• Mir◕‿◕Usako

    I want one of these bunnies!

    • Haibara Christie

      I guess that means this is working!

      • Issydv

         Haha.  I don’t even care for B.A.P.’s music, but I want a set of bunny figures. 

      • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ Love1403

         It is, cause me too want the plushies if TS release one :p

  • Gaya_SB



    But in all seriousness, while I find the whole enterprise rather silly, I do admire how it has all been set out — it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into this, and the use of the Matoki as an extra avenue of PR is great for B.A.P and TS.

  • Khaddie

    The whole “Alien” concept is probably one of the very few things I dislike about B.A.P. I was hoping they wouldn’t drag it on for too long and that it was only for their reality show, but TS seems to be sticking with it. While the backstory and the bunnies are fun, I don’t really feel the group needs it, they have good music and talented member and this just seems like a bit of an unnecessary gimmick.

  • edenhyper

    I don’t think they are becoming their bunnies or will get bogged down by their bunny characters. The bunnies I assume are based of THEM, which is why they are probably so popular and well liked. I think this is such a cute idea and you’re right there is a lot of back story and thought gone into this. I also agree about releasing it in English. TSE did well in that regard.

  • straighttohelvetica

    While it’s possible I’ve seriously over thought this whole thing, I think the creation of the B.A.P. bunnies was a great idea and one that can ultimately benefit the members. One thing we always complain about on this site is how idols are packaged and sold as goods. From their voices in songs to their images in photobooks, posters, etc. With the bunnies, TS has taken aspects of the members personalities and commodified them specifically for marketing purposes. So, like Ambika said, TS can go and sell bunny plushies, stickers, t-shirts, etc. while the actual members themselves can remain distanced from that aspect of the promotions. 

    I think that distance might help create a sort of emotional barrier between the idols and the fans that current practices don’t allow. Other companies have the same opportunity for product sales (the keychains and personalized gear), they just use the actual idols’ images instead of a cartoon stand-in. When the members themselves are presented as the marketing product, the distinction between the idol and their marketed image can get lost. A fan who has SHINee socks or school supplies with the boys actual faces on them may forget that “Idol” Onew and Lee Jinki are two different people, whereas it’s much harder to confuse Shishimato with Yong-guk.

    Even better, TS doesn’t have to worry about overworking or travel logistics with the bunnies. The bunnies can “appear” on television commercials, TV segments, print ads, etc. while B.A.P. perform, work on new songs, rest or whatever. 

    (Or, like I said I may have completely over thought the whole thing and TS will continue to promote the bunnies AND the actual members. This is at least, I think, a very creative way of giving fans parts of the idols they can “own” while providing the members with a sort of protective shield from the more dehumanizing aspects of marketing.)

    • edenhyper

       You make an excellent point here. I didn’t think of it like that at all. I am assuming here and I know the whole alien thing is a concept, but I do think the bunnies represent the boys personalities a little too. Obviously not everything, but enough so you can feel like they are apart of them. Almost like…their familiars. Ha. Maybe we shouldn’t over think this. But you make a great point on marketing.

  • kiimmiieee

    I seriously hope they make little figurines of the Matoki! I have a small collection of Dunnys, Fatcaps, Be@rbricks.. so it would totally be awesome to collect all of those.

  • Ditu3ka

    I love bunnies :-))

  • YourYG Bias

    Korea needs to make an online game for this. Tats, you so adorbs~

  • muggle87

    i cant wait to get my hands on the key-chains +_+. i rarely buy idol merchandise beside their album but these are too cute to resist so i am totally gonna try to get my hands on them^^ 

    • Ambika_SB

       If they made key chains, they would so be adorable. But just to be clear, those were all my conjectures (and hopes) about where TS Entertainment could go with the concept. I don’t want to spread around false information and get too many Babies’ hopes up.

  • chamber25

    Aren’t these copies of dunnies?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    This is brilliant. THE END. 

    Now where can I find phone charms and stuffed animals of these bunnies? Btw, this is a great way for them to still promote B.A.P while the group is not promoting. I love the amount of planning that went into this. 

  • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ Love1403

    This is so brilliant, I really take of my hat for TS Entertainment. The way they planned everything is just so well thought and put together. The matoki bunny first appeared in 2011 on the cover of Yongguk ft Yoseob I Remember, then TS hinted us with the bunny on Never Give Up teasers then officially hinted to the bunnies at Ta-dah It´s B.A.P, and now when B.A.P are in the middle of their POWER promotions TS officially release the teasers for the Earthventure comic.

    Everything is so well planned, and TS is thinking ahead of time. It´s so genius I just can´t put it together… I want to give the marketing team of TS a clap on their shoulder cause they did an awesome job.

    There so many different possibilities to promote with B.A.P and MATOKI in the future, and I can´t wait to see which direction they will take.

    Also I´m really happy and feel really blessed that the company is taking us international fans in mind, by releasing the comics in English etc. I also feel that they somehow monitoring our comments and opinions and always take that in mind when doing something.

    I think it´s very important for a company to listen to it´s consumers, and that´s exactly what TS entertainment are doing. I´m happy and this is exactly the way to promote and reach out to the crowd. Kudos to TS Entertainment and the team behind B.A.P!

  • onionviper

    Zelo’s is called TOTOMATO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000328195514 Cutee Mc Deck

    I agree with you..this is brilliant but I have also realised that yes the members do get embarassed in interviews when persons keep bringing EVERY.SINGLE.INTERVIEW about them invading earth its like no one wants to truly speak to them but the persons who “invaded earth” so yes I understand ur point up there and where ur coming from of this kinda making them lose identity a bit 

  • marru82

    I like those little bunnies .
    Really do and would be nice to have comic to be published. Want to buy it and i suppose ceychains, cellfhone charms and plushies also go well.