• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    Not wasting my time at SMTown, $230 for a seat and I really don’t even care for the artists in that label anyway.

    • Johnny

      $230 thats ridiculous even our own artists dont charge that much unless its like VIP packages. I wish YG family would do a tour here I would pay to see them definitely SMtown not so much their music is not my cup of tea.

    • Anonymous

      Thats why I didn’t buy tickets for kpop masters.  $324 for okay, not even great seats, I didn’t even pay that much for better seats to see NSync during their “Celebrity” Tour.

      • Johnny

        These promoters are literally trying to rip off kpop fans in the states. They know since we dont get to see these artists often they bet their money ppl would pay for it and unfortunately there are ppl out there that do

    • Yoonafan18

      I spent 90 on my tickets

  • Anonymous

    Been listening to Simon D’s  and Tablo’s albums on repeat all week, such good music.  Been listening to SNSD’s “The Boys”, still hate “the boys” and overall the album left me the same thought as I always have, the girls have potential but are given mediocre material, personally I really like Trick and Oscar and Sunflower is growing on me, and I will admit this album is heaps better than what they have been releasing for years though and they sound great in this album.  I live on the other side of the country (CA) so no SMtown for me, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t go anyways since I haven’t been really feeling anything from SME these days.

    Been busy with work  in the lab (first day off in 4 weeks 0_0) since I have abstract deadlines coming up but I have been trying to find time to watch at least 1 kdrama and I have to say I am really liking “The Musical” now that its picking up in the plot. Haven’t really had time to watch any of the weekday offerings lately.

  • Gnattie

    I didn’t really care for SNSD’s new album. I thought some of the songs were OK, like Trick and Oscar, but most were mediocre. I especially disliked “The Boys.” As a grade, I’d give it a 6/10.

    • Gnattie

      And I haven’t been able to jam out to Chris Brown since he beat Rihanna a few years ago. I think it’s disgusting that he’s famous again.

      • Johnny

        Not me I’m bumping Chris Brown music all day! Deuces, Look at me now are my jams. I think ppl dont have to like him but let the boy move on and at the end of the day we listen to his music and not the person he is.

        • thunderandsmoke

          Agreed. He made a mistake, his life sucked for a while, he apologized and I’ve moved on. I’m not a Chris Brown fan, but I’m also not a fan of condemning people for life for their mistakes. To me his music and his personal life are not one in the same.

          • Gnattie

            I can understand yours and Johnny’s just liking Brown’s music and not Brown himself, but I personally refuse to support the mofo. To me, a mistake in showbiz is getting caught with cocaine or having to go to rehab or saying a controversial comment, not putting your girlfriend in the hospital. Kanye West made a mistake with that whole Taylor Swift controversy. Also, a “mistake” implies that Chris Brown did it accidentally or without meaning to cause harm, and I’m pretty sure Brown knew exactly what he was doing when he beat Rihanna senseless. I don’t think that’s something that can be redeemed. I still find it apalling that people consider beating your girlfriend forgettable and redeemable, like it’s not a big deal and it’s alright to be abusive towards your girlfriend.  But these are just my feelings towards this subject.

          • Johnny

            He made a terrible mistake, but he was young and perhaps foolish. He’s paid the price for what he did. He has gone to counseling, done community service and lost his livelihood for over a year. Should he forever pay for one mistake? Who of us has never made a mistake in life?

          • Gnattie

            Everyone makes mistakes but that doesn’t mean they all should be forgiven. Charles Manson made the mistake of killing and mutilating people and has suffered for it in jail ever since, should we let him out? Chris Brown apologized, did community service, and went to counseling for his own sorry ass so people would forgive him and he wouldn’t have to go to jail. He’s still known to throw temper tantrums on set, throwing furniture and harassing people. I don’t think he’s learned his lesson. And again, Chris Brown knew what he was doing when he abused Rihanna. He didn’t make a “mistake,” he intentionally assaulted a woman.This whole entire “He made a mistake, you should forgive him, everyone makes mistakes,” just sounds like “It’s perfectly alright to physically abuse your wife, girlfriend, children, anyone, as long as you apologize.” People always say that in defense of someone that did something wrong, but it shouldn’t always apply. I can understand you not wanting to hold people’s past against them and I don’t look down on you for that, but Chris Brown will always be a disgusting human being to me.

          • Anonymous

            I cannot believe you compared Charles Manson to Chris Brown.  Charles Manson was a murderer, simply put. He had a long history of criminal acts prior to the Tate murder showing that he would never change.  Noone is saying that its okay to abuse someone as long as you apologize but hope that since he is young that it is not to late for him to change so that he never beats another woman again. Because to be honest if everyone thought like you , if I was in his position I would see no reason to change.

          • Gnattie

            I wasn’t trying to compare them, what Manson did was much worse than what Brown did. I was giving another example of where not everything can be forgiven. Of course, Manson’s acts were much, much more worse than Brown’s and can never, under any circumstances, be forgiven. I know it was an extreme comparison and I’m sorry to have grievously offended you. I’m very glad to know that there are woman out there that show that even if a man beats a woman senselessly, other women will still love him. It explains a lot about society. I’m very sorry that my opinions toward Chris Brown offend you so, I wish I could think and feel like you and be more considerate of angry young men that throw furniture out windows and abuse people.Maybe I’m just too much of a Feminist and wish Chris Brown had received a larger punishment than some community service and a two year absense from Hollywood. I apologize for feeling offended, as a woman, that a man such as him would be accepted by into society so easily for his actions. I’m very glad to know that as long as a guy can sing and produce good music, he can be forgiven for anything. I hope this applies to every man that beats his girlfriend. Because it’s not like abuse is emotionally scarring or anything and can’t be forgotten the next day. I hope you realize that I’m being sarcastic.

            I find your willingness to forgive people and see hope in them admirable, but I don’t retract my comments or feel bad about what I said. I love that you, thunderandsmoke, and Johnny have hope and faith in people and believe in redemption, but I will always consider Chris Brown a scumbag. Maybe he has learned his lesson, but I still hear about him throwing furniture and lashing out at people, so excuse me if I still consider him a piece of sh*t. If I heard stories about him helping old ladies cross the street instead of verbally abusing his staff, I would be more forgiving towards him. Again, sorry if my opinions offend you. Thank you for enlightening on the fact that I am a horrible person for harboring a strong dislike of abusers. I should love and accept them like everyone else.

          • thunderandsmoke

            You did just compare Chris Brown to Charles Manson, which is most definitely unfair. No one was saying you had to like Chris Brown ever again, you have the right to do that. But like hapacaigirl stated, people continue to label him an abuser like he does acts like that on a daily basis, like he beats women all the time and is violent to all females he meets. He made a mistake (and i still think this is the correct terminology to use in this case based on the definition of the word) and people keep bring up his past again and again. No one is saying it was right or we should forget, but doesn’t he at least deserve to be forgiven after 2 years for a one time offense…

          • Gnattie

            Alright, I will apologize for comparing Brown to Manson, though I wasn’t really trying to directly compare. In retrospect, it was wrong for me to do. I think I lashed out too much on you and the others, and I apologize for that as well. It was immature of me. However, I still don’t think any better of Chris Brown. That boy has temper issues, then and now. Rihanna and other sources revealed that their entire relationship had been volatile and that he left bruises on her multiple times besides that one incident. I don’t know why she stayed with him but whatever. I do believe forgiveness is good and right but I still don’t think Chris Brown should still be famous after what he did. But I really don’t feel like arguing about this anymore.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think people find it redeemable or forgettable but hope that since he was young that he will learn from it and never do it again and grow to become a better person who will not resort to violence. If we keep labelling him an abuser and never let him even attempt to reform then from his point of view what use would it be to even try.  I personally hope through counseling and people giving him a second chance that he tries his utmost best to become a better man that doesn’t resort to violence with the opposite sex. 

      • Anonymous

        Personally I don’t listen to chris brown these days because I haven’t been really feeling most of his new material post scandal.  I agree what he did was incredibly wrong but I also agree with others that holding him to that one mistake isn’t right either, and while he had no right to do what he did, Rihanna isn’t this perfect angel that everyone portrays her  to be.  Now I am not blaming Rihanna at all because Chris Brown was 100% at fault but I am just saying. He was incredibly young and stupid and while that doesn’t relieve him of any guilt and he was still very wrong with his actions, how can we really expect people to grow, change, and  improve so that they do not repeat those actions if we always keep holding that mistake against them.  I don’t think people should forgive Chris Brown, but if there is any hope for him to reform and become a better man so that he doesn’t beat another woman again, people are going to have to give him a second chance.  Because what is the point of wanting to change if regardless of what you do people will keep holding it against you and assume that you are the same.

  • Atamatya

    I REALLY DON’T LIKE “THE BOYS”!! it’s sounds like a super junior song but worst! However, I like that Snsd is not wearing the same clothes anymore and that they all have their own look!

    • Anonymous

      Its unfortunate they only have their own look for “The Boys” because for Mr Taxi and How Great is your love they were back to looking identical.

  • Anonymous

    The first half of Tablo’s new album on repeat. Good music is good music.

  • thunderandsmoke

    Amy are you and the Seoulbeats Crew going to SMTOWN NY? In a way I wanted to go, but I had absolutely no one to go with, probably because I’m a secret kpop fan, lol.

    Anyways, I really wish SNSD’s “The Boys” album was better, well I think a better way to put it is that I wish i liked this album more. I was coming off the high that was their Japanese First Album (which I thought was absolutely spectacular and appropriate) and then I listened to this album and their voices were just all to high again and I didn’t like the songs and so I was just sad and mad all around. Plus, I am very confused as to why they released a CD in the US but didn’t follow any of the popular pop music trends in the states right now. That album sounded NOTHING like what we are bumping in the club and in our cars and in our headphones. If you want to infiltrate a market, you have to at least make your entry sound similar but interestingly different enough so that the new audience can relate, but also want to explore more into the new genre. On a completely different subject, I really enjoy Andy Samberg from SNL’s lowbrow humor. This is probably going to reflect horribly on me and my interests lol, but that Digital Short with Drake was hilarious and 3-Way (The Golden Rule) with Gaga and Timberlake is really really catchy…

  • eboy07

    Chris Brown makes good music period.

  • pikachu

    Epik High oh wait Tablo is on repeat this week and maybe for the next few weeks or so. I hate “the boys” with a passion after watching them live numerous times so is “taxi”, the rapping to the boys is just so annoying that it takes away all the good part in the song (Taeyeon part specifically which is the only one in this song that sounds good and Seohyun?”. 

  • fjunior

    Tablo’s album is gold. The best release this week. 
    Do wonder if those people that were aggressively expressing their disapproval on him joining YG’s opinions have been changed with this. 

    • Anonymous

      If they haven’t they never will be.  To be honest, Tablo has said repeatedly that Seo Taiji and the boys were a great influence to him so of all the companies I am not surprised with the YGE move especially since YGE gives financial stability while still being able to maintain artistic freedom, plus Tablo respects YG and trusts that he will still be able to maintain his artistic integrity in YGE.

    • Leejenny

      yeah. i want to hear something from that writer too(Megan)! Tablo’s album is my jam now

      • Megan

        I didn’t see your comment until a little late, but I stand by what I said. Yes, his music was good. His music has always been good, and I didn’t doubt that it would be good. I just took issue with him tooting his own horn for ages about being such an independent, underground, rebellious mind and then doing a three-sixty and signing with a major label. It wasn’t about music, it was about the principle of the thing.

  • JOJO

    TABLO is back yeah!
    SNSD such a love and hate relationship. The Japanese album was pretty good compared to the albums they put out their. Mr. Taxi and Vitamin are just filler songs. I like Oscar but it reminds me of  Brittany’s give me more. I’m not saying they plagiarized but it does sound similar imo. And beats are always recycled in way or tend to sound the same. The positive of this concept is that some people get to stand out more like Hyoyeon. I liked Sooyoung’s longer hair and Sunny’s hair but only in the promo pics. I would like to see SM try more with SNSD n SJ, cheap vids aren’t really cutting it for me. Give us some story vids and an epic ballad that makes me go omg and reminds me why I think this group is amazing. They should have replaced Mr. Taxi with Let it Rain. It sounds better even though its pretty much emotionless. Still not fan of Jessica’s voice and I like Sunny voice in RnB songs only. I don’t know why but I feel like Sunny vocals are easily replaceable by Yuri’s and Sooyoung’s voices. I’m not saying they sing better than her and they certainly don’t have the technique but being that I like the sound of their voices better than Sunny’s and that their voices can sound cute like her’s, I just dont see the point of her. But it wouldnt be snsd i guess without her. My vocal ranking of voices pleasing to my ears: Tiffany,  Teayeon, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, Yoona, Sunny, Jessica. Sadly even Yoona’s talking voice at times sound better.
    AFTERSCHOOL I saw their Japanese pv teaser for Diva and all I could think was how lame. They should have promoted the Shampoo song and tap routine together. The lyrics we’re touching and I think it would have been a song that would have been enjoyable for a Japanese audience. This group gives off a feeling of maturity when together which is something I enjoy. And I like some of their songs and their Sub Units, not a fan of AS Blue that much though. I was really upset that AS BLUE N RED didnt stay and promote their singles. I thought both were somewhat promising and the only good thing that “Pledis has going for them is Orange Caramel. I guess Pledis has better success with subgroups than the group as whole. And at times I wonder if it is their organization that brings AFTERSCHOOL. When they decided to make the group nine, I didnt like the idea because for me their magic number is eight. On top of that I think Pledis should focus bit more on VOCAL ability. I prize groups with different voices and ranges. The only people who are the best singers out of the Group are Raina and Jung ah. Then Kahi, following the rest I guess because I’m not sure about everybody else  voices except that their just plain and some just sound the same but I guess I could rank it from what I hear lately which is Raina, Jung Ah, Kahi, Lizzy, Nana, Uee, Eyoung, Joyeon. The first album should have focused on the group as whole which is what it lacked to do.
    Hyuna being voted as the next Lee Hyori. Honestly I am bit happy that Yuri didn”t win because she isnt sexy. Though, I give her credit for Singing better than Hyuna but Hyuna has something that Yuri doesn’t. The popularity and the agency that thinks she is good enough to be solo. Oh and she also has the backing by her fans who dont stress the power of the group together.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from the show and it was awesome! Can’t believe I saw HoMin and Suju. The crowd was really diverse and cheered on every artist.  I now have to go download Kangta(!!) and Boa songs. 

  • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

    I hate everyone who got to go to SMTOWN New York. Just saying. 

  • Kpopboi

    Probably taking Yuri out, I couldn’t give a shit about SM these days.

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