• piggy68gal

    Hey that win on Inkigayo wasn’t Infinite’s first, they won on Inkigayo last year for Paradise (;

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

       Oh, thanks for the heads up!

  • animasaurus

    When Woohyun was on IS2 he had enteritis which caused him to lose 30 pounds and they hadn’t stopped promoting in 4 months so unfortunately he didn’t do that well :/ His range is actually really good though.

    Infinite seem like genuinely nice people that seemed to get overlooked by international fans a lot. People have been really critical of them and “the chaser” (not saying there aren’t people that genuinely hate it… I feel the same way about BTD) even though they praised the likes of songs like Shinee’s sherlock (the song doesn’t even make sense; not a shinee hater just using them as an example). In Korea though, they have been getting a shitload of praise for the song and album… I really think this is one of those songs that probably just fare better in Korea in the same way country music fares better in the US. Maybe people just have a different standard for them because of how consistent and hard working they are. With this new mini, I actually really love it (except for that “only tears” ballad… it’s lacking imo and doesn’t fit in the album) and still think their evolution mini is their worst. I just don’t like that album. They are definitely not perfect (most notably Sungyeol’s lack of singing talent, idk why people keep wanting him to sing more) but they have good chemistry and know how to emphasize what they are good at and hide what they are lacking.

    I really like Block B’s music because it kind of reminds me of dalmatian in their early days, but I just can’t bring myself to like them as a group. I do hope they find a lot of success though and break the shitload of stereotypes they have against them.

    • hhhooo

      Accidentally clicked like instead of reply. Aaiiish.
      Anyway just wanted to say we must meet very different kpop fans all the time. Cos I haven’t met many people who said Sherlock was good, almost everyone I know, including shawols, said only the choreography makes it enjoyable. The few good things I heard for Sherlock were mostly from music critics.
      And chaser being enjoyed in Korea? I don’t think so. Are you confusing music program win with actual popularity of the song? It was the first song I’ve seen winning no1 with only 2k digital points.

      • animasaurus

        All you have to do is look at the “sherlock” article on this website or omona to see my point about SHINee haha.

        INFINITE’s song IS actually being praised in Korea by a lot of music critics and the public alike. Even though infinite is not the biggest group in korea, they actually have a lot of public support compared to a lot of other groups… they are especially popular among teens and children (loads of parents take their kids to see them… they are actually known as somewhat of a children’s band lol ) which is also part of the reason Samsung chose them to endorse their new galaxy player. The thing about digital scoring is that someone can be number one on the chart from just streaming alone. A lot of fandoms will stream a song to get it number one on the digital and music charts and keep it there. K-inspirits specifically chose to not do that and only download  and buy the song instead to give the song more credibility (not to say that makes k-inspirits a classy bunch because they have their fair share of problems too).

        Digital charts (especially idol songs) are definitely not what you should rely on to express public sentiment about a song. Kim Bum soo’s (whose a pretty big deal in korea) song for example didn’t rank all that high on the yearly digital chart but on the gallup poll which asks the public about a song they know, his song was one of the most popular answer’s among them. It’s also interesting to note that INFINITE appeared on that same poll with “be mine” despite only winning on mcountdown with that song and they were the only artists to appear on the chart for the first time that had never won an award the previous year. Most of the big name idols didn’t even make the list.

        Idk if you know Korean but here: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109413129
        This article was written just two days ago and it talks about the chaser and them as a group. It’s an interesting read. Also Noh Junhyung who is a pretty legit music critic said this about the song (translated by fuckyeahinfinite):

        “The simplicity of Infinite’s [INFINITIZE] is esthetic. It gives
        strength to their previous work and focuses on making their color, while
        being intense, this mini-album gives a simple twofold charm, it has an
        unique sensitivity.

        The most important thing is the composition side that forms the
        members’ color, it didn’t lack on that side and made me think that a
        good work was released^^ In this album the most important thing is the
        balance that matches with the overall. INFINITIZE is outstanding on that

        Please don’t make assumptions about a song because you don’t like and because they won awards… neither are good indicators of a good song. I’m not saying this as a blind fan… I’m saying it because it’s true. Like I said many people criticized it (and that’s perfectly okay)but that doesn’t make it a bad song or album… personally, to me their evolution album is their weakest to date.

      • http://twitter.com/hobabyho krizza

        Surprisingly, Infinite’s album is receiving great reviews from music critics in Korea. And while their digital sales are low compared to some of the more popular artists, they are not exactly unknown. 

        My Korean friends have been telling me since last year that with Be Mine, they’ve been getting more known by the general public which is great but also scares some K-Inspirits because of how popular they are getting. They’re one of the few to surpass the 100,000 mark of sales in albums this year and one of the 10 to have 100,00 cafe members. They also received a high score from the Korean Music Critics Association which normally rates idol works low.

  • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

    Debuts in the last three years that were potentially better than BAP’s? Infinite’s “Come Back Again.” I know some people didn’t like the song because of its repetitiveness *cough Anna cough,* but it was still an impressive debut.  And CN Blue with “I’m a Loner” did anyone else have as huge a debut and seemingly overnight superstardom as they did?  And yeah, 2NE1’s debut with “Fire” was pretty intense too you gotta admit.

    • http://twitter.com/B1A4fan4ever Archie

      Miss A, CNBLUE, and 2ne1 are the only ones I know that won awards with their debut single.

    • http://twitter.com/adrieun AP

      AH you got me. How could I have forgotten “I’m a Loner.”

      Dang, should have just said “of 2012” haha… Although! I wouldn’t say CN Blue’s overnight superstardom was overnight – I would credit that to Yonghwa being on .

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I don’t think “Loner” is a real debut though, they had already released music and performed in Japan prior to that, “Loner” is just a technicality. So they already had music making and performing experience, which really does make a difference.

      • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

        It was their formal debut in Korea, though.  Their Japanese debut didn’t put them anywhere on the K-pop map, 

    • adrieun

      AH you got me – How could I have forgotten “I’m a Loner” haha

      Although! …I’m not sure I’d say CN Blue’s overnight superstardom was overnight – I think I’d credit that to Yonghwa being on “You’re Beautiful.”

    • MoontosUp

      Out of all the groups you listed, I would say only 2NE1 had a better debut than B.A.P (and Miss A too). But I personally think B.A.P is doing really well for a group that’s from a relatively small company.

  • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

    As far as Block B goes. I agree that there’s a lot of dead weight in the group. And I always said it, the pre-debut Block B was the one that should have debuted. That was a perfect group right there. I like Taeil, Pyo, Ukwon, Bbomb and even Jaehyo, but this group could have been so much more with Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, Mino and Ukwon (or Bbomb). Perfect ration, perfect combination of good rappers, awesome vocal and a great dancer. And not just that a perfect ratio of  creative minds because both Mino and Hanhae would also have their hand at the creative process of the group.

    Block B or at least Zico and Kyung do have creative liberties, but they don’t have completely free hands production wise. They still belong to an entertainment company and I mentioned it before, if you listen to their pre-debut stuff and the stuff they did after debut, you can hear the difference and restrain. They do have more freedom than B.A.P but still not complete freedom.

    But I can’t agree on B.A.P beating all the groups that debuted in the last 3 years, stage presence wise. I agree that the “Warrior” was an aggressive song in itself, and that just amplified the feeling, but don’t confuse stage presence with a powerful moves and an aggressive song. They do have stage presence I’m not saying they don’t (well some members don’t), but if the song wasn’t as aggressive, they wouldn’t have been named “a group with a powerful debut”. 

    But B.A.P had a well planned debut and is a well-thought-off group for sure. I was a bit disappointed with “Power” because it sounded like “Warrior” vol2 but all in all they’re a good solid group. As much as I love BYG and I do think he has potential, but he still has a lot to learn. Despite his underground experience he needs to develop his lyrical and producer skills more.

    All of these kids are still young and they all have potential, but they need time. They did set themselves apart from this sea of rookie groups growing out like mushrooms every day. They just need to keep their feet on the ground, stay level-headed, stick together no matter what and start thinking some things through. If not they will be chewed and spat out by the industry. And I’m sure none of us want that to happen.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SA3NFKBVOQS3R7NKMQELOYEVIE LeeAnn

      I’m glad that they stuck to that edgy sound that they debuted considering that their comeback was a month after they finished promoting Warrior.  It would seem strange if they went from being powerful and aggressive to cute,

    • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

       As much as it hurts for me to admit as a BBC, but you’re right. U-kwon, B-Bomb and P.O. are weak members (U-Bomb for vocals, P.O. for rapping) but I’m proud that they are constantly improving. P.O.’s becoming more comfortable in his flow of rapping (e.g. “Burn Out” is his best work yet) and, given the right vocal register (preferably the lower ones), U-Bomb can sound really decent. They have a fancam in Japan where they do a duet and I was impressed. B-Bomb has a deep, husky voice that has yet to really shine in Block B’s music. My main issue with Kwonnie is the overly nasal sound but it’s managable sometimes.

      Block B’s charm (to me, anyways) is that their debut wasn’t the greatest but you can see the immense progress and the hard work they put in their music and in each comeback. WTTB blew me away because it was SO much better than NKOTB and if this is the kind of progress they can do in 6-8 months, then I’m definitely looking forward to their next comeback. With all that they’ve gone through, I’m anticipating the raw feelings that will be on full blast.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3A5VXTZXZOEH62VXL4FJ7AT7Q Xinran

    Taeil doesn’t get a lot of lines in the promoted tracks; but he gets the opportunity to shine in the other non-promoted ones, including the recently released ost called ‘burn out’. I suppose it’s a better idea to showcase/reinforce the hip hop image of the group through the rappers than the singers, especially since the rappers are the ones who bring out the stage presence in live performances. Although Taeil specializes in ballads (or used to when he was an underground performer), he fits the role of vocalist in a hip hop group because his kind of voice is really good for rnb as well, which Block B has explored in other tracks.

    The original Block B line-up would have been a killer combo, that’s for sure, and I wish that was the group that debuted. The only downside I can think of is that the vocal department may not be as strong as the current one since Hanhae is not as great of a vocalist as Taeil is. Although he’s a decent rapper/ singer and has experience in songwriting/producing, he just doesn’t have as much range, control and expressiveness in his singing. The original line-up could possibly also get a lot more bashing for being big bang copycats though; they would have the same no. of members as big bang and I can just imagine people going on about how Hanhae is a daesung rip-off (on top of the accusation that zico&mino are gd&top wannabes) given that they have the same kind of tone to their voices and that they look a little similar as well lol.

    Having said that, I don’t think the current group is that much worse off. First off, there’s no one in there who doesn’t contribute i.e. can’t sing, rap or dance and is only there for show. I initially thought Jaehyo, being the resident ulzzang of the group, wouldn’t be good for anything else, but he’s actually a competent singer/ backup for taeil and can hold his own both on tracks and in live performances.  Besides being a dancer, ukwon has a pretty unique voice in the group and offers some contrast and diversity in the songs that the group has put out. P.O executes his raps well most of the time, but he hasn’t done much writing except for his rap parts in Tritop’s song and the ‘burn out’ ost (which I think is good effort from him) so I’ll see if he can prove his value to the team in the future (and no, having a sexy deep voice does not count -.-). Minhyuk is the one I’m not so sure about; he’s definitely a good dancer, but I would like to hear him sing more because after stumbling upon one of his live duets with ukwon, I’ve realized that he actually has a good voice to work with. These guys are skilled/talented in their resepective areas but unfortunately are ‘deadweights’ relative to the powerhouses of the group. However, I do appreciate the fact that they make a lot of effort to bridge the gap and so far the results have been significant.  

    • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

      Agree about Hanhae. If anyone would have to choose between Hanhae and Taeil for main vocalist position in Block B, they’d be crazy to choose Hanhae. He can sing but, compared to Taeil, he would’ve been a decent subvocal. The same goes for P.O. and Mino. P.O. himself said that he felt that he’d stolen Mino’s position after he left BNS shortly before their debut and Mino is an AWESOME rapper. Completely blows my mind. But…things happen and now I wouldn’t trade P.O. for anyone

      But yes, they definitely do try hard to close that gap so they get a lot of points for that.

  • MoontosUp

    YAY I love it when B.A.P is given some love ^.^ .. Saying B.A.P is the best debut in the past 3 years is a bit.. over the top lol.. but I would say they’re definitely the best rookies of 2012 (in my opinion).

  • kk

    all this praise on infinite from 2 fangirls…i now understand what fangirling looks from the other side…good singers? really? rappers, really? i mean…you know you love them when you can’t praise them for their music but for their humbleness and genuineness, because what’s on TV is SO REAL. 

    block b would love to “succumb” to TOP, or “succumb” to mainstream, aka Big Bang 2.0. because if it’s not obvious what Cho PD tried to do recreate there with block b… I watched their interviews, and being western and not the type to get easily offended…I was VERY uncomfortable not with the content…but their manners, like it’s one thing to be funny and another to be disrespectful

    b.a.p is good. zelo is a cute looking kid that can rap fast, but his live and flow needs improvement…nothing really to say there, they’re pulling off the aggressive punk look off very well, but it’ll start getting repetitive, and hopefully they can get a better wardrobe so korea can stop calling them the male 2NE1.

    • http://twitter.com/hobabyho krizza

      so i guess your brain just blocked out the part where they talked and praised their music and only focused on the part where they briefly mentioned the group’s appeal? wow. can i borrow your brain? i’d love to forget that the internet can be accessed and used by adults with the brain logic of a 6 year old.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SA3NFKBVOQS3R7NKMQELOYEVIE LeeAnn

      Zelo has more flow than most “rappers” in Kpop and he’s only 15 years old.  Of course he’s going to improve and the aggressive punk look is what fits them the best.  They just debuted 5 months ago, so they’re going to grow and improve more.  They have plenty of time to experiment different genres but they’re already finding their sound and not jumping from edgy to cute.  When comebacks are so close together, it’s a good idea for them to still have that edgy sound and look.  I hate when groups have their first comeback and it’s 180 from their debut.  Just from their two mini albums alone, they seem to know what direction they’re heading towards musically.  You’ll just have to wait and see how they grow in later years.  
      You’re judging Block B just by one interview?  Zico, Kyung, and P.O. can rap and the Taeil can sing.  Their company gave them a lot of freedom and I admit, they were disrespectful during that particular interview. They’re sorry for and don’t think that they are not sorry for the entire incident.Infinite have amazing vocalist and they can dance.  Being all hip hop is not what they were going for.  Why hate on 7 talented guys?  They work hard and it seems like they never rest.  

  • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

    I’m a massive B.A.P fan, i think their debut was really exciting and personally i think their debut has been the best in the last three years, only because they are the only group that has got me to love them FROM their debut. (Boy groupwise) Miss A killed it with their debut – just killed it!!! 

    Infinite, i like their music and have done from early on She’s back was my first introduction to their sound & yet i still don’t know them well, i can only  name L. My relationship with that group is quite weird, i guess i’m not a diehard fan but appericate their talent and sound 

    Block B, i don’t get them or know them very well – couldn’t name a song, but hope they can recover from nightmare back earlier this year- what happend seemed from a casual observer unjust and much too harsh.

    Nice SB Chat box ladies

  • chunface1

    Out of the three groups, I only *know* Infinite. If not for a dance group covering BTD I wouldn’t take a look at the guys. I think they’re a pretty decent group, good dancers, decent vocalists, decent faces too. I really like their title songs, it sounds really different from the usual KPop songs. I also like their voices, not so typical as well. But I think their songs are starting to sound alike. I think they already found their sound and that’s good, but having their own sound has a tendency to make their songs sound alike. Happy for them that they’re receiving attention from Korea and international fans, and of course for their latest wins. Although I think they should’ve won for their earlier songs.

    BAP…hmm contrary to what everyone seems to love about them, I’m not really into their fierceness. Don’t like Power, haven’t heard Warrior, but I am so into It’s All Lies. I hope they’ll release another one like that. So yeah, can’t really say if theirs is the best debut for the last 3 years. But as everyone else mentioned, you need to take note of 2ne1 and Miss A.

    And because I don’t want Amy to be disappointed, I’ll try guessing the  songs. Hehe. 
    Infinite – In The Summer
    Infinite – Be Mine
    Block B – Nanlina
    BAP – It’s All Lies

  • http://twitter.com/hobabyho krizza

    I agree with L being not one of the more talented members in Infinite. I mean, when you have main vocalists like Woohyun and Sunggyu and rappers who are surprisingly good vocalists as well like Hoya and Dongwoo, it’s pretty hard to see L as a good singer. 

    However, I think he’s the most improved when it comes to singing since their debut. He has more lines than he did before and he’s also been getting high notes to belt like In the Summer. Fan accounts of Inspirits who’ve attended their concerts were surprised at how clear and stable his voice is during the whole concert and commended him on a job well done. I personally adore his singing voice because it sounds sort of funny but he has a good understanding of blending and harmonization. Just like Hoya and Dongwoo. 

    Being from a choir, I can talk about their harmonization for days on end but really, one of the things I want Woollim to do is release a damn jamming session of Infinite. 

    When they sang With You, they surprisingly harmonize with each other really well especially L and Hoya. When L harmonized with Sunggyu and Woohyun in that recording of Sponge, when Dongwoo and L and Hoya harmonized with Sunggyu and Woohyun during encore performances, when they sing In The Summer live, their harmonization.. it’s just, really amazing. And when they’re doing their live performances like in Be Mine, Paradise and The Chaser, their harmonization during the chorus is just blowing me away. You can most definitely hear Woohyun and Sunggyu singing but you can also hear Hoya providing the bass. And in parts, L provides that weird tenor at the end of lines for The Chaser. Their MR removed videos doesn’t show this much because of the process of MR removing but if you listen to the earlier products of the process, you can easily hear Hoya and L. For me, as a choir member, it’s amazing to hear their voices blending well with each other. Of course, it’s not on par with DBSK’s but it’s something.

    About Hoya and Dongwoo being good vocalists, you guys can easily search up videos of them on youtube singing. Hoya does RnB pretty well because of his raspy low voice. Though his voice tends to be a little flat at times, he holds out pretty well. Dongwoo’s voice can be classified as Tenor 2 though with his performance of Sunggyu’s solo song Because, I think he might be a Tenor 1 and Myungsoo’s the Tenor 2. The problem with Dongwoo is he has a pretty shaky voice as compared to Hoya and thus long notes would be a problem for him, unlike with L who has a pretty good control of his high notes now.

    As for Sunggyu and Woohyun, I think the reason why they both have great voice colors is because they auditioned in Woollim as “vocalists” and not to be “idols”. They’ve both mentioned that they came to Woollim in hopes of debuting in a rock band and as a balladeer, respectively, and were both disappointed to find out that they’d be put in a dance group because they both can’t dance but look at them now, they’re both giving fanservice like pros, and uh, are one of the more popular pairings in the fandom, haha. 

    When it comes to vocals, I think they carry each other’s misgivings. While Sunggyu’s vocal range is superb, he tends to be a bit whiny at times and his long notes are sometimes out of breath and become too pitchy, Woohyun, on the other hand, balances this out with his voice which in choir terms can be classified as Baritone. Woohyun has a very stable voice, so much so that people sometimes think he’s lipsyncing. The problem with Woohyun is his singing tends to be flat at times, the exact opposite of Sunggyu, and straining his voice out to the point of it being drawn out. Which is amazing seeing as how well this works for them when they harmonize with each other, as they normally do, which you could see when they look at each other when singing because that’s what people do when they harmonize, they tend to look at the other to get a feel of the other’s pitch and pace.

    As for Sungyeol, he easily isn’t one of the better vocalists in the group. I think Woollim might have been thinking of making Sungyeol a rapper because he can’t really sing but even that didn’t work out and they already have two solid rappers. So they just gave him lines that he could sing in promo songs and longer ones in songs they won’t be promoting. I also think one of the problems with him is his confidence. They’ve all said that there’d been a lot of times that Sungyeol has packed his bags to quit and I’m sure it’s because he thinks that he’s not as good as the others, which, in reality, is true. He’s a little bit like L, both awkward voices. But the difference is that L worked hard with great confidence to improve while Sungyeol, in contrast, asked to be given less lines to sing. Though I like that he’s gaining more confidence now as shown by his secret message in the INFINITIZE mini. He said he’s finally seeing everything in anew light and will work hard to improve himself.

    As for Sungjong, he has a pretty soft and weak voice but I hear that he’s improved when it comes to live performances. What’s good with Sungjong is that he adds a certain “softness” to Infinite songs which are rather very heavy with all the strong vocals though when it comes to live performances, he can’t really harmonize that well just yet.

    What’s also great with Infinite is that when it comes to live performances, they carry on very well. Their MR removed videos are one of the better ones among all the other groups out there because of their stable voices. The rigorous dance training seriously helped their stamina, that’s for sure.

    I sometimes wonder what kind of Infinite we would have in our hands right now if they did debut as 5 like originally planned – without Sungyeol and Sungjong. I sometimes suspected that the reason why the other 5 disliked it at first that the other 2 were added was because they already thought of themselves as a unit with each having a distinct part. Woollim might even have thought of them doing a capellas but with the addition of the 2… But why add those 2? For variety and flavor, probably. And it worked out in the end for them because 7 guys dancing in sync looks better than just 5 guys doing it.

  • Momostar

    Well first of all i gotta admit i’m just recently starting to learn about Infinite , don’t ask why but they never caught my interest till Paradise. The song itself wasn’t amazing but i really loved sunggyu’s soothing voice and Woohyun’s weird voice , woooahhh wait inspirits before you attempt to kill me , lemme explain that i mean that in a good way. Woohyun’s voice is unique to me because its not a voice that i hear very often blaring out of my mp3 ( and yes i still have one , im not rich enough for an ipod) but to me its really weird because it makes me get pumped for whatever i seem to be doing. The other members of infinite members don’t seem to attract my attention as much as them But in time hopefully infinite will do something that will catch my eye and make me a fan.

    Now let me adress the statment that B.A.P is the best debuts in 3 years.
    As much i love B.A.P ooh heck im gonna say Bap , i have to say i disagree. Sure their debut was strong and agressive but i don’t think it was the best since i believe Miss A had a much stronger debut. However i do think BAP is the best debut of 2012 , im sorry but exo isn’t as strong as Bap , i don’t care how many time Kai and Sehun sway those hips, they are not as strong as Bap ; You can clearly see it from their performances.
    I adored Bang Young Guk ‘i remember’ , since his rap style is slow but brutal
    Zelo , who i think is a great rapper does however show areas that he need to improve in.
    Daehyun and youngjae have proven to me that they are good singer but i still waiting for them to showcase more of their talents.
    Himchan – i know that he has talent with musical instrument and i really would like to see him utilize that. i dunno how they are gonna do it but i really hope they do
    Jongup- i relish on those small moment of seeing him dance and i really just hope they use more of it since i hardly ever get to see it. I know him and zelo are the choregraphers so i know that its not their choregraphers who are limiting them. Don’t get me wrong i love their dances but i just want to see jongup dance to his full potential

    Even though they have caught my attention and made me a fan o, i still see areas that they need to improve in therefore not allowing to think that they had the best debuts in 3 years. Moreover i refuse to call myself a baby no matter how Hot himchan and daehyun are :).

    Now for Block B
    i’m probally the only person in the world who liked their first song ‘don’t stop’ , i dunno why i liked it but i did. But i hated the mv , however as time progressed they showed that can improve further.
    I really liked Narlina but i just felt that i didn’t like how some of the members were only given small parts. For example all B bomb said ‘s@twitter-590164638:disqus o cool , so special’  , i mean WTF and the main vocalists only got a small part- sure one of the main vocalist got to have the most cameo in the mv but still it was just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong i love Block B but i just feel some of the members are not being used , zico and kyung had most of the parts. But heey what can you do :)

    I also refuse to call myself a BBC since in England that stands for british broadcast channel. I mean come on Kpop get Better fan group names

    i’ll like to apologise for any grammer and puncuation mistakes (its embrassing i freaking study alevel english and i still do this) , its not my fault im deprived from cookies. Me without cookies is not good , If i got anynames spelt wrong please excuse me , im just a premature kpopper. Hope you enjoy it ooooh also i enjoy your SB chat box , it helps make my insomina easier since now when im wide awake at night i have something to listen to.

    • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

       Block B tends to put the rapper line as the priority since they are a “hip hop idol group” I’ve noticed that those are only for title tracks. In other tracks on their album like “Synchronization 100%” or “Did You or Did You Not” the vocal line is featured more prominently. So I think it makes up for Taeil’s and B-Bomb’s “one-liners” in “Nanlina”

      • Momostar

        Ohh really , i’ll be sure to check it out thanks :)

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I prefer Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” debut to B.A.P.’s “Warrior”. :)

  • T Hudson

    Ya I’m late lol great podcast though !!! 
    I just always thought Zelo’s name was pronounced zEElo (long e sound)….maybe it’s just me lol 

  • Gaya_SB

    If Las Vegas is on the other side of the world, then how far away am I, Amy :'(