• Xaestra

    These comments are an insult to my intelligence. But then again, only in kpop. *shrugs*

    Which brings me to my next point, thank god for Seoulbeats (except for that time when we had the polls… that was horrendous.)

  • hottiewookie

    I just got here to read some comments and I agree of what you said =) hehehe
    Yep, sometimes YouTube comments are annoying.

  • Averi Baker

    I don’t mind #1. I think views show popularity, so why not get them up.
    #3 has to be the most annoying one. If someone did or said something wrong then its wrong, it doesn’t matter who the person is.

  • FlipMango

    This article is amazing. So accurate. I want to share this on youtube so that people realize stupid they’re being…

  • http://profiles.google.com/simone.halo Simone La

     I hate when they use ‘Oppa': “You don’t know my oppa. Oppa is the kindest person ever” *roll eyes* have your ever met ‘oppa’ then how the f*ck do you know how he behaves. 
    I remember I saw a comment where the commenter said: “Unnie never had sex before.” =_= Like seriously, how do you know what she has or hasn’t done.   smh

  • http://twitter.com/BlackjackBom BlackjackShawol

    The only thing I disagree with here is the ‘I’m a fan and even I…’.
    I know I use this sometimes to save myself from getting my ass kicked by a hoard of angry fangirls. It’s self preservation. Say you’re a part of the fandom and the teenage girls normally think a moment or two before ripping my comment and self-esteem to shreds.  

    • http://twitter.com/YukiX3 Yuki~* (≧∇≦)/

      Yes but you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion in the first place. Being a fan of someone doesn’t mean that you have to love everything from that idol. If some childish fangirls can’t get this and attack you, then it’s their own problem, not yours. Besides it’s only the internet, we all get attacked for no reasons sometimes, so even if someone attacks you, just give a calm reply, or ignore it :) but just feel free to give your own opinion even about your fav group, without adding “I’m a fan but…” in the beginning of every sentence XD because well, that’s really annoying and it doesn’t make much sense to say it all the time, as if it’s a crime to give criticism… when in fact, it’s a good thing…

  • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

    The only think that annoys me is when u give ur opinion and another person is like, hater! U just hate “insert band name.” That gets me irritated. Im fine with everything else.

    The first one, super Junior got an award for the number of views they got on Mr. Simple’s video. They win awards left and right, and thats bc of fans. I watch mr simple once a week, and when all fans do that, views add up. Plus if they get 1 million views in 24 hours and increase it as soon as it comes out, it gets on the front page. Though, I wont waste my time replaying it over again and spending half a day voting. Only serious voting I did was Big Bangs’s MTV EMA’s. Even then I kina cheated so I could vote 100 times in 1 minute…. What! They were up against britney!

    Three I dont mind if the fan is not completely delusional. 

    Five I dont mind. Unless there are 10-50 of these.

  • Zoey Orlando

    I find all of this funny but I’m not afraid to admit that I do watch MVs more than one time to increase views and that I do vote like crazy for my bias and that I spam pages with comments like <3 TOP <3 TOP <3 TOP <3 TOP <3 TOP <3 TOPbut I don't do number 3 and 4 although I do say that Kpop idols are human and do make mistakes like us, cuz some Kpop fans seem to think that our idols are perfect and angels and some hate their guts over a comment they made when they don't even know them personally. just my opinion.

  • apple886

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  • black_rose45000

    I always wonder what was it with the spam-comments from point 5. Was wondering if it was a Kpop thing O.o lol. Felt incredibly retarded, sorry to say.
    What I found most annoying where the idiotic OTP delusional comments, especially the “X disliked this” whenever the video had someone interfering with the TRUE LOVE~ of their OTP.
    ….the sheet is all that, people.

  • http://twitter.com/yichella yichella

    When I see #5, I wish I could literally reach through cyberspace and throttle these nitwits at their computers. Why anyone would “thump up” these comments is an utter mystery.

  • http://twitter.com/suimanstudio suimanstudio

    Spam is the worst, it’s just plain annoying regardless of circumstances.

    I’m guilty of number 2, although not in it’s literal sense…It’s more like always adding the extra text ( the people who said this and that; the netizens in question ) is troublesome. Being a netizen equals the social status of an otaku – I admit being both yet when it comes to really ignorant or bizarre things I want to draw a line and make sure people don’t associate me with the creepy part of the fandom.

    4, as you described too, is more a shield to keep the hardcore fans tamed. The rare times I raise(d) an opinion on Youtube has made me realize unless I specifically state being or not being something, people assume I’m a hater – I could ignore these people but since my YT account is not a secret and I often connect it to SNS sites, I’m just a bit sensitive as to what gets connected to my username. 

    The 1st one, I never really understood. Moreover, the extended version involves a sort of battling of fandoms – I even saw comments stating “This is such a good song, let’s make it surpass their XXX single’s views!” 

    I could maybe add one certain type of comment:
    6. “He/she used to be so XXX”
    Some fans actually fell annoyed/angry/sad because their bias grows as an individual and as an entertainer. Recently I noticed such comments on XIA’s Tarantallegra…Before that a lot of people expressed their dissatisfaction with Sunny’s short and blonde hair – an actual line “it does not add to her aegyo image”. I remember this one clearly because it painted wtf all over my face…

    Hm…Now that I think of it, I can add a 7th too:
    “I’m here because of XXX”…
    When Simon Curtis expressed he became a fan of Sooyoung and SNSD, almost every YT video featuring his music had at least one comment stating he/she’s here because Simon likes Sooyoung. 
    It’s natural that we find things through connections yet there are respectful and disrespectful ways of expressing it – making your bias the center of attention even when visiting a different entertainers channel or SNS is quite inappropriate in my eyes…

  • Haibara Christie

    I see number 5 everywhere including SB…..you don’t need to go on youtube.

  • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ TS_Love1403

    I´m trapped in the number 4. But that´s because I know fans can be so crazy (and yes it even includes me) just because somebody say something negative about their idols. They´ll start to assume that you´re a hater/troll, which is really annoyong cause you can´t even give critics without being labeled as either of the two categories.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaureeniePie Maureen Nguyen

    That picture of Hyoyeon made me laugh. I forgot what I was going to post….

    But I’ll post this.
    Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥
    Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥
    Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥
    Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥
    Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥ Hyo ♥…looool.

  • Snachel Snoward

    I’m kind of annoyed by shipping. I admit I have shipped couples, but some people try to magnify the tiniest things and make something out of them.