• http://profile.yahoo.com/M3A5VXTZXZOEH62VXL4FJ7AT7Q Xinran

    they sure need a lot of luck now that kahi is leaving…

    • happy_slip

      Is that really true?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3A5VXTZXZOEH62VXL4FJ7AT7Q Xinran

        yea, she’s leaving, news just came out. Not sure if it’s announced yet whether she’ll continue as a soloist under Pledis but she’s definitely going solo. Frankly she should; I’ve always thought the direction that Pledis has in mind for after school is something that kahi may not approve of. If the group she’s invested so much effort into is turning out to be so far off from what she had envisioned, she might as well go her own way.

        • happy_slip

          Aw, Kahi is a big part of AS so it’s sad to see her leave. Best of luck to her solo career, as well as to AS’ future endeavors. It’s going to feel so strange without her, I can only imagine what Playgirlz are feeling right now. Who are the original members left?

          • pg13247

             Jooyeon and JungAh and that’s it. (2/5 of the original line-up)

          • MamaWack

             who will most likely leave soon, I’m already seeing Jung Ah leaving

    • Khaddie

      Do you know if she is leaving Pledis as a whole or just After School?

      • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

        Just After School. She’ll finish up promotions and then she’s going solo.

    • Haibara Christie

      Kahi is leaving????

  • happy_slip

    LOL but they fucked up Musume’s (as well as some) graduation system. Like, completely. It’s not even funny because that system is doable and can provide actual group longevity if done right. 

    The new member might work if she’s utilized right. OC has a good chance but the thing is, the success might only make people forget about AS more. I mean, it sort of happened in Korea. 

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

    Such a perfectly timed article. I don’t see it for After School now that Kahi’s leaving. She is a powerhouse. OC is gonna get all the attention, Uee will continue doing dramas, and the rest will be left to flounder.  

    I hated Lady Luck, but I think Dilly-Dally was the B-side to it and I liked that so much more, even with the horrible title. It gave me hope. I hope they don’t go full-aegyo now that she’s gone. I’m done if they do. 

  • Chyrita Bonita

    I was really dissapointed with Lady Luck. That was not an After School song to me, they could have gave that song to Kara or some other cute group. I expect AS to be fierce. You could tell that some of the members had to force all that aegyo in the video because its not what they are used to. 

    You didn’t mention the fact that AS has been involved in Japanese fashion shows and that Nana is a regular on a Japanese tv show about fashion, but i guess that doesn’t have to to with their music. Anyway now that Kahi is leaving I really don’t see where the group is going but I’m really happy for her because she is a star in her own right and didn’t need a group from day one.

    • Theorist

      Now now.. don’t bring in KARA into this. They’re not just merely a group who has cuteness to it’s advantage. If it was KARA, people would give a better song than Lady Luck. 

      • Chyrita Bonita

        i’m not trying to diss Kara cause i do like them I’m just saying that song is for another group who pulls off cute concepts better. When I think of cute After School is not the group that pops into my head

        • Theorist

          yeah, you’re right about that. After School has a mature image, and now Kahi’s leaving. I don’t know what holds for them in the future..

  • goldengluvsk2

    did you heard? Kahi is leaving… u.u im telling you everytime they announce a new member I get the shivers… seriously, agencies should stop being all desperated about getting money and should focus in making quality material because their lack of interest in making suitable concept for their groups and bad decisions is affecting them… really? why you give AS a cutesy song?! even if theyre in Japan, that’s not their style…!! they should know their group’s weaknesses and strong points to work things out.

  • zweiosterei

    With Kahi’s “graduation” let the slowly but surely After School’s downward spiral into oblivion begin.

  • Triinu Rebane

    I think Kahi’s graduation does also good for them both. For me, now thinking about it, Kahi and her personality were becoming too strong and started overshadowing the group.Other AS members have great talent too (some more, some less) and to me, Kahi is more than ready to go her own way. I’m not really an AS fan, but this is how it looks like to an outsider who still loves ‘Ah’ days ^^
    Overall, they both have to develop and I think it’s benecifial to do it this way.

  • MamaWack

    yeah I’m one of those people who were happy Kahi graduated from AS. The route AS is taking will only suffocate Kahi and now I’m waiting for Jung Ah to graduate and become a soloist (I just love her husky voice) and besides Raina has been overshadowing her of late. all the originals can leave because let’s face AS is no longer sexy, they are going to cute-sexy route or they are becoming another generic pop group.

  • midsummerflower

    When I first saw the PV, I was really surprised. I like the song a lot, but the fact that it’s sung by AS makes me a little uncomfortable. Like you mentioned, the cutesy factor seems forced and just doesn’t go well with AS’s fierce image. I wish they had promoted Dilly Dally instead, especially since Lady Luck sounds more like a b-side song anyway… 

  • Jennyhime

    I think what they were hoping was that the hype and attention from “Make it happen” would last longer but it didn’t. It was more about Amuro Namie then about AS. Orange caramel might be more suited for the Japanese market but we’ll have to see if they have more popularity.
    AS hasn’t had luck with their songs and one big weaknesses that none of the girls speak the language and when they sing it sounds like gibberish and what about the japanese member who was supposed to only be in the groups Japan promotions.
    It’s clear that Pledis maybe thought that because we took inspiration from Japan we can handle and understand the market there.
    One big problem is that the Korean agencies do have more control then their Japanese counterparts which needs to change.
    Nana appeared on Tokyo girls style which maybe got her some fans (she was not the main model though, the show has no main model)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750740725 Sabrina Muslima Shaw

    Lol SDN is disbanding…so much for being influenced by apop/kpop

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YX33LZXYGSYPJ4T3N7ULX4LU64 ~mS*manaGer~

      actually they already disbanded earlier this year

  • Black_Plague

    Whoop dee doo, another reason why I cannot take Pledis seriously as a whole. Whoever’s running that company must be a part-time circus clown or something.

  • linhee

    For some reason, it really ticks me off when people go around saying that Jpop is made up of mostly “cute” songs. Sure, a lot of popular girl groups function with that, but not all. In all honestly, Jpop is very diverse and just because the popular/more attention grabbing songs are cute, shouldn’t let it define it’s whole genre. And it’s sad to think that the only thing people associate with Jpop is cute girls next door.