• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    Omg , I love you guys. 

    “And while we’re at it, could SM please stop making their artists lipsync their comeback stages? Seriously guys, there are rookies out there singing live on their debut stages.”
    It bugs me to no end! I hate that SM gets away with it while other groups would be torn apart. I was so shocked to see EXO lip-sync three performances, especially a rookie group! This would be the end to any other rookie group from a small company. 
    They indeed debuted EXO too early bc most of them look completely lost and they lack charisma. I facepalmed when EXO M were asked the meaning of their song and they all looked scared and confused. I want to send them back to school, and they should come back again when they grow up a little more. Some pll might think its cute, watching them grow up and get better, but I want a group that is more experienced and confident. 

    • Mika_San123

      SM is taking the meaning of being an idol further and further way from being a singer. The priority and focus of an idol used to be/should be the singing, the music, but it’s kind of obvious that SM doesn’t really care about the music quality. SM doesn’t even try to be original – half the time, they go around buying songs from European artist. SM couldn’t care less about live performances if they’re making their artists lipsync so often, and maybe SM is trying to let their artists rest… but it’d be nice if they could just give their artists more vacations instead of cutting down on the quality of a live performance.

      And this apathy towards music is trickling down from the CEO right to the artists themselves… I completely agree that EXO is focusing way too much on their whole supernatural powers concept thing. I’m just surprised that they can talk about their powers with a straight face, because I’d be as embarrassed as Big Bang and the Runningman members if I, at their age, had to pretend that I had superpowers. I really want to love EXO, and I think they’re cute, but SM’s whole method of promotion (a.k.a. being obnoxious and showing off all their money) and most of the EXO members’ inability to demonstrate their passion for music is really off-putting…

      • Issydv

         I’ve watched a few interviews with the EXO members and I’m astonished at how lacking in media training they are.  I didn’t expect them to be on the level of the more established idols out of the gate, but nearly all of their interviews are almost painful to watch because they look like startled deer in headlights most of the time.  EXO-M were basically lambs led to the slaughter in this one interview on a Chinese show I saw, lots of awkward silence, mumbled responses, and the interviewer started to get mean towards them.

        • Mika_San123

           As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I’ve watched every interview of EXO-M so far. They’ve improved since the beginning – I remember watching the first few interviews and thinking… Are they afraid to laugh? – but I still cringe at everything they try to answer seriously.

          Kris seems to be a natural leader, but he also has this natural awkwardness – and it’s not a cute kind of awkwardness (like Onew’s), it’s this horribly uncomfortable awkwardness. And I also get this feeling that he’s kind of faking it whenever he talks about his passion for music, because to be honest, he’s not a singer, he’s not a dancer, and he’s not that great of a rapper either (I’m so sorry, Kris… But at least I still appreciate your good looks, being the terribly superficial fangirl I am >.<).

          I feel like when Chen learns to speak Chinese fluently (he's definitely dedicated to learning it, which is so adorable to see), he'll be one of the best interviewees. He's witty in a cute way and he answers pretty well in Korean after the questions are translated.

  • lektuvas

    dont you now she hates dancing whats why she does it ,because if do not pretend stupid in kpop you cant survive IUs Daum yozm interview

    • Blah2341


  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    The first time I remeber seeing the man-skirt in kpop was on Eunhyuk in Bonamana’s MV but G-Dragon really took it to another level.

    I agree with the Venus trend. I mean can’t they choose another goodess or another planet? Hello Venus, Venus by Shinhwa, Hurricane Venus (what does it even mean…)

    One trend that I’d like to die is the one where idols take pictures of their food when they’re dieting… I’d understand if it’s a super delicious meal and they eat it once in their lifetime or if it’s a feast, but seeing the picture of an egg and a salad bowl with an orange is nothing extraordinary.

    • black_rose45000

      Cause they know fans will be all “poor oppa is sooo hardworking, starving himself for the sake of his job”. Or something. It’s aaaall a strategy, like the tears they shed countless times on tv. lol jk.;))

  • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum ericyumyum

    “that finger swirling thing where you put your hand next to your face and essentially have it reenact a sea anemone” that literally made me laugh like crazy.

    but anyways, I agree with a lot of the points that were made in this article especially with kpop groups with talentless and short period trained members. I’m not going to name any groups/idols that are talentless because probably some of you stan for them but.. seriously, if you’re going to be in a k-pop group, you’re expected to SING LIVE, dance well, and even speak the country language very fluently. The whole “foreign member” thing needs to stop. I mean I know they’re trying to reel in fans from different countries and stuff but .. nobody really cares if youre from Thailand or China, as long as you’re talented and can speak/sing Korean then you’re good in my book. 

    The thing that irks me the most is LIPSYNCING on the comeback stage. f(x) (who I love so much), lipsynced “Electric Shock” for their comeback stage. It’s like.. why do it?? We all know you guys can sing.. (wells 2-3 members can) but at least have Krystal or Luna sing their lines LIVE you know? 

    • xchoccies

      It has to be an SM thing init cos SHINee and Exo did the same on their Mcountdown stages. And it annoyed me too when I saw f(x) doing it, because on today’s Music Bank their live singing (choruses included) was really good for both stages. Oh but TTS didn’t.. hmmm.

      • YourYG Bias

        Lol “TTS” has members that are considered top-tier and they’re a vocal sub-unit. They should be singing live for their debut or I would drop SNSD faster than a fat kid at a cake buffet. 

        • xchoccies

          “I would drop SNSD faster than a fat kid at a cake buffet” ahahahaha! Omg YourYG Bias, I love your comments! Even on the f(x) article.

  • danahz

    The trends I wish to stop are going to Japan and playing favorites, unless they are talented above to rest.

  • intheshort

    Hmm. I have to agree with the crappy Japanese remakes of original songs. 

  • http://twitter.com/dahe88 insan

    what i want to stop is giving the least attractive member a blonde hair, you know its true! …just rude lol
    ..and how idols getting so freaking young! ..(or maybe im just old i dunno) but still they are too young.

    • xchoccies

      Lol we’re getting old. 
      Seohyun debuted when she had just turned 16, Sohee & Sunmi at 15, Jiyoung & Taemin at 14. Boa was 13.

  • YourYG Bias

    Here’s a trend. Thinking LA, NY, Tokyo and Seoul are the only damn places in the world with a concert venue or arena of any sort. 

    Thank goodness that we’re actually making progress with that. YG’s world tours and SMTown’s concerts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Belinda-Short/726896152 Belinda Short

      For what its worth, I think that the reason that they choose the places they do is because they do stadium shows and they want to be able to sell out the stadium. I have flown to NY and LA for shows, and they were packed. I think they worry that a place like Chicago may not sell as many tickets, but they should at least try. I saw SMTown in LA and Big Bang in NY, and they were both huge shows.

  • LovelySt4r

    I want companies to stop putting English speakers in kpop groups for the SOLE purpose of them singing/rapping English parts. It happened with BTOB and I’m pretty sure it happened with NU’EST. They can speak Korean too, can’t they?

    I know it’s what they excel in but it’s just a huge pet peeve of mine. imo it’s like Cube looked past Peniel’s talent and only put him in the group because he spoke English.

  • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

    box sets. throw them out. well at least a few of them just stop using them all the time arghhh

  • khai vu

    You’ve got a array of things to prioritize in picking an idol trainee. Among them are singing(or rapping), dancing, variety skills, and looks. It’s hard to balance these traits out because trainees usually don’t excel in all four. And good looks are the easiest to market, so its a valid strategy to pick a good looking trainee and hope he or she can improve in the other areas. Or to also balance out good looking trainees with really talented ones.

    SM has a good advantage over all other company because they can afford to have more than a hundred trainee. They can then recruit only good looking trainees. The one with skills will certainly rise to the top. While the other companies will have to play the balancing game, picking and choosing their trainees carefully. And to be successful, looks never be over looked.

  • Blah2341

    Stupid and supposedly “cool” sounding English words should never be used-Athena, Venus, hypertonic supertonic electronic loverholic supersonic etc. etc.

    • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum ericyumyum

      yeah exactly. Like I still dont know what the heck “Hypertonic” means.

    • black_rose45000

      Good point! I really couldn’t take Ring Ding Dong seriously anymore (and I liked the song at first) after it got to the “so fantastic, so elastic” part. What the hell.

      • crv2

        lolol, same with me, my friend ask me”so, what’s elastic about them?” =.=’

        • black_rose45000


    • Alex O.

      I know! And to think they have two fluent English-speakers on the team! Tiffany, in particular! And I know that idols don’t usually have much say in what they sing, but personally, I’d like to see a little more involvement in the music on the idols’ parts, rather than simply singing and dancing to what they’re given.
      Honestly, the poor word choice is such a turn-off when I try to enjoy any K-Pop songs that sprinkle nonsensical English words.

      • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

        Tiffany had a hand in writing the english lyrics for The Boys (I think she wrote the rap) and look how bad it came out.

        • Alex O.

          It could be lack of experience since this is her first time rapping and possibly her first time writing lyrics (I don’t actually know about that one). Either way, SM needs to make sure the lyrics actually make sense before releasing them. If they want to expand their audience in the West, they definitely need to hire someone to proofread the lyrics for all their upcoming all/partial English songs.

  • haiitsvi

    Super Natural Themed Debuts: I actually enjoyed them, but JJ Project was definitely a refresher.
    Finger Swirling: You have no idea how much I hate it, and the Twinkle choreo for that matter. I would actually like girl groups to have some actual dance skill, like Hyoyeon level.
    SM and Lipsyncing: Is so annoying! what’s the point of doing a live perfomance if you ain’t gonna sing?
    Subi’s opinion on training: As much as I love Exo, and they have completely stolen my heart, I cannot stand to watch another awkward interview (but I will because I am utterly obsessed with them.) It’s really irksome how Chen and Xiumin can’t speak Chinese and how they always avoid answering questions directly, like they have this script they must follow for every interview! I would prefer just watching them act naturally. Their choreo for MAMA is also just idk. It’s so random, as is the obscure meaning of the lyrics to MAMA. /rant
    Japanese Remakes: This is where SNSD seems to be doing it right. I love their original Japanese songs. But Super Junior and SHINee, please stop remaking Korean songs into Japanese ones. Vice-versa, stop using Japanese songs and making a Korean version. Everything sounds weird in a different language.

  • severely

    I totally agree with Justin! I am so over the terrible rehashes of the same songs in different languages. I can’t get excited about a Japanese debut if it doesn’t promise any new music. And the groups that are continuing to do rehashes, even after debuting? It’s just annoying.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/lovetigerfist xnopex

    dear god, so much yes on the brostep, errrr dubstep. it’s so DATED and overused at this point. in the days of grime, dnb, and dub, it was fine because a bit of discretion was used. djs who played sets used it as a build up/tie in during sets, and djs properly paced them to the point where they worked. as soon as it was exported to the states, every novice music producer (most of which have no live dj experience or are just crappy musicians, cough skrillex) had to use it.

    the lack of discretion and sloppy use in kpop is maddening. i didn’t need ukiss’s forbidden love to have an aggressive bass drop. i didn’t need miss a’s rock n rule to have a random sloppy bass drop either. 

    hell if autotune and dubstep were stripped from kpop (hell, all pop), i’d be the happiest woman on earth.

  • AcadiasFire

    I agree with the Supernatural themed debuts. In all honesty i love B.A.Ps concept because they did their research on it, I respect them for that and i actually do love it but I really dont understand EXO’s idk maybe its just me. Then theres A-JAX…at first I thought it would be interesting and I actually was looking forward to their debut, but even though I like the song the video had so many holes. Once again this is just my opinion. I apologize to already die-hard fans of the group. But the supposed devil/monster thing…yeah it reminded me of Jabba the gigantic slug. It was weird. But i think with a little more research they’ll be good. I wish them all a successful career!

  • black_rose45000

    I’d like to hear some of those good remixes mentioned by Justin :3 Other than that, I also agree with his opinion on Japanese remakes, and the bad pronunciation. It probably applies to Chinese remakes too, but I have no idea how good the idols’ Chinese pronunciation is. Nonetheless, having a SJ-M album with about half the songs remakes of SJ songs into Chinese is really rather pointless imo.

  • goldengirl_rock4ever

    i agree with all of you guys!! ohh the man skirt /kilts… Eunhyuk wore it in Bonamana and Thunder in Mona Lisa and P.O. in NanLina too… i couldnt believe it… NOOO JUST NOO! if youre not from Scotland or something dont use them! 
    the one that bothers me the most… even more than debuting toddlers that you randomly spotted on the street *cough Dani cough*… is the lipsyncing… WTH???!! if the audience wanted to hear perfect perfect vocals theyd just go listen to the CD… and people are really biased in that matter because i remember when Chi chi lipsynched everyone flammed them… but SM always does the same thing… if theyre not sick or something like that they should sing live…

    the trend i’d like to see die this year -well, its more like a horrible habit- would be companies forgetting they are selling MUSIC first of all… even if music its not the whole “business” theyre aiming… its the 1st step so they should release at least ear friendly material… lately, most of the songs are hideous and generic…!! well, if you can call those things songs… hey! if you want my money try harder at least! no 2 cents songs :S…!  

  • crv2

    Have u ever thought SM just wanna ‘save’ their idols during promotion time? They have to appear in Mubank, Inki, Countdown, Mucore, that one show (i forget, sorry) in a week so they make about 2 lipsync performance and 2 live. Because all live performance will reduce their reputation as ‘singer’ too.

  • Erialk

    Ok, that last part just made me think of Boa’s “Hurricane Venus”. THE CHORUS. OH GOD. IT’S IN MY HEAD.