In my opinion, what she meant about them being of different colours might be referring to their charms and qualities, rather than their actual skin colour. Perhaps the true meaning of CL’s words have been lost in translation?

    • Anon

      yes this is precisely what i thought too, the “different colours” phrase is used so often in translations that it’s obviously a turn of phrase and doesn’t literally mean colour/ethnicity.

    • Miss

      Yeah, I thought this was obvious

    • munkie

      yup, i’m pretty sure she was referring to their style/flavor of music. i notice top&gd used the word color often when describing the differences in their voices and flow. 

  • happyslip

    The group debuts had something to do with YGE getting public, and the fact that idol groups in Korea still generates the most amount of money apparently (judging as how it’s not only YGE that is debuting; the other two of the big 3 are planning group debuts as well for this year) explains this. Secondly, expansion, expansion expansion. YGE cannot always sustain everything with just BB (no matter how big they are) and to some extent, 2ne1 to be able to be on par with SME and JYPE. Se7en is leaving for the army soon, and PSY, Gummy and Tablo are just different. 

    And by “groundbreaking”, seriously what do you expect. The company has been doing that ever since. It worked well with 2ne1, frankly I’m not surprised that they’re doing it again to “hype” the girl group. I’ve said this with EXO, I will say it again. I will be side-eyeing every teaser these rookies have till the actual music comes out. Start worrying when there’s something really worth worrying about. What did we get from this “group”, anyway? We just had 3-4 redundant articles + plus that Eun Bi pic he dished out months ago. Far cry from the other rookies +10 teasers. Imho, too early to start fretting about them.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

    Considering how 2ne1 is boxed in with their image/concept/style/sound whatever you call it, the new girl group’s color is most likely everything that 2ne1 couldn’t do. YG will probably dish out a cute Apink/SNSD (with a lot more stage presence) group to counter balance  2ne1’s stronger image. This especially coming off of 2ne1’s inability to break into the Japanese market; YG needs a group with an image that’s outside of their current direction. 

  • mrsjung

    LMAO you’re taking it literally. How many times “different color” used as description in kpop ?

    Usually in kpop, “Different color” means: Different image, concept, charm, uniqueness.

    Kpop tend to exaggerate their descriptions. You should know that by now.

    When I watch kpop stuff in Arirang, i just cringe. lmao

  • Miss

    Yeah… I don’t know about that. I don’t in the slightest think CL saying the group will have ‘different colours’ means that it’ll be a mixed race group. Like others have said, they’ll just have different charms or images or what have you.

    Every company calls their new group ~different and revolutionary~ (or alternatively, the female/male version of xxx’) It’s just hype. The chances of an asian entertainment group debuting a non-asian idol is close to nil. Making an interracial group to prove themselves as an ‘innovative, rules breaking company’ would be totally gimmicky, imo.

  • omfg

    I don’t understand why there’s an article talking about them when we only know ONE of the members and not much else.

    How “revolutionary” is YG’s new girl group?



  • lay

    why don’t we just wait and see eh?

    • eboy07

      Log off the fanboy wagon.

  • Gally

    “I think it’s fair to say that no one is particularly upset over the news of Big Bang’s new album release being pushing back ”

    Author needs to be doing more research ASAP

    • hmmmmm

      She meant that no one is upset that Big Bangs album is pushing back the debut of the new YG girlgroup.

      • Gally

        Than author needs to learn english ASAP

    • Issy

      I read that earlier today before it was fixed and was scratching my head since it’s been all over the place that Big Bang’s new album was imminent and actually went on a goggle safari to see if maybe I had missed news that it was being delayed again. Haha. 

  • Anonymous

    i cant speak korean and my english is very ‘basic’ but i dont think they would have ever used  ‘of different colours’ if they wanted to say the new group will be composed of girls from different countries and ethnicities…

    • Gally

      That’s not what they meant. We don’t have lots of intel but it seems they’ll all be korean.
      Different colors means that they won’t be like BB, 2NE1 or SNDS. Different color as in not the same type of music.

      • Anonymous

         that’s, indeed, what i meant: different colours as in different sound/image/feeling not different colours as ‘skin colours’ (which sounds not very politically correct…)

  • Anonymous

    i think 2ne1 was kind of revolutionary in kpop terms. i just dunno about this snsd style. it’s been done so many times.

  • Sunny

    I don’t really think it’s fair to write this article when the new group hasn’t even debuted yet. We don’t know most of the members and we have no idea what their concept is so I don’t think you can analyze how revolutionary they are yet.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    It’s totally ridiculous to read an article where the author knows completely nothing about the topic yet makes a mountain out of a molehill.  Anyway, most of us are really just reacting to the author’s possible misinterpretation and not at all about the new group being “revolutionary” or otherwise.

    And the way I understand the quote, yeah, colors refer to the feel/style of the group.  If they are indeed bi-racial has nothing to do with the quote at all.  Yes? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m aware of the typical use of the word “colors” when referring to K-pop groups — my article was simply a what-if, what I would consider a actual revolutionary girl group, going beyond just the expectation of different personalities/concepts/whatever. Of course we all know it is nothing but speculation at this point, and this is simply my commentary on the news that has come out currently. None of of us will know until the group comes out proper, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Anonymous

      At first I also thought that you misinterpreted the word “colors” but then I thought “there’s no way Ash would take the word “colors” so litteraly” so I had to re-read your article to get what you actually wanted to say. 
      It’s a bit confusing but, yeah, it would actually be revolutionary if YG’s new girls group also had non-korean/non-asian members. But I think it is hardly possible, because I heard that YG have decided to organize auditions overseas only recently, but haven’t recruited any new trainees yet. 

      It is only my speculation, but I think international fans are probably more willing to see non-asian being in a kpop group than korean fans. The principal market is still Korea. I think they must conduct a proper market study to see if a kpop group with non-asian members would actually sell. Look at Nickhun, he’s Thai but is extremely popular, and why? Probably because he has the “perfect korean face”. 
      Pumashock is a well known youtuber, but I haven’t heard of her in korean news for a long time now (correct me if I am wrong cause maybe I haven’t paid attention?). 
      And as of Chocolat, the main problem is that they were using the “biracial” thing to sell, and kept talking about it – much like Piggy dolls and their weight – it is for me a real turn off (and also because Tia was everywhere while the 2 korean members were completely forgotten although they were good singers). 

  • Boo

    LOL AT CHOCOLAT CAUSING A CATACLYSM. I should’ve stopped right there tbh. 

    CL was using the term colors symbolically. Like they are individuals with special attributes and will bring something different to the group. In terms of being revolutionary, I honestly think YG can bring it so sit down, girl, and just wait before stressing over things that should not even be blown out of proportion.

  • Aurora2687

    lol, I actually laughed out loud (sorry). The phrase ‘different colours’ has a a totally different meaning to what you interpreted as a group with different racial members. The phrase usually means different or unique qualities – I’ve seen it used by different SK artists or groups to say what differentiates themselves from other groups

    • dgi

      Me too. I rhink the author of the article take the phrase too literally

  • VeryCuticle

    although they havent debuted yet we really cant judge but seriously i dont expect something revolutionary or groundbreaking or different… what hasnt been achieved in kpop yet that isnt already out there????

    n e who i just want good music period. forget the concepts and gimmicks (no plastics surgery… point??? some fans fail to believe that their oppas or noonas go under the knife or just don’t even care n e ways) in the end the music is all that matters so i’m just gon sit back and wait…

  • Issy

    Since the only thing anyone even knows about this new girl group is that they’re young and have a no plastic surgery clause in their contracts, I’m going to wait for actual real information about them before I even speculate about what they’re going to be like. 

    The only revolutionary thing that anyone knows about them right now is that the girls won’t have the same exact nose like all of the members of a certain other girl group does. LOL.

  • jhg

    Yet another article where the author has done absolutely no research. Seoulbeats, don’t make this a habit.

  • Anonymous

    lets worry about them when they release at least a teaser or something. its too early to know if they going to be revolutionary or not.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. It it too early to comment on the group. When new groups debut, we should wait for them to perform then we can make judgements.

  • lala

    What to fuck are u talking about??? YG never said their gg would be revolutionary. He said they would be a bit like snsd with yg flavor. He never said anything about being the greatest or anything of that sort so i don’t know what ur smoking. SB don’t start becoming like ALLKPOP or i’ll drop this site like i did akp.

    • xoxkpopxox


  • http://twitter.com/palomastainier Paloma Stainier

    When CL talked about the girl’s colour, I thought more of the musical and personality kind of colour, like someone’s voice’s color, that’s their own, and that has something different to offer.

  • Guest

    has anybody from yg actually used the word “revolutionary” to describe this group? i don’t think so. nor has the word “groundbreaking” been used to describe them. yet the author has both words in quotes. who are the words attributed to then. because putting them in quotes means someone actually said them. add the hilarious misinterpretation of the word “colours” and some twaddle about yg crowing about the girl group (link to interview where he did this, please?) and you have one of the sb poorest articles i’ve seen in a long time.

    and this is not specifically related to this article, but there has been an lamentable lack of research going into a lot of articles. there are facts and figures that would prove a lot of the writers’ premises and arguments wrong and these are figures that are easily accessible. this site has always had articles that were better written than 90% of the stuff out there but good writing does not prove an argument.

  • http://twitter.com/SMSisita Samantha Mercado

    lol, who wrote this? I’m pretty sure everyone understood that CL meant different colours as different styles not ethnicity

  • Lolly

    i’d take what yg says with a grain of salt, he’s such a troll sometimes

  • K-pop~ <3

    Too many kpop groups are popping out. I don’t the ones from the big 3 and all. Since they actually don’t have much. But many groups like Chocolat and Chi Chi are trying to debut. They are gaining fans I’m sure but don’t the companies that form K-pop groups think that they are pushing the Hallyu wave a bit too much? Like YG trying to debut yet another group consisting of different colours. Personally, I think tha by debuting too many new groups into the K-pop industry will let the popularity of general K-pop drop.

    • K-pop~ <3

      *don’t mind the ones from the Big 3

  • JW

    Feel like these days people should just focus on the groups that seem have the most potential to success instead of small random groups popping out here and there. And seriously when do companies realize it’s a better to debut their “new IT group” when there are less competitions going on? No wonder why SM or YG are kinda slowly promoting their new groups becuase it actually does work better (great example would be this girl right here remembering all the members that had been promoted for EXO by name and face! Great improvement from the Suju/SNSD days). Even though it’s annoying for fans to have to wait on the debut, but it’s rather nice for them to have us get used to some faces first. I have a feeling that YG will play the same game as SM with EXO. With this girl group though, still skeptical all over them, but whatev. One thing for sure is that if they DO deput some “color” faces I will support.

  • Cutelil1forever

    I really agree with everyone. She obviously meant different styles, different colors of personalities, not racially. Sometimes Seoulbeats writers just write to write something controversial and “critical” of korean pop. Not that there’s not plenty to criticize, but when it’s something as innocuous as CL’s comment… that’s just silly.

    And on that point, why is it “progressive” thinking to believe it would be “correct” for Korean idol groups to be multiracial? That just smacks of Western thinking and judgment pushed onto an outside culture and a bias that Korea is narrow-minded. Now, if one is talking about the US, which is clearly a country with a long history of multiculturalism and a plethora of people with talent who speaks English and are of difference races, it is indeed a CRIME that we don’t have more minority representation in US media. Oh, sure sure, blacks, hispanics, asians are on TV more now, but they’re so often relegated to stereotypical supporting roles.

    But let’s consider Korea. Most people living in Korea… are Korean. What are the chances that someone living in Korea or willing to relocate to Korea, at the right age, willing to undergo the strenuous years-long training, with talent, speak extremely good Korean… isn’t Korean? There may be Youtube stars who cover Korean songs, but does that mean they will be able to exist in the Kpop idol machine? If anyone non-Asian or non-Korean fulfill all these criteria and are talented to boot, I welcome them, but with such slim odds of finding such people, and the inherent risk in investing in something that’s never been tried, plus the normal risk of training anybody, how can you blame YG or any other company for not going that route? Sure, they may be trying to market internationally, but their core market is still Korea. Whatever international appeal the trainees have, they must also have strong viability in Korea – which is why biracial (partly Korean) trainees are desirable. They fulfill both goals. The industry is, first and foremost, a business, and there are a plethora of reasons why someone who’s not in any way Korean would not be viable. It’s not that they’re not “progressive”.

    Furthermore, I’m afraid whatever racially diverse casting occurs, it’d most likely be a gimmick. I’d much rather companies attempt to raise their idols’ talent bar first, before going after racially diverse groups. Whereas the US as a vast diverse country really needs to take a look at the diversity of their mainstream media.

    Rant over.

    • Cutelil1forever

      Hm… “someone not Korean would be less viable” would be a better way to phrase it. It’s not that I don’t think there ever shouldn’t be, but it’s wrong to look at Kpop and mourn its lack of racial diversity. There’s plenty of good reasons why it’s just unfair to Korea and the industry.

    • Boo

      This comment is all kinds of awesome. Instead of incorporating racial diversity just for the sake of it, the best way to create an amazing group is still to search for talent, personality, and charisma. We talk a good game about racism and how people’s colors shouldn’t affect how we think but we should also heed our own advice. So what if they’re all going to be partly Korean? That isn’t progressive anymore. Let’s ignore that and focus on what they deliver.

      • asdflkj

        Lee michelle doesn’t deliver anything? I don’t think anyone here is suggesting putting in diversity just for the sake of it. In fact the article explicitly did NOT want token black people who would offer nothing but a weird concept. Lee michelle was so exciting because not only was she black but she COULD deliver strong vocals. You really just don’t like dark-skinned people.

    • asdflkj

      There’s already plenty of non-Koreans in Kpop. Look at Victoria or Amber from F(x) or Luna or Dara. What you really mean is you don’t want any ‘disgusting’ non-Asians in Kpop. And guess what? We’re ALSO focusing on what they deliver, or did people conveniently forget that Lee Michelle has a voice to blow most Kpop idols OUT OF THE WATER? Just fess up and say you don’t want dark skinned people in your kpop.

  • Anonymous

    The author must watch and see what this new yg girl group will present.
    I believe YG will gonna make an awesome group again

  • Anonymous

    i always skip the article and read the comments first. you guys are awesome.

    author, i can’t write like you and i like your writing, but the logic flaw is really apparent here, esp regarding that color…

  • C.A.T

    I’m gonna go off subject for a moment because your article is touching it vaguely. I am the only one who feels once 2ne1 debuts state side, if the success happens or doesn’t satisfied the fans and/or label do you think that would be the end of 2ne1?
    The overall progress of this group in popularity is amazing but I feel they have no real stability or longevity.In South Korea 2ne1 has a great fan base in Japan supports them but its not as impressive. In the U.S I question because K-pop fans seem pretty scattered mostly in major cities like New York, L.A, Seattle, were Asian population (native and immigrant) is high. YouTube is a great catalyst but is doesn’t guarantee sales.
    2ne1 weak point is that digital they sell very well but physical fail. (Note: Small artists or lessor know do well in physical and less in digital even if foreign) Japan venture is proving that despite their unique sound, dominate stage presence and attire isn’t enough.
    I feel YG is starting to see the pitfalls with Big Bang earning 40% (or so) of profits and 2ne1 only earning 13%. 2ne1 did solve YG answer only briefly but it doesn’t promise a future. With this new girl group and possible boy group on the horizon will show not only can YG produce more than one mega hit idol group like SM entertainment. But that this company can survive when Big Bang has run its course along with 2ne1. Which I feel will happen once they debut in American.
    This point its more than YG keeping their ‘colors’ (music marketing approach) but to survive as K-pop continues to push forward even if the world no longer cares to watch. I see SM and JYP doing it but YG? Turning back to the good old days of 1tym and Jinusean when success was satisfactory to continue but not to be huge? YG might need to count their blessing and learn that modesty is all that can earn.  

    • Guest

      i’m a little confused by some parts of your response but ia with most of it.

      yg’s unusual marketing of 2ne1 has led to a huge casual fanbase as evidenced by their digital sales and a low hardcore fanbase as seen by their physical sales. atm they’re in the same position the wondergirls were in before they left for the us in terms of their digital and physical sales and if they stay away as long as the wondergirls, then who knows what their position will be when they come back. they also have the problem of 2 group members who’re much older than the other 2 and are more likely to want to stop by the time they’re 30-32 (assuming 2ne1 lasts that long). their supposed overseas fanbase is also not as large as people claim. 2ne1 may have the youtube views but when it comes to hardcore sales, bigbang has them beat. bigbang trumps them both on yesasia and itunes, despite having comparatively less marketing focussed on overseas fans and despite being inactive during the time kpop went from kinda popular to really popular with international fans.

      but i don’t understand this bit about the pitfalls of bb earning so much of yg’s revenue. yes, that’s an imbalance yg would hope to correct in the long run but it’s not like the end of bigbang necessarily means all that revenue disappears. gd&top earned more in 10 days in 2010 than 2ne1 did all of that year. every single one of bb’s solos and sub-units and non-musical activities have been really successful. there’s no doubt that at least some of the boys will stick around after bb disbands and they already earn enough income solo to keep yg happy. the same is true of 2ne1. park bom is one of the best-selling soloists currently. and cl and minji can continue to be successful after 2ne1 if marketed well.

      and i don’t understand the bit about yg and modesty and what that has to do with revenue. any company wants to make a profit. the profit is the aim, not the blessing. the more profit the better. and while yg may not have had super success before bigbang, se7en and wheesung were both very, very successful at their peak, so yg did have enough success before bigbang to keep them afloat and earn them a place in the big 3. i’d be more worried about jyp’s continued success than yg’s quite frankly.

      • C.A.T

        I’m glad that you mention Big Bang because they’re having more success than 2ne1 at garbing a much larger audience. Big Bang”s Tonight charted for a week on iTunes TOP 10 before falling out of the TOP 20 than 40. YG and most fans feel if Big Bang debut they wouldn’t reach any high level of success.

        Here is another question Why not just consider touring? Many J-pop and Visual Kei group tour the U.S without competing in our rock/heavy metal scene. Japanese singer Miyavi had a world tour last year and came to the U.S. He even came to my state Florida. He didn’t release a special U.S single although he did do songs in English. Another, Dir En Grey also tour here state side. X-Japan did their anniversary concert in L.A and sometimes tour here. I understand that rock/metal is a different genre of music BUT there is something these K-pop idol groups can learn from these Japanese rock stars. Doesn’t hurt to just tour the world.

        Again it seems like Korea is so desperate to make K-pop a well know and equal dominating genre in western music scene. I sometimes feel fans believe a group like 2ne1 is gonna plow through the U.S. And replace some missing piece or aspect of American pop culture with K-pop being the kings and queens or the great pioneers. There for of pop culture is some 40-50 years old. No body trains to create pop star you either have it and need the financial resource to expand of make your product (brand) global. The reason why soloist is so popular in America is because you average pop star isn’t just a pop star but business minded people. That are willing to capitalize and franchise beyond entertainment into other fields that are closely related. (example fashion, domestic brand marketing,etc..) K-pop idols do endorse but very rarely make their own product if its not concert merchandise or fan memorabilia.

        What I mean by ‘modesty’ is that there will be a day or a realization that K-pop is not strong on an international level. So many of profits and revenue maybe/will be made withing realms of Asia. With YG so globally focus this can hurt the company is they over extend themselves. I think you feel the same with JYP and their U.S venture with Wonder Girls. I feel YG is putting to much on this ideal to make a global Asain pop group with 2ne1 being the first to do so despite Big Bang having more prosperity. SM ent C.E.O Kim Young-min  made a good pint when discussing the hallyu wave and its current advancement that Asia foremost should be the primary focus. Not just within Korea but Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand etc… There is a bigger profit margin and stability. The west is catching on it will  be a niche market but very much smaller than Asia/. I’m just summarizing but read it for yourself.

        I feel JYP hasn’t stray so far from the Asian market and neither SM but YG needs to focus on Japan and not the world. Take care your home before you travel to distant lands.

        • happyslip

          Among the three though, it’s YGE who hasn’t seem to be doing anything West yet (apart from that Se7en attempt). 2NE1 is getting some sort of media exposure outside Korea, but they have yet to actually promote there. They won IGGY, but YGE has yet to make a finalized date for their American debut. SNSD on the other hand is already doing world wide releases of their recent album while WGs are back on continuing their US promotions. While I strongly agree and believe that YGE should focus on Asia first…I don’t understand where you’re getting the idea that he is seemingly being overconfident with 2NE1 and the US when there was never a concrete statement of it to begin with. Most of it were talks…and most of these “talks” came from other outlets (as well as the fans) and not directly from YG himself. If you look at it, YGE never even talked about International expansion as much as the other two companies did. Their latest and biggest “international expansion” attempt is YGEX and again, compared to the other two that barely counts.

          The thing I’m worried about 2NE1 is that they seem to be limited on doing things for no legit reason. They’re not as pushed as BB so it’s not surprising to discover that despite the amount of exposure 2ne1 has on the social media, BB is outselling them. The group is on to their third year and they only had 2 minis, an album…and their Japanese releases are well, miniscule compared to the time when BB was starting to branch out of Korea through Japan. That plus the fact that they rarely appeared on other media that might provide a stronger impact — TV and radio. It frustrates me sometimes — 2NE1 doesn’t have to write music like BB or appear on non-music variety show like everyone else, but the way YGE isolates them is just…honestly it doesn’t make sense anymore. 

  • http://twitter.com/leejennyjh Jenny Lee

    I did not know that the fact Chocolat has biracial members caused problems… good to know! I don’t pay any attention to other girl groups -_-

    It does seem like YG is believing its own hype. Not a good sign. I like 2NE1, and they may be “revolutionary” in Korean standards, but this only means they should push farther to become an even greater group.

    • Guest

      Except yg never said anything this article is claiming he said. So, he’s not believing anything yet.

    • Guest

      Except yg never said anything this article is claiming he said. So, he’s not believing anything yet.

  • Lucy Byrne

    i think she just meant ‘different colors’ like ‘different style’ as they will be a more girly group i think…