• Xenia

    May they be successful, Amen.
    As a side note, my husband just looked over my shoulder at the photo with wigs and commented “pretty girl”. When I asked wich one he was like “it’s the same girl, isn’t it? Oh, come on, second and fourth are totally the same, and far left and a middle one are 100% the same, also the far right one looks similar to other four – the same girl from different angles, right? Oh, wait, no, different boobs” JYP should never come back to that confusing style for WG, LOL.

  • anihseyo

    I really like this group…they are so hardworking( not saying others arent). For my taste, other girl groups are too cutesy or at least try really hard to be and that doesnt fly with me. They don’t really try to be anything but themselves. I will definitely watch their movie on Feb 2, I have actually heard its good and while the previews do look cheesy its something inevitable as it is a teennick production. I really have high hopes for them and I roll my eyes on everyone that calls them a failure when they are barely starting.

    Wonder Girls fighting!

  • Anonymous

    I also want WG to succeed, largely because they’ve tried so hard. But working with Nick, my expectations aren’t too high. Even if they develop a fan base in the States, they’d be like other Nick stars – B and C listers. I can see them appealing to younger crowds, 8-13.

  • C.A.T

    J.Y.Park said it right he wanted to expand WG but also gain a new wisdom of his profession. Not always about the money honey. If world is a bigger place then you should explore. Someday fans will understand.

    • ME

      Gosh, I’m glad there are people like Mq & C.A.T
      What would the world be, if we ever let anyone snatch our dream just because…. (you can insert any reason you want to apply). 

      Call me naive, call me names, but people like you really make my day seem a lot better. 

      “I’ve come to respect their work ethics, determination and courage to dream. It’s the classic story and quite beautiful actually.” +  “If world is a bigger place then you should explore.”
      (Salute both of you)

      Yup, no matter what the outcome comes, I applause them for their strong will and determination to explore US. And also admire all whom support them, the agency, the families, friends. It will be so much more easier just to stay in one place and be successful, than to bear the possibility of being failed and become the laugh of the day, yet they choose to take the risk. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

    This is probably the only positive commentary on their ventures in the State by any international kpop listener. 

    I agree wholeheartedly; JYP is in it for the long haul and he has been their sole motivator to continue on the journey. While everyone including their families are second guessing them, telling them to abandon and pull back, they’ve held their ground and continue to go into the studio to make music, work on their english and grab every opportunity that comes by them. 

    I’ve come to respect their work ethics, determination and courage to dream. It’s the classic story and quite beautiful actually. 

  • http://twitter.com/qoxie qoxie

    Keep in mind that WG’s 20-date solo US tour, even while playing to modest but sold-out 2.5~3K venues, was ultimately a US$2 million-dollar earner (ticket prices at minimum $35). That’s how they could afford to travel by plane in between gigs, as opposed to a tour bus like with Jobros.

    I think the feat is a US record by a singer from Asia. Rain didn’t achieve it, neither did BoA or SMTown, while Utada’s best was 8 shows on her US tour. I remember only one Korean news source projecting this revenue amount, which otherwise has been overlooked & so the misinformation continues that WG is a US flop.

    Rumor is JYP is sounding out the possibility of a JYP Nation world tour that includes multiple stops in America. That will break WG’s box office mark, for sure!

  • Guest

    there’s things to admire about jyp’s approach. 1. he’s willing to give this project time and he’s in it for the long haul. 2. he’s made some interesting choices by focussing on a single demographic – the pre-teen/teen audience that artists like the jonas brothers and channels like nickelodeon cater to. 3. the girls have put in the work in terms of learning the language and doing the best they can with every appearance. 4. it has obviously impacted their music in a positive way since their korean album was one of the best kpop albums of the year. 

    but i remain unconvinced that the wg and kpop itself can ever make the kind of money these companies are hoping for when they attempt a us debut. jype has lost quite a bit of money with this venture and has reached the point where they are no longer big 3 in terms of sales. or that jyp really knows what he’s doing. the girls don’t really have much to show for the time they spent in the us. they started with momentum with the jobros tour and appearaning on sytycd. the us tour was successful but then what? this movie has been in the making for a while, there is still no sign of an english album and no plans of what will happen after this movie. targeting a particular demographic can also go horribly wrong because it’s not like teen popstars that disney/nick created have a lot of longevity. and their vocal/performing skill level has not really improved much. maybe that’s fine for the teen audience but it’s not really going to get them very far in terms of wider success. people can point out all the katy perrys and keshas they want, but neither are a 5-five member korean girl group trying to break in to a foreign market. the odds are already stacked against the wg and they need to be better than good to have a fighting chance and long-term success.

    • chelle

      I don’t think JYP artists ever had great sales in terms of physical, digital not too shabby. They make money through endorsements and other deals. When WG were at the highest point in their popularity they did not sell well or break 100K however they did it through other promotions. I could be wrong I don’t know the facts per say.

      • Anon

        maybe no one from their current roster, except 2pm before their scandal, but h.o.t and rain sold plenty of records. and as you said they do okay-to-well digitally. 2am do very well digitally. and jyp used to sell enough to keep them in the big 3 in terms of sales except in the last 2 years or so.

        • YeLLow

          H.O.T was with SM though………. 

          • idontknoe

            yea, jyp had g.o.d

  • Kel12892

    Did you see Nick Cannon’s interview at the premiere? Talk about taking credit for the girls hard work.

  • G.

    Can anyone name a Nickelodeon celebrity off the top of their head? No? Yeah, didn’t think so. The people who show up on Nickelodeon tv shows are basically the child-equivalent of Kathy Griffin, and I feel sorry for the Wonder Girls that they’re grouped with such nobodies.

    If your only basis for saying that they are or will be a success in America is to compare them to other k-pop stars who have tried (and ultimately failed), it’s not a very good argument. JYP should be aiming for more than just beating whoever got their first. Their competition should be Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus—not BoA. They’re not in Korea anymore and they need to realize to really make an impact, they have to GO HARD OR GO HOME.

    I put that in the other Hallyu article and I’m putting it here, too.

    I’m completely disappointed with JYP right now. He is capable of producing a better song and music videos of higher quality than this. What once used to be Korea’s number one girl group has been reduced to a group of nobodies singing cheesy shit songs to appeal to the easiest target audience in America. They’re not even TRYING to aim high.

    All that talk about “wisdom” is bullshit; JYP is just trying to save face and justify sending his best group to America for two fucking years.

    Do not even get me started on the fact that they’ve already started off on the wrong damn foot by allowing their competition to show them up on their own debut song. -__- I don’t know who the School Gyrls are, but they did a better job carrying half the song for a third-rate group.

    • chelle

      Miranda Crosgrove
      Victoria Justice
      Big Time Rush
      …..and that’s all I got just because Nickelodeon isn’t Disney doesn’t mean the company has no successful act.

      • G.

        From your list, I’ve only ever heard of Miranda Cosgrove and that’s because she was in School of Rock. I had no idea she was a Nickelodeon star.

        I have three younger sisters and one younger brother, two of them are in middle school and NONE of them or their friends have ever heard of anyone on your list. I asked.

        It’s a small pool to be polling, but their responses made me laugh.

        • Music=Love

          I’m sorry, but almost everyone I know, know who all of these people are and we are much older than middle schoolers. Just because people around you don’t know who they are doesn’t mean no one else doesn’t I know people who don’t even know who Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber are. With that being said the recent Nick stars haven’t yet broke free from their tweeny demographic. Disney has been molding their child slaves into pop sensations since the beginning(Brittney spears and Justin Timberlake) Nick is just really getting into it.

          • Guest

            Tweeny demographic. There you go.

            What Disney’s been doing right all this time is marketing their kids to a wider demographic with outside activities, like albums, movies, and concert tours with non-Disney teen idols.

            Meanwhile Nickelodeon gets to play reruns of My Wife & Kids and George Lopez…

            Oh yes. Nickelodeon is doing SO well for themselves right now because YOU know people who aren’t pimply-faced tweens with braces who know Nickelodeon stars. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are topping charts and raking in millions of dollars. Especially Selena.

          • Music=Love

            Geez! Do you work for Disney or something? No need to get all defensive I couldn’t care less about Disney or Nickelodeon, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nick stars are actually well known. Just because someone is more famous doesn’t mean the other is not. I don’t mean to get into a debate about this because the issue is becoming irrelevant, but I feel like you have some personal feelings towards Nickelodeon. I didn’t mean to push a button.

          • hmmmmm

            Its not that they’re not well known or make money. Miranda Cosgrove is the 2nd highest paid child actor on TV. Its just that Nick kids haven’t really broke out of the teenie bopper arena like the Disney kids have. You’ve got to admit they found some of the biggest stars today and their new kids are doing pretty well out in the real world too. Its weird because Nickalodean started longer than the Disney channel.

          • Guest

            wtf are you on about? Disney hasn’t broken out of the Tweeny demographic either….

          • hmmmmm

            Britney, Justin, Kerri Russell, Ryan Gosling, Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens do Hollywood movies, even Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have charted well on Billboard and sold millions of albums all over the world. They’ve all left Disney and done really well. They’re mainstream enough to where they don’t just rely on the tweeny demographic. They get airplay as well as red carpet attention. The Nick kids aren’t getting as much attention. You break into the mainstream when the general American public know your name. Even the Jersey Shore team is more famous than Victoria Justice. Nicks last superstar was Amanda Bynes.

    • Rory

      lol, thank you for this!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with most of the points about how you measure WGs success!

      But your point about Nickolodeon stars: KENAN AND KEL/RAVEN. (I’m far too old for recent shit, BUT I CAN NAME IT AT THE TOP OF MY HEAD!) Isn’t the Kenan dude on SNL now?

      • Anonymous

        Raven wasn’t a Nick kid. The only Superstar kids from Nick were from the 90s. I can name 3 people who did well after Nick. Kenan, Amanda Bynes, and Melissa Joan Heart. Disney had more.

        • G.

          Wasn’t Raven from the Cosby Show?

          • Music=Love

            Yeah, but she wen’t and had her own show on Disney called That’s So Raven.

          • Anonymous

            The Cosby Show wasn’t on Nick either. I’m pretty sure it was prime time on network tv.

      • Guest

        The only Nickelodeon stars I can think of right now:

        – Rugrats
        – Spongebob
        – Hey Arnold

        And they’re all cartoon characters.

      • Music=Love

        Don’t forget Nick Cannon ^^

    • YeLLow

      Big Time Rush 

      Victoria Justice  
      Jamie Lynn Spears (hrmm, sure she left a while ago though) 
      Miranda Cosgrove…

      Does it make a difference I live in Australia? Don’t think so…. 

  • Bervalvic

    I kind of wish Boa would have stayed and pusrued a career in the US. I did a project on Kpop and talked about advancements into the American music stream and surprisingly people in my classroom knew a little about Boa. Come on, I eat you up was a good track. If she would have remained persistent I think she would have made some sort of impact.

    As for Se7en once I saw Lil Kim, I knew it was a fail. And the song was a remake. It had to be, it sounded too familiar.

    I do wish the wonder girls luck because I actually like the group. Though, I have a problem with the demographic they are aiming at. These days kids sell to kids a lot better than adults do. Examples: Miley, Selena, Justin Beiber, and Raven. Disney had the right idea and Nick is joining in the bandwagon with Victorious and ICarly. It is a smart idea if they are succesfull, but I do still have my doubts. Nick isn’t a bad move, but a movie with school gyrls. Why couldn’t they have show?

    And the Dj’s mine. I could actually do w/o Lim and Sohee singing.

  • Sali

    LOL at the pathetic fans here. No one and I say no one has ever became stars overnight. It takes years to become somebody in the US. WG has definitely surpassed BoA and se7en, but WG hasn’t stopped. Step at a time. That’s how you do it. 

    If you think WG will become as popular as Selena Gomez with this movie, I laugh at your face. The thing is, WG is doing it the right way. Who knows, maybe next year they will be relevant in the American Music Industry.

    • Xenia

      Not really. If  you start with a bang you have a chance to become Shakira. If not – you have a chance to try really hard and then still return home with your tail between your legs. Hard job isn’t enough to become a top star.

      • Sali

        Shakira was in the business already before her popularity boomed. Call WG a failure when they stop trying.

        • Xenia

          WG are not quite new either… It’s just that Shakira’s first single in English was a smashing hit and WG just lack something.

          • Sali

            I meant Shakira was already trying in the US way before she got that popularity. Tell me one person (be sure to research first) that has their debut single sweeping the charts. Come on. Tell me.

          • Xenia

            Really, she did? You count her Spanish albums or what? “”Whenever Wherever” was her first English single – and it was a bomb. What was a first English single for WG, again?
            “Tell me one person (be sure to research first) that has their debut single sweeping the charts” – are you joking? Britney Spears? Baby one more time? Such things happen often enough O___O If you need a foreign act – see above.

      • happyslip

        To be fair, I think Shakira will eventually have it easier because Latin acts…have had better results in America than say, Asian acts. Secondly, she’s a solo artist, so it’s not like she will be boxed in another stigma the WG’s are currently in — being in a pop group. 
        Since they’re a girl group, the closest comparison I could think of was the Pussycat Dolls — their first foray as an official singing pop group through “Don’t Cha” was successful. But then again, they targeted a different market. 

    • Capri08

      I know Wonder Girls will not make it over night in America, truthfully honest no one can make it and stay on top, without hard work. Has WG made a bigger impact in the American Music industry than Se7en and BoA, respectively specking, yes. 
      Has WG stopped in trying to come over to American music industry, no. 
      But neither will American music industry stop it’s ever changing and growing music.  The AM industry won’t wait for the WG to find their way. Just as the WG are coming over, so are dozens of other artists from other countries trying as well. Not including American artists themselves trying to making in their own industry. In a year time the industry, is like five normal years. Am I hoping that they will fail, no, I actually like the WG, but I’m speaking from my realistic point of view.

  • Capri08

    The difference between BoA, Se7en and Wonder Girls debut into the American music industry, is BoA and Se7en went into per say “adult” music, while Wonder Girls are sticking with the “Tweens”. Will they get far?…..Mmm not likely do to three big factors:
    1. Wonder Girls are going up against tough competition, and we know how they are. Competitors who have had their own shows and movies, clothing line, and working since they were how old!?

     2. Wonder Girls are fighting against they’re age. Yes, there are Tween idols who might be the same age as them, but they start working at a younger age. Have had a longer time in the Tween area.

    3. If Wonder Girls ever want to come out of the Tween area of music, it’s going to be extremely hard. You can’t just go from the cute to sexy image like in Korea and the rest of Asia without receiving backlash. In America if you sing for Tweens you have to stick to the image you set for self. If not, than you better be prepared and willing to overcome the backlash. 
    (I’m sure you guys know the examples of this.)

    • Music=Love

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that. I think it all depends on how they transition from tweens to the more adult mainstream audience. Disney stars and other pop stars started out targeting kids, but then went and became much more adult with an even larger fan base, and as for backlash, there will always be backlash antis and critics come with the territory. In America the most successful people have the most haters ex:Justin Beiber and I don’t even like his music, but I can’t deny his obvious success. With that being said I respect your concern for The Wonder Girls. 

      • Capri08

        The reason why I say they will have a hard time at transition is due in fact to their history and KPop history. When most of the Disney and other pop idols transition to a more adult pop they were at the age Wonder Girls are at now. During their pre-teens day they sang for the Tweens, but as they grew older they change and stuck to it. While with Wonder Girls and the rest of KPop, especially girls groups, they constantly change back and forth between the two. Yes, there will always be backlash and critics no matter what group they sing to, this is why I say it will be a problematic factor for them. Not that they can’t do it, but that they better be prepared for it.  

        • Music=Love

          I get you

        • Guest

          hrmm… Ashley Tisdale was doing High School Musical in her 20s. and now shes doing teen roles stilll… so I get your point. :S

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of commenters have the wrong idea about who JYP is targeting with this WG movie. He and the Wonder Girls are working with Nickelodeon for the project but the movie is airing on Teen Nick. This might be a bad move considering it’s not in the usual cable package, I think you need a satellite dish to watch it. However, the target audience is probably anywhere from 12 to the early 20s. Teen Nick has shows that are “mature” in concept like Degrassi and they show reruns of old 90s shows which appeal to older teens and young adults for nostalgic reasons. Compare this to regular Nick, which has shows like Spongebob, etc. I think they are on the right track though. This young audience will be more accepting of typical, meaningless, pop.

    But as for the WG success, who knows? I think it’s up in the air. The interview they had with Access Hollywood was more or less successful, better than some SNSD interviews I’ve seen with American entertainment shows. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the movie. The girls’ English really improved a lot and I’m curious to see them try to act in English. Apparently they are working on an album. And just to add a thought that just came to mind, I would love to see them do a collaboration with Big Time Rush. For a Nick musical act, they are doing pretty good, and I have to admit I am kind of a fan of BTR. Them being a boyband fits the genre and style that the WG have.

    I really hope for their success since the Wonder Girls have been at it for so long!


      Working with Big Time Rush will kill them. They will never be looked at as a real artist if they work with them. Seriously man, they need to work with Will. I. Am. or Katy Perry hell they might do well with Gaga ….

      • http://twitter.com/NotMyBirthday21 Lakeisha

        So the only way to be famous in America is to get famous off another huge stars. That is crap. Snoop Dog worked with Big Time Rush and after he did his career was not over. I actually celebrate groups/artists that work hard and don’t get famous from just being on a song with someone else who is famous. Katy Perry worked hard and look where it got here. She is on the top. She didn’t need help from another famous star when she started out. 

      • Anonymous

        Well I was thinking along the lines of Nickelodeon acts. Sure, they will forever be stuck in the teen market, but it would be fun. It wouldn’t kill them. If anything they’d be gaining a lot more young fans.

      • YeLLow

        Wonder Girls are working with some of the top producers and song writers though. 

        Honestly I’m glad WG aren’t working with big stars like Katy Perry or Will.I.Am. I like how they’re working hard to achieve their own success instead of leeching off others. It makes me admire them even more.  

  • springheart

    I agree wholeheartedly, some people are just too quick to judge with these kinds of of things when it obviously needs time to progress to anything. I wish nothing but the best for them and i respect their efforts. 

    • Guest

      They’ve been in the US for about two years.

      • springheart

        It’s true they have been here in about 2 years but they haven’t really done much for us to judge on their success though. Now only when their new tv air and their official album release then we can all see if they actually made it or not.

      • springheart

        It’s true they have been here in about 2 years but they haven’t really done much for us to judge on their success though. Now only when their new tv air and their official album release then we can all see if they actually made it or not.

  • happyslip

    I think I have gotten over the initial frustration with their US venture. How they seemed to have “lost” their status in Korea so easily, when I believe they could have expanded to other markets like Japan and China first frustrated me before. I will admit that I felt everything was just rushed when I first heard their US plans years ago. I mean, sure “Nobody” was catchy and it caused massive lss, but back then I strongly felt that it wouldn’t really do them good in the US. Even now, I still think that the song wasn’t even a good “introduction”, no matter how phenomenal it was in Asia. Then you have the argument that they have “achieved” everything in Korea already to justify their US plans, when I take a look at SNSD and I feel that no, they could have done so much more in Korea — they haven’t done everything yet in the two years that they have the nation’s girl group title. 

    More than two years down the road however, I’ve come to accept it. Some people might still think that all of this is just JYP’s master plan to get HIS name out there, but I really believe that the girls themselves want this and yes, it doesn’t matter if they’re not as relevant in places where they used to dominate anymore. I’m personally iffy with their movie, but I salute the dedication. You can’t really help but respect them and eventually wish for the best.

  • Anonymous

    If they ever make a name for themselves here in the U.S. it’s going to be with very little support from the k-pop community i’ll tell you that. The overwhelming majority of the community believe they will fail or want them to fail so won’t support them.
    I hope these girls one day find some sort of success here because I know how hard they’re working for it and I also really like listening to their music. Would be great to listen to some of their songs without having to look up translations.

  • Anonymous

    A hit song is the minimum requirement.  Without one, they will languish and have to call it quits in the US.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

    LOL at this fangirl article about the Wonder Girls with ZERO objectivity or any actual FACTS (like most articles on Seoulbeats).  

    The WG in the US isnt about them being in the US releasing albums, doing concerts, making Teen Nick movies, etc … it is about them throwing away their tremendous popularity in Korea (and Asia) to waste their time in mediocrity in the US.

    WG were the #1 popular music artist in Korea (look up the Gallup Korea polls of music artists in 2006, 2007, 2008).  They ushered in the return of girl groups in Korea and their popularity extended well into the rest of Asia from China to SE Asia.  … And JYP threw that all away because he has a huge HARD-ON for the US and forced the WG to start from the bottom-floor in the US music industry where they were nobodies and still nobodies.  

    I am always surprised that so many Wonderfuls (I assume that you are one from this fangirl article) ignore that SunMi quit the WG b/c she hated the US.  Or that JYP made the WG live in illegal housing in NYC.  Or JYP has lost millions in his US operations from his own income reports that all companies listed on KOSDAQ are required to give.  (Just google any of this to confirm it yourself).

    And it is appropriate that you mentioned Se7en and BoA, two solo artists with tremendous popularity in Asia, who wasted years in the US, then failed and went back to Asia to find the fame they once had completely gone and both cant sell records anymore.

    FYI : Some corrections to your article : 
    1) Se7en’s US debut was a total bust and he sold nothing.  There was nothing ‘respectable’ about it.
    2) BoA’s singles charted on the Billboard Dance subcharts and never on the main Billboard Top 100.  Her US album sold a total of 8,000 in the US which is far cry from the millions BoA previously sold in Japan/Korea
    3) ‘The DJ is Mine”, while not a lead single from an album and is really a OST for the Teen Nick movie failed to chart on Itunes Top 1000 Singles Chart (About your dig on SNSD’s ‘The Boys’, it reached #52 on the main Itunes Top 1000 Singles chart)
    4) The WG movie is on Teen Nick and not Nickelodeon, there is a huge difference and they are completely different channels.  And the WG movie is produced by Nick Cannon and also co-stars Nick Cannon’s own failed girl group “School Gyrls”  … who previously starred in their own Teen Nick movie about 2 years ago.  How did that Teen Nick School Gyrls movie do for them … ???

    The only thing correct about your article is the Wonder Girls’ popularity in Korea (although that has fallen greatly which is too be expected if you leave a country for 3 years)

    • chelle

      The illegal housing was from the ex-tutor right? I question his credibility I think I remember reading a user in soompi being emailed by wg’s ex-tutor because he did not like what the user posted about him which is pretty creepy.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

        JYP was investigated by NYC for illegal housing and was fined.  The NYPost article was pulled from their website but here is an Gothamist article about it



          You don know squat about NY housing system. Ignorance and the blind faith is the worst combination. Do not talk about something which you have no idea. I’ve been there, and done that. I m living in it.   

      • Igbygrl

        No he really did get fined. Their is a even a picture of JYP’s office in New York with an eviction notice taped up on the front door.

    • http://twitter.com/clazzigirl BoBGirl

      I completely agree … And I’m completely bitter to no end that JYP forced on them his “American dream”. 

      • Anonymous

        The girls themselves have said that they wanted to go to America, so it’s not so much JYP pushing them to do it than the girls actually wanting to go to the US.

        Why are you bitter, though? 

        Why not just wish them the best instead of being angry over a decision that really shouldn’t affect anyone else’s life but theirs? 

        This, “They should have stayed home, they will fail in the US.” brigade is really quite annoying. It’s been 3 years. You’d think some people will have come to accept this whole issue of the Wonder Girls in the US.

        I can appreciate worry and genuine concern for the possibility of failure, but the never ending tirade of “Just stay home!”, “I still can’t believe they’re in the US only to become nobodies when they’re so famous in Korea!” or “They have failed, already 3 years in the US and still nothing! They failed!” seem to stem not from actual care for the Wonder Girls, but from deep anger.

        Why is that? Why are people so, so angry about this? 

        I get it that you’re probably a fan, but shouldn’t a fan wish their idol the best and support them? 

        I would not want to be friends with anyone who tries to hold me back from trying to achieve my dream and who takes on a pessimistic view on my life. Those people who only see bitterness and failure should reflect more on their lives instead of getting angry over someone else’s decision about their life.

        • http://twitter.com/clazzigirl BoBGirl

          “I get it that you’re probably a fan, but shouldn’t a fan wish their idol the best and support them? ”
          Not really. It would be blind of me of supporting everything an idol – in this case an idol management company – does. At some point, I’m not happy with JYP’s management decisions. I’m quite disappointed but I have never said “they will fail in the US.” I actually wish they do good in the US and I still keep an eye on their activities.
          “I would not want to be friends with anyone who tries to hold me back from trying to achieve my dream and who takes on a pessimistic view on my life. ”
          Wow what ? First, I’m not their friend. Your comparison between fan and friend doesn’t even make sense. I’m not getting angry. Then, the WG are not taking the decision by themselves, JYP does (maybe you should watch again the Golden Fishery episode) and then they followed him so it’s much more complicated situation than you describe it. There are a lot of things we don’t know about the decision process they went through but one thing is clear: JYP pressured them to do it at first.
          Thanks I don’t need to reflect on my life. You should because obviously you read a lot into my two sentenced comment and assumed that I “only see bitterness and failure”. It’s a fact, they are nobodies in the US. “As a fan”, it pains me to see them struggle and they will still have a long time struggling till they have a decent popularity in the US. Everything Ghdksd said is factual, they are no assumptions that they’ll fail.

    • Nabeela

      You make an extremely valid point here–the Wonder Girls have thrown out the window a considerable amount of success and stardom in Korea to pursue what could eventually be a bust career in the States. 

      However, some of your ‘corrections’ are just as opinion based as my own commentary in the article.
      Firstly, I called Se7en’s efforts respectable–I didn’t state whether I thought YG’s revenues on the project or the song itself or his ultimate failure was respectable. Also, I  BoA ranked of four Billboard charts. The Billboard Dance chart is still a Billboard Chart. And I said the DJ Is Mine was a catchy song. I didn’t make any references to any charts about how it is ranked. 

      Also, Seoulbeats is an op-ed website. Opinion-editorial. A platform for subjectivity is one of the major components of this site. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1575728366 Nadifa Ibrahim Sheek Ahmed

    snsd is going to be on dave letterman and live with kelly

    • chelle

      And if they talk like they do in their past english interviews with jessica and tiffany leading then it’ll turn into worry instead of admiration. Ill watch the interview and then formulate my thoughts especially letterman because that guy does not hold back.

  • Anonymous

    They seem like they’re just taking one steps at a time, like testing the waters sorta because they haven’t really failed in a sense. BoA and Se7en seems like they placed a lot of effort into their album etc. For WG, we just see a peek and they go back into hiding in preparation for another plan. That’s how it felt like. It doesn’t feel forced, as of yet. I like how JYP’s paving their road right now. Disney and Nick is indeed the perfect place for them atm. They could use their well-roundedness and the audiences are kids. Their image is playful and colorful. If the movie becomes a hit, they might make it. A funny series in Nick would be great exposure.

  • Boo

    There is something so off about this article I can’t place it. Oh yeah, the lack of sources and facts. 

    BoA and Se7en tanked. Period. As much as I love them, they just…yeah. 

    It’s good that you’re positive about the WG but I hardly think one good song will push them to stardom in the US. This isn’t Korea. They need to keep releasing and releasing good songs, get major airplay, and go to actual relevant shows (which requires all of them to speak well). I don’t even want to get started on the boyband stigma or the Asian stereotypes. It’s only going to get harder for them hereon. 

  • Ndncuttie02

    I support the Wonder Girls in whatever they do. They have come this far, there is no point in turning back. I believe that the WG’s will make it. All of their effort will show in the end. Ya’ll just need to believe!

  • http://twitter.com/Sosomimi90 Thu Pham

    Wonder Girls, let’s do what you think it’s right. That’s your choice. U guys are successful or not, Kpop fans still regards WGs as one of the most famous girl group in history. As WG members said, they would not regret that. They have learnt many valuable experiences there. They also faced many sufferings there.
    Wonderfuls will also not regret loving you.

  • Guest

    I’ll love Wonder Girls till the end of time <3 

    Hoping for the best! Whatever happens, you will always have your fans. 

  • Tanishaluvzmumbai

    People and artists living in the states themselves have to push hard for years before theh are recognized wondergirls are not from the us and made a movie on teen nick tour with Jonasbros that is alot for foreigners to do in three years they will make it to the top! I have faith in them! And as for snsd they will make it noticed by the song the boys and probably famous by some new song and seven and boa they just needed to market better in my opinion I didnteven know about boa being here and I live in north america I went on youtube and saw eat u up and energetic and did it for love seriously those songs coulda been big hits here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/yeefulee Lee Yee Fu

    I love Wonder Girls until I die !