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    i was just clearing my stacks of K-high school dvd movies..and this was one of the hidden gems..i still play and pause, fast forward and rewind to my whim..;)

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    OMG Jung Dabin! :(

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    the Korean movie Sunny that came out last year was really good. I’d classify it as a teen movie and it was brilliant. No characters that i wanted to slap which for K-dramas/movies is a big thing for me. Its hilarious, warm hearted and brought tears to my eyes. I dont think good korean teen movies have stopped if you count this recent movie

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    I saw this movie like 2 years ago when I was searching for music and came across it by accident! It’s really sad, especially given that Jung Da Bin is dead now :(, but the movie I thought was quite touching and sincere.

    I feel like the film industry in general, everywhere (because I totally love my movies) doesn’t have the same heart that it used to although there are still some beautiful movies being put out sometimes.

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    I don’t understand this movie. The dude pisses me off in this movie. I never found him remotely “cool” more like a dbag that didn’t deserve any girl’s time. 

    Is it too much to ask for a guy to treat a woman with some respect?

    • Anonymous

      if you dont think eunsung’s character is sincere then you didnt understand the movie at all. 

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    thats what i hate about international people trying to critique a korean movie. there’s just so much you cant understand without fully understanding the language or the culture. smh.

    • Anonymous

      I dont like people trying to making condescending douchie comments about others. People know what they like and dont like it doesnt have much to do with culture or language. Get over yourself. If you dont like what internationals have to say about a movie or song dont read the reviews written by them then!

    • Anonymous

       Seriously? I know Korean, lived in Korea, etc. Still doesn’t mean that I have to like every movie that is produced by Korean cinema. Grow up please.
      I critique American rom-coms just a much for this kind of crap with a jerk guy somehow becoming sweet. So many young girls get the impression that a guy will treat them like that if they love them, when really, they are just being jerks. It’s not cool to me at all.

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    I love this movie!  I know it was mediocre (the ending was really dumb, though the epilogue-flashback was super cute!), but SSH, Jung Da Bin, Lee Ki Woo, and the guy who played SSH’s sidekick won me over.  Now I’m even more fond of it because it has Jung Da Bin (RIP)  And it’s SSH in a comedy – i think he does comedy better than drama. The salon scene is my favorite scene!

    We can’t really blame the drama for having the HIV plotline since it was in the novel, but yeah what a load of ignorance!  I think a lot of Guiyeoni’s novels started off funny and then get really depressing.  I remember all the tears when I read the last half of Temptation of the Wolves.   Man, I lapped up her emoticon-filled novels like crazy when I was a teen, though they likely won’t stand the test of time since asshole heroes were only attractive to me when I was a teen.  Now, not so much.  Does anyone know what happened to her?

    Mainland China tried to do a drama adaptation of it a few years back.  It was pretty bad. 

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    • River

      Can I just say your a boss if you watched the whole drama (and I can’t believe I forgot of the drama!) I have a very low tolerance for Mainland dramas… 
      I’m planning to review  Temptation of the Wolves. I totally thought it was the same female lead :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMWCY47W4QVXJGMC4Y5IBEYJLI Patrick

    Have to disagree with your take on this movie’s high point which allowed you to forgive its short comings. I hate the whole “hot-tempered bully and turn him into the sweetest boyfriend” concept. An asshole is an asshole no matter how you slice it and the girl who actually has any respect for that kind of loser is no one I can cheer for. Poor movie all around.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    Song Seung Hun’s acting is mediocore; his looks exceed his talent if you ask me (as if you would); and all around this movie wasn’t so great. As a teen you may find this movie so ‘freggin awesome,’ but after you pass that stage in your life and look back, you’ll think to yourself…’wt****?’ I’ll admit…I did. Sometimes I ask myself why I purchased this movie, but whatever’s done is done. 

    The only thing I really agree with you is the “half-time-for-melodrama-let’s-switch-the-movie’s-genre curse.” I absolutely, absolutely hated Korean comedies (if that’s even the genre aimed towards) for that particular aspect. Every, I mean EVERY Korean (teen) comedy I’ve seen as a teen is absolutely hilarious at first and then halfway it’s like “oh sh*t, the main character’s dying.” Ok I exaggerated a bit, but you guys get the point. That was when I stopped watching Korean movies. The last one I saw was…hmmm…so long ago I can’t even remember. 

    Anyway, enough of my rant. These articles are interesting and I’d love to read more of your reviews since I am a huge movie freak too…hehe.  

  • jericho98

    I didn’t really like this movie (at all) But it definitely keeps my attention

  • Lalala

    Do you know any more movies similar to He Was Cool? I mean like, good girl meets bad boy? (Besides boys over flowers, 100 days with mr.arrogant?)