• http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I think the music video is great. It pulled off what the song’s concept is. It’s cute without being the sickening aegyo kind. It’s colorful. It’s an SNSD video that’s not as typical as the other SNSD videos. The girls looked great and the whole video was just fun.

    I loved the EXO cameos. Sehun and Kai were all “Hell yeah! Dancing with hot noonas!” while Baekhyun the Soshi fanboy was probably dying and spazzing inside while filming his cameo. Chanyeol’s role is hilarious. Two years ago, he was the celeb and Soshi were the paps. Now, he’s the pap and he’s stalking Soshi. :)

    • asianromance

      I thought the mv had a good balance too, though i was a bit disappointed that the song promoted wasn’t some sort of ballad.   

  • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

    i loved it, though if i had to pick on anything, it would be tiffany’s hair, the piggy tails, bang with surls was just ekkkkkkkkk for me. Seohyun’s huge boob thing was cute, until she had a close up and you can literally see the layers of hair spray on her hair. BUT seriously, i love everything else

  • kimi2300

    Just watched the MV, not bad the girls look believable except for Seohyun (please stop with your excessive winking) Tiffany scared me a bit with her red lips toward the end, i thought i saw a scary clown. The song is ok and the screaming throws me off, my ears hurt now. I can’t help to notice that the beginning looks similar to WG’s so hot, and Taeyeon leopard outfit scream Sohee!! but it’s KPOP everyone seems to follow each other. I’m glad they get to showcase their talent but we all know they can sing so I’m not in complete awe with this comeback. They look pretty like always, nothing new. :) 

    • nonod

      agree wth the screaming, the song shocases the girls voval talents but ot hjas way too many ad libs

  • http://twitter.com/Miharuu_Issa Sagami Miharu

    The Mv is really pretty, a bit boring (coming from some non kpopers, not me). The girls are gorgeous in it I thought o.o
    But has anyone noticed how awkward Seohyun is in this mv? 2:40 especially. I love the girl, but man is she an awkward performer.
    I think the song was really nice and would have been amazing it it weren’t from those excessive beltings. Anyway I can’t wait until they release other materials, as TaeTiSeo or whatever they will come up since i kind of enjoyed this album much more than Snsd’s last album (especially Baby Steps and love Sick <3)

    • Alixana_Tigana

       Yeah, at 2.40 it looks like she’s sucking dick. >.<
      The argument "I am not a hater!" will probably go unheard after such statement, but really, I like that kid. But I feel awkward just watching her. I've never seen anyone with more overall potential and less charisma in my life.
      She's got the full package – pretty face, lovely vocals, endurance, rhythm – and all in vain. Damn.

      • Maruja90

        The only MV where they embrace the ‘sexy bad girl concept’ and Seohyun did not look awkward was in the Japanese mv for Bad Girl. I really love her. Actually, I think she is the only SNSD member that a REALLY like, the other ones I don’t care about them nor buy their ‘innocent act’. I still believe she is a great vocalist, I actually like her vocals more than Taeyeon because, even though Taeyeon has a great voice (better than Seohyun), sometime I think she tries too hard to show us that she is good.

      • pg13247

        You’ve said exactly why I love Seohyun but also am disappointed in her at the same time. She has all the abilities that an idol should need to perform well except charisma which is probably one of the most important ones too. Such a shame.

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

       I’m glad someone said it. I’ve always thought Seohyun was the most awkward performer I’ve ever seen. I like her and all with her prim and proper goody goody-ness on wgm but she has never ever convinced me that she’s fully embracing a concept in every snsd promo song.

    • Mintmint

      Seohyun is my favorite SNSD member but I think she’s just an awkward person in general. On WGM she was the same, just having like a robot-face all the time and no reactions toward anything. o_o I really did feel sorry for Yonghwa at many moments during the show lol.

      There are times when I feel a potential star can work on the charisma and come out of their shell. But sometimes when I see Seohyun I feel like it’s impossible D: Poor girl, I like her too much to see her talent being wasted like that.

    • http://twitter.com/LaavaK90 Lava

      oh my gosh 2:40!! I thought it was only me!! I face palm everytime that part comes up X__X

  • http://twitter.com/Twilk5 Twilk

    Every time i hear this song i remember of Christina Aguilera. I’m sure there’s a music really like this one.

  • intheshort

    I loved the dog! It was soooo cute.


    (Not to say the SNSD members weren’t stunning…)

  • FallingSnow

    Very Moulin Rouge and burlesque. A little too kitschy and cutesy winking for my taste but… overall – both MV and album – better than what I expected out of SM. Music selection and production generally solid – if not a little safe – but definitely better than what they’ve been putting out so far this year (or last year for that matter). I did enjoy the album and some are going on my playlists, surprisingly. The girls definitely seem MUCH happier singing this than The Boys, that’s for sure. Good for them.

  • theonetwo

    the song and mv was alright but easily forgettable.  i will say they definitely tried to show that they can sing with the aguilera type belting that was going on.  i agree with others who pointed out the excessive winking.  guess that was intended?  lol  also, i know the man focus are these three girls but with all the other girls dancing with them it it reminded me of snsd.

  • ilovessantokki

    It was good, but nothing great. It was exactly what you would expect from an SNSD sub-unit.

    And maybe that’s the problem with SM. They always stay in their comfort zone. I think it would’ve been interesting to see these three do an MV that wasn’t all beauty shots and short dresses. 

    But hey, they’re good at what they do.

  • aironaz

    This is the first time I’ve like anything SNSD in a long while (ever since gee and genie). I like Seohyun and taeyeon but I never warmed up to tiffany (especially her “rapping) but it’s better than hearing sica’s nasally voice.

    The girls pull of the look well, if only some of the fashion isn’t so shabby. I enjoy the song more than I thought I would and I’m glad it’s toned down compared to the teasers. The mv is pretty and I liked the concept in the video although I felt SM could have done so much more (like always).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mishka-Moncrieffe/544916778 Mishka Moncrieffe

    SM saw that CNblue had white foreigners in their video and that Big Bang had all black male band for their Alive tour and said “Hell Naw, no these mofos ain’t trying to play us!” and got a all black band with men and women.

    • theonetwo

      not going to lie, it was one of the things i noticed in the video.  its a good thing though imo

    • Mintmint

      Lol I noticed that too. Big Bang’s live band is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the MV.

  • Yinnie_C

    It’s cute and SMent were clever in doing the choreography, especially with weaker dancers. The fail-safe formation dancing- hard to pick out errors. Smart move. 

    Vocals were on point, but does anyone feel like they waited for this sub-unit so long to happen that the music and video was just disappointing. I expected a less aegyo approach and power ballad i guess.

    • norimix

      TTS said that they specifically picked the song so that they could focus on the singing rather than the choreography…
      To most ppl this song and the MV is in whole on point the online sales records they set around the world prove it. It also establishes a new direction for TTS and SNSD…

  • Michael Park

    SM-esque. They certainly have a unique taste for music videos, and though I applaud their consistent and easily recognizable styles, it would’ve been nice to see something different – especially since this isn’t really considered a ‘major release’. 

    That said, I actually enjoy these types of music videos… because they’re different from the others. Yes, it’d be nice to have a storyline with some action, but because almost everyone else does those, it’s nice to have just a simple dance and singing video. 

    SM songs, especially their idol songs, are never really intended for us to ‘understand the lyrics’… they’re always on the fun side. For those reasons, I don’t mind that it’s just plain flashy and in-your-face because it lets me focus on the beats and the funk in the song. It’s flashy in a way that makes me fantasize being able to have that kind of capability or resource to do the same things these idols do. 

    A music video would’ve been nice… but given the fact that most kpop videos are either completely unrelated to the song, or that they’re usually over dramatized anyways, SM style videos aren’t really that bad. We may have gotten bored with it… but let’s face it, many other idol companies are latching on to this style too. The latest music videos from Cube Ent. have the same type of feel…

    I would like to see one more music video though… I think they could do a story-based one with library. Because after reading the lyrics of that song, I still don’t really get the whole dictionary concept.

    • idontknoe

      I hate storyline MVs. They’re always waaaaaaayyyyyyy over dramatized. Give me eye candy dancing any day. I listen to Kpop because it’s supposed to be fun and entertaining.

      • Mintmint

        I don’t necessarily hate storyline MV’s but I DO really appreciate these eye candy SM videos. Sometimes music is just meant for lighthearted entertainment rather than serious stuff. Sometimes I wish the more “serious” idols would take a break and dance happily around on the set!

  • nonod

    I didn’t like the acting of the girls in the MV, Taeyeon look comfortavle but wasn`t great, Seohyun was so awkward, her face was emotionless all the time and Tiffany was overacting ( maybe she did it to compensate Seohyun`s awkwardness?)

  • http://twitter.com/oneonlyblondie Ari

    Am i the only one feeling like the 3 girls lack swagger for singing such a song? their voice r too high-pitched, i mean its good but the song has this jazzy feel and at some point it doesnt completely fit their voice. A lower, deeper, more mature voice would sound better to me.

    Not that i didnt like it tho, i actually liked it better than the usual snsd song becuz it has more vocals. The mv is pretty good too, it fits with the song.

    • Mintmint

      Nope you’re not the only one. Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man was fun and glitzy in the same way (along with Lady Marmalade/Moulin Rouge) but still passionate and sassy. I honestly doubt ANY member of SNSD can pull that kind of charisma off. They’ve been kind of trained to look cute and pretty like dolls for every MV they shoot, so scrunching up their face to sing passionately would ruin the screenshots later for the fans. Haha. I guess as a casual fan that’s all I can expect from them so I just enjoy it like it is.

      I do agree that Taeyeon’s screeches started to annoy me, especially at the end. Tiffany’s is lower and slightly huskier so it wasn’t too bad but it was pushing it. Seohyun went into those high notes a little too much also.

      So far it’s my favorite MV ever from SNSD, but considering that I don’t expect that much from SM, well that’s an accomplishment in itself. Lol.

      • black_rose45000

         “They’ve been kind of trained to look cute and pretty like dolls for
        every MV they shoot, so scrunching up their face to sing passionately
        would ruin the screenshots later for the fans.”
        This is what I feared and why I was even more curious when I heard they’ll form more subgroups with different concepts. Exactly how different? I’m waiting for rock or classy, sensual R&B, or who knows what else, but are we going to get that, and on top of it, some good quality music? I doubt it :(

      • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

        Not scrunching up their faces to show passionate singing is something I’ve noticed about most kpop idols, not just snsd. It does bother me sometimes because one’s face is not suppose to look so relaxed when hitting those difficult notes but oh well that’s kpop for you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5CCHSWJB6474UQZB3HE2XCZESI angelica

    The song is forgettable, good thing SM compensated it with a colorful eye candy MV…

  • ISayyy

    I really did like both the song and the MV but I really wished they had more natural facial expressions. And yes, I’m looking at you Seohyun. Girl is very pretty but be honest, it looked like she just had a botox treatment right before this music video shoot, she couldn’t even give us a genuine shocked face.

    I really would want to touch their faces and introduce to them a whole dictionary on facial language just so they wouldn’t look like robots in every single music video. 

  • whirlypop

    SuJu’s oddly lit room was more of like having a brand or an image, which started with Sorry Sorry. It’s like their signature or something, at least that’s what aura I’m getting from it. Lol.
    I do agree. Twinkle’s a good video. Not really the best SM did. But really eye catching and nice. It had a concept and the makeup’s good.

  • itsmysunshine

    It was girly, cute.. and that’s it. I think this MV is totally Tiffany’s style. Seohyun looks freaking awkward no matter how hard she tried to do aegyo pose. 

    Oh, and it’s so full of pink and winks my eyes were kinda twitching when I watched it lol.

  • suhshiroll

    i like it. the song suits the three members because they are some of the best singers in SNSD. i wonder how the other units will turn out.. 

  • beautyWITHbrain

    i tried to avoid them,but they’re everywhere.i’ve listened to twinkle sixth times and love their live performance….taeyeon specifically and also the fan chants.

  • Alex O.

    The MV was definitely interesting to look at and the song was pretty good, but I was disappointed that there wasn’t much of a story line. The dancing/choreography was subpar and a story line definitely would’ve helped make the video a little more exciting. And Seohyun really needs an acting coach or something – I don’t know how they let her go through every single music video looking like that. 

    Overall I was kind of disappointed. The live performances weren’t that great either and the girls sounded like they were having a tough time with the notes, though interestingly enough, Seohyun seemed to be the better singer during the live performances.

    If SM wants to keep this going, they should either scale down the number of live performances for vocally-demanding songs like “Twinkle” or train the girls a little more so they can hit the notes with less stress on their vocal chords.

  • Tiera Slack

    If this was for the vocals…someone failed…and I loved SNSD… :( I am extremely disappointed…

  • jae-an bowen

    the video was so boing but nice song