• Anonymous

    Why the moon/sun was not disappointing
    because it was good

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re confusing “disappointing” with “bad.”

      People were just expecting it to live up to it’s hype.  Which it didnt.

  • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

    I think I got caught up in this drama. It had a strong hold over my heart with the whole “I never loved anyone but you, even though I thought you had passed away” premise, but in retrospect it was just a regular drama. Kim Soo Hyun had some great moments, but I think the younger cast were amazing and it was their story that I enjoyed the most.

    • SkyDragon

      It was the younger cast that sold me to the darn drama. Their acting was so perfect and flawless that the older cast could not even come close to. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the drama and I hope to see more dramas/movies from the cast of “Moon the Embraces the Sun.”

    • Fadhil Bin Mustapah

      I had the same thought too..I think each younger casts performed far more better then the adults. Especially younger King and the girl who played Yeo Won..they have done terrific job and even though they only played a few episodes, I remembered their characters the most when I finished the drama. I think Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In acting  were okay too, but they were outshined by their younger casts. In fact, it’s quite hard for me to accept at first when the scene changed from their younger year to their adult year. I mean, everyone except Yeo Won have so different faces. I can’t believe the casting directors can’t find the actors that at least have some resemblance. They were totally different. And no offense to Kim Soo Hyun fans, but I think Lee Min Ho could has done better as the King. His acting is definitely not questionable, and his face has some resemblance with the kid who play younger King/Crown Prince. Seriously I think Kim Soo Hyun lacks the charisma and aura as a King. Especially when he make fierce face or  try to be cynical to the Ministers, it’s a bit awkward.   I’m not saying he is terrible actor, actually I’ve seen Dream High and he is great actor. I just think he is not suitable with that part. Overall, I think this drama is just okay. The final two episode is really disappointing. Like riding roller coaster, jumping from happy to sad scene in a blink of eyes. I’m not even sure either the writer want to make happy or sad ending. Probably both. My favourite episode actually the first five episodes when they were younger, and I finished the drama just to watch Han Ga In, since the last drama I saw her was in Witch Yoo Hee, like 3 or 4 years ago.  

  • http://twitter.com/julyssa_d Julyssa Diaz

    I was also disappointed. I mentioned it so in my review of the drama. 
    When you take to account what might have been… it’s sad. It wasn’t a terrible drama but I think SKKS did a better job with the plot. I feel that TMTETS dragged way too much. 

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t the shaman just lie to the queen in the beginning? Just tell her no, I’m sorry, my abilities do not extend to killing a person. This drama would have resolved itself.

  • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

    omg someone who agrees with me!  For the adult portion it was basically the good acting of the kings manservant that saved the show!

  • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

     lol using the ‘foreigner’ card again.  This drama had so many plot holes it wasn’t even funny.
    Drama’s like Jewel in the Palace, Yi San, Dong Yi, etc. are GOOD drama’s.  I found SKKS to be even better than this drama plotwise.  And the lead girl could not act…..the torture scene for her was SO bad.

    • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ JJ=oxygen

      This is a reply to zero6142.  Don’t know why its up here =____=

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    Song of the Moon – The Moon Embracing The Sun OST
    Black Magic – The Moon Embracing The Sun OST
    Song of the Moon – The Moon Embracing The Sun OST
    back in time lyn

  • http://twitter.com/julyssa_d Julyssa Diaz

    You guys need to talk about Dream High 2! 

  • http://twitter.com/akikisetsu joy

    I also had high hopes for this drama, but it ended with a bitter taste on my mouth.  Out of the 11 weeks that I spent on it, I feel as if 8 of that 11 weeks was wasted.  I so wanted to quit in the middle but just because I got invested with the younger cast, I persevered.  Story-wise, it started with a lot of promise, what with that epic romance and a dose of political intrigue.  I was somehow sold with this sageuk just being a romance at first, just because the young cast (YJG-KYJ-LMH) had over-all chemistry, but sorry to say, that chemistry wasn’t evident with the adult cast(I’m blaming HGI, for this one.).  And, they had like >12 episodes before they realized that the romance is not working, so with the 2 episodes left, they decided to focus more on the political aspect.  I was like, “Shouldn’t the writers have an episode guide, like 1-6 child romance and death, 7-8 adult meets with side dose of confusion, blah…blah…blah.”  Character and acting-wise, I thought they had a gold-mine of side-characters which they could have developed in those wasted 12 episodes.  In terms of acting(irrelevant of their flat characters), it’s a consensus that the young cast where over-all better that their adult counterparts.   Amongst the 4 leads, even if Han Ga In is the senior, she was pawned big-time.  Watching the BTS, I knew she was trying really hard, but (for me at least) she just doesn’t have a wide emotional range as an actress and this weakness became more apparent with her scenes with KIm Soo Hyun.  And it doesn’t help that Kim Yoo Jung(the better/much-loved known Yeon Woo) keeps on popping out, and so goes the comparison with HGI.  Sorry for the long rant!  I just felt frustrated because this drama could have been epic, but it fizzled.

  • Anonymous

    I fell in love with the drama because of how AMAZING the younger cast was. They gave soooo much life to the characters. The fatal flaw of the drama after ep. 6 was pacing. There was a lot of dragging in the middle and than all the juicy parts were crammed into the last 2-3 episodes.

    The acting for the adults weren’t awful, but I think they didn’t really capture the characters well. The Prince was overacted and a little too dramatic all the time. Child Wol also looked thoughtful and perceptive while Ha Ga In looked lost and didn’t know how to act a character suttley. She either acts or doesn’t act and looks like a statue most of the drama. There’s also absolutely no chemistry between her and the King. I really wanted more of the other characters as well. I loved the Eunuch guy and the shaman protege girl. They actually made me want to not quit the drama halfway through.

  • Anonymous

    Ah… Moon/Sun… where do I begin?! 

    I think the biggest disappointment for me about this drama was that it was a SAGEUK, a sageuk that started out SO promising but let me down SO badly. They should never try to adapt another drama series from this writer again. Ever. I was willing to overlook the writing gaps in SKKS since the cast had such winning chemistries. But Moon/Sun had the misfortune of casting such a mismatched main lead pair that highlighted the static, plodding script in the worst possible way. After we got past the childhood segment, the characters ceased to grow (caricatures rather than characters), the plot failed to move forward and I lost all interest and hope for the drama. Moon/Sun was one of the very few sagueks that I ended up dropping – I stopped watching after ep 12 and just read the episode summaries on Dramabeans whenever it became available.

    Speaking of those child actors, I feel I’d have to disagree slightly with the majority of you guys. Don’t get me wrong, I thought they did splendidly in their roles. However, I am hesitant to over praise their acting credentials to the sky and completely dismiss their adult counterpart’s own efforts and abilities. In the childhood segment of the drama, the background story was still being set and we were just beginning to be introduced to the characters. With each new scene we learn a little more about this world. There was movement in both the plot and the people and our interests are always engaged. The promising beginning of the script complemented and elevated the actors’ acting and together they were a winning formula. It takes a decent actor to bring a tight script to life, but it’ll take an extraordinary actor to engage the viewers’ interest with a badly written script and even then its not always possible. If you can imagine a reversed situation, if the child actors were playing those adult roles and Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In playing those childhood scenes instead…. I think opinions on those child actors’ acting abilities would have been much different. 

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    MoonSun could’ve been such a good drama. It got off to such a great start with the four young leads doing a wonderful job. Kim Soo Hyun acted so well, and the music was wonderful! I love the soundtrack so much, that I sometimes even just listen to the instrumentals alone.

    I think with the case of MoonSun it was bad planning and bad writing. They had too little conflict for a 20 episode drama, they focused too much on her “amnesia”, that by the time that ended the other conflicts got maybe two episodes. The thing is, that MoonSun had a book to go by, so I actually don’t know why they didn’t follow the major plot of the book. The side characters could have brilliant back stories to contribute to the main plot, instead I feel like the side characters were just there with no purpose. I mean the bodyguard I think was also to pose some sort of competition to Kim Soo Hyun’s character but really he barely did anything and took up screen space (though he is pretty to look at). What MoonSun failed to do was make people care. I remember actually crying a lot in episodes 1-6, then after I just didn’t care anymore. I was emotionally detached from the drama thus whatever happened I feel like it didn’t matter. 

    The problem with MoonSun was that they had a live shoot system, which I don’t think writers appreciate or actors appreciate or anyone appreciates for that matter. The live shoot system made a hell of a lot of people working on that drama tired. I mean, if the company knows that it’s going to air that drama, then why don’t they film like half the episodes before the show actually starts airing? (I’m just speculating here) If writers had more time, they could’ve made a more emotionally intriguing drama and made people care about the characters period.

    I have to give props to Kim Soo Hyun, he was really good. The only scene that I cried in towards the end was when the queen died and he cried and hugged Han Ga In’s character. I don’t think Han Ga In is a bad actor, but I don’t think she quite fit the role. I sort of wish they casted someone else to opposite Kim Soo Hyun. 

    All in all, MoonSun is the drama the could’ve been but never is… D: T_T

  • Anonymous

    This is one drama that definitely owes it’s success to the casting director(s).  The casting of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung for those roles was the best move they could have made.  I always love when I have that moment of rediscovery when it comes to actors.  I was so impressed with Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung in TMTETS that it made want to see what else these two had previously done only to find that I had already seen them act and didn’t know it.  Yeo Jin Goo had a role in “Antique” and Kim Yoo Jung in the epic film “The Chaser”.  These two films dealt with adult subject matter that many actors (especially idol actors) wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were two actors that had already impressed me when I saw them the first time.  I’m an eagerly awaiting their future projects and can’t see what they will tackle as adult actors.  It’s funny that Kim Soo Hyun and Jung II Woo were the original reason I wanted to see TMTETS only to find myself wondering if I wanted them to show up when that 6th episode rolled around.  It’s truly amazing that, on top of this, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung are actually sunbaes to Kim Soo Hyun and Jung II Woo.   It makes you truly wonder who should really be up for the best actor and actress at the MBC Drama Awards this year.  I remember the scene where Hwon had to face his younger self and all I could do was sit there in silence with an OMG look on my face and goosebumps as Kim Soo Hyun got served by Yeo Jin Goo.  It was truly a wow moment.  I loved Kim Soo Hyun as the king because of his charm and sense of humor; it kept me coming back to this drama every week when the plot was pretty much at a stand still.  But when that scene popped up and surprised me, it only made me realize that even with all of Kim Soo Hyun’s bellowing while playing Hwon, Yeo Jin Goo’s Hwon exuded more power and actually seemed more formidable even though he was about a decade younger.  I won’t even get started on Kim Yoo Jung vs Han Ga In.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750720399 Daniela Burlacu

       Most of the non-Korean viewers had the same reaction after the first 6 episodes. I’m one of them. And the scenes of the 2 Hwons (a pretty good copy of the 2 kings in The tree with deep roots) was the only one I’ve watch in that episode, the rest I read it on dramabeans. And please, don’t start it with KYJ vs HGI :)) there is no need!

  • Anonymous

    my biggest question, WTH was Jung Il Woo thinking when he chose this role. He could have taken a break after coming off the much praised Flower Boys Ramyum Shop. In METS his role was so minimal, I don’t even consider it has second lead.

    The kids did a better job, and they wasted too much time on the amnesia plot.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, Han Ga In just ruins EVERYTHING. She is not a good actress. She needs to stay in CFs where she can look wooden and pretty and it’s okay because she’s selling that image. 

    She basically drags the whole thing down. Kim Soo Hyun, well, I don’t really know much about him. He was okay. But the difference between their styles just killed it.

    Plus the overhanded writing about the Moon and Sun and such was just too much.

    I stopped watching after the 2nd episode. It became utter trash. 

    Honestly I’m so sick of all the “trendy” dramas. They are all sucky. 

  • http://twitter.com/cobyness11 coby

    well I liked the first few episodes… then now I can’t remember the grown up parts. Actually I didn’t even get to see (with subs) episodes 18 to 20.  I just relied on recaps over at dramabeans and it didn’t feel that I miss much.  Its disappointing considering the hype.

  • shbeckles

    Intellectually I have no problem recognizing that Moon/Sun was not the greatest drama ever… but for some reason, the OST still gives me chills when I hear it. With a good OST, a drama has to be pretty awful for me to drop it.

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    Lisa has a nice voice