• http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

    There’s just too much groups. I suggest give the good songs to the solo artists. Son Dambi and Lee Hyori will make a come back soon. I hope they will do well. I hope solo artists will do well.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    Super Junior is a group about numbers. I think that was supposed to be their selling point that they’re a group with a lot of people with different personalities can dance and sing somewhat and they’re together. 

    Kris, I have to defend him. I don’t think he’s that awkward at dancing, and he’s alright at rapping. He reminds me a lot of minho. which is my second point. When SHINee debuted, minho he didn’t exactly know why he debuted. Minho himself wonders why he debuted already when he didn’t feel prepared and didn’t feel he trained enough. After he got put in SHINee, he said that he just practiced even harder in order to keep up. 
    I think SM’s trainees (theres a lot of them), SM just chooses the one that fits the role of the group that they’re currently debuting. in Kris’s case they needed a leader, someone responsible and could take care of the group overseas. Kris is so precious. T_T

    But honeslty, K-Pop needs to slow down on the debuts. It’s starting to get messy, and the more groups that debut, the crazier ideas for debuting there has been. It’s so hard to catch anyone’s attention now. I feel like K-Pop companies just pop up overnight and debut a group that we never heard of again. (What happened to N-Train who sand One Last Cry, they were so goooood!) I think Kpop needs less talent, and better quality talent in order to up the bar talent wise overall. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      To be fair though, I honestly think Kris is better than Minho was when Minho debuted. Minho sadly got put in a group with good singers and good dancers while he’s not really as good as they are, and got the rapper role with irrelevant 10-second parts in songs. Kris is the weakest onstage no doubt about that, but he makes up for it as the multilingual leader who’s thankfully a good enough speaker to get his awkward, bumbling members through interviews.

      My only problem with Kris is how they keep putting him front and center when he’s clearly the weak link in performing. He’s the face of the group but damn it, even Siwon doesn’t get that much of the spotlight. Kris can easily stay in the back just like Chanyeol (rapper and face of EXO-K and weaker link) does during most of the choreography.

      • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

        i don’t think kris is the face of the group…. i thought it was luhan?

      • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

        Yea pretty sure the Yoona of EXO-M is Luhan, much like how Kai is the face in Exo-K. 

  • MidoriAkiko

    The debuts of kpop groups in the past three years has been an explosion. But the new groups haven’t been coming from the big three (not counting project groups and sub-units). They’ve been mostly from relatively unknown small labels. The last to debut from the big 3 was Miss A in 2010. SM hadn’t put out a new group in 2.5 years. I’m actually glad they took a hiatus on debuting groups each year. They needed to focus on the current artists on their label. 

    It’s hard enough to keep up with the groups I already like; do I want to chance wasting my time on a new group? 

    To put it into perspective, from 1998-2008, the number of idol groups debuting each year was 10-15. From 2009-present, the number has grown to 25+. When there are that many groups floating around the market, not only will the quality of talent become diluted, so will the fans attention. To win the attention away from the other 5 groups that are probably debuting at the same time as you, as well as the other established groups that are currently promoting, something has to be done to generate buzz.

    That’s why I think EXO’s debut was absolute genius. Whether because you loved them or hated the inordinate amount of teasers put out, you at least heard of them. They became instantly loved and detested. There were fansites of them three months before they even debuted. Fans had their ‘fan chant’ in perfect unison when they did their debut stage and showcase. They released their EP less than a month ago and it’s already eclipsed all other rookies in sales. 

    SM made sure the EXO was the talk of the town. People criticized their robotic movements, their similarities to other artists and the excessive attention they were getting. How circular. What SM showed us was that bad attention was still attention. I may have stopped watching after 4 teasers with Kai, but there are others who watched every single one and bought the EP. SM at their finest.

    • A A

      I agree EXO’s marketing is successful. 
      However, EXO’s content is not. 

      What is the definition of a good debut? Gaining attention? fame? fans? IS THAT SERIOUSLY ALL K-POP HAS TO OFFER? VANITY? What about performance? music? even sales…

      MAMA is currently #46 on Gaon. It’ll be interesting to see if they can get to the top 10. But from the looks of it, EXO is on the path to becoming SM’s typical boy group ala super junior or shinee. Yet I really think SM was aiming for a big DBSK here, with wide public appeal and endorsement deals, where the BIG money are at.

      SM operates on old money. There was nothing genius or creative about their teasers. It was just MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY.

      • MidoriAkiko

        I get what you’re saying, but a lot of the kpop appeal lies in appearances. “So-and-so is my ideal type. So-and-so is so handsome.” Two of the most popular boy bands, Super Junior and 2PM, have been promoting craptastic lead singles for the past two years. We weren’t watching Heartbeat just cause it was such a great song. Why are they popular? Because they’ve been popular in the past, because they’re handsome, and they make appearances on shows. When it comes to idol groups, music quality and creativity is not really at the forefront.

        I think you’re slightly kidding yourself if you think idol group kpop is musically driven. Everything is money driven. If a company can’t turn a profit, they won’t bother trying it. For music uninhibited by the evils of money, may I suggest youtube? Or the obsolete myspace? Now if you want music that isn’t cluttered by synths, random Engrish or trolling raps, I suggest Adele. Coldplay. John Mayer. Even some Busker Busker or Standing Egg. Artists who live and breathe through composition. Kpop is my guilty pleasure. I accept that when I step into the world of idols, I throw out my most of my expectations towards ‘good music.’

        A successful debut means that people know their name, that they next
        time they promote, they’re remembered. People will anticipate them. Name and face recognition lead to endorsements (ie Dara and Etude anyone?) Some rookie groups from last year are going to promote now, and I had no idea they even debuted.

        As for EXO, I maintain they had a solid debut. The EP was actually alright, and they have room for improvement. I don’t expect a 5-star album from a bunch of kids who have no idea which direction their music is supposed to go
        SM still has a shot at making EXO cash cows; they’ve got the faces and their name is getting out there. They just started.

        • A A

          okay, yeah….I have to agree with you. I just think it’s kind of sad…Well, to a lesser extent it applies to all entertainment industries, and in life…but kpop is like the epitome of it.

  • chunface2

    EXO-M – MAMA
    4Minute – Volume Up
    Busker Busker – First Love
    Super Junior – Opera
    B1A4 – Smile

  • SBJustinSB

    btob = irrelevant so far

    • idontknoe

      I see absolutely no difference between them and Beast. Cubes not even trying to differentiate them. They’re not awful to watch, but I can see Beast do the same exact thing better.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

       We did talk about Rania..

      • SBJustinSB

        oh… oops? :) don’t hurt me.

  • idontknoe

    Though I’m a huge fan of of Super Junior and their music ( I enjoy all of it, it’s just my personal taste lol), they’re just such an anomaly. I don’t think that most members are musically talented, but all the members are talented at something. They have a group chemistry that I only see with Shinhwa. I know some people don’t like their music, but they have really good stage performances.i enjoyed SUper Show more than Lady Gaga and Beyonce concerts. It’s a still a WTF moment when you think of putting 13 guys who are soooooo incredibly different from each other and build such amazing chemistry and dynamics. They’ve always been fan fueled. They were supposed to separate and go into the entertainment fields that they were talented and specially trained for, until their fans got together at bought 3% of SM stock. They are soooo entertaining to see whether on stage or variety. I think that most people wouldn’t question

    • A A

      There’s so much irony in your comment I don’t even know where to begin.

      Let’s just say you are indeed blinded and deafened by love. I’m glad you acknowledged yourself as a biased fan. It is a good feeling when admiration and affection blur your senses and cause irrational thoughts.One of the best things about being a fan girl – to have no shame.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I think for a big company like SM, debuting is a lot about good luck and good timing. It’s common knowledge that they have lots of trainees, and lots of them are cast while they’re young. I think when SM thinks of debuting a group, they have certain slots to fill and they just look for people to fill that in their training pool. Look at DBSK. They wanted a group that is all good singers, good dancers, and good-looking. They picked the 5 members they wanted, even with Changmin and Yoochun barely training for 1 or 2 years, while there were other long-time trainees like Yesung or Eunhyuk around. Some trainees just luckily enter the company when there’s an upcoming debut. Simple as that. I mean, Ryeowook had only been training for 2 months before he got placed into Super Junior 2 weeks before their debut just to replace a member who backed out. D.O., Chen, and Baekhyun of EXO barely have 2 years of training time behind them.

    My favorite debut of recent times will still probably be SHINee. They literally came out of nowhere and debuted so fast, even some fellow SM artists had no idea there was a new debut. SHINee debuted and just blew everyone away. However, an ambush debut like that can’t be done now simply because the scene is so saturated now. I get why SM debuted EXO the way they did, because to be on top of the rookie heap, they had to overdo things, even if they are SM.

  • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

    I think EXO won’t last. They’re just hype with no substance. From the recent groups now, I think none of the girl groups will succeed. 

    • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

      uh… what about spica? they have good vocals….

    • em21di

      Don’t worry SM will make them last.. they invested so much in them already. 

    • PurpleLily

      I think they can last lon , exo fighthing !

  • AJ_Gee

    In the Podcast, there was a question about how SM chooses the people that end up in their company… Being pretty much a SM Fanatic (much to my chagrin), I can answer that for you. Pretty much SM has a few ways on how they cast people into their company. 

    A major one is having SM Representatives hang around places such as schools, popular shopping areas, and random places and hand out their business cards to people that they think have the LOOKS and potential talents (which I find creepy, but hey, it works, like what you said about Luhan in EXO-M and his talents.) 

    They also have contests where they focus on singing, for example SM has a contest called the  “Everysing” contest, where I believe Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation and Chen and Xiu Min from EXO-M were discovered. There’s contests for dancers as well, where Yuri from SNSD won for being one of the best dancers in her age group. 

    And of courses, there’s auditions for people who want to follow their dreams and make it happen themselves. You can find infamous videos on YouTube of Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun  from SNSD and Key from SHINee auditioning with their singing and dancing skills. 

  • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

    honestly exo is all hype and i never flinched or got sucked in…1 gazillion teasers just cemented my opinion on them..as far as the rookies from 2011 and 2012 go i like block b, b.a.p, spica (the best), btob, and well chocolat  and exid are not bad but could be better

  • Fresh Lemons

    The idea of concepts for artists in Kpop are a joke to me. Instead of making a concept that revolves around the music that someone makes, the concept and the music itself never relates to each other or if it does, it is only for one song and not for the rest of the tracks that are released. The idea of concepts for a comeback is always suppose to be about something new or how a group has matured but to me it feels more of a gimmick if anything.

    • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      I agree completely. You bring up a good point. Some Korean critics once praised idol group Infinite by saying that “They work hard to the point where that effort shows and the fact that they’re idols who use those results as their concept is rather charming in today’s society.” So in fact, Koreans are noticing the things you pointed out as well. I think Korea is finally realizing the flaws of this k-pop idol structure and the idea of “concepts” as being gimicky and they’re becoming even more critical of it. To be honest, I can only see the Korean wave dwindling from here on out. If it’s losing relevancy in Korea, it will definitely lose relevancy elsewhere.

  • goldengluvsk2

    in 2011-2012… rookies i really liked B1A4, BLOCK B, Piggy Dolls, Rania, Chocolat, CHAOS, B.A.P., SPICA! NU’EST their song got me but i think they need something more idk what but when they comeback I might fall for them lol ohh and MIa CHI CHI.. i really liked “Longer” but their management sucks i think :S
    honestly even when like 50+ groups debuted in the past months in the end, theres like 8-10 groups people remember :S
    EXO was like hype hype hype hype, fangirls were saying they were the best of the best and some even stated that theyll beat B.A.P. and then: MEHH… when i watched their “live” performance i was all like: “WARRIOR huh!! when is B.A.P. coming back?”
    SM knows what theyre doing… with all the endless and meaningless teasers they already secured a fanbase for EXO who would blindly buy BOTH EPs!! i remember i read various comments stating “they were OSM” and by that time they even hear them sing or knew all the members…! i give them an A for their marketing skills… but i still think they should try to invest more in developing a sound for them… they sound like this or that… no substance in their material… but still… people will buy… :S

  • dan lu

    So far I’m still keeping my eye on EXO. I admit their actual performance and song didn’t really live up to the hype and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve come too far, but I can’t help but to feel like this still isn’t the end of the story for Exo’s debut. Even though MAMA isn’t a bad song, it’s more of a statement song that’s not exactly catchy or ‘radio-friendly’. I keep thinking that SM is still in the trying-to-gain-attention-for-Exo stage before taking things more seriously and releasing material that they know people will enjoy more.

    Another issue is the lack of stage presence, which hasn’t ever caught my attention until I noticed the lack of it with Exo. Whenever they’re on stage, they seem more concerned with trying to get everything right instead of entertaining an audience (can’t blame them, the song isn’t exactly a piece of cake to perform) . Suho is so far the most entertaining on stage because he doesn’t suffer from that problem as much as the others. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be the best singer or dancer to be entertaining, and that having those skills doesn’t necessarily translate to looking impressive on stage.

    Sometimes I wonder if Exo would be more impressive and have better group dynamic if they were 12. I know that Super Junior always look better when everyone is present not because they need the extra support, but because the choreography was designed for a large group and to use their size as a strength, not a distraction. I have no idea when the 12 were split, but seeing all 12 perform just makes me think that all their dances were designed for Exo as a whole and not M and K individually, leading to this slight feeling of emptiness when only half of the band performs.

    Well I’ve just gone on for 3 paragraphs about one band. What I’m saying is that Exo doesn’t live up to the hype, but I think they have plenty of potential and will reach it eventually when given the right material. Most SM bands end up gaining a loyal following despite viewers being skeptic at first e.g. SJ, F(x). Or maybe I’m being too optimistic and SM made a huge mistake with Exo and they’ll end up disappearing like The Grace (please Kpop Gods, don’t let that happen!)

    • Eliza17

      I totally agree about the lack of stage presence and I keep wondering what could be the cause of that.  Is it the song or the performers themselves? Its like they were more charismatic in the teasers.  They also seem to have left the better songs off the album.

      Sometimes I think having 2 korean members in EXO-M is a detriment to being considered as a Chinese group in China.  For instance, I get they need Chen’s power vocals but its very awkward watching the interviews where everything has to be translated.  It makes them appear more foreign than local.  I guess they will need more time to integrate themselves in that music scene.  I have high hopes though that they will master the language by this time next year and be on their way! 

      • dan lu

        I’m hoping that the lack of stage presence is because of the pressure to live up to the hype and seem ‘perfect’, because that’s how SM promoted Exo. Maybe if they were given easier material that they all knew they could handle, we wouldn’t have that problem. I’m sticking around until there next release to see if they’ve improved on that factor, because technically, their live performances are fine and steadily improving.

        I feel quite bad for the 2 korean members of Exo, not only are they awkward onscreen, they never signed up to be part of a chinese band. At least the Chinese members were aware that they were entering a Korean company and were prepared to move there permanently. I don’t know how much choice Chen and Xiumin had in this seeing as some trainees managed to leave SM quite easily e.g. Moonkyu and Kyuwan, but I still don’t believe that they are completely satisfied with being placed in China as a Chinese band even though they entered a Korean company.

    • Blah2341

      The lack of stage presence is something I’ve noticed with Shinee too, yet they’re still so popular. All their performances from their debut are rather lacklustre. They’re very synchronized, but they also seem to be trying to keep on point with the choreography instead of enjoying themselves. 

      • animasaurus

         I’ve noticed this about Shinee too! They really lack emotional connection when they perform… I think it’s because they seem to perform more for themselves than for the audience if you know what I mean.

  • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

    I was legit mindblow when I found out Suho was a trainee for six years >.< Duuuude, I imagine he probably has all this pent up rage and frustration because of it. 

    To his credit though, he's pretty much the only one in EXO-K doing even remotely competently in their live performances. 

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Of the people who can actually sing in K (so, Suho, DO and Baekhyun), Suho has WAY easier lines so I don’t think the comparisons are even fair. And to reiterate a point, if you trained for six years and your lines are not that hard to begin with, I expect them to be on point live.

      • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

        I know, but I meant at least the six years of training did some good. I mean, didn’t Leeteuk of Super Junior have almost seven years of training? Yet he’s… questionable.

        • dan lu

          To be fair, SM hasn’t released a boy group since 2008, when he was just a 16 year old with 2 years of training. I can’t imagine him in Shinee, although he probably would’ve been a better contribution to the band than Minho (sorry).

          • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

            You make a good point, I agree with you.

  • destinyanglin

    Lol SM factory.

    I’m not gonna lie, i predicted that SM was going to give us a group full of dancers.

    My fav debut (boys) this year still goes to BAP. They are like the perfect formula for a debut. Amazing skill, great song choices, enough swag without looking arrogant, playful enough but not too troll-like, with enjoyable approachable personalities.

    I do agree that how long these people train is crazy, I find the idea of casting people simply for looks and hoping that you can mold and push them into talent is ridiculous.
    -The rookies this year have been awesome though (at least waaaay super better than the ones last year)

    Really enjoyed this, first time hearing one (laptop broke and then internet wasn’t up to date so couldn’t hear these)

  • http://twitter.com/Queen_Of_Shade Stefania GermaNOTA

    None of the 2011/2012 group debuts has ever captured my attention. They are so homogenized, and can just blend into each other. Their lead songs can be sung by any other idol group. This sort of thing will kill of KPop, when outside observers thing KPop is just all about idol groups who “sing”, “dance” & “act” the same, devoid of any personality or artistic input. 2011/2012 are sad years for debuts – it’s when KPop followed the mass production policy of Hyundai. 

    • dandelioness

      Do you think that’s why Nell and Busker Busker have been topping the charts? I know that Nell are very well established and brilliant musicians, so their album would’ve been successful regardless of the what’s happening to the idol landscape,but I was really surprised when Busker Busker won on M!Countdown. There are so many idol groups now that it’s hard to create something original each time, I think fans aren’t as dedicated to one and only fandom as much as they used to and are instead turning to good, original music. It’s just that these little entertainment companies who’ve been trying to profit from idol groups haven’t caught on yet.

      On another note, I think the main reason why there are so many idol groups now is because of the little companies and perhaps their lack of connection or interaction with each other. They probably thought that they were going to be the only ones to produce idols to compete against the ones that have been put out by the Big 3, when a dozen other companies were thinking the same thing.

      • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        I definitely think that Kpop is losing it’s power. Indie groups like Busker Busker and more established groups like Nell are definitely coming to the forefront, and it’s precisely because idol groups have become so homogenized. The youth is all about trends, but when every trend has been messed around with and overused, people tend to turn to more substantial music. Things are only cool if they’re new, and when the freshness is gone so is the interest. 

        Creating idols groups is a business venture. You want to sell a product and you need a group of young people to advertise it for you. What people misunderstand is that not every person will buy into it. Korea is tired of it. You only have two options–make good music or make trendy music, and everything else will be ignored. Maybe right now Kpop is at a standstill– they haven’t introduced the new “trend”, but it’s still very clear that people are becoming bored. 

      • Queen_Of_Shade

        I think so. Them topping the charts shows that some people are just eager to hear something different from the manufactured stuff they get bombarded with. I miss the mid to ’08 Kpop, when everything sounded fresh, and you can easily distinguish which group is singing. Now, they churn them out so fast, even before you can even start memorizing their faces, LOL

  • FallingSnow

    Amy, you troll! I was totally moving my mouse to fast forward the podcast before you cut that ridiculous chant short XP

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

       That’s how I doooooo, yo.

  • blue0116

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  • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

    Block B although not having the best debut song were definitely good live performers at debut
    Performance about 1 month after debut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdrU_1K_KOc&feature=related

    • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

      what I love is the simple white Ts and hoodies not having to wear intense costumes or make up (im looking at you MBLAQ) its stripped back and although they all have the same hoodies they arent completely matching which allows individuality and despite being a heavy hip hop song one member still manages to have a stuffed toy kitten on his shoulder. 

  • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

    Oh and girl debuts SPICA is amazing! Potently was such a good song!

  • http://twitter.com/KristyHearts_05 Kristina

    My favorite idol/groups that debuted are: B.A.P. and Spica so far! Ailee and John Park are amazing as well (don’t even consider them as idols)! :) And yeah, I always thought Rania had so much potential but after all the controversy they’ve been in, I honestly don’t see them lasting long in the industry. :( Plus their mangement and company CEO is insane!

  • Sally Lo

    t.o.p lite :’D. may i just say, you guys are awesome and i more or less agreed with everything you said, especially about how many groups you thought were going to last? like literally, i don’t even know who half the groups are nowadays and how you pronounced btob as b-to-b, i thought was pronounced b-t-o-b OTL. and i would totally support ap entertainment ;D

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    are people really acknowledging that hyuna is a dead weight in terms of talent? i still see so many praising her for her dancing n how sexy she is n etc. heck, she was even voted as one of the top ten female idols with the sexiest body (!?) i cannot even begin to …

    there are some strong debuts the past 12 mths but i don’t think any of these rookie groups are gonna last as long as their sunbaes. i totally agree with your thoughts on EXO. they should’ve been more stringent with their choices, as in like they should pick the best of the crop and debut a group with less members but have the most talent. but i disagree with putting emphasis on talent over looks when picking trainees. cos in the kpop industry, looks is pretty much up there on the priority list. not to say that u should be training someone with zero in-born talent… but let’s face it, if you put together a bunch of 5 average looking guys, they won’t be making headlines.

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    oh… with the exception of block b. i think they are one of the groups that will go a long way. because i can clearly feel that they’re in it because they genuinely love what they do.

  • MXIS Song

    I wonder why Suho had more singing lines than Chanyeol.  The latter has a nice tone to his speaking voice, which, given time would blossom like Taemin’s did.

    Disclaimer:  Chanyeol biased.

  • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

    Trying not to be a butthurt ELF – but please cut our boys some slack ladies!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

    I think I need that B.A.P album. It will be only the second kpop album I’ll have in my posession (thie first being 2ne1 – Collections).

  • Averi Baker

    I think that Suho is one of the more well rounded members in the group.
    SuJu might not have the best talent but they do have member that are amazing at what they do. I agree with the comments about their music. All of SuJu’s music is the same and its nothing special, the songs are just catchy.

    I think that EXO and BAP are the best rookies of this year, and they will last.

    SHINee is my favorite debut, along with a few other groups.

  • danahz

    Can you guys do a chatbox about the unpopular talents within Kpop?

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ailee is the best debut of the year? O.o

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Btw, regarding EXO…I watched Kris at a press conference, and I thought he was an AWFUL speaker…it was really awkward… :/

      The thing about EXO that irks me is that I don’t think they have the talent to backup the incredible material SM is giving them. Like…damn, their songs are really good. But I don’t think they’re very talented at all. I mean, and knowing their training length is pretty mind-blowing…but it reminds me of how members of SNSD (Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Jessica) were training for 7 years, and Yoona and Yuri for 5 (2002). Out of those 5 girls, 4 of them are known as the worst singers in the group…sometimes I wonder what exactly SM is teaching them, because some of them leave a lot to be desired vocally.

      Anyways, I don’t think EXO is as bad as Super Junior, but I don’t really think of SJ as a musical group anyways. Half of the group was supposed to end up being entertainers, and clearly their vocal skills aren’t great. I just can’t believe they’re so popular… :/

  • http://twitter.com/eugeu_y eugeu yasmin

    the’re just afraid to forming “perfect group” made of “perfect member” or debuting perfect member is just too expensive, that’s it. Why they’re afraid? because perfect idol member attract unnecessary too much attention from other company of other element, thus threatened the contract of the member they’re in. look at dbsk, gosh they’re just drop dead gorgeous being that ever walk on this earth. i don’t think jyj is able to break free from sm leash if there are no organizations that WANTS them. maybe that’s why the sm produce super junior that you claim to be “lacking in talent”, every member have their significant flaw, so the big other organization will think twice or reconsider about the amount of money to offer to them.. i’m pretty sure there are other reasons, and what i said may contradict what others may think, but hey, it’s purely subjective opinion..