• http://twitter.com/JYJClock Clock

    I agree with all of them minus the Jaejoong one tell him to gain weight or something like that but leave tongue alone º(>o<)º

  • Medusaspeaks

    Dear Block B:

    Please sit down with Cho PD and work on an actual group identity.  I like you boys a lot, but trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for failure.  I wish you nothing but the best!

    Dear SPICA:

    Ask Hyori to get you better stylists, video concepts & choreographers.  Creativity doesn’t cost that much and your voices and personalities deserve the higest caliber everything. Sincerely.

    Dear Bang Yong Guk:

    Please stop rubbing your hand against your mouth in videos and performances.  It makes no sense and is not indicative of strength or toughness.  Please remain as smart and thoughtful as you are.

    I love the letters to Jaejoong, Taeyang, Junsu and “L” Myungsoo.  Hilarious!

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    Oh, these are good. 
    I loved the little “Jun. K” convo some of you had up there. I personally don’t have an opinion… unless thinking that it doesn’t really matter counts as an opinion, which now that I think about it I’m sure it does.

    I like Jonghyun’s voice. It’s interesting. He has a very unique color to his voice and I like my vocalists to have some flavor to their voice or a at least a little something that stands out. 

    Which brings me to the matter of Myungsoo. I actually like his voice. He definitely needs to improve judging by a lot of the feedback I’ve seen here on seoulbeats, but if this recent radio call clip with Dalmatian is any indication, I’m sure he’s progressing rather well. Part starts at 2:33.


    That’s all I have for now. Once I think more on it, I’ll come back with some letters of my own.

    • piggy68gal

      Yes that Myungsoo radio call thingy! He sounded great omg. Wish he had sang longer…

  • Svsunk21

    Dear G-Dragon,
    Please change your hair. Please.

    • noiha

      Dear G-Dragon,
      I don’t really care about yourself, but please stop dragging the members into the hair mess. PLEASE. xD

  • FallingSnow

    Ooooh! These are cute! (and funny). And Johnelle, I completely agree. How the heck does he manage to keep it so perfectly shiny and straight… and flippy?! Do you think he does blow-outs? :P 

    Dear IU,

    girl, I’ve been a long time fan since your debut and I’m so proud of how far you have come. But lately I have this little nagging voice at the back of my head that tells me you (and your company) are catering far too much to your ever growing “uncle” fanbase and less on your stunningly lyrical music. The change isn’t dramatic but a simple reflection to how you were two years ago and the difference is telling. Please turn down the aegyo a tad – just a tad mind, as I know you are naturally very cute without even trying – and focus more on your music. ‘K? 

    • illerz

       I agree with the IU thing. I mean she’s talented so why? But then I get it, feed the beast.
      Dear IU, I agree.

    • Mika_San123

      I feel like IU’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s either have meaningful music and be unpopular (as she was when she first debuted) or have cutesy, meaningless music and be popular. I guess it’s the difference between being a real musician and an idol.

    • noiha

      i know, the uncle fans chatter is too much already. i know iu can do much more than that. :(

  • Hannah Ralston

    so this is only for guy idols?

  • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

    Dear Jaejoong,

    Leave acting to Micky and stick to singing (and being beautiful)

    Love, Rosa 

    • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

       He’s a good actor! Not as good as Micky tho….

      • susan anita

        very good joke, lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/citradwi.s Citra Dwi S

         I think he knows & that’s why he never take 1st lead cast XD

      • cancertwin2

         I think he’s a pretty good actor too. Even the critics agree.

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

           Lol, even I think that the critics wouldn’t want to feel the wrath of Cassies if they dare criticize Kim Jaejoong.

          • muggle87

            just reading that comment made me lol for good five minutes. u really don’t know.

            just go read dramabeans or even allkpop and u will easily find that idols get criticize for their acting all the time. “foot acting” is what critics like to describe majority of the idols acting skills.

            Though these days critics and the public are starting to recognize that perhaps that not all idols suck at acting. Thus u see a praise here and there for some idols.

            As for Jaejoong, he has been receiving favorable reviews from the critics but u will see that critics are not exactly saying he has flawless acting… but i guess u didn’t read that either.

            but u know what, if u want to fancy yourself a professional critic by all means.

          • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

             I agree that he is not a ‘perfect’ actor.  But I still don’t find him a bad actor like every one claims. 
            Bad actors make me want to stop watching a drama.  Bad actors make me involuntarily cringe every time they come on screen.
            Bad actors are over-rated….and usually just ‘good-looking’.
            I’ve seen many people who are even trained in acting (non-idols) that SUCK at acting.
            I watched more than 100 drama’s lol…..so I know a ‘bad’ actor when I see one. 
            Let me list a few for you….none of whose drama’s I could complete 3 episodes of.
            Kim Hyunjoong, Tae hee, Yoona, that female actor from SME, Yunho, Changmin, etc.
            Actually most of the drama’s I watched I don’t even know the names of the actors who acted ‘bad’…..even if they have a minor role I can’t continue cause they are so bad…. XD

            Acting in itself is very subjective.  Similar to how music is also subjective.  Just because SB says so and so sucks etc. does not mean it is set in stone.  Please learn to judge for yourself. 

            The acting I see from Jaejoong…….he grows by the end in each drama.  I agree that his acting is awkward….at most ‘passable’ in the beginning….but he progresses. 

            The best acting I have seen of him yet was Dr. or Nakaji is SNN (A Japanese drama).  Which makes me think that the Japanese probably direct in a different way so that his potential was actually brought out.  Whereas Korea is more chaotic.  Just a theory though.

            In the same breath….I can state that in many scenes I found the main actor of Equator Man to be ‘bad’.  It wasn’t real….and he used the wrong expressions…..

            Also, some people think Han Hyo Joo is a good actor whereas others think she is just ‘okay’ and in some scenes bad.

            /end of rant

          • Kpan6686

            That whole rant just proved your theory that acting really is subjective because after you listed Yoona  and the “main actor” from “Equator Man” as “bad actors” your whole argument lost all merit for me. In my opinion, Yoona has GREATLY improved her acting as proof of her role in “Love Rain”, which you seemed to have skipped over. And by that “main actor” comment I hope that it wasn’t about the actor who played the character Sun-woo because he was BRILLIANT. On the other hand, if you were talking about the actor who played Jang-il then I’d have to agree with you because his acting was a great disappoint for me as a “City Hunter” fan

  • ItsQuinnBro

    Wait, I don’t get the Mir one? Can someone explain please?

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       Just watch Hello Baby with MBLAQ…and any other variety show with all five of them together. The boy is a child, in every sense of the word.

  • xchoccies

    OMG, you lot just put out EVERYTHING that I’ve been thinking of! D.O., Taeyang, Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM, SNSD & SHINee – CHECK!

    Dear Jessica,
    You were and still are the first one I had a kpop girl-crush on. Your voice, adlibs, performance etc are what attracted me to you, so stop being a lazy ass! Please refer to your debut days, where you didn’t sound so high-pitched squeaky like. I loved it when you sang If I Aint Got You & The Greatest Love of All with Taeyeon.

    Dear Zinger,
    I love you. I think you’re one of the better rappers out there, but please ditch that horrible horrible aegyo-ness that has possessed you. 

    Dear SHINee,
    After going to your concert, you guys are officially my favourite boy group out there. Onew, stop being so hot. Seriously. I should be studying, instead I sit on tumblr and stare at your eyes, smile and that sexyyyy Adam’s apple that you have (not lying, he really does!). Taemin & Key, I love you two. Jonghyun, stop screeching. We know you can reach those high sharp notes, but any more of that and you might just ruin your vocals. Also, please listen to the request above. Same goes for Minho – I’m still wondering why you’re in SHINee. 

    Dear Jiyoon,
    I want a solo from you. No, really. As much as I love 4Minute all together, IS2 was not enough for me.

    Dear Tiffany,
    Whatever you’ve been doing to your face, stop. Each time I see you there’s always something different.. and it’s not make-up.

    • Kpan6686

      LOL @ the D.O. comment!

  • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

    Dear YG

    Give Teddy a break. We know the man is basically a genius when it comes to producing great tracks, but you have other producers. USE THEM!!! And start giving the girls a chance to showcase their talent. i’m sure at least Chaerin and Minji write a lot. Some of that writing I’m sure could be used for 2ne1’s album.
    Stop calling Chaerin and Minji ugly! They’re not and by saying they’re not pretty I’m sure you’re damaging their self esteem. As confident and strong as these two are, they’re still girls in their 20’s. That’s a shitty thing to say to two young girls.
    Give them at least solo songs or if possible, albums. Those two deserve it.
    And stop telling them to talk about the dating ban (caughDaracaugh) coz no one believes in that shit.

    Dear Taeyang

    I’m glad that you’re not as shy as you used to be, but boy calm the fuck down with the hyperactive shit. Change your hair and find a shirt. We know you have a killer body, abs especially (we’ve memorized every curve because you take your shirt so often) but boy you’ve lost your shirt almost as many times as Rain and Joon did.

    Dear Bom and Dara

    Stop it with the apple hair already. Bom start wearing pants more (we know you have awesome legs but  like Taeyang’s abs, we’ve seen them enough). Both of you stop acting like 12 year olds. You’re 29 so start acting your age. You’re cute sometimes but after 3 years I’ve had enough of it. The other  two can’t act like they’re in their early 20’s coz you two act like fucking teenage girls with a crush.

    Dear Chaerin

    I love you baby girl I really do but lose the two tone colored hair. I’m not saying you’re not pulling it off, but your hair looked way better before you decided on that hair color. Blong with highlights looked so good. You should have left it like that.

    Dear Tabi

    I know you’re concentrated on music and acting (btw pick a script already I ain’t getting younger) but boy stop saying that in every interview. You’re 24 (25) enjoy life man, we know you have fun too. You’re supposed to have fun.

    Dear Zico

    I get it that you’re still young and you’re not too keen on this “life of an idol” thing, but boy stop acting like a 5 year old on a sugar high. There are times you can act like that, but there are also times to be responsible young adult and a leader. Lead by example.

    I say all of this with all the fucking love I have for all of you!!!

    • http://twitter.com/atamatya Atama Oualet

      If only you knew to what extent i agree with you! You just read my mind!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

    Almost everything I wanted to say has been expressed. But…

    Dear Hongki,
    You’re beautiful, we get it. Also, please stop picking your nose in public. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. (Or has he stopped?)

    Dear Sunny,
    It’s time to fight the aegyo plague that is currently infesting you. Judging from your voice in Miryo’s song, you got a gorgeous one. Use it.

    Dear Fei,
    I really hope you get more popularity. You and you voice are fantastic.

    Written with love, Sonia

    I’m definitely coming back with more.

  • Shirley S.

    Dear Jo Kwon, 
    I love you, but please stop the extreme kkab. It gives me secondhand embarrassment every time I see you dancing. Same goes to 2AM. I don’t know if you guys are deprived of dance songs, being a ballad group and all, but ‘I Did Wrong’ was awesome [Bad Boy Good Boy was not]. Get JYP to give you more dance-y songs, btw. 

    Dear Taecyeon, 
    Your rapping always sound like you missed a beat. Please work on it. Love.

    Dear B2ST & BTOB, 
    Your music sound similar. BTOB are talented on their own, they need not be another B2ST doppelganger. 

    Dear Dalmatian and UKiss, 
    Please win No 1 on any music program. I am waiting to open those bottles of champagne and blast fireworks when you do. 

    Dear Mir, 
    Please come back to the spotlight. I am almost forgetting who you are. 

    Dear Suzy/Jiyeon/Dongho/Krystal, 
    I understand everyone love you guys and all, but please go take a break. As teenagers, you are not enjoying much of your youth and I am upset about it. [I would want to put IU here but she is already legally an adult in Korea so..]

    Dear IU, 
    Please continue to churn out awesome songs that breaks the idol mold. And get a vacation.

    • Mika_San123

      Aw, but Jokwon’s kkabness is what got me interested in 2AM. >.<

      But I totally agree with you wanting Suzy/Jiyeon/Dongho/Krystal to stop working so much.

  • gintectonics

    maybe yunho likes wearing pink, ok

  • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ// 애쉴리 (Ashley)

    Dear Zinger and Hyosung, please do not lose any weight. Your bodies are FLY.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

      This is the truth. They are bombshells.

    • xchoccies

      Secret in general. Jieun’s lost weight too :( Sunhwa’s always been the slimmest one, but the other 3 had such healthy bodies!

    • intheshort

      YES. THANK YOU. 

      You speak the truth. 

  • danahz

    Dear Suju,
    Please come back with better music.

    Dear G.na
    Please come back with better music.

    Dear Suju KRY,
    Please release an epic album. Not ballads.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    Dear Bom, 
    You have a gorgeous voice with lots of potential, but you have no idea how to use it. I almost can’t stand hearing you live. Please work on your technique. Still love you though, your adorable. 

    Dear Taeyeon, 
    Your amazing and incredibly talented, heck, you almost carry SNSD vocally along with Seohyun and Tiffany. But please give your vocal cords a rest! 

    Dear Tiffany, 
    Don’t ever rap/chant/write raps again. thank you. Oh and please loose the red lipstick. Other then that your cool ;) 

    Dear TRAX, 
    You guys are amazing and Jay, you have a gorgeous, gorgeous voice. Jungmo, your guitar skills are amazing! Please go back to that badass, hardcore metal sound….I don’t want another ballad. 

    Dear Niall,
    You are super cute and—oh, whoops wrong post ;) 

    OKAY back to Kpop!  

    Dear Yoochun, 
    Although you were never my bias, I always liked your laid-back, easygoing personality. Plus, you used to have a really good and unique voice, but lately I’m not hearing that. Please get your voice back. 

    Dear Kris, 
    We are meant to be and you know it (*bricked*) and your only proving to my friends that I have thing for Kris/Chrises. I mean there is Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and then you!  

    Dear Dana (CSJH), 
    I love you to death and your amazingly talented. You have a really good voice but sometimes I can’t handle your shrill notes/screaming. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UGXVTH5YFH6KFNEQS4VXMS5O7Q Maria Erika

    Dear Junsu (JYJ),
    It’s like I don’t even know you anymore. It’s not that I’m against exploring your musical identity or trying out new genres, but… but… the hair and the clothes and the gyrating with women and dressing up as a woman yourself and the overall sexuality in your video…  After years and years of squeaky cute image, you blindside me with this? I don’t even…

    • Mika_San123

      It’s good to know I’m not alone. I feel like such a horrible fan for not supporting his creative musical endeavors – especially when I complain about all the unoriginal concepts in kpop – but I really miss the Hyuksu bantering and the Junsu that DB5K teasingly ganged up on all the time.

      • Juss_sayin

        I miss him too. >_<

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    lol, Im gonna do it too! Looks fun!

    Dear 2PM
    Pls, stop ripping ur shirts, bulking up and get down to the basics. You need to work on ur vocals and rapping skills. Im not even sure if ur talented or not bc I get distracted by u waaay too much.

    Dear Lee Joon from MBLAQ
    Stop dancing on stripper polls.. As sexy as it is, ur getting the wrong attention. I can tell the rest of the member’s voices apart except for u, cause ur waay to distracting being a sexy diva. 

    Dear SM
    Pls stop trying to get another hit like sorry sorry and give them a better song and music video. Plus start making quality music. 

    Dear Korean people
    Like ROCK MUSIC!!! 

    Dear Kibum
    Are coming to suju or not? Seriously.

    Dear B1A4,
    Stop using so much autotune.

    Dear Hongki,
    Pls tone done ur nails, its distracting. Pick one colour and stick to it.

     Dear EXO M
    You cant rely on Kris for everything, even if he is your leader. Interviews are important and practice for them. If ur asked to sing or dance, then do it, its a chance to show off ur skills.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    i really don’t get when people complain about better Japanese music over a crappy Korean one. I mean, isn’t the Japanese songs just as much as theirs as the Korean songs? Like Snsd’s Let It Rain is waaaay better than The Boys but both of them are theirs. So what’s the problem? Just listen to the songs you like. 

    • Dana_SB

      Because they hardly ever promote or perform the Japanese songs!  All of the Korean singles are performed ad nauseum for weeks on end, but I haven’t yet found a link to a performance of “Time Machine.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    Dear YG: Please Please let Minzy have her own solo, at least!!

     yeah…that’s all I got!


    Suju: what the EFF are y’all doing?? Bring back Kangin, bring back Kibum and get out of this sorry sorry/bone-a-man/mr.simple concept you all got going on!

  • Sahaam

    Dear Tiffany,

    Loved you since the moment I saw your eyesmile but it seems as if it’s permanently glued to your face, think about wrinkles and the future my love.

    With Fanytastic sincerity, Sahaam.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    Dear Kim Gwang Su
    You anger me and make me sick. Leave T-ARA ALONE

    on a lighter note

    Dear TOPPlease take your shirt off :)

  • illerz

    Dear SNSD, please eat something. Anything but stop scaring me with arms and legs that look like the wind will break them. Matter of fact that goes for most ladies of kpop. I am worried about you.

    Dear Tara BOSSES, let them SLEEP.

    Dear SM, would it kill you to make good worthwhile pop music. If I hear one remake of sorry sorry for SJ I am going to flip. And the boys? Ugh!

    Dear YG, going back on dating bans is a d*ck move. Work on that.

    Dear Junsu (JYJ), please just sing. The gimmicky stuff should just be for people who need to hide behind it.
    P.S. I heart you.

    Dear jessica, smile more I’d like to see it. I think you have a lovely smile.

    Dear YUNHO, pleaseeeeeeee stop poppin! I know KNOW KNOW you aren’t limited to that please show us why you are a dance king and no gyrating is not a good replacement! Also reject all outfits with feathers in them. Also everything that looks like a 3rd grade art project. You know what just fire your stylist. While you are at it fire changmin’s stylist as well. I don’t can you do that? Well try. Its for everyone’s good.

    Dear changmin, stay adorable. Love ya! Also when you laugh….BREATHE. I’d hate for you to die. Kay? Thnx.

    Dear Jaejoong, keep improving that acting. Don’t ever stop working on it. <3 Oh and try to date. I know its hard but if you are so lonely, date someone. Secretly of course there are some crazies who think they own you. Anyway be happier!

    Dear gahi, you are still hot. Don't listen to them. 30s mean nothing. You are better looking than a lot of the younger idols. <3

    got carried away!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/47SNWS5E5U2YK3KUUUSZHQIZDE melani

    It seems fun :)

    Dear Lee Joon, please practice your vocal not only your muscles, sometimes your voice make me cringe, esp when MBLAQ performed ‘Cry’ or other slow songs.

    Dear Seungho and G.O, please more 87-line bromances. <3

    Dear Eunhyuk, please stop follow that 2 hyungnims/gag-men with most antis, which can't control their mouth and their talks. It's very unfortunate if you become like them :(

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      So true with Eunhyuk. It’s past time he branches out on his own, without Leeteuk, Boom, or Shindong. He’s popular enough on his own.

      • wawasunsun

        hear hear!

    • itsmysunshine

      87-line bromance ftw o/

      Oh and another yes for Joon’s vocal.

  • cancertwin2

    Dear Junsu,
    Love you boy. Keep doing you. I respect the fact that you’re not trying to let yourself get pigeonholed in the very monotonous Kpop world.

    Dear Yoochun,
    Loved Rooftop Prince. Get some rest now or else you’re probably going to fall ill again.

    Dear Jaejoong,
    Please don’t overdo it. I know you want to please the fans and stay in the spotlight but you’re too thin and weak looking.

    Dear Yunho,
    You’re flawless to me. Keep up the good work.

    Dear Changmin,
    I want a solo single preferably J-rock. Also, don’t break up with food.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Dear Yunho,

    You’re the most flawless man in my eyes, but please, practice a new routine when MC’s ask you to freestyle on their variety shows. I have seen your standard pop-lock-snake arms routine since 2004. It’s been 8 years. You’ve learned so much more styles of dancing. Show them, especially now that Kang Hodong, your popping and locking’s biggest fan, is not around in variety shows.

    And that squeaky “Purple Line” style of rapping you’ve been doing the past few years? Stop it. You’re better than that. If you MUST rap, do it like you did in “Wrong Number” or that Super Junior song “Heartquake” that you featured in. Better yet, just straight up sing.

    PS. Call me. I’ll gladly quit med school for you.

  • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Tities ‘Shimsalabim’

    Dear Siwon,
    Please stop showing off your abs too much. We’ve had it enough. It’s time to give way to your fellow members to do so (which I doubtfully think it’s gonna happen often though). Don’t you consider to involve in K-drama in near future? Two foreign productions in a row are good, but let’s challenge yourself to compete with other Korean male actors in your own homeland. You’ve got what it takes, baby. And you can try an antagonist role, too. Don’t listen to people saying your face is too handsome to get you in any kind of role. It’s the make up department’s problem to solve, not yours.

    Dear Shindong,
    As much as I like your humor and cute dancing skill, I’m disappointed to know you called my Junsu baby a betrayer. I know I’m way too late to find out about this, but yeah it hits me. Better you think before you speak, or else you’ll lose my respect at all.

    Dear Suju,
    Hope your 6jib will reveal a better music than 5jib. And please ask your stylist to get you better outfit without those bling-bling accessories and all. It failed to impress me. Big time.

    Love always, Ties

  • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Tities ‘Shimsalabim’

    who are those gag-men?

  • samlun100

    Dear 2pm,
    Can you make a comeback with a great song and great dancing like Heartbeat or Again and Again?

    Dear Sunny(snsd):
    Can you stop acting aegyo especially front of male idols (watch IY2)? You’re already 23.

    Dear Boom,
    Can you stop appearing on tv especially IY2? You’re extremely annoying.

  • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Tities ‘Shimsalabim’

    yeah, gahi is still hot. sometime i forget she’s 30 already :)

    • illerz

       she is! I hate when people harp on her age like so what? Have you seen her dance. That face that body that talent. Leave the woman be! Just because she isn’t young enough to be most of their (ajusshi fans) daughters doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful.

      • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Tities ‘Shimsalabim’

        why her age means something when her skill & performance still as great as, if not better, the younger female idols? i find her effortlessly sexy while most idols try to act like one.

  • simpleseoulutions

    Dear Taemin,
    I love you no matter what but NEVER allow your stylists to put weave on you again (unless it’s something like Lucifer. That. Would be epic). I’m serious. And please, I  beg you, do not let SM take any more photos on you that are along the same lines as the Sherlock teaser photos. When I bought the album, I felt like I was buying a porno.
    Overall though, I am an extremely proud taemint. I loved your voice even in your early days, and I knew that it would grow to be something awesome and appreciated. I am so proud of you for breaking free of that ‘only good at dancing’ stereotype. So, So proud of you.
    Love, Jessica

    Dear Key,
    Please try harder in lives. Yes, have you amazing stage presence and charisma, but please, i beg you, try harder in the vocal aspect. I love you and your voice, but…well… you’re just not trying hard enough in lives.
    Love, Jessica

    Dear Onew,
    Yours is my favourite voice. I know how hard it’s been for you being the leader. It’s okay to lean on the other members sometimes. I am extremely proud of you for always staying the same strong, squishy and adorable leader of SHINee. You are perfectly imperfect, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Also, I believe i’ve caught onew condition.
    Love, Jessica

    Dear Jonghyun,
    Please keep the vocal acrobatics to a minimum. I love your voice, it’s extremely unique, and you have excellent technique and are able to convey your emotions extremely well, but please, please stop the squealing.
    Love, Jessica

    Dear Minho,
    No matter how much I bully you, I really actually love you. Please, give me a reason to call you talented.
    Also, I think you should sing more, your voice is actually very nice contrary to other people’s opinions, you just need to be given a chance.
    Love, Jessica

  • straighttohelvetica

    Dear Super Junior,
    It’s very obvious you’ve spent the last few years trying to repeat the success of “Sorry, Sorry.” You’re seniors now. Try demanding that your production team go in a different direction. Promote a ballad or mid-tempo track. It’s one of the few areas you’re not completely sucking in. 

    Dear SNSD,
    You’re not fierce, so stop trying to be and stick with concepts that work for you. 

    Dear TVXQ fandom,
    The split was made worse by the constant in-fighting of the various segments of this now fractured fandom. As soon as you realize that group names/shipping/whatever is of no importance in the grand scheme of things, the happier all of us will be.

    Dear Yunho,
    I can’t find anything wrong with you, and it scares me because I have this fear I’ll one day wake up and find out you’ve gone on some hateful/racist/sexist/sizist rant or shooting spree or something. My heart will literally break if this happens. I will cry. Stay flawless because a lot of fangirls’ mental health is dependent on it.  

    • illerz

       you’re dear yunho later cracked me up. But I found faults with him if that helps.

      His overpoppin- cause he can do so much more.
      And his awful stylist that he won’t fire.

      Other than that I am with you. Its a real and legitimate fear!

      • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

        I’m with both of you on this. My Yunho-loving ethnic heart could not handle any hatred from him.

      • straighttohelvetica

        Those stylists aren’t flaws; they’re just struggles he has yet to overcome. =D

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

      Oh gosh, the SNSD comment is so true. Some of them got it (Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri). The others…I don’t know… Can they learn?

  • Mer

    Dear SNSD,Please acquaint yourselves with some chitterlings, greens, and monkey bread.  If I flick you with my finger, you will break.  It’s not sexy.  Jessica… don’t act.  In fact, none of you go there again.

    Dear JYP,
    Your OCD’ness scares me (6 almonds, seriously?) Let Min shine a bit.  She’s actually interesting and talented.

    Dear SM (as a whole),
    Your musical choices, concepts, and stylists suck dusty, dirty rotten duck eggs.  Seriously.  I love SHINee, but that last album….. No words.

    Dear YG,
    Please don’t do SuPearls dirty.  I want to see Michelle Lee soar.

    Dear 2NE1,
    Why does CL keep wearing those military style jackets that button all the way up to the neck?  Just looking at her sometimes makes me choke.  Loosen her up a bit.  Is there anyway to get Park Bom’s old face back?

    Dear SuJu,
    I’m glad you fellas have kept the douchiness under wraps these past few years, keep up the good work.  Don’t revert back.

    Dear MBLAQ,
    Hmmmm….. You know they other members are funny too.  Not just Joon.  Give them some time.

    • illerz

       don’t act in fact none of you go there….AGREED!

      was going to mention no more plastic surgery for bom but I controlled it. But can we get an icepack for her face all that swelling has to go down eventually right? Although its been a while……don’t know what that means

    • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

      I second all of this 

  • samlun100

    Dear Kim Kwang Soo,
    Can you resign your position as CEO of CCM? You want to destroy T-ara that I hate you so much.

    Dear SNSD,
    If any of you really got plastic surgery in the past, please admit it. Tiffany and Jessica should be the first two to admit it.

    Dear Troublemaker,
    Can you make a comeback? I love both of you, Hyuna and Hyunseung together.

    Dear Jonghyun from CN Blue,
    Can you promote any of your new compose song? I can to see you shine.

    Dear Krystal,
    Can you learn to have good manner?

    Dear Dream High casts from season 1,
    Can you make a drama together again? I miss Dream High so much.

    Dear JYJ and DBSK,
    Can you all go to army together and make up with each other? You 5 can form an agency together and perform together again after the army. I will definitely wait for all of you.

    Dear all idols,
    Can you all tell me who are you dating right now and who is your ex lover?

    Dear JJ project,
    Can you perform the song Before This Song Ends with Suzy on stage? Can you also perform the other song, Hooked? I love these two songs more than Bounce.

    Dear all male idols,
    If any of you wear insole, please take them off. Also, please state your real height. I love you for who you are, not for your height.

    Dear Minho from Shinee,
    Please learn to rap or sing, you’re really good for nothing person. Don’t be too confident of your look.

    Dear Exo-M,
    Can you promote in Korea instead of China? I want to see you more often.

    Dear Kang Ho Dong,
    Can you make a comeback? I miss you so much together with Lee Seung Gi.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

      I miss Kang Ho Dong, too. Strong Heart just isn’t the same without him. I totally agree with the height thing and the Exo-M comment. Also, I wish idols would just date, but I guess it’s too risky…

    • Mintmint

      “Dear all idols,
      Can you all tell me who are you dating right now and who is your ex lover?”

      Their love lives are none of your business. I agree that idols should date but their ex-significant others and who they are currently in a relationship with, even their relationship status, is private knowledge for ONLY those involved.

      Frankly that comment was rather creepy…

  • JammySmoochie

    OMG, this is fun. Okay…

    Dear Papa YG,
    Our YG Family is growing too fast. YG girl group, boy group, SuPearls. But please, let them debut when they are really ready. I don’t want them to fade like those forgotten 2011 groups. Stop calling 2NE1 ugly because THEY ARE NOT UGLY, DAMMIT! Bring back 2NE1TV, Big Bang TV and all the TVs from YG. And I have super high expectations for the new girl group ever since you released that Thai girl’s dance video. I expect the best, don’t disappoint me.

    Dear Teddy,
    Please let CL and Minzy rap more. I remember the days (first mini album days) when they are legit rappers, not mumbling whiny catch phrases. Please don’t let will.i.am completely take over 2NE1’s US songs. I don’t trust him that much, and you have better taste. Also, do not let 2NE1 be a featured artist in any Nicki Minaj song. I loathe her (well, I loved Super Bass, so…).

    Dear CL,
    Show us your room. I’m freaking excited since forever to see the awesomeness of your room.

    Dear Bom,
    Take care of your voice. And together with Dara, you could use some dance lessons. Just sayin’.

    Dear Minzy,
    I love you. You’re perfect. Please continue Minzy TV. And please bug Teddy and Papa YG to let you have a solo.

    Dear Dara,
    I hope to see you in a drama soon. And also, take dance lessons. And eat more. And date Il Woo. lol

    Dear B.A.P,
    Please perform It’s All Lies and my life would be complete.

    Dear EXO,
    Release Baby Don’t Cry and My Lady ASAP. It would be a waste if those gems would not be heard my ears. Also, lose the screaming part of MAMA. Chanyeol and Suho, you’re perfect.

    Dear other biases,
    My comment is way too long already. I shall call you later for my messages. :)))

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

       Dear Seungri,

      Don’t listen to JammySmoochie.  I absolutely adore it when you expose your hyungs’ secrets. LOL! ;)

      *as for everything else YG related… I countersign!

      • JammySmoochie

        lololol, I just wanna protect Seungri from his hyungs’ possible future wrath! lololol

        Although I admit, I love it when Seungri exposes his hyungs’ secrets. Nothing makes me happier when the maknae controls the game. lol

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          Correct!  And admit it. VIPs are all the better with TOP TOP TOP and the Maknae Chronicles. :D

          • JammySmoochie

            TOP TOP TOP story is my favorite of all time. Nothing comes close. lol

    • intheshort

      Just checked out It’s All Lies and WOW. Amazing song.

      • JammySmoochie

        You’re welcome. Welcome to the awesomeness of It’s All Lies! :)))

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

    • Svsunk21

      Omg Dara and Jung Il Woo would be SO CUTE.

  • crv2

    Dear CL,
    please tell 2NE1 stylist to always give proper outfit, sometimes it is too hurt to handle.

    Dear Bekah,
    please make a comeback, I love you so much girl

    Dear Sohee,
    please let Sunye sings more, her voice is waay better than yours

    Dear TOP, please just be ordinary man for once, why always look gorgeous #okaythisisrandom

    Dear Taeyeon,
    I don’t care if people say u re overrated, for me u CAN sing

    Dear Kpop producers.
    please don’t debut mediocre idol groups with mediocre songs more, I have hard time remembering who’s who

    Dear Kdrama producers,
    please stop using not-so-good idol-actor/actress as main lead, sure you will get money overseas even if this drama flop in Korea. But it can decrease interest to Kdrama itself. I am sick seeing a drama when pretend that it is good just because of my bias, it ruining my mind.

  • ilovessantokki

    Dear YG,

    Stop calling Minzy, CL, and Daesung ugly. They’ve heard it enough and they are far from it. And please stick to your timelines. I understand you can’t cater to fans, but saying someone is going to release an album in August and then having that album release in December can grate on the nerves. And please, please, stop uploading MVs hours after the official release time. Fans that wait, refreshing the youtube page every ten seconds, only have so much patience. And please stop saying your new girl group will be ‘pretty girls doing hip hop’ like it’s a new thing. 2NE1 is doing hip hop. Stop quietly driving in the point that you think they’re hideous. It’s offensive. And it’s the reason I’m not anticipating your new girl group at all.

    Dear Dara,

    I love you dearly, but please focus on the music and promotions. I understand you want to branch out and act and MC. That’s totally understandable, given you’re age and the fact that 2NE1’s been around for three years, but please remember that your music comes first. And give the new album and the (possible) US debut your all. Everyone sees you as the weakest link. If you can’t prove them wrong, at least don’t disappoint people. Still, I love you. I really do.

    Dear TOP,

    I get that you’re a sexy beast and all that, but PLEASE stop closing your eyes and making that damn face during photoshoots. It’s cheesy and makes me want to cringe. You’re incredibly attractive without overdoing it… so please, be a bit more subtle.

    Dear Teddy,

    I understand your a musical genius and all, but it would help the girls out more if you taught them the ins and outs of producing music and guided them that way. I really want to hear music from the minds and skills of the girls too.

    Dear Taeyang,

    Yeah. Tone it down just a little bit. Just a little. I miss the suave, quietly attractive crooner of the Wedding Dress/INAG days. This wiggling, huge mohawk man seems like a stranger. It’s cool and all, do what you need to do, just… tone it down a notch.

    Felt good to let that out.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      I was actually waiting for your post! #ILUVIT

      Oh, did you just ask YG to stop trolling? #deafears

      • ilovessantokki

        Hahah, it’s worth a shot. Though… the King Troll will never stop trolling. We just have to deal with it, buahah.

    • 7cinta

      Love this!

    • Alixana_Tigana

       I couldn’t agree more with the “Dear YG one” – they’re really not ugly. I won’t say I’m salivating over Daesung, but he’s fine looking. And CL is really gorgeous in my eyes, especially with stage make up. Minzy as well, she’s got pretty features.

      • ilovessantokki

        With how Daesung’s been styled lately… I’m salivating over him… hahah

    • Mintmint

      “And please, please, stop uploading MVs hours after the official release time. Fans that wait, refreshing the youtube page every ten seconds, only have so much patience.”

      I just wanted to point out that it’s only a few hours later though right? I mean I would get annoyed if he released it a few days late or if it was something important like selling tickets for concerts (which can sell out in minutes) but if fans are sitting at their computers refreshing a YouTube page every few seconds/minutes then IMHO there’s something wrong with their heads lol. I heard some VIP fangirls got up at 3-5 am in the morning just to see Big Bang’s new MV being released in “real time”. I mean that’s pretty obsessive when your “love” for a boy group is disturbing your normal sleep routine. Many rational people wouldn’t wake up hours before their usual time to just watch an idol video.

      Personally, today I got up at my regular weekend time of 9 am and watched the Monster MV on my phone while I was preparing breakfast. Considering my time zone difference with Korean Standard Time I would have to wake up at 5-6 am to watch the video as it’s released at midnight in SK, but no way in heck am I going to go out of my way to sacrifice valuable sleep for Big Bang. Lol. I don’t want to offend anyone but honestly, these idols are meant for LEISURELY entertainment, not for life support. Sadly too many fangirls’ lives revolve around the schedules of these idols on the other side of the world, time zones and everything else included. Seriously girls, if you are arranging your schedule to fit Korean time without actually LIVING in Korea, that’s pretty messed up and pathetic. I saw a fangirl complaining on a message board about how it sucks to be living in her country because she has to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Korean MVs right when it’s uploaded. Come on, it’s not like the MV is going to disappear after a few hours anyway – it’s going to be there *forever* so what’s the rush? If you actually have a busy life like the majority of people out there, then getting to it even a week later shouldn’t be a problem right?

      Also, I think a lot of international fans forget their place in terms of how they stand as priorities in the Kpop market. You have to understand that international fans aren’t the primary focus of YG’s (and many other entertainment companies’) target demographic. They upload the videos first on the Korean websites and then they do it for YouTube. YouTube is usually used by non-Korean fans. When you consider the income from the official VIP Korean fanclub (requiring membership costs I think), the merchandise that’s sold in Korea through CF endorsement, and the regular concerts/music shows that are held there, then you can realize why Korean/Asian fans (besides the obvious reason that YG’s headquarters is stationed in Korea) are a higher priority than international ones. I mean, the most that international fans contribute financially is during rare world tours and album sales. I’m just saying a lot of international fans get butthurt when they aren’t treated the same but there’s a very valid reason for that.

      On a side note, I do wholly agree with you about YG and his problematic lack of a calendar. It’s irritating when I expect the new girl group to debut sometime in the spring of this year and now they are being pushed back to fall/winter. With the comeback of 2NE1 and this whole ruckus about Big Bang’s comeback and world tour, I even think they could be debuting next year, along with the supposed boy group and now ALSO SuPearls from Kpop Star. Now, when it’s weeks/months/years of delay when YG announces something, I totally understand your frustration. But personally I feel it’s no big deal when the management are a few hours late in uploading MVs, especially for international fans. Lol sorry this is long, just sharing my thoughts.

      • ilovessantokki

        I totally get where you’re coming from. I’ve never been one to wake up at three or four to catch a MV release at ‘real time’ either, but the statement stemmed more from my experience during 2NE1’s MV releases for their To Anyone album. They released them around 8PM in my timezone, or something like that I can’t quite remember, so it was a reasonable time for me to sit around and wait for the MV release. But they ended up releasing almost all the videos late which just seems unprofessional.

        Judging from the comments on 2NE1’s youtube page, there were thousands of fans waiting from dozens of different countries and once it passed the 30 minute mark and the MV was still not around… people got impatient and angry. If you tease ad MV release at a certain time for weeks, at least be professional and release on the time you said you would, you know? But of course, like you said, I guess this is only a problem for the hardcore fans that are willing to sit around and wait for the MV. And in kpop, there definitely are more fans sitting around at 3AM than not.

        The delayed timelines, late MV releases, and announcements that fall through – like performances/collabs that never happen – just seems unprofessional on YG’s part. Late MVs aren’t a huge thing, just another pet peeve.

        Don’t get me wrong though, I still have mad love for YG as a company. He just needs to stick to his timelines a little better, haha.

  • Mika_San123

    Dear Yoochun,
    Could you brush up on your English skills? Just a bit? I know you lived in Fairfax for a couple of years, but I think I’m going to bust a gut the next time you’re passed off as a “fluent” English speaker and all you give me is Chungrish.

    • cancertwin2

       To be fair, Yoochun doesn’t brag about his English. That would be the fans. He said years ago that he’s already forgotten most of it and that he plans to learn again.

      • Mika_San123

        Yeah, I agree that Yoochun doesn’t brag about his English… Most of the international fans don’t brag about his English either. Now that I think about it, the ones who do try to show off his English are the MCs and well… the DBSK members. I can understand about 75% of what he says in English; it’s just that he has some pronunciation problems (understandably) and horrible word choice.

    • UJjaejoong

       Heyyyyyyy dont deny me of the chungrish!!!!

      Also it really doesn’t bother me much whether or not he speaks perfect english! i cant speak Korean or Japanese either so he is still better than me in the fact that he can communicate in atleast 3 languages :D

      • Mika_San123

        Chungrish is fun when it’s just for laughs. But when people take it seriously and actually think he’s good at English, it’s just an eye-roll worthy moment.

        And yeah, I’m actually really impressed with DBSK for being the first bilingual idol group. As in, ALL their members are bilingual. It’s pretty cool. Are there any other groups who are fully bilingual (and I mean in the same languages)?

        • UJjaejoong

           oooooh yes that i agree with!! i kinda cringed when his Miss Ripley speech in English was so shamelessly publicized :p but i still love my baby and his imperfect English <3

  • Alice

    This has to be one of my favourite articles ever on seoulbeats. :D

    Dear Lee Joon, 

    We all know by now you love to save your money. It’s great you bought a house and have big dreams. Keeping a little black book for all your transactions actually seems like a great idea to me as I am constantly loaning out money and never getting it back. But seriously treat yourself once in a while. Go out and have a big dinner of beef with your group, I’m sure they would appreciate it after they got over the shock of you opening your wallet. 

    Love, Alice

  • Dafnalina

    Dear Yunho: don’t ever rap again. Ever. Also, I know your voice sometimes sounds chipmunky because you are bass and have to sing as tenor, but please, I want a ballad solo from you in which you sing within your range, not another Checkmate/Hunny Funny Bunny type of song that doesn’t showcase your beautiful voice. And I love how you are showing your inner diva more these days, so please stop acting manly to cover it up because it looks forced and fake.
    Changmin: I love you babe, you are my ultimate bias. I know you are a true rockstar, and I want a solo from you that proves it.
    Jaejoong: I love you man, but sometimes I think you manipulate your fans too much, and they totally buy your BS. I think you know exactly what they want to hear and see, but to some of the older, less delusional fans, it’s obvious and pointless. Stop trolling the fandom, because some people take your word as gospel.
    Junsu: baby, you are so talented. I just wish Tarantallegra didn’t have that much autotune because you don’t need it. But I respect you so much.
    Yoochun: fantastic baby. Your acting in RTP was great. Get some well-deserved rest and when you are fully rested, please focus on your vocals. You don’t sound as good as before, I don’t know if it’s because of your heavy smoking or what, but it’d be a pity if you lost your gorgeous voice.

    • cancertwin2

      Dear Jaejoong,
      Ignore the haters. I don’t think you’re a troll or manipulative just because what you say is not what others want to hear. Your fans love you the way you are. Don’t stop being open with your fans.

      • Dafnalina

        Lol, so I’ve been a cassie for years but now I’m a hater. How old are you? And I’m not saying he shouldn’t be open with his fans. You are exactly the type of fan I’m talking about.

        • cancertwin2

          In this fandom you can be a Cassie and a hater. Where have you been? BTW, been in the fandom for over five years and I’m about to be 27 years old. Don’t assume we’re all little kids incapable of making up our own minds. Just like you have your opinion, I have mine.

          • Dafnalina

            I don’t think those are real Cassies. Rest assured that I’m not a hater, and I know they abound in this fandom, which is really sad, but it pisses me off that you can’t say one bad thing about your biases without being labelled as a hater. I know you have your opinion, but you are accusing me of being a hater, and I’ve spent so many years loving this man,I felt really offended. I was actually trying to be funny about the troll thing. Wasn’t referring to any stuff he’s said about JYJ/Homin controversy, if that’s what you interpreted. Peace.

          • cancertwin2

            Yeah its sad that is now the nature of our fandom. We’re always on the defense because there is a lot of hate that gets spewed by fans new and old. I have no way of knowing what your intentions are or what you meant by your comment. But most likely when someone is calling Jaejoong “manipulative” and dismissing his words as “BS” it is in reference to JYJ/Homin. If that was not your intention then I do apologize. You didn’t make that very clear. Although you are welcomed to have whatever opinion like, it is subject to interpretation and response by others.

            Peace Out

          • Dafnalina

            Oh, I can see where you would think I was talking about JYJ/Homin, but I was actually thinking about YJ and the whole following the thai fan and the YJ list thing. That’s why I said he was a troll. Yay for unwanted explanations, but I needed to clarify that. P.O!

          • cancertwin2

            You don’t have to explain anything to me. We’re all entitled to our own opinions.

        • Alixana_Tigana

          That’s how it is: if you’re not all praise and adoration, you’re a hater. Barf. I fucking hate that about fandoms in general. But on the side note, I agree with all you said.

    • kelliusmaximus

       but… honey funny bunny showcased his vocals perfectly, that song suited him like nothing else.

    • http://twitter.com/Noobologie Jub Jub

      Dear Daflina, pardon me for adding on to your letter to Jaejoong:
      Dear Jaejoong,
        I kind of agree with Daflina. We fans might not really care about your ‘manipulative’ nature or whatever that is, but please just have the decency to partake in something more worthwhile, like how Yoochun has RTP, instead of trying to two time acting. (I do not like Dr Jin) Be more focused like your two other halves. That will do you some good. 
      Dear Yunho
        Yes. Stop rapping. Daflina gave you a good advice. Take it. :)

      This is from the bottom of my heart. Tough love right?
      I love JYJ and TVXQ no less! They were and still is my everything.

      • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

         I think JJ’s problem is that he is not sure what he wants to do or he wants to do too many things or likes doing too many things.  Whereas Yoochun knows he wants to do drama’s and Junsu knows he wants to stay with music.
        lol the original reason JJ even tried PTB was because his dad wanted him to go on TV…..and he did it for his fans. 

    • straighttohelvetica

      Dear Yunho,

      No, keep on rapping. Just try to refrain from making your voice sound like you’re pinching your nose while you do it. Remember how you rapped in “Heartquake”? That was hot. Keep doing that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

        rflol, Oh my! More that half of the people here agree on Yunho and the rap affair. I bet it is from Purple Line.

    • Mintmint

      I basically know next to nothing about DBSK but I do agree about Junsu’s Tarantallegra. I loved it – both the song and MV – but the rapper ruined the song and I really do wish that he used less autotune, especially during the chorus/certain parts of the verses. From a quick onceover of his other songs on the album, his “pure” voice without many altered effects already works really well.

    • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

       lol about JJ…..I think he sometimes does manipulate fans (that guy knows people too well =___=) (Like with his lip licking thing, etc.)
      But I don’t think he does it most of the time.
      Usually he just posts random things on twitter…..and fans are left to guess or create random interpretations. 
      And he doesn’t listen to fans all the time XD.  Like he refuses to do aeygo….and when he feels uncomfortable with a question he totally refuses to answer it or answers it in a cryptic manner.

      I actually think he’s pretty honest with his fans.  And many fans love him because he has flaws lol.  Like he has the most apparent flaws in DBSK(5) cause he is willing to show them lol.
      I DON’T think that his every word and action is manipulation.

      I actually really dislike how fans like you and others judge him so hard.  Generally, fans like to swipe their idols flaws under the carpet…..but people like you make general statements like they are fact.  How are you better than delusional fans?

      Neither fans nor anti’s nor fans or random people who thinks Jaejoong manipulates his fans can see inside JJ’s mind……so fandom life is pretty much BS and generalizations all over the place.

      THIS IS NOT ONLY A MESSAGE TO DBSK/JYJ FANS. Generally people like to ‘think’ they know a person….when in fact they may not even know the person at all.  So, I laugh when I hear comments like so-and-so is a perfect angel that can do no wrong.

      • Dafnalina

        Yes, I agree with you, I realize now reading what I wrote that it sounded way harsher than I had intended. I already clarified that I was talking about him trolling the YJ fans, or some delusional fans that over analyze everything he writes. In fact, it’s more these fans that bother me, not him. I was trying to be funny, obviously no one thought so because I’ve been getting shit for days because of that comment.

  • illerz

     Dear yeseob, I’ve had a secret crush on you ever since you did a fancheck. You know put your fans in check when they were out of line. You did it more than once and I was like who is this beastly man who has the courage to do what so few has done. And then I saw you smile and was hooked. Now cut out the ageyo and I’ll heart you forever.

    Dear idols, DO fanchecks!


    Dear PDnims, please stop zooming in on the arse and crotches of the female idols. Especially the underaged ones.

    Dear stylists, if you like feathers so much go grow some and stop putting them on idols. Looks bloody ridiculous 97% of the time. Stop it! And some of those stage outfits, QQ I die! STOP IT! Learn from infinite’s stylist or beast’s stylist, they’ve yet to embarrass me. You people make me want to rage quit.

    Dear K-pop, stop asking grown men and women to do ageyo. Some cute is ok but after 25 limit it please. Maybe 10 bouts of national ageyo per idol. I don’t know WORK IT OUT.

    Dear junsu (JYJ) I JUST realized how much I missed your smile. Keep smiling.

    Dear K-DRAMA LAND, Ok let’s talk about it. The kissing. Why are two grown people just standing there with their lips pushing together. Why? Do you think underage kids think that is how people kiss. They know its not so who is that crap for? Do you think I am watching you to see that nonsense? Noooooooooooooooooooooo. I am not! And why are their eyes open and look frightened…does the other person have cooties?! Stop it. Right now!

    • Fei


    • MAR_M3anie


      “Dear idols, DO fanchecks! ”

      YES! I really wish they could, but the reality….

      • illerz

        very few idols are brave enough to. And it makes me proud of them every time. If more idols did it, k-pop land would be a better place and that’s no joke.

  • MEalways

    Ohhhh… yummy, me likey.

    Dear JYP,
    After a successful ‘comeback’, please, please, please now let your children shine out more.
    I love your song given to Se7en, that’s song is good (and Se7en delivers perfectly) and also shows in the entertainment business as cray as in Kpop, 2 top ones can work together without having to kill each other. That’s respect and give me hope, keep on the good collaborations (may I ask if you can make WonderBang happen at WG’s party stage? Sound like fun… and… Oh, what a shakalalalalalaaaa….).

    I love your new project ‘JJP’. No matter what people say about their debut and their song, please give them the same fun, enjoyable, free, youthful spirit, with here & there chance(s) for improvement and growing. They’re in their teen still, so they should (please notice that it ‘should’ not ‘could’) enjoy the ride and grow wonderfully. 
    PS: If it helps to make let you know how much I enjoy JJP, last night I accidentally doing head bangs and almost fell off treadmill tried to do the butt shakes… Died of humiliation.

    So, give 2PM good ole beast songs + moves. See, a lot people here wish the same, the one like ‘Again & Again’, ‘Heartbeat’ even to the extend of ‘I’m your Men’ (can I have all as my men?). Don’t make them as man version of Miss A (especially with chairs and sensual hand movements, that’s sexy for Jia and Fei… but not my Jun.K – side note: Jun K the sexiest man alive for his voice, smiles, eyes, and raw emotion….Give him time to shine, like when he sang his song for his father in recent show in Japan, WHY only JAPAN?).

    You have a lot of talents and lots of wonderful people work for you, and you have warm heart. I know you care a lot about your artists.

    So, I end this love letter to you, saying that I have been enjoying tremendously what come from the hard work of JYP Ent. I thank you and pray that you and your children lots of success and happiness in years to come, oh, and love… kekeke…

    Yours truly, 

    To: T-Ara Management & Entertainment,
    Please stop your ridiculous and heartless strategies, that really make me sick of you lately.
    Threatening and over work, without considering proper rest & healthy diet (if that what you want, so be it a healthy good diet!), is not a good long term based relationship. Let alone adding minor to wonderful young women. I don’t want, really don’t want, to learn that she has to go back and forth receiving IV or injured her ankles or receive hate letters due to her dance moves or that she’s not good enough as new member. 

    Enough is enough.

    With concern,

    To: SB writers.
    at least keep the roundtable this excited. Appreciate that.
    Makes my weekend fresher…

    Thanks, ME.

    To: TVXQ
    Stay flawless… And I am so glad, both of you seem to enjoy your ride now, after all the hardship. I watched the latest Dream Concert, why no ‘Rising Sun’? kekeke… 
    It’s kind of your trade mark as a legend, that you close any concerts with a combo-bang.
    I’m glad to see you looking great, not that tired-bored-automatic-routine one, I really do.

    Changmin, I love you eversince I saw your dreadlock hair. So surely I’m in love for you more in that simply cut hair style. Don’t loose sleep and take a lot of healthy meals. 
    Yunho…. Be happy and let loose. I love to see your eyes smile again, especially if you can tease Changmin more…. Kekekeke….

    Hugs for both of you,
    PS: You on my last list, because you are always the ‘great’ closing for me.
    Thanks for bring lots of joy in my live, if I ever forget to mention that…. :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      They performed “Rising Sun” after “Keep Your Head Down” but it got edited out.

  • LovelySt4r

    Dear Jinyoung,
    You’re really amazing at composing. Baby I’m Sorry might just be my favourite B1A4 song ever, actually. But please, calm down with the autotune for the next EP/album. Ignition was just borderline on what I could handle.

    Dear G-Dragon,
    I’d appreciate it if you’d actually do something more… normal with your hair. I get that you’re a trendsetter but your hair is almost getting past the point of ridiculous now. 

    Dear Jay Park,
    That mixtape was just… no. I’m begging you not to do something like that again.

  • Kelinci Biru

    Dear Taeyang,
    please start wearing shirt. and a decent one. don’t tear your shirt anywhere you like. despite how much i love your abs, it would be lovely to see just once in a while. NOT everytime.

  • JammySmoochie

    Dear KKS aka monster CEO of CCM,
    Please resign. Leave the industry. Take an indefinite leave. Go trekking to Antarctica or Papua New Guinea or somewhere at least two million miles away from T-ARA. Take your medicines. Do some charity works. Whatever, just stay away from 7-ARA. I just became a fan of T-ARA after Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey, and it would be better for all of us if you don’t destroy them. I beg of you.

  • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

    Where’s Yoochun’s letter since his picture was on the cover?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

    Dear CL and Minzy,
     You guys are hot (some of the sexiest girls on k-pop). Don’t let YG put you down.
     Stay Fierce

    Dear Daesung,
    You are also hot (and so sweet). I hope you realize it because self-confidence is sexy (just look at T.O.P).
    Keep Smiling

    Dear T-ara,
    I know this is a crazy move, but please sew the f*** out of the CEO of CCM. Show him what he’ll be missing if you ladies leave his management. You deserve better. Also, get some sleep. In fact, get A LOT of sleep. I can’t sit through another half-assed performance. I want to be dancing with you, but I understand that its way too hard to put energy into it at your current state, so rest.
    Keep Climbing to the Top

    Dear Doojoon,
    How come you so sexy?
    Stay Flawless


  • intheshort

    Dear SM, 
    If you let SHINee slowly circle the drain of mediocre I will go ninja on your ass. Also, let Amber sing.

    Dear Hyuna, 
    I heart you lots and thought Bubble Pop was cute, but toning down the sexy won’t hurt a bit. We can’t all be Beyonce. Some of your moves make me cringe, and not in the “my eyes hurt cuz this was so awesome” way. 

    Dear B.A.P and Secret,
    Please continue to restore my faith in KPop. Stay awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      I’m in fan girl love with B.A.P, but don’t know secret at all – i really did not like shy boy, thought i was terrible. I might give them another try.

      Right on about SHINee! 

      • intheshort

        Shy Boy is catchy, but a little too cute for my taste. Might I suggest Hesitant or Lalala by Secret? 


  • http://twitter.com/MrCKDexter Rachel

    Dear JYJ,

    I love you all dearly and I love that you guys have been making your own music since the Great Escape from SM. However, please hire a producer to buff up those melodies of yours. The lack of budget/experience/polish is showing.

    Forever a Cassie,

    • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

      Dear Rachel,
      I must be blind then. 

      • http://twitter.com/MrCKDexter Rachel

        Dear Honey,
        I’m talking music producer. Unless you actually have synesthesia.

        • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

           I agree….JYJ need to polish up their songs more before releasing them.  Also, they need to harmonize better in their songs/be more in sync. 

          They do so well in lives though T.T

          Otherwise they have some amazing idea’s that I love.  But I would love to see the full potential in their music.  (Still love a lot of it though ^^)

  • Black_Plague

    Dear CCM
    You have lost my complete respect since the beginning of this year, especially since your atrocious management of T-ara makes even SM look like humanitarian workers for the UN, added with your terrible business decisions and incredibly slacking way of promoting your own groups – Co-Ed School comes into mind. Not to mention you can’t even be bothered to make half-decent songs without making it sound like recycled crap or autotuned as hell. Either give up managing idols for good or do something to kick out that old crusty monkey who calls himself a CEO. If you suffer from financial difficulties in the future, well, I’ll be laughing hard with everyone else.

    Dear Kim Kwang Su, ‘CEO’ of CCM
    You, sir, officially deserve to be called the second biggest scumbag CEO of all of Kpop, only seconded by Open World Entertainment’s CEO. Go fucking die in Somalia or Afghanistan if you want to make CCM a better place. Sure, I can credit that you’re one of the main factors that pushed T-ara to where they are now but the way how you continue to treat them like dirt-struck slaves is downright deplorable and suffice to say, your usefulness to their career has long expired, rightfully so. Remember in 2010 when you said those 3 Kara members should be blackmailed from the Korean entertaintment business? I think the one who should be blackmailed instead is YOU. Your ’30 years of experience’ sounds more like 30 years of trouble, disaster and failure.

    Dear T-ara
    I’ve had many ups and downs with you ever since debut and didn’t become a casual fan until at least the Cry Cry promotions. When you revealed on TV that you never had a vacation since debut, I became a big fan of you lot myself, despite that I have my criticisms for each member (Ji Yeon’s god-awful singing, Hwa Young’s so-called ‘rapping’ and the such). You lot need to move agencies ASAP if you want to avoid being effed up in the ass by that wretched baboon any longer and continue on with your career. Your endurance is what got me to be a fan, not your music, looks, dramas or any of that. Boram, Ji Yeon and Qri, it’d be well appreciated if you ask some more dedicated time to training your vocals.  

    Dear SNSD and SM
    Being a former casual fan of you girls since 2008, I’d have to say, y’all have come a very long and successful path, despite the pain, sweat, tears and blood as well as SM’s occasional ‘mistakes’ that tarnished its reputation time to time. I’d like to say 2009 was perhaps the year I enjoyed your songs the most but it seems that you’ve been falling a bit with your promotions in Korea since last year, not to mention you’ve been changed drastically, facially – I’d even argue your prime peak in looks was way back in 2009. SM, do something about SNSD’s promotions in Korea for Heaven’s sake and goddamnit, drop the grudge you have against JYJ. It’s downright childish and shows you’re deeply paranoid like Stalin and Mao. And to Tiffany and ShiNee’s Minho, please refrain from ‘rapping’. I beg of you.

    Dear Cube Entertainment
    Now, I’m not really a big know-how or know-all of Cube, but really, stop or at least trim down on promotiong Hyuna and G.Na as ditzy sex symbols. It’s become grossly annoying and G.Na’s talents had been terribly wasted – and give Hyuna some lessons on SOMETHING she can be good at other than mediocre dancing and ‘rapping’ – I’d even argue she’ll have nothing to do with her career if she goes out on her own. And for heaven’s sake, do SOMETHING with the rest of 4minute otherwise they’ll end up being permanently nicknamed ‘Hyuna and the girls’, if not already.  

    Dear 2PM and to JYP
    This may sound offensive but Taecyeon and Chansung’s ‘rapping’ really needs to stop. It’s terribly ear-killing. I’m not a big fan of JYP or 2PM overall but your songs really seem to be heading down the toilets as each year goes by – what sort of song is ‘Put Your Hands Up?’ – it’s repetitive, cheesy and wannabe-ish.

    • JammySmoochie

      I was waiting for your comment. Flawless as ever.

  • Fei

    Dear Hyuna,
    please stop talking, ehm… I mean rapping. You’re not as badass as you may think. And please, just sing. And learn to lipsync. And stay cute, that sexy thing doesn’t suit you at all. And I know you don’t want to be sexy either.
    Love, Fei

  • hapacalgirl

    Dear SMent,

    Please for the love of god get over your grudge with JYJ.  They aren’t coming back, accept it and end the friggin lawsuit already.  Seriously its been 3 years, let them perform on stage and partake in variety shows already.  Also SNSD are in their 20s so how about we stop with the fetish dressing and aegyo music already.  Their Japanese album showed they can handle better quality music, so how about you do the same for their korean promotions.  There are a few genuinely talented girls, utilize them.  Also please give Suju better music, because this funky style is getting old, I can barely take them seriously as a group as is,  but crappy music isn’t helping.  Also can you please take your artists out of the damn box and actually put some effort in their MVs, kthanks.

    Dear CCM CEO ,

    Leave Kpop, wire your mouth shut, and hide yourself in a house in a cave.  Or even better yet, how about you do T-ara’s schedule for a couple years and see if you would be singing the same tune.  Accept that you suck as a CEO and your groups do not become top groups because your management is really bad not because the groups are working hard enough. Quit this whole internal competition business, its pointless and will hurt them in the long run.  Also T-ara has actual good vocalists so how about you stop chipmunking their voice with nonsensical dance music and let their vocals and abilities shine

    Dear T-ara,
    Once your contract is up, run as fast as you can for the hills. Most of you are talented, either vocally or acting or both, another company will take you. 

    Dear TVXQ.

    Yunho sweetie, stop the over-dancing and chipmunk rapping.  You are a much better dancer when you do not exaggerate and while your rapping is still mediocre, its easier on the ears at your normal tone.  Changmin, stop being pissed and cover up that chess. Also please calm down with the screaming, you have a nice voice but the screaming/belting is overkill. 

    Dear SNSD,
    Cut down the damn aegyo, all of you are in 20s not your pre-teens.  Its bad enough your korean music is aegyo personified but do you really need to be so cutesy in interviews as well.  Come on your older than that.  Tiffany, please work on your technique, you have a nice husky tone but your technique is really bad and makes you come off really nasally.  Also lay off the plastic surgery, you are very pretty already.  Taeyeon, once your contract is up leave SMent and do a pop-rock album kthanks!. Yoona, quit being an idol and work on acting lessons, you have so much potential that you are just not tapping into , a little practice can do wonders for you.  Hyoyeon, keep being awesome and work on your dancing.  Sunny, stop trying to sing in registers you are not comfortable in,  you sound wonderful when you let your natural high/soft voice shine.  

    Dear Shindong of Suju

    Never speak, I beg of you.  I have never been an anti of any kpop individual but I genuinely find you irritating and many of your comments both dumb and highly inappropriate. There is a fine line between entertaining and annoying

    Dear Donghae and Eunhyuk

    Do an album together with better music.  I couldn’t really take Oppa Oppa seriously but I liked the stuff you did for the Super Show. 

    Dear Minho of Shinee ,

    Please pick a career and work on that.  Because I am having a hard time seeing a reason for your presence in k-ent.

    Dear Hyuna,
    You are naturally sexy, so please stop trying so hard to be sexy.  Its both sad and funny but far from sex.  Take a few lessons from Hyori on how to do sexy right. Also you can’t sing so how about working on your rapping. 

    Dear Cube,
    Stop whoring out hyuna, you have more talented artistes under your company , promote them.  Also why you are at it, stop trying to make G.Na into some dimwitted sexpot, she has talent, how about your focus on that?

    Dear Teddy,
    Remove the finger from the autotune button and take a long vacation.  Your music is getting a bit stale. 

    Dear YGent,
    Stop trolling, take 2ne1 out of Japan and return them to Korea with better music.  Also release SuPearls ASAP.

    Dear JYP

    Quit with damn retro and allow WG to stay in Korea for a bit longer.  Please refrain from giving them simplistic “Hook songs” as their title tracks, the girls have matured as performers, allow them to perform songs worthy of their ability and seniority in kpop.  Also if you could quit with “this is a jyp production” that would be great. 

    Dear Shinhwa,
    Stay the same, you guys are awesome and make me one very proud shinhwa changjo.  Minwoo and Dongwan, stop worrying about height, both of you are awesome men that more than makes up for the height deficiency.  Dongwan, teach me photography please! your pictures are amazing =) Eric, stay the same but please give Stellar better music because I am still not sure if they have any talent.  Andy, please give more lines to the other members of Teen Top. 

    • http://twitter.com/Rylee_Ann Rylee Ann :D

      Especially Shindong, I cannot stand that guy. He’s like, literally the only kpop idol I will probably ever be an anti of (Unless they can dig up another prize like him.) Everything that leaves his mouth is dumb and rude. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

      Ouch on the Minho one. I had no idea some felt that way about him. Yours is about the fourth post regarding the subject of his lack of direction in entertainment. And I am not even half way through.

  • ghazal maleki

    dear Idols,
    stop being fake.I beg you

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

    To Seoulbeats

    1) Stop thinking your personal opinion = everybody else’s opinion
    2) Learn how the music charts work from GAON to Hanteo to Melon to Instiz to Oricon (Jpn).  It is embarassing and shows a total lack of professionalism to read the writers on this biased website’s total lack of knowledge about how X song or X album actually did in Korea or Japan.
    3) Stop being so ‘pressed’ that X group is more popular than your X group
    4) Bring back Ellie
    5) Get rid of a certain writer (I was going to write which writer here but I would probably be censored)

    To YG
    Refund people’s money or replace the cases from Bigbang’s Alive album that are rusting because you tried to save $$$ and used a cheaper metal alloy in construction of those cases which resulted in them rusting only after a few weeks/month being exposed to the air.

    To Bom/Dara
    Apologize for the racial/ethnic taunting and mocking of the Chinese people.

    • sherbet_lemon

      Dear George (aka Facts Guy),

      If you are not so pleased with the SB writers then get out of here and don’t ever come back! Go make your own website where you can post the most accurate and up-to-date  “facts” about the idol groups’ album sales or whatever it is that you want to call “facts”. You’re one of the most consistently annoying troll I have ever met in the internet!

      And by the way:
      1. For the nth time, ALBUM SALES =/= QUALITY MUSIC. 
      2. And not because X group’s album has the highest number of sales does not mean EVERYONE loves them and NO ONE has the right to dislike them. 
      4. I think it’s safe to say that majority of the people here DO NOT like you. That’s a FACT.

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       Dear George,

      Stop being a hapless fool aka moron

      (No) Love, Rosa

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      Dear George,

      It must be sad to be you in real life.  Confusing reality and fantasy can sometimes cause people to hurt themselves in the process.  See a doctor and stay away from whatever you’re taking now. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QNCBE573OEW4QTEJT6DBN5J5Q4 Saturday

    Dear Taeyang

    Please stop acting like a retard on stage, thinking that it’s actually cool to do constant 360 twirls and trying to act as cool as an ice cube. You have been nothing but annoying and attention seeking as a performer, please remember that you’re in a GROUP. And with so much time please spend it on learning how to sing live better instead of overdancing.

    Dear Bom

    Please put on some pants, and nice legs do not have to be freaking overexposed all the time. It’s tiring seeing you trying to show off your legs as they’re not all that. And improve your live singing because your lives have been nothing short of lackluster and honestly, bordering on painful and screechy, oh and remember that you’re 28 and act your age instead of behaving like a teenage girl with an underdeveloped brain.

    Dear SNSD

    It’s time to stop coasting on your previous successful hit songs and slack on your live performances. Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun cannot always help to cover the lipsyncing and/or lackluster “singing” of the weaker members vocally. Also, kindly stop assuming that making all sorts of rehashed and stupid poses with your hands equals looking cool and badass, stop being a one trick pony and try something new.

    Dear GD

    Please, for the dear sake of your hair’s health stop constantly changing your hairstyle and hair color as not only are they aesthetically unpleasing and horrifying most of the time, they’re tarnishing your reputation as a “fashionista”. 

    Dear T-ara

    I have never seen a group with worse live singing and performances than you. Your songs have been terrible and unlistenable, the very last bearable song was WAYBLT which was average at best. Though I attribute this to CCM overworking you girls like slaves, but other groups have much better performances and stage presence while being hardworking as well, so pleease step up your games.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QNCBE573OEW4QTEJT6DBN5J5Q4 Saturday

    To George

    Please STFU and never come back again

    • MAR_M3anie

      LOL!  That the statistic man right?

  • MAR_M3anie

    I really like this thread.  Don’t really have much to say but regarding MBLAQ…

    Dear Seungho,
    I hope you get more opportunities with solo projects or a sub group.  Sometimes it feels you are still in manager mode with the group as a whole and you take a back seat.

    Dear Lee Joon,
    If you are serious about acting, I hope you will take risks and do characters out of the norm.  Sometimes you have to push yourself away from what’s safe and diversify.

    Dear fans in general,
    Sometimes you have to step away and don’t take every word as truth.  Know that there is the public side that they want you to see and then the private side that you don’t see.

  • whirlypop

    Dear Sandara,
    Gain some weight and learn that guitar.

    Dear Bom,
    Stop with the surgeries and please learn to control your voice.

    Dear Minzy,
    Ero? NO. Just no.

    Dear Jaejoong,
    Go back to acting classes. 

    Dear Junsu,
    Just be Junsu. Watching Tarantaransomething was awkward.

    Dear Micky,
    You’ve done well. But I hope you won’t go back to Diva Yoochun.

    Dear Yunho,
    Don’t ever rap. EVER. You suck, honey. Love you so much.

    Dear Changmin,
    Where in the world are you? 

    Dear SNSD,
    You girls can’t act.

    Dear SuJu,
    Will you boys ever again release a song that doesn’t sound like it’s a malfunctioning fan?

    • sherbet_lemon

      If by surgeries you’re referring to Bom’s bloated face, she’s not having surgeries. The bloating is because of lymphadenitis (if I remember it right). They talked about it before in 2NE1TV. And if the bloating is really due to surgery, I don’t think she’s continuously having surgery w/ an already too bloated face like that. She can’t even open her mouth properly which can restrict her singing. So I don’t think YG or any doctor would allow her to have more surgeries.

      • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

         She had at least eyelid surgery, if not nose and lips too. I love her to death but lymph nodes don’t give you double eyelids so yeah.

        • sherbet_lemon

          Of course lymph nodes are in no way connected with having double eyelids. I’m referring about her BLOATED FACE. Please read my first sentence again. And eyelid surgeries won’t make your face bloat. Nor will lips and nose jobs.

          • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

            The comment you replied to referred to Bom’s past plastic surgery (surgeries), the ones of aesthetic nature, not her lymph nodes. Surgeries on lymph nodes are only performed in  the extreme cases (cancer). So far Bom only treats her lymph condition with medication and rest.

            But you apparently got confused because the person wrote “and please learn to control your voice”.

            They were referring to her plastic surgery (surgeries) and added that she should take care of her voice because she doesn’t have a good control over her vocals.

            Those were two separate comments.

          • sherbet_lemon

            I know that the person’s comment are in two parts which are unrelated. I’m not dumb. I never commented on Bom’s voice. And I never said she have lymph nodes surgeries, she just has lymphadenitis. 

            If you would read my comment again, it’s actually of two parts too.
            1. I said Bom’s bloated face is NOT caused by surgeries. The bloating is caused by lymphadenitis.
            2. If ever she did have surgeries before that caused the bloating, I don’t think she’s still continuously having it now because of her already bloated face. And I said that because the person said Bom should stop having surgeries.

            I think I’ve written them fairly clearly, so I don’t know on which part of my comment you got confused.

          • sherbet_lemon

            I know that the person’s comment are in two parts which are unrelated. I’m not dumb. I never commented on Bom’s voice. And I never said she have lymph nodes surgeries, she just has lymphadenitis. 

            If you would read my comment again, it’s actually of two parts too.
            1. I said Bom’s bloated face is NOT caused by surgeries. The bloating is caused by lymphadenitis.
            2. If ever she did have surgeries before that caused the bloating, I don’t think she’s still continuously having it now because of her already bloated face. And I said that because the person said Bom should stop having surgeries.

            I think I’ve written them fairly clearly, so I don’t know on which part of my comment you got confused.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

        Bom had her eyes and nose done. Her teeth too. I think that is what might have affected her cheeks cause they don’t seem to fit her mouth. Any way, that is just my perception on the reason for her facial bloat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

      Hahahahaha, you must have heard Yunho in purple line then.

  • black_rose45000

    Dear Sungmin, 
    Please leave SJ.

    Love, probably-your-worst-fan.

    But considering how that would never happen and I’d still have to follow SJ stuff…
    Dear SM, 
    Please give more equal lines to the members to sing in their albums. If you bring out another KRY centered album or smth of the sort, I’ll snap. And for the love of God, do something with Henry and Zhoumi, they’re more talented than half of SJ but they’re left to rust. 

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       I second this post on Suju. When I listened to Suju-M’s “Super Girl” and watched the MV, was like what the eff, why hasn’t SM show off these guys moar. Zhou Mi and Henry are so gorgeous and talented, easily wiping the floor with the dead weight Suju’s been carrying. And I then read about the “Only 13” protests, which was laughable because Suju was originally 12, minus Kyuhyun, so I guess the only logic reason behind it that those “Only 13” protestors were racists…

      • black_rose45000

        Thank you! Tbh, during SJ-M’s promo songs, I even thought these guys were average. It wasn’t until Zhoumi hit some high notes or during their solos that I realized how talented they were and how somehow, at least for me, they’d been kept “in the dark”. And I’m always doing some major eyeroll when I hear about the Only 13 movement. My secret suspicion is that someone from SM higher ups is/are also racist(s).

    • http://twitter.com/Rylee_Ann Rylee Ann :D

      Dear SM,
       I watched “Supergirl” by SJM a while ago, and wondered why they weren’t put into SJ or something.. Then that darn “Only 13” BS… Actually, since Hangeng, Kibum are out (Well, Kibum’s acting but he is technically a member..), throw in Henry and Zhoumi… BAM, DUMB FANGIRLS, IT’s STILL ONLY 13… You see where I’m going with this? Either way, do something with those two… they deserve it.
      Dear Henry (SJM)
      Ok. You are my bias in SJ, despite dumb fangirls making it a bit hard for you to actually be in SJ. Get out of SM, maybe debut in SM, or maybe something in China… I don’t know.. do SOMETHING with your skills, other than sit around in SJM rotting. You’re so talented and you deserve better than that.


  • http://twitter.com/cobyness11 coby

    Dear Jong Hyun (CNBLUE),

    Ask Yonghwa how get a tan.  You’re so pale.  Try a vampire role next time.


    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      Dear Jonghyun, don’t listen her. But do get some sleep, you always look exhausted.

      Love, Rosa

  • Khaddie

    Alright, let me try this.

    Dear Jaejoong,

    Please eat and take care of your health. You constantly look sick, how do you plan on coping in the military? Take care of your voice and remind people why you were the Visual Shock of DBSK. Also, be more happy. Spend less time with cats and get yourself a girl.

    Dear Jia,

    You are the only person that can rival Hyoyeon as my ultimate female bias. Show people why.

    Dear Tiffany,

    Fany is a cute nickname, but it sounds very similar to another word where I’m from. I’m not asking you to change it, just letting you know.

    Dear G-Dragon,

    You can pull of many looks, that disgusting weave rats tail thing is not one of them. You are still awesome, but with awful hair.

    Dear EXO,

    Despite having one of the most overblown and obnoxious debutes, I still really like you guys. Help me explain this to people with your future releases.

    Dear Spica,

    Just stay the way you are, you guys are awesome. I hope you get the popularity you deserve without having to compromise your sound. Boa, can we be friends?

    Dear BAP,

    I love you. But I refuse to call myself a baby. I’ll support you. But unless one of you asks me out, I refuse to be referred to as a baby.

    Dear Shinhwa,

    I was like 4 or something when you guys debuted. Is it inappropriate to fan girl over you? Who gives a damn.

    • BVMR

       LOL i love ur comment :)))) ure so funnyyyy hehehe

    • Gil_SB

      No it is not inappropriate to fangirl over Shinhwa. I was four when they debuted to and I am shamelessly in love with them 

    • http://twitter.com/Rylee_Ann Rylee Ann :D

      I was born the year they debuted. It’s very inappropriate for me to fangirl over Shinhwa, but Eric is hot. 
      Love your comment- esp about EXO, I hate saying I *liked* EXO because of the overblown debut and some fans being obnoxious. But eh, It’s an SM group, what do I expect for a fanbase *cough* ELFs *cough*

    • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

      Hahahahaha, what u said about EXO’s debut is so true. Hahahahaha. It was so overblown and obnoxious, poor guys must have felt so embarassed. But what can they do?

  • goldengluvsk2

    i think more than specific idols my short letters might go directed mainly to agencies and CEOs…

    To: all agencies that try to make their idols act when they can’t:
    STOP IT ALREADY!!  i know they might be popular which means: fans would watch, good ratings and youll get the $$$ but can you have a bit of shame? if they cant act then let people that actually went to school or are naturally gifted in acting do the work… its embarassing and painful to watch that everyone is saying they suck but you keep pushing and pushing the idols to accept roles in dramas… I bet that if idols could freely decide, lots of them would turn those offers down because they know thats not their thing…

    hey you… CCM ent. CEO/CEOs!!!:
    even when im not that happy that you decided to add random -toddlers- people to T-ara, DONT DARE to kick anyone out…!! if you wanna kick out soemone kick KKS out…! apologize to the poor co-ed school’s fans for KILLING their beloved group, try to look up the words “VACATION” AND “REST” on the dictionary because i dont think you know whats that… and if you know youre definition and my definition dont match—

    To: Cube Ent.
    Please… im begging you… STOP making Hyuna do the weird sexy-horny concept its painful to watch… shes indeed a beautiful girl but overdoing things never turn out fine. give 4minute’s members equal attention, an online program to learn more about the other members who dont get attention, sub units AND release more fierce songs a la I my me mine…!

    Dear YG:
    even when youre the biggest trolls on Earth: saranghaeyo! i only have like one complaint, fix Gd’s hair/clothes and TY’s hair… really… ill pay you i dunno how youre gonna do it but DO IT!  and dont ever let the seaweed hair come again! jebal x.x
    please make 2ne1tv 4 and make collabs more often and if those are with non- YG artists thats even better…!
    love ya!

    Dear JYP:
    even when i liked 2pm’s “heartbeat” angsty era,  i like it that it seems like with JJ Project we’ll have more happy concepts in the future! collab more often! :)

    dear LOENENT.:
    do anything to make Sunny Hill shine… promote them more, get them on variety shows idk… but step on the accelerator to make people Sunny hill recognize Sh’s talent.. they deserved it :’))

    Dear SM:
    as a company, i hate you sooo much… even when you look like youre treating your idols better since JYJ’s and Hangeng’s issues I still cant stand you… Hannie is safe from you cuz hes in China but LET JYJ ALONE! dont be childish and stop pulling strings everywhere! YOU lost! accept it…! Give SJ more quality material to work with but most of all dont make albums with only 2 good songs and then 10 fillers just to make more $$$…!

    Dear Burning jonghyun, Janghyun, wooyoung, Daesungie, Hoya, CNU, Yesung, Sungmin, Wookie:
    I <3 you! I'd appreciate it if you accepted to be the 1st ones to be part of my Kpop boy's Harem…!  seriously…! XOXO, goldeng

  • Mintmint

    “Dear K-pop, stop asking grown men and women to do ageyo. Some cute is ok but after 25 limit it please. Maybe 10 bouts of national ageyo per idol. I don’t know WORK IT OUT.”

    Lol 25 is way too high IMHO. Maybe 20 is better. I mean by 20 you’re considered an adult, being able to drink, maybe buy alcohol, drive and stuff in Korea. Acting like a little kid on TV and then going to the club afterwards to get wasted with your friends is just weird to me. Haha.

    *Whoops, meant that as a reply to another comment… -__-‘

  • sherbet_lemon

    Dear Seoulbeats,
    This is really awesome. Some of the “love letters” here are great and appropriate. Is there any way that you could send them to the concerned people? Thanks :)

    Dear (overzealous) K-Pop fans,Your idols are not your puppets. They are real human beings who need to make mistakes in order for them to learn and survive in life. And no matter how many albums/singles you buy, how loud you shout saranghae, and how many times you watch them and fight for them, THEY WON”T DATE/MARRY YOU. There’s also a very, very slim chance that you would actually know them personally. Sad but true. Accept it, deal with it. So do your idols a favor, and let them date, experience hurt and actually LIVE THEIR LIVES.

    Dear SM,SNSD can’t act. Stop shoving them to dramas and musicals. You should be arrested for robbing real actors (on TV and stage) of their jobs. And please respect ALL the fans, not just the Japanese fans, by giving QUALITY MUSIC in their Korean/English promotions. And stop giving lame music as “gifts” to fans. No one is asking for them.Dear JYP,Stop putting your name in the intro of your group’s songs. Not everything is about you! Give them a chance to shine on their own!Dear YG,Stop calling CL and Minzy ugly because they’re not. Calling them cool instead does not make up for it. I have learned to accept thay you’re a troll, but this is just too much. And with the upcoming pretty girl group, this is tarnishing your image.Dear CCM,T-ara have just started to gain the popularity that they deserved, please don’t pull them back to irrelevancy. And lay-off with the autotune, some of the girls have really great vocals but they end up sounding the same. Your CEO should be arrested and banned from the entertainment industry.Dear SNSD,You’re not really good in acting fierce. You’re not good in acting. Period. As much as I don’t want you to return to your cutesy days, I just can’t stand you trying to be fierce. Esp with Tiffany winking like every 10sec and Sunny’s uncontrollable aegyo. Maturity does not necessarily mean fierce. And for your next “vocal” sub-units, give Yoona a favor and don’t put her in any. Unless of course it’s just a dancing sub-unit.Dear Taeyeon,As soon as your contract is up, run away from SM! Go to another agency where you’ll be allowed to showcase your talent w/ the type of music that you like. You’re a very talented singer and I’m sure all the other agencies will accept you.Dear 2NE1,I hope you would lie low with the autotune, electropop and synths. I know that’s the ‘in’ thing in the West now and you’re working on your US debut. But I really hope you would somehow go back to your style in your 1st mini which I love so much. Dara can sing, not as good as the others, but she can and your 1st mini allowed her to show it more. And CL’s and Minzy’s rap were at they’re best during those times too.Dear Dara,While I share your sentiments over the ridiculous dating ban, please stop talking about it. It’s irritating and you’re starting to sound desperate. And I don’t think people are buying that you’re “lonely”. I’m sure you’re a more interesting person and your dating life is not the only thing you can share to people.Dear T-ara,Don’t let your CEO pull you down. You’re all talented and hardworking. I hope you’ll run fast from CCM when you have the chance to do it.

    Okay, this is long. I should shut up now.

    • black_rose45000

      I LOVED your comment, especially the part about the overzealous fans and SM ♥
      And I’m glad to hear someone say Dara can sing, I’ve thought she was decent too, but everyone seems to say she can’t sing O.o

      • sherbet_lemon

        People are so fast to dismiss her talent because she belongs to 2NE1. Her voice might be thin and weak, but she can definitely carry and sustain notes. Plus, Teddy knows how to use her voice, so even though she has less lines in songs she can still sing them live. But she’s still far from the rest of 2NE1. Maybe if she’s part of other groups, she might actually be recognized.

    • noiha

      Dear T-ara,
      Don’t let your CEO pull you down. You’re all talented and hardworking. I hope you’ll run fast from CCM when you have the chance to do it.
      THIS! i wonder what’s inside that CEO head as he adding more and more members, or putting them on more and more absurd concept. argh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000079933810 Damilola Jolaoso

    Reading these comments, some ( a very small amount) are good advice, like the ones concerning companies; the rest don’t sound like advice but just the basic rantings you read on every other kpop threads; and then there are the really stupid ones, “admit if you’ve had plastic surgery” “tell us who you’re dating” “you can’t act/sing so don’t try” “get a tan” -_-. Sorry if I offended anyone. Maybe I was just expecting something else base on the title and first paragraph of the article.

    • cancertwin2

      IKR. It went from being fun and light-hearted to being insulting. But what else can we expect from the Kpop world? It seems Kpop fans love to criticize more than they like to hand out praise or accolades.

  • zazuki_24

    LOL. the kim hyun joong one was particularly funny. 

  • Chyrita Bonita

    all of these are funny, anyway….

    Dear Pledis, 

    After School was the group that got me into kpop and for the past year no group has managed to knock them from the top spot in my heart. That being said, I’ve been noticing the reoccurring fuckery that goes on at your company. First off, return AS to their sexy fun fierce AH, Diva, and Bang days. I don’t know who’s stupid idea the whole album concept for Virgin was, but it was very disappointing. Also, you may think this graduation system is what sets you apart from other groups but its actually hurting the group in the long run. With every graduation you are going to loose alot more fans then you actually gain with every new admission. AS is NOT SNSD! Which means they don’t have to have 9 members and they don’t have to do cutesy concepts, so why make them do this? 

    My next issue with you is Kahi Park’s solo career. Back when Pledis only consisted of Kahi and Son Dambi, what the fuck made you think that Son Dambi should be a solo artist and Kahi should be in a group??????? Kahi taught Dambi how to dance and she wrote some of her songs. How the fuck does the more skilled person (Kahi) become forced to share the spotlight with other girls while her student (dambi) becomes a solo star? I will never understand the logic behind this.

    Lastly I want to tell you that this 17 member group is a waste of time and all the money that AS has earned for your company. Why don’t you focus on creative comebacks for you other groups instead of investing money in more fuckery. Pledis get yo shit together!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Dear KPop,

    Does it hurt to check your Engrish before you release a song?  There are so many English instructors in Korea right now who are not getting paid a lot.  I’m sure they’ll be happy to get a decent part time job for a little extra pay.  Take advantage!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VAG2JJTUCBHK7NE6HHD7RPDX2Y Wunmi

    Dear KPOP companies,
    Please check ur English…i mean there are many people in Korea who speak n read perfectly good English..please use em.

    Dear SNSD,
    I just actualy listened to the lyrics of the Boys n ….that shiz dont work. Ur singing about how u get it in…dunno if u realized that! might wanna work on that.

    Dear Girl Groups above 20,
    Ur adults now…please start acting like one…Aegyo only goes so far before it becomes annoying…m looking at u Sunny.

    Dear TOP,
    I get it, ur sexy…please start posing like normal people for BIGBANG promotions! kthanks!

    Dear KPOP Companies,
    Please start making good music again, i get that KPOP is a worldwide phenomenon but we need quality music…kthanks!
    Please dont debut crappy look-alike bands…use BAP as ur example..okay??
    Also, idols r not do-all, be-alls. If they cant act, please dont let them…i’m looking at u Yuri and Donghae!

    Thats all for now…

    • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

      I am so glad you touched on that aegyo point. It is nice and all and I like it. But dang! It gets real annoying when overdone. Be it Kpop or Kdrama. I could not enjoy playful kiss because of it.

  • muggle87

    I can’t believe I am actually doing this. okay here i go.

    Dear Junsu,

    I know that some fans hate the new album cause concept doesn’t fit the angel xiah that they like…. and u probably knew that they are going to be some fans that won’t be happy yet u went ahead did it anyways. That is what i like about u. That you stay true to yourself. I hope u continue being you, whether its angel xiah or sexy xiah or combination. As long u are happy with yourself, don’t worry what other ppl might think. <_< suppose to be about tough love yet OTL… okay some tough here i go, there is this thing that u do… Oooohhh technique (don't know how to describe it), i notice u do it a lot…. stop that. It doesn't fit all the songs.

    Dear Yoochun,

    I will admit that at first i thought that you had mood swings like a pregnant woman (blame it on some of your stans) but after getting to know u (um not personally ugh u know what i mean) i realize u are actually laid back kind guy. I really like when u pull a chunface and when u trolling jaesu, it cracks me up. I really like rooftop prince, great job. Tough love: Quit smoking, normally I don't give a damn if idol smokes or not but you got asthma. Chunnie, for your health, your brother, and your mom, quit smoking. P.S. though ur voice is not the same anymore, i still think u got a good voice. P.S.S. puppy and cream, please explain that.

    Dear Jaejoong, 

    Honestly, I have no idea what to say… Honestly the fact that u have to deal with SOME extreme yunjae fans then SOME dbsk5 fans who expect u to fix things, then having SOME people disregarding your talents cause they judge you by your appearance, then having SOME fans expecting you to be just as great as yoosu is in acting and musicals… my tough (if u can call it that) love for you is take it easy on yourself, eat more, rest more, and… care little less. You care too much and its taking a toll on you. You can't please everyone, jae.

    Dear JYJ,

    I like the fact that you are making your own music but I do wish you could have some pros help you out for some of the songs….. but then again asking that from you guys knowing that no one wants to touch you guys in fear that other companies might refuse to work with them if they work for you…. sigh… perhaps some classes? P.S. In Heaven made me fall in love with you guys all over again. The live is truly amazing, studio albums do u guys no justice i swear.

    Dear Homin,

    Sometimes when I look at you guys, I get teary… have no idea why. You are doing great so its not that.. u guys improve so much, i am really proud so its not that. ur lastest music is in my ipod, so its not that…. i don't hate you guys for staying with sme so its not that…. i think its cause i miss u guys. Minnie, I miss u… a lot. Yunho, I just wanna ruffle your hair. I got no tough love for u guys cause the only thing I want to say is I miss u guys.

    Dear Exo M,

    I blame tumblr for making me a fan of guys. Kris, u became my bias cause u stood up for members when chinese mc said some stuff about u guys. Tao, u became my 2nd bias cause u are too darn cute and sexy. Luhan, u immortal doll, i always thought u are so cute so when u guys perform on show champion, I was totally blown by your manly presence on stage. Chen the fact that u troll… lol. Lay, u are cute when u lose ur train of thought (though kris might say otherwise lol). Xumin, steam bun that is all i have to say :) My tough love for u: Nothing cause the one responsible for guys music is not u but ur company…. so sme, i don't like u however doesn't mean i hate ur acts, so u better step up the game. i can't continue liking them just base on personality only, i have to like some of their music u know. P.S. Perform more! P.S. Two Moon is a good song.^^

    Dear Kai,

    I will admit that I got annoy every time I saw more of u on my dashboard then my biases which isn't your fault. Though lately, instead of getting annoyed, i just crack up cause now for some odd reason, i see u as dorky kid trying to be cool and sexy. Which is great cause I really don't want to dislike u for something that is not your fault.

    Dear YG,

    I like u, I really do but stop calling CL and Minzy ugly. 

    Dear SME, 

    I dislike u. I know that u did help create one of the greatest groups of all time but I still dislike u. The reason why is not cause of JYJ but cause who u are. The type of people that I dislike the most are those who think they are above the law.

    Dear Tara's Company Ceo,

    U need to leave and never return to entertainment industry. I dislike u the minute u said that Kara should be ban from music industry. Nobody ask u for ur damn opinion. I hope u get fired or that TARA moves to new agency.

    Dear Kdrama Industry and PD,

    I like kdramas, I really do but I have two things to say to u. Create better system to shoot dramas. Live shoots are insane. I am not saying this for the actor/actress sake but for all the staffs who have to suffer cause of live shoots. 2nd thing, no more lame kiss scenes, it ruins the moment when i see the actor/actress kissing like that. I do not demand a french kiss but can u at least make it less awkward looking.

    I will end this here cause I just realize I wrote a research paper. lol. sorry. 

  • benignascanb

    This is amazing. I’ll dedicate a few to my dearest rookie group.

    Dear Chanyeol,
    You’re goofy and that’s why I love you, but no more derping on stage. It’s bad that I find myself okay with you being shoved to the back all the time.

    Dear Suho,
    Is it just me or are you a little too mindful of the camera? Focus on your singing Gramps. There’s some work to be done there.

    Dear EXO-M,
    The next time you’re told to lip-sync a performance, start crying or start throwing punches–whatever it takes to get SM to finally let you sing live.

  • angrybxtchtiki

    Dear Dara,
    not in love with your so called “fresh vocals”. Please step it up some.

    Dear TS entertainment,
    Stop wasting your time and money pushing Secret in Japan when they’re clearly flops. Just.stop.

    Dear Zelo,
    Please consider modeling :)

    Dear 2pm,
    Not at all impressed with your “chair dance”. You guys too need to bring your A-game and add some actual dance moves so people can take you seriously too.

    Dear Every Entertainment group who have groups in Japan,
    Can you please try to make an effort to get the groups to pronounce the language correctly? I’m so sick of the half-a**ed efforts and please stop using remakes of your Korean singles. It’s really tacky on your part.

    Dear Ryeowook(super junior),
    Stay the way you are :) you’re perfect.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      Dear Zelo, consider being a model “on the side” stick to your true calling, an slick kick ass rapper, who’s too cute for words!

      • angrybxtchtiki

        Looool so true! I think he can manage both.

  • noiha

    dear daesung,
    don’t believe whatever gdragon or yg said about your hairstyle. listen to your jaesuk and jongkook said about your weird blonde. and please come again to running man!

    dear bigbang,
    stop messing with your hair. please. monster is a good piece, but your hairs are distracting (in a bad way).

    dear junsu,
    contrary to what people talking here about being *real* (which is, i assume, boring ballads), i know you’ve been real since xiahtic/intoxication, even more during elizabeth/mozart… thus i have no complain against your style now. i think it’s no less than perfection and you sure are no angelxiah to begin with. keep it up. you’ll lose some fans, but gain more in exchange.

    dear chunnie,
    i love you in RTP, your acting is getting much better except for the awkwardness of the first episode. but in all honesty, that drama is travesty, a mediocre piece with one dimensional antagonist and typical lead girl. get yourself a better drama next time. something like SKSS again, pretty please?

    dear jaejoong,
    you’re talented, i know that. but seriously… if you want to act… uh, i’d rather you to stay singing, or directing, or whatever. you’re a visual shock, but mind you, acting is more than being a visual shock.

    dear jyj,
    take your time. if all producers/song-writers in korea chickened out, get yourself much experienced producers/song-writers out there… and note that kanye west isn’t the only around. i know you all are awesome, but you’d want to learn more from the experienced one first. at least you can let them edit your self composing tracks which often sound so amateur-ish before you actually sell it to us fans.

    and lastly…

    dear runningman pds, staffs, and casts…
    you know, your viewers love it more when you didn’t put guests too much exposure or giving them instant win. give me more episodes like ep 92 where the guests blend well with the casts. but seriously, thank you for fulfilling my life with so much joy. please continue being #1 on the slot, and enjoy your popularity. oh yeah, please get yoon eunhye to guest, using all means if necessary, lol. ^^


  • sandy li

    Dear Sme, 
    It’s time to fix your management problems. Stop remaking every Super Junior’s songs as Sorry Sorry. Enough already, give me something more original like It’s You. It’s time to release Zhang Liyin’s second album. That girl is the most talented in your company. Give her some proper songs instead of lame remakes. Fans know that she can hit high notes flawlessly. For crying our loud, that girl need more Rnb songs that show her true talent. Stop debuting new medicore group. It’s a waste of time and money. Stop with the JYJ law suit. It’s has been three years and they will not return to your company. Your company roster is long enough. You are wasting half of those people by hiding them in your basement. Step it up already. You are one of the biggest  company in Korea. Lastly, Yunho you are bias since DBSK but please don’t try to rap and make your voice sound like a chipmunk it sound so annoying. 

    Dear Zhang Liyin,
    Do something about your stylist.Gosh, your coordi and stylist sucks. Your have better fashion sense than them. Also, do something with your stage presence. Girl, I love your voice but you need to step it you. Stop singing songs from Whitney Huston. Get a new act. Stop hiding yourself in your turtle shell. I really wants to shake some confidence into you. Girl, flirt with the camera already. I have to admit sometime you are boring to watch. Lastly, leave SME already, stop wasting your talent there. 

    Dear YG,
    Stop making Big Bang into a money tree. Give those boys some rest already. Please don’t try to become another SME. Please don’t debut so many new group at once. Even though, I love you tone down with the trolling already. Step it up with Se7en’s management

    Dear Cube,
    Stop making Hyuna the face of 4Minute. Give the other girls a change to shine. Don’t make look like a talent less slut. Give her some proper training in singing and dancing. Stop wasting Gina’s talent. Don’t you dare make her into a second Hyuna. One is bad enough, that girl have talent give her proper song just like her debut single. 

    Dear JYJ, 
    I love you all but make sure Yoochun quit smoking, it totally killing this voice. Yoochun please don’t rap just stick with singing. Junsu please don’t autotune your voice let it be natural please. JaeJoong whatever your are doing is just great; however, you need to step it up a bit. Please compose and produce better songs. In Heaven is a great album but some songs need more work. Have someone edit some of your work. 

    Dear Kara, 
    love you all.You girls are flawless. Continue what you are doing. Love your Japanese promotions. 

    Dear Teddy,
    Get some rest and let the other producers do some work. Tone down with the auto tune with with 2ne1 songs. Their voice are great; however, Bom and Dara in more training when it comes with live performance. Whatever you are doing with the girls are great. Just tone it down with the auto tune. Don’t over work yourself. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    Dear Big Bang,
    Im a huge fan but really your new MV was weird,it scares me especially Taeyang’s hair.Your concept is eerie
    Dear Leeteuk,
    I know you are going to the army soon and you’re gonna miss those fans and Im gonna miss you too but please for the love of God stop encouraging those stalker fans on twitter.
    Dear Kyuhyun,
    I do truly love you but please get a new haircut and get some rest.You look like a sleepwalker in airports sometimes and so pale and looking unhealthy.
    Dear Yunho,
    Loosen up a little bit you and Changmin are doing great I swear.

    Dear Kim Hyun Joong,
    You are too good to your fans they might end up abusing you.

    Love lots.

    • runningmanfan

      “so pale and looking unhealthy…”
      i believe he’s doing that intentionally. he became so obsessed to be “edward cullen” ever since bonamana era. :p

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        really? i didnt know that..but I swear he looks like someone not getting enough sleep and rest for real.

  • runningmanfan

    dear yoo jaesuk,
    you’re perfect. keep being the best korea mc!

    dear ji sukjin,
    you’re my favorite mc from star golden bell and i’m glad that you’re getting better in running man. just, don’t stick with lee gwangsoo only. sometimes it’s getting boring.

    dear kim jongkook,
    please take care of gwangsoo. lol. but no, seriously, you’re one of the few *talkers* of the running man, please take care of your juniors’ limited talk skill too, don’t chase them around too much~

    dear gary,
    just because you’re no monday couple anymore, doesn’t mean you need to be paired with every female guest. give a chance to haha too! and please talk more~

    dear haha,
    you’re better as playboy in x-men. be more thick-skinned! i’m rooting for your playboy character~ lol.

    dear song jihyo,
    please convince me that you can talk more than just “daebak”-ing everything. you’re an ex inkigayo mc, right? and don’t give in to female guests. ace jihyo fighting!

    dear lee gwangsoo,
    seriously, even if you want to betray someone, you have to think about it first… i hope this year you can graduate from only body gags. i’m going to wait for your explosing talk skill~!

    • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

       one thing i noticed about RM is the guest always got to be the spy and they will win..RM team rarely win against the guest.

      and lol at jihyo’s daebak

  • http://twitter.com/sowon7890 Sowon Kang

    Dear Jaejoong,
    I think you need to go and find a strong foothold, i think you’re a bit confused on what to do with junsu doing musicals and yoochun doing dramas. Release a solo album! don’t be pressured into acting because that is the only way JYJ can be on television. Please go back to your mirotic days hairstyle because your hair in Protect the Boss was like a blow in the head for fans who had never seen you with that short hair. Don’t get infected with the Yoochun-byung and get yourself a girlfriend. I’m scared with all your depressions that you might end up doing something you’ll regret.

    Dear Yunho,
    I’m sorry but i hate your voice after the breakup. I know that you are trying hard to fill the spot of the 3 missing members, but your voice sounds so much better in its natural range which is bass. The high pitched thing you got going on right now is weird and unpleasant. Please never act again, just stick to singing. I’m sorry, but i couldn’t even finish the first episode of Heading to the Ground. I like your rapping, but stick to the Heartquake style and not the autotuned version.

    Dear Junsu,
    Stick to musicals and not to kdramas, i’m sorry babes but that few minutes in Scent of a Woman was horrible. Your talent is in singing and pouring emotions into a song. Stick to it. Stop trying to be chari-xi-ma, we’ve been over this many times. Stay strong, the korean industry is making a big mistake in trying to bury your talent. 

    Dear Yoochun,
    Stop friken smoking! You have asthma and you’re smoking??? Seriously, your condition got worse and you can’t go into proper military service. All the korean male population is saying s*** about you in every news article, you know how sensitive they are about military issues. I can’t stand reading all of the hurtful comments about you. They accuse you of faking it because you dance on stage and do concerts, only us fans know that you suffer backstage… I always knew you were the talented actor even during Vacation. Keep it up and stay strong. stop drinking to forget your hurts, but go out and have fun with friends.

    Dear Changmin,
    I love how you are talking in variety shows now and you are showing your true evil side on television. Please show some emotion sometimes, you are so hard to read! I know that you got hurt the most because of the split….

    Dear DB5K,
    I will always be waiting for the day when you guys reunite, even if its not artistically but as human beings. The shinhwa comeback and the SS501 reunion gives us hope. Please leave to military service at the same time like you’d promised us, so that we only have to wait 2 years for your absence.
    Dear SM,
    Get over the lawsuit, seriously. you are just damaging your image and wasting money.

    Dear Super Junior,
    Sorry Sorry was the best album you ever made. then it went downhill. I got into Kpop because of you guys and into DBSK and others. Now…. i wish that you guys stop damaging your image so much on Television, junior artists don’t treat you properly and i’m sure everyone is confused whether you guys are gagmen or singers. 

    Dear Kibum,
    stop lying and just admit that you aren’t a part of super junior. you were MIA since the 2nd album, Kyuhyun made more music with Super Junior than you and he isn’t even the original member. 

    Dear Rookies,
    Be original. All the new rookies after mblaq/beast are all like clones of each other. 

    Dear Korean Industry,
    Stop treating idols as gods, they are human beings. Learn from the American industry and let them date and get married and do what ever without having the pressure from strangers they probably would never meet. Artists are there to give us music. There is a difference between the real artists and the ones on your posters. They are not our slaves or our husbands or wives. Get over it. O and stop being so BIASED!! You let GD and Daesung be on TV when one did drugs and one got into an unfortunate situation of killing someone, but yet JYJ isn’t allowed to appear on television?? What did they do? They didn’t get into some DUI incident or say racist comments about Korea. Your level of excuses are the equivalent to My Dog ate my Homework. -_- 

  • itsmysunshine

    Dear Onew,
    As much as I love you, I wish you would show more leader quality rather than your Onew-sangtae. And I love your voice, but please no more opera song for your solo performances. Try something new and fresh.

    Dear MBLAQ (specifically Joon),
    I hate how you guys always get a dance that emphasizes on touching your lips and showing your abs. And the guyliner. And the questionable outfits. Not your fault, though, but I believe you can say a thing or two to your stylist/choreographer/make-up artist, yea?

    Dear fans,
    Let the idols date. Let them have someone that they can really connect to. Stop treating them like they’re betraying you if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend. 

    And lastly, to idols,
    Stop feeding delusional thoughts to your fans. I know that you guys love your fans, but saying something like, “My fans are my wives” is not saying ‘love’. 


  • Haibara Christie

    Dear Daesung, 
    I have enjoyed you so much after “smell!” and I really think you have so much vocal talent that just keeps getting half wasted in autotuned Big Bang songs.  Please, please get that solo album and do something interesting!

    Dear DB5K,
    For heaven’s sake, this is turning into a soap opera! Snap out of it! If somehow Eunhyuk can still keep in touch with Junsu and can talk about him on a Variety show, how in the world can you 5 not communicate? Or at least not look like you hate each other’s existence?  Really now? I’m not even asking you to get back together even though I want you to, just acknowledge each other!

    Dear Jaejoong,
    I want that Rock/Alternative Album. NOW. And yes, I know you like your ballads. Oh, and please bring back your Mirotic face-and hair.  Right now you and the rest of JYJ are way too thin, and you in particular always look stoned.  Do I need to show you a picture of when you looked better than 99% the girls on the planet?…and before I forget, please don’t act…leave it to Yoochun.

    Dear Yoochun,
    You can act.  You can’t rap, write english lyrics, or sing live without sounding like a dying hyena ON PURPOSE.  Stick to what you do well. Sing your few lines without that extra strange stuff, and act.  Nothing else.  

    Dear SNSD,
    You poor girls, I sincerely want to believe that you guys have more talent than you let on.  TTS has given me a smidge of hope that you might have vocal talent. Your Japanese release was half way decent.  Now you just need better Korean music. The Boys was atrocious no matter what the sales and youtube videos say, and you even know it.  Taeyeon has rightfully hated pretty much every single you have released and for good reason.  You are Korea’s girl group that is going to have rabid fans regardless of what your release, so please do something good for once!!!!!

    Dear Entertainment Companies,
    What kind of drugs are you on when you come up with group names? Because there are a lot of people who would like to find out.  

    Dear Seung Gi,
    You dear, are all sorts of perfect son-in-law material who knows exactly what he’s doing. You are pretty much the perfect idol…without actually being a true idol.  TK2H was fabulous.

    Now, about those haircuts and stylists you seem to have outside of dramas….

    Dear Suju,
    I met you guys because of Super Girl and Sorry Sorry, so I know you have some talent and charisma.  What in the world happened? Poor Henry out there has some incredible talent and you leave him hanging while you continue release some godawful music.  Please, please, don’t hurt those poor elfs out there who support you regardless of the sorry excuse for title songs you release. I don’t need 3jib horribly rehashed. I want good music!

    Be happy that I even bothered to give some friendly advice.
    With all kindess,
    Haibara Christie

  • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kat

    Dear Kibum,
    “Focus on acting career” my a*s, what a nice excuse? Why can’t you just say that you no longer want to work with SJ and are no longer a part of SJ? Do you simply want to hold on to the Super Junior title so you will have a smoother ride to fame? There are many SJ members that do a lot of acting outside of group activities, but do they all just ditch the group all together to have acting digs? Siwon would be a great example, he has the most drama schedules out of all members and he can’t perform with the rest of the members from time to time for that reason, but does he just leave the group and call it “focus on his acting career”? No, he’s with SJ whenever he can!
    While I understand why Hankyung left and I think he is worthy of ELF’s wait, but you, what the heck is out there that’s stopping you from returning to the group? It’s been 4 freaking years! You are really unworthy of ELF’s wait, you are unworthy of the “13 stars” in SJ’s Superman. I used to be firm believer of 13, but after really thinking about everything, I’m nothing but mad at you.
    I might change my opinion if you participate in 6jib, not that it makes up for your 4 years of absence, or that your participation improves SJ’s quality of music in anyway, but simply for the reason that this is SJ’s last album before Leeteuk’s enlistment, and your presence will make things more complete.

    Dear only 13 ELFs,
    I’m not asking you to change your belief, I’m just asking you to be reasonable and use your brain. What have ZhouMi and Henry done that make you despise them so much? Their addition was necessary for the success of SJ-M, and for all I know, ZhouMi and Henry have contributed way more to SJ’s fame than Kibum has ever done. Why are their presence so unwelcomed? Just because they came later? You keep holding on to the belief that Kibum will come back when he had only really been there for 3 years out of the 7 years of SJ’s career, yet Zhoumi and Henry are still outsiders after their 4 years with SJ? I thought you were more mature than this.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      I agree with you on Ki Bum, what’s with him? maybe he is not SJ anymore but SM told him to hush it up. He wont definitely be in the 6th album since he’s busy with I love Italy now.Good thing KaNgin seems to be back on SJ 6th,pics of him around SM recently where they practice are all over ELF websites.
      and yes on the Only 13, Henry is too talented to be wasted and in some concerts ZhouMi gets booed..Poor them they dont deserve all these while some like Ki bUm doesn’t care about Suju anmore.

      • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

         same here, i really felt bad for henry and zhou mi… they didnt deserve to be faced with such outrage. they actually had something to contribute. theyre freaking talented! i still remmber that many years ago i first watched don’t don and just utter respect for the dude with the violin then i found out he’s not even part of the actual group cuz the fans were being selfish fishes… and who knows, maybe hangeng could have had a better time by having a chinese circle of friends in the main group too……. just my opinion though…

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

          I feel bad about those two,some fans just have twisted minds sometimes.I still dont know why in the world are they so angry at the two of them it’s not like they were replacing some members I mean they were always there and stuck with Super Junior while some went on and  left so why on earth not make them a member on the main group. They belong to the group but do not really have the vibe of belonging. I feel so sad for them I want them to go solo or be a duo or something.Henry with his awesome talent could pull it off and Zhou Mi’s a no joke either.About Hankyung I dont know but he was friendly with Heechul and Ki bum so I dont think if those two Chinese would have made a huge difference.He left because he wanted to and maybe he’s better off on his own and he’s a superstar in China now.And Super Junior and Super Junior-M are doing fine without him.

          • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

            ahh i was just being reminiscent when i mentioned hangeng xP i’m really sorry for mentioning him. he was one of my favourites and heechul was really sad so yeah i’m one of those who wondered if there’s a chance he would’ve stayed. but i’m more curious about kibum. kangin’s back but kibum’s still missing for sexy, free and single! o.O

  • gazza crazzy

    Dear Kyuhyun,

    Cut Minho loose from the Kyu-line — unless you can help him out and osmotise some talent into him or something, there is no point to his existence in the Kyu-line. The time spent with you could be put to better use like getting an actual girlfriend because god knows he really needs to learn how to interact romantically with the opposite gender and being around you greatly decreases the chances of that happening. Also, I’m OK with you helping Chen out with his Mandarin and C-pop-related transitional issues, but don’t you dare corrupt him; he is the perfect mix of sweet and snarky and I do not want this precious balance disturbed. Do the opposite with Suho, though, the grandpa thing is getting to me and it might help him keep those K kids in line. Listen to Changmin and perform something other than a goddamn ballad. Pass that message on to Yesung, too. Get a different hairstyle already, the bowlcut thing just isn’t doing it. Stop hanging aroung Leeteuk. Stop trying to make SeoKyu happen. Make that ChangKyu sub unit happen instead. Marry Changmin.


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      for being a Kyu fan..this hurts me little…but this  is your opinion and I respect that.

    • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

       what is the kyu-line? o.o is that the name of kyu’s harem??

      • Haibara Christie

        I think has to do with the resemblance of the Kyu-line members to Kyuhyun (in a set of photos), correct me if I’m wrong.  

        Kyu-line Members: Changmin, Kyuhyun, Minho, Jonghyun (CnBlue)

        • missylee

          kyuline is just a trio of snarky, ebil dorks getting together and drinking red wine and talking about girls. changmin is the godfather, kyu is his henchman.  minho is prob the mascot. jonghyun got initiated pretty recently so not sure exactly what his role is. 

    • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Allison Nakamura

       he should cut his hair back to bonamana era

  • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

    dear JYJ,
    stop already with the individual activities and release a new album.NOW

    dear Jaejoong,
    stop acting and stick with singing please. i love “singer Jaejoong” . release a rock album. and please please pleaseeee EAT. you’ve lost your cheeks

    dear SM,
    stop acting like a butthurt ex-girlfriend and leave JYJ alone

    dear Yunho,
    stop with your nasally singing. where is your lovely deep voice that i adore so much. and keep the rapping style in Heartquake! that was HOT!

    • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Allison Nakamura

      agree to this whole comment to bits!

  • kyl3er

    Dear Taeyang/Youngbae 
    I honestly will always have a soft spot for you and I don’t care that you hair never changes because it suits you. I know a lot of people want you to change it but why do you like that mickey mouse hairstyle. Who is encouraging you ?

    Dear Yunho and Changmin
    Why do you guys act as if the others don’t exist. I mean Eunhyuk talks about Junsu here and there and JYJ have spoke about you. I mean weren’t you guys close friends?

  • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

    Dear 2pm,
    What happen, how come you guys don’t dance anymore?

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Dear Changmin (TVXQ),

    You’re 6’1 or so. Please weigh more than 135 lbs. Please. I know you have a skinny body type, but it kinda worries me. Gaining 10 lbs really won’t hurt. I didn’t mean to just talk about weight and appearances, but I’m worried that you haven’t been eating properly…in 2008, you were cute and sexy and looked like you still were addicted to food (with that speed-of-light metabolism. :P). Even if you’re a sexy beast these days…

    Regarding the sexiness, please do more photoshoots like Dazed & Confused. Also, please don’t do more acting. You’re not terrible, but I prefer to see you singing and modelling. And, also, as this article mentioned, please continue to be the most down-to-earth person in K-pop. You’re awesome. 

     ~ A Fan

    P.S. If you don’t want your fans to be obsessive, stop telling us not to be…it’s kinda why we are. >.<


    Dear Sunye (Wonder Girls),

    You are an angel with a beautiful voice. Please don't let JYP only give you power notes and a couple lines. You're a better singer than Sohee and Lim. I know giving everyone a chance is important, especially as the leader, but you shouldn't have to deal with that. -.-

    ~ Fan


    Dear SME,

    Have more faith in your artists, please. All of them are better than the songs you gave them in 2011 (The Boys and Mr. Simple…just no). Please continue with the better songs this year (Sherlock and Twinkle). Drop the lawsuit with JYJ, please plan a reunion concert or collaboration single. SHINee is one of the most talented groups in K-pop, I think, so concentrate on their talent. Stop treating f(x) like a second-rate group, because they are so talented and deserve more attention. Also, please have TVXQ comeback in Korea soon. 

    One last thing: stop putting useless people in groups if they will just drag them down. I mean…sorry ELFs, but Super Junior doesn't need all the members for their songs. The more talented performers aren't being given a chance to shine. If these members really aren't going to bring them down, prove it. I'm sick of SNSD being all about YoonA. If she is anything more than a face, prove it. At this point, even Sohee is singing better than her. Kay?

     ~ Fan of Your Artists…Not You -.-


    Dear SHINee,

    Stop letting SME convince you that you're just an average group. You really aren't. I know you can dance well, so does everyone. Not everyone is convinced you can sing well, though…so please, prove it. Also, Key dear, I like you more when you're a triple threat. I loved how well-rounded you are as a performer. No need to only be a diva. Minho, please demand at least one or two singing lines. I've heard you sing a couple times, and I know you aren't awful. Onew…please continue having an angelic voice. I love it. I also loved how you bowed for twice as long as everyone else (except Yunho) at the SMTOWN Live in Anaheim Concert. Let these qualities shine, not your Onew Condition… :(

    ~ Fan

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U67SZ37IJIJVTT4Y5GYLDQ6DB4 Bailey

       “Dear Sunye (Wonder Girls),

      You are an angel with a beautiful voice. Please don’t let JYP only
      give you power notes and a couple lines. You’re a better singer than
      Sohee and Lim. I know giving everyone a chance is important, especially
      as the leader, but you shouldn’t have to deal with that. -.-

      ~ Fan”


  • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

    Dear MBLAQ,
    i was a really big fan after Oh yeah but it really went downhill after a few comebacks.(im sorry if im over expecting… but it was your song that got me to kpop, so you really mean a lot to me) i really like all the songs but you don’t stand out anymore… with so many new groups every year, dont relax now. please come back with a good concept before i forget why i even got interested considering beast debuted at the same time… come up with a unique and memorable dance move like oh yeah. so when joon goes on shows, people will beg him to teach them the moves!! so he can be proud of something aside from just his ulzzang face, we cant really count on his brain power either lets be honest here…

    (btw im really sorry for comparing Beast to MBLAQ but considering how they called beast a recycle group and put them down as rejects, while mblaq didnt get any comments like that and managed to start on a reasonably clean plate, i kinda expected more from them than i did BEAST)

    mblaq fighting!!

    love momiji1901

  • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

    Dear KEY(shinee),
     I love you so much!! you’re so under rated, it actually pains me. your voice is so clear and full and you’re actually quite handsome. but its overlooked a lot *massaging forehead* Maybe it’s cuz you give off such a diva vibe that people write you off right away, like how you said people’s first impression of you was never good. i love the way you are, your divaness is so funny but for some reason you’re also one of the nicest and most caring people i’ve seen. im not asking you to change but DEMAND a better image during a comeback and more exposure. im sorry… minho seems to be the face of the group and taemin is the main focus in the front (when jjong’s not doing a vocal solo), maybe thats why you get overshadowed but you shouldnt completely go off in the other direction…

    btw congratulations on your musical ^^

    fighting KEY-oppa~

    • http://www.facebook.com/ollian.chrollie Ollian Chrollie

      I agree with you. In their concert in Paris, Key sounded even better than Jonghyun live. Plus, personallyy, I think he raps better than Minho. And when he is not wowing us with girl group dances, he keeps bery well with Taemin in dancing. Yeah, it is the vibe he gives off at first glance that gets him overlooked. Sigh.

    • SaraLuvsKIMKIBUM82

      I think so too. Key’s voice is…unique(in a good way) 

      @facebook-100003500286794:disqus – SO TRUE! KEY IS SO MUCH BETTER OF A RAPPER THAN MINHO! MINHO, LET KEY BE THE MAIN RAPPER!!! not that i dislike him :)
      He is really funny all the time and the divaness and nagging is so funny. If u acually think about, Key is what keeps SHINee together. without key, shinee’s gonna fall apart.
      I LUV YOU KEY OPPA!!!!!!
      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • mynyddlili

    Mine is very short!

    Dear Heechul,

    Stay just as you are but don’t get in trouble. 


  • Stephanie Wang

    Seoulbeat’s staff’s comments were so fun to read! And so were everyone else’s, so now I want to add my two cents. :D

    Dear INFINITE,
    I love you guys. You are the perfect mix of humbleness, perseverance, fun (omgomg Ranking King <3), and, of course what drives the fans crazy because it's definitely there, chemistry. You seven guys somehow work out so well together, whether or not it's just for the fans.
    I just keep lamenting the fact that there's something strangely immature about you guys. Most of you are 20+; maknae Sungjongie had his coming of age this year… so why can't I see you as "men?" I keep thinking about Changmin during the Mirotic period when he was sexy as heck and fantastically masculine and also probably the same age as INFINITE's current 91-ers. I'm not sure if I'm a little disappointed by your immaturity or if that's what makes you guys INFINITE. Granted, you boys didn't have the same training as them. But still. Please grow up.

    -Unofficial Inspirit

    Dear Sungyeol,
    Please direct your attention to singing, rapping, or even dancing. You're a gorgeous man (I'd tie you with Myungsoo as visual). You just never have facetime because you need to actually work on being a performer.

    -Not-so-sure Yeolliepop

    Dear Sunggyu,
    You're voice is SO beautiful; I had goosebumps for a majority of your Immortal Song perf. I know you're passion's there too, so thank you. Ah, please change your attitude on shows, esp Ranking King.

    -Once again, an unofficial Inspirit <3

    And since most everyone seems to be doing one for DB5K of some sort…
    Dear TVXQ (what's left you),
    I loved this group for their soaring ballads, hot dances, and blazing chemistry. You five always seemed to have fun together. I have no objections to the group being just two and three now, though I'm not sure how much I'm into either anymore. For Homin, you two are SO awkward. I tried to follow you during the Korean comeback and I just left. No apologies.
    What happened?

    -Disappointed fan

    Oh and Sungmin,
    You are a wallflower. A very pretty one at that.

    -General kpop-er haha!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    Dear Cross Gene,
    I love that you have two Chinese members because as a Chinese I can build an instant connection with you guys even before listen to your songs. Some of your group members have the top looks and bodies in kpop. Please get a better debut single, i know it’s too late but you are just carrying that electro-clubbing music that kpop’s into these days too far. I do not hear a melody in your music.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    Dear Kyuhyun,
    You are my first bias in my kpop fangirlling history and I’ve watched you growing into a man. You have the clean and manly facial features that i like in kpop idols, but please manage your weight a bit because you look even more chubby with that pale skin of yours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    Dear Teentop,
    I love your music and your dance, and your performance just might be the most energetic and exciting any kpop groups have delivered since ever. I love the competitive and light-hearted atmosphere in your group but it hurts my heart every time I see Niel gets bullied. Please maintain a fun but respectful team relationship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    Dear Exo,
    You are my current favourite kpop group and I love the four Chinese group members because I can finally understand varieties without waiting for engsub any more. But my frenzy over you guys are fading because I gradually feel that other than being an sm artist there’s not much to you. Please deliver more interesting and exciting performances.

  • Almira Agathas

    Dear SM Entertainment,
    Please create a song that more creative and vocal challenging for your groups. It’s a pity that some of your idols are born with a good voice yet they have to sing autotuned songs.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U67SZ37IJIJVTT4Y5GYLDQ6DB4 Bailey

    Dear Jung sisters,

    You’re both members of a group, act like it. I’m tired of seeing live performances where you two half-ass it and sulk whenever the camera’s not on you.

    Dear SM,

    There are more members of SNSD than TaeTiSeoSicNa.

    Dear Sooyoung/Sunny,

    I know you guys can sing a lot better than you’re given credit for, and I’m sorry you keep getting shafted.

    Dear Ga-In,

    Please get another facial feature besides “slightly open mouth and sultry dark eyes”. It was sexy the first two times, now it’s tired and overplayed.

    Dear Starship/YG CEOs,


    Dear Minzy,

    Your ero is tacky and overdone. I know you can dance, and it’s such a disappointment to see you sink to fondling yourself while writhing around.

  • apple886

     An embroidery monogram is often the better choice when compared to screen printing.?LV Shoes should not have to worry about fading which means the piece of clothing will last quite a while.? You also would not need such a large budget since embroidery can be very cost-effective.? You will also have plenty of font and color choices to choose from. 

  • http://twitter.com/seven7minutes sevenluckyminutes

    I’m speechless…10/10 for fresh content… keep it up guys

  • yuuki

    Dear GD
    I absolutely respect you, your charisma is stunning on stage and boy you are genius. But can you please act manlier off stage too?? I mean your gestures are disturbing sometimes.. btw please say no to shorts!.
    Thank you,

    Dear TOP
    I love you, your handsome face, your husky voice, your body and all but can you please stop hibernating every now and then? Be more social please!!

    Dear Junsu JYJ
    I fell in love with your voice, your perfect performance, your acting in musicals. but can you please release a very captivating good song and hire a new director for the MV cuz in incredible it was all over the place.
    Love you

    Dear Taeyang,
    You are and amazing dancer and singer too but can you please improve that fashion? its making you disappear.

    Dear Heechul
    I adore your personality sense of humour and all but can you please hone your singing skills a lil bit more,,
    love you heenim