The SBS Gayo Daejun has already been reviewed twice over, but there’s one part of the show that Seoulbeats has not covered: the red carpet. The fabulous and incredibly gorgeous idols of K-popdom walked (or more exactly, stood in front of a fake wall) the red carpet in tailored tuxes, glamorous gowns, sexy minis, and painful-looking heels. Most celebrities wore black, which was disappointing to me because I find black to be a boring color, especially when everyone wears it. Still, everyone looked great – some more than others, of course.

G.NA looked lovely, and my one complaint is that her outfit was more boring and less dressy than it should’ve been. And while many other boy groups arrived wearing more, er, creative clothes, TVXQ opted for simple, sleek tuxedos. They look delicious but Changmin needs a haircut. Kim Hyun-joong added more style to his tuxedo with his buttoned-up black waistcoat, clearly visible under his unbuttoned satin jacket. His look was traditional, stylish, gentlemanly, but a little edgier.

I’m a little taken back by the lack of color and garishness from 2NE1’s outfits. These ladies are known for wearing bright and eccentric clothing, but for this event they toned their usual bizarre style down into something more sophisticated and refined. Minzy looked  fabulous, but I’m questioning the choice of her black velvet blazer. I almost couldn’t recognize Dara without her usual headache-inducing ponytails. She looks more pretty and mature with her hair down. Bom, where’s your mini? You looked dowdy in that unflattering velvet dress and that fur collar hides your neck. CL looked cool and confident in an outfit in an all-black outfit and sunglasses.

Davichi showed up in matching black sequin dresses. These ladies are lovely as always, but I frown upon their lack of individuality as well as the shortness of their dresses.

Super Junior arrived in black, having little differences to their jackets to add some semblance of individuality. Is Shindong wearing sneakers? Not OK. Luckily, SNSD arrived in pretty pastel gowns, mostly made by Pronovias. Only Taeyeon and Hyoyeon wore mini-dresses, which is a nice reversal from SNSD’s usual red-carpet habits. To be honest, I found these looks to be somewhat boring, but they’re a definite step-up from what the girls wore to the MAMAs.

Normally, I love IU’s sense of style. She has a flirty, feminine taste in clothing and knows what looks good on her. And I would love this dress if its skirt was different. IU’s dress looks like it could’ve been really cute – if only there was less tulle and the hemline was shorter. It looks dowdy, and it swallows up IU and makes her look shorter. Song Ji-hyo, on the other hand, wore a vibrant orange-red dress. Though I find her look to be somewhat garish, I will admit that she does has style and originality. Compared to her, everyone else looked like they were following a dress code. Soloist K.Will wore an interesting get-up that comprised of a short jacket over a waistcoat and baggy pants. Not a very fashion-forward outfit, but hey — I like his pin.

Teen Top wore various ugly loose-fitting jackets, while f(x) had more individuality in their outfits. Luna wore an ugly fur jacket that she may have possibly skinned herself, while Sulli donned a leather dress and jacket with furry sleeves. I don’t like either outfits. Krystal opted for a more casual look with her simple black blazer, and Amber wore a dress-like leather jacket with studs. I’m disappointed by Victoria’s boring black outfit and simple ponytail.

No amount of love I have for INFINITE could make me forgive these awful metallic outfits. Not only do I disapprove of matching outfits, but the color was absolutely hideous. Boyfriend’s outfits looked like a mish-mash of what everyone else wore: tuxes, fur, leather, black, and oversized jackets. Not good.

Miss A and Brown Eyed Girls didn’t start any new trends with their looks. Dressed head-to-toe in black, they looked remarkably similar to other celebrities at the event. What really stands out about Miss A’s look, though, is the contrast of Jia’s overly revealing outfit to Suzy’s overly conservative outfit. But maybe Suzy just stood out because her bandmates were wearing considerably less than she was.

Sistar looked sexy but boring in black mini-dresses. Secret’s look was more fun and festive, despite still being entirely black. I especially liked Hyosung’s look.

Thank goodness for B1A4 and Rainbow. These groups added a little more color and creativity to an otherwise boring all-black red carpet event. B1A4’s outfits were gross-nasty, especially with all that dead animal draped all over them, but they were fun. Rainbow’s outfits were half neutral, half black. I appreciate the sparkly, feminine neutral-colored outfits more, but I’m also wondering about Jaekyung‘s overly long black jacket.

KARA also added a little color, with Jiyoung in a bright red drress. All the girls wore sparkly heels in different shades of silver and it’s nice that Goo Hara thought to bring her cat with her. The members of CNBlue all wore velvet blazers, looking handsome but blah. To be honest, I find velvet suits cheap and tacky. It’s better to stick with satin or silk.

U-KISS wore sneakers with their suits, which is never OK. The boys should’ve invested in some nice brogues, not Nikes. A.J. looked like a nun with his oversized jacket. What’s up with K-pop men and oversized jackets? They don’t look good on anyone! Fitted is better, like the kind worn by F.T. Island. These boys arrived wearing leather jackets and pants, looking handsome, chic, and different from everyone else, thank goodness.

T-ara came wearing black velvet dresses with varying collars and silhouettes. T-ara always looks pretty, but I’m always bored to death by their outfits. The Wonder Girls were looking mature, tasteful, and classy in their black-and-white outfits. The fitted tops, structured jackets, and tight pants highlighted their great figures and emphasized their womanliness. I hate to say it but T-ara looked like little girls next to them.

All in all, I found this red carpet event to be beyond boring. It was as if there was a dress code: Wear plain black outfits in the form of mini dresses or suits. The only standouts were B1A4, SNSD, IU, and Song Ji-hyo, as they broke the mold and wore something that wasn’t tight and black. B1A4 wore fugly but fun outfits while SNSD, IU, and Ji-hyo looked like goddesses in their gowns.

What do you think of this red carpet? Which look is your favorite?

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