• Anonymous

    C.N. Blue was an indie band in the Japanese music scene (played on the streets and in live clubs) for a year before they made their debut in Korea, but I can see where apprehension may come from if just based on the facts that they don’t always play their instruments live. However, their situation is exactly the opposite of lipsyncing (performers not possessing the talent to perform live and relying on technology) – instead, C.N. Blue has the talent to put on a great performance completely live (they convinced me they were a real band after seeing their cameos on WGM) but the stages are either not equipped to handle band equipment or stage managers are not willing to switch things up for them.

    I find something really wrong with the music scene in Korea that certain music shows do not have the proper equipment to hook up to the instruments for a live band, or are unwilling to broadcast them live. I would think  that would be the most basic thing to provide for artists… but I guess with most idols there is no need.

    It seems like they’ve already blipped on by, I do hope these girls make a splash and switch up the music scene a bit….

    The scary thing is…. “Oppa I’ll Be Your Cherry Pop” actually sounds like something that would happen.. D:

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      Oh, I wasn’t implying anything not legitimate about C.N. Blue- they’re one of my favorite groups (I have all their Korean albums) and I found the whole – ‘they’re not a real band’ thing ridiculous.  I was just saying that since Sweet Revenge paid their dues in Hongdae which a lot of people recognize as a legit indie group stomping ground they probably wouldn’t get shit for not ‘being a real band’ although they might get criticism for ‘selling out.’  Which I would also find ridiculous- like just because you start making money you’re no longer a ‘true artist’. Pbbht.

  • JW

    lol “cherry pop” sounds legit.
    They are really different from other female idol groups and I like that!!!
    It’s just fresh to be able to see an actualy girl band rockin out like they do.
    By the way, the first time hearing Meteor Garden opening song in Korean and am already lovin it!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    I always hear ‘I am the right girl’ instead of ‘I’m rule breaker’ … 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand criticism over aegyo, especially from Westerners. Why is aegyo considered so bad, yet dancing around half-naked like a prostitute is okay? Is it because sex is perceived as being ‘cooler’ than cuteness? I don’t know why we can’t just appreciate ALL styles, from rock to aegyo to sexiness. They are all good in their own separate ways. 

    • Anonymous

      Dancing around half-naked like a prostitute is not okay for me and no, I don´t think sex is “cooler” than cuteness but TBH I think we (I mean “Westerners”) don´t find aegyo cute. It´s not something most of us consider a natural way of expressing yourself if you´re 20 years old girl/adult woman or even younger girl than 20. It´s mainly a culture difference. Cuteness is connected with children and puppies. When I call a girl cute, it´s not because she does something similar to aegyo.  I agree that diversity is a great thing but I don´t have to like it just because of that, right? Hope I´m not too confusing :-))

      • Anonymous

        I understand, different strokes for different folks. 

        I’m a Caucasion Australian though, and it definitely doesn’t put me off. I just feel like Seoulbeats always has negativity to cuteness and aegyo, which is a shame since this is one of the only K-Pop sites that actually discusses K-Pop in more depth than “Netizens were pleased with Dara’s charms in her cute selca”. It just feels like Seoulbeats wants K-Pop to be almost like Western pop, like everything must be edgy or sexy. Aegyo is a huge part of K-Pop and it isn’t going anywhere. Some songs like “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Shy Boy” are fantastic pop songs, and I can’t imagine them performed in any other style than aegyo. If we didn’t have aegyo so many catchy songs would go to waste

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you on this. It´s a part of Korean pop culture and Koreans like it (and not just them of course). Personally I don´t like it but I don´t complain about it either cause it´s a different culture trait, just like Japanese “kawaii”. I take it as it is.

        • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

          I guess I should’ve been more specific when I mentioned aegyo.  I do realize that it is part oftheir culture and don’t mind it when it’s natural.  It’s when it’s fake, forced, or creepy
          because it’s catering to perverted ahjushhi fans that I have a problem with it.  I like aegyo done right, I even liked Secret’s “Shy Boy’

          Heck, I even liked “Gee,” but when I heard SNSD talking about how they had to sing it in a higher pitch than they’re used to and in a funky way to get the proper effect for it- my appreciation for it went down a couple of notches.

          An example I use often is Orange Caramel.  Love After School, hate Orange Caramel.  It’s not that I dislike the girls, it’s because I hate the concept they were forced to promote with “Magic Girl” and “A~ing.”  The aegyo is just soo over the top and wearing clothes for like a 10 year old, but sexed up?  There’s just something wrong with that and that’s my main gripe with aegyo.  The other part of it with aegyo is that once a lot of the girl groups get huge, like SNSD, it seems like their company no longer even tries for quality music and songs- they just go for the quick buck with some cute aegyo crap (or sexy crap)- the least they could do is good aegyo.  A lot of SNSD’s latest efforts have been lacking and of a way less quality than I would expect of them and SM Entertainment.

          I also don’t think ‘ dancing around half-naked like a prostitute is okay’ and be assured that I would criticize that, too.  A lot of it though also has to do with appropriateness:  I see nothing wrong with seeing say the Brown Eyed Girls sexing it up because they are older women.  But when these younger girls, some of which are still in their teens are forced to act overtly sexual- it’s wrong.

          I don’t want Kpop to be “Western” pop, if I expected that I wouldn’t be listening to Kpop in the first place.  But as a fan of Kpop, I do hope for its continued growth and that won’t happen unless the quality of the music also continues to improve.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, thanks for explaining. I understand your point of view on the subject better now

    • MissMaggy

      Aegyo coming from a 5 y/o is cuuute. The act of “aegyo”coming from a 20-something female dressed in clothing perceived to be “sexy”(most times close to hooker/pornstar attire, imo) in Kpop targeting middle-aged men fans…IS seriously disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I’m afraid we will have Cherry Pop with their debut single “Oppa, I’ll Be your Cherry Pop” by the year end. And they will call themselves “female version of Shinee” or something like that and debut in Japan next months.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1454993355 Kokonoe Stein

    if all i heard was sound i would think PuffyAmiYumi lol. but really i do appreciate a splash of color so to speak in kpop with them being a girl rock group but its not different enough. their skills are legit and they worked their way from ground up so i respect them as artists but honestly it still sounds too close to everyone else. i’m thinking about an indie band while watching a girl group with guitars. reminds me of BoA’s song Rock With You; she ‘rocked out’ to her heart’s content but it was still pop. i would have thought the same of her as well. i think if they push just a little further they maybe could do something with what they have because they do have potential so i’ll just wait and watch this unfold. 

  • http://twitter.com/setayel Ina Setayel

    i like the “Oppa, I’ll Be your Cherry Pop” part XD i also had enough with all those girl groups doing aegyo-ing-ing-oppa-saranghae concept because they’re not 12 year olds anymore. tbh i feel like slapping them if they were in front of me. lol. about the whole ‘real band’ thing. i think maybe because cnblue members spent their predebut days in 2009 doing street/music house performance & releasing EPs in japan. so when they were debuting in korea, those who don’t know them will be like “ah..here’s another rock band wannabe” + people only able to see them perform on music shows (where bands only allowed to perform without plugging their instruments). because of that they’re called ‘fake band’ which shows how narrow minded some people are. Sweet Revenge has been doing live gigs in korea since 2007/2008 if i’m not mistaken? people recognized them as a legit band so i guess that’s why they don’t receive backlash about the ‘real/fake band’ thing. btw. just to add some info to the article, Sweet Revenge did not just composed Rule Breaker, they also composed all songs in their EPs (every members involved in every songs) as stated in KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) website. (two thumbs up) i love both cnblue & sweet revenge. i really wish to see them collaborate on one stage one day! 

  • Van Nguyen

    I’d rather have this group compared to CNBLUE than that other one….the one that kept singing “curry, curry, curry…”
    ….AH! Wind Hold Venus! ugh now that was a disaster….

  • Chocoholic95

    Ugh, as much as I want to love them and their music, I can’t. The singer’s high pitch voice is a little too much for me. >.< But I do like their playing skills, but still with the aegyo..oh well…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexander-Tan-Kok-Bing/1017253233 Alexander Tan Kok Bing

    If you watch the japansese version of Bleach anime, you will know some of the openings and endings song is sang by a japanese singer name Yui….Yui is awesome, and Sweet Revenge is equally awesome!! I call Sweet Revenge as Yui of South Korea!!

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  • http://twitter.com/elegiacomo elegiacomo

    Included Sweet Revenge in an article about Kpop girls with guitars http://bit.ly/14vc3Jp

    • http://twitter.com/elegiacomo elegiacomo

      Includes Yoari, Jaurim et al