• f_mama

    Interesting article. 

    As inconceivable as it may be to some fans at the moment, I mean, SNSD will surely one day lose it’s relevancy. And to those fans, what I’m saying will probably be interpreted as antagonistic now, but I’m pretty sure once they grow out of K-pop and they’re mature, they’re gonna wonder how they got so crazy about 9 girls they didn’t even know. 

    The same happened to all the big bands of the ‘first generation’. H.O.T. reached relatively dizzying heights of fame before they disbanded. None of the members, individually or collaboratively, became as successful as they were in their heydays. It all happened in the span of five years and I’d hate to put an expiration date on any band, but it won’t be long for SNSD, I’m sure. Their contracts are about to end, and I’m pretty sure Tiffany will leave the company (her intention wasn’t to debut as a K-pop artist in the first place). I’m guessing not many of them are keen to stay either. 

    So I mean, once that happens, I can imagine a number of scenarios happening… none of them boding well for the overall popularity of the SNSD brand. Most likely, the fans will aggressively try to support them for a while, but once that’s passed, there won’t be anything to keep the brand alive. SM will have ditched it’s efforts to promote the girls after the ugly disbandment staining their ‘WE’RE-SISTAS-4-LYF’ image. Although, the pattern indicates that some girls will remain and they’ll probably promote as individual artists or actors, albeit to varying success and again never to the same kind of popularity. So once all the promotion and hype has disappeared, they’ll be nothing for the fans to, well, fan over. 

    And we all know that if you’ve got no new material to offer in K-pop (and in general the fast-paced pop industry),  then the fan’s attention will gradually shift to the next big thing. SNSD will have been unconsciously forgotten.

    Of course, this is probably applicable to many of the idol bands out there and not just SNSD. We’ve seen it happen to the best of K-pop, i.e. DBSK (yes, dedicated Cassie here, lol), and to tonnes of bands which have failed to hit it big at all… so it’s hard to deny that it’ll happen to SNSD.

    • cutiepie88

      If you do know when will their contracts be up? Because its different for each member right?

      • f_mama

        Yeah it’d be different since they all signed on at different times. Sorry, I’ve got no exact idea though, but it’s been mentioned by more than a few legitimate sources that it’s soon, at least for some of the members. Not sure if they’ll extend it though.

    • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

      I’m curious as to what was Tiffany trying to be in the entertainment business before her debut. Would you happen to know? Thanks.

      • f_mama

        As far as I know, she originally wanted to be an artist in America. So, I have no idea why she signed with SM then… unless she was intending to debut in the US with Korean bandmates. I highly doubt that though ==; since there was she could’ve predicted how far-reaching the Hallyu wave would become when she joined.

    • http://twitter.com/isabel906 Isabella xavier

       that true..even world best girls group (Spice Girls) and boys group (Backstreets boys) also have declined in their popularity when they do their individual activities but 1 or 2 out of 9 member will be have a stable career in future i think..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/RUUFQCBA3PEZP7AKESBML6M2GM Neal

        Here are my predictions:
        Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica will have at least moderately successful solo singing careers.  Taeny has some MCing experience, but as far as I know Jessica doesn’t do as many side projects, so ice princess will really have to rely on strictly a singing career. 

        Seohyun-she has the pipes and maybe she can make a decent solo album, it’s just that I have a feeling she’ll go back to school again and attempt to be the next president of South Korea.  Who knows maybe she’ll be a good actress too since she’s an acting major.

        Yoona and Yuri: actresses/CF models

        Sooyoung: variety show MC, actress, and model.

        Sunny: I find her to be the jack of all trades, but master of none.  Good singing voice (her timbre is a personal favourite), decent dancer, has the acting chops (horror movie factory), and definitely entertaining on variety shows.  I’m not sure how she’ll do with a solo singing career, but I see more of a future in variety shows.

        Hyoyeon-SM choreographer.  She’s very funny and has potential to be in variety shows, but I just feel she’s the one who’s the most likely to fall into obscurity once SNSD “retires.” No hate here, just saying.

        The 5 lead vocalists will likely do musicals over and over again in the future.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RUUFQCBA3PEZP7AKESBML6M2GM Neal

      “I’m pretty sure once they grow out of K-pop and they’re mature, they’re gonna wonder how they got so crazy about 9 girls they didn’t even know.”  Hah…something I really need to hear.  I was initially just a casual fan of k-pop and was enjoying the Hallyu wave from a safer distance rather than being swept away by it.  I’ve heard of snsd from sites like allkpop when I was looking at other articles.  All I knew about them was there were 9 of them and I thought the sheer size of the group was just ridiculous for me to even take them seriously. 

      At that time, I was a bit of a music snob and only had real respect for artists that actually write and produce their own music.  When I checked out snsd’s MVs, I absolutely cringed at their excessive girly-girly saccharine image (Kissing You, Gee–although those are catchy songs).  Even as I liked their “fiercer” songs like The Boys, RDR, and Genie, I still thought they were too manufactured for my liking.  Since I was so curious about what their deal was, I started to do some research on them and got to see them in variety and reality shows…then I totally fell in love with them…more with their projected personalities in the media and seemingly tight, sisterly bond rather than their music.

      I admit, now I’m officially a crazy SOSHI addict, especially Sunny. And then I realize just how insane I am for liking them so much although they’re practically strangers to me.  I guess it is my fault too for wanting to get an update on their most current activities and watch all variety shows videos of them that I could get my hands on.  Realistically speaking, it’s not smart to invest that much on 9 people who are not even in my life.  However, sometimes I’m mad at…ugh…I don’t know…SM (I guess?) for how good they are at marketing these girls.  You know…when they go on a variety show, you see glimpses of their true selves that gives me the illusion I know them so well, though I don’t and now I feel like I’m in a state of an unrequited love.  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself, “You don’t really know who they are,” “You won’t necessarily like them once you get to know them (hypothetically speaking),” “You may get to know them, they’ll never know you!” “Their image has been carefully constructed,” and “They often follow the script.”  SNAP. help me!

  • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

    I agree with you, it’s really a good question as to what is snsd’s next direction.

    Hahahhaha, they’re not getting any younger, lol, you’ve been too familiar with kpop I bet. The girls are in their early 20’s. I think they started it out young and are still owning it at such a young age. Farrrrrr, like tifffanybsays, they’re not old, others debuting just happens to be really young

  • idontknoe

    They’re not going to stay together forever as a group singing GEE for the rest of their lives, that’s a given. I think that once their contract ends, most likely they’ll pursue their own personal activities and maybe a few get together performances for fans. I don’t think they want to be Kpop idols forever, but I don’t think they’re ready to give it up just yet.

    They’re not that old actually. The 2007 girl groups are still relatively young and close in age compared to the 2009 and 2010 girls. It’s just these last 2 years the girls have gotten prepubescent, 2012 is showing signs of older girls though. I think they’ll stay on top as long as they want to actively promote as SNSD.
    – The Korean public is actually pretty loyal if you see that even with their hiatus from the SK industry WG still ranks highly on the Gallup each year.
    – Their fans are dedicated as always and they are actually gaining a lot of new fans each year internationally.
    – Even with the popularity and popular sales of T-ara and 2ne1, they’re still undeniably the best when they were only promoting for like 2 months.
    -The beat out WG easily because they were always a close #2 and when WG left and Gee happened, they easily took up that spot.
    – No female group comes close to their physical sales, which indicates a very sizable fanbase. Their digitals even for “The Boys” wasn’t that bad for a song that came out at the end of the year and was not that good. Digitals usually show the popularity of the song, but they definitely transcended the popularity of GEE and it no longer defines them.

    They’ll still be at the top for another 2-3 years (that’s when I think they’ll want to start their own lives and start other careers, get married, etc).

    Groups lost popularity because they disbanded or took long hiatuses, there hasn’t been a group consistently active to show if there a decline. All the points of declination were some huge scandal, disbandment, hiatuses, military.

  • pg13247

    The real question is when this will happen. It’s not even an “if” question. As a fan it’s sad to think of this ending, but it’s been nearly 5 years and if they keep getting crap songs, the girls won’t stand for it any longer.

    Most of them are making the most of their time as SNSD by making contacts with people in different industries and taking opportunities to try out musicals and dramas before their demand is gone. It’s obvious that “Forever SNSD” was not going to happen and I really wonder if the fans really thought it was.

    I only hope that before they disband, they comeback with one final amazing song so that whenever people think of SNSD it’ll be a pleasant memory. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

      YG = Media FRENZY.

      They go to ridiculous extremes. Haha.

    • http://twitter.com/isabel906 Isabella xavier

       we have a same thought too..GG will not lasting forever its goes same in other group like Big Bang, Super Junior or other group..maybe my comment loooked like i was anti fan to GG, BB,or SJ..but we need to rational in some point..that true that 2Ne1 was doing well in their own and doesn’t need any media storm to promote, but for some reason they also can declined in term of popularity bcoz of their age gap between the member…am not hater of kpop group but sometimes we need a rational thought

  • sayMissAsuzy

    they still have long way to go..and loooong term contract…btw,should seoulbeats change to soshibeats or smbeats…i came here every day and all i see is exo,snsd,exo,snsd,exo,snsd.

    am i bugging?yes.

    • Aurora2687

      Like any other website, Seoulbeats has to drive traffic to their site to stay relevant and they can achieve this by either:
      1. Writing inflammatory editorials
      2. Positive op-ed’s that attract their target demographic
      3. or Article’s on hot-issue’s and trends.

      It’s pretty obvious where certain topics fall into. And it works as evidenced by the large no. of comments on these certain topics. Everything else almost feel like fillers or meeting a quota.

      • sayMissAsuzy

        there are a lot of kpop idols can be exposed.and i don’t want to stuck in smcircus.

        • mimoni

          Me too. I kind of stopped coming here as often because of that. And how they over-sensationalise the popularity of the artists (I live in Japan… and am like ????? to where all this information about them being super popular is coming from). They may be popular, but using the word ‘conquer’ is a little strong, don’t you think?

          • sara devi

            agreed. it’s always snsd when i came here.. though there are zillions of idols and zillions of topics to touch on with them =/ 
            and yes “conquered” is a word that has been thrown around very loosely.. and worse of all, “conquer all of asia” – seriously? japan and korea represent all of asia now? i live in singapore and kpop is still very much a niche market for a certain demographic. 

        • Aurora2687

          But than a lot of people have also accused the site of writing mostly complimentary op-ed’s for YG artist’s, sooo……

    • Budy_0027

      came to say the same thing lol
      it’s kinda disappointing on seoulbeats though
      meh i guess they can’t be flawless all the time

  • sayMissAsuzy

    they still have long way to go..and loooong term contract…btw,should seoulbeats change to soshibeats or smbeats…i came here every day and all i see is exo,snsd,exo,snsd,exo,snsd.

    am i bugging?yes.

  • eaesandwich

    Lees PR / Leespair is a real polling company and not some unscientific internet vote where fans of a particular group can spam.  They have been doing the same poll for entertainers (musicians, actors, etc) for 2x a year for about ten years now.  Girls Generation has been #1 on the Lees PR / Leespair in the Female Singer category since the 2nd half of 2008 except for last year in the 2nd half of 2011 where they were #2 and Park Jung Hyun was #1 after being/’winning’ on “I Am A Singer”

    A) Lees PR / Leespair Favorite Female Artists 1st Half of 2012
    1. Girls Generation 26.9%
    2. Wonder Girls 7.3%
    3. Lee Hyori 7.1%
    4. Baek Ji Young 6.5%
    5. Miss A 6.2%

    The results from this Lees PR / Leespair poll is the SAME as all the other polls done in Korea

    B) Gallup Korea Top Music Artist 2011 
    1. SNSD 26.1%
    2. Bigbang 8.2%
    3. Jang Yun Jeong 6.9%
    4. Kim Byum Su 6.3%
    5. IU 6.0%
    6. Im Jae Bum
    7. 2PM
    8. Park Jung Hyun
    9. T-ara
    10. Wonder Girls

    Girls Generation has been #1 in Gallup (which doesnt separate males and females like Lees PR / Lesspair does into different categories) for the last 3 years and was #2 in 2008

    C) Forbes Korea Top Power Celebrities 2011
    1. Girls Generation
    2. Bigbang
    3. IU
    4. KARA
    5. Kim Yuna
    6. Lee Seung Gi
    7. Park Ji Sung (Footballer)
    8. Kim Tae Hee
    9. B2ST
    10. Park Tae Hwan

    Girls Generation has been #1 in Forbes for the last 2 years and was #2 in 2009 

    And I laugh when the writer talks about the age of SNSD when the oldest is Taeyeon (who just turned 23 in March 2012) and the youngest is Seohyun (who is 20).  Plenty of upside to SNSD especially when they are havent even reached their height of their popularity in Japan, who the writer ignores completely in favor of talking about the West.

    The vast majority of overseas revenue for ALL Korean entertainment/music companies comes from Japan, not the West.  In 2011, SNSD had about $55 MILLION in just album, single, & dvd sales in Japan.  This number doesnt even include their endorsements and concert tour in Japan in 2011.  And of course, this doesnt even include their Korean and other pan-Asian activities in 2011.

    • http://twitter.com/pc4mo pcmo

      fyi, IU is actually #2 in Favorite Female Artists (not wonder girls) for first half of 2012 with ~15%

    • Whisperingnotes

      I’m genuinely confused. What is the point of this post?

  • nathansgirl

    Nice article. It wasn’t criticizing SNSD to hell and it wasn’t making any of their accomplishments look small, so I don’t understand how anyone can start rambling about how the writer is being unfair or understating what SNSD has become as a girl group. The girls will have at the very least 2-3 more years of being on top, but things can and will change within the span of 5 years. The writer is being realistic in the fact that not everyone can be on top forever.

    Not to throw an American artist in the mix (AND I’M NOT TRYING TO SAY EITHER IS BETTER OR WORSE), but Brittney Spears is huge here, even when she came back to the scene after her.. incident.. but was she on top? Hell no. Someone else took the main limelight. She’s still a prime artist in America, and has millions of fans, sells millions of records, but she’s not on top anymore. I think the same thing will happen to SNSD.

    They will obviously still be VERY MUCH relevant to the Korean, Japanese, etc. media. It’s just a matter of time, and not to sound like an “anti” (geez I hate that word), but I can’t wait to see who rises to the top after SNSD has their time. Will it be someone that’s out there now or rookies that have an amazing single? I don’t know, but music is supposed to change, the media is supposed to change. So for all the diehard fans out there who think anyone who says SNSD won’t be Korea’s top girl group forever, are crazy/insane/haters/ignorant it’s not that we’re waiting for SNSD to fall. We’re just waiting for someone new to rise, and see how Korean music changes with it’s new leader.

    • CharmSong

      I agree with everything you said. 

      “Once you reach the top, there’s no other way to go but down.”

    • http://twitter.com/isabel906 Isabella xavier

       i thinks singer/celebrities careers is just like roller coaster..just like Britney Spears(she is my lifetime Heroine), she became US sweethearts stating 1998 until early 2000++, but when she involved in few scandal, her popularity was going down, but yet she still manage to get up again..in term of GG case, they’re still going strong..but one day their popularity also can going down..there was no any boy/girl band or group can lasting forever even US legend boy group like Backstreets Boys also fades in their popularity..but i think the big 5 of korean girls group like GG, WG, KARA, 2Ne1, & T-Ra will be not declined in their popularity..bcoz of some reason that i was summarize

      GG-they’re everywhere in S.K TV, Drama, Variety show, Theatre, cf and much more, so people always keep their eyes on GG and right now there was no other rookie girls group can beat them in term of popularity even A-Pink(who’s was said to have a similar start wif GG when GG still a rookie in back of 07).

      WG-they’re still in big 5 girl group in S.K even their popularity was a bit declined compare to 07-08, but what make this group can’t surpass GG popularity bcoz they only appear in few of TV show in S.K not like GG who was conquer in various area and they also change their member(i Love SUNMI)..so they not powerful like back then..

      KARA-they popularity was only in Japan, but in S.K they can’t beat GG(GG also popular in Japan)…but i love their butt dance..kekeke..plus their new single ‘step’ was not powerful as Lupin and Mr.(even GG ‘the boys’ also can’t get attention as their previous single, but GG entire song in album was good that why their became best selling album in Japan & Korea according to some site)

      2Ne1- they’re good in music, but they still can’t be korean nation girls group bcoz only few generation love their music like teenager, but for elderly people their still choose GG(that why i always hear that GG was the Nation Girls Group coz every generation love them)..plus in term of age 2Ne1 have a big gab age to each other, so it hard to keep going like GG, WG, KARA, & T-RA(even their grab attention from international fan, but in S.K they still can’t beat GG, WG, KARA..but 2Ne1 win the best rookie group in the world in MTV iggy

      T-RA-they can go further in future, but when the CEO of their management announce that the they were add 2 more member, it make their fan became wild plus in 2011 their management compny already add 1 member..so they member changing can cause their popularity going down..

      and i sure someday GG also will be disband, if not in around this 2 years, their will be disband after this 5 years..but their will be remember by Korean people as a legend girl group and they were the first korean girl group that can beat any boy group since 1999 (boy group/band always conquer in term of popularity back in 1999)..& they bring the new revolution in KPoP bcoz after GG have a extreme popularity, mass media & tv show start to pay attention to girl group..& maybe some of us will said, b4 GG get full attention in S.K there are WG was more popular than GG, but WG can’t do the revolution that GG bring in 09 until now..bcoz whenever GG stand now, their always became a hot topic in S.K even if their stand behind the popular boy group/band..bcoz of GG popularity other girl group start to have a spotlight..

    • MOXCRunner1

      So this isn’t so much a reply as a post that tries to build off of yours… fair warning:P

      As a SONE from two years in the future, I have to say I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. As much as I love SNSD, and as much as I hope for their continued success, and as much as I believe that they’ve still got a lot of room to grow, I acknowledge that they will eventually lose their popularity. Even if they were able to remain young forever and continue to promote, they would still lose their popularity over time, and for a whole slew of reasons.

      I think a lot of SONE’s have just grown so used to SNSD’s status that they’re afraid of what’s going to happen when it slips- they can’t imagine an SNSD that isn’t on top, and so it translates into a fear that SNSD losing popularity means that they’ll go away, which isn’t necessarily true. Recently, with Kara’s whole debacle, that kind of fear has just been compounded, but the fact remains is that that doesn’t happen to every group.

      Of course, other SONE’s like popularity for popularity’s sake, but I think they follow a different kind of attitude with respect to fandom. Traditionally, you’re a member because you love the group, you love the work they do, and you want to support them. Nowhere in there does popularity play a role, except for the fandom members’ own peace of mind. I think people get a lot of reassurance from being a part of a large fandom, there’s a sense of safety in numbers and community. When that slips, it can definitely hurt. I believe that a lot of people join fandoms not entirely because of their love for the group, but also because of the sense of community within it. With that perspective, I suppose I can understand(but not condone) the somewhat excessive responses to people talking about SNSD’s eventual decline- it’s not that they’re trying to protect the group. Instead, they’re trying to protect the community they are a part of, which they fear will collapse or wither in such an event.

      To those people, I just urge them to focus not on the eventual fear, but instead to cherish the times they’re having. While looking to the future is certainly commendable and responsible, we shouldn’t allow it to leech the joy out of what we’re doing now, unless our current actions are directly leading to whatever it is about the future that you don’t like. Groups might be temporary, and fandoms may decline, but the spirit doesn’t fade so long as you don’t push it down.

      Sorry that that all turned kind of sappy, it’s just something I kinda wanted to say. There’s just been so much fatalism in Kpop lately, and I wish we could stop focusing on the bad things when they haven’t even happened yet.

  • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

    Honestly, I think they’re on their way down now. Well, not as much as 2pm is dropping but you can tell that they are. SNSD has always been good in album sales (everyone knows how SM fans would be double or triple what they truly need) but what set SNSD apart from other SM artists is how well the songs do digitally. Gee and Tell Me Your Wish, etc charted well but The Boys didn’t really dominate that much. 

    Yes, the song won 6 times in Music Bank. But that achievement is highly attributed to their album sales. Remember, BoA’s Hurrican Venus never even went to the Top 20 of the digital charts and yet it won  in Music Bank.

    With the recent explosion of incredible rookies this year, and the fact that SNSD has been around so long (people get bored with something they have been seeing for a long time), SNSD is on the decline.

    BTW, what happened to their TIme Machine, chart-wise?

    • eaesandwich

      Look the same polls showing SNSD as #1 and those same polls show 2PM ranked up high in popularity.  2PM is only behind Bigbang and Lee Seung Gi for males in terms of CFs, which is the real barometer of popularity in Korea.  In case you didnt know, 2PM has spent 2011 releasing music in Japan, where they are have been doing fantastic in terms of sales and their combined album/single sales in 2011 Japan was only behind TVXQ and Shinee among kpop male groups.

      FYI : ‘The Boys’ was the #10 most downloaded song in 2011 (GAON Charts).  ‘The Boys’ also was the #1 album in physical sales in 2011 with 385,000+ albums sold in 2+ Months (GAON Charts)

      FYI #2 : ‘Time Machine’ was on their Japanese album which has sold 840,000+ so far (Oricon Charts) / shipped 1 Million (RIAJ)

      • idontknoe

        Love your enthusiasm, but chill.

      • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

        Dude, what I said is that they are on the decline. I did not say that they are unpopular. Might not be as steep as the other groups. Cough 2pm cough but SNSD is surely on the decline already.

        • eaesandwich

          2PM in the year 2011 are  :

          1) One of the kings of CFs in Korea only being eclipsed by Bigbang and Lee Seung Gi among males
          2) Popular as evidenced in numerous polls

          3) Expanded their fanbase into Japan where they have been widely successfully as rookies

          4) Had sellout 8+ city Japanese concert tour and a 10+ city Asian concert tour

          Your definition of ‘decline’ is different that mine when 2PM expanded their fanbase into the 2nd biggest music market in the world (Japan) and held soldout concert tours all over Asia.

          Of course that comes from you not knowing the facts

          • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

            Hmm. This is awkward for you, but how high were they back in 2009-2010?

          • http://twitter.com/talinekae taline melanie kae

            Meh 2PM is still really popular, but they are (IMO) past their prime. I think that’s what the person you’re replying to is trying to say. 

        • newildlife

          actually 2pm is doing better as time goes by (compare their album sales in 2010 to 2011) Because of jay scandal (happen in 2009/2010), their fanbase weaken. But in 2011, their fanbase begin to stabilise and become more united. and i know this because i am in this fandom.

          • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

            Hmm, their songs doesn’t chart anymore in the top 10 digitally. They don’t win Triple Crowns as they used to. Their daum cafe lost about 60,000 members since their peak in 2009.

            Again, I never said that 2pm is unpopular now. I said that they don’t have that much attention as they used to.

          • newildlife

            – as far as I can rmb, 2pm title songs never chart in top 10 digitally for YEAR END but they do chart in top 10 during their COMEBACK month

            – Hands Up win triple crown in MB but not in Mcountdown (bcos they do not promote there until the goodbye stage) and Inkigayo (bcos they are facing competition from 2NE1) – jay scandal happen in 2009 ~ 2010, it is “natural” that they lost fans. 
            – and may i know how can I interpret “they don’t have that much attention as they used to”  ? 2010 ~ 2pm is pretty much everywhere in korea. with members doing cfs, dramas and comebacks. 

            2011 ~ even though they are in japan for most of the time, their japanese activities also received attention in korea. despite their absence, they are still getting korean cfs,  dream high also received quite a lot of attention. 2pmshow also received attention for being an idol variety show done right

          • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

            I don’t know if you’re a misinformed fans or a delusional one. Anyway, 2pm’s Hangs Up charted 66 in 2011 in Mnet.


            The link is streaming, not voting so pretty much it is the same in Melon and Bugs. FYI, WG who came back much later in the year charted in the top 20 of the year.

            In 2010, Without You finished 30th in the year.


            FYI, Without you and Hands Up were released almost at the same time of their respective years.

            Again, I’m not saying they are unpopular. I’m saying they are not as popular as they used to.

            Also, the cafe members I’m talking about was post Jay Park. After the Jay Park incident subsided, 2pm are least have 200,000 members. Now look at their cafe? They’re losing members everyday. Even when they were promoting, they were losing members.

          • newildlife

            30th and 66th place are not top 10 …. and hands up sucks anyway

          • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

            These are the figures and the facts.

            My argument:
            1.) 2PM’s popularity is declining. I gave you the facts. Their digital performance in 2010 was much better than what the achieve in 2011.

          • newildlife

            ok. but hands up is really a terrible song.

          • newildlife

            and regarding the daum cafe, i googled to see the rankings, i am not sure if it is accurate but isnt it normal for groups to lose members? bigbang, snsd, tvxq, sj also lose so are they not as popular as they used to be?

      • http://twitter.com/adhsty Stevani Adhisty

        really?  i thought the boys was #44 on the charts? O.O

    • idontknoe

      Time machines a Japanese song so it doesn’t make sense for it to chart in Korea. Also a song on the repackaged album and not a promoted single.

      • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

        I was talking about in Japan. I never heard anything else about it anymore like a performance on it or anything.

        • idontknoe

          It’s not a promoted song. It was used for a commercial and I guess the video was more for fans. I think it hit 17 on Oricron though.

      • http://twitter.com/talinekae taline melanie kae

        Thanks for mentioning flop PM

  • theprophetblog

    SNSD haven’t even peaked yet so I don’t know what the point of this is. They’ve only released one album in Japan, the world’s second largest music market, and it was an enormous success and broke records. If the success of KARA’s sophomore Japanese album Super Girl is anything to go by, SNSD are far from done in that market.

    They’re still the top star in Korea, and some international pop fans are beginning to know who they are after their concerts and TV performances. They’re signed with Interscope and are working on their English debut, since they’ve already conquered Asia (but still have more to do, more records to break).

    This article is way too early, it’s not like SNSD have had some flop or dip in popularity to signify that they’re on their way down or anything. You could write this article about anybody. Of course an artist’s popularity eventually fades, even Madonna’s. It’s just common sense and something that everybody knows.

    Seoulbeats: “Sky is blue, but it will turn dark at night.”

  • http://twitter.com/taraTERRRIFIC Tara Carroway

    wow this entire article was a speculation and a waste of time. it was very one sided…

  • ghazal maleki

    I`m sick of these nine lovely ladies they are every where.I donno how to tolerate their sub-unit on stage again.plz seoulbeats writer stop. 

    • ckooki

       I got to say you’re right,enough is enough,some kind of a break would be welcoming.

    • Whisperingnotes

      I thought I was the only one! I was quite scared to mention it since…..well….I’m afraid of Sones.. :P

      I’m getting sick of Big Bang too. :
      I dunno, whenever I go on akp, there is always, ALWAYS, something about BB these days.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2QHQR2YLQSPOBDFGTQGLUTPY2A Pas

        Actually the only reason akp is paying attention to BB is because of their comeback. Akp loves to put the most mundane stories about GG on their site.

  • gouatsu

    Writer prepare to get flamed. SM fandoms are rabid and do not like to hear anything that doesn’t describe their idols as the best and the grande surpremo enchilada of the entire music world. Pointing out that SNSD has reached their peak is like hate mail to them.

  • ISayyy

    I actually think that this article is very timely considering the fact that members of SNSD can now be seen doing separate gigs more often than before. SNSD runs and sells best as one, whole unit to be quite honest unlike let’s say their counterpart Super Junior which was basically a group designed to have sub-units therefore has made their fans comfortable in seeing them separated at some points. Separating SNSD from each other sort of ruins the magic formula SM has perfected with them hence it might tarnish the perfect idol group image that they have. The fact that SM has already set aside an SNSD sub-unit must hint to the fact that they are now trying to break the OT9 illusion to perhaps aid the girls’ graduation from being idols and assist their transition to being whoever/whatever they’d want to be in the nearby future. 

    SM is mindful that their products are getting old despite the fact that these products are the reasons why they are at the top of their game now. SNSD is somehow following SJ’s footsteps in a way that they are now slowly branching out to the different career paths they’d want for themselves. SM is actually giving both of these groups more leeway now although that comes with a price in the form of being pulled down from the top (though both groups’ fanbases beg to differ). Seeing the SNSD members slowly pursue individual projects are very telling of their game’s falling action. True, they will forever remain relevant and legendary in K-pop history even when that time happens albeit they still have to give up their thrones and crowns as Korea’s #1 Girl Group. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zhen-Jiang/100003229803466 Zhen Jiang

    they would last probably another 5 years. currently there is really not even one girl group who has the chance to take their throne.

  • zweiosterei

    They still got 2 to 3 years at the top I say. They are just too popular for it to happen otherwise.

  • ckooki

    I don’t know about how about Korea but…I’m not sure that being in a spotlight ALL THE TIME is a secret for longevity,SM should be careful,eat the sweetest pie too long and it makes you sick. I’m not saying that I like my pies with so much sugar… I just think it’s good that they are venturing into other places too,they could have more game in Japan,dethrone KARA of it girls name and maybe try taking a real step to the West.I won’t tell you if I really think that they are the best group in Kpop to do so…but nine Barbies would really grab attention,that’s for sure.I don’t really think they are in decline,but I don’t see them staying ‘forever’ even because of their sisterhood or ‘Soshibond’ or their talent for making really big amount of money.I think you have to be really involved in music,for example Big Bang,damn,almost any group would have crumbled after all the bad stuff that happened for them because they are a group which has more substance than SNSD.Only time will tell how long they will be #1,I’m just not so sure that somebody will truly dethrone them,I think it’s more possible they will just leave their spot.

  • intheshort

    Nothing can last forever. 

    And who knows? Maybe some of the girls might want to start families or retire a bit from stardom…

  • muggle87

    its a given that they (or any group) can’t be forever on top. It’s common to see group break up in five years (not saying all groups do). So that is why most idols branch out into acting, modeling, etc.

    It would be nice to see a kpop group that can last as long as a jpop group (ex. arashi: over 10 years) and remain on top of the charts and popularity.

    • http://twitter.com/mattachanteeq daniaa

      atashi is forever flawless…. in acting lolol. they get super-big numbers of sales too~ ah. boys that makes me wanna squish them. heeee heeeee

      • nyalims

        The k-pop industry is so different then Japan that I can’t see a group actually having a long-term career like Arashi. The army break for male boy band members really kills a groups momentum and opens the door for the next hot young thing.

        I just read that Arashi has over 1.8 million people in their fan-club.  My boys are amazing and = love :).  They are the one group that I actually buy all their singles and albums.

        • idontknoe

          Thats amazing how long they’ve lasted. I was wondering about the 1.8 million though, didn’t TVXQ win Guinness for largest fanclub at 800,000? Areas his been around longer so I shouldn’t it have been them that hit that much earlier if they’re at 1.8 million now?

          • nyalims

            I think that you have to actually apply for the record in the Guinness BoWR.  I guess JE Entertainment didn’t care enough to apply.  Arashi wasn’t very popular until about 2008 so it’s been a steady increase in fans ever since.  

        • http://twitter.com/mattachanteeq daniaa

          ohmy i just realised the typo .____. arashi~~~~ i’m not much a fan of them musically or acting-wise, but i wibble anyway whenever someone mentions them lol xD i’m impressed by their work, and their 10th year anniversary song is just. wibbling. so freakin cute and honest and who care arashi isn’t the best singer, they work hard into your heart and they stay there :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750740725 Sabrina Muslima Shaw

             You check check out Ohno’s singing and Ohno and Nino’s acting :D

  • destinyanglin

    I don’t see the ladies of SNSD falling from fame but more so the title of SNSD.
    The members are all venturing into different fields. The group is in no way shape or form about to fall off their throne but they are getting to that comfortable place where they can just chill and work more on establishing their individual selfs in the industry without having to worry about the group that is (as of now) their main business occupation being at risk.

    Like another person commented, you can see SM slowly taking this OT9 thing apart by making this sub-group. I’m sure they aren’t trying to tear down their main cash cow but as they make room for other groups that they are preparing to debut theyre letting the shadow of SNSD to dim a bit. With a sub-group you keep the group relevant while allowing the members to venture into other areas. You also keep their name out their but not as strong as to overshadow new group you are presenting (not everyones fav members are Tiff, Tae, and Seo. The snsd tag is still out there therefore keeping the group alive but is not going to be as strong without the “power of nine”)

    Side note: Sunny looks absolutely adorable in that first pic 

  • Bstar5

    Even though there was a lot of backlash against SM creating sub units for SNSD, I for one have been waiting for this to happen for a while.  You have nine girls who are packaged in a way SM wants them to be packaged and given songs SM wants them to sing as SNSD.  I don’t know how much input they will have in possible sub unit and solo projects but I am truly hoping that they get to branch out and do things that are more in line with their individual tastes musically and concept wise.  Most of the big name girl groups were pretty much retired before they reached their mid twenties.  Hyori was already going solo at 23.  Yoon Eun Hye was out of Baby Vox and totally focused on her career as an actress at 21.  Because of the Hallyu wave and the end of the five year contracts, SNSD may last a whole lot longer.  I think, because of their popularity, they have a lot of room to negotiate when their contracts are up not just as a collective but as individuals as well.  This can also be a factor in how long SNSD lasts.  I think individually, like past girl group members, they will definitely continue to be a fixture in Korean entertainment even in their thirties.  IMO, they should retire when they’re on top so they will always be remembered that way.

    • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

      when will the girls’ contracts end with sm, btw?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

        No one really knows ’cause each girl has a different contract. Some girls’ contracts with SM end when SNSD as a group ends. Others, like Yoona, have contracts for a specific number of years. Only Yoona used to have the infamous 13-year-contract because she started working as a model and CF girl years before SNSD even debuted. Now I think her contract’s been reduced to 7 years because that’s already the maximum contract length allowable by the law.

  • MidoriAkiko

    I’ve always thought of this. I haven’t really seen a group descend from stardom. It’s usually an implosion (DBSK, h.o.t), members going to the army (Shinhwa, g.o.d), members doing solo activities (FTTS, FinKL), or the group slowly loses members or swaps members out until no one cares any longer (Jewelry, Koyote). Not saying that these groups are no longer relevant, but there doesn’t seem to be a smooth fade from the light. 

    FinKL seems to be the ideal situation. As group, they enjoyed great success, and as they got older, sought out solo endeavors. A couple pursued solo music careers, a couple went into acting and mcing. Obviously Lee Hyori is the most well known out of the solo pursuits, but each member has managed to stay afloat in the entertainment industry alone. 

    I see this happening with SNSD down the road. I have no doubt that not all of the members will renew their contract with SM. This company just won’t match what each member will want to do with their career. I can see Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Yoona, Yuri finding a niche in the entertainment industry and keeping a profession for years down the road. I’m not so sure about Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany. For me, their personalities seem like one that can keep them in the spotlight. It’s not an insult, I just don’t see solo careers for them as superstars. Sooyoung is the strange one. She’s got an MC personality and a model’s body, but where in the korean entertainment industry does she fit? Perhaps as a talk show host? I’m not sure. I’m actually very interested to see what these girls decide to do when the curtain falls on their last “Right now, it’s Girl’s Generation!”

    The lifetime of an idol is unpredictable. For every SNSD that has stayed on top for 3+ years, there are five other groups who never got off the ground. Remember Code-V and Piggy Dolls? Anything relevant from them? Ever?

    There is no one in the industry that can pose a threat to SNSD right now. Maybe 2NE1 soon, but not yet. Wonder Girls were the closest until their member swap. Sadly, JYP groups have fallen hard because of scandals and member changes. T-ara would’ve had a chance because of their propensity for choosing songs that have cutesy hooks, but they all might faint from exhaustion before that happens. Until there is a group that can challenge SNSD and take attention away from them, they will remain Korea’s darling girl group.

    Really, it’s not waiting for SNSD’s star to fall; they will stay up there until a star shines brighter and takes the light away from them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mishka-Moncrieffe/544916778 Mishka Moncrieffe

      I think one of the reasons SNSD is so popular is because they are always promoting. Remember 2010, didn’t they have like 3 or 4 comebacks? No group ever has that many comebacks at one time. Plus, they are always on variety shows and in South Korea, citizens buy personality/looks/etc more than the quality of music.
      Actually I don’t think you can really say that about JYP idol groups. Each one of them is successful in South Korea and in another asian country. They are also digital monsters, topping digital music sales for weeks after a comeback. The WonderGirls are also still ridiculously famous in Korea.

      • Black_Plague

        In 2010, I believe it was Oh!, Run Devil Run and Hoot that were promoted (minus Japanese versions of songs back in 09) – though that was over a span of 11 months. So far, the only group I can think of which pulled it off 3 come backs even faster is T-ara, Roly Poly in July to Lovey Dovey promotions ending at some point in February (which is 8 months) – though obviously, it became clear that T-ara ended up being terribly fatigued and overworked, not to mention their agency’s CEO’s logic is so laughable that it’s hardly any different to Hitler sacking his own generals simply because they didn’t agree with him on strategy, even if his own decisions were very likely to lead to irreplaceable losses and other heavy consequences.  

        I don’t know enough about JYP’s idol groups, but one thing for certain – none of them have yet to beat SNSD in terms of popularity. Sure, they do well in digital sales but again, that alone isn’t enough. Plus, changing members after several years since debut as well as scandals like Jay Park’s aren’t exactly beneficial either. So far, SNSD hasn’t had severely damaging scandals like that nor has it changed members.

        Not sure exactly how famous the Wonder Girls are in Korea right now but as far as I see it, they’re not as popular as they used to be back in late 2007 to the end of 2008. They may be successful in their own right, but comparing it with SNSD is just stretching it.


        • MOXCRunner1

          I’m replying to you simply to remind you of what you said about T-ara’s CEO. If I’m correct, and this was before their whole scandal, then you are a prophet.

    • intheshort

      Awesome, awesome post.

    • black_rose45000

      This is a great comment. I love how you analyzed each group and brought valid points. I also think they’ll last for a very long time, and even when they disband (in their 30s), they’ll still be held dear and maybe sort of brought up to the rank of a legend almost. 

  • Black_Plague

    Well, it’s not like the group is going to officially last forever, unless they take Shinhwa’s path – all members branching out on solo careers and ultimately coming back together as a group after God-knows-how-long.  It wouldn’t be surprising if that occurred, really. Though I don’t see them moving agencies like Shinhwa did, unless something drastic happens.
    At current, I can see SNSD lasting as the most popular group in Korea for at least 3 years.
    Age-wise, the girls are only in their early 20s, most of them having debuted at the age of 18, just months away from graduation. By now, most of them will be turning 23. Still some years to go as a group before fully branching out on their own, in my opinion. I used to think they were just the typical girl group back in 07 to 08 but now that I look at it, they’ve come across a very long way since debut. No doubt, they’ll be remembered in K-pop history.
    Frankly, there aren’t any groups I see that can dethrone SNSD in the near future – so far, 2NE1 may be the closest, followed by T-ara and KARA. I don’t know enough about 2NE1, but the later two are the only groups I can think of with any sort of potential. However, T-ara is caught cold with a bad case of terrible, TERRIBLE management (and even more unfortunately, a CEO whose brain is floating somewhere in outer space and is a bit of a control freak – wouldn’t be surprised if his brain ended up in Darth Sidious’s head) while also being notoriously overworked, even compared to other idol groups out there, despite the amount of success and popularity gained since the latter half of 2011.
    And no, I’m not a SONE. The fandom itself is among the reasons why I gradually lost interest in SNSD, though I still occasionally follow around news at times.

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

    Things are quite uncertain. So it is not safe to assume that their limelight is fading. Maybe they might come out with the next best thing? The Boys was good but it was not great. Maybe they would produce something better? 

    They still have a large number of fans. It is unlikely for them to suddenly lose popularity. But then again, with the rise of new girl groups, a lot might happen. 

    We’ll just have to wait and see before we say something. :)

  • http://twitter.com/SouthPawSeoul 이정남

     Couldn’t you insert any group and speculate the same thing?

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    Ideally, they’ll deconstruct the hype, stop shoving POWER OF 9 and QUEENS OF KPOP in our faces, which makes for more dismissals and antis than anything, not exactly lay low but not stir shit up just to hog the limelight, before coming back with a really awesome song that will start this domination cycle all over again, buying them three more years. Amuro Namie managed a complete comeback, after all.

    I’m really amused by the story that Big Bang was just about to disband because their solo activities were doing well, before Daesung’s accident bonded them back together, leading to their epic comeback. SNSD might be in that pre-accident stage. The days are numbered, unless, like Big Bang, they let the group name rest for a while before coming back with GOOD music, not shit like The Boys. Too bad SM is dead set on only giving good music to groups that haven’t quite “made it” yet.

    Besides, if they play their cards right, they could well go for 10+ years of glorious decline in Japan. Just look at Morning Musume since 5th gen, going from 300K+ to 30K+ 1st week sales, and yet every single still in the top 10 of its week on Oricon. I still enjoy their concerts very much. *salutes Gaki-san*
    But I doubt SNSD’s members will be content with that route, as they all seem too ambitious and eager to do their own thing in the entertainment industry to ever let the SNSD label constrain them past its prime. They’d rather shed it. I’m okay with that. A group’s legendary status is best cemented if they disband while still at the top, instead of tarnishing the name with a slow agonizing death. 

    • happy_slip

      I felt a bit scared for them when you mentioned what happened to BB because while SNSD is probably the biggest kpop act today, I don’t think they’ll be able to bounce back like that IF a scandal about them broke out, because a really big part of their popularity came from their ‘national idol’ image and not exactly their music. It’s going to be really difficult for them; if what happened to TVXQ was ugly theirs could be much worse. 

      So yeah if SME would play their cards right they could probably pull a Morning Musume. From what I observe though, some of the girls are looking forward to expanding their horizons outside SNSD. And with the Power of 9 belief the company has used over the years, seeing a 2nd generation SNSD is like blasphemy — the SNSD brand is solely dependent to its current line-up and not the other way around. I was thinking of SNSD following the Shinhwa path, but for some strange reason I don’t see it happening to them. Power of 9 and sisterhood aside, there’s just this vibe from some girls that tells me that they would prefer to do some things on their own in the future.

      • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

        And yet ironically, if there’s a scandal it might make their more interesting to America, setting them up for a proper comeback narrative that most people love. 
        I think it depends on the nature of the scandal, as well as what member. I bet no one would care if Hyo turned up with a boyfriend. : Otherwise, the girls seem to self-police too much for it to be the usual sort of scandals. If anything happens to them, I think it’ll probably be external circumstances, like an accident or something. If there was something like the Kara contract dispute, maybe Taeyeon decides to go solo or something, but it resolves with everyone staying together with SM, that might work as a platform…as long as the actual comeback has a good song. 

        Thing is, when I talk about Morning Musume’s decline here I don’t refer to their extending their life through roster changes. Through the decline from 2003, Five members of 5th and 6th gen stayed throughout, and there was a stable lineup from 2007 to 2010. The last of fifth gen only just left, and there are still two members of sixth gen in MM. So they’ve been in the group for just about 10 years already, the greater part of which did not have any subunit work. Then again, they didn’t need to, as MM holds and participates in at least four different  concert tours a year, each of which schedules various combinations of members in performance units, also reflected in their album tracks. For that matter, Berryz has been around since 2004 with only one lineup change, and they’ve never had the limelight, peaking at around 30K sales, because most money doesn’t come from single sales. So it’s not about adding or graduating members from SNSD, a long shelf life with a stable lineup is about accepting niche group status and really just focussing on the existing fanbase instead of making a new fans. Which, as said before, SNSD members don’t seem inclined to do. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750740725 Sabrina Muslima Shaw

    I absolutely hate it when people equate East Asia as Asia as this poster so woefully did.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fabian-Mok/529010689 Fabian Mok

      mistake here.i think they treat S.KOREA as Asia. LOLX!

  • em21di

    I can’t imagine Kpop without SNSD. 

  • Rudi Wijaya

    i’m a dedicated SONE and even i’m getting sick of them hahaha, they’re gonna be fine, they’re just getting their creative juices (and purses) flowing doing different things for a while, then coming back like Voltron in a year or two time. We’ll be here waiting for you girls, makes the wait even sweeter

  • Rudi Wijaya

    and do a show in Indonesia please!

  • Whisperingnotes

    I’ve never paid much attention to this group. I’m not sure why I stayed away from SNSD, may be ot was cuz of Gee and the fans with their ‘Power 9’ crap.

    But even though I don’t like their music, even I think it would be weird if I don’t see SNSD coming up on news sites and music charts. Lol.

    I don’t know why, but people forgetting about SNSD sounds farfetched to me. :P

    • black_rose45000

      “I’m not sure why I stayed away from SNSD, may be it was cuz of Gee and the fans with their ‘Power of 9’ crap.”
      I sure as hell decided to stay away when they told on SH how they got a food delivery done in 15 min (because they’re SNSD), while others (you know, mere mortals like us) were waiting for hours. I know it’s a common thing, but god, keep it to yourself, not tell it on national tv. 

      • Erialk

        They got food delivered? SM must have been feeling generous! ;)

  • newildlife

    In next 1 or 2 years, SM will debut a girlgroup to take over snsd throne if fx can’t make it.  

  • http://twitter.com/shotblade1510 shotblade1510

    kpop without snsd is the end of kpop era..
    i just can’t imagine kpop without snsd..

    • kagero tanaka

      I had to response to this silly comment…in case you didn’t know K-pop existed before they debuted. K-pop will continue to exist without or w/o them. You know why because news flash not every k-pop is a fan of theirs or buys or listens to their music. K-pop does not exist solely for the sake of snsd!

    • Black_Plague

      No doubt, the most whacked comment I’ve read in Seoulbeats this week.
      What are you, a SONE?

      Mate, Kpop’s been around for over a decade before SNSD even debuted and I don’t see how the Kpop industry itself will crumble if the group fades away, if that’s what you’re trying to say.

      Now, if SM crumbled, it’d be a wholly different story.

    • http://twitter.com/DeniseHuxxtable S☀L

      smh @ the two replies below. It’s obvious that you’re talking about the popularity of the hallyu wave, especially since SNSD has played a huge part in helping to expand it to the world. Why do people have to take everything so damn literally?

    • suhshiroll

      nah.. kpop keeps on going without SNSD

    • moniespio

       K-pop did not end with the fall of DBSK, much less will end if these girls disappear

    • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

      As much as a SONE I am, K-Pop is still K-Pop without SNSD. K-Pop is K-Pop when the time around BoA, Shinhwa and DBSK. What are you trying to point out here?

    • 7cinta


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fabian-Mok/529010689 Fabian Mok

    Very good post. and very nice comments. Personally not a SONE but i do like them (extreme aegyo moments aside). why are they successful?pretty apparent rite?
    1. 9 pretty and talented girls
    2. EXTREME media exposure (i am willing to bet in korea u just cant get away from them, commercials, billboards, dramas, radio, variety shows, omg..thats just visual porn!).
    3. youth.
     in a way, kpop is like a laboratory and every idol group is like a recipe. get the recipe right and the product sells fast. get it wrong and you have to take the components out and mix it right again. in this case, SNSD is a cookie that everyone found they liked and got sold fast and hot. but no matter how sweet this cookie is, sooner or later you are gonna get some backlash from your body and reduce the amount u take in.they are at the stage where they are secure now and this is the time for their individual flairs to come to the fore. 

    P.S Taetiseo sounds weird. seriously, with a company as big as SME, cant they get a little but more creative. (peace!)

  • Angel Phan

    The first time I ever heard of kpop was when someone mentioned SNSD. Even if I’m not their fan, kpop will certainly not be kpop without them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SN5ESIGUOKKGENUXS4C4O7SOSM jerry

    Because I am one of those dedicated fans you talk about, I have
    no credibility to speak on the subject (To me, SNSD arrived two years ago!).  I would love to get your perspective on K-pop in America post “Gangnam style”.

    • Laura Tran

      I’m a Canadian, so I’ll share my perspective on this. Post Gangnam Style. K-pop is exactly where it was before Gangnam Style. Nobody hears any SNSD or Big Bang on the radio. People may have gotten a little bit interested in it because Glee played a short snippet of Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are enormous international fanclubs (that look more like a cult following to me personally), and there are people like me who think some of these songs are catchy and upbeat, and would do well on my workout playlist. However, they aren’t Alexander the Great. They built their music empire in Asia, and that’s likely where it’s going to stay.

  • Shelby

    It’s true because in this year, the members of SNSD have already been revealing their boyfriends. It is a sign.

  • Soshi Fan

    3 years already had passed, with Jessica’s exit, this may be the perfect article. It’s also fair to say that for a time, it’ll be difficult to come close to what SNSD has achieved and will take more time to surpass all of their achievements. With the influx of KPop artists, there is not much room to grow. There are too many artists but most of them are similar, there’s no diversity. People are getting tired. Even if they try to expand, but due to the presence of a titans like SNSD, it will be difficult for them. SNSD’s current activities are a testament! It may not be as big as their previous but you can see they easily overshadow artists that are even dubbed as the next big thing. Examples would be A-Pink or SISTAR or any other artists, they are making impact but not much impact as SNSD has brought in just about 2 years after debuting. Fandoms, I believe, is one of the factors that will help but the current ones are scattered. Kpop has to die first then that’s the time another legend will be born. I’ll be looking forward to seeing other artist to have their own postage stamps.