• tyounge1991

    I can’t believe one of those scum bags got away with murder, yet Korea is still focused on the pot head in the group, LOL.

    This whole group is an embarrassment, why would Koreans want them to represent kpop internationally? They have two racists, one that gets out any hopes of a potential debut will be over. They do nothing but rip off American artist, from style to sound, some girls will think it’s cute, others will think it’s gay.

    I think I’d actually rather have rude-ass-SNSD represent Korea internationally. LOL

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      Dude… define murder.  You obviously are ignorant of the term and loosely use it just to incite hatred amongst people.  I went to law school and I happen to know that you are wrong.  However, anyone who can do a simple google search would not be as ignorant as you are obviously proving. 

      You want to accuse people, go ahead.  Only use the correct terms.  It sucks to be proven ignorant you know.

      Also, check your facts.  There are such things as courts and evidences, and phrases like “reasonable doubt.”  Read.  Don’t hang out here too long that you forget to read other things outside kpop.

      • tyounge1991

        And I’m getting my masters, and going to medical school.

        Point? Law school these days as we all know doesn’t mean squat, nor has it ever meant you have a full understanding of the law. Just look at all the judges, cops in jail. Shouldn’t they have an understanding of law? LOL Clearly.

        Daesung was the one speeding, Daesung was the one who hit an already injured man in the middle of the road because of his choice to speed. I don’t even think the homo got a speeding ticket, LMAO.

        Sorry but your opinion any further is worthless to me considering I don’t take fan girls seriously. Esp. not ones called “angel29” so don’t waste your time. You fan girls would defend one of them if they raped a 1 month old baby, that is how low you are on the humanity scale to everyone that isn’t a daft whorish fangirl.

        Anyhow, from the dictionary.


        noun1.Law. the killing of another human being under conditionsspecifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutorydefinitions include murder committed with maliceaforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditationor “occurring during the commission of another serious crime”,as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), “and murder byintent but without deliberation” or premeditation (second-degree murder).

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          Read my response to you.  Again, it pays to read.  Where in my response did I defend them?  I simply said use the proper terms.  You’re getting too defensive and angry and irrational when you are corrected. *sigh*

          And there you go… the word MALICE. You may have encountered it.

          • tyounge1991

            The only reason you replied to me was to take a defensive stance against my comment.
            There was no other reason for you reply to my comment unprovoked.

            Plus I have a good memory doll, LOL. And I do remember you.
            Big bang fans need to stop with this whole pretending to not be fans things, people see through it at this point. Just admit that you’re just a fan defending idols that you worship. Like a pathetic little wh*re.

          • lisaVIP

            u need to GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! 

          • http://aflowingsilence.tumblr.com Kendall

            LOL I find your trolling funny. 

        • Dontcha

          Scumbag. Well this is the evidence;
          The motor cyclist was intoxicated and crashed into a pole. Fell onto the ground and was unconscious. 
          A taxi driver was driving in front of Daesung, just managed to swerve to avoid the motorcyclist. Daesung’s view was obstructed, he was distracted, and he ran over the motorcyclist.

          The courts themselves, after looking at all the evidence, decided that Daesung wasn’t guilty. If everything was as black and white as you put it– then Daesung would have been charged. But he wast. He’s not blameless, but not guilty. Even so, Daesung still holed himself up, still suffered self-loathing. He still blamed himself. He went through MONTHS of self-reflection. 
          scum·bag/ˈskəmˌbag/Noun:A contemptible or objectionable person.The family of the person who died, looked at the evidence, and realised what Daesung did was an accident. THE FAMILY. The FAMILY who knew the motorcyclist better than you did. Who actually spoke to Daesung face to face. They forgave him. They told him to move on with his life. To continue his career. So who are YOU to call him a scum bag? Who are you, some random netizen on the internet? People like you are the reason Daesung now ‘understands why celebrities contemplate suicide’. Just, thank god most people were understanding, most people looked at evidence, most people had compassion. Just thank god the motorcyclist’s family aren’t like you. Thank god they too looked at evidence, thank god they could think rationally, thank god they’re so forgiving and understanding. You know, I actually agree with all the crap you say about WG/SNSD on those other articles. But I never say I do. Not because I’m ashamed of my opinion, but because I’m ashamed of agreeing with you. “Sorry but your opinion any further is worthless to me considering I don’t take fan girls seriously. Esp. not ones called “angel29” so don’t waste your time. You fan girls would defend one of them if they raped a 1 month old baby, that is how low you are on the humanity scale to everyone that isn’t a daft whorish fangirl.”Seriously. Who are you calling anyone a scumbag. When you call everyone who doesn’t agree with you names like ‘hobag’ or ‘whorish fangirls’. You’re sick. Raping a 1 month old baby. You’re equating defending Daesung for an accident he was involved in, one which the family of the deceased forgave him for, one that the courts decided he wasn’t charged for– to raping a baby. What are you? What makes it even worse is how you think you’re so superior to others. How you try and belittle everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinions. Everytime someone puts up an argument against you, you nitpick at the most IRRELEVANT things as a rebuttal, and then proceed to call them idiots, or hobags, or whatever classy terms you come up with. 

          I’m saying– I’d rather take the opinion of someone called ‘angel29’ higher than someone called ‘tyounge1991′ who thinks it’s okay to disrespect others just because it’s online. 

          Who the fuck do you think you are. 

          And why the fuck haven’t’ the SB admins blocked you yet? Yeah, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. But NO ONE is entitled to degrade others and act so much superior. Are you so insecure you just HAVE to insult other people to make your comments stand? 

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

            The anonymity of the net makes him brave.  At the very least, his lack of manners is entertaining. 

          • tyounge1991

            Brave ….what would I be scared of?
            A bunch of ugly, asian fan girls…? o_o srsly dawg? LOL

          • saylor

            and its lack of education. 

          • tyounge1991


            Get to the point.

          • Dontcha

            Here’s the point: Stop acting arrogant. Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you hobags or whores. Stop belittling people because they have different opinions to you. Even when I do agree with you, I don’t want to. Because it feels like a crime against humanity agreeing with you. Get off that high horse of yours and act respectful. No one is asking you to change your opinions. People are asking you to either learn to respect others or gtfo.

            Doesn’t SB have a policy against people calling eachother degrading names to get their point across? Why the fuck are you letting him get away with spouting such crude insults.

          • Phoebe Lew

            Please don’t feed the trolls guys. Really not worth your time.

          • tyounge1991

            Um, nope.

            Not gonna happen.
            Thanks for asking me though.

            Too bad SB dosen’t seem to have a problem with me =)
            Only big bang fans, keep giving me what a I want hobags.

            And wh0res.


          • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

            Yes, we do and no, we aren’t.  We like to let people voice their opinions, unfortunately those who troll don’t know how to filter, become obnoxious, and rest assured they will be dealt with.  Thanks for reading and never fear, we hear ya ;o).

          • Anonymous

            LOL. You’re getting your masters and going to med school but refuse to read a 559-word counterargument because you think it’s too long. Good luck, med student, good luck.

          • lay

            maybe ‘it’ is one of the admins? SB allows ‘it’ to shit all over this site to stir things up and … increase the number of hits? it’s possible.

        • thunderandsmoke

          How are you in med school and getting your masters…yet have so much free time to troll on every article of this site, lol…

        • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

          Getting your masters and going to medical school doesn’t make you any less of an ignorant jerk.

    • Anon

      Just in case one day u get into a sticky situation, much like GD/Dae’s case, all the best to u, since I believe karma has a way of getting to someone like u.

      • tyounge1991

        If I get into a sticky situation where I was breaking the law, and speeding, and caused the death of another human being I’d have my ass in prison after the fact. People in America get thrown in prison for way less. Apparently murder, along with wife beating, are sports in Korea, eh? ;D lol

        • lisaVIP

          wife beating may not be a sport but very soon tyounge1991 beating will be!

        • Anonymous

          Actually based on american law he wouldn’t have been charged with being the cause of the death of the motorcyclist based on the circumstances of the event. The fact that the guy had a alcohol limit more than 2x the legal limit and he had already been seriously injured, even an american court would not put the blame on Daesung.  I am not even a fangirl of big bang but even I wouldn’t call Daesung a murderer.  Please look up the definition of murder in both korean law and american law. Also if you happen to hate kpop so much why do you waste your time on all these articles.  I know I am feeding your need for attention by responding to you, a person who appears to be obviously both immature and just a sad human being in need of attention,  but I am really curious as to why you even read kpop articles if you obviously dislike the music genre to such a degree. To be honest if I hated a group as much as you appear to , I wouldn’t waste my time on such things.  Obviously you are not going to change anyones mind with how you like to present yourself so why waste your time when there is much more you can be doing with that time. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

        more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

    • Guest

      oh, i see you’re back in a bigbang post. you must really want them to give you some attention because not even their fans do this kind of stalking. akp, bigbangupdates, seoulbeats, what’s next…the korean fansites?

      you’re all over this page but i’m only going to respond once because you’re only worth that much of my time and attention.

      as per korean law, daesung is not a murderer and not guilty of anything other than speeding. have a problem with that? take it up with the korean lawmakers.

      he would have been punished the same if not less in america. please refer to any similar case in any place in america regardless of state. here’s just a minor example. driver mows down protesters because he was annoyed at them. protesters taken to hospital, driver goes home. the police asked him to. – http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/11/two_occupy_oakland_protestors.html

      the pothead had so little weed in his system he couldn’t even be charged under the draconian korean drug laws. show me any solid proof of seungri’s racism and taeyang was not racist, he was just very young and very ignorant.

      their international achievements are not driven by koreans but by their international fanbase. and if they only ripped off american artists i don’t think america would pay any attention to them. yet they’re front and centre in most media articles about kpop and they have no plans to debut in america.

      an sure you’ll have some long, convoluted comeback to this embellished with words like whore and hobag but it’s tl:dr for me because not only do you make no logical sense, you’re just plain wrong and you’re too stupid to see it.

    • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

      Since you brought them up first, where the fuck do you think SNSD’s music came from? Do you think that songs like “Gee” and “Hoot” were given to SM producers in a dream by Jesus and that’s how it came to be?


      Bubblegum pop has been around for a long time, and its roots lie in the pop music scene in both America and the UK.

      • tyounge1991

        SNSD sucks balls, but atleast they don’t have a murderer in their group.
        LOL you seem to think I’d prefer them over…someone like lena park or whatever representing Korea in America, no, I would however prefer just about anyone but Big bang. Thank god they have the type of image that most American teens would laugh at to be honest, LOL. I mean they look gay people, and TOP needs to cool it with the Thomas Dekker eyeliner sh*t.

  • lolla

    You know, as a fan, the MTV nomination definitely made us happy, no matter how some people keep saying how insignificant MTV EMA is. But really, that is a booster both BB and we as fans need.

    • Guest

      Given that 22.2 million people watched the show last year, and that was an increase of 62% in the 16-34 demographic, enough people are watching for it to have some impact. the grammys were watched by 25 million people last year. so 22 million is not too shabby for a piddly european awards show run by MTV.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Nice article.  It practically summarizes the drama BigBang has undergone this year.  As fans, we are looking forward to their comeback– not necessarily a win in the EMA or MAMA but a very quick comeback that would allow us to see them on stage as a group of five. That would be more than enough for us (or for me at least). 

    Rooting for BigBang!

    • tyounge1991

      Ha. LOL

      Fantard alert.

      • Anon

        Hate-tard alert.

        • tyounge1991

          Back again fantard number 2? ROFL.

          • Anon

            Poor hate-tard is alone in his hate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

      more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

  • tyounge1991

    Oh I just realized they had five members, thank God, I guess TOP is the only somewhat major scandal free, no racist comments yet, member. ROFL.

    I’ll be waiting for his upcoming solo debut…

    Wait he already had one. He must be dying for that contract that permits him to be in this group to be over already. No need to let THEM ruin his career.

    • lol

      who do you LIKE in korean pop culture? lol

      • tyounge1991

        I like anyone in kpop “culture” that hasn’t murdered someone.


        • lol

          gee, I meant it as a friendly question. no need to get hostile. you’re able to come up with something negative to say for each article, I was just curious who you did like. You seem like an interesting person. You’re in med school? What field of medicine would you like to pursue? Studying for something like that takes a lot of dedication, it’s impressive.

  • Ann

    bigbang’s image has taken a massive hit this year but in korea, all it takes is some time to repent and you’re fine (except if you skip the military. that is not going to be fine ever). the response to daesung’s return is the perfect example of this. his (and yg’s choice) to put him in hiatus and keep him there despite being proven “not guilty” by law was the right one, not only because it kept antis at bay but also because he needed that time to heal and he’s still healing. 

    there are tons of korean celebrities who’ve done worse and are still very, very successful.

    the fact that they continued to perform after daesung’s hiatus and after gd’s scandal is a sign that they want to go on as a group and that’s the most important thing. the fact that not a single advertiser dropped them is a sign of their tremendous brand power and the confidence advertisers have in their brand. gd may have been cut out of a few ads but he’s all over seoul on billboards and window displays even now. the fact that top, taeyang and seungri have been successful and well-received despite the scandals is a sign of that korea might be angry at gd and daesung but it’s temporary. gd was doing perfectly fine himself with the huge hit that was his song for infinity challenge until his scandal. and like you mentioned, things are changing. they will be at the yg family concert, what’s up finally has an air-date, they’re releasing material in japan again and they have the emas coming up.

    plus they’re simply too important as a group for yg and for the industry to let them implode. they make up nearly 50% of yg’s revenue (group + solo + sub-unit), even when they’re not promoting in korea or not promoting as a group. gd&top were responsible for 23% of yg’s revenue in 2010 and 2ne1 13%. gd&top were active for 3 weeks in 2010, 2ne1 was active nearly half the year. their sales, their impact on tv ratings, their ability to make bank solo or as a group in pretty much all forms of entertainment, their impact on consumer behaviour/taste and  social media, the continued increase in their profile abroad despite not making any attempts to change that profile and a 100 other things simply make them too important to the kpop industry.

    they simply make too much money for too many people for them to disband.

    ps and if you believe the hints from german producer @boysnoize, they are back in the studio as five.

    • Anonymous

      you said everything that needed to be said
      n personally , kpop w.out big bang will simply be too boring

  • Anonymous

    lets just hope this year passes even faster… and may trolls be eaten by sharks.

  • Oh Ji’s Ho

    Good luck to Big Bang at the award shows and coming back….soon please :)  The interview with Daesung was encouraging.  I am glad he decided to break his silence and was able to attain some sort of peace over the whole situation.  It shows how mature he is to deal with the family of the slain individual because it was the right thing to do.  G-Dragon will be fine, in my opinion, as well.  Time is all that is needed for this one.   

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    How many times do we have to tell you that Big Bang is always going to be a group of five before people start having faith in them? :]

    • tyounge1991

      That’s what DBSK fans use to say.

      Awww…I remember those days, those crazed “five God’s” obsessive fans, who would have thought they’d end up split into two groups, and resort to throwing insults on twitter to each other?

      =D lol

      • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

        Why are you comparing DB5K to Big Bang? No one from Big Bang is suing YG Entertainment for working them half to death and not paying them enough. Where is the common ground? The amount of members in each group? They’re all men? All of them have dark brown eyes?

  • tyounge1991

    I like this. I can anger hundreds of Big bang fans, and probably get SB over 1k comments on just one article. LOL.

    I shall return Wh0res-I-P’s…

    And I shall get my attention.


    • Anon

      you think people who respond to you are angry? they’re merely taking the time out of their busy lives to point out the error of your sorry ways. unlike you who can spam a topic 24/7, they actually have things to do and people to meet. 

      and yes, we’ll give you the attention because it must be a really pathetic irl situation when you have to look to a website for attention. poor thing, sitting in your basement, crouched over a pc because no one in the world outside gives a fuck or wants to.

      there – you got some attention and i did my good deed for the day. would you like some chocolate too?

      • tyounge1991

        Have things to do and people to meet, ha, don’t make me laugh any harder.

        No one with a life has time to defend random pop stars, lol.
        I can bash them all day long and I still respect them all for miking such idiot fans for all their worth. LOL

        Get a boyfriend hagbot slore.

  • Anonymous

    Good article, Johnelle! I wish Big Bang the best. I hope the EMAs doesn’t turn into a popularity contest and that the most talented group or person wins, but it most likely will turn out like that.

    • tyounge1991

      Big bang is clearly not the one talented person/group nominated. LOL
      Only deluded little asian wh0res think that.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! I’m not really familiar with the other nominees, so I can’t say Big Bang losing to them would be a travesty. I just hope Britney Spears doesn’t come out the winner. She’s good at was she does, but she’s definitely not the most talented nominee on the list. Her music is, and always has been, pretty much crap. Popular crap, but lifeless and overprocessed crap nonetheless.

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree with you. Many people do love Britney, but I’ve never been a fan of hers. I used to feel very sorry for her when she got so much hate in the past, but I never cared for her music. Or Katy Perry’s, for that matter. Although I would love it if an American singer won the award, me being American myself, I think the winner should be the most talented performer, and I don’t think that’s Britney. I wish a different American artist was competing, like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Love them or hate them, you must admit that they can sing and are great at what they do.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day, the boys of Big Bang just love making music and they’ve been together too long to just let it all fall apart. And YG wouldn’t let that happen either. I really enoyed the article. (: I was a little worried for Big Bang too, but I’m glad they pulled through. I’m not saying their mistakes should be completely excused and they should walk away scotch-free. We all know they made mistakes and the way we look at them is completely different now.

    And please don’t feed the troll. We all know how pathetic they look and they’ll look even more pathetic if they keep posting dumbass comments without getting any replies from anyone. Nobody takes a troll seriously, so there’s no point in responding.

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it.  You do bring up a good point that I meant to include, but forgot- that Big Bang does love making music together and that I really don’t think that they want to do it apart. Daesung had me worried for a bit there, though.

      Mahalo also to NatalieST below.

  • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

    As a PSA: tyounge1991 has been banned.

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

      Would it be insensitive to throw a party? 

      • Anonymous

        I was going to ask for him to be banned…. His comments were always unnecessarily rude and offensive… Someone would disagree with them and he’d reply with an insult.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

        Send me an invite. LOL.

    • Oh Ji’s Ho

      Is this for real or mean joke?

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

      i can’t believe this is the highest rated comment! LOL haha

    • Anonymous

      ugggh thank you

  • Anonymous

    I think they will recover. They seem to have a really strong and loyal fan base and their agency has a quite good approach, they actually support the guys.

  • Missat

    lmao! I think tyounge1991 is at allkpop now hahaha under the name Lakeisha! hahaha OMG I can’t stop laughing

    • Anonymous

      Okay… so even though I’m boycotting AKP at the moment since they tend to give out a lot of slanted  news, I had to check this out. Made a beeline for the latest big bang article… and voila! Troll having the time of his life shouting about murder and throwing insults at anyone who bothers replying. Yup, that’s tyounge1991 alright. Except that now he’s pretending to be a black girl on AKP (the name Lakeisha, as well as a picture of Glee’s Mercedes as his icon) instead of a male med school student (I guess he had to pretend to be smart to blend in here… :P)

      Hilarious. And good riddance.

      • Alwaysh

        Is that really tyounge1991? I’m checking out Lakeisha’s twitter, and like… that twitter doesn’t seem ANYTHING like tyounge1991. 

        • BVMR

          i found myself laughing knowing u went checking on that lakeisha girl twitter ;), maybe shes a totally different troll-person. tyonge would probably be studying on its upcoming meds exam lol

        • Anonymous

          Lakeisha’s twitter doesn’t seem very personal at all (and has zero followers). Also – assuming that tyounge1991 was born in 1991…. there’s almost no way he could be a med school student. And all my friends that are actual med school students are way too busy trying not to fail their classes to have time to troll as obsessively as he did. We also know he was a compulsive liar (claimed he never posts on AKP when his Disqus profile clearly indicated he does). Of course it’s POSSIBLE Lakeisha is a different person… but considering the parallels between them (including the writing style and choice in insults) personally I don’t think so.

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

      Oh my gosh. It doesn’t die. 

  • Beautiful nightmare

    this is great article .They will come back soon. Of all the boy group, i think they have the most bond. They also have  a good company. They still have a loyal fanbase.  They have a family in their company and fans

    • BVMR


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  • http://twitter.com/lannixh0llaaa Lanni Tran

    It’s true that the five year idol curse falls upon most idol groups, but BIGBANG isn’t any ordinary idol group ;) They’ll definitely surpass it & be OT5 again ! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/astee.maya AsTi MaYa

      definitely agree 2 u :D

  • BVMR

    it is kinda creepy this 5 yrs curse thing, at first i did not pay enough attention to it. after what happen to big bang this year, gosh, the curse is probably true. but i personally think that they will surpass this year. 2012 will probably be the year of big bang, with their solos and dramas, well at least that is what i wish to happen =D. that will probably be one of my new year wishes lol. gotta love big bang :*

  • BVMR

    it is kinda creepy this 5 yrs curse thing, at first i did not pay enough attention to it. after what happen to big bang this year, gosh, the curse is probably true. but i personally think that they will surpass this year. 2012 will probably be the year of big bang, with their solos and dramas, well at least that is what i wish to happen =D. that will probably be one of my new year wishes lol. gotta love big bang :*

  • http://twitter.com/ufn_csh u.f.n

    i almost crying when reading this. it is true what did taeyang say :)

  • http://twitter.com/vavavoomchie Chie Sillona

    Big Bang will always be #1 in my heart.. the wrong things have been said and done, time to move on and change for the better.. i hope and pray that they win the EMAs coz they really deserve it.. 

    VIPs WeProud♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588017364 Yunnie Wong

    I’m sure wuli BIGBANG will go through all these!!
    BECAUSEThey are BIGBANG!!!
    BIGBANG hwaiting!! ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001224315537 Angel Mercado

    i wanna cry ;~;

  • Angel_in87

    BigBang fighting!!! VIP always support u
    never ever give up
    we can do it

  • Limsamantha

    Beautifully written. I couldn’t agree more.

    Big Bang Fighting and God bless you more and more!

    Enjoy your stay in Belfast and bring home the bacon!

    VIPs will continue to be here for you guys FOREVER!

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    We won the WorldWide Act at the MTV EMAs!!!! Yeah KPOP UNITED!  They looked so happy on stage flipping between English and Korean LOL

  • L.

    Abdelfattah is from Morocco..he’s just currently based in Egypt for his musical career. Anyway, BB won!!!! The best has yet to come!!

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      Fixed it, thanks.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Oh yeah… IT AIN’T OVER! 

    Congratulations BigBang!  I’m so happy to see this win.  Congratulations also to VIPs and non-VIPs who supported them by voting!

  • http://tshidi.tumblr.com tshidi

    You said it. It ain’t over until it’s over. And it ain’t over. These guys are tough.

  • Kyana

    I voted like all day on the 2nd! and I had my boyfriend vote like a bagillion times also! so glad they won! I’d hate to say that they deserved it more than Britney but i really feel like they did! Congrats BB!!

  • lisaVIP



    • Kas

      Douple like…Triple like…Thousand times like!!!!! I am so happy for them :)

      • lisaVIP

        they owned that stage!! lol 

        much respect for speaking korean then english! 
        thank you to all the VIPs and non-VIPs who voted!! 

    • Anon

      and according to soompi they won with the most votes ever cast for an artist at the mtv emas, a whopping 58 million. there were 158 million votes cast in total for all the awards. when you have a fanbase as dedicated as that, both in korea and internationally, you’re not going anywhere for a while.

      and the k-media has already started sucking up. i’ve seen articles calling them “revolutionary idols” and “global idols” but my personal fave is this line that describes their win as “a dragon spurting blazing flowers of fire”.

      the award in itself may not be worth much but vips got what they really wanted – positive press for bigbang and a smile from daesung.

      • lisaVIP

        what mattered to me the most was the smiles <3

        they just need a MAMA to round off the year lol 
        they will not go anywhere ever! they are just too talented :)

        k-media is so wishy-washy *sigh*

      • Anonymous

        LOOOL kmedia is gonna milk this for a loooooong time ahahaha

        dont get me wrong though i thought bigbang winning was cool…but lol @ kmedia and their exxagerations

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    And to add another comment:

    BigBang ain’t over yet.  During this time of their biggest and worst trials and tribulations, fans stood by them in FULL FORCE.  None of the endorsers left them, none of the stations banned them, none of their fans stopped believing in them.

    The PHOENIX IS NOW READY TO RISE FROM THE ASHES!  Solemnly waiting for that day… and until then, I’m celebrating this victory with them and with anyone who cares to celebrate.

  • BVMR

    daesung’s smile brought happy tears to my eyes, literally. congratz big bang!!!! and no, it aint over yet at all :)

  • http://twitter.com/nozomi05 Dee

    I love the article!

  • Anon

    Big Bang won yo! Take that haters!

  • http://twitter.com/mariisvip mariisvip

    i loved this article
    i can’t wait till BIG BANG comes back as 5

  • yun kim

    Delayed Big Bang Album to be Released in Japan Next Month.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hersheymania22 Doreen Araneta

    BIGBANG! <3

  • Anonymous

    There is always mandatory military service to break any male group apart. And when they come back, it won’t be the same.

  • PakiGirl646

    This has got to be one of the best articles on Kpop i have ever seen. Thanks for giving your support for BIGBANG. BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!!!

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  • aa_bb

    This article should be read by bigbang..they will be very happy reading this..I felt so proud of the boys,after reading this..Oppas stay strong and lively,,sarangheyo!!we miss you!!

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    BIGBANG     NO.1

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    It has been a very long time since I read something that held my attention like this article.  I have followed BB (VIP) for over 5 years and am so glad they have resigned with YGE for another 5.  I knew the military thing would come up as it has for Rain, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin and many others, and I am sure once that happens BB will be sadly over but I am sure they will remain in public life just separately.

    Thanks so much for this Great and Insightful article.

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  • Mimmi Bigbangvip

    BIG BANG has recovered from theses hardships they had to face and they endured it well, the curse is over now, BIG BANG BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!
    even if you guys go military service, when you guys come back, our love to BIG BANG will not decrease but it will rise as high as the taeyang (the sun)

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