• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    Why is 2ne1 tagged? LOL.

    • Renie

      Lol, it was in the original article before edit. My bad >.<

  • rairakkusu

    Can I just say that the photos of Suju are hilarious? Also, “Visual Kai” xD

  • Guest

    what kind of logic is this? lol it’s the first sentence too.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlockB TheBlockB

    Finally somebody else said it. Ive been saying it for a while now. Every group dances in a box and they re-use the same video sets so much its painfully obvious. Switch things up SME.

  • Anonymous

    your articles are mess tbh

  • Guest

    You think sm has no originality but you like many of their artist and songs. That makes sense.

    • Igbygrl

      Hey a person can still be a fan and still acknowledge the companies faults their idol biases are under. It’s pretty poor logic to say because you are a fan of some idols under a said company you have to be fan of the company too.

      • Guest

        It’s pretty poor logic to criticize sm’s originality but at the same time be a fan of that non-originality. What is the writer even griping about then? Her own inability to dislike the lack of originality from sm?

  • Anima

    Minho’s old nose! I miss it tbh, I actually thought he was cute like that.

  • http://twitter.com/sasha_evilsin Alexander Pavlov

    FYI, Taecyeon delivers some nice first seconds lines in Hanarete Itemo, the last track on 2PM’s japanese album. You should check it out.

    • Renie

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out.

    • Johnny

      Still cant sing or rap. Just stay pretty dude thats all ur good for and keep ripping shirts

    • Boa

      Taec sung low notes well. Chansung too, Junsu chose Chansung to sing the most important part for his self-composed Hanarete Itemo. Maybe not the best, but he hasn’t been cracked in singing this part yet from multiple fancams in JPN arena tour. He’s not a singer by raw talent, but I really respect him for being a real fighter.

  • Aurora2687

    I’ve seen 2-3 articles/editorials on Kai alone on different kpop sites in the last 2 weeks including Seoulbeats, mainly people bemoaning the the lack of teasers of the other members in EXO – which in turn has created more speculation and interest it seems. Usually this group would have gotten a lot of attention for just debuting from SME, but people are getting so involved in them. Most new groups get an article just announcing their debut and it takes most people a couple of weeks or even months before they give them the same amount of attention.
    It’s amazing to watch how this group that hasn’t even debuted is getting so many people to talk about. Lol, SM know’s exactly what their doing & their marketing tactics are working. No matter how annoyed people are getting or are ready to to dismiss them because of this supposed show of favouritism, we all know who EXO & most of us are anticipating if they’ll live up to the hype or not.

    • tegami

      Yep, SM really does know what it’s doing.  Those sneaky SOBs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christine-Laban-Holm/776642832 Christine Laban Holm

      okay, they missed me. I just clicked on this article cuz Wonder Girls was tagged and i was like.. wut? 

  • SHINee52911

    Yea I feel kinda bad for SM artist cause they have so much 2 offer but LSM wants 2 do the same shizz and its not fair

  • Anonymous

    I see your point but you have to give SM credit for trying to mix it up with The Boys. I never thought I’d hear a rap in a Girl’s Generation song.

  • Anonymous

    I see your point but you have to give SM credit for trying to mix it up with The Boys. I never thought I’d hear a rap in a Girl’s Generation song.

  • Mycorrhizoid

    SME doesn’t know what to do with SHINee, that much is true.  But giving Key more challenging vocal parts wouldn’t help anything.  He has a great voice, but he doesn’t seem to have much technique or any interest in more training.
    Taemin and Minho have gotten more lines (and occasionally more difficult parts) as they’ve improved over the years.  Key is still on the same level he was they debuted.

    • Guest

      When listening to SHINee’s first album, I sometimes feel like Key sounded better when they first debuted as opposed to now, but that could be due to them have better material back then that showcased their vocals better.

  • Jackie

    I love Kai.

  • Guest

    if originality made money, sm would be pioneering the movement. sm has had huge success with their idol group formula. it works and it’s worked for ages. it worked for shinhwa, so it works for shinee, at least according to sm. as long as it works, sm is not going to change.

    they’re not really interested in the music, only how it much sells. they have how many in-house producers? 2? 3? they’re happy to buy kesha demos or do remakes and fans are happy to buy this music. they’re also happy to buy the same song over and over again (sorry sorry, bonamana, mr. simple for example). what incentive does sm then have to change their formula?

    • http://twitter.com/SoNyeoZaKey wildFancy

      mr simple was terrible,honestly

  • Miss

    I’m with you on the tired concepts and every lead single sounding like a remixed version of another, but not really with the switching up the idols who do the singing. While I’d love Johyun to take a break from straining his voice from belting out high notes every other single. honestly, if singing is an idol’s talent, why would you push a weaker member of the group to take main singing parts if they’re not ready? I personally thought Sohee singing all the main parts of ‘Be My Baby’ was a terrible idea. If you’re using the SHINee analogy, Taemin has developed plenty since debut, and (I feel) only has more significant singing parts now because of that development. That’s the way it should be, imo. Taemin’s always been really gung ho about improving himself, I never got that vibe from Key. And like a commenter further down said, SM has taken chances with SNSD recently- if you told me during ‘Gee’ era that Yoona would one day be ~rapping~ I would have laughed.

  • Thunder 12

    I love them T_____T

  • Thunder 12

    I love le tok $___$

  • Anonymous

    But the money still goes into SM pocket ….

  • Boo

    It’s good to switch things up yes but in terms of line delegation I think it’s better if people stick to what their good at or what’s best for the song. Imagine Dara singing the choruses instead of Bom. Lately tho CL’s been singing 75% of their songs and I can’t say I like it. I love me some CL but isn’t Bom the main vocal. Her voice is much more pleasant. Heck, even Minji is better.

    In terms of switching things up, SM should try improving their concepts and putting more effort into their songs and MVs. Think outside the box for once. LITERALLY. How much would an MV with a storyline cost? Smalltime companies are doing it. T-ara’s doing like a million of them.

  • Lindsey

    I think SM went the lets try new and different route. It didn’t work. The Grace had to change their genre and still weren’t popular and SM used to think Dana was the second coming of BOA. Have you seen what TRAX looked like when they first came out? They have tried different things and what worked were pretty boy and girl groups with fun personalities. It is a formula, but it’s a formula that they’ve tested over the years. SM does different things with their groups, but not necessarily their title songs. It gets boring, but if people are buying then they’re going to keep selling the formula. I think for music videos its sort of hard to do a storyline with a lot of members without a few getting a staring role and everyone else getting shafted. Then said shafted members fans would freak out. Dancing in a box is safer and you get a close-up shot of your favs and though boring and predictable its still more inclusive. Theres no excuse for Shinee or F(x)….. they can do better….. a lot better especially F(x). They have the time so make it count.

  • G.

    If SM changed the way they do things now, there wouldn’t be a “norm” for k-pop. They’re one of the first and the largest entertainment company in Korea. Churning out popular idols one right after the other gave them the ability to shape k-pop into what it is now.

    H.O.T, Shinhwa, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD… These are all names that even the people who are new to k-pop can recognize.

    And their vanilla approach to the industry is what enables my beloved 2NE1 and Big Bang to stand out and be seen as “creative” and “refreshing” and “individualistic”. :)

    I hate SM for how they treat their artists. More than anything, that’s the first thing they need to switch up.

    • http://twitter.com/SoNyeoZaKey wildFancy

      erk? my friends now wonder girls, but not snsd… how’s that? thw kpop chart here in my country was consecutively topped by be my baby for almost a month, with the boys fails to climb the chart properly…any explanation on that? yes, snsd might be well known, but somehow, their concepts couldn’t fit in with the various tastes in international audience.. just saying that your statement ‘
       These are all names that even the people who are new to k-pop can recognize.’ is not necessarily true… except for super juniors.. well, boy group is inevitable,somehow? :)

    • Soohee Kang

      I disagree, the groups that seem to resonate with western viewers [in my experience] are predominately NOT SM groups, but standouts like BIGBANG or 2NE1. That’s not to say artists like SNSD, BOA, and Super Junior are completely absent from the western repertoire, but they are substantially less well known.

  • http://twitter.com/Heeunso Yoon Eun So

    seems like SM doesn’t care about boring or such a thing. the company concerned that people accept it and money comes. which is unfortunate that I love almost all of their artists.

  • Anonymous

    im with you..SM is kind a bored…always do the same thing

  • jen

    cool review

  • Anonymous

    Well, i dont see any problem regarding the arrangement of the songs-who will sing this and that. Especially in a vocally-rich group. Take for example, TVXQ.. we know Jaejoong sings first most of the time(practically coz he’s the main vocalists but adding on..SM has a lucky vibes on him that when he sings it first, the song will be a hit) … as long as they nailed their lines and put justice on it..it will be forever fine. 
    Don’t put too much pressure on this just to make the so called ‘originality’.. the one who can rap.. give him the rap part. He’ll do his best. The one who can scream.. let him scream. 
    what im trying to say.. Give justice to the whole song and not the individual song lines because at the end of the day its the whole song that we’ll be listening to..

    I had a good picture of SM’s strategy for their artists .. First, they’ll start to have a cutie cutie concept on their idols… then they comeback with such A Hit song with meticulous dancing and very catchy notes… Then the turning point … I know where they are up to… the never ending “SEXY” concept… see..(SNSD from gee-Genie-Run devil Run)…(SJ Rokuko and the likes-Sorry Sorry – Bonamana).. (TVXQ Hug-Purple line-Mirotic)

    from that point they dont know where they are going to.. and what concept is to deliver and end up just recycling and pretending there is a “concept” but there is really none.

    but do you think they are worrying on this department? NO!. as long as there is solid fanbase who are willing to suck all the things connected with their idol .. there will be no change in their strategy… solution: boycott. but that wouldn’t happen, not even in my dreams.. so i guess.. the best soultion is. Prayers.

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    I feel like this article is just another variation on all the SM articles that get written on this site -__-

  • Guest

    In all honesty, despite SM being everyone’s favourite symbol of Kpop industry evil, with groups like HOT/SES/Shinhwa SM basically set the precedent and formula of idol groups out there for everyone else to follow, and the reason it is still seen today boils down to the fact that SM has perfected the formula of pretty boys and girls + electro-bass heavy hits + slick dance moves to crank Maximum Profit from the fans (has anyone noticed that SM groups tend to have the most organized and obsessive fanbases? No offence meant.) By setting the standard formula for all idol groups to follow to varying degrees for success, SM is successful despite its lack of original and fresh material recently precisely because SM isn’t expected to churn out mindblowing music. As long as the music is semi-decent there’re still be devoted fans buying the albums, so really there’s no reason for SM to attempt to improve its general quality of music among its artistes. 

    • http://twitter.com/SoNyeoZaKey wildFancy

      but all those artist(HOT/SES/Shinhwa) can never sold an album for more than 1 million copies (just the one album alone) like what G.O.D did… and rain is definitely more popular worldwide if you wanna compare with boa and seven.

  • Soyachanlu

    This article is just biased against SM it’s so obvious. SM has just as much variety as any other music production company. I don’t like the fact that JYP and YG were put in this special light as if they were doing things with their idols that no one else has ever done. There are a few different formula to creating a group or an idol that will be successful and fit different genres and every music company; SM, YG and JYP follow it. And has SM not tried to push their other artist to test what other abilities they may have? SHINee’s Taemin is the biggest example of this. Taemin was trained as a dancer not a singer but he was given more in more lines to sing and has improved his singing. Some of the members in SNSD have been given more lines as well. We shouldn’t be concerned with how much variety is in a certain music company has but rather how much variety is in Kpop itself.
    Very little. 

    • Kyana

      I do agree with the fact that Kai is being hyped up waaay too much tho. Advertising is one thing SM has no variety with. 

    • yomoma

      variety in kpop will only live on, if the diversity in music, in visuals, in concepts is there. if YG or JYP would go only after the money, just like SM does, then kpop will die down sooner than we can think. SM needs to take responsibility. you don’t just open up such a music entertainment group to only make money, but also to train talent, show diversity, be creative. but SM does nothing like that. they feed the masses and it’s already showing that people get bored of the ever same shit.

    • May


  • Mary G

    honestly I lost my faith long time ago with SM….

    Nothing new? what a surprise!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1072841671 Vivian Ta

    Are they going to change the mvs that involve
    extremely well dressed idols dancing in an oddly lit room?
    I hope not :0
    I’m joking. I wish there were more story lines in mvs. 

  • ㅠㅠ


  • kpoploverinjp

    this writing just seems like a love letter to JYP and I cant understand So Hee or Lim or Chansung sings well than any other singers in SM entertainment. SM has made a lot of remarkable results both in Korea and out of Korea. The ability of producing, except advertising such as intended articles is uncontroversial and that’s why I dont know why SM is still recognized as a greedy and incapable company. Thats the biggest obstacle for the singers of SM, even though they are pretty good at singing and dancing. I think it is more meaningful that SM singers get great popularity overcoming this.

    • yomoma

      don’t you get it? all their marketing stratedgies are out for you to spend all your money and more for their artists. sure, they invest in the training for the artists and i have to agree that SM artists really are great live, there is nothing else to it. not extraordinary photoshoot, jacket shoot, music diversity, concepts, nothing. only what brings them your money. that’s why the repackaged albums only have 1-3 new songs, and you practically have to sell your soul to buy limited editions, blue rays or dvd or photobooks. they brainwash people into thinking that they are innovative and creative and one of a kind, when clearly, there is nothing creative about anyhing.

  • 9sdsdaw

    anyway it is uncontroversial that the ‘singers’ of SM entertainment are all good at singing and dancing. especially SHINee is one of the best korean group performancing and singing in ‘live’. their ability is too precious to be just in SM.

  • JenniKim319

    I agree that SM groups get lost after awhile. Where’s F(x) and SHINee? Haven’t heard from them in awhile in terms of the music scene :(

    • yomoma

      shinee is really lost, i guess, but both them and f(x) had to make room for suju, dbsk and snsd. f(x) is preparing for their japanese advancement early this year (was said in january, february). nothing heard after that announcement.

      • May

        Well, “totally lost”? shinee was in Japan and they are starting to promote the members in korea now (Key’s musical, Taemin in immortal song, etc)
        At least give them some time to rest lol

  • http://twitter.com/vavavoomchie Chie Sillona

    Im pretty sure SM will buy English songs again and translate it in Korean… so what’s new??

  • http://twitter.com/vavavoomchie Chie Sillona

    overall, YG Artists are the BEST!!!!


    • May


  • http://twitter.com/ErikinaDaisy Erika Ward

    I definitely see where your coming from but maybe there is something to what SM does. I mean if you have a zoo and your fav animal is the elephants — of course you’d prefer seeing only elephants but it’d be boring if there were no other animals right – YG and JYP are really good at switching things up, but on the opposite side SM is really good at following the formula. Personally I would hate your SM to just copy what YG and JYP does. Also I (and plenty of other people) learn towards SM more than the other companies. I know maybe you guys here on SeoulBeats don’t think so because you’ve obviously stated that you can’t stand SM – but I feel the exact opposite. I can’t stand JYP – and YG is sometimes all right. I used to listen to BB a little, but after finding out about Super Junior I left VIP and joined ELF. SuJu is too awesome. For me they beat Big Bang in every way… But again. It’s a matter of opinions. I know a lot of ppl would agree with me and a lot would disagree. 

    Here is what I actually like about the way SM does things. If YG and JYP are the kings of the funky and different looks, than SM are the kings of the uniformed looks. Like I can always tell a YG style from SM style – YG has the different coloured clothes and more of a hip hop vibe, whereas SM has more of the electronic vibe with matching clothes. Well, I think SM is smart to keep going by their formula. Why? It establishes routines and than when they do break free from those it makes everything THAT much special. For example, in Super Junior Eunhyuk and Shindong are the rappers and dancers but rarely ever sing, whereas Kyuhyun and Yesung are the singers and rarely ever dance. Classic SM formula right? And it works. We become fans of that. BUT SM plans well and then sneak us the changes! Like they’ll randomly have a song where Yesung is the main dancer (Shake it up) and Eunhyuk starts singing (Good Person) and when that happens it BLOWS FAN’S MINDS~ and they cheer even more due to the unexpectedness. Now I know this seems to follow what YG does, but the difference is that SM is really good at giving just a little and than taking back leaving us for wanting more. That;s what makes it special. Also, the diversity is what makes the team amazing. It is like that in any group. The fact that people like TOP and Eunhyuk are in charge of rap and Yesung and Daesung are in charge of singing adlibs is what we love about these groups. I think YG and SM are more alike than people realize. Maybe they can learn off each other. SM can loosen the reigns on patterns while YG can comform a little. Change is good. But I seriously wish that you writier here on Seoul Beats would stop being so Super JUnior anti – I mean just because I don’t like Big Bang doesn’t mean I go around bashing them — 

  • Tangledshem

    uhm actually there have been instances where SM, somehow didn’t follow the “formula”. like SNSD’s HOOT. you would always expect taeyeon to do the higher notes. and if there is more it would be given to Jessica. but no tiffanny did the ad-libs in hoot

    • http://twitter.com/SoNyeoZaKey wildFancy

      but it was done terribly during lives… extremely shaky and disturbing ad-libs, in every live videos.. =.=’

  • yomoma

    i was sick of exo even before the teasers were out. overhyped to the fullest and as a matter of fact, they are nothing but a disappointment. bus advertisements, newspaper advertisements, 12 teasers announced, and each and everyone had kai in it. god. stop. they never put in so much effort for their existing artists, let alone this whole seeing the same fucking face ALL THE TIME, ERRYTIME AGAIN. obviously exo = kai. he’s it. in this case: a huge cash cow. i really dislike SM for the ever so old, predictable moves they make. it’s only about the masses and the money. nothing innovative, nothing art related or musically, visually different. i don’t know. it’s a lost case.

    • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

      I agree. I dont find myself hyped up for them. I know its gonna start out good, then its gonna be the same repetitive thing :( 

      Still, like their songs just there is very slow growth and change. 

  • http://twitter.com/Larassass ‡• Šïc∂ •‡ 최 제시카

    For the first time,i agree with you :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002246424014 Tiaralover Diadem

    SMent has some greats artists in their company but they just want money and they don’t utilize their talent that much. 

  • roll&dice

    i can say SM manipulate and expoilt their artist whn obviously they have so much talent that arent utilize to their potential..at some point they have that typical gimmick movements put throughout their performances everywhere sometimes it made felt like ‘lost my cool’ over it. but then again, the upcoming newer agencies seemed to see that this is what pple want and so that is what they did.
    i so prefer what JYP and YG are doing to their artist..both agencies have the will to push their artist to their potential (JYP by doing it slowly yet effectively and YG consistently). both agencies are at some point equal in terms of talents and visions.
    i just wish SM do something bout their philosophies and not just raking in money and takes advantage of these talented people..

    (yet there’re pple saying JYP have “marching bands”)

  • http://twitter.com/darkskyez TrAcE

    man, you pointed out everything i wanted to say!! like seriously… i’m sick of sme’s productions

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    I would love to see SM give Key, and Minho more solos … I’ve barely ever heard them sing. =/

  • Anonymous

    This is somewhat irrelevant to the article, but I just wanted to say I really like these kinds of articles here on Seoulbeats. I like that these kinds of articles offer a more in depth perspective on some of the events/issues in KPOP, & not just news reports. Keep up the good work SB writers!<3 I'll definitely be going on this site more often.

  • Anonymous

    SM knows what works for their artist, so they tend to choose the lower risk option, thus increasing a chance of a hit. I like it because I know that they’d sound good. After a while though, the songs just sort of blend together. I’ve noticed with Suju though, lately there has been an increase of Donghae and Sungmin with KRY songs. So they are gradually changing things up. And Suju before and after Kyu joined sounds quite different.
    Sometimes, I think YG family changes too much if I like a certain style more than their new direction, but it does keep me interested.
    lol I love that nickname “Visual Kai”  because he doesn’t look like a VK artist at all (That wouldn’t be very SME).
    I think 2PM’s Changsung has a nice voice, he just needs to work on his technique. If they give him the opportunity, I think with time, he’ll be pretty good.

  • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

    I noticed this too. Their good at promoting these groups in the beginning, then they kinda dont know what to do with them. I have seen this with all of their groups, with sucks bc their good since they spent so much time training them. 

  • http://twitter.com/maring15 CA

    I do believe that I’m a little late..hehe but i just want to point out that SM is a factory of idols..those that aren’t needed anymore are discarded..new things are invented and used to the fullest.

    Basically, this agency is a business one. They never intended to focus on music like other agencies are. Did you ever hear someone from SM higher-ups that they want to do something with their idols music styles?–well, i haven’t, correct me if i’m wrong.

    It’s a typical business company. the only difference is that they manufacture people.

  • http://skatingchiic.tumblr.com/ Sungel

    well they definitely pushed the envelope with shinee’s sherlock. O.O and exo O.O

  • http://www.facebook.com/ati.tung.jeku Grace Berlian

    SM’s rigidity makes them the most Confucian entertainment agency in Korea.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I guess it’s true that there’s more inequality in SM’s songs and the distribution among members, but I guess you have to take into account the fact that Super Junior and SNSD are huge groups. It’s also interesting to see how these groups have changed since their debut. Honestly, Suju seems to change all the time. I don’t even know what their image is exactly. SNSD becomes more manufactured with every song, I feel like…but, since I’m pretty sure that for both of them, about 70% of their popularity is due to their variety show appearances, I guess I don’t really care.

    When it comes to SHINee, I feel sad, because I think they’ve declined since their debut. They could’ve become the next DBSK, but then they were sucked into the whole variety show/Diva Key/Onew Condition/Flaming Charisma this and that and you didn’t hear about their music and talents as much. And SM let didn’t care when it did. They’ve encouraged it, actually.

    When I say SHINee could’ve been the next DBSK…that’s because DB5K is SM’s only modern group that hasn’t followed the formula and succeeded. The distribution between the members was pretty even. That was probably due to the fact that they also were an acapella group, but SM had a lot more faith in every individual. We all know they were created as a super group, though…so maybe SM needs to just have more faith in its artists…? I guess I can understand, though. CSJH the Grace was like DB5K in their talents/equal distribution, but they were never popular. I guess DB5K is just lucky they worked out out so incredibly.

    …Long post over.

  • http://twitter.com/dannesue Dee

    This is rubbish. Guess what. Amber sing in electric shock.

    You want Minho sing even he’s not that good. You want him to be criticize just like JYP artists’?

    • ridiculous riddle

      who criticize jyp artists? i know sohee ist that good vocally but now she’s improved and i dont see where people want to criticize her. just take it, sm isnt a good company eventhough they have your bias under them.

  • Chelsea Fisher

    I’m a little disappointed with SHINee. They were the first group who got me into liking K-Pop but as I started to like other groups, I’ve noticed that my interest for them has gone down. Now I noticed the “formula”. I’d like to see SHINee do something risky for once, to just switch it all up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000033564989 Princess May Arpon

    Minho is already taking some significant singing parts on SHINee’s songs. Even Taemin too, especially him. And to mention, Key seldom takes some of the high notes parts even from before.

    And about the visual Kai, he’s the main dancer so it’s expected he would had more teasers. And accept it or not, although a lot of people hated those ‘endless’ teasers, still, it actually caught the attention of a very very good number of fans. Seems like a good advertising technique, right?

    Comeback then repackage promotions. That seldom happens, not just in SME. But just a fact, within SHINee’s 4 years of existence, they only had 1 repackaged album.

    But there’s one thing I agree with you, only one though, and it’s the ‘dancing in the box’.

  • ridiculous riddle

    no matter how much you guys give reasons why this article is false, for me it’s so damn true. i never been impressed by sm neither do their singers. full stop

  • ThatKidOverThere

     Sooo…. You want Key, who is a rapper, to sing a high note or two for
    once instead of Jonghyun, who is the lead singer…. Gotcha. (I realize
    this is an example, but still, it doesn’t really make sense to me.)

    I see what your getting at, but everyone has their parts for a reason:
    because that’s what they’re good at. Instead of making members try parts
    that they don’t usually do and taking a risk that may or may not turn
    out well, they’re harnessing the talents that they already know are
    there. Maybe once they think they’ve gotten someone to the full extent
    of their talents they’ll start mixing it up a bit.

    And you know, they are doing a bit more now. Amber sang in Electric
    Shock even though she’s the rapper, Minho is actually taking on more
    singing parts than before… Maybe they’re just taking it slow.

    Feel free to disregard this, just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Lately, i really don’t like SM’s songs (Sherlock, Spy, History, Mama, etc. w/ the exception of Shadow) 
      I think the song writer sucks, honestly. With the exception of maybe Shinee the groups in SM lack a definite concept (Mblaq- chiq and masculine, Nu’est- electropop, Bigbang- hiphop etc) or something that’s really impacting. Nowadys with more and more groups, that identity is very important. and SM has recently been lazy with producing songs for their groups and only pushed for more endorsements. Cheondoong of Mblaq was originally the rapper but he had a larger role in singing than Lee Joon. 
      And SM shouldn’t take their training “slow” especially in a fast paced world like today.

  • bea roal

    Just a while ago I was thinking about this, but in a more general sense. I was thinking that to create a new K-pop group they probably have a “shopping” list: “we need a couple of rappers, about three vocalists, the one who will be the leading dancer, etc.” They are ALL THE SAME. Well, most of them, at least.

    Even groups with instruments don’t have all the same people, meaning guitarist, bass, etc., and that’s why we like a particular group, because it’s different. Even if we still like all these k-pop idols, we would probably be more crazy (expending money) for a unique group.

  • a_woot

    I think SM’s motto is definitely: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If the formula’s guaranteed to work, why mess with it? Although I do understand the concerns about SHINee and f(x) getting lost once SNSD and SuJu come into play. If SNSD/SuJu are intending for a comeback, then they probably get “first pick” for a song or at least more attention will get paid to their comebacks since they’re big cash cows for SM. And then SHINee/f(x) gets the leftovers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000257663037 Hebe Perry-Belfrage

    Although some of this article is true, it is very biased, as it seems most of this website is…

  • KOBE

    SM needs to watch Pitch Perfect. It’s good to switch things up. So long as it’s good, I guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=66902047 Cristina Marasigan

    Can’t really compare Kai to Yoona or other “visuals” or centers of the groups because he actually has a talent, he can dance! And it’s not just would be fans or current fans that see it, critics have praised his ability to keep up with his seniors. Yes, Kai is the center and he is the visual, but at least he’s got talent, he’s not just a handsome face to draw in fans.

  • Margareta

    But they did a good thing with Henry. I like “trap”

  • summerlady

    “I’ve never really been impressed with SM Entertainment, but I will admit to liking many of their artists and songs” YES THIS. THIS IS SO ME