• eboy07

    SNSD attractive ????
    PD: Plain looking girls pretending  to be hot.

  • http://twitter.com/JM7228JW J-MayTan©

    still don’t like Mr. Taxi costumes… suit for Halloween or strip clubs…hmm maybe some promo for a porn sites! srsly! don’t they have any other concepts for these girls other than to fit the fetishes of some hormonal teenage boys or sleezy ajjushis! oh wait….sex sells…my bad!

  • happyslip

    I didn’t enjoy The Boys that much not because of how the “edginess” and “individualism” was “forced” but because of the fact that I felt it was SME and SNSD who made most of the adjustments for this collaboration when it should be the other way around. It was like 85% Teddy and 15% SNSD to me. And the thing is, their Japanese first album was such a good step up at least in my opinion, why they couldn’t stick to that and decided to completely follow the direction Teddy Riley’s music offered for their Korean promotions is sort of a mystery to me. I’m not saying it was Teddy Riley’s fault, nor do I blame SME for grabbing his offer right away, I just wished the company made sure that it would fit SNSD more as a Korean group promoting in Korea and not as a group who is suddenly inclined to fit in the US mainstream music’s “standards” just because a well-established American producer decided to make a song for them. I’m sure both parties could have made something better than this, if only they focused solely on the group’s Korean comeback.

    As for them promoting Mr. Taxi, I certainly don’t have any problems with it. I’m going to mention this again but their Japanese first album was a good follow-up — it’s something similar to what the WGs did in their recent Korean promotions; it had your usual catchy stuff like Be My Baby (that’s Mr. Taxi in SNSD’s side) and then have a pretty good album to back it up.Anyway, SME tends to make wishy-washy changes to SNSD. We thought they could only go more mature after Genie, but then they had Oh! only to have RDR next when they could have promoted that very same song after Genie and no one would even notice if they decided to cross out Oh! to the equation in the first place. If they chose the Boys eventually it’s fine, it might be bad in most people’s eyes but it doesn’t automatically mean that they “should stick to their guns” when we have somehow witnessed that they can show progression SNSD style, something like what they did in Genie before and more recently, through their first Japanese album. Personally speaking. 

  • Anonymous

    It seems like SM doesn’t know what to do with SNSD anymore. 

    You can’t appeal to the U.S and South Korea too. Take a market and stick with it.

    Anyway, it’s obvious that their time is almost up. Can’t wait for a new girl group from SM.

  • Guest

    Calling for D G here! Where is he/she? Lmao.

    I totally agree with your sentiments. As much as I think “The Boys” is bringing a slight hope of progressing to SNSD, the execution is kinda lame and I was like… what is this girl trying to do? -___- Uniform SNSD and cutesy SNSD is what people, and I — guilty pleasure-ly, buy. When they finally old and not cute or pretty enough to attract mass, they’ll find what good for them eventually. Just… yeah, enjoy this time. 

  • http://kpop-rumblings.blogspot.com/ Enigmatic Sphinx

    Music purists, and those who stood by SNSD in those old days might moan, but no denying that the SNSD in it’s current form is the best selling.

    A conversation with a friend in the local HMV:

    Friend (holds up The Boys album): This worth buying?

    Me: Not really (points to IU and suggests it)

     (just then, a song from the album “Say Yes” plays)

    Friend: I liked that.

    Me: It repeats for at least 8 tracks. You are not hearing their best.

    Friend: They look good.

    Me: Okay, I’ll burn a copy for you to listen, and see if you “like it”.

    (earns a friend by saving him from buyer’s regret)

    • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

      “Say Yes” is my least favorite track of the boys album, btw >.>

      Anw, I agree with you that current SNSD sells the most album, regardless the quality.

  • Mer

    Please do not blame Teddy Riley for the utter failure that was The Boys. He gave them (SM & SNSD) a good track and they couldn’t handle it.

    • Hello

      “The Boys” is hardly a good track. Repetitive chanting and odd song structure do not make a ‘good’ track. But then, our definition of ‘good’ may be different.

      • Mer

        By good I meant music wise.  The song had a good stump the yard type feel.  Which would have been banging with a different group and different lyrics.  Hell.  A better video probably would have distracted a lot of us from the atrocious singing and lyrics.  We probably could have gave them a pass if the dancing was on point.  But nope.  A hot mess was leashed upon the K Pop world (not the first time).

        Teddy Riley gave them the music and they trashed it. No matter what you may think, Teddy Riley is still one of the best in his field and he’s earned his stripes.

        • Anonymous

          Teddy Riley isn’t proving he is the best with the C-grade tracks he’s giving K-POP groups. And give me a break, he is not the best in his field. 

    • Anonymous

      I kinda agree with you. Even though I LOATHE The Boys with every ounce of my being I cannot help the feeling that if a DIFFERENT girl group with a different agency got it, it would’ve worked much better. And that’s not to say that I’m biased towards anything BUT SNSD, its quite the opposite. SM took the song and gave it to SNSD. The problems with this are:

      1- SNSD has no (or not enough for you sensitive fans out there) charisma to pull off the concept of The Boys.
      2- SNSD has been manufactured and trained into doing these cutesy concepts for their entire career. They are comfortable with it. And thus SM throwing The Boys at them and telling them to ‘bring the boys out’ just fell flat.
      3- Because of their lack of experience in this forte, the whole song instead of sounding confident and empowering just sounds arrogant and snooty.
      4- The production of SM and the mv especially DID NOT HELP IN SENDING THE MESSAGE OF THE BOYS. Some comments up there have been saying that the song has an urban style to it. This clashes with the petals, gorgeous dresses and the perfectly beautiful SNSD members.

      So yeah. That is why I believe that a different group with a different agency could maybe pull off the song and give it the vibe that it required. But I cannot really blame SNSD for it, the song IS awkward sounding and disjointed, it’s just that I think a group with less intensive cutesy training would’ve worked with it A LOT BETTER.

      • Mer

        I find it hilarious that they did not “bring out” one boy in the video.  It almost looked like a poorly made Enya video.  I love Enya :D

        • Anonymous

          IKR? You would expect that a song preaching their ability to bring boys out would in fact HAVE BOYS in the mv. But hey… Maybe that’s just me.

    • Anonymous

      You know what, in one of Music Bank interview, Yoobin tried Yuri’s rap in The Boys and I was like, “Wow, now that’s how you supposed to rap!”

      I kinda imagine what if WG/SNSD exchange songs in Gayo Daejun…. xD

      • Mer

        They’d probably murder (not in a good way) WG’s song too.

        I just don’t get their mass appeal.  Most of them come off lazy and disconnected to me.  They don’t own their songs.

      • Anonymous

        OMG. I saw that too and thought the same thing. Before I was like “it’s just the song that’s bad, it’s not their fault completely…” but after seeing that it was obvious that SM made a huge mistake giving SNSD The Boys.

        And god no. I don’t want SNSD to do Be My Baby. Can you imagine the butchering the rap part of that song wil get? Absolute catastrophe… *shudders*

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035835006 Ruxandra Motoi

    Well, even though I’ve only been around k-pop for a year and a half and I am getting used to the way things work around here, that doesn’t mean I can over look things that just shouldn’t be normal. I mean, come on, if we’re talking about k-pop we’re supposed to be talking about music, right?  You said :”
    When these girls are in the running for anything, from mediocre weekly music shows to all encompassing Asian music awards, SNSD is known for stomping out competition with their flawless skin and perfect aegyo.” Since when are music awards won based on looks?I know that the society has changed so much over the years,in a negative way, that music is no longer the main focus. Especially in the world of k-pop. But I can’t just be ok with the fact that this are musically talented girls(some of them) that are used just like marionettes in who knows who’s hands. Yes, it was their choice. Yes, they may enjoy it, even though I’m sure they’d love some freedom when it comes to creating their music. But, then again, I am not sure they’d be able to just make music on themselves. They are used to being told what to do, at least when it comes to public image. It’s the way things work for them.So, I guess they are dolls. They are what their management wants to be. What the public wants them to be It still doesn’t make it less wrong for me. 

    • whatthefrell

      “since when are music awards won based on looks?”

      For real… you seem a bit naive in that department.
      As much as we would like to believe “music” awards
      are won by music alone, or number of sales,
      or fan voting, there are so many other factors
      that we as fans have absolutely no control over; and
      you cannot tell me that looks do not come into play
      where fan voting is concerned.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035835006 Ruxandra Motoi

        I’m not naive. I was just stating the fact that I do not find this to be normal in any society, especially in these art related departments…. It’s unfortunate that looks come first when they shouldn’t…

        • whatthefrell

          I am glad you did not take offense, 
          as I meant none.
          It is indeed unfortunate, 
          and sadly, has become the norm.
          While we and others know better, 
          the majority continue to buy into it.
          Thus, entertainment companies, media, 
          and other such promotional vehicles,
          continue to perpetuate the myth.

  • Guest

    I wish you guys woud focus even half the attention you focus on SNSD on other groups as well. It’s not that they aren’t good articles. I usually always find points I agree/disagree with and get some food for thought. But I think you guys need to shift your attention a bit more to other groups as well. This must have been the 5th/6th article on their comeback already. Thanks to the influx of debuts this year, there’s a good 40+ older and newer bands to discuss. 

    • Anonymous

      my thoughts exactly. 

    • Anonymous

      I do too, but considering the fact that SNSD is shoved in our faces even more on virtually any and every other Korean “news/commentary” site, and other new groups who are debuting/debuted are either hyped to death like they’re the second coming, or are so bland and predictable that they’re not worth even checking the teasers, I think seoulbeats is being generous. Plus, there are so many groups that have debuted/are debuting and there are only a handful of writers here on each topic as it is, that it’s near impossible to keep tabs on them all, esp. if you’re international and don’t live in Korea.

    • http://kpop-rumblings.blogspot.com/ Enigmatic Sphinx

      I get what you mean, but in some ways:

      1) SNSD are sort of the face for “corporatised” Pop music, so what they do is what everybody watches out for, and what others start doing after a while.

      2) As a result of this, what’s good for them, is also good for pop music in general, and in some ways too, what’s bad for them is also… 

      3) As a Sone and music supporter, we are also worried at how SM has stagnated in terms of ideas this year, and doubly worrying how it had to happen when SNSD are reaching a point in their career that it could swing both ways. One very wrong move, or if this goes on, and it could be over.

      Sadly at this point of time everybody is just looking at the sales figures and thinking it could only get better or bigger, and believe anything is possible. Starting to look like a bubble to me.

  • Nana

    I still don’t get Mr. Taxi. Why are they dressed like fetish policewomen when the song is about taxis? And why are they calling the taxi a Mister? Shouldn’t it be Mr. Taxi Driver, or since they’re so good at attracting ahjussi fans, how about Uncle Taxi Driver? And that hypertonic. Omg. I was a science student, and I fell out of my chair when I heard that. And if they wanted to go fast, they should get on a bullet train.

    • whatthefrell

      all good questions… lol…

    • Anonymous

      I never really bother with random English in SM songs again. I mean, “Elastic Fantastic”, “Loverholic Robotronic”, or “Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic Energy”, anyone? When I heard “Supersonic Hypertonic” from Mr. Taxi I was like… Oh, finally! It’s SNSD’s turn!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1452789711 Serra ‘Miyu’ Abak

        Supersonic speed is a rate of travel of an object that exceeds the speed of sound

        exhibiting excessive tone or tensionboth make perfect sense to me since the song is talking about going fast in a taxi car XD

  • Anonymous

    Lol, sorry, but SNSD wouldn’t be as big if the Wonder Girls didn’t leave for America.

    • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

      I disagree. I think they would actually be on the same playing field even if they stayed in Korea. Even when Nobody and 2 Different Tears came out (before they left), SNSD already blew up with Gee, Genie, and Oh!. And those songs charted around the same time as WG, but ranked a little higher. But they’re both successful now anyways, so I don’t really care either way.

      • iraaa

        Uh, what? Nobody dominated 2008, Gee came out early 2009. And Tell Me practically started the whole ‘hook song’ thing. WG came out with 2DT (May 2010) when they came back to Korea for like 2 weeks promo after 1 1/2 years in the US AFTER Gee, Genie, Oh (Jan 2010) and RDR (Mar 2010). 

  • Anonymous

    I can see where the author is coming from; but I think that even after her argument, she still proved the point that SNSD has taken a step back. SNSD can do cute, there’s no doubt. They can do cute very well. I don’t think there’s any argument there. But how many servings of cute can you stand before you start getting sick of it?

    The girls tried to change things up this time with “The Boys” and it fell very flat. SM could have looked at other ways to mature their image (foot stomping in the yard isn’t their thing, but sophisticated and chic fashionistas a la “Run Devil Run” worked pretty well), but instead they shuffled the girls back to their comfort zone with a song that has already been released and sounds majorly awkward in Korean. And that’s just disappointing for someone who was looking forward to seeing more.

    “The Boys” had potential to be better than it was. I’ll admit I was disappointed with it because it was not what all the concept teasers and photos lead me to expect, but it wasn’t horrible. Imagine if that song was given to a group with a bit more swag (miss A, 2NE1 or even f(x)) and instead of dresses, roses and doves, there were Adidas, graffiti and boys! That song has a busy, urban sort of feel to it. The video should have taken place on a city sidewalk/black top (imagine a break dancing stage or something), not some fantasy world located in a diamond. There were a lot more things wrong with that song that even Teddy couldn’t have fixed.

    SNSD’s regressing is just another symptom of SM’s laziness/lack of inspiration. Until the execs sit down, look at the resources they’re working with and decide they want to make music rather than a profit, I don’t see any of their groups doing much growing.

    • Lilkiki3413

      I was getting the same feel with “The Boys”. When I first heard the song it had more of a street style and I was happy that it wasn’t just a typical cute song. When the video came out I thought the video would come off the image I picture (more of a tough girl feel) but they failed me. I didn’t know what fairy tale have to do with “bring the boys out”. Once SM realize that making a profit isn’t the only things and fan do like good music and music videos, we will keep getting the same old stuff. Partly I blame fans who keep feed on the products they produce. Come on fans! Demand the best. Don’t for less! lol

  • La-dee-da

    OMG. I think Seohyun is making the same expression in almost every picture.

  • Hello

    I’m a huge fan of SNSD, but even then I gotta say, The Boys was a mess. A hot mess that I eventually enjoyed, but a mess nonetheless. It just felt like it’s all over the place; like SM and/or Riley (I have no idea how involved he was in this) had no idea where to go with it, in term of concept. The song itself is rather mediocre. The repetition of “Bring the boys out” and the confusing song structure didn’t really win me over. It was quite a disappointment.

    Then “Mr. Taxi” was announced as a follow-up track. Further disappointment for me personally. Hot SNSD and outfits aside, I think I’d rather not have a follow-up track then being given an older song, just translated into another language with a half-assed MV. But SM can churn out pretty much anything right now and we’d still buy it. Which is why I don’t think, if we’re talking about ‘quality’, SNSD will ever progress further. As long as whatever’s released is nothing drastically different from what they’ve been doing, people will still buy their albums. Why bother spending more effort, time and money to give them better MVs, songs, etc when anything less would still get the profit coming. As a fan, it’s sad to think about it like that, but I think their overall improvement and growth as an idol group/performer/singers/artists/dancers is not SM’s top priority. Maybe I can be proven wrong :)I’m actually curious as to how far SNSD concept/image will go. By that I mean, they’re women now no matter how many times us fans want to refer to them as “the girls”. How far would this “sexy/mature” image go? They’re adult, they’re allowed to be sexual; continuing to infantilize their image would be kinda weird. I think with SNSD though, there is an expectation for them (from fans, or people in general) to be sexy/mature/seductive BUT at the same time also forever be cute/innocent/pure. So I wonder how that’ll play out in the future. Maybe they’ll just continue with alternating between cute concept and sexy concept, meh.

  • Mija

    I just don’t understand why they decided to promote Mr. Taxi when they have a whole new CD full of cutesy songs. Why couldn’t they introduce a new single off their album? We already heard the Japanese version enough so why promote the same song again?

  • lol

    Time’s up, SNSD.

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

    All I ever ask of SNSD is to give me good, fun songs. They do absolutely nothing for me in the personality department, and I’ve yet to make it through an entire variety show with them on it. As a whole I kinda find them boring, BUT none of this mattered because they gave me Gee, Oh, and Genie. I also didn’t mind Run Devil Run and a few others here or there, but The Boys was a hot mess, and Mr. Taxi just pisses me off when I hear/see it. I just find it so horribly basic. I can take them singing about their oppas, but *sigh* whatever. Maybe I’ve just reached my limit as far as they’re concerned.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about the whole concept etc, what I watch from their performances is they’re better in pulling “Mr. Taxi” rather than “The Boys”. During “The Boys”, they have this to-smile-or-not-to-smile in the whole performance, the raps are awkward, and Tiffany’s wink or Jessica’s aegyo aren’t really fit with the song. The ones who able to fit the mood is Yuri, well Seohyun, Sunny, and Yoona aren’t bad too. Idk whether what they’re doing on stage is “scripted” or a part of choreography, but I don’t feel they fit with the song. “Mr. Taxi”, however, brought back the SNSD I know… and they seems to have fun with that song. Not the best song, not something progressive, but that’s SNSD after all. 

  • Dawn Snow

    I haven’t paid much attention to “The Boys”. But their performance on 2011 MAMA was awesome (especially fancam versions)



  • Scarletta

    Okay WTF Seoulbeats has now written 223573485 articles about their love/hate for SNSD, each article stating just about the same damn thing every single time! We get that SNSD are a hot debatable topic, but seriously, you guys are over-doing it. 

    • Anonymous

      MTE. There is articles saying one thing about SNSD and then other authors want their say in it so they make other articles about similar if the not the same points. Le sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’re supposed to be sexy limo drivers? And I’m sure that when these girls (and the SM guys) were trainees they just wanted to be the next Shinhwa, H.O.T. SES, FTTS, or Fin.K.L..

    I think the uniform, cutesy image works well for them as a group. Anyone who watches even a few variety shows/BTS of these girls knows that they all have such varying personalities that trying to display them all would seem a bit disjointed considering their number. I guess the cute image is the lowest common denominator for them: It’s something they all can pull off (even if they hate it). The only downside is for a newcomer it’s hard to tell who is who.

  • http://twitter.com/JAManzer Jeff Manzer

    Think I might be the only one here who really likes The Boys. Saying that, I totally am discounting the English version, especially the video. Lyrically the Korean and English songs are nothing alike. The English version seems just like someone patched up some lyrics together that seemed to fit.

    To me the song really seems like in a basketball game when there have been a lot of fast
    transitions, at one moment one team decides it’s going to force its will and slow everything down. It’s a kinda jolting, even a bit ugly. For SNSD to not go to a hook with their lyrics or dance is really strange. Be to get a pop song that isn’t really like “oh I’m in love”, “what a bad oppa”, “poor me I’m a girl” or “I am the greatest” is really a nice change up. When you get a song doing what it does it’s a nice change of pace especially for the pop genre. The Korean lyrics hits you upside the head, tells you quit complaining, act with some confidence and dignity, because the stories you tell yourself can always be recreated by you. They do it by twisting the fairy tales. It’s a little funny to hear Little Red Riding Hood telling you to show her your wildness. 

    It doesn’t seem the song is really trying to awe you, which probably comes off as a real disappointment. Without the hooks it forces you to go to it, rather than making it come to you. That’s probably not great for a pop song, but I like it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    Article: /thumbs-down

    • lay


    • Anonymous

      What a dumb comment, LOL.

      At least elaborate on why this article is a thumbs-down.

  • Anonymous

    They’re popular but you’re exaggerating. False hype.

  • G.

    They’re not even bothering anymore. Five year curse will take its toll next year.


    • martian

      Nah, SM is bound to milk them for as long as it takes though apparently all the girls have different ending times for their contract so whether they choose to renew or not is going to come into question within the next 2/3 years (Jessica’s contract reportedly is up by 2013, YoonA 2015 ) I’m Pretty sure by year 3 (8 year curse now?) They will be over and done and buried when the next new thing comes along. Unless SM takes them apart themselves

  • mojomay

    What I think went wrong with The Boys was that they were trying to appeal to both sides: being sexy and stepping out of their usual aegyo shell while still pleasing their fanbase by being these “untouchable goddesses”. Someone pointed out that the track had an urban feel to it, (even the promotion teasers said it would be) and I was feeling for a dance that involved sweat pants and sneakers…but instead we got couture and crowns of the like. That’s why it fell flat and the crowd has a love/hate relationship with the song and concept; hating the incongruity between song and concept but still loving it just because it’s SNSD.  
    I’m still going to hold firm to my belief that the Mr. Taxi follow-up promotions are just filler because SM wants to keep SNSD in the spotlight so I’m not going to add that into the equation in terms of their future image-wise and success-wise. What I think we should all do is not speculate until we get their next set of promotions; because that will show whether SNSD will “stick to their guns” or use trial and error (I will see The Boys as an experiment to see what went right and wrong in the “confident/sexy” concept for SNSD) until they find a concept that’s both mature and comfortable for SNSD.
    And for those saying SNSD’s time is up…while they will lose their fame as Korea’s top girlgroup, all if not most of the members are looking into other fields of the entertainment industry to ensure their longevity in Korea’s public eye. Just keep that in mind,