• Chupacabra

    CL and Minzy can’t just be CL&MINZY is because all female duos in k-pop will be compared to Davichi. And a CL&MINZY unit will fall short in every way possible when pegged against a group like Davichi. Every. Way. Looks. Vocals. Music production. MV production. And possibly even dance, if Davichi ever decided to do more songs like 8282.
    The reason why Dara and Bom are in 2NE1 is very simple: Because Yang Hyun Suk wanted it that way. And regardless of how they look or how they sound or how unsexy they are as individuals, 2NE1 is a group.
    To be quite honest, if I had to hear more songs like CL&MINZY’s “Please Don’t Go”, I wouldn’t bother. That song is irritating as hell (sorry Teddy).


      you’re comparing cl&minzy to davichi?  LOL okay davichi is a fine group but …TYPICAL? I don’t think any of them has the charisma and stage presence CL possess, that girl is a monster on stage. 

      I’ve not seen 8282 so i don’t know how well davichi dance. even if their dancing capabilities match cl and minzy’s, both groups still have different appeal. cl&minzy could do from hiphop to rock to ballads from what we can see from 2ne1’s activities.cl&minzy would pawn with their stage presence alone, their less than ideal looks (according to korean standard apparently) wouldn’t even matter much. they do fall short on the vocals, but not by a huge margin, especially Minzy, she sang Halo effortlessly, and i’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Music production, MV production, how would you know? Please don’t go isn’t the only song’s teddy’s done. 

  • SS

    David seems a little bitter that his photoshoot was cancelled last minute. He had nothing but praise for 2ne1 before his plans fell through, and now…. Hmmm..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/ほしの-あゆみ/100002113624094 ほしの あゆみ

    I have to agree, Please don’t go was the worst performing song of 2NE1’s solo efforts, even Dara’s horrible kiss song did better then it.  CL needs to be spread thinly I can see Minzy doing better as a solo job.

  • Oh Ji’s Ho

    Does this mean the above episode is the LAST episode of The Seoulcial Life?!  Did I miss something?  Was this announced at an earlier date and I subconsciously blocked it out? *commencing mini-meltdown* 

    • Bervalvic

      season finale not final season. more next year there will be episodes. i think.

      Lol the sex scandal part was funny, pickachu, goku, chi chi.

      Does anyone ever wonder what the 5th member of 2ne1 would have contributed to the group if she would have stayed?

  • Anonymous

    Even though most of them have become actresses, went solo , or have gotten married, I would really love to see Baby V.O.X comeback even if it is just for a special album.  I mean all of them are still friends (the 4 other members were the bridesmaids for kim EZ’s wedding) and they did a special on Jang Eun’s Chocolate to help Min Youn promote her solo album, so maybe one day. Other than that I am just excited about Shinhwa returning for two reasons 1) I genuinely like their music and 2) they are HILARIOUS on variety shows. 

    As for the scandal, I think both parties are stupid but the fact that the guy went so far as to not only post her sex tape but also post her medical records of her abortions and her passport makes him nothing but scum in my eyes and I am really surprised that you (Ellie) can support such a person.  I personally think the girl is a psychopath but I don’t think the guy is any better.  Hopefully both of them get what they deserve. 

  • Muffin

    I saw the unfortunate (I mean that in every way possible) sex tape and I was totally shocked. I think I watch too many dramas because I had this idea in the back of my mind that koreans don’t do THAT! Obviously they do because that is where babies come from but somehow in the back of your mind you think it’s like the drama kissing where part A gets attached to part B, everyone freezes then BOOM cute little baby comes out nine months later.Those dramas have been lying to me! LIES!

    *ahem* anyway I the moral of the story is don’t make sex tapes that foreign people will use as a basis for judging the sexual habits of your entire country. Oh and don’t make a sex tape if you don’t have some like extraordinary super-sex-power that would make you proud if other knew about it because it is never cute or flattering seeing that stuff. You know…just don’t make a sex tape!

    • aravisalice

      Ha! Your comment is hilarious because I felt the same way. After
      watching so many dramas I had started to think that wrist grabs and smoldering
      stares were pretty hot stuff indeed… and then I watched “Frozen Flower” and was
      shocked. Shocked! In the best way possible, of course, because Jo In sung is
      just too fine for words.


      And the sex tapes. Yeah, I’m too paranoid as a no-name
      non-celeb so I can’t imagine being famous and somehow thinking “Yes, this DOES
      seem like a good idea”. I guess she’s way confident in her skill set and lady

      • nicoleaflores

        Woohoo!!! Jo In Sung love!

  • Anonymous

    season 2?
    please? *puppy eyes*

  • Anonymous

    Oh you guys! Thank you for taking the time out to make a video..both of you look super tired, and hopefully you’re getting plenty of rest and holiday treats!

    Tsk tsk, Ellie I’m surprised you would support the douchebags but since I don’t really get the whole story I think it’s better to not say anything. Also anatomically you can’t open a gina to pee..ya know? Even if it makes for a wonderful pun. Just don’t make a sex tape is good advice for everyone.

    As for David, do you think your opinion on kpop in general is different after meeting 2ne1? Would you say you feel more jaded, neutral or starstruck?

  • Issy

    If you don’t want your naughty bits starring on the internet, you shouldn’t let anyone take videos or pictures of you in that manner.  Not that the guy isn’t a complete turkey for posting them though.

    I read somewhere that her camp as much as admitted to holding him hostage and beating him up, but that he “voluntarily” entered the room/house where they held him hostage for 8 hours.  Um…sure he did.  This story gets crazier by the day.

  • maeau

    The most impressive artists come out with amazing songs, ones that amaze and spark the need for more but are good and satisfying then follow up with even better songs. Shinee has so much substance, so much potential. I mean they can do it, they’ve shown the ability they have to do it, but they aren’t. Whether it’s the company’s lacking or problems within, I want to expect for them to do better. Because Shinee as a group deserves it. (:

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    I’m with David on this one. Ellie those douchebags posted her medical records, that sex tape, and all her personal info because they wanted “revenge.”  Are you kidding me?  I hope her lawsuit tears their asses up.  Also for some reason I heard the person who posted it (the friend who introduced them) was a woman and she is now dating the man but I didn’t go on anyone’s mini hompy to check because sex tapes are so passe

  • Lulzbot

    That’ll teach her to be a whore. Good show.
    Learn your lesson learned, sweetie? ㅋㅋㅋ.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U67SZ37IJIJVTT4Y5GYLDQ6DB4 Bailey

       Woooooooow. Nice misogyny you’ve got there!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you SEOULBEATS for really hating Dara of 2NE1! it’s good to know that I’m not alone. 
    More power to us haters!

    • Dizznut

      I know why you hate Dara because you have fat legs lol

      • Anonymous

        lolololol I don’t condone this but it really made me lol and the picture…oh shisus