• JW

    too funny, as always :D

  • Mer

    Ellie I am so with you about SNSD.  They deserve NOTHING.  And their performance at the awards proved that.

    The “Directors” commentary was hilarious.  But those two looked really awkward.

  • Mer

    Ellie I am so with you about SNSD.  They deserve NOTHING.  And their performance at the awards proved that.

    The “Directors” commentary was hilarious.  But those two looked really awkward.

    • enigmatic sphinx

      The MAMAs this year was Mnet trying to repair their relationship with SM, with them giving SM big acts (SJ, SNSD) the biggest awards, despite the two acts disappointing musically this year..

      The SNSD artiste of the year thing was probably compensation for last year’s snub. SNSD last year, dominating and deserved their awards. This year…no. You know “The Boys” is not great when Sones “secretly” confess to prefer other songs over it.

      And the performance. Not much different from a typical Music Bank one, and when they sped up the song, the choreo could not keep up. But if fans loved it…

      • Mer

        If that’s the case then their fans and MNet look like fools. I wouldn’t own that mess with a 10 ft pole. It’s ridiculous.

      • happyslip

        I was actually expecting MAMA to give them something, but I didn’t expect that they would give the top awards lol. And if they would suck up that bad, I was thinking that TVXQ would have gotten it because I think they promoted as much (if not more) than the other two (Japan and Korea) — or are their digital sales that low for them to be ‘snubbed’ totally this year? Because it was the same for them in GDA…and they didn’t have big scandals like BB this year to begin with.

        Anyway, it was the same with Melon. Not that it was being SME biased, but their artist of the year was almost a joke. It’s kinda sad because Beast is a good group, but everyone knows they’re probably the last group you’d think for this award.

  • Duke

    David: “But how do you think did he actually got her because I’ve been sending her letters ever since I was 12?”

    You’ve been sending it to the wrong address! Haha. *lame*

  • greenpanda

    i also agree with ellie on the SNSD and SJ..i don’t think they should of won either..i was like what? disappointed.  I seriously believe that they only won because there fan clubs are bigger. I also agree that the kiss was super awkward..yeah they should of watch Lie to Me  or City Hunter…now that is what kissing should look like..

  • wtf

    I’m not a fan of YG Entertainment at all, but I just read on allkpop that YG dominated the online music charts with 17 tracks, with 13 songs alone from Big Bang but they didn’t get Artist of the Year. I was very confused when SNSD won Artist of the Year because honestly none of their songs did well (The Boys was atrocious, Mr. Taxi was just WTF) and why the hell did Super Junior’s terrible album win Album of the Year? Mnet is losing all credibility

    • http://thoughtfulpaper.wordpress.com milaiski

      19 tracks actually. :)

    • SN

      21 tracks actually. :D
      “High High”(January, 3rd place) [GD&TOP]“Oh Yeah” (January, 2nd) [GD&TOP ft. BOM]“Don’t Go Home” (January, 27th), [GD&TOP]“Knock Out” (January, 12th) [GD&TOP]“VVIP” (February 36th Place) [SEUNGRI]“What Can I Do” (February, 9th) [SEUNGRI]“Hands Up” (March, 12th place) [BIGBANG]“Tonight” (March, 1st) [BIGBANG]“Somebody to Love” (March, 14th) [BIGBANG]“What is Right” (March, 5th) [BIGBANG]“Cafe” (March, 6th) [BIGBANG]“Love Song” (April, 10th) [BIGBANG]“Stupid Liar” (March, 36th) [BIGBANG]“Lonely” (May, 3rd) [2NE1] “I Am the Best” (July, 2nd) [2NE1] “Ugly” (August, 1st) [2NE1]“Hate You” (August, 3rd) [2NE1]“Don’t Cry” (May, 1st) [BOM]“Airbag” (October, 24th) [TABLO ft. Na Ul]“Tomorrow” (November, 16th) [TABLO ft. Tae Yang]“Bad” (November, 17th) [TABLO ft. Jinsil]

      • saylor

        hot damn. 

      • Guest

        22 if you include gd, bom and park myung soo’s “i cheated”, which is one of the highest grossing songs of the year and hit the roof on melon a jaw-dropping 22 times. (and which is included in the original korean source article).

        like it or not, it’s not just teenage fangirls who listen to yg’s music. every single yg artist who released an album in korea this year is on that chart. the same thing happened last year when 2ne1, gummy, psy and se7en made melon’s 2010 top 100. those are some incredible numbers and partly explains why yg’s ipo did so well.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          Park Bom participated in 7 of those which topped, whether as a solo artist, part of a group, or featuring.  Don’t Cry, Lonely, I Am the Best, Hate You, Ugly, Oh Yeah, I Cheated.  Alone, she would even have been <more credible to win Artist of the Year than… not that I’m saying she should have. 

          Anyway, moving on…

    • Guest

      mnet and sm just made up after feuding for a few years, which is why sm artists won this year.

      but you know what is even more ridiculous. bigbang had the most songs out of any artists (not just idols) in melon’s 2011 top 50 and they didn’t win the daesang at the melon music awards, b2st did. even sillier, the mmas are based on 80% melon sales and 20% votes (and bb was second in the votes).

      there is not a single awards show in korea that has any credibility anyway, but the mmas tended to be the least unbiased because it was all about sales. not any more. 

    • Angelthai

      Super Junior’s album is the best selling as of late. YG artist also released a VAST amount of singles this year, so common sense would be of course they have higher numbers (-_-;;). I’ll agree with SNSD, they only started promoting not too long ago (though, they are already doing insanely well), but honestly, think about it. YG artist always do better digitally, SM always physically, so it makes sense for a YG artist to get Song of the Year and an SM artist to get Album. 

      Though, may we please point out the fluke that was 2NE1 winning BEST VOCALS? Eh hem… wat?

      • Anonymous

        isn’t the best vocal title only determined by vote? and yeah you know how their fans will vote like. i mean, other acts like davichi, 4men, or 2am don’t have that big fandom as big as 2ne1…

    • Anonymous

      that’s digital sales, groups like SuJu and SNSD took a bigger cake from physical album sales. no matter how much you want to complain, they did sales well, more than those YG artists. and you know how bulk-buying happening in SuJu’s case :p

  • Anonymous

    I like this site because they are honest not like allkpop they are so bias to sm artist

    • Anonymous

      The difference between elementary school and college?!!

    • Sure

      honest?  this is just as biased towards certain groups!  lol

    • Angelthai

      Yeah, because their obvious 2NE1/BB bias isn’t showing. Also, AKP is paid by Korean management groups. And they’ve had numerous features on artist outside SM. (Not that this makes AKP any less greedy slimeballs).

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t laughed this hard until I watched the Live Feed part. I’m convinced that’s what happened (and speaking as a fan of Hyun square)!

  • uhh

    What? i thought gummy was under m-boat, which is a sister company to yg, and they told her she needed to go uunder the knife to debut. then when m-boat died she stayed with yg

    • http://twitter.com/no1Salope Riley Davis

      Yeah thats what happened, she was originally meant to be in Big Mama. But they decided to make her go solo. 

  • Anon

    I honestly dont think super junior deserved the album of the year, it should have gone to dbsk or big bang. Super junior’s album was horrid and recycled crap from all their past songs

  • Ube

    The ppl here are so good at pulling assumptions out of their asses especially when their biased groups don’t win.  

  • Anonymous

    David is right

  • whut.


  • Anonymous

    Ellie is right.

  • Angelthai

    Oi, you guys.

    To the producing list: YG had the most produced hits, this doesn’t mean their songs were all number 1 or anything, just means they did well. Also, 2NE1 promoted NUMEROUS songs, whereas most artist only promoted 1 or 2 tracks to promote their physical album. So if their artists promoted more songs that would mean they would obviously have a higher number.

    About Super Junior winning: They are in the lead for most sales. It’s a fact. Whether or not you want to say ELFs are responsible for that, IT’S A FACT. More than Big Bang, more than TVXQ and they promoted months after those groups. Whether or not you liked the album doesn’t matter, it sold… like hot cakes. End of story, so yes, on a technical note, they did deserve to win.

    Artist of the Year: Don’t agree with either SNSD or 2NE1 winning actually. SNSD just started making noise this year, how the heck did they win? And 2NE1 didn’t make as much noise as people think.Best Vocals: 2NE1 winning against 4Men and 2AM was kind of a joke. 2NE1 did great performing Lonely at the show, but really? They aren’t a vocal group. Amazing performers… but let’s be honest. I’m surprised no one pointed out this fluke. (too busy bashing SM artist I guess -_-;;)I thought Infinite should have won for dance group, BUT, BEAST’s Fiction was very popular (and addicting) therefore, I won’t quarrel too much.Ellie, your commentary was hilarious. And yes, that kiss was… well. David, I agree with your reasoning. (b’-‘)b

    • Guest

      2NE1 is not a vocal group? Are the an interpretative dance troupe then? I don’t get it…

      • http://twitter.com/diopatra123 jane arce

        the award means best in vocals. winning against 2am and 4men, groups of best korean vocalist, is really questionable. 

    • http://twitter.com/diopatra123 jane arce

      i also fine the best vocal group questionable especially if your going against 2am and 4men.

      the most unaccepted was the Artist of the Year. SNSD started their promotion a few months before the awards, how did they win? 

      • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

        Well seeing as how they accomplished so much in only the 3 months that they’ve been back in Korea promoting (selling over 300,000 albums, winning on all the music shows, etc), I think they pretty much deserved it. I mean, “The Boys” did more for SNSD in a few months than some other girl (or boy) groups accomplished in a whole year. I wasn’t surprised they won, but if they would have lost, I wouldn’t really care either.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with Best Album, Artist of the Year and Best Vocals.

    The rest is fine I guess.