• http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t mention Ji changwook. I thought his profile is higher than bora and he’s been making his mark in the drama world. Anyway, loved “I need you” since its release, didn’t think anyone would mention it here at seoulbeats but ya did!

  • Anonymous

    i love k.will..since love 119.

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/nas_election Nasuha Solo

    Totally with you in the YeoJinGu fangirling because i’m like that too. hehe

  • Anonymous

    K. Will will forever hold a special place in my heart. Believe it or not, Love 119 (his hit single with MC Mong) was the first EVER Korean song I’ve ever heard. It was emailed to me by a friend (whom I’ve never seen venture out of Western music) during my finals frenzy. How ironic that I discovered the Hallyu Wave after that. One listen and I fell in love. His voice, the composition, the seamless rap and melody… It was on repeat during the entirety of my study sessions and to this day, I’m still not tired of the song. It’s that good.

  • jilyn199519

    K.Will is ony of my favourite artists.
    I have all of his albums, and although I like stars like Super Junior, he is the one that always gives the quality music that I want.
    I really wish for a concert in Singapore (highly impossible though).
    Many a times, watching his performances, I always get goosebumps because of his voice :D

  • Anonymous

    When done right, Kpop ballads and R&B own my soul.

  • http://twitter.com/polinchka polinchka

    I actually came into kpop because of the ballads. I devour ballads. Since listening to Kpop, I’ve started to like more peppy songs but whenever a ballad comes out, I get all giddy and listen to it instantly. This is why the new BB song is so up my alley. In all, I adore K.Will. He sings so amazing live (was at the Korean Music Festival 2011)…enough to even get some people to scream some fanchants to My Heart is Beating, as he had been promoting it around that time. Ballads are amazing.

  • Hanna Kim

    i’m glad that K.Will is finally recieving the fame he deserves. he is my absolute favorite singer since Left Heart. Love 119 is especially special to me, because it helped me tons when I was going through a depression. I don’t know what it is about K.Will’s songs and voice, but it just makes me feel so overwhelmed everytime I hear it. I hope he gains more fame and fighting toK.will all the way! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000231338109 Hera Hermain

    fell in love with the voice since a love to kill’s dream song.. superb!

  • teapotcindy

    I just happened to stumble across some news about K. Will and found your article about him and his voice. Then I listened to the video you said changed your mind. Wow. I can’t believe I have missed him this far. I went and listened to several that you suggested and am just blown away. Thank you, thank you. I feel so elated that now I have a whole new person’s music to go find and buy. He certainly seems to have some vocal chops. I am a 50 yr. old American female fan of Kpop and Jpop. I can only understand a little Japanese and even less Korean, but love them both. I don’t think language makes me not like music because I don’t speak it. It just moves me, I can feel it. His voice fills you when you listen. You can always look up translation and I have been learning Korean and Japanese, both very difficult from an English only speakers point of view. Really great article. Keep up the good work and Thank you again.