We’re switching it up this week. Young-ji and I discuss:

  • A Thousand Days’ Promise (1:01)
  • Kim Rae-won (5:15)
  • City Hunter (10:00)
  • The ditzy, funny, nice heroine (15:35)
  • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (19:12)
  • Product placement and financial wealth (21:05)
  • Augmented K-drama reality (23:40)
  • The K-drama formula (30:40)
  • K-dramas have no depth?? (33:10)
  • American TV vs. Korean TV (35:10)
  • Not enough international components in K-dramas (44:50)
  • Protect the Boss (51:15)


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Shouts to Hanakim_jYpnation for getting all the songs correctly from last time. The songs are a little harder this week, especially for those who don’t watch dramas regularly, but give us your best guesses!

Feel free to listen to our past chat boxes, and let us know if there’s anything you want to hear from us in the future.