Of topic but still I have a question…

    How about the views counts of Seoulbeats? Is the number of viewers of this site increasing? 

  • Theorist

    Unnecessary in life. But probably…the higher the views count, other fans will try to use that number to put down other groups or say that the group is more popular than the other one. Pathetic, really.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    i don’t think it really matter
    i have seen countless of comments saying “remember to refresh to increase view counts” and the like. it can be manipulated by fans.
    like fx had over 10 million hit in a week but that doesn’t mean the song is that popular
    (i think the song is quite lacking personally)
    the youtube thing really is to satisfy fans

  • sherbet_lemon

    Youtube view counts is really tricky to interpret. Sorta like album sales too. YT views for loyal international fans are the equivalent of K-fans’ bulk buying of albums. I think prior to K-Pop’s super-ultra-mega-popularity explosion across the globe, YT view counts may have somehow reflect a group’s international popularity since most YT viewers are non-koreans. But presently, I don’t think so. 

    As a group become more popular, they gain rabid haters and supporters. Fanwars have become rampant as fans try to prove that their biases are superior. But I wonder if the fans who campaign “refresh till we reach 10M views” will ever realize that more than half of the millions of views may have actually come from the same set of fans. 

    For me, having millions of views (and in the shortest time possible) just shows how fiercely loyal the fans are; it is like a trophy and a flashing sign for fans that their biases are the best. The company is clearly the winner here as this ensures them that whatever crap they’ll give their groups, the fans would just eat them all up. For the artists, it’s a double-edged sword – they may believe the illusion of popularity that the views give, but they will also lose the opportunity of knowing the real impact and quality of their music/mv, improving, and actually gaining new fans.

    I do wonder if the artists themselves watch their own videos in YT and read the comments. How do they really feel when they read their fans’ call to keep refreshing the page? Or when they read hate comments or constructive criticisms? 

    I remember the “Be Mine” video of 2NE1 for Intel. Dara’s fans are complaining why she only had 4 lines and, thus, refuse to re-watch the video while telling other fans to not watch it at all. I wonder if YG and 2NE1 actually know these reactions. After 2wks from release, the video only have 3M+ views. What does this really say about 2NE1’s current popularity? Or Dara’s popularity? I wonder how will these reactions affect their future album(s)? Esp since they’re planning a world tour and US debut..

    • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

      I’ll just comment on the last paragraph, Dara’s fans (most not all) are a bunch of crazy mofos, and this is coming from a BlackJack, some of them might not even be counted in as BlackJacks, they’re just Dara stans, so their opinion is really irrelevant to real BalckJacks and stans of other girls in the group. We learned to ignore those crazy people a long time ago. The reason why the song didn’t reach more than 3 million is because the song is slower not so much 2ne1-ish, the MV isn’t anything grand or that appealing visually and it’s a CF song, seeing how BlackJakcs (the sane ones) don’t really give a shit about YT count they downloaded the song and left it at that.

      • YourYG Bias

        Agreed. Blackjacks are a bunch of crazy and lazy mofos. We watch once and vote once. Our unspoken rule, LOL.

        Be Mine was so boring to watch that I’m surprised it got 3 million. 

        • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

          We really are, not just blackjacks entire YGfam fandom is lazy as fuck, we all have this mentality “oh other blackjacks/vips/lucky7 etc. will vote so I really don’t need to do it”. There are rare occasions we really apply ourselves. Don’t know if it’s sad, but it’s true.

          • nhoki

            So true. The only time I devoted myself to voting was during the EMAs, I cried when big bang won. I think every vips felt the same.
            Winning polls or other meaningless awards don’t really matter

          • YourYG Bias

            Oh gosh, the EMAs were huge for the YGfam fandom. We had Iggy in the bag for 2NE1 but the EMAs were exciting. 

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    Similar to you, I’m kinda apathetic as well. I do not refresh videos just to up the count or anything like that. I am not sure why should I do that as well and sometimes, I feel a bit strange when people comment on allkpop or youtube that as fans of group XYZ, we should up the views. 

    However, I feel that the YouTube views matter for the entertainment companies. It is in a way to demonstrate how influential a certain idol group are compared to idol groups? You know, competition? I think it is quite the same for the fandom as well. More views reinforces the perception of the fans that their idols are “big”. Plus, Youtube has this status – almost like the “Harvard” of video sharing? I am not sure if this is the same with other video sharing platforms (vimeo, tudou, dailymotion…). So, one can sort of say that “If Group XYZ has Z million views, this means that my favorite Kpop act is awesome!” I think you can see this sometimes in fan wars….

    Overall, I think viewership on YouTube is more psychological than numbers. That’s why entertainment companies love to announce how many million views they achieved. This also explains why it sometimes come up in fan wars.

  • whirlypop

    Goodness, those crazy fans. I don’t even. Refreshing a video thousands of times to build up a lie that fortunately later on becomes the truth. Well, at some point there’s truth to it but 80 percent is just like the result of delusions, obsessiveness and craziness.

  • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

    Normal fans don’t give a rat’s ass about YT views to be honest. I watch the MV when it’s released, if I really love it I’ll watch it once more or I’ll keep replaying it until I get bored of it. I don’t refresh nor do I care about what other people from my fandoms say. There are a lot of fans like me out there, who really don’t give a fuck about this. If I watch an MV more than once it’s because I like it not because someone told me that I’m not a real fan if I don’t do it.  It’s good if a certain song and MV have a large number of views but it’s not crucial not is it an indication of popularity. It might be an indication of popularity if the count increases after 1-2 years and by a large number, otherwise it’s just a result of some avid fans.

    • animasaurus

      MTE. Idgaf about how popular a youtube video is… doesn’t make me like the group or their song any more or less than I would anyways tbh.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      I just watch mvs one time and that is it.

      Unless there is some awesome dance or I have to watch it again but this time eng subbed that is it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/juli.ka.583 Juli Ka

     Standing ovation for this article. Frequently i  ask myself, why  someone is willing to watch a boring video for a mediocre song in permanent loop out love to an artist.

    I’m from Germany and thus handicapped from the outset. Videos from official sources are blocked for us in most cases – thank you GEMA. We have the choice too unlock the videos, then would  our clicks count mostly for America. Can this a fan, who wants a concert in its own country, satisfy? Too complicated for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    Im neutral to it. I dont do it, but I dont mind if someone else wants to waste their internet usage doing this.I understand doing it to get the video on the top page. Even though most of the people will not like the video, someone will and kpop has created another fan that will probably show everyone around them the video. 

    If you ask people how they got into kpop, its usually by them clicking on a random video they see on youtube while bored, get introduced to kpop by someone else and few came from listening to Japanese music. At the same time time popularity does not always equal to the number of youtube views. 

    It’s mostly international fans way of telling these companies and the group that they have an international audience. Fans want to be acknowledged. At the end of the day though Youtube views are not that important. Album and song sales are. 

  • kk

    It matters in Korea, good publicity, bragging rights, etc., similar to SNSD’s Letterman performance, which had more negative impact to non-kpoppers but Korea flipped it’s shit. So I understand why some fans, particularly the younger fandoms with no lives, do it. 

    Youtube is an exposure vehicle, but just because someone watches something doesn’t mean they liked it, it’s a problem advertisers are realizing and trying to fix.

    Getting the video on Youtube homepage will get you first time watchers, and if they’re not ignorant douche bags, which 80% of the internet population are, they’ll click a related video and be directed to a different group, and another, and then decide on who they like best. Quality is going to matter more and more with the k-pop scene becoming more and more saturated. The only group that I see benefited from this greatly is 2NE1, but their effort is on a decline.

    • idontknoe

      Lol SNSD didn’t lipsync on Letterman and there were like a total of 5 non kpop fans that said something negative and 5 that said something positive on twitter (it was the same 10 comments everyone used as examples), most didn’t care cause his audience is OLD.

      • kk

        i’m talking about youtube, where i watched it from. i’ve never heard kpop so yeah i like many others thought they lip synced. then i read the comments section filled with stans cursing at people who said they lip synced instead of trying to explain it to them. but yeah i know they didn’t lip sync now, since i’m in kpop, and i know the kpop equivalent of singing live is now…

        • idontknoe

          Yea don’t read YouTube posts it like 2 year olds throwing tantrums. It’s probably because they’re young kids that have nothing better to do than be on the Internet. SNSD didn’t even use backtrack on the performance, it was pretty legittly live.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1630516269 Paul Vincent Labanda Quintao

    Actually, watching videos in youtube is my only way to support my bias groups… I’m the worst fan ever since I don’t buy their albums and other things.. So to compensate for those things, I watch their youtube videos instead.

  • Ariel2003

    Don’t tell me what to do, I’m highly allergic to it ha ha ha. My MV viewing is highly erratic, it has no rhyme or reason, I might be attracted to the great ab fest or turned off by it. Drawn to the bright lights and psychedelic outfit or it might scar my retina for life. I am someone addicted to the fast paced cyber consumerism of my generation just one little itty bitty thing that I find repugnant I’m off to another window looking at something else.

  • BBMayMay

    doesn’t the label of the group make money from youtube?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=576635008 Lê Minh Sơn

    the most significant example of the benefit of YT views is Fx electric shock. it is #4 in YT, a lot of non kpop fans come there because of that. And a lot actually like the song. xD

  • RC_RC

    Obsessions tell something about a country and I tend to
    think that often countries who are obsessed about something are also better in the
    subject of that obsession. For example Taiwanese people are not only obsessed
    about food, they are also excellent cooks and you can eat very well for little
    money in Taiwan. I don’t think that that is a coincidence.


    I would check out the pop music of country A before checking
    out the pop music of country B if I knew that country A has obsessive pop music
    fans and country B doesn’t.


    So I think that the view counts do matter to some extent, even if those numbers are more or less artifical. It causes people to check out kpop. 

    • BBlion

      That’s exactly what happened to me ! And then I was thrown in the world of Kpop and got a sort of instant rejection because the delusion there was too apparent. It took a lot of love for Korea, an overdevelopped taste for analysis and pop music overall and websites like these to actually interest me a little again. Now I only view it as a sort of epiphenomenon, quite a fascinating one, which does not translate into the act of buying, or even any sort of loyalty, unlike US or Brit pop (any good jam which comes my way, really), This is all way too obvious, well “obsessive”, like you said. And also, to be honest, you expect sth from a video at ten million views. If it is not top quality, then maybe provocation or sth just a little buzzworthy. Upon watching Kpop I go wtf pretty much all the time. I don’t think I’m the only one. The notion of quality is really interesting as I think, because everything is artificially blown out of proportions it limitates de facto any possibility of evolution into more original products. It is always the same MVs, always the same audience but it does never really “grow”.

  • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

    I totally don’t see the point of watching over and over a MV just to get over x millions of view.

    Personnally Youtube is like my mp3 when I’m on my computer, I use it to listen to many songs by creating playlists so I participate in increasing YT’s views. The difference is I’m not doing it just to get millions of view : I’m just listening to the music ^^

  • kk

    jwcfree789,003 subscribers293
    videossment742,818 subscribers572
    videosSMTOWN613,336 subscribers192
    videos2NE1607,819 subscribers144
    videosYGEntertainment485,584 subscribers152
    videos2pm283,052 subscribers798
    videosLOENENT252,433 subscribers49
    videosbeastofficial208,868 subscribers194
    videoswondergirls204,419 subscribers404
    videossimonandmartina187,074 subscribers

    • taestits

      it’s a shame that simon and martina are on there at all, they’re racist pricks. make fun of idols’ english while not even attempting to learn korean – the language of the country that they’re friggin’ living in – what the fuck is that? 

      • animasaurus

         Did you see the face she made when Hyorin kindly corrected her “Canada saram” ??? I just find them to be hypocrites tbh.

      • BBMayMay

        How long have they been living there? 3-4 years? 
        You would expect them to at least talk a little bit of korean if they are living in south freaking korea for such a long time

      • kk

        i’m not a fan of them in any way, mostly because i find their videos boring. but we criticize idols on their singing/dancing even though we’ve never attempted ourselves, so are we “pricks” too? 

        i think they hold double standards for racism. For example, how is black face different from SNL taping their eyes together to imitate Asians. People like to judge but we’re all guity of it, but they’re not deliberate racists.

        Honestly they’re good people, but their opinions matter as much as yours or mine. they’re nobodies living off of their youtube videos, I wish people would just stop loving or hating them and just ignore them completely.

    • noiha

      lol sungha jung -> yg stans. this boy grew up in youtube… it feels like just yesterday i saw a kiddo playing pirates of caribbean song. xD

  • muggle87

    youtube views are just about bragging rights for kpop fans. u can’t judge a group popularity with youtube views cause fans are refreshing the page to make the views high so its not accurate.

    for example, snsd gee mv has about 77 million views and beyonce countdown mv has about 33 million views. If we base popularity of an act on youtube views counts then wouldn’t it mean that snsd popularity is greater than beyonce popularity?  

    Kpop fans are just giving a false illusion of popularity. i also notice that in beyonce mv comments, i didn’t see anyone asking to refresh the page, and raise the view count.

    as for me, the only way i am rewatching a mv is if i really really like the mv and song.

  • http://twitter.com/flobora Flora M

    its really just annoying fans just like to brag that x group has more youtube views than y group so they are more popular. like really? popularity is now decided by how views your video has..its really pathetic actually

  • intheshort

    If I’m looking for a certain live performance, I usually go to the one with the most views because I figure it’ll have okay quality.

    But for MVs, I won’t watch just to up the count. If I find the MV interesting or I just want to swoon over Kyuhyun again, I might revisit. But I don’t profess any sort of dedication to advancing any idols’ causes. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    I just hate when people try to use view counts as a way of proving popularity. It doesn’t. There are a lot of top groups that don’t have massive youtube video counts because the fans simply download the song. I definitely agree with paying attention to the likes vs dislikes ratio. That is more telling than anything. 

  • cancertwin2


    I’ve been a kpop fan (specifically a DBSK fan) for many years now. Since they have been around for so long and even pre-date Youtube, increasing YouTube view counts and other stuff like that has never been apart of our fandom. With all the bragging that other fandoms do, I sometimes wonder if we should start caring more. But it’s hard teaching an old dog (or fanclub) new tricks. It’s difficult to make older fans believe that it’s somehow important. Most of us see it as superficial popularity. It’s not quite tangible because you don’t know exactly who is watching and how many times. And a lot of times YT view counts aren’t proportionate to a group’s album sales. So what’s the point of having a video with 50,000,000 views when the group can’t sale over 50,000 or 100,000?

    But you bring up a good point. I do believe that this is simply international fan’s way of supporting their group since they can’t do a lot of the things that domestic fans can.

    Either way, I still can’t seem to care or see the significance. But that’s just me.
    Perhaps it’s subjective. IDK

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I’m a new DBSK fan, and apparently there are TONS of Cassies who don’t really use Youtube (as they already have all of the DVDs, albums, singles, and whatnot). I don’t really mind it, but it is irritating when other fans think that means that DBSK are washed-up losers with no popularity. >.<

    • cancertwin2

      Yeah I know it must be tough on new DBSK fans since the older Cassies really don’t care. Sometimes I see the newbies trying to band together in order to increase the group’s YT counts. I think it’s cute but pointless none-the-less because they’ll never be able to get the older fandom to participate. That’s why they have to try and enlist Shawols, VIPs, Sones and ELFs to help.

      Honestly, I’d rather just by an album or DVD to show my support. That’s what older Cassies have been programmed to do. That’s why boycotts don’t ever work with us. We are too used to buying. Within the first month of discovering DBSK, I spent $257 on their merchandise. I even risked my identity by shopping online!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Also, so many DBSK videos have been uploaded and reuploaded so many times ever since YouTube appeared on the scene that it’s hard to actually have a real tab on how many times a certain music video has been seen.

      So many newer Cassies are pressed that “Mirotic” ~only~ has 10 million views, urging everyone to keep viewing. Who the fuck cares? That music video is probably one of the most popular K-pop music videos. It doesn’t matter what it’s “official” view count is.

  • http://twitter.com/SouthPawSeoul 이정남

     It will only be relevant in the case where it can either be used to disparage another group or to inflate one group’s superiority over another, omg 2NE1 got 20 million and f(x) only got 5 they should just disband.

  • Alex O.

    So true. I can’t help but feel annoyed by “SONES LET’S HELP THIS VIDEO REACH NINE MILLION VIEWS FOR SEOHYUN-UNNIE’S BIRTHDAY~ ~ ~ ~ !!!!!” *
    *more tildes used in real life.
    Honestly though, I feel as though a majority of these people are delusional tweens and hopefully they’ll grow out of it…and hopefully they aren’t full-fledged teens, young adults, adults, seniors, or any other age group that commands more respect. Because really, by looking at that comment I just lost all respect for you.

  • viakarma

    It’s the same concept as facebook photo likes. The more likes a photo get, the more apparent popularity the person itself has. Of course, that factually is not true, but it is a huge self esteem boost for the person itself.

    How this is relevant to youtube views is, the more views a video has, the more popularity the artist must have. Not only does it give bragging rights for fans, it also creates ‘awe-inspiring’ articles on sites like allkpop. In a way it does improve the self esteem of a fan. It makes them feel that their favourite group can make feats such as making new youtube number of view records, which causes the fan to feel more ‘superior’ than other fandoms. It also justifies that their bias group is not second rate which in a way, would make them self think that obviously their choice in artists is impeccable. (Okay, I exaggerated a bit)

    The whole ‘lets get this video to ten million views by the end of week’ is just as annoying as ‘like the photo, not the link’. It’s all in bid for the satisfied feeling that you are, in a quite blunt manner, liked.

    • gowhalego

      I agree. I’ve been thinking about this recently. For overzealous fans, they are constantly thinking of how to give ‘the best support’ for their idols and will do anything to order to achieve that. Which includes trying to boost popularity through YouTube views, organizing fan support projects (e.g. lunch boxes for their idols and 400 other members of the work crew) etc. It has inevitably turned into a competition between fans to show who can give their idols the best support, or more correctly, the appearance of having the best support. 

      At the end of the day, I think it all misses the point. Fan-support becomes incredibly absurd and self-centric–“I think” this is what my idols want therefore I am doing this; “I think” my idol will be happy if we can have fan support like the other fandoms; “I think” my idols will be so proud of us for supporting them online. Sometimes, I think, maybe life and music can be a lot simpler. Why don’t we just watch the MV because we like it? Why don’t we get rid of all the fan support, be our most enthusiastic self at concerts and performances, and just enjoy the music? 

  • Capri08

    No, to me YouTube views on K-pop music video aren’t not that big of a deal.
    One, it doesn’t really prove anything. Just because there maybe a million views doesn’t actually mean that a million DIFFERENT people watch this one video. More likely it’s the same people watching the same video over and over gain. 
    Secondly, I’ve seen some of the most stupidest and shortest videos, get a millions of views on them. So for me to look at a k-pop music video Youtube views as important…..I just can’t.
    And thirdly, like some people have said, when you see fans trying to boost up the views on a video, it’s not really reliable source to judge k-pop.

  • http://twitter.com/JustInExistence W.Y. Lu

    Like you, I rather not spend my hours off work hitting refresh for 6 hours before going to sleep, or in worse case to forgo sleep and work to keep hitting my F5 button. As a person from the American scene, I find that quite immature. Though I do believe the promotion gives the fans emotional satisfaction, as well as some limelight from non k-pop follower, I also think it is unfair to other groups and musicians out there.

    This make view count so unreliable that it undermines good videos out there that try hard to earn their millions. Sometimes I turns me off so much that I just want to create 3 millions Youtube accounts just so that I can dislike a video 3 millions time. But my time is better spent than that, I have 4 years of still-not-viewed video collecting dust in my hard drive.

    If I want to support a person, buying an album or an encouraging message is nice. If I want to put some dough into entertainment companies’ management I will buy a (fake) woodpecker, leave my laptop on and have it peck my F5 until either it dies, my laptops dies, or I die. My electric company, the laptop company, and my brother will reap some benefit from it, too.

  • http://twitter.com/RolyPauly Paul

    I think by far the most important thing for me is the “ALBUM SALES”. Because it was the main reason why the artists released the album, for the fans to buy them. So no matter what, I still look to the album sales to tell if that group did well on a particular comeback. 

    • k_db

      Eh. Fans will mindlessly buy an album no matter the quality. Digital sales are a better gauge for how well they’re doing. Fans can’t bulk-buy downloads.

  • noiha

    i think it’s just like polling. if it gets million views within a day, korean *news* sites (note that it’s not only about akp since what akp doing is basically what all other korean *news* sites doing) will make it into article and the artists get more exposure in media. is it important? well, not really. it’s nothing representative for popularity/quality too. but is it useful? well, you gotta admit it’s quiet useful for some degree, at least compared to something like akp most popular articles… i wonder why some fans need to work up for this one? -_-

  • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

    agree….some groups may be getting millions of views but it truly does not represent the popularity of the k-pop group, it just shows the ‘dedication’ of the people who are ALREADY their fans, not new ones or the general public. but, i guess i understand where some delusional k-pop fans are coming from. they get to have bragging rights and expose their idols to a ‘wider’ audience. although wasting hours of my life on refresing the page or creating a playlist seems like a big joke to me. to be honest, for me, YT views really don’t matter bacuse some legendary hit songs in the land of k-pop don’t even have as much views as some of the more recent ones, but they are still classics (e.g. DBSK’s Mirotic and Wonder Girl’s Tell Me). This is because YT only started becoming crazy in recent years, but songs like this are what started the latest k-pop craze and they don’t have the views to ‘show’ it.

    what i think is important is digital points. physical albums just show again the dedication of the fans. i know fans of some groups would have like 3 or 4 copies per individual. impressive dedication i guess. but digital downloads show more of the group’s appeal to the general public.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Juicy.Strawberry.1 Choi Reisha

    Agree with you through and through!

  • Chantal Testman

    I feel the same way when comes to YouTube view counts. Entertainment companies that host these groups are earning the bill. But in a Korean mind set this a positive. This support that turns into financial earns keeps a record management/label abd it idol(s) a float. YG banks on on YouTube popularity in order for its idols to survive but also go beyond the realms of kpop or even Asia.
    YouTude is the liasion between international expansion and Asian dominace. Allowing a company to hit two birds with one stone.
    But YouTube is open to the public. This can be a harsh truth with casual watchers leaving brash comments.
    So what? Not every person will like kpop nor does the aesthetics appeal to westrens or other Asians. Public opinion effects the supply and demand between the consumer and supplyer.
    At its core kpop is an industry…a music industry. It knows how to appeal to its Korean and can adapt quickly to other Asian aundience. But on westren soil its doesn’t have the amition. YouTube is more or a inside look to whom or what likes kpop. Infact you can login onto YouTube and see what nations all over the world watched your video. To even the most popular view generate. This is a great tool to use when comes to touring. Which in recent years have increase among idol groups along with ‘global’ world tour. To what source do you think these lables get it form?
    So in conclusion one can figure out yes YouTube is a catalyist for international fans. A stample of popularity in the kpop realm. But also its a clever target marketing business tool for furture expansion. The downside it promotes idols obsession and ignorance from those who simply don’t get it. But these are small issue that will not hinder in the eyes of these labels.

    • Chantal Testman

      Fo give for the grammer and spelling errors. Trying to do three things at once. :D

  • greenteaschnapps

    You’ve definitely hit the nail in the head with this one. All I can see is a plethora of mindless insults or overzealous obsession over the said group’s video. I almost feel compelled to type in  a rather normal comment so that other outsiders will at least minimize their generalizations about K-Pop fans being too overbearing or just downright crazy. 

  • destined2bebossy

    I have a question(s). With fans constantly rephreshing, mass voting, spamming their group in search engines, and bulk-buying any little single how do you measure a groups popularity? And does popu. in Korea count more than intl. popularity?

    • idontknoe

      Concert goers? You can’t really fake a live human. Even if your not a “fan” you’re interested enough to pay for expensive tickets to see them.

  • Kevin Y.

    I think it’s okay for fans to be rewatching the videos.  It’s their own time that their wasting, not ours.  Different fans show support in different ways.

  • FlipMango

    I read the previous article on this topic and I’m glad the author re-addressed it. While it’s good someone realizes that people need to stop hyping up youtube views, it would be wrong to say they’re completely useless. I’m sure when idols see their view counts rise, they would appreciate it, and that’s reason enough for some adoring fans. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFOLAJLXYHOCHDRFCSECACDGFI Lisuh-chan

    I think if I ever did want to up the view count for a certain kpop mv, it would be because I want it to be reviewed by EatYourKimchi’s Music Mondays. ._.

    Other than that, those mass votings and comments to up view counts by a certain date is just unnecessary. I think if a video hits a certain amount of views, they deserve it for their music and music video, not because their fans just repeatedly hit the refresh button. 

  • http://twitter.com/DancingWid Widney Gay

    You know what, I don’t mind watching a video over and over again if it has boys taking their shirts off. But then I hate it when people use me as statistics in their fake-ass surveys to prove that their groups are better than any other groups. I quite frankly blame SM (but then again what calamities in kpop don’t I blame on SM?) they started the whole “all-kill” movement back in 2008 with DBSK and SNSD. 

    The same can be said about album sales too. I mean seriously, how do I know these companies don’t buy a bunch of CDs themselves, then put them back on the market later on? I don’t know, all of this stuff seems like shady business to me.

    At the same time it feels like another one of their-shove-their-artists-down-my-throat tactic. ‘See this many people love them so yeah you can/should love them too” Augh!!!. I’m gonna like who I’m gonna like despite the stupid surveys and stuff. I don’t really need justification to like a group. I liked big bang in 2007 when people barely knew them, and when most people thought they were too gansta for kpop, and I still like them in 2012. I have my days for SNSD (that “lady Marmelade era needs to stop though. Please Mr producer-nim lay off the Moulin Rouge marathons), and Some days I catch myself humming to Don’t Don (SUJU) and “I really wanna touch myself” (famous Mickey Yoochun’s line from Purple line). So YouTube or not I will and I’m pretty sure other people will listen to the songs. If me and a bunch of others could find kpop back in the dark era of 2005-2008 (remember how hard it was to listen to anything or to watch a simple Korean drama?) I’m sure with this much technology available, people who are meant to love kpop will too. 

    Overexposure of artists put them at risk of more criticism by those who will never like kpop no matter what (certain awesome Black and Korean friends of mine. The many times I had to explain to them that Taemin, Gdragon, and all the boys of SUJU including Siwon amazingly!, are guys and yes that is also part of the metro sexual movement, and no they are not Gay..well not that I know of. Yes there is such a thing as manliner….Say one more bad thing about sexy Teayang I dare you. Pfff you seriously think you can land one those girls. Yes they are pass puberty. You know what, are you even Korean? Why do you have to be so black), and fans getting introduced to the same things over and over and over (EXO anyone?) Boy I miss the days when kpop felt like a secret society, only a few were privileged to know. YouTube took my uniqueness away. I’m not the only black girl I know who listen to kpop anymore!!! Plus YouTubers are evilllll, don’t go in there to comment, these people will eat you alive, and then some are just plain crazy.

    • k_db

      only commenting on the album thing. Large orders are usually done by fandoms with receipts kept on hand so companies are under suspicion of buy-backs.  However there are a few instances where the general consensus is that the company bought the albums. (2PM, 4minute, Teen Top, to name a few) 

      • idontknoe

        That’s why fandoms usually make an announcement. It’s when none do that you can assume its the company.

  • moua23

    I honestly think yes and no. like mentioned fans manipulate it, and I do believe that it is for bragging rights but when you think about it, they don’t have that many fans then you question is the song even that good to get that many views? then the answer is no, just devoted fans. it’s good in a way that it shows loyalty from fans, and in a way proves their popularity, but fans are fans. One song that makes me question is “Gee” by SNSD, the song is catchy and has become a KPop anthem to international fans although I think Wedding Dress is but that’s mine, is the song that good or just a lot of devoted fans who refresh it? I’m sure a lot of people view it, but those comments of “let’s get to this many views! hwaiting” makes me think twice. idk, thats’s just my 2 cents. 

  • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

    As you mentioned for the company the built in ADs are profit while for the group more views equal more chance of global recognition. 

    I suppose the type of fans trying to push the view numbers to more higher and higher limits are somewhat delusional. 
    I’ve encountered many times how these people consider a feature on YT’s front page or even an award equals a global overtake. 

    To be honest, Kpop ( in it’s sense of Korean idol music ) is barely anything more than entertaining. I can’t really associate it with any other term because in most cases its sound lacks originality, creativity and true talent. What Korea calls “Kpop” is more a tamed down mixture of Western and Japanese pop music patterns that wouldn’t catch as much attention without the accompanying visuals. 

    As such, this “global overtake” fans hope for – and some already hallucinate of – might as well bring more negative spotlight on Kpop as it earns. As you described, YT feautures will unavoidable call out the critics as well who most likely will clash with the delusional fandom. Once Kpop becomes a topic to the general public, its flaws will be cruelly pointed out. 
    I’m not the only one who simply ignores a few traits of idol music – the sexualization of youth, the meaningless songs about love sang by idols who supposedly never dated, the fact idols are more image than talent…etc – in order to enjoy the entertaining side of the industry. 

    The general public won’t ignore these flaws but point at them and throw stones at Kpop for being what it is. Unless the companies itself decide to change idol music or at least promote differently towards the general* global audience, Kpop will be trolled by it’s own popularity ( meaning YT views ).

    *it’s a very delicate issue as to whom companies should market to: the general public is not interested in Kpop in this form while the international fans got into Kpop because it’s not the average music radios and music channels blast…
    If they change the concept of Kpop, it will become repulsive to international fans but might catch the attention of the general public…If keeping things as is, the industry will be crawling back to Asia trying to forget the major flop…

    • sometimesIread

      Wow! harsh but true. Very true.

  • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah Ph**

    On Vevo, though, it helps you on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart ;)

  • GreyLeaves

    Youtube hits for kpop don’t really matter. It’s not causing a significant impact outside the  kpop fandom. It’s essentially, just for bragging rights. If you look at the demographics of people that watch videos, most of the time it shows middle aged men as the largest demographic. They are probably fapping to those videos right now. The same goes for kpop polls. It’s just another opportunity for people to declare their oppas or unnirs are the best. Look at the polls on seoulbeats, look at how the comments are littered with either pseudo-intellectual shit or just plain shit.

    Most people out of the kpop fandom, will either not give a shit or just nod their head at the pop music and move on. An example is when BBC1 played one 2NE1 song on the radio. The radio hosts basically called the song nonsensical pop which it is to be honest.

    It also doesn’t help when you look at the comments of videos. If I look at any SNSD video right now, it will go like this: SNSD!!111, FIGHTING!!, QUEENS OF THE WORLD, SNSDx100 all over the page, some mention of another group that sucks like Wonder Girls, Kara, blah, blah.  Honestly, who cares. Pop is pop. Most pop music is just for entertainment.

  • kkpopp

    You forgot to mention that video views also gets converted to points on music shows such as Music Bank and Inkigayo. I am not sure about the bigger end-of-the-year awards but I have heard that youtube views count towards those as well.

  • Nolza

    I feel sad as a Blackjack that I don’t participate in polls or do stuffs like that in YT. Who cares about them anyway? I keep replaying their vids not because I want to increase the viewership ratings; but because I love my Queens, I like the quality of their MVs and I am drowning with the message of the song. Quantity doesn’t matter for us BJs. Quality does. Our Queens’ MVs may have lower ratings but at least those are real figures corresponding to each individual who watched it. Not one person who does a million clicking. Sharing my thoughts.