• http://www.facebook.com/ati.tung.jeku Grace Berlian

    SM’s rigidity makes them the most Confucian entertainment agency in Korea.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I guess it’s true that there’s more inequality in SM’s songs and the distribution among members, but I guess you have to take into account the fact that Super Junior and SNSD are huge groups. It’s also interesting to see how these groups have changed since their debut. Honestly, Suju seems to change all the time. I don’t even know what their image is exactly. SNSD becomes more manufactured with every song, I feel like…but, since I’m pretty sure that for both of them, about 70% of their popularity is due to their variety show appearances, I guess I don’t really care.

    When it comes to SHINee, I feel sad, because I think they’ve declined since their debut. They could’ve become the next DBSK, but then they were sucked into the whole variety show/Diva Key/Onew Condition/Flaming Charisma this and that and you didn’t hear about their music and talents as much. And SM let didn’t care when it did. They’ve encouraged it, actually.

    When I say SHINee could’ve been the next DBSK…that’s because DB5K is SM’s only modern group that hasn’t followed the formula and succeeded. The distribution between the members was pretty even. That was probably due to the fact that they also were an acapella group, but SM had a lot more faith in every individual. We all know they were created as a super group, though…so maybe SM needs to just have more faith in its artists…? I guess I can understand, though. CSJH the Grace was like DB5K in their talents/equal distribution, but they were never popular. I guess DB5K is just lucky they worked out out so incredibly.

    …Long post over.

  • http://twitter.com/dannesue Dee

    This is rubbish. Guess what. Amber sing in electric shock.

    You want Minho sing even he’s not that good. You want him to be criticize just like JYP artists’?

    • ridiculous riddle

      who criticize jyp artists? i know sohee ist that good vocally but now she’s improved and i dont see where people want to criticize her. just take it, sm isnt a good company eventhough they have your bias under them.

  • Chelsea Fisher

    I’m a little disappointed with SHINee. They were the first group who got me into liking K-Pop but as I started to like other groups, I’ve noticed that my interest for them has gone down. Now I noticed the “formula”. I’d like to see SHINee do something risky for once, to just switch it all up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000033564989 Princess May Arpon

    Minho is already taking some significant singing parts on SHINee’s songs. Even Taemin too, especially him. And to mention, Key seldom takes some of the high notes parts even from before.

    And about the visual Kai, he’s the main dancer so it’s expected he would had more teasers. And accept it or not, although a lot of people hated those ‘endless’ teasers, still, it actually caught the attention of a very very good number of fans. Seems like a good advertising technique, right?

    Comeback then repackage promotions. That seldom happens, not just in SME. But just a fact, within SHINee’s 4 years of existence, they only had 1 repackaged album.

    But there’s one thing I agree with you, only one though, and it’s the ‘dancing in the box’.

  • ridiculous riddle

    no matter how much you guys give reasons why this article is false, for me it’s so damn true. i never been impressed by sm neither do their singers. full stop

  • ThatKidOverThere

     Sooo…. You want Key, who is a rapper, to sing a high note or two for
    once instead of Jonghyun, who is the lead singer…. Gotcha. (I realize
    this is an example, but still, it doesn’t really make sense to me.)

    I see what your getting at, but everyone has their parts for a reason:
    because that’s what they’re good at. Instead of making members try parts
    that they don’t usually do and taking a risk that may or may not turn
    out well, they’re harnessing the talents that they already know are
    there. Maybe once they think they’ve gotten someone to the full extent
    of their talents they’ll start mixing it up a bit.

    And you know, they are doing a bit more now. Amber sang in Electric
    Shock even though she’s the rapper, Minho is actually taking on more
    singing parts than before… Maybe they’re just taking it slow.

    Feel free to disregard this, just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Lately, i really don’t like SM’s songs (Sherlock, Spy, History, Mama, etc. w/ the exception of Shadow) 
      I think the song writer sucks, honestly. With the exception of maybe Shinee the groups in SM lack a definite concept (Mblaq- chiq and masculine, Nu’est- electropop, Bigbang- hiphop etc) or something that’s really impacting. Nowadys with more and more groups, that identity is very important. and SM has recently been lazy with producing songs for their groups and only pushed for more endorsements. Cheondoong of Mblaq was originally the rapper but he had a larger role in singing than Lee Joon. 
      And SM shouldn’t take their training “slow” especially in a fast paced world like today.

  • bea roal

    Just a while ago I was thinking about this, but in a more general sense. I was thinking that to create a new K-pop group they probably have a “shopping” list: “we need a couple of rappers, about three vocalists, the one who will be the leading dancer, etc.” They are ALL THE SAME. Well, most of them, at least.

    Even groups with instruments don’t have all the same people, meaning guitarist, bass, etc., and that’s why we like a particular group, because it’s different. Even if we still like all these k-pop idols, we would probably be more crazy (expending money) for a unique group.

  • a_woot

    I think SM’s motto is definitely: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If the formula’s guaranteed to work, why mess with it? Although I do understand the concerns about SHINee and f(x) getting lost once SNSD and SuJu come into play. If SNSD/SuJu are intending for a comeback, then they probably get “first pick” for a song or at least more attention will get paid to their comebacks since they’re big cash cows for SM. And then SHINee/f(x) gets the leftovers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000257663037 Hebe Perry-Belfrage

    Although some of this article is true, it is very biased, as it seems most of this website is…

  • KOBE

    SM needs to watch Pitch Perfect. It’s good to switch things up. So long as it’s good, I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=66902047 Cristina Marasigan

    Can’t really compare Kai to Yoona or other “visuals” or centers of the groups because he actually has a talent, he can dance! And it’s not just would be fans or current fans that see it, critics have praised his ability to keep up with his seniors. Yes, Kai is the center and he is the visual, but at least he’s got talent, he’s not just a handsome face to draw in fans.

  • Margareta

    But they did a good thing with Henry. I like “trap”

  • summerlady

    “I’ve never really been impressed with SM Entertainment, but I will admit to liking many of their artists and songs” YES THIS. THIS IS SO ME