple chorus choreo (excluding chu) but E-Shock was super slack and very boring. I like the SHINee spacial work that they did but the constant vertical lines and the wierd wheelchair move into the chorus was boring. SM seems to do this thing with f(x) where they don’t use them to their full potential. They are JUST NOW letting Amber sing, and Luna is JUST NOW getting even a slight front spot in choreography. 
    The teaser image stuff I will leave to SM, I don’t even know what they were doing there.
    My biggest complaint, (really for SM) is how they are promoted. For a company that pushes their idol groups and make them EVERYWHERE the lack of promotion for f(x) is huge. They don’t even let them go on shows where people can get to know their personalities and warm up to them. For the past 2 years if it wasn’t promotion rounds when they performed they were always lacking at least 1 member on stage and they’ve never guested on a show as f(5) to show their group dynamic.
    I actually don’t understand why people think f(x) and SHINee are counterparts. Yes they are smaller groups versus SJ and SNSD but musically they are not the same. I don’t see SHINee as “hipster”. Replay is not very “hipster” sounding at all.
    In all, this album was their best one yet. I love f(x) but some of their previous work on their last albums had so many skip worthy songs (but to be fair, I don’t listen to SM groups for their songs -excl. SHINee- their personalities is what draws me in). E-Shock is their defining moment. This will hopefully be the direction SM is going to go with them from now on and HOPEFULLY they will just keep getting better and better. For a group that is supposed to be the experimental group SM better start actually doing stuff with them.
    …..also, a fan name would be nice -JS.

    • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

      I don’t think SM has ‘given up’ on f(x)’s choreography yet. I immensely enjoyed their Gangsta Boy choreography (the full version).

    • ISayyy

      True, their Electric  Shock choreography was so disappointing. I get that they’re supposed to be “Asia’s Pop Dance group” and that their dances should be easy to do hence the tag “pop.” However, easy does not mean boring. The choreography was obviously rushed or at least not thought about as much. All the moves were generic and seemed to be recycled from other SM groups’ dances. I saw a lot of Mr. Simple in the choreography of the chorus. And Mr. Simple choreo isn’t even that great as well. 

      I also agree on f(x)’s versatility. I liked how they could easily employ different concepts to them. I also don’t mind that it took a long time for Korea to recognize them. Electric Shock is doing so well and it seems like Korea has taken notice of them and is currently following them. Just when everyone’s all keen on the Wonder Girls and Big Bang rivalry, f(x) managed to outdo Wonder Girls and sweep awards before even letting WG win a triple crown. Slow and steady wins the race I guess. 

  • ian

    I might be bricked for saying this but… I don’t really buy the whole JJ Project are great performers thing that the fans have been sprouting left and right. I actually find them kinda awkward on stage.

    I always watch a live performance before I decide if I like a song or not. For me, it’s always stage>recorded. No matter how good your song is, if you don’t know how to perform it on stage live, it’s not gonna count because this one good song won’t take you far. What you need is stage presence for you to survive your other upcoming promotions. Because it’s not like you’ll be given good songs after good songs in the future.

    When I heard JJ Projects song, it sounded nice. However, when I watched their live performances of it, they looked awkward on stage. It was almost like… watching two 7 year olds wanting to be 18. I felt like they were trying too hard on stage. Sure, there’s an awful lot of “bouncing” around and a lot of parts that seem to make you go “wow”, however, I attribute those to the song and the choreography itself, and not to the boys’ stage presence. 

    Maybe they’ll get better as they mature in the industry. Though stage presence isn’t really something you can learn, but at least with more experience in performing, they might probably get pass the “awkward” stage and look less trying hard and more enjoying themselves.

    • http://vvipforseungri.livejournal.com/ Martina

      I agree. The song itself was pretty… alright, I found it annoying after a while, but to me watching them on stage was just boring.

  • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

    With the Wonder Girls, I agree and
    disagree with some points you guys have pointed out.  Hyuna did have a
    fanbase back in their debut days and she was one of the more popular members,
    but again, it was their debut year when she left and the impact of her leaving
    was not as hard on the fanbase as Sunmi’s was because the group was still very
    fresh back in the days. Sunmi was one of the more popular members, like Hyuna,
    back when she was still with group and she had been with the group for 3 years
    before she decided to leave/ take a break. So it was a much much harder
    transition for Hyelim to be in the group compared to Yubin. The pressure I have
    to say was completely different especially since many fans at the time had
    already started complaining or leaving the Wonder Girls because of their US

    With the girls’ current song and concept, I find it the most refreshing
    comeback single since their Nobody days. Even the girls have said it themselves
    in their latest interviews. It is not retro, which is what they have been doing
    for the past years since Tell Me. The song is fun, energetic and something
    different to what other groups are spouting out right now. For me, the song is
    also something only the Wonder Girls can pull off.  While other girl groups out there (maybe aside
    from 2NE1) try to come up with a different concept every time they make a
    comeback in order to appeal to the public, these girls have been evolving
    through the retro concept quite well (despite some singles like 2 Different
    Tears). They have been trying to outdo themselves rather than other girl groups
    like what the rest are doing instead. It’s nice to see a group that’s trying
    too compete with themselves and evolving from that.


    The choreography is also a lot of fun
    and again, something that only the Wonder Girls can pull off with the kind of
    personalities and musical identity they have presented since their debut. It is
    truly a Wonder Girls’ song to the core. Even the MV is something that only the
    girls can pull off with their ‘girl-next-door’ image by interacting with the
    various participants of various background and age. I really think ‘Like This’
    is finally a step forward to their musical career unlike ‘Be My Baby’ which was
    still retro. In terms of their fashion style for this single, it really is not
    that bad. It’s again something unique and different in k-pop and whilst it
    doesn’t have a WOW factor, it fits well with single. It’s definitely not the
    most appealing for their bodies, but again, the Wonder Girls had never been one
    who focused so much on their sexual appeal to promote, like other girl groups.
    The girls since their debut had appeal to the nation because of their humble
    personalities and the fact that they seem approachable and not ‘Goddess-like’
    or something like that. They were not called Korea’s ‘Little Sisters’ for no


    In terms of stage presence, I have to
    disagree with some of the points. They are actually great on stage, but their
    previous singles despite them being ‘fun’ songs, were not able to actually
    allow them to perform very much. They were fun songs that in a way limits them
    to a sort of monotonic dance routine because of the kind of concepts they were
    stuck with (e.g. Nobody and Be My Baby). Whilst with ‘Like This’ they are able
    to show a more fun and energetic stage performances because there’s not really
    a ‘set’ concept other than to have fun. Hyelim has really blossomed in this
    promotion round because as she had said in a recent interview, this is more of
    her preferred style and so she is much more comfortable performing ‘Like This’
    and I do think she has done really well so far on stage. She may seem a little
    off at times but it’s unfair to really judge her when she is on stage with
    members who have 5 years of experience under their belts compared to her 2
    years or so in which 1 was not spent on camera or on Korean music shows. With
    Sohee, I have to disagree, I think she really has improved. I truly do as a fan
    since 2007. She may still be the weakest singer within the group, but she is so
    much fun to watch on stage because she has the ability of express herself well
    with all their songs. Her little movements or facial expressions I think makes
    her performance quite unique compared to the other members in the group and she
    is also one who shines in this promotion round.


    With Yeeun’s composing skills, I think the
    girl has some serious potential. She has started composing years ago and not
    just since Wonder World or Dream High 2. Her ‘known’ first composed song was
    ‘For Wonderful’ back in 2008 for a fan showcase. Not sure if you can still find
    the video on Youtube, but damn the girl has seriously evolved since then. I
    still couldn’t believe she came up with G.N.O! I think she will go very far in
    the future and I am also excited to see what she has in store for us next! Her
    musical range and variation is very broad, which makes it all the more exciting
    for us fans.

    • ridiculous riddle

      i love your comment. so true. sometimes i even feel like people dont see what wonder girls are fighting for. they are fighting for better music and for the people to enjoy. i dont fancy flashy outfits with cute dance steps or sexy ones..

  • mrsandman1103

    just discovered you guys…love these chat boxes =)

    Is there like a biography page of the seoul beats staff? Would like to get a context of where you guys are coming from for us newcomers

  • http://twitter.com/eugeu_y eugeu yasmin

    lol, amy sounded bored.. haha..