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    Congrats 2 them

  • Poodle2993

    Personally, i feel that SNSD still and should have a long way to go before they make a name in America. Long legs, short shorts, slightly good fashion sense, will not help you reach super stardom in America. 

    In Korea or in Asia, it seems that everything works in their favor because of their fan base, them being the favorite of SM Ent., and of course because the Wonder Girls focused in America, allowing them to take over and dominate the female side of K-Pop. However, in America it would be a different story.

    To be successful in America, an artist should be talented. It is definitely a must  and frankly, not all of the members are spectacularly talented. Yes, they can sing, dance, some can host but isn’t there loads of people who can dance like them, sing like them? Basically, there will always be some other artist who’s prettier, a better dancer, or God forbid..skinnier than them.  So what exactly, could make SNSD stand out? SONES? Their perpetual adolescence (watch Echo MV) Or maybe their “aegyo” which won’t work in the States, btw. ;) Or …..

    Maybe just maybe..their Chemistry? But if you really delve into it, their “chemistry” as a group doesn’t seem to be “coherent.” Their tagline: “We’re like sisters” fail to be obvious when interviewed, failing to showcase the genuine relationship among them. (OR maybe it’s because they don’t understand the english of the hosts that’s why they look…a bit lost.)

    Point speaking, there’s an obvious imbalance between who’s the real entertainer, real singer, and real “face of the group.”  Based on the variety shows, guestings, Soo Young, HyoYeon, and Sunny have the capability and wit to withstand the world of Showbiz even after SNSD YET real breaks and focus are given to the less charismatic BUT more beautiful aka Yoona, SeoHyun. As for the other, well…they’re fillers and soon to be “translators.” (except for Taeyon who will still belt out “Dip in in My heart” again and again unless somebody tells her the CORRECT pronounciation. Shout out to Tiffany and Jessica: ‘Please please teach your ‘sisters’ the correct pronounciation. It’s for your own group’s sake.”
    To cap this off, i have to agree with the article of the Atlantic. To quote them again, ” Whereas Utada and BoA just showed up in America and presumed being big in Asia would equal sales abroad, Wonder Girls is being introduced—or, for those who saw them open for The Jonas Brothers, further developed—specifically for the teen and tween markets. Given the music industry’s hyper-segmentation, it’s a smart move to focus on the same audience that turned artists like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato into household names. Girls’ Generation, meanwhile, seem poised to repeat the mistakes of previous Asian artists. They released “The Boys” virtually void of promotion, and now will have to hope an established American rapper can give them a boost—although, to be sure, “featuring Snoop Dogg” trumps “featuring Flo Rida” any day. As for 2NE1, they just started their U.S. push, so their stateside shelf life remains unknown.” 

    • Anonymous

      What talents do successful artists like Rihanna or Miley have? 

      • Poodle2993

        I’m sorry if i seemed to have implied that SNSD has no talent or that american artists are more talented. What i meant was that SNSD does have talent but there will be other more talented artists. Hence, they should not be uber talented in just acting cute and okay in dancing/singing. No matter how many SONES (I’m one of them, actually) there are, at the end of the day, non-sones or ordinary listeners, would want to hear quality music in every genre. Quality in the sense that you’ll better your type of songs or the production. I love The Boys album because i love bubblegum pop but honestly, it felt as if they were still stuck from their debut stage..only with better wardrobe. Personally, any artist would like to broaden their horizon and try other sounds. But because of their stereotyped image of being cute and more cute, it’s hard for them to break that image. Even in The Boys they still screamed, “I’m cute but I can let the boys out.” It’s a paradox! It would be extremely nice for SNSD to expand their type of music and maybe that’s what they’ll do in the States. 
        As for Miley’s and Rihanna’s talents…(it’s a rhetorical question, right?) well, I’m sure they’re talented in some aspects. They wouldn’t sell if they weren’t. Same with SNSD. They wouldn’t sell if they weren’t talented…but they also sell or have appeal for other reasons as well, other than their dances and performances. 

        • Anonymous

          I really enjoyed your opinion. Hoping for the best, but being realistic and expecting the worse. America is always going to complain and wine about everything no matter how good it is. We’re an opinionated country with sooooo many different opinions. I think that te most realistic idols out there are SM kids. They realize the need to branch out and that they can’t be idols forever and they actually expect to step down so the next generation can take over. I really think that they think about what’s they want to do after going their separate ways and how life is in 10 years. The older SNSD gets I think they will want different things. Can’t run around singing with a lollipop forever. I hope they reach all their goals before growing too old and going their separate ways.

      • Guest

        and what snsd have talent?
        lol have you actually heard rihanna? she’s damn good. even miley
        get your ears checked

  • Tiger_Mother

    It’s SUkiyaki.

    Anyway, my money is on the Wonder Girls too. 

    But I still think it’s a smart move for SM/Interscope to introduce SNSD to international market when they are already popular, gain a lot of fans all around the world and during the time when  kpop is on its peak. They have a strong fanbase and they build it from below – first to Koreans in general, then korean SONES, to East and SE Asians, to game communities. Then slowly they gained a SMALL but DEDICATED fans from Europe to Canada to Australia and all around the world. And now we see them on Letterman/Kelly. 

    Their US ‘promotion’ seems half-assed compare to WG, but they already have strong followers. That’s something that WG needs to work on because no matter how hard they try without fans and good management, it’s pretty much useless. 

  • Boo

    I think neither are going to break through to be honest. 

    Wonder Girls built themselves from the ground up, that’s true but appeal is appeal and they don’t have that Western appeal to be honest although their hard work is admirable. But if everyone made it big through hard work alone, so many American back up singers and unknown but talented people would have made it. You would see legit  artists clogging the Billboard charts instead of, say, Kesha or Selena Gomez and other club bangers. 

    I think SNSD will release an american album this summer. I think what they aimed for this current venture is just to get their name a little bit out there and not conquer America. It’s also a pleasure for their US fans to see them on their tv screens and to be able to meet with them. 

    And good lord, a lot of people here hold the US up on the pedestal. They are better than the Korean music market but they’ve also got their share of annoying repetitive mindless songs (see Baby by Justin Bieber). Truth is, people will be all over any song if it’s catchy enough ANYWHERE in the world. 

  • Guest

    While SONES and the korean media are bragging about SNSD on Letterman/Kelly, they failed to realise that it is Interscope pulling the strings behind the scene. SNSD did not get invited for being the best korea girl group as what the delusional SONES had thought. As a matter of fact, most Americans criticised their lack lustre performance citing that they have so many members yet they cannot sing live on national TV.

    Someone in AKP pointed out that not even 200 people, out of 7 million viewers from both show bought their single after that performance, next thing you know SONES defended SNSD by saying they are there for exposure and not to sell their music. Exposure to make a fool out of themselves? or bragging rights that SNSD had gain recognition in US, the world biggest music industry when majority of the Americans don’t give a crap about them. Sometimes I think the SONES and South Korea have this mass self-delusional thinking just like their north counterpart…hermit kingdom North Korea.

    • Guest

      I saw someone crow about the tv shows all over the world that covered snsd’s letterman perf, but what’s the point? Have they sold more cds because of it? Have they “been invited” (to quote sones) on other shows?

      At this point, the hype about these tv perfs is similar to bigbang’s ema win. Both were engineered by outside forces – interscope and vips/kpop fans, respectively, and made headlines around the world for one hot minute. Yet bigbang’s
      win was dismissed as irrelevant, while this is being hyped as monumental. At the end of the day, bigbang’s win at least achieved it’s ultimate goal – positive press for bigbang after
      months of negativity. Snsd’s has not had any impact on sales nor will it have any impact if they don’t continue to promote on other shows and radio.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

        About the Big Bang comment, I agree.  What they brought home was more than just a trophy and one minute exposure.  It was hope and relief at a time when fans were most worried for and about them and their indefinite hiatus.  It was also BB and the fans sending a message that it wasn’t over.  It was a statement more than a hype and I will never admit that award to be irrelevant for any reason.

        • Guest

          I don’t think the award is irrelevant to them personally or to the fans who made it happen. In the larger scheme of things, however, it was irrelevant. But the funny part was no vip ever claimed it was relevant. People were too busy putting bigbang down to notice that. Vips have always said it was a personal show of support and I agree with that.

          I was just amused that most of the people who were so quick to put down bb’s award are now praising snsd to high heavens, when it’s essentially the same thing.

    • Poodle2993

      What’s akp? :I

      • Boo

        It’s where comments go to die seriously.

      • Igbygrl


  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I never thought kpop would be progressing as it is into the American market, so good job to both the Wonder Girls and SNSD.

    But I’d agree that Wonder Girls have better footing in America. They’ve lived in America, they’ve studied English, they’ve worked with American producers, they’ve even shot a movie in English on a (somewhat) major television channel – they’ve done a lot and put a lot of dedication into it. And I really am proud of how far they’ve come and how long they’ve stuck it out. I think it’s smart for JYP to try to carve out a niche market and target a specific audience instead of launching them in America and hoping the general public likes them. There’s so many genres and audiences in America, that just wouldn’t work. It makes sense that he’s aiming for the tween crowd since they’re the audience that most strongly supports idols in Korea. And I honestly can’t think of any other audience that would welcome The Wonder Girls.

    I give props to SM/Interscope for working things out and getting SNSD on the show. SNSD put on the best performances they could but they’re sort of out here with no paddle. They performed on shows that have audiences that won’t really fit the demographic they’re shooting for. The typical viewer for Letterman is a middle-aged White man and I’m sure they enjoyed the performance, but not for the musicality of it. SNSD has a long way to go, but I have no doubt that SM has something in the works. They certainly don’t expect to sweep America with these two performances; this is just the beginning. They’ve definitely got their guns aimed at the US market.

    What I think these companies should remember is that the audience in the US has a bite. Yes, audiences in Asia will lap up groups like SNSD and The Wonder Girls because they are the epitome of the ideal girl – cute, nice, pretty, and docile. The Asian Ideal is much different than The Western Ideal, especially in musical artists. To make it big in America, you need stage presence, a catchy-as-hell hit, and determination. You can’t half-ass promotions here. People spend upwards of five to ten years trying to hit it big. Granted, these groups do have an advantage with the (relatively small) population of fans they already have stateside, but they have to be ready for the criticism. These groups need to learn how to put on a good performance, not just over-choreographed glitz, and they need to prepare themselves for the criticism they will receive. Because they WILL get it. And they can’t give up. If they’re going to try to do this, they’ve got to stick with it.

    I kind of love that these three groups are the ones trying to snake their way into the American market because they represent such different things to all of us.

    I have no idea who’s going to hit it big or when, but I do know that it’ll be a long while before we see any kpop artists winning Grammy’s or at the top of the Billboard charts. But it’ll be exciting as hell watching them try to make it.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      Not related to the article but a reaction to your several posts:

      I really think you should consider writing as a profession (that is if you are not one yet).  Seriously, you write really well (grammar, style, content) and your thoughts are well articulated and very organized.  I hope for better things for you in the future.  Good luck!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

        So funny seeing 2 filipino 2NE1-stans/YG-stans patting themselves on the back.

        EDIT : OMG is it 3 now?

        • Anonymous


          You and @twitter-257985163:disqus are giving each other hand jobs in this post. 

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

          So funny seeing a SONE alienating possible fans from her idols all by her lonesome. Damn girl. You’re like the #1 SNSD anti-fan. :)

        • Anonymous

          I’ve already wasted too many posts on you, so I won’t make this long.

          You can keep posting on every possible thing that could relate to SNSD, but you should know that nobody takes you seriously. And not only are you making an ass out of yourself, you’re turning people off from SNSD.

          I actually get kind of happy whenever I see your name on a comment thread because I know I’m about to read something hilarious. You give so many people something to reply to. And make fun of.

          So go ahead. Do what you do and spew the crap that you will. But know this: Nobody cares. Nobody’s listening.

          I hope you have a good day and that sometime soon, you’ll dig yourself out of that hole you’ve made home in the SNSD world and take your head out of your ass.

          Come out into the real world. The sunshine feels great. :)

      • lady

        omg agreed.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much! I forget sometimes that people actually read what I write, I think of all the things I post as just jumbled kpop rants. Thank you! I think the same thing whenever I read your posts :)

  • Anon

    I’m surprised that the reporter didn’t mention Wonder Girls’ Teen Nick movie – that’s progress, isn’t it? Certainly more progress than a five or six minute performance at the end of Letterman and Live! with Kelly.”

    No, not really. One of them is a stage that has hosted many successful western artists with wide appeal, the other one gets no attention from anyone over the age of 14.

    • Boo

      Ikr. Teen Nick isn’t Nickelodeon. It’s not part of the regular cable package.

    • Anonymous

      Isnt a step back for them after opening up for a huge Jonas Brothers tour.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

      Of course this writer is uninformed and her facts are wrong … what else is new ??????????????????????

      TeenNick is not Nickelodeon.  

      On an average day in primetime (7PM to 10PM), TeenNick averages about 200k – 300k viewers in the US.  This isnt a typo, it is 200k – 300k.  Nickelodeon averages Millions during primetime.  The TV cable ratings for Thursday in the US already came and “Wonder Girls At The Apollo”‘s TV ratings/viewership were so low that it didnt even make the Top 100 shows on cable on Thursday.

      Source : TVByTheNumbers (I would provide a link but SB deletes my posts everytime i do this)

      BY A COMPARISON : One of Girls Generation’s performance on Letterman on Youtube (I not even talking about the people who watched it on TV but just on Youtube) already has about 2.5 MILLION views 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

        LOL. And as always, your “FACTS” are skewed.

      • Anonymous

        YouTube views are from SONEs and other interested K-POP fans. 

        For someone who harps at SeoulBeat writers for ‘biased’ articles and viewpoints, you can’t seem to look at anything pertaining to SNSD objectively.

        Nobody here takes you seriously except for your fellow delusional SONEs. Soshified might be the right place for you. 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

          Do you see all those sites with quotes I gave from American sites, if you went to those sites and read the articles, you would see they all linked the Youtube video with currently has 2.5 MILLION VIEWS in about 2 days (this doesnt even include all the other different Letterman vids uploaded on Youtube)?

          Now I just listed 12 US sites, but there are all hundreds or other smaller US sites and thousands of US music blogs doing the same …

      • Guest

        Honestly, I get a bit frustrated when I see near 100 comments on a SNSD article because I love to read (intelligent and reasonable) commentary and insight from SB readers, and since I have schoolwork and real life (non-delusional fan) on the side of reading Kpop news for enjoyment (and not for a religious/cult study), I’m thinking “Damn! With all these comments, this is just more procrastination time for me…”

        But then I see Ghdksd’s comments, which are super long and take up pages when combined, and I sigh with relief.


        Ahh, the down arrow is really a great invention. Skipping worthless droll is really the best way to release pent-up annoyance. ^^

        Cheers all – neglect and indifference is the appropriate solution, since there’s no hope for chemically imbalanced and mentally insane stans.

        (Haha sorry for the melodrama, but this guy is really getting ridiculous and I felt we needed a joke here.)

    • Anonymous

      I would say that it is more progress because their movie will most likely be shown more than once on Teen Nick, it’s easier to remember an hour-long movie than two six-minute performances at the tail end of a show, and the movie has a better target market. WG could grab hold of new fans with this movie, while I don’t think it was the same for SNSD.

  • Guest

    I guess this whole US saga seemed to show how annoying most of the SONEs are, because SONEs just seem to be so confident about Girls Generation making it huge. I mean, SNSD, performing on 2 shows, are yet to “conquer America”. They need way more than that to make it big in the US.

    While I agree that you don’t need to be an all-rounded performer to make it big in the US, its usually the local Americans who seem to take advantage of this “privilege” and just gain a huge following just by releasing mediocre but catchy songs. Not to say that SNSD will never succeed in the US, but I hope SM has a more concrete plan in mind (like the niche market WG is targeting) and bettering SNSD’s English standards before they promote in the American market. I mean, how is the US going to get to know them if it’s only Tiffany speaking all the time?

    On a side note: I hope SONEs can finally admit that what SNSD did was debuting in America. Its funny how they insist that its a mere “showcase” when the hosts of the show have already said that it’s SNSD’s debut, because that’s how Americans view it. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

      1) They “debuted’ so much that Jessica flew back to Korea right after the “Live to Kelly” performance on 2/1.  
      2) SNSD arrived on Monday 1/31 and were out of New York/US by Friday 2/3
      3) Antis like you want it to be debut while everybody else knows it was just them ‘TESTING THE WATERS’ 

      FYI : Wise words for Se7en

      “Making an appearance on The Late Show itself is a great achievement. I wondered whether Girls’ Generation really was going to appear [on the show] after reading an article about it, but I caught the episode because someone was watching it at the practice room.”

      He added, “Girls’ Generation is incredible, and [after watching the broadcast] I felt that Korea’s K-Pop is really exceeding expectations. I felt something deep down in my heart,” and emphasized, “It’s hard for even American singers to make it onto Late Show; I was really surprised.”

      Source : E*newsworld (I would provide a link but etc etc etc …)

      • Guest

        If you’re going to think whoever is logical and rationale enough to understand that SNSD is in fact making a “debut” in the US is an anti then suit yourself. Not all fans of SNSD have to have the same opinion, that’s just illogical, so I don’t have to parrot SM’s view that they’re “testing the waters”. 

        I don’t see how saying that Girls’ Generation is incredible and citing se7en to back you up responds to my point about SNSD making it big in the US anyway. Sure, it’s incredible that they’re appearing on the Letterman show – according to K-Pop standards. When I say making it big, I meant big like Britney, who can screw up but people still recognize her as a musical icon. 

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    The boy’s other songs?? What other songs?? On their maxi single it’s only The Boys, The Boys remix feat…  (like 4 times) and other versions of The Boys including my personnal favorite : The Boys Acappella. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

    Really classy Seoulbeats linking to a website like 4si4njun1e where they post smut and that website is the worst MISOGYNISTIC kpop website out there – mostly because it is written by 1 horny virgin male shut-in.  

    On the front page right on there right now is the the FAKE (I repeat they are FAKE) “underage” pics of Suzy.  Of course it isnt her, but at the time they posted they didnt know that as the writer was masturbating to pics of what they thought was an underage ‘SUZY’ …

    I love Seoulbeats and the HYPOCRITICAL fangirl writers who write about ‘horny males’ for SNSD, then do this.  I guess this proves my point (as everybody didnt already know this) that Seoulbeats and its writers will do anything to putdown SNSD.  


    Regarding your ‘horny males’ comment again : 

    POINT #1) SNSD is popular among both male and females, old and young in Korea.  When they first started out Korea, their entire fanbase was female.  As their popularity grow to the point where they are the now #1 music act/entertainers in Korea (see Gallup Korea and Leessang National Polls), their fanbase expanded to include males

    POINT #2) Their entire fanbase in Japan are females

    POINT #3) If you looked at their fanmeets in New York and their recent fansigning at Bestbuy, their people there are OVERWHELMINGLY female (using my unscientific calculation about 75% female) and my guess is that the males that were there were either homosexual or boyfriends of the girls there.

    FYI : Because of the tremendous amount of fans who arrived at the Bestbuy fansigning in New York City on 2/2, for only the 2nd time in BestBuy Union Square’s history they had to shut down the store and NYPD police were called in for crowd control.

    The 1st time this happened?  Lady Gaga’s fan signing …

    But I dont expect SB to report this or any of OVERWHELMING NUMEROUS POSITIVE PRAISE from all over the world including the US over this 1 week promotional tour by SNSD in the US.  But of course linking to one smut website with underage girls is okay.

    • Anonymous

      You will not stop, will you?

      You are insecure, delusional and rude SONE with too much time on their hands. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

        “insecure, delusional and rude SONE”

        INSECURE – I am not as insecure as the writers here who cherry-pick articles, link to underage porn sites, write articles with incorrect facts, etc

        DELUSIONAL – Is any of my facts wrong?  If none of my facts are wrong … how can I be delusional?  Look up what delusional is in the dictionary and try using a different word to describe me

        RUDE – I never personally insult anybody unless personally insulted first.  Like you just did right now with addressing the points in my post.  

        Funny how you dont address the writer linking to a website with underage porn. 
        I guess to you also : 


        • Guest

          – the biased writers are posting their opinions on an internet site that they run. if snsd is so universally praised, as you suggest, why should one writer’s opinion somewhere on the internet bother you if it weren’t for your insecurity?

          – you’re delusional because you post the same things over and over again like a drone and pretend that those are the only things ever written. you also twist facts and figures to suit you’re argument. and most importantly, you think snsd’s shit doesn’t stink.

          – your delusion is a personal insult to everyone who has to deal with it.

          – says the person who trawls the internet looking for anyone who dares to criticise snsd and bombards them with “facts”

          – how convenient to use misogyny when it suits you. i guess snsd’s poor us sales leaves you grasping at straws to support your arguments.

          – don’t bother responding to this. i’ve used up the 0.01 secs of time i put aside in a day to deal with blind buffoons. congratulations on being the subject of this quota today.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

            “don’t bother responding to this”

            I had a great response destroying all your stupid points.  But I got to the end of post and saw the above from you, so you got your wish  …

          • Anonymous

            You wouldn’t be able to produce anything nearly as articulate or as accurate as what ‘Guest’ has posted.

            But it would be comedy gold seeing you try.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

            pretty sure you had to look up “misogyny’ didn’t you?

          • Igbygrl

            ^ LMAO XD

          • scarletdevil

            yeah, you destroyed em…

          • Guest

            “I had a great response destroying all your stupid points”

            ummm. come again?

    • Boo

      LOL you. XD I’m not going to comment on your other points but…

      I liked that you pointed out the fanbase thing because everyone assumes that all SNSD has are ahjussi fans and horny teenage males but they are actually one of the few groups that have an almost equal balance between male and female fans. I am speaking as a female fan after all. Hahaha. In Japan, I think KARA has more male fans and SNSD is the one that has more female fans. 

      And this is off topic and not a response to your comment, but why is their so much shade-throwing and scorn when a girl group’s male fans (especially SNSD’s) is mentioned? How is it any different from the sexually frustrated female fans that salivate over Taecyeon’s abs? Guys will always appreciate legs and skin and girls will naturally oggle a muscled body or a killer smile. It’s human nature. Idols make money out of their sex appeal and various other charms. That’s what they do.

    • http://twitter.com/asianjunkiecom Asian Junkie

      We recognize that you’re just a pressed SONE, and likely
      one of the delusional netizens types that we like to make fun of so often at
      Asian Junkie. As such, it doesn’t surprise us that you’re angry and you don’t
      like us, but we’ll address some things for you anyway.—–


      1) It’s actually written by one straight guy, one gay guy,
      and two females.


      2) We just relayed what we found on tumblr, simple as that.
      Why would we be masturbating to those pictures anyway? If anything, we were disappointed
      because she looked mediocre in them.


      Misogynistic is an odd accusation, especially considering we spend a good majority of the time
      defending female celebrities against slut shaming.



      What’s it like being so detached from reality?


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

        “We recognize that you’re just a pressed SONE”

        Underage nude girls are really sexy … ehh.  
        I hope your post gets deleted for spamming your website but that depends on the awful mods here on SB.

        “What’s it like being so detached from reality?”

        Says the idiot with child porn on his website who takes tweets as proof of anything.  While ignoring all the press everywhere else.  Who exactly is detached from reality?

        1) Billboard – “but the girls moved and transitioned without a hitch – one of the reasons they are such a phenomenon in Asia”2) Spin – “Like a dream”3) MTV – “Continue Move Toward World Domination With Debut US TV Performances”4) MTV Style – “and flat out kiiiiiilled an Anglo remix of their hit single “The Boys”5) Oh No They Didnt (which is the largest entertainment ‘blog’ community on the internet) over 1,100 comments most of which are positive6) Wall Street Journal – Their poll on their site is overwhelmingly positive7) PopCrush – “it was an interesting performance in a good way”8) Stereogum – “but which will probably be stuck in your head all day regardless”9) Complex – “Last night they brought their highly polished singing and dancing routine to David Letterman”10) Direct Lyrics – “Yes! They slayed! K-pop’s very own, nine-piece girl group Girls’ Generation made their US television debut last night on CBS’ “The Late Show with David Letterman’ 11) CNN – Listed some thought from people regarding their performance and in typical news fashion listed both positive and negative12) NY Magazine – “America, Meet Girls Generation”Sorry that I cannot post direct links to the articles but you can blame SB awful commenting system here.  And I can post tons more than those listed above, I am just listing the more ‘popular’ sites.

        • Anonymous

          You probably only looked at Asian Junkie for a hot second, made your assumption and continued to spew hate for anything and anyone who doesn’t praise SNSD to the high heavens.

          Asian Junkie has many insightful articles that encourage, wait, here’s a new concept for you, thinking.

          Tell me, is this UNIVERSAL PRAISE?


          Is this UNIVERSAL PRAISE?

          “While Girls’ Generation is still a group of newcomers with a major lesson to learn on lip-synching (we’re not so friendly on that here, as Ashlee Simpson learned the hard way) overall, it was an interesting performance — in a good way.”- POPCRUSH 

          Nice try but you can fool me, bb. You’re using very selective phrases from those articles in order to further your delusion and push it on everyone else.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

            The very fact that you try to defend a website posted what they thought were underage nude-like pics of an underage Suzy says more about you that anything else.

            Put away all your biases away for a second and think about that …..

            You must a short attention span because if go pass Page #1 on that thread on that videogame (LOL) forum there are just as many people praising SNSD on Letterman as giving negative feedback to them.

            … and I am sick of repeating myself a thousand times about this so if you want to read my response to rest of comment about popcrush, etc go the Wonder Girls TV movie thread here on Seoulbeats (that you just wrote your response about the Wonder Girls movie being good … LOL again) and read my response there in the comment section.

          • Anonymous

            Asian Junkie has posted numerous thought provoking articles and reviews, all of which you ignored because you saw a posts reporting on a half-dressed Suzy look-a-like? We’re you just as pressed when media outlets reported on a stripping Jiyeon or the nipple slip incident with Hwayoung? Your stupidity knows no bounds.

            I read through most of the thread and until the defense force (SONEs) arrived, most of the people who were not  familiar with K-POP and it’s low standards were not impressed by the performance. Almost everyone thought they looked hot, which they do, but very few people were impressed by the actual performance.

            Have you ever heard of Spice World? That’s what the Wonder Girls movie was aiming for. It’s not aiming for critical and mass acceptance. It’s a cute, campy movie meant to appeal to children. This is the kind of stuff that made Miley, Demi and Selena household names in the States.

            And please don’t embarrass yourself by telling me to look beyond bias. You wouldn’t know what objectivity was if it rammed you in the eye.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

            One child porn post is too much for me.  It isnt  obviously for you …

            I will let other people decide who is right or not.

            I personally have decided you are a despicable person who condones child porn as long as the person posting the child porn agrees with you on kpop or ‘write’ entertaining articles on kpop.


          • Anonymous

            I guess Nate, Naver and every other Korean media outlet are child porn enthusiast then.

            How dare they report on news as a news site? How dare they do their job? Absolutely despicable.

            Have a nice day, love.

          • Anonymous

             “I will let other people decide who is right or not.”

            By the looks of the likes on your posts, I think people have decided.

            And props to you, lanaeva. I don’t where you find the patience to deal with someone like Ghdksd.

    • http://twitter.com/EvilFrenchFries Sol Power

      Get ’em girl.

    • lazyboi

      as a fan of kpop..and i am a fan of snsd because i love sunny. haha. but i have to agree with you. not to offend seoulbeats. but lately alot of articles that have been written: snsd or other artist, have been kinda negative. it seems like most articles be more negative then positive. seeing as this is a kpop site. seoulbeats be hatin’ alot. DX no offense to them once again. 

  • asianromance

    Wouldn’t it be better if these girls (SNSD and Wondergirls) try to make it big in England or Canada first?  It seems like the best imported US artists tend to come from those places. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s actually what interactive in planning on doing I think. I rea somewhere that they are planning to focus on England/Europe first.

  • Johnny

    Wonder Girls have a shot? Haha dont kid urselves our music scene is very diverse but we do not embrace groups that often

  • Guest

    I don’t see success for either group. 
    The WGs venture and outlook is bleak because they may be targeting the tweens yet the only ones that will show an interest will be the 7-9 year olds most likely.  And that’s if the girls can watch their show.  It’s not very promising because our tweens are sophisticated…true story.  More sophisticated than Korean girl groups apparently.  Bubblegum pop has a short shelf life with these kids nowadays.  Besides moms have to pay for things so if their music or products are not displayed in the malls or local stores, what merchandise will they be buying for America’s little darlings?  Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?  Plus 20-somethings targeting little kids on Teen Nick is just wrong.
    As for GG, there are too many of them and based on their debut performances, they looked like a second-rate act.  Apart from their looks, nothing else stood out.  What is their “live” performance like—the same?  No contact with the audience just a forging ahead to “gain” an increased market share through pompous visualization and sexual teasing via showy clothes…..Strippers.
    It’s all business with these ladies and it shows.  Unfortunately, their musical talent is being lost in translation by their handlers or the fact that they are not aware of our vast tastes in music generally. They think they know us but they do not…..

    • Pg13247

      If they introduced SNSD one by one it would be less overwhleming to the audience but technically SME isn’t debuting them here so whatever, Individualizing the girls is how they have such a large fanbase.

      • Guest

        Dave Letterman said it was a debut…..Whatever.  GG’s performance was underwhelming.

  • Pg13247

    I honestly hope for SME to just put SNSD on the backburner for most of this year, because it seems like all the girls are too busy to even sleep. Like the article said, all 9 girls have something scheduled that isn’t related to the group like dramas.

    Where is the training for dancing and singing? I hate it because back in 2007-2008 I saw potential in SNSD for all the members to be decent at singing and dancing. I can’t say they were extremely talented, but with enough practice all of them could have been relatively good. Of course SME had other plans and they became the cash cow of the company so my prediciton went down the drain.   

    There’s so much money to be made in Asia and seeing a “half-debut” in the US sucks. “The Boys” leaves such a mediocre impression and their performances have been very lacking lately. (I ADMIT that those two US performances were better than the ones on MuBank etc… but that isn’t saying much). They can just remain big in Asia that’ll be fine with me.

  • Lara.D

    I find it hilarious that I see comments like “I just had goosebumps watching SNSD lastest performance over at David letterman!” from fans and then some general American public saying stuff like “for god sakes somedbody bring the boys out and make it stop.” 

    It’s getting annoying how certain fans OVERHYPE the shit out any little Kpop-US related activites/news. I find it meaningless when the Kpop acts aren’t getting real recognition, instead what they are getting is their fans non-stop biased praises/support. Like for example, Big Bang’s EMA win was pretty much a show of fan appreciation/support rather than a real show of Big Bang making it big overseas or gaining non-Kpop fans. SNSD’s performance on David Letterman show and Live with Kelly wasn’t necessarily bad, however, it wasn’t memorable or noteworthy either. 

    I love Kpop, but some fans just need to stop. If any of these groups make it big in US I’ll be happy but the likelihood of that is little to none. I’ll agree though, the Wondergirls are taking the right steps by zeroing in on a certain demographic but they’re going to need more than just some below average movie. 

    • Quinnley

      LOL on your first (and second) paragraphs. It is so true!

    • Guest

      lol so many likes…i love your 1st paragraph too! goosebumps?? their singing was totally meh..-.- even if its goosebumps, it should be because of how horrible their live was. i will never get these delusional people. seriously

  • eh

    I’m sorry…this is going to be OT. But Yuri…honestly is a stunning lady.

    On SNSD front…I really could care less if they make it or not. That goes for any k-pop act. I can’t see any k-pop act making it. American music is laughable in itself, in the sense it’s just the usual tripe that gets recycled. I’m not sure why Asian acts want to break the USA so hard. However, props for them for trying. I like they ain’t doing the WG cheesy Disney route. Whether they’ll get something out of this “adventure” that remains to be seen.

  • Margaux22

    I’m a SONE who is probably not socializing with other Sones. TBH Neither will really make it big and as much as I’m proud (I admit I nearly cried when I watched them right ON MY flatscreen T.V), I am still disappointed with the other main vocalists except Taeyeon. TBH Taeyeon was the only one who carried the vocals. Jessica did well but she just cannot sing the last high note of the “girls bring the boys out” at the end of the bridge, and Seohyun tried hard but she nearly cracked her voice during the “my heart” part (w/c is “my boy” in the Korean version) and it was SO OBVIOUS that I’m surprised most of the comments I’ve read said that she did the best… hmmmm……

    Anyway, Wondergirls were already in the U.S for a longer time and thanks to the gazillion versions of “Nobody,” a lot of Americans I know are aware of them. Sadly, I just don’t see them hitting it big since their image is not exactly catered towards the American market. I mean they’re in their 20’s and Americans in their 20’s are..yeah not exactly “Be my Baby” material..”THe dj is mine” is cool but not good enough to affiliate itself with the American pop music sphere.

    All in all, I wish that WG and SNSD, as S. Koreas to girl groups, should just stay in S. Korea and indulge in their success and focus more in improving the quality of their performance. I’d rather watch less of them but with great quality of a performance than watch them a lot with their exhausted condition and give out a lackluster performance. Besides, even the most talented pop artists in the U.S are already being ridiculed just bec. of the manufactured/pretentious image, how much more would they react towards groups with talented members who are overlooked bec. of the mixture of non-talented/”talented but prettier” ones?

    • Anonymous

      Wonder Girls look like five au pairs…. but I do like them.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the article stating that the Wonder Girls are smart for targeting the teen demographic because if you are a foreign pop group, or a pop group in general, you should target the group that generally listens to pop music: the preteen/young teen demographic.  The early teen demographic is less likely to be over critical of the music as long as they find something they like about you and your music is catchy enough to keep their attention (very similar to kpop fans). Part of the reason why mediocre performers like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez  are so popular was because they were able to get a large fanbase in the teen crowd.  Had they tried to approach the young adult crowd they probably would of faded into obscurity.   In all honesty even though the states definitely has some mediocre artists out there, we are very critical about foreign artists.  When you think about the foreign artists that have made a name for themselves here , most of them were ridiculously talented whether it be in songwriting , vocal ability, or both.  It was that talent that made us stand up and listen since most of what we see is live performances. 
    Frankly I don’t think SNSD will ever do well in states as much as Sones would like to believe they will, mostly because they are just not that talented and are targeting the wrong demographic.  By going on talk shows it appears that they may want to target the young adult crowd but being a 9-member group with lackluster performances (probably because they are exhausted I presume) they probably will not get taken seriously here by the mainstream.  If they want attention, ala PCD, they need to bring their A-game to the table to give people something that will catch their attention and make them forget that only a few girls in this group can actually sing.  Pussycat Dolls is probably the only equivalent to SNSD I can see in the states, but what made them successful was that they gave 200% in every performances, even though only Nicole and Melody sang with the rest just harmonizing during the choruses, their charisma alone made you keep your eyes on them. 

    For a foreign artist, especially an asian artist, if they want to do well here they have to first choose the right demographic that is open to their music followed by music that is both relevant to the times , works well with their available talents (if you can’t rap, dont rap), and most of all suited to the demographic they are targeting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zhen-Jiang/100003229803466 Zhen Jiang

    Neither will make it in the US.  In fact, i dont see any Asian make it in US for the near future.

    Wondergirls… i really hope they can succeed in US… they dont have Asia in their backyard like SNSD do…

    As for SNSD, i doubt they would actually spend time promoting much in US to begin with. This is a fight they can not win, not with their current vocal power(only 3 can sing stably, what the hell happen to you tiffany?)…  but grab a niche market and turning some profit? boost the popularity in Aisa even more? that’s a given.

    Oh and SM will focus on SNSD for sure. Its their biggest cash cow, at least for a few more years.

  • Michelle

    The interesting about SNSD’s position I think, is that SM Entertainment wasn’t trying to get them into the US market in the sense that JYP was with the Wonder Girls. SM’s attitude throughout the US promotions was pretty much ‘take it or leave it’. They know that SNSD is big in Asia and they don’t seem to have any intention to change that – for them, the US is just another avenue for income and how well-received the girls are will determine any future ventures (apparently, there is an English album in the works, but that is a rumour). I do believe that SNSD will remain in South Korea for the moment, considering their various variety and acting responsibilities.

    In the meantime, I’m keeping an eye out for SHINee and EXO, being the SMTown stan I am.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been getting the impression from Interscope (who are most likely the ones that pull the strings in the US, not SM), that they only really care to bank on the fanbase SNSD has got already. They never give the girls promotions – a text or two and that’s it. I don’t think they are interested in expanding SNSD’s popularity so far.

      As for SM, I’m never really sure what they want. I think they want to catch the attention of the US but stay in Asia.  I’ve also heard about SNSD preparing an English album for this summer (or just two more English songs) but have yet to see anything confirming that.

      • Michelle

        SM is truly formidable in the sense that they’re quite unpredictable in some senses. I expect that they’ll be focusing on preparing EXO for debut and SHINee’s comeback – EXO will potentially be a strong source of income, the same goes for SHINee.

        I really do hope that something along the lines of an English-language album really truly is in the works and even if they choose to be a little cheap and go with remakes, I would love an English version of Genie. XD

        • lazyboi

          omg me too. i’m really hoping they do an english version of Genie. it is my wish that they do that. haha and like the song says ‘tell me your wish’ so they better grant it. ^.^

  • eboy07

    SNSD attractive ?????
    PD: They are trying too hard.
    Skinny ass girls.

  • Macey

    Dunno bout you guys but I’m tired of hearing.. Or rather reading about how, “X” ( insert any thing Kpop or Korean entertainment) is “taking over/worldwide success/praised by ‘( insert anyone out of Korea here)'”.

    It’s like.. Give it a rest already! Quit shoving the Hallyu in our faces. Let us come to you. It’ll be a better feeling. Lol ya know. They’re forcing Korea down peoples throats. It’s gotten past annoying.

    • Anonymous

      I think many people on this planet have the same feeling about America. They feel that Britney, Paris and Lindsay are forced into their throats. It does work in the case of America. 

      • Guest

        But it’s not the same at all.  The big difference is that artists like Britney don’t even do any active promotions in Asia. They’re not appearing on any Asian tv shows, their management isn’t paying money trying to get them to “make it” in non-english speaking countries.  The media isn’t exploding with news every time these artists make a random appearance in some show abroad with claims of “OMG they’re taking over the world.” No one is “shoving” western artists’ music down the throat of Asian youths.  Believe it or not, some people in non-English speaking countries actually do like listening to English-speaking artists (like your K-pop idols for goodness sake) just like how some non-Korean people enjoy listening to K-pop of their own accord.

        Honestly if fans can’t get over American/Western music bashing how on earth do they expect fans of American/Western music to get over their bashing of K-pop and accept it as the best thing EVAH?  Hello kettle, I’m pot.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not from South Korea, I’m from the West. 

          I strongly doubt that American stars don’t do active promotions in Asia. Maybe Britney didn’t but others do. Who is the ‘they’ from ‘they’re’ not appear…’?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe that people from the West wake up on sunday morning and suddenly think ‘hey let’s check out if the people from South Korea make some nice music, let’s go to youtube to find out’. Or ‘let’s take a plane to South Korea to find out about music in South Korea’. No that doesn’t work, marketing and promotion are very needed, it doesn’t happen automagically. A ‘let us come to them’ strategy doesn’t work, kpop artists have no choice. 

      American stars do a lot of promotional tours and they appear in tv shows all over the planet and also a lot of advertising, they are everywhere. Snsd has done 2 appearings in American tv shows and now you start about shoving in the face and forcing into throats? You can turn the tv off or switch to another channel, read a book….. Don’t pretend that kpop is unescapable in America. Is it so utterly wrong when you see non-American artists in Letterman’s show? Snsd didn’t even speak in Letterman’s show, they only performed. 

      And why come to a site like Seoulbeats when you don’t want to hear anymore about kpop, what do you think seoulbeats is about? The real estate market of Denver? How to make strawberry cake? The pyramids in Egypt? 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s less of ‘shoving the Hallyu Wave down people’s throats’ and more of ‘praising our fellow countrymen for doing something admirable’. I think we just hear of it more because we’re in the kpop vacuum and actually pay attention to it.

      The American market is the biggest and most influential market in the world, so when South Korean arists has some sort of success, it makes sense that news outlets would report it. I’m sure if someone in China or Thailand or South Africa or Jamaica did something successful in the US, the news would be widely reported in their countries as well. What’s different is that we’re in the US and seem to be more familiar with the US market the=an these Korean companies and artists are. And for many of us, the reason we got into kpop was to get into something OTHER than American music. So having our artists of escape try to break into the exact market we tried to stray away from is just.. weird. And sometimes annoying for people.

      I know for sure that news outlets in the Philippines EXPLODED when Charice presumably hit it big in America and she became something of a megastar (in the Philippines). These countries know that the American market is the way to get world-wide fame.

      Personally, I find it fascinating to watch these artists try to hit it big. It’s like being a huge fan of an underground artists and going along with them for the ride as they try to make it. But there’s so much more involved when it comes to kpop artists.

      • Anonymous

        For me it is not weird that Koreans try to break in the American market. It is indeed a big and influential market. Does the average American really feel that it is forced into the throad? If that is true, then a lot of Americans know what kpop is. Americans here have often written that only a few Americans know about kpop. 

        • Anonymous

          It’s not being forced down anybody’s throat. In fact, you can’t actually force anybody to watch or listen to anything; you can just give them choices, and if they don’t like any of them, they’ll tune out. I imagine that’s why so many of us follow K-pop: because the American media market hasn’t given much to appeal to us. All anybody in Korea can do is try to get their product in front of as many people in America and the world as possible, then let it go from there, and the product will stand or fall on its own merits.

  • Persons

    The only group I know is doing well in the states right now is big time rush and that’s only because their fanbase is full of girls who’ve lost Miley Cyrus to idolize. If only interscopes would promote them a little bit better, we may be able to see their potential.

  • VeryBerry

    ok I just want to address some comments I have been seeing about why WG/SNSD “should” be able to make it in America and one of the big comments seems to be “black people” did it. OK but don’t ever compare black musicians and asian artist because the stories are completely different and it goes back way further than the start of the kpop craze in 2005/2007 depending on who you are.

    So this is the story.

    SNSD isn’t talented enough either and neither are the WG, but as mentioned WG are targeting and audience that doesn’t really care all that much about actual singing talent. They just want to see pretty girls in skimpy clothing that they can buy cheap knock-offs of from Forever21 and who flip their hair around….really, no talent is required for the tween market, and yet they are the market that spends the most on…well practically everything. They are easily impressed/amused/entertained.

    ……It still won’t be easy to win them over. America is still largely white in population. And Asians and White’s don’t have the same history as Whites and Blacks…young white tweens would still rather see and emulate young white faces then 20+ year old Asian faces with “slanted eyes” so different from their own. I realized that even an Asian with “eyelids”  and blond hair to Americans still looks just plain old Asian.  Young white tweens still feel more comfortable emulating young black teens who are seen as “cool” and who have a history of talented singing that has impressed the white population behind them. The difference between black artist being popular in America and Asian artist is that well…Asians in America largely have no music history. Even Latinos have music history in the US; that is why Latin dance and Hip-hop are the most popular “ethnic” dance classes available.

    With blacks in the US, well, their music has ALWAYS been popular, and most of the old famous white artist like Elvis are just rip-offs from some old, unknown black artist who was unable to receive support from the white majority in racially segregated times. Most of the early rising of “pop” music is just R&B music with the B taken out of it because white kids had NOTHING to be “blue” about. However, over time people started going directly to the source of the music and that is what allowed black artist to really take over the music scene….most of the music you hear today whether it be rock, punk or pop is just an offset of the R&B created by Black Americans from long ago.

    Asians largely have NO music history which makes things 3x’s more difficult. Because Asians in the US were more concerned with being  considered model citizens they have placed themselves in this boring box and limited their ability to be musically creative. Because there is no musical creativity it is all emulation. And again, young white teens feel more comfortable emulating young white faces. 

    People also keep saying that SNSD will make it because they are pretty….well in America the definition of pretty is looking as white as humanely possible. Meaning blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Dark hair is OK as long as you are still ethnically white. Sure a few white guys with an asian fetish might think SNSD is hot, but I’m pretty sure most of the population won’t find them the “stunning goddesses” that Korea does.  In America, like with Korea, they want the “prettiest” people to be people who look like them or with some “help” they can look like. I doubt any american girl is going to be inspired to run to the clinic to get Sooyoung’s nose, Yoona’s lips or Taeyeon’s eyes like they do with Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Fernanda McCain

    To be quite honest, I think USA is not ready to take the girl-boy-band concept again. I think that SNDS are having such a positive reception just because of the huge amount of sones they actually have, but most people would think like “Wait but only 3 actually sing, and then the rest dance?” “Aren’t these like wanna-be pussycat dolls or something?” “Why are so many of them?” “Wow they all look alike” because that’s what my friends have said about my groups actually, those SMent strategies won’t work outside S.Korea, however I see a little success from 2NE1, because YG it’s targeting them the right way, with some awesome dance music, they’re gonna be the next big thing on radio, think how awesome would be an ‘I Am the best’ english version. My friends would totally dance to it. And about WG, I think they’ve made a right move with their Nickelodeon movie, but not really sure about success. In resume, I think SNDS it’s the worst bet for USA.

    • Anonymous

      “I am the Best” in English would not be bad, but I’d hope they’d leave in the refrain, “내가 제일 잘나가”, like they did in the Japanese version. I’d like them to keep that in the title in Hangul and see RBDS choke on it, just for kicks — but that’s just me.

  • thekors

    So the success rate for both groups is relative to what SM/JYP want to get out of it, respectively?  I suppose, as someone mentioned here, the only ppl who hold very critical view of how SNSD/WG are trying to approach (or rather, how the management companies are trying to shove them down) the US market (‘s throat), are ppl like us who are vacuumed in this whole K-pop scene. 

    But I thought that, with so many members (and an even bigger entourage) in a group, at least 1 person should have this realization that with the amount of effort (and money?) that it takes to e.g. get you on Letterman show/Nickelodeon channel, you must be SERIOUSLY attempting to break into the market.  OK, at least WG did spend some amount of time in the US to partly study the language (well, SoHee has spoken the least and I’ve heard a few full English sentences), but I really don’t see the logic of suddenly ambushing the market through Letterman show, with only 2 out of 9 members being able to speak the language while a few others being totally clueless as to what’s going on.  If I were a member of SNSD, I would be embarassed of myself, or my fellow members.  And it’s really bad that it doesn’t seem that they are promoting the music, but rather the pretty.  While I do think there’s something to be learned from the importance of outer beauty to the Koreans, I mean.. get real.  I see pretty girls on different US TV shows everyday, and I can gather just as many pretty girls in a single mall in my country.

    I know someone who is in the broadcasting industry and very much aware of how K-pop is becoming a craze.  But this person couldn’t care less about how ‘pretty’ or ‘handsome’ they look, and in the end, the only group that (s)he bothers to remember is 2NE1 cos’ she’s heard some of their songs.  I bet she still can’t tell them apart but you see, if you have a legit material to promote, you’ll be able to reach to those outside of the K-pop-awareness group.  I think that’s just one out of many qualms one could have about this whole thing.  And although I still have a soft spot for the SNSD in Korea, I can’t help but to agree with any articles coming in with pessimistic view on their venture into the US.  When media overhype things, you should expect an equally big response on it, be it positive or negative.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the comments. It’s like an ESSAY.

    • Jasmin_Midorii_Tea


    • Jasmin_Midorii_Tea


  • Mr Boogie

    Of all songs to promote in the US they choose The Boys?! I like the song but unless you’re an established fan it just doesn’t capture how great they can actually be. The dance routine incorporates a lot of standing round and just looks messy. The actual performances on both shows were a shit hot mess as well. You could tell which girls were singing live and which girls weren’t or had a backing track, some didn’t even finish lip syncing properly *cough Soo-young *cough, the remixing of the song with some sort of tired, 80s’ disco beat was awful, their moves were so sloppy (not all) and it just made them look like 9 wannabe dancers who can’t sing. The US buys into this crap all the time but as a debut this wasn’t good enough which is a shame because they could of rocked. Run Devil Run or Hoot, now those could of won over the US. They won over me :)