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    I Freaking Love YGE!

    • http://twitter.com/simpledm xelo truo

      Now that’s out of my system.
      It has been  6 years or so that I was first introduced to Se7en through a friend and I still have the songs on my iPod. At that time I didn’t even know he was part of such a popular genre “K-pop”. When I did learn about K-pop (through variety shows); none the k-pop music really interests me; I was more interested in the idols themselves and the Korean culture. 
      A years later,  I stumbled upon Taeyang’s Wedding Dress and 2ne1’s it Hurts both got me really hook into Kpop music. I was amazed to learn later that Se7en, Taeyang, and 2ne1 were in the same company  ( weird coincident?). 

  • Guest

    Ass Kissing.

    • Anonymous

      This is an opinions/editorials site so I don’t understand why people come on here and bitch that an article is one-sided or overly negative or positive. You’d think people would expect things that are posted here to be imbued with some sort of bias or opinion. After all, it’s the point of the site.

      And yes, the article is overwhelminly positive but that’s just because the writers at seoulbeats have very positive PERSONAL opinions of YG Fam. But, trust me, they won’t hesitate to post an article up criticizing a YG artist or the entertainment company itself if an album is lackluster or if the management seems to be doing something wrong with an artist – i.e. the two recent articles about SE7EN’s new album. On a site like this, opinions are bound to clash. But it’s all for the
      sake of discussion.

      So maybe people should just stop commenting on the ‘bias’ of the writer and just put their own two cents in about the topic inroduced in a well-articulated comment. Because that’s what most of us SB-ers come to the site for anyway. Save us the time of reading comments like this one and ones from that psycho that won’t bringing up ‘facts’ about SNSD.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

        The article’s positive opinion would’ve been stronger though if the writers had introduced and negated more opposing views. There is indeed nothing wrong with stating reasons for supporting something, but that’s the only thing going on here so the discussion became one-sided praise. 

        • Anonymous

          I get where you’re coming from and I agree. I don’t have a problem with your posts or anyone critiquing articles and saying that they feel the article needs a bit more on the ‘cons list’ to discuss. My problem lies with people thinking that seoulbeats writers have some sort of hidden agenda and engage in smear campaigns or ‘ass-kissing’ campaigns for/against certain companies and artists. Some people just don’t get the whole editorial aspect of the site, ya know? Like it’s surprises them that the articles lean toward negative or positive.

        • Guest

          So the one on dbsk was also ass-kissing and made invalid by all the praise?

          • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

            Far from invalid (and definitely not ass-kissing), but less valid, yes. Like I said, any view or claim can be reinforced by addressing the opposing opinion.    

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    YG is what made me love Kpop. Yg is the best <333 
    Big Bang is my fave 
    They put everything into their music. And produce the best songs :)

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    YG family family family!!

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    This is really overwhelmingly positive….. the same way this site as a whole is overwhelmingly negative towards SM. All companies have their pros/cons and things are not that black-and-white.

    • Luanbrro

       And you’re free to share the pros/cons you find in YG… So, be our guest…

      • Aurora2687

        You all need to calm down, I was just making an observation, stating my perspective! Am I not allowed to make a simple comment and leave it at that? Is there an unwritten rule were I have to justify this simple comment with a long winded essay? Did I offend some of you in some way? 

        • Anonymous

          Lol don’t let them get you down. We understand what you mean – most of the writers here do have more of a YG bias (the ladies above happen to adore Big Bang) but several writers aren’t YG fans. If we don’t like something that a YG artists has done, we’ll say it. And a good amount of our readers are YG devotees (bless your hearts!) and will defend the company or the groups to death.

          We do appreciate your difference in opinion – it’s great for discussion and debate.

          • Aurora2687

            It’s ok, fair enough!

      • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

        Points have already been made about Se7en’s weakening material (and opinions on Big Bang’s last mini were mostly negative) as well as the superficial nature of the rumored “naturally beautiful” girl group. I’ve also noticed that some of their artist’s stuff (mostly solo BB members) sounds similar, possibly due to having limited producers making many songs.
        I’m mostly assuming though that YG has more unseen flaws below the surface. They aren’t perfect, and though they do a good job of appearing so no idol company is driven by purely musical motives.

        • Luanbrro

          IA 100%. Maybe is as you said, they really do a good job keeping its flaws below the surface and by now,  they have already established as a caring family and that in itself is just another selling point.

        • Guest

          but this was a general take on the company not on it’s music specifically. nowhere do they go into details about the music. and the “looks vs talent” is something that was brought up in the article. the points you mentioned have also been made in specific sb articles, so i’m not sure where you’re going with this.

          and if the flaws are unseen, how are people expected to comment on them?

          • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

            They’re a music company…. and considering the way people appreciate YG’s focus on the music, it definitely matters in the grand scheme of things. They sell their image as music.

            I never claimed the points brought up either so they’ve obviously already been discussed, indicating that they’re worth considering when looking for flaws. Plus there’s not much to work with considering the (likely present) flaws are mostly hidden. Every company has them, and I doubt YG is an exception. Being able to verify them or go into specifics isn’t necessary when I’m only trying to say that the company is less than perfect.

          • Guest

            but they cannot get into specifics with each artist and their music. they talked about the general sound being western and how that works or doesn’t work for them.

            i don’t think anyone claims yg as an exception, least of all these writers. but again, if the flaws are not visible, then it’s kinda hard to pinpoint them. you seem to want them to criticise for the sake of criticising. for eg – yg’s groups have weak choreography. but how can that be criticised when that’s their performance style? nobody is claiming that they have super-intensive and intricate choreography. it’s a style choice and you either like it or you don’t.

            the article is not looking to point out flaws or praise. it’s a general overview of the company and looks at certain things like promotions, artist management etc and is the writers’ personal opinion on these things. it’s not an exhaustive report or the expert take on yg. and if these writers like these aspects of yg, they do. that’s their opinion and that’s what this blog is about. 

          • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

            I’m no anti, and am only criticizing because my pros/cons statement was challenged. And IA that we have a right to our opinions. You do, the authors do…. and I do too. Mine just happens to be a preference towards discussion and conflict of views over seeing just one opinion repeated. That’s also what this blog is about.

          • Guest

            if there’s conflict and a difference of opinion, that’s great but if there isn’t, there’s no need to create one to appear balanced. they’ve done several of these exchanges and quite a few have been overwhelmingly positive and nobody had a problem with the positive ones before. and the first one on bb and 2ne1 was very mixed and nobody had a problem with that either.

        • lay

          “I’ve also noticed that some of their artist’s stuff (mostly solo BB members) sounds similar …”

          Huh? … you’re saying songs of GD&TOP, Seung Ri and Tae Yang sound similar? really?

    • Aurora2687

      I’ve noticed that a some of the writers are big YG stans. It would have been nice to see a more balanced opinion, I guess I was hoping for a good read about the pros and cons from someone else’s perspective.

      • http://twitter.com/simpledm xelo truo

        Yes. I kind of want to read the other side (cons) of YGe too.

      • Guest

        Saying good stuff=bias/stan
        Saying bad stuff=anti
        Feel free to disagree tho. Just Give out your opinions :)

      • Guest

        really? i guess you haven’t read the reviews on the latest albums from bigbang and 2ne1 or all the articles that were written post mtv iggy and ema. and feel free to list the pros and cons as you see it.

        • Aurora2687

          Oh I have, I was just comparing this review/editorial (whatever you want to call it) with some of their other articles and they just seemed more cutting or critical that’s all.
          And I’ll repeat myself I was looking for a good read and didn’t have high expectations, I accept that these is a blog and the writers can write their opinions as they see fit. 

          • Guest

            well, i read the dbsk one and that was just as positive as this one to name just one example. and as you said, it’s a blog. they don’t claim to be objective.

    • KDB

      To be honest, the nature of the questions asked begets positive opinion.  Although I do agree with the “too much praise” mentality.  They should have asked more difficult questions.

  • Never2muchcoffee

    Big Bang is why I’m into Kpop.  I’ll give fair props to SHINee – RingDingDong was the very first Kpop MV I watched, and I really liked.  But none of their other MVs or songs interested me when I checked them out.  Then I saw GD & TOP’s Knock Out.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or make fun of those “posers.”  Strangely enough, though, the whole “double combo” part stayed stuck in my head for days, leading me to watch it again.  And again.  And the rest is history.

    Now to find a way to get the funds to see them when they come to the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blueprint

    I love YG for the different sound they bring to the k-pop table. I can’t imagine a k-pop world without Big Bang, 2NE1, and TABLO now.

    However, the one significant negative aspect of their marketing and intended image as “YG Family” is the hive-mind that has seemingly emerged among Royal Flushes. The holier-than-thou attitude that is prevalent among these sycophantic stans disgusts me.

    Just like SM stans can be ridiculously immature, so too can YG stans be obnoxiously arrogant.

    We’re just one big happy k-pop family.

    • Waldo

      Haha that’s Kpop for you. Even though i love my bigbang boys so much, I dont want to be called a vip or yg stan or whtvr. People take the fandom things and entertainment company bias waaaaaay too seriously. I just want to listen to good music, I dont want the drama.

    • Anonymous

      But when is a fan not arrogant?

      When does a fan not think their idols are the best?See, I can admit their flaws.
      But I still think they are the best.
      Does that make me arrogant?

  • lolo

    My first encounter with K-Pop was through Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” back in 2008(oh..boy!.how time flies.) when i had a Korean room mate in college. Ever since then…I’ve followed and supported each member very closely. I dont ever see GD, TOP and Taeyang leaving YG… But m not too sure abt Seungri and Daesung(hope i’m proven wrong). Even if they do decide too disband or go on a hiatus ..i hope its a mutual agreement(solo work or other concentrations) cos i don’t want them to fight over money. or some ridiculous contract! i pretty much will be done wid kpop when Big Bang is gone…but i hope its not anytime soon:)

    On a happy note…Big Bang is gonna be in NYC from the 10th-13th for their MV shoot…Going to be on stalker mode for the next few days …hopefully, i’ll be able to see them!

    • Lo

      Haha imo I see future Seungri will left YGE and make his own entertainment company lol

      • lolo

         inr..he already has his own academy

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

      After last year I don’t see Daesung leaving…Seungri is probably going to try for a joint company deal 

  • http://twitter.com/janellemarie15 Janelle Marie

    YG Entertainment was founded in 1996.

    • Anonymous

       thanks — fixed!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge YG fan and I don’t really know if it’s because it’s the company that introduced me to kpop or if it’s because they seem to produce music that’s more westernized and to my liking. It’s probably both.

    I love that YG Fam artists take time with their music and don’t rush things just to put out an album. I’ve heard YG fans complain again and again about the long hiatuses the artists take, and I’m guilty of this too, but I feel like most end up biting their tongue when the music does come out. I’ve called YG a troll countless times and have gotten angry at the way he manages the girls and promotes them, but the girls’ music and stage performances make up for it, I guess. I don’t think it’s so much YG the troll that I love and trust, but the artists themselves. They all seem to be deeply invested in the music they make and the bond they have with each other. On 2NE1tv and BTS footage of BB that gets released here and there, all I really see is them in the practice room, rehearsing for performance, in the recording booth and actively promoting on shows. And that’s probably the kind of image YG is trying to promote. He lets his artists appear in ‘reality shows’ centered around them, but it’s always in the context of how they make their music and how they’re preparing for their promotion activies. So you get the feeling that you’re getting to know them and the personalities, but they don’t ever just morph into variety personalities. They’re always musicians at the end of the day. I think that’s incredibly smart.

    And I’m surprised that I like each and every member of YG Fam. I think PSY is probably the king of concerts and have heard wonderful things about the way he performs. I hear he can take command of a whole stadium and get you to do exactly what he wants because he has so much presence. I love the color to Gummy’s voice and her off-stage personality seems so empowered and strong. Tablo, of course, is an amazing artists and his At Fever’s End album(s), along with Leessang’s AsuRa BalBalTa, were the only ones I was honestly impressed with.

    The fact that their former artists like members of 1TYM and JinuSean are still active in the company, to me, shows how invested his artists are in the music they make. Teddy is churning out song after song and Jinu is managing 2NE1. When (because it will happen) 2NE1 and Big Bang disband, I can definitely see them all staying in the company and either going solo or working behind the scenes like Teddy and Jinu. They definitely give off the “family” more than other companies do.

    I am… anticipating the new girl group. I can’t say I’m excited for them since the details that YG’s released don’t make me all that excited, but considerin the company’s track record, the group must be something to look forward to. I’m also excited for the boy group that he’ll be releasing eventually. And I wonder if he’ll ever release a solo female artist like Hyori or BoA. He’s said in the past that he’s wanted to and I think he must have something in the works. And from the company that produced G-Dragon and CL, I think a female solo artist would be something to really look forward to.

    Oh! One last thing – THE BIG BANG WORLD TOUR! I’ve waited so long for a YG artst to come to America to perform that I completely freaked out when I read the news. I definitely need to see all of YG Fam live!

  • Anonymous

    if i ever had the desire to become kpop star, the only company i would apply for is YG. The reason why cause it feel like they care about the music and they treat their artist right.

    Also I feel like i would fit in cause they value individuality. My fav yg artists are big bang and 2ne1.

  • Lara.D

    If it weren’t for Big Bang and Se7en, I probably wouldn’t have ever discovered Kpop at all or love it the way I do now. In my opinion YGE is one of the better companies in Korea (well from the big three anyways). They treat their artists with enough fairness and actually give them creative rights and plenty of opportunities for solo ventures. The only complaint I would have is how YGE is over exaggerated because it is considered to be the only company that makes “real music”. I mean what is “real music” anyways. If we’re going really technical on this term, I would only consider GD as an artist who creates “real music” (since he’s involved in the both the creation and performance of the music). I completely agree that YG artists do make some amazing music. However, so does the other entertainment companies. It’s not like all the YG artists engage in the music creating process. This negative aspect is probably more related to some beliefs that fans hold rather than the company itself.

    • Guest

      but yg doesn’t say they make “real music” or that they don’t have idol groups. neither have any one of their idols ever said they’re not idols or that they don’t want to be idols. and i’ve never heard of articles or programmes about yg being the only company making real music. and yg fans are not the only ones who have mistaken beliefs about the company they stan. 

      and among their idols, top, seungri, taeyang, and se7en all have song-writing and producing credits. in fact, all of bigbang does. several bigbang songs are credited to “bigbang”. they’re all co-producers of their albums and from the last album onwards are all credited as recording directors. earlier it was only gd and top who used to be credited as recording directors on bigbang albums. by your defintion, all of bigbang is making “real music” and gd and top have done so from day one since they’ve had various credits on every single bigbang album and their own sub-unit and solo work.

  • Lluvia

    It’s because of Big Bang that I got immersed into K-pop. J-pop and Anime helped a lot as well, but that’s another story. And even if they’re not my favorite group, they’ll always remain as the ones who introduced me to K-Entertainment. I guess whatever else I have to say would be pure fangirling, so I’ll leave it there. 

  • Sa

    “You know, it really makes me wonder what someone like Hyoyeon or Bekah could have become had they been contracted under YG.”
    It makes me wonder how Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Sungmin, Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, Jonghyun, Taemin, Key, and Onew would have blossomed under YG. I think each one of them has musical talent (be it singing, rapping, composing, or dancing) that hasn’t been nurtured enough under S.M. Trust me, I would pay money to see these people (plus Hyoyeon) transfer to Y.G. for the artistry priority. 

  • Anonymous

    My feelings towards YG are a little more mixed. Of the Big 3, I think I like them the best, because they focus more on talent and quality than any of the other Big 3. However, I find the company to be a little too hyped up and hypocritical, for reasons that have been stated. YG isn’t a perfect company that isn’t immune to wanting to present a pretty “face” to the world. People like to hate on SM for being all about faces (which I do agree with to an extent) but it’s not like all the members of Big Bang and 2ne1 are ugly or even average looking. You have Daesung in Big Bang (but I find him cute because of his smile and aura) and some people don’t find CL or Minzy very attractive. They don’t fit into the Korean ideal of beauty but these two women aren’t ugly. The rest of their respective groups are attractive (extremely so in TOP’s case). And Dara, for all her sweetness, is extra baggage and Seungri, as funny as he is, is the weak link in Big Bang. And artists have undergone weight loss and plastic surgery to appear more visually acceptable to the Korean public. And the groups are just as gimmicky as others from different companies.

    I like YG and its artists (<3 Big Bang) but I often feel a tendency to roll my eyes whenever the company is put on some level than other companies.

    • Anon

      actually, everyone in yg other than dara, se7en, and danny are ugly or just normal looking by korean beauty standards. top is unconventionally attractive and is tall enough to be given a pass. seungri is actually the most conventionally attractive member of bb but he’s too short to be considered really good-looking. beauty is very subjective but most koreans think 90% of yg artists are ugly trolls. and bigbang received tons of hate for their “ugliness” for an entire year. so much that they cried while talking about it at a fan-meeting. then lies happened and they became ugly but talented.

      and i used to think seungri was the weak link in the sense that i wouldn’t miss him if he didn’t perform but after seeing them live, he is very much the glue that holds the chorus together. he also has improved a great deal.

      i don’t think yg is superior in every way to every kpop company ever but i don’t think yg stans are as elitist as people make them out to be either.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, no, that makes me so sad :( . I guess it’s just be being an international fan and having an appreciation of different sorts of beauty. I didn’t know Koreans thought so many of the idols in that company were unattractive.

        Is GD also considered unattractive. I’ve always thought he would be considered at least cute because he is thin and pale (as pale as other idols) and has a v-line. But he’s also pretty short.

        I agree, Seungri has improved a lot.

        • Anon

          gd is not considered unattractive like daesung or minji but he’s regular looking. nothing special, nothing that makes him stand out. he’s short, he’s got a face that you couldn’t pick out in a crowd, he’s scrawny with no muscles to speak of. in short, he’s not idol material in the looks department.

          • munkie

            don’t forget his large nostrils :)

          • lizzard

            but he’s got a SMILE that makes you melt on spot

      • KDB

        I’m not entirely surprised by this.

        I mean.  Sohee over Yubin?  Hara over Gyuri/Nicole?  Sulli over Krystal/Victoria? although Victoria is non-korean so she’s probably out of the running to begin with.

      • Guest

        I actually agree with a lot of what you say, because I have heard similar viewpoints from my Korean friends. I was discussing 2NE1 and Big Bang with one of them before, and she considers Dara, TOP and GD (“G-Dragon because of his baby face, he can pretty much look good in any outfit” she commented while watching the “Tonight” video with me) the only good-looking ones in the company (granted, she does not represent all of Korea but I find her perspective to be very typical).

        Personally, since America is exposed to many different levels of beauty (I remember when I was young a lot of people thought Miley Cyrus was ugly, and some thought her beautiful and/or cute – so there’s a wide range of subjectivity that people are comfortable with, which I’m not sure is the same mentality in Korea), I honestly can say I think every one of the 2NE1/Bigbang members are attractive in their own way, and was very surprised when my Korean friend said that everyone except Dara in 2NE1 needs to get plastic surgery (she didn’t say this in a condescending way but honestly felt that their nose, eyes, mouth, etc. didn’t fit the Korean ideal of beauty – and considering the accepting attitude of surgery in Korean culture, her comment was to be expected). I personally find CL’s eyes to be very sweet, she often reminds me of a puppy. Minzy has a very lovable face as well, and many times I’ve found Bom to be just too adorable, and oftentimes very beautiful as well (don’t forget that one of the reasons she supposedly got plastic surgery was because of haters’ remarks after her Lee Hyori video). 

        Honestly, I had a crush on Taeyang after seeing his “Wedding Dress” MV (who else could pull off a mohawk so well?!) and didn’t really notice TOP even after watching Big Bang MVs and even though he is arguably the most attractive/handsome one in BB. It wasn’t until I started watching the early variety shows with BB in them that I realized he was charmingly cute and awkwardly funny. Even though TOP is the closest to a bias I’ll ever have, even I will admit at some angles his face looks funny/strange (I say that in an affectionate way). I also find Daesung attractive as well, not only because of his smile and funny personality but with the right hair and clothes he looks HOT (I saw a clip of him on Strong Heart and he rocked the look!). So in accordance to what some people say on here, it is really the personalities and charisma that BB (and also 2NE1) possess that has made me a fan. BUT I understand the Korean perspective as well – sometimes as international fans we have a different outlook on beauty but I’ve always been aware that they are considered the “ugly” idols in the entertainment business.

        • lay

          when i found out that Big Bang (and later 2NE1) are thought to be ugly in Korea (which i do not think so at all), i thought to myself that in that case some of the other idols are also ugly or uglier then (even though they are spazzed on by others as good-looking), yeah … beauty is subjective.

          i got into BB (and 2NE1) because of their music, they become ‘beautiful’ to me through their personalities. uh by the way, i remember reading someone described TOP as unconventionally handsome to which i agree. he definitely is not perfect and he does look strange from a certain angle. despite it all, i can look at him all day.

          • Guest

            I definitely agree with you. I suppose I can say the music drew me in and kept me there as artists, but their personalities drew me to the band as people :) (more so than their looks, even though TOP is pretty much one of the most handsome men I’ve seen even if his looks are unconventional – to be honest I actually prefer a different kind of beauty than the classical types – so I hope I didn’t come across as saying that Big Bang is ugly!).

            Sorry but I don’t quite understand your first paragraph, do you mean you don’t agree with the view that KOREAN fans think they are ugly, or that you yourself don’t think they are ugly in a personal perspective? I don’t mean to be rude by challenging your comment but your wording is a bit confusing to me XD

          • lay

            personally to me, they are not ugly at all. in fact, they are the most good-looking to me. as i said, beauty is subjective, therefore, i cannot disagree with what some people (Koreans and non-Koreans alike) believe them to be (i.e. ugly). what i do not agree is how they used their ‘belief’ to bash them as if good look is all that matters. just read some of the old articles written by that f*****g Johnnydrama at allkpoop and you’ll know what i mean.

            by the way, when i first saw BB, i didn’t pay much attention to how they look. i remember saying to myself (when i watched their La La La MV) that one of them looked like a naughty boy (it’s Dae Sung). hi hi …

          • Guest

            On a lighter note, by the way TOP is on my iPhone’s lock screen wallpaper, so IA 100% that I could look at him all day ;)

          • lay

            hi hi hi … same here. he is my laptop’s wallpaper, my phone’s wallpaper and screensaver and my galaxy tab’s wallpaper too.

    • munkie

      i think compared to other idols, bigbang and 2ne1 are pretty average to subpar in the looks departments with the exception of dara. top has a face that people either find remarkably attractive or downright scary/turnoff. not to mention bigbang as a group is rather short and i remember that when they first debuted, i didn’t really find any of them attractive(i hope taeyang never returns to that hairstyle). really, it’s their confidence, swag, and personality that made them attractive to me. but when people say YG only cares for talent and disregard looks, i definitely disagree. YG puts the least emphasis on looks out of the big 3, but they’re still a money making company that has to take into account what is marketable. 

  • happyslip

    SB asskissing YGE? I don’t think so. A lot of the writers here can get overly critical at the company’s artists too — perhaps some don’t notice because they don’t release a lot of materials one after another like SME does so there’s not much to talk about unless you want to get the topics redundant. Tbh, BEG and miss A get a lot of love here the most I think. Not that I have a problem with that, people would eventually have their own preferences after all. 

    Anyway, to make the discussion a bit relevant I think YGE is a fairly good company. Personally, I would choose it among the Big 3 because I think they have the right balance of control and freedom in a way. 

    My only gripe about them is their promotional tactic sometimes, especially with 2NE1 lately. Their upcoming Japanese promotions for one pissed me off the first time I learned about it.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, 2NE1’s Japanese promotion tactics were a huge disappointment to me as well. I expected better of YG.

      • happyslip

        IKR? I don’t even know how they ended up doing that for 2NE1 in Japan. People are whining about how their album would be released with BB and honestly I could care less about it. I was just so pissed that they decided to release an album with 6 remakes…and 1 original song. Well there’s 3 yet to be announced songs but well, as much as I was hoping for them to be original songs at least, it irritates me that there is even the smallest possibility of them being remakes. I just don’t get it. The original plan (digital single by Feb 29) was much better because come to think of it, the group has yet to get a decent pattern sales-wise in Japan. Some people were saying that their albums sell better than singles anyway, but can we at least see first how things will go for them if they released an original single? If YGE is this crappy with 2NE1 for Japan, how am I going to look forward to their more talked about US plans? Seriously, I call major BS on YGE just being “overprotective” with the girls. 3 years down the road and the company’s still so apprehensive about them, it’s almost insulting to me as a fan.

        LOL sorry for the long rant. I just never bought most of the excuses YGE has when it comes to promoting 2NE1.

        • Anonymous

          And just so people know — I actually wanted to bring that point up during this exchange, but the way that the questions were framed, I couldn’t find a good way to fit it into a response. It did register across to me that all my answers were overwhelmingly positive, but those really were my honest answers to the questions that were asked, so I don’t take anything that I said back either.

          Don’t worry people, we’ll definitely be more careful in making sure the questions themselves in future exchanges are not all framed for the positive or negative. All of us slip up sometimes, no need to see a conspiracy in everything. We’re trying our best.

          – Fannie

  • http://twitter.com/simpledm xelo truo

    OT: The company producing BigBang new MV is casting people ( $50- 250 dollars per day)  in NY

  • anon

    sigh… i miss 1tym

  • Geekyninja7

    Mani Ratnam is Indian just like M.I.A., whose music video “Bad Girls” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE&feature=youtube_gdata_player) was endorsed by Taeyang of Big Bang. So you YG lovers should watch it. Because you like Taeyang and he likes M.I.A.’s new video. And I love M.I.A. so… yeah…. That is all.

    • Gaya

      Actually M.I.A is Sri Lankan, but she’s Tamil and spent part of her childhood in India.

      I love M.I.A too, we’re both big A.R.Rahman fans!

      • Anonymous

        And Gil too. I’ve been reading this Tamil movie spazz with a smile, I adore Mani Ratnam’s works too. My entire childhood can be summed up with Mani Ratnam, A.R. Rahman, and Rajinikanth. 

  • Ann

    i got into yg via bigbang and though i don’t stan every single yg artist or like every single song, yg’s sound as a whole is something i gravitate towards. i cannot say that about any other company because i might like a few artists or just a few songs, but that’s about it. 

    things i like –

    1. the performance style. yg has pretty much ruined most of kpop for me because i find the synchronicity and uniformity boring.
    2. their sound and style in general. i would love to see the inside of their communal closet.  
    3. “yg family” and the fact that their artists collaborate quite a bit, both onstage and off. i also like that the artists have a personal involvement in the company outside of their own music, whether it is writing/directing/producing/designing for other artists or supervising and mentoring trainess or conducting auditions or the number of ex-artists who are still actively involved in the company.
    4. the depth in their artist roster and the diversity of their solo artists.
    5. the creative control their artists have and the general approach yg has towards artist management and the resources that are provided to their artists.
    6. their general approach is “go big or go home”.
    7. that they’re a company of really awkward, shy dorks (with a few notable exceptions) who’ve somehow convinced the world that they’re cool.

    things i don’t like –

    1. yg doesn’t own a clock, a calendar or a map. this may have been acceptable 5 years ago but he now runs a multi-million-dollar company and has investors to answer to. he needs to stop running it like a cornershop and become a little more corporate. 
    2. the push to go international has been unusually cautious. even their expansion in asia in terms of concerts/performances/album distribution is minimal, which is surprising given how popular an artist like bigbang is in countries they’ve never stepped foot in.
    3. sometimes the artists are given too much freedom and leeway, especially when it comes to deadlines, or are not pushed to do certain things like getting top to sing or bom learning to use her voice better.
    4. that teddy has not been given a vacation in 5 years and that perry has been on vacation for 3 years. the new producers need to have the space to grow and the incentive to put out more work. choice puts out one song a year and while it may be the best song yg releases that year, there is no good explanation for that minimal output. otoh, perry is an excellent teacher. he taught gd and teddy everything they know and it’d be nice to have him around, even if it’s just to do perry-type things like write really awful english lyrics.
    5. yg should just not talk sometimes. he inevitably says something stupid or annoys at least one fanbase or broadcast station or reporter or pd.
    6. their fanbase relations are crap. the biggest thing that unites yg fans is that they’re almost always pissed off at yg. they don’t have time to fight with each other because they’re too busy fighting with yg. 
    things yg does better than most other kpop companies –
    1. marketing. he sells the idea of exclusivity better than anyone else and makes a lot of money with much less effort. he also does damage control really well. both daesung’s accident and gd’s multiple crises have been handled effectively and sometimes, innovatively. like getting the artist who they were accused of plagiarising to work with the alleged plagiariser. and he always backs his artist 100% in public regardless of what they’re accused of or what they’ve done wrong. 
    2. image creation. they work with the artists’ personality and magnify it rather than force their artists to adopt a personality. they also mask their artists’ flaws (perceived or otherwise) well. korea thinks bigbang is ugly. no problem, just market them as ordinary guys who shop in dongdaemun amd who you see on the streets of seoul every day. they’re not supposed to be handsome, korea!
    3. some really innovative promotion strategies that generally reap dividends and this includes his use of social media.

    fave yg artist – bigbang. until whenever :D 

    • Ann

      oh and major props for the mani ratnam shoutout. i worship the man and ia with all the points of comparison.

      • Katherine

        I’ve only gotten the chance to see 3 of his films (Dil Se, Saathiya & Yuva). I’ve gotta check out more of his work since I hear his cinema is truly one in a million.

        • Gaya

          Alaipayuthey. it’s WAY better than Saathiya. Saathiya was the bollywood-ised remake of Alaipayuthey, and Ratnam only produced it. I highly recommend EVERYONE watch Alaipayuthey.

          Oh and Anjali. But be warned, you’ll be a wreck by the end of it. It’s the only movie to make me cry.

          • Katherine

            Thanks for the recommendations ^^. Will do. I only watch Bollywood films (the last one being Agneepath) so I wouldn’t mind checking out Tamil films and seeing how they are.

        • Ann

          like gaya said, do check out alaipayuthey if you get a chance. it might even be available with subs on yt. i think some of his other movies are too. his tamil films are always better than their hindi versions. like ayutha ezuthu is much better than yuva and raavanan is better than raavan. my fave is iruvar but mouna ragam, roja and kannathil muthamittal are excellent as well. bombay, thalapathi, nayagan are some of his other famous films but all his 20-something films are worth a watch. 

          • Gaya

            Nayagan is the only Tamil film to make it into Time Magazine’s top 100 film list. It is also one of the most epic epics I have ever seen.

          • Ann

            the three films he made with the top tamil and malayalam male actors – nayagan, thalapathi and iruvar are all epic. the filmmaking is excellent as always but the actors just take it to another level. madhavan is great as a romantic hero but i always wonder how much better kannathil mutthamital would have been with another actor. same with arvind swamy.

    • KDB

      actually.  BJs and VIPs get along pretty well.

      I think you’re confusing YG fandom with the SM fandom.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’ve never thought relations between BJs and VIPs were all that bad. They may even be considered pretty good when compared to certain other companies.

        The only time I really ever heard of a riff between the fandoms was when kVIPs were complaining that YG doesn’t give enough attention to BB because he focuses too much on 2NE1. (Which eventually went away when news of BB’s comeback arose.)

        But maybe it is because most of us are too busy being annoyed with YG.

        • Gaya

          why is everyone annoyed with YG?

          • lay

            it baffles me too. i mean as long as YG delivers, treats their artists right, produces amazing music as he always did etc, who are we to question how he runs his own company and his artists.

          • Anonymous

            Lol, it’s not a serious annoyance. When our favorite YG artists go on hiatus we just like to have someone to rant about. And YG is an easy target because even his own artists make fun of him. By no means do I think I have the right to tell him how to run his company, but I and a lot of other YG fans don’t find any qualms in criticizing the company if we don’t like the promotional strategies and things like that.

            He’s a troll to all of us, basically. But the term is used very affectionately.

          • Ann

            because he can be very disorganized. pretty much all of 2010 was yg saying “bigbang will release a new album soon/ this month/in 6 months/during the second-coming of christ/when the sky is blue etc etc”. it was the same story with gd’s solo. and they change their mind at a moment’s notice. seungri’s solo went from a digital single to be released jan 1 to a mini album to be released jan 14 (?) in a month. mvs/teasers are rarely released on time even if the time has been advertised. ads are often have misspelt words or incomplete info.

            there are also things that fans care a great deal about but that yg dgaf about. like yg always releases music on a wednesday. this gives the song/album only 2 days to chart to win on a music show and fans hate that because they really want to win. or gaon’s total of bb’s mini’s sales are very suspect and kvips have been talking to gaon about it all year but yg can’t be bothered if gaon counts all the sales because he gets the money regardless. or the week bb released their mini was one with a public holiday and they would/could have beaten dbsk’s 100,000 albums sold in a week record if it hadn’t been a shortened week.

            and then there are the general issues about heavy schedules, promotions/marketing, opportunities given to the artists etc etc.

            yg has also always had problems with fan club management. there have been numerous times where fan club presidents/committees have resigned or been fired and then reinstated. there are a lot of disagreements about how events should be run or are run, when information is provided, access to the artists. in general, communication between the fcs and yge is very poor. the only thing that saves them is that yge’s managers are generally very competent and pleasant and they know how to deal with the fans when they get to see them face-to-face if the fight with yge gets ugly. and it can get ugly. kvips plastered hongdae with posters calling yg greedy and only interested in personal gain at the start of gd&top promos.

      • Ann

        I think you’re confusing what I said. I never said bjs and vips don’t get along. They get along just fine. I meant yg’s relationship with their fanbase and how the companies deals with their fanbase.

      • jhg

        lol maybe International fans. Korean Blackjacks and VIPs hate each other’s guts.

        • Guest

          not really. both groups consistently have problems with yg and go out of their way to specify that the problems are with yg. their “i hate yg” posts generally start with something like “this is not about 2ne1/bb. they are great girls/boys and we must support them because they are part of yg family but yg is an ass because he…”

      • Guest 007

        Blackjacks and VIPs get along well… compared to inter-company fandoms. The bad juju between ELFs, Cassies, Sones, and now EXOtics is so obvious that it makes the disagreements between the YG fandoms seem like nothing.

        But Blackjacks and VIPs have some serious issues, although there are only a handful of them worth noting. The most recent issue, in Korea, VIPs were pissed off at Blackjacks AND YG himself for giving Blackjacks the things he promised to give VIPs. Blackjacks, seeing these comments that were mainly directed at YG started defending YG’s actions and 2NE1 by saying… well, pretty much what the international BJ fandom says: “2NE1 has accomplished so much in only two years; with their increasing popularity it’s only obvious that YG should cater to their fans. VIPs have had FIVE years of YG’s full attention so it’s 2NE1’s turn.”

        Yeah, even I find that annoying. Of course VIPs retaliated and said that 2NE1 only gained so much popularity so soon after their debut because of the support of the VIP fandom (which is pretty much true, a lot of 2NE1’s first fans were Big Bang’s fans) and Blackjacks are getting too cocky…

        And then a small shitstorm of insults commenced between the fandoms. Although the YG Family concert seems to have pacified both fandoms a little; and the announcement of Big Bang’s mini-album AND world tour… I think VIPs don’t have anything to complain about anymore. :)

        • Anon

          nope, they were not pissed initially off at blackjacks or 2ne1. the issue was about kvips’ crown headbands. kvips have been making these headbands and handing them out for free at bb events for the past 3 years. it takes them months to make thousands of headbands because they do it by hand. at one point, they approached yge to manufacture these headbands as official vip merchandise to hand out free at concerts since it’s easier for them to do the kind of bulk production needed. yge’s fan staff refused, allegedly saying the headband was too cheap-looking. kvips then went back to making the headbands themselves. however, at 2ne1’s first concert, yg produced a strikingly similar headband and sold them for a price.

          kvips were pissed off because yg used their idea for 2ne1 after dismissing it as “cheap” for bb and because they were selling them and not distributing it for free like kvips have done. yg had pulled a similar stunt like this before as well. the kvip fc president made this public and posted it on nate, instead of the private kvip forums because the fan staff was deleting her posts on the private forums. they fired her for making it public and kvips were in an uproar. yg reinstated her the next day and promised to not produce any more headbands for 2ne1. but at the next 2ne1 concert, there were more headbands. and from then on, it escalated and began to involve kbjs and old accusations of yg favoring 2ne1 were brought up and so on and so forth. the timing of the whole thing was also terrible because yg had been pissing off kvips for a good year before this and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

          i do agree that kvips and kbjs get along much better than most other kpop fandoms. the older yg fanbases are generally quiet because itym is not active and lucky se7ens have kinda become inured to yge’s crap after se7en’s us debut. i do agree that it’s nowhere near as bad as sm’s problems. but unlike sm where it’s the fanbases who’re causing the problems, here yge is the primary problem. they haven’t figured out a way to handle their fanbases, maybe because yg artists also have a lot of general public support unlike most sm artists and yg feels like that support is good enough. he seems to forget that kvips are a very large and very powerful fanbase and though they’re not prone to go to the extremes that some other fanbases go to, they’re very, very protective of the boys, especially since gd’s heartbreaker scandals and because they feel yg doesn’t protect them enough. if yg learnt to handle these fanbases better, it would generally be peaceful. and he needs to learn quickly given that he will have 2 new fanbases to handle by the end of the year. but to their credit, kvips and kbjs do generally support both groups (and other yg artists. all yg fandoms do this) in multiple ways including buying cds for groups they’re not official fans of and defending both groups online. when they do fight, it’s always private and very rarely does the fight last for very long. gd and cl also generally keep the respective fanclubs in line as do the other members. the other bb members are especially not afraid to call the fans out for their stupidity, both in public and private, which might be the other big difference compared to the sm groups.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      We’re pissed off at YG only in the same manner we occasionally get angry with our parents. At the end of the day, we’re thankful that he has brought us the artists that we love and has nurtured them to reach the status they have attained.

      And VIPs and BJs oftentimes overlap (VIPs support 2NE1 and BJs support BB) so that may be a bigger reason why there’s less friction among the fans.  I mean, you can’t really fight with yourself, right?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I got my start in kpop after listening to a 1tym song, and from there randomly got hold of music from Seven and Big Bang and appreciated them solely for their music and never knew what they looked like. In fact the first YG artist I ever saw was Daesung in Family Outing, and even then it was only until their latest comeback last year that I took real interest in the group and went to find out more about the group beyond the music. I’ve been playing catchup but after watching all their past interviews and shows such as BigBangTV they have become more than just faceless musicians but real people with individual strengths and characteristics that I can now say I have an emotional attachment too. For YG artists, it is their music that draws me in first, and their personalities that seal the deal and make me a fan.

    From what I’ve seen of YGE, I do agree that from the way they are portrayed to run their business, they are the closest to being the ‘Google of Korea’ that I’ve heard them called amongst all the entertainment companies. Perhaps because of their western influence in music the other aspects of the company such as management style also show western influence. This is a big positive in my book and I don’t wonder why a lot of their artists decide to renew their contacts with them. They seem fair, they value individuality, they nurture talent, and they give you musically freedom.

    If we’re realistic, at the end of the day all companies need to churn a profit in order to survive, and YGE is no exception. YGE is not perfect, and I was a little upset that they kind of threw Daesung to the wolves when it came to monetary settlement with the family and said he would settle it on his own since it happened on his personal time and not company hours but that’s a profit seeking company for you right? They do have flaws and they overly focus on their moneymakers (Big Bang) to the detriment of their other artists which is unfair, but sadly a fact of life in the businessworld. You back the horse that’s mostly likely to win, and that’s just the way it works.

    But to counter that, I do like YG for his loyalty in standing by the members even through the difficulties. He could easily have deemed Daesung a bad investment and dropped him like what JYP did to Jay Park, then rebuild Big Bang as a 4 member band and continue raking in the dough, but he chose not to and even more, to help in Daesung’s revival in the industry by deciding to let him be the first to release his solo album this year. It could be somewhat a risk as I do not know what Korea’s feelings are to this matter and how well he would be received, but I think that is an action portraying the ‘YG Family’ mentality. He is known and marketed as Papa YG and while I feel that part of YGE is all hype attributed to great marketing and PR, there is some part that is real family. End of the day, despite all the PR generated hooha and fluff that surrounds YGE, I would still wish for any artist to enter YG because they still do seem to be the best amongst all the other entertainment companies active in Korea at the moment.

    • Guest

      Daesung is required by law to to pay the compensation himself since he was the one responsible but yg and all of bb’s managers were at the accident site within minutes, were with him in the police station, went with him to the funeral, and yg lawyers negotiated the settlement. yg also issued a personal apology on the yg site within hours and in person at the funeral and went to great lengths to protect daesung from the media throughout his hiatus. He also made the smartest judgement call possible. He put daesung on hiatus immediately and did
      not restart his activities even after daesung was declared innocent. And this was done not just because of how much yg loves and adores daesung but also because they’re a profit-seeing company who are looking to protect one of their biggest assets and make sure he still has a profitable and lengthy career. Most often, doing the best for your employees is the best thing for your business and yg obviously knows this rule well.

    • Teukigayo

      If Daesung were in JYP or SM, he would’ve either been sent to the army (Kang-in) or fired for “undisclosed reasons” (Jay Park).

      GD has been in numerous scandals… Dating that Vivi model, plagiarism, smoking weed…

      Se7en lost 100,000 fans when news broke out about his looong relationship with Park Han Byul (after repeatedly denying it), AND his venture into the US was a failure…

      Daesung was in two car accidents, one of which resulted in a fatality…

      The fact that Daesung, Se7en, and G-Dragon have stayed in YG and continued with their careers as artists–using their past experiences and let downs as learning experiences–says a lot about how much YG takes care of his idols. I know Seungri mentioned a three-strike rule that they all go by, but it seems like a bluff judging by the amount of crap that GD has been involved in during the past two years alone.
      The day that a YG artist accuses YG of mistreating them or abandoning them, like how Tablo did with Woollim, is the day I stop listening to k-pop.

      • Anon

        i’m pretty sure yg made up that rule for seungri coz god knows he needed it when they first started :D

        my fave yg-seungri story is when seungri went to a club alone when he was still underage and yg found out. he made all of bigbang stand in a line and calmly said that the one person who had been up to no good in the last week should step forward. and top and seungri both stepped forward and yg was flustered. he quickly told top to get back in line and blasted seungri and then told the hyungs off for not keeping an eye on him. to this day no one knows why top stepped forward because he’s a ninja like that.

        regardless of whether “yg family” is a clever marketing exercise, there is definitely a family aspect to yg and much of that comes from yg himself. a lot of the people who work at yg are friends of his and joined when yge was formed not because the company offered them very much but because it was yg’s company. a good number of the older yg artists did not and still do not have written contracts. they made verbal agreements and stuck to them. and while he’s friends with people like psy, masta wu, jinusean, perry etc, he’s very paternal with bigbang, 2ne1 and se7en and his younger actors. he’s placed people with other companies because he felt he was not doing their careers justice. he’s told hyori off for taking daesung drinking. he apparently told her not to lead good-boy daesung astray. and he’s the one who encouraged top to try his hand at acting after he saw the red roc mv and sent gd to therapy and on vacation when the stress of his solo album was getting to him despite the album release being announced. everyone at yg, from the managers to the admin staff to the dancers and the artists, goes on vacation together once a year as well. stuff like that is what fuels the “yg family” sentiment, not their cool building or their cfs together.

        • Japan_qaf

           WOW that Seungri clubbing story, I didn’t know XD omg Ri is crazy! So is TOP haha!

          About basically even the staff going on vacation with the artists, that is so true! Recently 2ne1 went to the Philippines for a vacation and they even took their make-up and stylist people along. And when Bom went Bungee jumping (failed attempt xp) she took her make-up artist which she called her friend. ^^

    • Anonymous

      I have one comment. YG couldn’t handle the monetary issue with Daesung’s scandal because the public would have came after him. YG was already getting hit because people thought he was protecting him too much.

  • Anon

    I don’t think yg is the best kpop company of all time but I do think it’s one of the best places to be as an artist. You’re given considerable creative freedom and encouraged to try or learn things like song-writing if you’re so inclined and still have the backing, resources, money and support that comes with being part of a powerful and influential company. It also helps that they’re a relatively small company with relatively few artists.

    I know a lot of yg’s flaws are not apparent but a lot of the good things they do aren’t either. The with campaign is probably my fave thing about yg. I like knowing that a portion of the revenue from every cd, dvd, and merchandise sold and every event/concert held goes to charity. And I like that yg would allow Sean to set up and supervise something like that. It all goes back to how they treat their artists and accomodate their personal goals, I guess, which in the long run is good for business and their relationships with their artists.

  • Anonymous

    I love yg their music is really impressive

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    I joined a fandom because of Big Bang…prior to them I was on the peripheral. I remember when they debuted and I was like, “G-Dragon?”

    I am VIP and BJ. I also love Epik High so Tablo joining the party was awesome. I am ALSO a huge Psy fan. That guy rocks a show…him and Kim Jang Hoon together on stage are crazy.  
    I have to point out Wheesung and Big Mama left for perceived creative differences but are still  friendly with the company. You’ll also note that most of their groups stay with the company in some capacity whether administrative or productions and so on. 

    They are really good at using their artists own personality to create their image rather than going with concepts. YG does seem to be very supportive of solos. I personally refer to Big Bang as a musical project/experiment the members are running but in YG’s latest interview he called Big Bang 6 teams (Big Bang + 5 solos).  Park Bom is often doing solo work as has CL, Minzy, and even Dara. 

    I think Hyunseung fits better into Beast because he developed confidence and improved himself and Seungri at the time sang live and wanted it more…but I’m glad they’re still friends. That video from the Idol Olympics last year when Hyunseng and Seungri saw each other or when the camera caught GD and Hyunseung talking backstage…<3

    There was never a question of Daesung getting dropped from Big Bang.  YG was present in that situation from the beginning and took care of and protected him. I'm sure that was part of Tablo joining YG too aside from them being his wife's company. 

    I also personally think that YG brought up Jay Park during his joint interview with JYP to troll him about that situation. When they asked him who he wanted to work with from JYP and he mentioned wanting Jay Park to perform with Taeyang JYP's face was hilarious.  

    YG is such a troll…but it makes him more awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      he said that?? Oh my gosh I wish Jay Park and Taeyang perform together that would be too awesome!!

  • Guest 007

    After following k-pop closely, I can see why YG manages his artists the way he does. I believe that because he knows first hand how rough the life of an idol is—since he was once one himself and had the opportunity to be in a group with the godfather of k-pop himself, Seo Taiji—he doesn’t want his idols to fall into that hole.

    Something I’ve noticed about YG artists is that he never forces them to do music they don’t like. I recall watching an episode of Happy Together where SNSD guested during their “Hoot” promotions and Taeyeon mentioned that she cried when she heard the demo track for “Gee” because she hated it and didn’t want to do it. T-ara cried when they saw what they had to wear for “Roly Poly” (I would’ve cried too, tbh).

    But you see 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en performing on stage and you can see how much they enjoy the songs they sing and the clothes they wear. Dara gets a shitload of criticism even from her own fans for her whack hairstyles, but when you watch 2NE1 TV you can see how much she likes it.

    I believe that the idols are a reflection of the companies they come from. That has become more and more apparent to me by watching YG and JYP on Kpop Star Audition.

    • greenpanda

      the kpop show comment..so true..

    • Japan_qaf

       I didn’t know T-ara cried for those outfits! I’m kinda relieved about that now haha. But also Zinger from Secret got really upset when she heard Shy Boy. …just adding to your list…heh.

      And it really gets on my nerves when people complain about Dara’s whacked up hairstyles. She obviously enjoys it, it matches her personality. She has even stated before that she is uncomfortable with the “Sexy” look and more comfortable with her crazier looks.

  • Dreamer

    This was a good read I guess. Nothing unexpected. A lot of praise being given, a lot of questions that were basically asking for a positive answer, a lot of YG stanning. I don’t know, I would’ve liked to hear an ACTUAL exchange were different/contrasting points were brought up. Not your best. :( I mean, I already have so many YG worshippers shoving the perfection of YG in my face all the time, I wanted you guys to maybe offer a more critical (not negative by any means) exchange.

    I see someone saying in the comments that compared to SM focused articles where a lot of the things said were negative/harsh, this sold off YG in a very good light. I agree with that. While it may not be undeserved, it is still obvious where the affection lies.


    *whispers* This in fact causes the elitist YG mentality to breed. ;P Jks. Jks. :D

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      I agree, everybody is too ready to shower YG and his singers with praise, I would really have liked to hear some negatives, people really do shove ‘yg perfection’ into everybodys face all the time X__X

    • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

      “DONT KILL ME.” Haha should’ve put this in my comment, I’m dying over there )X

  • Guest

    I love Bigbang and I do listen to 2ne1 even though I dont really call my self a fan, I really love the fact that the company gives freedom to their artist to make their creative decision, but sometimes I feel like they kind of forget (or ignored, idk) how conservative South Korea is. GD works is the prime example of tht, remember the concert incident that almost put him to jail? Yeah, I know its part of his creativity and all, but youre in a country where mannerism is everything, they just went too far with that imo. And with them cussing and cursing in their songs, its just asking for polarizing opinions. Its either make them sound cool or conceited as hell. I love them because they dont seem too controlling, but I wish they will be more cautious since they are a public company rn.

  • Boo

    I think YG is pretty awesome and the awesome parts were laid out pretty well already so I’ll mention the things I don’t like about YG. 

    YG does not own a calendar. Or if he does, it’s like the stairs at Hogwarts in that it changes at whim. It’s extremely frustrating as a fan to expect a comeback by spring and have it come the next year. 

    YG overhypes a lot. There are always articles about the cost of the MV, clothes, and general awesomeness of what’s to come. In a way, it IS good because it gets attention but sometimes it veers into braggy that it puts you off. But YG does manage to deliver most of the time so all is forgiven. 

    YG needs to stop using MS Paint for its teasers and stuff. Seriously, he needs a new graphics team. 

    YG does not know how to manage his artists simultaneously. It’s always 2NE1 promotes while Gummy and Se7en twiddle their thumbs. Or Big Bang promotes and the rest sit down. Of course the other acts are probably in studios working on something but can’t they be in some kind of show during the break just to keep up appearances and awareness? I can never forget 2NE1’s super long break after their debut where they had to get new hobbies to fill the time. 

    I still admire and respect YG. I like them out of all the companies but I can’t be blind to certain aspects that I think should be improved upon.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      I think the fact that YG does not have a calendar plays to YG’s advantage in a way.  What’s going on inside YG and when is it going to happen?  As fans, we do get annoyed that we do not know what’s coming when, and even when YG does announce a schedule, we don’t take it as fact until the actual posters and materials come out.  Then again, you don’t see anyone leaving the fandom despite that.

      Because of this no-calendar mentality, anticipation builds up and we become more interested. No one knows what’s really coming and so people are always asking around, looking for juice.  Remember that first Strong Heart episode with Seungri and GD?  The other guests were asking about the next release of BB because they needed to plan their own releases.  Just right there, you know that everyone else, not just fans, is paying attention and is worked up by YGs trolling.

      • Boo

        Yeah. I love YG and I agree with you. I’ve learned to laugh about it but at the time, it was just extremely frustrating. XD

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      I agree with the comment about yg overhyping a lot 100%, and tbh I think fans are so willing to accept everything that comes out of yg that they don’t even realise when he DOESN’T deliver. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

        We do know when he doesn’t deliver.  Those are the times he gets to be labelled a troll.  And if you check the posts and comments of YG fans, he’s been called that too many times it may well be his nickname.  Just so you know. ;)

  • lay

    it’s funny how some people are so hard-pressed to accept all the positive things said about YGE in this article. tsk tsk …

    • Anonymous

      Do you really know what hard-pressed means?

      • lay

        hmmm .. i think it means having some kind of difficulty? did i use it in wrong context?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I was just confused by what you meant. Did you mean that people here are too eager to accept all the positive comments or people are having a hard time accepting them? Just wondering :)

          • lay

            hah hah … i guess i did use it in the wrong context. i meant the latter/the second one.. thank you for pointing the mistake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Big Bang all the way for me. I think YG stands out among the big three because he knows how to tease the fans. Papa YG nurtures his artists to be different than to be the conventional type of idols. And I love the fact that YG artist have that swag and like a boss attitude in anything they do. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Thank you for the comments.  I read everything from first to last and was just as entertained as reading the article itself. 

    Anyway, I do agree that this particular dissection is overwhelmingly positive but that is probably because YG does have a lot of selling points evident when you see their artists and at times even more prominent when you compare them with other companies.  The things that are not good about YG are oftentimes overshadowed when their materials and concerts come out, and then all are forgotten and put in proper perspective.

    And despite the fact that there is no bigger troll in kpop than YG himself, we have to admit that we love and respect the man for making a company that is truly worthy of the word FAMILY.

  • Anonymous

    It’s true that the article was very positive but we’re not talking about music here, I am pretty sure that most of SB writers are not Big Bang nor 2ne1 nor Se7en fans,… But they acknowledge the fact that YG’s management style is probably the best among all the entertainment companies. 
    I became a fan of YG family when I first saw Se7en performing with Taebin (Danny) on…Arirang years ago (2006?) And then I accidently saw a video of Se7en and GD… and one thing led to another, I became a fan of Big Bang… 

    And let’s not forget BIG BANG’s WORLD TOUR!!!!!!! (is there a SB reader from Paris who wants to go with me to the concert???)

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    I love 2ne1 but personally I didn’t have the biggest interest in them until I watched 2ne1tv, so for me I had to see them in the ‘variety show’ atmosphere before I got really hooked.
    Bigbang on the other hand, I think my friend showed me like one song and I was hooked, I didn’t even watch them on one show until I had heard the majority of their songs.
    I know lots of people would disagree with me on this, but I think 2ne1 are overhyped just a little bit, but bigbang are on another level.

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      Oh another thing, everybody that commented in the article keeps saying that YG allows creative freedom to his artists and lets them grow as artists- can somebody please clear up to me if 2ne1 actually has anything to do with their songs?? because as far as I can see Teddy Park is the one giving all the awesomeness to 2ne1 and 2ne1 just perform it, I don’t see the part where 2ne1 got creative and expressed themselves??

      btw I feel like I should mention that I really am a fan, I see that I’m really coming off as a hater of 2ne1 and I’m not but just always seems to me that people want to put ‘2ne1’ and ‘ultimate amazing awesomeness’ together and I don’t think thats the case a lot of the time.

      • Guest

        2ne1 does not have writing or producing credits as of now. cl has written her own raps for solo featurings and minji generally choreographs her solo routines.  but 2ne1 and gummy are the only ones this applies to. psy, tablo and bb (both solo and as a group) are fully involved in the creation of the music and se7en also has writing and producing credits. they also have the biggest say in what goes on an album, pick the title songs etc.

        yg allows creative freedom to those who want it. if someone in 2ne1 wrote a song, he wouldn’t brush it off but he may not put it on the album either. he doesn’t force anyone to write or take charge of their music. which is why in bigbang, gd and top are the ones who’ve worked on bb songs from the beginning. both were interested in the production side of music and both were then trained for it. both were also encouraged to write and produce for the group. seungri, daesung taeyang got interested when they were working on their solos and gradually began to contribute to bb’s music. but they have always had other input in bb’s work like in the group’s choreography.

        and that’s what people tend to forget when they talk of creative control. there’s more than just songwriting. gd has designed t-shirts for bb’s mezamashi live perfs, taeyang produced gd&top’s high high mv with teddy, top co-wrote the screenplay for gummy’s japanese “i’m sorry” mv, all bb members are in charge of their concert solos and are part of the concerts’ creative team, doing everything from deciding the set list to going up into the seats to check if everyone in the audience has a clear view of the stage. similarly, cl does get involved with 2ne1’s look because of her personal interest in fashion and minji does have an input in 2ne1’s choreography. and if you have an interest in something, yg gets you the training you need. taeyang and minji have both taken dance classes in their downtime, daesung used to get special coaching from wheesung because he worships the group wheesung walks on etc. 

        • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

          Thank you clearing that up for me, I was already aware of what bigbang do and I know they have a lot of say in what they come out with, it was 2ne1 that was a grey area for me because people like to throw their name in there when they talk about how the groups handle themselves and clearly they don’t nearly as much as bigbang, I guess we could see them do something themselves in the future though.

  • Oh Ji’s Ho

    TOP and Big Bang were the sole reasons why k-pop has become a mainstay in my life at this point.  I respect YG artists more due to their creative freedom in comparison to other companies artists and also due to the fact that they each come across as his/her own person vs. puppets of the corporation to which they are tethered.  Their recruits also seem more balanced and have a happier vibe than most other artists I have seen from different agencies.  Love them!  How YG artists were labelled as the lesser than’s in looks is beyond me!  TOP and G-Dragon (along with the rest of the boys in Big Bang) aren’t hurting in the looks department at all.  

  • Fatricia Fatlegs

    I don’t like YG. I prefer SM where almost everything and everyone is superficial and mediocre.

  • Tannya Aditya

    YG is good with artists. but I never heard em doing superb things to their fans and getting a bit intimate with em. they’re just seem so far with fans.

    and i just knew big mama is from tghis ent. one of my first k-music! gah i miss em.

    • Guest

      are you referring to the company and the fans or the groups and the fans? because the groups and the fans are very close and both have done special things and just sweet, considerate things for the fans.

  • jenny

    i like YG. from the manager, dancers, and to their artist tho I may not like every song they put out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1356901062 Pantiwah OneZeroo

    YG in my opinion is the BEST entertainment company i’ve come across. Most people when asked what their favorite company is only think about the artists and not the actual company. I love YG for being different. Talent isn’t the #1 consideration. He always looks for the stage presence and personality. I was attracted to YGE because of the music at first but i choose to stay connected more with their company because of how greatly they treat their artists. I literally love ALL the YG artists. Se7en Tablo Gummy Psy 1tym Jinusean 2NE1 and my most favorite ofcourse BIGBANG. And also, YG is more like a FAMILY not just some other entertainment company there’s SMTOWN and JYPNATION but where’s the family? I’m a total YG stan ^^ great article

  • Japan_qaf

    YGE. The only company where I can honestly enjoy every artist. From their old school, to the newbies (Tablo, kekeke) I enjoy all of it. I like how they have a family atmosphere. They are mysterious and yet familiar once you really get to know the artist.

    YG himself is like the biggest troll on earth! I learned patience when I began to follow his team! T___T I really hope BB’s comeback isn’t postponed. AND I hope the new girl group isn’t postponed any longer!

  • Japan_qaf

    This may sound a wee bit shallow, but damn YG contract dancers are hot! I’m not only talking about the infamous Kwon Twins but some of the other dancers too! Even the ladies, I like that they have some killer legs too! heh heh 

  • Anon

    my fave thing about yg is that the artists always sing live. there’s no lipsynching and generally, choruses are sung as well. and when i pay good money to watch a concert, that’s what i want. otherwise i might as well watch them on tv, which is what i felt after i watched some of the other kpop groups in concert.

    and say what you will, in the wonderful, artificial world of kpop, i think it’s impressive that a group like bigbang can say they’ve never lipsynched one of their own songs in 6 years, come rain or shine, missing one member or two, whether they’re sick or suffering. and the one time they did lipsynch, it was headline news days before the perf because yg told everyone they were going to be lipsynching during their seo taiji and boys perf. 

  • C.A.T

    I read this and felt the discussion was sum up in by first question in 1a. Yet as a older YG stan and someone who did their research I can tell by both the author and/or questioner and responders know very little about YG. I think that is why many felt this seem more praise than anything constructive to the discussion. It is more interesting when you have those who aren’t afraid to  be more critical when needed.  

    1a Considering yg from day one was a hip hop/r&b focus label in the first place. they always seem to have a more western feel and sound. I do agree this gave them an edge even before Big Bang and 2ne1. Groups like Jinusean, 1tym, Lexy, Wheesung and their underground made this company stronger and diverse. Even before the global ambition. It has always been there just this generation of K-pop idols under YG have more opportunity verse the older. 

    1b Domestically they do very well but on foreign soil their tactics create road blocks. The key to Big Bang and 2ne1 success was the ability to media saturate their image and sound, CONSTANTLY in South Korea. With hip hop/r&b being the most unfamiliar genre in mainstream Korean pop culture. YG was wise to make it commercially appealing thus giving the impression of pioneering. BUT in Japan these media tactics to saturate doesn’t work and become to costly. Music wise Japan is more diverse and open. Where South Korea taking baby step to catch up with the rest of the world. Domestically YG could capitalized on CFs, solo, variety shows, etc in order to strengthen popularity that will hopefully cross over into internationally.

    2 YG doesn’t stray to far from the media press just takes different routes. While many other idol or K-pop base companies still follow the tradition of variety shows YG is no different by using YouTube, Twitter and me2day. This also gives them more creative control and a more ‘close nit’ feel for fans. On the flip side this isolates YG idols and even their solo artist from the K-pop market. The underline tone is that YG only wants you to focus on their idols/artist so by catering to these variety shows you are NOT solely focus on their brand. Using social media is no different to other companies just YG wants more exclusion. Compare to YG in the past it seems like the company has become arrogant. I think this is a critical point for both fans and non fans but also who follow k-pop.

    3 YG wants to have it cake, cookies and brownies too without all the guilt of extra calories. The company is well aware looks sell. Hint why 2ne1 image is push so hard and constantly changing. They are no different when you strip them and look for the core or the driving force. There last comeback with 6 singles/music videos was a form of media saturation at its more ambitious or desperate. If you listen to the music 2ne1 was using the same themes from To Anyone and their first self title mini album except the genre changes and maybe who sings the chorus. Image wise 2ne1 trying to capitalized what they establish but nothing to different or innovative from previous known factors and qualities. In other words it was the same old sh!t just in a different package. That is something 2ne1 needs to address in order to avoid being boxed. But for Big Bang I feel have more freedom. For PSY, Gummy and Tablo have already establish a fan base and do not need the mainstream media appeal, no need to alter their image or sound. They have the freedom of being selective while Big Bang and 2ne1 have more strings attach.

    4 Have to agree with Nebeela she made a very good piont and answer the question. On Jonelle was giving one hell of a sugar coated generic answer. Quoting Suk as being a “savvy business man” i  sorta disagree. Yes Suk learn how to create mega stars out of Big Bang, 2ne1 and Se7en. Allow PSY, Gummy and newbie Tablo stay true to their sound but as far as ‘management’ this is YG’s biggest weak point. It ties into their ability of marketing and consistency.  

    The creation of Big Bang was the attempts with 1tym making them bigger. Although 1tym was popular and had a small following outside of Korea just wasn’t impacting. Big Bang is Suk answer to finally creating a male group with an diverse hip hop/pop/dance/electronic style, still be consider idol-yet not and be VERY mainstream. Also by introducing solos which with 1tym only Taebin(Danny) did a solo album. Only Danny, Teddy park and Baek kyoung had solo singles on the group’s albums.

    Duo was Jinusean next generation was Stony Skunk and YMGA who was also part of YG Underground. Despite Stony Skunk being first YG artists on Billboard charts hip hop/r&b at #7 (in 2007) Skull was drafted. After he return the group had creative indifference and Skull left the label turn solo. YMGA Masta Wu started off solo as a rapper under YG but was recruited into YMGA with DM (Digital Master/producer prior). With Jinsean’s remake single “Tell It to My Heart.” The groups disbanded after 2years. GD&TOP is the newest duo under YG.

    Solo rappers Perry (music director Big Bang early years) and also to only speak English. After one album he return as a director for YG. Masta Wu aforementioned he is now a song writer for YG. Teddy Park decided only to be a producer. G-Dragon and PSY is the newest for male rappers.

    Big Mama Suk blame the media for his inability to market them. They left the label due to Suk’s inability to market the, Then came SWI.T who failed and then 2ne1. (2ne1) is female group #3.

    Male soloist Wheesung is mentor Se7en. Wheesung left YG due to creative indifference  allowing Se7en to carry the flag.Taebin first male soloist from a group. Taeyang being the 3rd than G-Dragon, Suengri, Daesung etc

    Lexy still holds the title of being YG 1st lady to be both rapper/singer and originally a soloist. Lexy lack the appeal to be mainstream and left the company. Cl is newest female to possess same skills as Lexy but this time would be in a group before solo.

    Solo females There was Eun ji who went nowhere, another female soloist that left because she felt YG had no plans or care. Gummy was under MBoat( YG sister company) and was officially a YG artist in 2009.
    Most unique group 45rmp (hip hop trio) started under YG underground than left. Another producer Brave Brothers (Brave Sound) left due to exhaustion and creative indifference under YG label. 

    By 2009 all YG underground was dismantle due to lack of appeal. 45rmp,Skull,Big Mama,Lexy, Wheesung, DM two member of SWI.T, Eun ji and another female soloist left due to lack of management and/or creative indifference. Others of YG past (non Big Bang) been with the company ( since 2009 under) have be reassign to assets trainees and YG’s current idols. YG isn’t perfect there are skeletons in their closet just like any other company.

    sorry for the essay the article could had so much more. I’m just curious about the SM one?

    • Guest

      i do agree that the article could have been much more. but it’s something i’ve noticed with a lot of sb articles. the sb writers seem to be newer kpop fans and while they may know the newer groups and have a general idea of the industry. they don’t really know the history of these companies, nor are they overly interested in facts and figures like revenue. like the exchange about yg and sm’s strategies would have been so much better if the writers knew actual facts and figures to support their pov. instead they were theorising and that weakened the discussion.

      having said that, there’s a few minor mistakes in your take on yg history.

      wheesung, big mama, wanted and gummy were m-boat artists. wheesung and big mama technically left m-boat and not yg. m-boat actually played dirty with big mama and let their contract expire just a few months before the m-boat/yg partnership was dissolved. obviously, yg couldn’t sign big mama while he was still in a partnership with m-boat and by the time the partnerhsip with m-boat had ended, big mama was already with another agency. when the m-boat/yg partnership ended in 2007, gummy was pretty much the only artist still with m-boat and she joined yg.

      big mama debuted much after swi.t. swi.t was yg’s first girl group and though they were not very successful, they disbanded because 2 of the members had family problems and wanted to quit the industry. one of them moved to america immediately after the disbandment. the third member eun-joo then joined moogadang but eventually stopped working (and settled down to become mrs. yg. but that was top secret till 2009).

      afaik yg never had a female soloist called eun-ji. there was a ji-eun. she released and album and featured on the albums of other yg artists. she left to join a new girl group lady collection. the other fermale soloist i presume you’re referring to is may doni, who was supposed to debut in a duo with minji. she left because she wanted yg to also sign her sister and yg refused.

      yg underground is still officially around with perry and masta wu as the signed artists, but both pretty much do what they want and not what yg wants. ymga was a one-time project album and stony skunk disbanded because kush and skull had musical difference. most of the other artists on the label like 45rpm were signed with boodasound, dj doc’s label, who also had a partnership with yg. when that partnership ended, these artists automatically left yg.

      the one artist who did leave yg in a huff was lexy but even she is still on good terms with yg as are wheesung and brave brothers. and the main reason that both of them left was because they wanted to produce for non-yg artists, which at that time yg did not allow. that rule no longer exists at yg.

      the point is that those artists who have left yg either were not signed to yg or left on good terms. there are a few who yg placed in other agencies, and this includes some of the actors, because he felt he wasn’t equipped to do the best for their careers.

      and when people talk about yg history, people also tend to forget what yg used to be in terms of revenue. they were a small company with mostly flop artists catering to a niche audience and had about 5-6 trainees. yg often dipped into his personal fortune to keep the company afloat. most of the core employees were yg’s old friends who worked off verbal contracts and were often paid whenever yg had the money or they needed it. that changed gradually, first with 1tym, then wheesung and se7en but it was bigbang that really propelled them to the big leagues and that only happened in 2007. bigbang’s revenue numbers are absolutely insane, both then and now (according to a new report to the stock exchange, bigbang earned almost 55 billion won in 2011 and that was a truncated year for them with only 4 months of activity. according to lig securities, bigbang generates 200 million won a day in revenue on an average and in 2010 gd&top’s album earned more in 10 days than 2ne1 did all of that year). it’s safe to say that yg’s very cool and very expensive building was pretty much built by bigbang and the last 5 years have been very, very different for yg compared to their first 10 years.

      • lay

        WHOah … you really know a lot about YG and their artists. salute and thank you for all the infos.

      • Kimchi

        second whoa. do you work in YG?lol
        thanks for the infos. i have always been fascinated by yg family. ^^*

        i wonder where may doni is now? isn’t she a little bit older than minji?
        bigbang sure is rich.
        YG still has his actors/actress right? although there are only a few of them(goo hye sun,etc).

    • Anonymous

      I think people always focus on the popular and mainstream groups and forget about all the artists that never made a name for themselves. Even older kpop fans don’t know, because they didn’t care enough about those groups.

  • Guest

    I hope one of the SB writers sees my comment because I’m very interested to hear what you guys think about JYP. I read a short article a while back about the smaller companies like Cube and their management styles, and both YG and SM seem to be companies that people here love talking about (in a business/artist relationship perspective). But rarely do I ever hear about JYP besides his current foray into America with the Wonder Girls and the criticisms (positive or negative) about his business choices for the ladies. I would like to hear a more comprehensive review/opinion piece about JYP, similar to this YG exchange, since I am a relatively new Kpop fan and don’t know much about JYP’s history as a company besides the Jay Park scandal (but have heard a lot about YG and SM since people here seem to love discussing the polarity between the two).

    Just to mention, I absolutely LOVE articles like this discussing Kpop not only in a musical or artistic sense but also the business/management side, which (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective) is a large part of how all artists, whether from America or Korea, develop their careers – international fans seem to think American companies have this image that they give their artists full creative freedom compared to Kpop ones, but I think it’s actually more or less the same. I would make a comparison between Disney and SM for example, since good looks are usually a requirement for wide appeal – sometimes selling damn well despite lack of talent – and promoting a specific personality and image seems like a common trait. On another note I even read once that Lady Gaga had to fight very hard for the creative concepts (such as the art cover for her first or second album) because she had ideas that her production company didn’t think it would sell/take well to the mass market – so even the powerhouses of American pop today have to deal with their companies meddling with creative endeavors. By the way, I already knew a fair amount of information about YG since I follow their artists pretty closely, but upon reading this discussion along with the comments below, I feel like I’ve learned so much! Thanks for indulging my secret YG love ;)

    I’m a proud YG stan but I feel like it’s always YG vs. SM on this site and somehow JYP is the weird middle brother that is always left out. There’s a reason why they are called the big THREE right? And as I’ve heard, back in 2008 the Wonder Girls were one of the most popular groups next to Big Bang. I believe in order to understand the Kpop industry as a whole, we should look into EVERY large influence in entertainment, and as JYP is one of the judges in the global Kpop Star Auditions, it would be logical to explore his company as well. I even read a comment on an article a while back that said JYP’s artists were fading away from the spotlight between the competitive “battleground” that is SM and YG (paraphrasing here) – something that would be very interesting to look into. Maybe for a late New Year’s request from yours truly, could a SB writer look into discussing JYP also? Please :D

    P.S. I apologize for the essay, somehow I swear I’m going to write a quick request but it ends up being three paragraphs long D:

    • Guest

      This just came to me… But JYP also has a sister company that Rain runs for MBLAQ (I think it’s called J.Tune Entertainment). So maybe that could be addressed as well ^^

      • Lol

        And could someone pls tell me how many sub-label does jyp have? I know one that manages miss A and thre you mentioned the J.tune sister company thing.. Im confused lol.

        • Black_Plague

          Currently, JYP has 3 subsidiaries – J.Tune, AQ and Big Hit. J.Tune Ent. is the one that runs MBLAQ and Miss A – though to call it a sister company is a far-fetched, considering JYP is the largest shareholder of J.Tunes and has been for quite a while. It is a subsidiary after all.

    • http://twitter.com/simpledm xelo truo

      I love long essays, keep them coming!

    • Gaya

      Well, I’m actually intending to cover other companies too (not just Big 3), so…. :)

  • Anonymous

    YG entertainment will be the best!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/azianbigbang Azian Tarmizi

    For some reason, I’m thinking about what will happen if Big Bang disband. I love Big Bang and I will love them forever but I just wonder what will happen. Maybe GD will continue with his solo and produce music for other artist like Teddy and TOP maybe will become an actor but still continues to rap and produce music. Taeyang and Daesung will go solo and for SeungRi, I think he will be like YG. Since he has a business man-mind, he probably have his own company that associates with YG and produce great artist just like what YG did. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/anjanaa.manogna Anjana Manogna

    OMG. Did you just mention Mani Ratnam? Wow.