• YourYG Bias

    Oh yes, Juniel <3 The girl is talented. Though I was slightly distracted by Yonghwa and his dashing looks…

    If you think you've seen everything that k-pop has to offer after seeing groups like f(x), Big Bang, B.A.P and 2NE1 rock their quirky concepts, then KkabKwon blows them all away. I can't wait for a live performance of that slow ballad from his album whose name is escaping my mind right now. Though I'm slightly revolted by the idea that he's wearing heels for his live stage. 

    Oh Jo Kwon trying to pull of some kkab with heels. I have my popcorn ready. ;)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    love Juniel and her sunbae..

  • lektuvas

    IUs performance in Bukamura Orchard Hall was amazing i felt sorry for Juniel ,because Scetchbook Mcs and IUs relashinship is real ,but between Juniel and mc it was just reminiscence of IU.

    • Lily Anzer

      Juniel’s relationship with the MC is real too.
      Don’t pity or hate ok.
      Don’t be a blind biased person. 

  • FallingSnow

    I’m a little upset for both Juniel and IU. I don’t know why FnC styled Juniel so similarly to IU’s image. It might initially give Juniel a little boost in media attention but the constant comparison will just pigeon-hole the poor girl into a corner. The girl’s got a sweet, clear voice so the talent is there. I’m hoping the Juniel will be able to branch out musically and find her own niche and vocal style in the future. 

    • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

      FNC styled Juniel “similar” to IU because she plays the accoustic guitar? is IU the only singer allowed to play the guitar? Juniel style has been set even before IU debuted as she played the guitar and had her own self compositions way before IU did…..they don’t even have the same music genre.
      In regards to the “boost” from the “similarities”, that has already dissapeared in the K-media and it wasn’t even that relevant to begin with, there were only 3 articles about it. Juniel is reciving a lot atention for who she is now and there are a LOT of articles about her and her music that don’t even mention IU or any comparison….of course AKP wont translate them because those articles praise her a lot without making any comparison hence no “fan war” for AKP.

      • FallingSnow

        There’s no need to be so defensive. I’m in no way attacking Juniel for encroaching on IU’s territory or whatever. Nor did I say that just “because she plays the acoustic guitar”, she’s just like IU. The similarities in their STYLING: fresh, delicate, feminine, their association with spring/nature, etc. etc. down to the way they are dressed… I personally have NOT read any articles regarding comparisons of the two and I’ve long since stopped reading AKP so I have no idea what fan wars you are referring to. I’m merely commenting from a general Kpop fan’s point of view and from my POV, it’s like FnC is intentionally asking for and drawing comparisons between the two artists. And it’s unfortunate, for BOTH of them, but I feel particularly bad for Juniel since she’s an relative newbie and unestablished in the industry. It’s my personal hope that she’ll be able to find her own footing in the musical niche she’s aiming for, without constantly molding her image under someone else’s shadow. I’m concerned for HER because FnC has been known to be iron-handed in their dealing with their label artists’ creative expressions (eg. CNBlue’s latest EP). 

        • Lily Anzer

          FNC gives their artists enough freedom. 
          “fresh, delicate, feminine, their association with spring/nature, etc. etc. down to the way they are dressed” That IS Juniel’s style…which is very common…not a style FNC imposed on Juniel. And definitely not solely a style worn by IU…
          Anyway, do you expect FNC to dress Juniel like 2NE1 or BAP or something?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

    This might be something that I am not loving in kpop, but the names of Suju and Wooyoung’s albums has me cringing. Sexy, Free and Single and 23, Male, and Single?? What is going on? I thought Suju’s was bad, but Wooyoung is worse.

  • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

    Juniel performance in 
    Sketchbook was truly beautiful, she’s a really talented girl, she totally took the first place in my favorite female solist list… Fool, Illa Illa and the cover of Sketchbook she performed were really good plus i got to see and hear handsome Yonghwa again, PERFECT :D

  • Miss Drama

    Jo Kwon is hilarious. The first time I encountered his imteresting character was on a 2PM show when they did the Abracadabra spoof from their group called Dirty Eye Girls hahaha >.< still cracks me up every time. He was super flamboyant in that music video and since then Ive kept him on my radar.mthis new song is perfect for the summer. Loooove it!