• theoneone

    if youre going into japan and competing with the top girl group pop acts you have to usually go the cute / fanservice route.

    2ne1 tried but i wasnt expecting much from them with their “street tough” concept.  kara’s debut was better because their image already matched what was going on.

    • tyounge1991

      Not really…Japan has female pop groups with male-inspired visual kei images, but are still pop. They have that group that has three girls that play rock music, and classical piano, they have girl groups that are older women who sing soul music, they have their sexier girl groups that are like mini-koda kumis, and they have groups like AKB48…where you can find the cute girly look, the wannabe rock star look, and with only certain members a more grown up look.

      There’s a ton of variety in Japanese pop, and that is only one genre…their rock scene is amazing.

      • kat

        Those groups are not selling well, as compared to the girly, cute AKB right? 

        And aren’t you people the one who’s laughing at 2ne1 for having low sales, which in fact are just the same sales with those you have mentioned except for the AKB type groups? 

        • tyounge1991

          What groups?

          I didn’t name any other groups, I named aspects of many girl groups that have been around way before AKB48, and had their time to sell just as much as them. So what groups? How about you do some research before asking such silly broad questions.

          AKB48 has been the most popular pop group for awhile in Japan now. Obviously MM sells just as well; and WAS as popular, now AKB48 is. They are no different than any group in Korea except they are worth more, and sell 100x more than any kpop group ever has, or ever will. 2NE1 included.

          Girl groups with a different image from AKB48 selling less than AKB48 is irrelevant considering AKB48 is the MOST popular at the moment.
          Why would they sell more than them? They are the *top* girl group right now.

          Koda Kumi, Mika Nakashim, and Miyavi all sell just as much as AKB48 on average, their images are far far more edgy, and authentic than 2NE1. They are very loved in Japan as well.

          • Kat

            I was asking about the sales of girl group. Solo artists are irrelevant in this discussion so don’t mention them. What I am trying to say is for a girl group with the same concept as the AKB (Kara, T-ara, rainbow and SNSD even included) in japan, they surely sell very well as compared to the types of 2ne1.  Japan may have diverse taste in music but the ones with very high sales for girl groups are those AKB type.The “low” sales of 2ne1 is just the same as the sales of the groups outside the girly, cute groups. 

          • Kat

            I was asking about the sales of girl group. Solo artists are irrelevant in this discussion so don’t mention them. What I am trying to say is for a girl group with the same concept as the AKB (Kara, T-ara, rainbow and SNSD even included) in japan, they surely sell very well as compared to the types of 2ne1.  Japan may have diverse taste in music but the ones with very high sales for girl groups are those AKB type.The “low” sales of 2ne1 is just the same as the sales of the groups outside the girly, cute groups. 

      • theoneone

        oh i know japan has a lot of variety.  however,  i know what market 2ne1 is trying to reach and their concept probably wasnt going to do well.  they even tried to change a little bit.  just look at the video.

        i brought up kara because they are doing decent compared to other kpop acts because a lot of people are into their cute concept.

  • Afufubing

    i lasted 30secs before turning off the jap version of go away. they being too colorful hurts my eyes. 
    i’m waiting and waiting and waiting for sandara to finally dress her age. 

    • tyounge1991

      How old is sandara again? lol

      • theoneone

        28?  almost 30? 

        i know im close.

  • tyounge1991

    2ne1 is more like the attention seekers that have special snowflake syndrome, the most pathetic of the bunch..

    Why people think this pop group, under a major label, who doesn’t write, produce, compose, or have a creative bone in the bunch is some sort of under ground, indie, creative, group of artist free to do what they please is beyond me.

    They are a pop group people, I mean how deluded do you have to be to see anything else? why do some pop fans hate being pop fans? theres really nothing wrong with pop music, it just means music dumbed down and made to appeal to hopefully a broad range of people. That is it.

    2NE1 exist to make YGE money, and cater to what market they are promoting in, they obviously wont touch Japan’s top girl groups, just like any other Kpop singer or group – they will have their fans, but Japan will always put their groups and artist first. DBSK nor BoA managed to top Arashi (boy band) or Utada Hikaru, Mika, Ayu, etc. (all solo female acts that reign supreme in Japan still).

  • Anon

    so lollipop was not cute? or don’t stop the music? 2ne1’s done cute before and will do it again. people who take their “girl power” schtick so seriously need to get over it. 2ne1 promotes girl power about as much as snsd does. it’s an act and a concept. that people buy it hook, line and sinker and are inspired by it, doesn’t mean it is not manufactured and cannot be changed. a single episode of 2ne1tv shows that the girls are about as badass as hamsters, so it’s not like yg is not open about the fact that it is manufactured. it just underlines how good they are at selling that manufactured image. if anything the girls are about as close to being their real selves in this pv.

    as for 2ne1’s oricon no. 1. people act as if this is the first time in the history of oricon that someone has gotten no. 1 with low sales. it’s happened before and it will happen again. some people focus on the no. 1, some focus on the sales. neither are wrong. as for what they’re doing in japan. they’re making money. those low sales probably made them more than their sales in korea did. their japanese tour had 70,000 people. their seoul concerts had 15,000.

    as for the saddest descent into japan, maybe you should look up 4minute’s sales or beg’s or any number of kpop groups who’ve never even made it on to oricon.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you, the image is just for shits.. a part of it. in a way they are what they portray, but not as badass or fierce like some people have labeled them to be. lol. except for dara. it shouldn’t have been badass anyway, the right term should’ve been edgy. 

    • http://twitter.com/nefariously N.

      “their japanese tour had 70,000 people” actually they sold 70,000 tickets, a lot of those got resold by scalpers for pence (no site has actually commented on how many seats were filled, only just how much they sold.)

      • Anon

        it doesn’t matter how many seats were filled (and if you look at fanpics and read fanaccounts, the halls looked full). they still made more money there than they did in korea. what difference does it make whether it came from scalpers or fans?

  • Acidimp

    I don’t know what is worse, your delusional view of 2NE1 or the painful comparisons. If you are comparing KPOP girl groups then a more appropriate analogy would be a giant bordello where SNSD wears the cheerleader costume, 2NE1 wears the the spiked bustier and a big pimp in the back hands out the outfits and tells them exactly how to act to milk the most money out of the john. I think it’s cool to love a group but if you are going to fall for their hype hook line and sinker then be prepared to be shocked and amazed every time they appear to switch gears. But, lets be real, the motive is always the same; put whatever face you need to on to make the most money. So each time they enter a new market or the popular trend changes they are going to go right along with the flow…brace yourself.

    And I really wish KPOP fans would stop trying to throw shade at Japan. Kawaii is not the only thing that sells in Japan and there are plenty of “badass” and  alternative females who have successful music careers. 

    • theoneone

      of course the cute concept isnt the only thing that sells well in japan but it is one of the best and easiest ways to go about selling your records especially when the group promoting themselves have no intention of staying or learning the japanese language.  2ne1 is only there to make a quick buck period.

      kpop acts nowadays dont want to go the boa / dbsk route.

  • Nabeela

    OMG Ree so good! i laughed at the end.
    you bring up a good point about the images clashing but i’m going to have to disagree with you a bit. i dont think the cute is excessive nor is it over the top for 2NE1. i actually enjoyed the bursts of unnecessary amounts of color. but i can see how their image has been altered to cater to Japanese audience-i mean lets face it, their music market is very distinct in its trends, especially with whats popular. obviously, its apparent 2NE1 has a niche market but i still think YG is trying to get the girls to be mad wild fire, and this PV is evidence for it. 

    for me though, the worst part is the actual song. there is a loss of the original rhythm, and the delivery is a bit slow compared to the original, and that killed it for me. 

    overall i completely agree with you. they need to GTFout of japan

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

      I don’t think it’s excessive either– but considering how in your face 2NE1 has been before with almost all of their recent singles (Lollipop being an exception) you can understand why I though it was a bit try hard. I mean, especially with CL. I know she isn’t a bad-ass female in real life, but considering how much she sells the image, it’s unnerving to see her cooing over dogs and playing with bubbles in this PV. Even if it isn’t cute, you can obviously tell they’ve changed their marketing strategies for Japan. And that’s what’s sort of making me bite my lip– because I actually liked their original manufactured image, and I’m not really liking this one. Even if they were manufactured, they were different. And that’s what drew me in, Of course it becomes overbearing at times– but I dig most of their songs and MVs, and so I liked it. 

      Aah, yeah. I agree with you there. But I can’t blame them too much, honestly, their Japanese isn’t the best :/ And I appreciate that CL and Minzy are rapping in Japanese instead of opting for going English instead. 

  • Daydream

    “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do”…or something along the line. 

    I honestly don’t see how this is any more contrived than most of their other mvs. Were they even trying to go full on cutesy? coz I, for one, didn’t think it was that cute. and it’s not like they haven’t done anything similar (Lollipop) before. But I guess the disparity between the korean and japanese version of the song can be puzzling to some. 

    Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by 2ne1 not being able to naturally act like girls? how are they supposed to act? 

  • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

    I want to comment on 2NE1 and their #1 on oricon.

    New artist sneaking the release date for an album to be ranked #1 in Oricon is no new method. Avex often used that. That’s one of the reason why Tohoshinki can get their “consecutive #6 singles” (before 4th album, now it’s #9 hahaha) on Oricon single chart. Their sales for some singles (i.e. Purple Line won #1 in a totally slow week that it jumped to #33 the week after, Survivor, some singles like Bolero/Share the World didn’t pass 100k in one week) are not really stellar. However, with their consecutive #1 streaks, they finally got the spotlights. After that then they started competing with reputable local Japanese artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Arashi (for The Secret Code album –Ayu, and Stand By U single –Arashi).

    There’s a possibility that Avex wants to do the same method to 2NE1. There’s really nothing wrong about it. A #1 is a #1 too, no matter how crappy the number is. Even though I do dislike the fact that some korean medias are bragging too much about it.

    • http://twitter.com/nefariously N.

      “Even though I do dislike the fact that some korean medias are bragging too much about it.”

      Korean media, Allkpop/Tokyohive & (most) Blackjacks, I think you mean.

  • lolla

    well… what the heck did they do to pretty Dara? whatever she was with that look was ridiculous…unless that was the Halloween costume intended for her. :/

  • kc

    what I think they should do is have Sandara and Bom promote in Japan while Minzy and CL promote in Korea, then everything would be perfect… cause I mean really, Minzy’s voice has improved to the point where she could be the lead if she really wanted to and Cl just doesn’t fit the cute girl role, it’d be totally awesome if they could pull a GD/TOP and make their own subgroup…
    I mean Bom and Sandara looked in place in the video (if you ignore their questionable Japanese…) they fit “Kawaii” to a T…
    but then again, I guess I agree with you, I don’t think there’s a reason other then money for them to go to Japan, I really just wanna see Minzy and CL do a subgroup, or even just have Minzy do a solo album, the girls turned into a triple threat (can sing, dance and has grown to be gorgeous!) I really think she’s the female Taeyang^^
    anyways, here’s hoping their promotion in Japan is a quick one, I wanna see something new that doesn’t make me crave cotton candy^^

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    Does anyone have any idea how YGEX works? Who gets to decide their concepts for their Japanese activities? Who chooses the director for the MVs, styles them, coaches them for interviews, writes their lyrics, etc. etc.? Because who ever is in charge needs to be fired immediately.

    I love 2NE1 with all my heart. They’re the first girl group I have ever liked/followed/stanned since I started liking K-pop and I will support them in everything they do. But even before they debuted, I think a lot of us Blackjacks could see this coming. Yes, there are parts of the “Go Away” MV that I adore, such as Bom in the tub and Dougie + Dadoong’s cameos… And I love how this MV shows off a different interpretation of the song.

    I think YGEX is having the same trouble handling 2NE1 as SME does when it comes to f(x). They don’t know what to do with 2NE1. I don’t know if it’s a language barrier thing, a power play thing, or maybe they’re all just old and don’t know what the fuck they’re doing…

    I’m trying really hard to find the silver lining when it comes to their Japanese promotions. But I die a little inside when I see/hear:

    – Dara’s Filipino accent when she speaks Japanese (yeah, it sounds almost like Tagalog, tbh).
    – CL, the one who lived in Japan and is supposed to be fluent in it, speaking Korean.
    – Bom doesn’t even try to speak in Japanese.
    – Minzy sitting off to the side being all meek and quiet.

    It got me thinking that maybe YG should’ve made them do variety shows in Korea like all the other idol groups do. He sheltered them too much and now that they’re in Japan and they have to be on lots of tv shows and do live interviews, they’re being all shy and awkward when their image (in Japan) is supposed to be fierce, powerful, and charismatic.


    • tyounge1991

      Their image vs. their actual boring personalities are two different things.
      That is one thing Kpop groups and solo acts learn when they try to debut in Japan.

      I still remember when BoA was JUST going over to Japan…boyyyy when she found out being cute, and then very young, and lip synching was going to fly there….lol…..how wrong she was. She became a better live performer from her time in Japan. Now like so many she doesn’t seem to care to go to back to Korea.

      2NE1 is far too arrogant to really have the same experience, they will return to Korea as soon as they are done with promotions. And probably cancel alot of performances in Japan.
      They aren’t “fierce strong women” they are little girls, who a bunch of men decided were going to portray whatever image they wanted them to.

      I mean Sandara was a complete hobag before she joined 2ne1, now she’s some ‘fierce tomboy’? lol please, she was no different from any other attention craving starlet using her tits and ass to get some money and fame back then..LOL

      • Anonymous

        LOL, wow. Your trolling is hilarious! Now, go away.

        • tyounge1991

          Do you deluded fans use the word trolling everytime you can’t think of a comeback?

          How about I link to those nasty ass UNO pictures of Sandara since you apparently think I’m making something up here, LOL.

          • N876

            I have followed Dara ever since she started her career in the Philippines and in no way is she did she “using her tits and ass to get some money and fame back then.” You are completely misinformed. She actually has a very sweet image and that Uno photoshoot was a one time thing that most teenage stars do to signal that they’re ready for mature roles. It doesn’t mean they’re “hobags.” SMH.

          • tyounge1991

            Did she or did she not garner attention, and money, from said photoshoot?

            LOL yes she did.
            She looked like a hobag in the photos.

            There was nothing ‘mature’ about them. Nor is there anything mature about most men magazine photographs.

            Mature doesn’t = sleezy hobag look.

          • N876

            Well, you don’t know how the Philippine industry works so let me enlighten you. A lot of teenage stars and respected personalities do sexy shoots and it doesn’t affect their “clean” image. Dara didn’t even get guaranteed pay for it. She totally regretted doing that photoshoot because people in Korea misunderstood but the truth is, she was just following the system of teen stars doing a sexy photoshoot to signal they’re ready for mature roles. It’s very common and not a big deal in the Philippines. Calling her a hobag is so narrow-minded because that’s not how she is at all and like I said, it was a one-time thing and never again. -_-

          • tyounge1991

            Did Dara receive attention, and payment for those photos are not?

            You have no idea where I’m from, and where I live to tell me what industry I have ‘no idea’ about – let’s just say that I knew about Sandara years before she ever went back to Korea. And no I am not FROM the Philippines, however I have lived there.

            I don’t care if she regretted the shoot, Dara is an OLD ASS WOMAN, she is more than capable of making her own decisions and knowing how something may come back to ruin her image in Korea in the future. Not my problem, she’s old enough to almost be my mother, LMAO.

            Kidding, but whatever. She made her hoish decisions.

            Deal with it.

          • N876

            Well the thing is, she probably didn’t foresee any problems doing the photoshoot because like I said, it’s no big deal in the Philippines and so many artists do it. It’s a cultural difference. And if you truly knew Dara from years before, you would never insinuate that she was “a complete hobag” like you did an earlier post. BTW, I might actually know where you are from, T*k** from D**ch****r, MA. lol  ^_^ /trollin

          • tyounge1991

            So she regretted the photoshoot only when she started to get bashed by Korean media, and not before?

            Which means that she chose to do the magazine, and wanted to do it.
            /End of discussion.

            If I kill someone I’m not going to regret it until I’m in a prison cell for life.

          • N876

            No one ever said she didn’t make the decision to do the magazine. The only problem I have is how you make it seem like she built her career around constantly selling her body when in fact, that was not the case at all. But anyway, yup, end of discussion. ^_^

          • Anonymous

            NOPE, this “deluded” fan does not. But when I come upon a person who’s talking straight out of their ass and is making as big a fool of themselves as the people they’re criticizing are, then I don’t hestitate to roll out the, “LOL, troll!” Because with the things you’ve posted, I don’t take you more seriously than a five year old foaming at the mouth. Because that’s what you look like.

            And I’m well aware of the photoshoot. I don’t think you’re making anything up. I’ve seen the pictures. But the fact that you keep bringing up that ONE photoshoot to prove how bad of a person Dara is… that says a lot. Find a new argument. And I’m sure you will and it will be as tired as this one is. I understand you think Dara is a “ho-bag” (Wow! Nice word. Learned it last year when you were in sixth grade?) and I have no problem with that. You can say whatever you want about her and 2NE1. But don’t be so quick to label everyone who argues against you as “deluded”.

            Because you sure as hell come off as MORE deluded and blindly spiteful.

            Anyway, reply with whatever ya got. Don’t expect a reply from me.

            I can only hold a conversation with a 5-year-old for so long. Then I got to find something better to do.

            Have a good day! (:

    • http://twitter.com/nefariously N.

      Holy fuck, a sensible/right minded Blackjack? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

  • Anonymous

    i love kpop but all of the kpop grps trying to make it in japan,most of them without learning japanese, should just stop it! japan has an amazing music scene of its own! rock,visual kei,jpop…its not only “kawaii” stuff as many ppl seem to think!  the kpop acts might do well, but they cant compete with big names like arashi,akb,koda kumi,etc…its the k-media which exaggerates everything. kpop grps cant be as popular as jpop,jrock,solo japanese artists etc are in japan.(except maybe dbsk and kara)
    as for 2ne1’s japanese go away pv…it was horrible!! they were trying to be cute… but failed. it was embarrassing to watch.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the PV, but I also wasn’t up in arms about it. It seems like a fun, carefree MV akin to Try To Follow Me with a different twist. And uh… what the hell is “acting like girls” even suppose to mean? Anyway, I’m expecting to see twenty or thirty more comments talking about how 2NE1 is a total fail in Japan, how their manufactured, fake, and contrived, and how this MV sucks. Seoulbeats is gettin’ old.

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

      Sorry, by acting like girls I generally meant acting girly. I should have elaborated on it more. >.<

      And well, what KPop group isn't manufactured? This isn't directed at you by the way– but for people who think I'm buying into their 'image', well I am. Isn't that what they're trying to do? Sell an image, and I'm buying it. Every group has an image, it's just that 2NE1's ones are more in your face. People who are going on about how they aren't really so badass and all that– I know. Bom is my bias. I think it's clear that I know they aren't all badass. But what they've been selling IS a badass image. And I'm accustomed to it– and a lot of other people are too. Yes they're manufactured, but I like their manufactured image more than other ones. So forgive me if I'm not up in arms about this MV and I think it looks try-hard. Once again– not directed at you. But to all future comments that I suspect are going to call me deluded for buying their image.

      • Anon

        but it’s not like they have only ever stuck to that image. what is badass about ugly? nothing very badass about lonely, it hurts, lollipop and don’t stop the music either. many of their cfs are so cute they can give someone diabetes. they’re mostly typical girly girls on 2ne1tv. dara is the queen of cute on me2day and bom uses more emoticons than words on twitter. that is all part of their image. the badassery comes and goes depending on the song and the stage. it’s one part of an image and you seem to have only focussed on that part of their image.

        • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

          Okay, I’m disregarding Lollipop as I’m saying this. Becuse as soon as they officially debuted– they scrapped that image. And you’re right, I was wrong to say bad-ass– what I meant was their images have always been a lot more chic and different from the run of the mill group. And that’s what I liked about them. And I can’t help but feel that this PV just marks how they need to change their style in order to ‘fit in’. Especially in comparison to the original MV. I know in real life they’re all so cute and adorable– but that was never the image they intended to sell. And as a consumer, I buy the image. And even if it is manufactured, I liked the images they sold up to now. Now I’m in a tizzy.

          • Guest

            i actually prefer this mv to the original since it references their onstage performances, which is one of the reasons i like the song.

            i have great dislike for the korean mv with its violence against women, the stereotype of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that the appropriate response to being hit by your cheating bf is not to send his douche ass to jail or that the only way to deal with jealousy is violence and suicide. and then there’s the crappy acting and terrible cgi.

          • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

            Fair enough– but I liked the original MV much better. And I don’t think CL committed suicide– she just rammed into him. I didn’t think she died? Honestly, it was overexaggerated, but as said, it was for an MV. And they tend to overdo things. That being said– I still prefer it over this MV with all the fluro and costuming. I guess we can agree to disagree.

  • http://twitter.com/WishZhu Jie2

    THANK YOU for saying this. I watched this MV once, went into psychological shock from all that dizzy bouncing pastel, and promptly blocked the memory. There’s only one thing I’d like to meekly add. I’d argue that 2NE1 are not bad at acting like girls, because all real life girls are not giggly girl groups. Just because idol producing labels appear to redefine girly behavior as that doesn’t mean it’s true. (Many intelligent young girls come with a little more fire, which I feel is highly under valued in many Asian cultures.) I’m just disappointed because 2NE1 is arguably the only girl idol group that promotes a sassy attitude – and they are giving in to market pressure.

  • Suppy13

    Lol at people being baited by their image. 2NE1 are as manufactured as any other group, it’s just that their image is different from the other groups, forced kangsta is as bad as forced cute. Whats worse is that their fans put them on a much higher pedestal for no reason.

    The best thing for BJ’s to do is to hope that they don’t do the opposite of what SNSD is doing which is transitioning from cutey concepts to more mature ones as seen from their Japanese Album and Latest Korean Album, as well as the girls themselves being sick of cutesy songs. This shows growth, much like a child grows into an adult

    Imagine if 2NE1 when became softer and softer as time went on. They’ve already been put into a category that make it hard to venture out being this “tough, I don’t need men!” agenda that they’ve had (and Bom n Dara struggle with).

    “2ne1 speak about girl power. They talk about how shit guys are.
    They rap about how badass they are. They sing about breaking out and loving life however the hell they want to live it.

    said with their own mouths that to be able to date a guy, he must pass a
    physical examination by the chairman of YG and be interviewed by the
    likes of Se7en before being allowed anywhere near them. Some of them are
    contractually obliged to remain single until their late 20s and they
    honour the will of an old man and his male lieutenants.

    That image that they have, is for all intents and purposes, a lie.”Source Oniontaker

    • Kat

      There is indeed growth in SNSD because they started, like you said as KIDS and kids don’t say I Dont Care to their oppas hence 2ne1 can’t have the same route to maturity that you are talking about. and please note that it took SNSD years and years to finally “grow”.  

      About the no dating rule, it was just a verbal agreement if I am not mistaken, and was purposely exaggerated for the benefits of having something to talk about in the variety shows. I can’t believe how everybody would take that seriously when the girls are being vocal on how they want to have boyfriend already.  

      • Suppy13

        “Whether written down or not, an agreement is an
        agreement. You learn that in business, a verbal agreement is binding in
        court. By going on Strong Heart and admitting publicly that they made
        the agreement, unless the courts rule that it was such a thing, unless
        the courts nullify it under human rights grounds or something, they have
        effectively legally bound themselves to it without any exit route.No, they probably wouldn’t kick the member out but they could probably force them apart.While
        I believe that some of it is exaggeration, it isn’t unreasonable for a
        man to have to be interviewed by Se7en and Yang Hyunsuk before being
        allowed anywhere near the girls, if YG family is a family.”


        • http://twitter.com/JNew83 Jessie

          I see no difference between that and a girl’s father & older brother grilling a new boyfriend with the possibility of them disapproving of a relationship.  That is family.  You may be taking the term “interview” a little too literal.  

        • Anon

          but the statement was still made on a variety show, so why is it being taken so seriously. both bom and dara have dated pot-debut clearly indicating that this is mere lipservice, just like all other idols say they can’t date but do.

          stick to oniontaker’s views on snsd and sm. his ignorance comes through when he talks about anyone else.

    • N876

      I can’t believe you actually take that so called no dating agreement seriously. That was just a front so that they wouldn’t get questioned by the media. Bom has pretty much admitted to dating on 2NE1TV and Dara has been busted and teased by Seungri on BBTV. Yang Hyun Suk even told them that they should talk about guys and getting married during their Nolza concert MC session because they’re old enough.

      • Anonymous

        YES! The whole dating ban thing was lipservice so they would have a way to brush off the media’s questions about boys and to have something interesting to talk about on the little variety show appearances they have. I’m sure Dara and Bom have dated post-debut just as many of the boys in Big Bang have too. Don’t take the ‘verbal agreement’ so seriously. Even without the “dating ban”, they would never admit to dating anyone anyway.

    • Anonymous

      LOL if your boyfriend was an ass and is breaking up with you, would you want him to stay or would you ask him to GO AWAY? if he was a douchebag who has been cheating on you, would you cling like a glue or move on and say I DON’T CARE?  they’re not singing about all boys in existence. seriously you people are just spurting without knowing what you’re actually saying.

      • http://twitter.com/nefariously N.

        But they’re “ugly” and yet “the best”? (Evidently, their “best” is getting them no-where in Japan, an audience they would really like to milk for the money.)

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand your comment. So they actually tried to release songs that aim to relate to the MANY emotions their fans have. They know they have a largely female fanbase and they created songs for these girls to listen to when they’re lonely, when they feel ugly, and when they feel really confident about themselves. Did you want them to release songs with the same redunant message or no message at all like a lot of othe female girl groups are doing? Do you want their music to be completely one-dimensional? I don’t understand.

          • Anonymous

            couldn’t have said it any better. it’s the emotions when you’re breaking up, your guy is cheating on you, you feel ugly, confident etcetera

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think the ending of the music video was there just because they wanted to show another outfit honey. lol. 2ne1’s badass but not fuck this shit bad rude. they wouldn’t be doing 2ne1tv if they wanted to have that badass image. maybe they thought that go away was just too violent. and we’ve seen cute, this is NOT cute. lol. it’s fun.

  • findaway

    Wow… since when did the commenters in SeoulBeats become so pretentious? I remember back when Amy and Ashley did a post dissing 2NE1 for being manufactured. And people were all up in arms about it. And now someone writes a piece that to be honest– all it does is express the writer’s disarray about 2NE1’s concept change and how she thinks it looks contrived. Fair enough. I think everything SNSD does looks contrived. And yeah, I find CL making big eyes at the camera contrived. I kinda feel sorry for SB– no matter what they write, they’re going to be stuck with lame comments. And it’d be a lot better if the comments were expressed nicely, instead of going out of their way to belittle the author and call them deluded. 

    Anyway– I do find their PV to be a little contrived. Especially the scenes with CL. But Minzy and Bom looked fine to me. But I honestly really liked seeing the girls preppy for once. But I get what you mean. After 2NE1 decide to stick it in our faces with their hardcore image, stuff like this can come off as try-hard to them. 

  • Anonymous

    OMG what the hell is this AKB48 vid! sheesh! :S i am sorry but it gave me a bad taste in the mouth!i hate the jap mv of “go away”! its cringe inducing for me! why 2ne1 why??? please go crush some puppy skulls CL! you the baddest mofo aroud!! needless to say the korean mv was 100 times, no make it 1000 times better than the jap mv..i too think 2ne1 should stay in korea..2ne1 is my favorite girl band but frankly they dont have a market in japan, and dare i say it they might have more of a chance in the US then in Japan! but that said i want my girls to stay in Korea! no actually i want all kpop idols to stay away from the US market! Not many artists can break into the japanese market..we only have a few example of true popularity in Japan gained by korean artist..at the moment i can only think of BoA and DBSK..

  • http://twitter.com/nefariously N.

    Yet another boring/basic remake and video from 2NE1, what else is new?

    “They’re talented.”I disagree (to an extent.) One can sing, one can supposedly dance and one raps in some amazingly pathetic engrish, the other one? Who even needs that dinosaur?

    • tyounge1991

      LOL@ “one raps in some amazingly pathetic engrish”

      Perfect description.
      I am kinda glad they have kpop on comcast “On demand’ now, whenever I show my American friends 2ne1 videos they just lol at the random engrish rapping, rofl.

    • jhg

      I like 2NE1 but I honestly do not see the point of Dara at all. People say that she’s good at the variety thing, but she’s actually awkward as fuck just like the other three. Not a good performer, not a good singer, not a good dancer, not a good entertainer. Should just go into acting, although I am not sure how good she is at that either.

      • Anon

        she’s a terrible actress but she’s a master at pr and marketing. she has korea eating out of her hand on me2day and is one of the main reasons that me2day has as many users as it does. she posts relentlessly, which is important for a group that stays away from varieties, appears very randomly on music shows and whose tv show is on a cable network. she’s also the one who’s conventionally pretty, the only one who can actually be put on a variety show despite being awkward as fuck, and who has the solo cfs. in short, she’s the face of the group and she does that better than most kpop idol “faces”.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

      *yawn* do you know that haters look just as pathetic as delusional fans? just saying.

      constant fanatical praising looks just as bad as constant fanatical bashing. what’s even sadder is when haters deny it and try to claim that they’re comments are unbiased. at least fans own up to their actions. you should do the same.

      • tyounge1991

        What’s pathetic is when fans are so delusional, and raise some complete stranger to a God-like pedestal and cannot handle other people simply not caring for your precious idol.

        Do you belong to any religion? Because if you do, I hope you enjoy whatever hell they have, how dare you place some f*cking pop group on a god-like pedestal, do you defend your own family as much as you defend these people that you don’t know? 

        You fans need to learn your place.
        Defending people whose bills you simply pay, they would *never* do the same for you.

        • Anonymous

          What the hell are you talking about? Hahah! Get off your high horse. So what if some thirteen year olds have some sort of fanatical love for a girl group? Are they really hurting you that much with their praiseworthy comments? Stop being a hardass over the stupidest things.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          What’s even more pathetic is you posting with all your rage in different topics and being all out offensive then defensive.  Chill a little.  It will keep you young.  If it will do you any good, stay free from things that make you really angry… like delusional fans.

          Anyway, we’re all free to think and do as we wish so I’m just saying…

    • pammiej85

      I may not be a Black Jack but seriously saying that only one can sing only shows that you haven’t really listened to their music or watched their lives. Or you’re just extremely biased against them. Because CL and Minzy have strong vocals. In fact, it’s CL not Bom who is my favorite singer in the group. I’m a Cassie and all the years that I’ve been in Kpop there hasn’t been any other group (especially girl groups) that caught my attention. 2ne1 is the only one that I’ve given a chance. I may not love everything that they do but they put out a great Korean mini album that showed what they can do. I’m still scratching my head about Dara but I can say with confidence that they are an overall talented group.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      You’ll become a dinosaur one day, don’t worry.  And when you do, I hope you become as rich and famous as the dinosaur you are presently bashing.  Until then, good luck. :)

      • tyounge1991

        Rich and famous? lol

        LOL. Rich? Haha

        Post this comment if 2ne1 is still relevant in the next two years.
        Maybe they’ll have a murderer, pot head, and racist in the group just like their ‘oppas’ big bang. LOL

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          Ok. I’ll mark it on my calendar, sir… November 1, 2013.  It’s a date. :)

        • Anonymous

          OMG i cannot imagine where all this hate is coming from. LOL. I believe ur retarded (to some extent)

          • anash

            maybe he/she/it was just some deluded hater who just cant seem to stop listening to the music he/she/it hates. dont worry dearest, it happens all the time lol

  • Revy

    I so agree with you. I love 2ne1 but they should really stay in korea. The japanese market is not doing anything for them & lets face it like most of the kpop groups their japanese sucks monkey balls. 
    And on a side not they need to stop giving Dara all those ugly ass clothes. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    I’ve always been a HUGE fan of 2NE1’s, even before they’ve debuted. Since then, I’ve always been around to defend their choices and actions but this time, I just have to agree with the article. Watching this made me nauseous and I was also wondering, “what the fuck is happening here?” I’m sorry but the PV did not cut it for me. The edge was lost, the clothes were atrocious and the moral of the PV was..?!

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

    am i the only one who actually liked the PV?? i thought it was good. the part i hated the most was the ending where they were dressed like leather lovin hillbillies, and dara just looked like a cholo, or chola, whatever.

    since they debuted with Lollipop, watch it, this won’t even phase me as cute. not even close. colorful? yes. cute? no, not at all. the color and clothes remind me of nicki minaj, tbh.

  • JW

    the japanese PV definitely wasn’t one of the best things that had come out in 2NE1’s whole music career. But they are in Japan, so what are you expecting? Last time I checked SNSD turned all “sexy dolls” in Japan and that was okay? With Kpop girl groups, there is a tendency to go from the cutesy concept to the more “sexy” concept. But with 2NE1 I’ve never really see them doing “bubble pop” childish act. And with this PV it wasn’t even half as cheesy as other Kpop music videos you would find pretty much everywhere. I will have to admit that it is actually a bit a tacky job from 2NE1 but again, they are oversea and this is what happen. I will in the end be a happy blackjack as long as they keep their usual style with their korean production.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    In the end, they’re still girls wanting to try being girls.  That doesn’t mean they can’t be bad and cute at the same time.  Some of their previous videos are a combination of cute and fierce, so this is just a matter of being more cute and a lot less fierce.  It’s ok with me, and you know why? Because I know this is not their staple concept.  They will go back to their original image after showing us that they can be different and regular from time to time.  We should give them credit for the Lonely video which is another video they’ve recently released and they have pretty much given Japan a taste of who they really are.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who don’t really dislike the concept of the new MV? I agree that it’s way worse that then original one, but it kind of remind me of their lollipop day, which is also their start in Korea… anyway this is an unpopular opinion

    • thunderandsmoke

      Agreed, its like they are starting over again in Japan, with the same Lollipop styling (also, isn’t bright colored street fashion very popular in Japan?) I do wish though that they hadn’t done it for their “Go Away” single seeing as the original MV for that song was so intense and the exact opposite of their PV concept.

      But sometimes you have to try new things I guess. To me, it just seemed like another concept, another side of 2NE1. Why can’t 2NE1 be moderately and responsibly cute sometimes, and SNSD become more mature and sexy sometimes too? I don’t see this as a regression for 2NE1 because this isn’t their standard, and they have shown great growth and development as performers and as individuals thus far. Plus, they act they were allowed to act their age and aren’t pandering to males like that wretched AKB4-something “beginning of a soft porno” video.

      But I think you brought up an interesting point in that saying 2NE1 is as boxed into a concept as SNSD is. In a way yes, seeing from the article and comments below how annoyed some of their fans are that are trying to do the cute concept: they have been placed into this category as “fierce maneaters” when in reality they are just regular young women who might want to just in fact have a little more carefree fun in PV set then they usually do. And also no because the PV shows that they are getting the chance to promote another type of image. After this PV though, I don’t think 2NE1 fans have anything to worry about, also considering that their “I Am the Best” and “Lonely” videos were their normal 2NE1 style.

      Plus Bom, my ultimate bias in all of K-pop, looks absolutely gorgeous and wonderful and magnificent in that bathtub, so that made up for all grievances i had to being with…*i admit to being delusional in this case*

  • johanna

    lol, these are 2ne1 girls in real life…..go and watch 2ne1 tv they are still girls who live normal lives rather than being bitches all the time. honestly, first time seeing the mv, i was like ohmigawd!!! too colorful the colors were blinding, and heck i didnt like the whole concept since i was used to fierce looking 2ne1, then i realised, this is 2ne1…the “normal” 2ne1!

  • Pingback: Who are the Korean Pin-up Grrrls? « The Grand Narrative()

  • http://twitter.com/smart_annio Annie Xiong

    With your comment of 2ne1, SNSD, 4minute, and Wonder Girls being sisters, you just legitimately described my family. I would be the 2ne1 sister. loool. 

  • http://twitter.com/zamuz gonzalo muñoz ferrer

    This video is seriously disappointing. This is not what I want or expect from 2NE1. I’m a guy, I’ve been a huge 2NE1 fan from day one and I absolutely love these girls, but I’m begging whoever has any say in the matter: don’t go the “oppa look at how cute I am” route PLEASE!

  • Rua O’Neill

    I can’t believe it Is it because netnuttas were banging on about the “Hate You” video being a diss on Japan’s earthquake? What the hell are YG playing at? 2ne1 are Asia’s cutting edge and here they are in this sad sad and naff rubbish! How to kill the Golden Goose in one easy step Music is littered with failures of those who followed advice to change and tailor their image for export! Don’t, you have an excellent product!

    The video looks like it was made the same team that nobbled Koda Kumi’s bad ass image?
    YG wants to  take a serious look at director’ Uggichin’s clips for Anna Tsuchya’s latest, that’s Japanese bad ass for you.

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