• Anonymous

    Hey, where is Yoochun ? No Yoochun, no fair game. I’m not playing anymore. (goes to a corner to weep intensively ).

    • Anonymous

      I think yoochun lost the round he was in.

      • lalala

        Actually they never put him in a poll for some reason….

        • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

          It’s a shame.  I guess we will never know where Yoochun will be palce among the old DBSK boys. 

      • Anonymous

        lol JYJ/HoMin dont lose these types of contests! :p

  • Anonymous

    I was going to vote for Eric but Jaejoong has been winning me over in protect the boss, the new black hair and short haircut has been really working for him lately.

  • Marj

    Since there’s no Big Bang on this list, it’s an easy vote to Jaejoong from me… Even as a dedicated VIP, I completely realise that this guy’s attractiveness is out of this world.

  • http://twitter.com/VeiledHeart LaShaundra

    Poor anyone who isn’t Jaejoong. I predict a landslide victory. 

  • Anonymous

    my baby jaejoong is winning :D

  • http://endroine.livejournal.com/ Endroine

    Jaejoong not winning would be weird ._.

  • Gazza

    Good Mother of Abraham Lincoln!

    I think I can tell who’s going to win now…

  • Lala

    if u put one those JYJ or DBSK guy on the list, even GOD would lose to them.
    their fans doesnt give anyone a change to win over their ‘oppa’,
    i dont call this a fair game.

    • holly

      but it’s not like it’s a mass voting or something. there’s 4 of them in the list. the fans are probably split 4 ways. i’m not a huge fan of dbsk but saying whoever wins doesn’t deserve it is what’s unfair. 

    • http://twitter.com/rabeckham27 rabeckham

      aren’t all fansoms like that? proud cassie here! :D

  • kc

    Go Eric (cause Cassies scare me -.-)

  • http://twitter.com/purplepuzzle19 Tina Lu

    OMG 4 out of the 5 “original” DBSK are on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • mir

    For some reason, this list is cracking me up. Oh, and poor Yoochun. 

  • Daydream

    Junsu <3

  • http://twitter.com/Ginatoho Gina Alvarado riz

    Jaejoong and Junsu <3

  • Katherine

    Junsu FTW !! <3 – Although Yunho is perfection to me, Changmin it was love at first sight and Jaejoong was attractive but Junsu won me over with his voice, his sense of humor and his subtle sexiness mixed with cuteness ^^ Sorry to Eric & G.O didn't even take a glance at them.

  • Anonymous

    Jaejoong! Great singer, composer, director and actor. With him as my ideal, I am going to be single for a long time, I bet.

  • Angie

    of course it’s Jaejoong, no question asked. He’s been my one and only bias in this life.

  • concyjj

    My JaeJoong I love you!

  • Anonymous

    Changminnieee needs more love please… Cassie T__T

  • Silvia_030294

    Kim jae joong forever

  • Anonymous

    jaejoong <3

  • http://twitter.com/rabeckham27 rabeckham

    aren’t all fansoms like that? proud cassie here! :D

    • kc

      I don’t think so, Cassies are a whole nother level of fandom, they out number the others a million to one

  • Nate River

    Ill say it again my poor YooChun how did he not make it onto this list? YooChun is my idea type, but YunHo is perfect. But then there’s JaeJoong. Above everyone I think he would be the one that you could have the most fun with. MinSu seem…I don’t know not quite to there Hyung’s levels yet. So Jae will be chosen based on the fact that that hes the most fun!

  • Tigana

    Junsu, always, over anyone!

  • http://twitter.com/PoongGwaKiseu TeeNy Tara

    LOL… JaeJoong shi…

    • Anonymous

      unnie i see you^^

  • noi

    though when i think about it again i thought of eric, when i saw jaejoong’s name i just accidentally vote for him. lol. they’re both cutie 4d and we can’t resist their charm :3 

  • cille

    hahaha. this list is TOO funny. just saying.. 

  • http://twitter.com/maryisVIP 매리

    wow! jae joong, junsu, yunho, changmin all in one round! this is truly tough bt yunho baby deserves my vote!! HEHHEH

  • Cindy_phuocngoc

    YUNJAE is No.1

    • http://twitter.com/fang29er Annie

      Where are you looking at? Jaejoong from JYJ is #1. 

      • Cindy_phuocngoc

        i support bothAKTF

        • http://twitter.com/fang29er Annie

          I understand that AKTF means Always Keep The Faith and it’s a term that both Yoochun and Jaejoong tattooed to their bodies but for them the meaning is “Always keep to my principles/morals,” not a promise that they will definitely be together one day (who knows they might but fans shouldn’t bother and bash them saying that they lied and such, it’s the so called fans who misunderstood their words and made a big deal out of it). 
          Also I wanted to point out to you that saying, Jaejoong and Yunho are #1 is wrong since Jaejoong is #1 and Yunho is #2 so why did my statement bring out the “AKTF”? My hypothesis is that OT5 fans uses “AKTF” to justify everything, including being rude to all 5 of the original members, not accepting that they have separated into two groups–JYJ and DBSK, and therefore not accepting their decisions and choices in life. 
          And you need to calm down on the exclamation marks, I didn’t bash Yunho, I merely stated the truth that at this current point, Yunho from DBSK is not #1.

          • Jann


          • Kliks

            Are you drunk?

          • Slooowww

            no, she’s not. ur just delusional.

          • Kliks

            Why delusional? I’m not a DBSK/THSK/JYJ/whatever fan, is just that i feel like she kind of overreacted to something really irrelevant (in my opinion)…

      • Cindy_phuocngoc

        i support both

  • YYLamYinYee

    Jaejoong is the best !!! V@_^V

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manshuk-Sabyrova/100001276865546 Manshuk Sabyrova


  • baby

    voted for minnie <3

  • Anonymous

    jaejoong forever

  • Naomi_that_weird_kid

    Where is my Yoochun? lol

  • naomi

    Where is my Yoochun? lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felecia-Scott/1101096878 Felecia Scott

    Okay…I’m done. I can’t vote on this one. All my biases are here. How in the world am I supposed choose from JJ (I love the way you lick your lips) Yuhno (not only handsome but can move his body) Junsu (and his duck butt I like a guy with a booty) and the Changmin his sexy and intense gaze that has killed many a Cassie)…yes, I need sometime on this one ;)  

  • bezuize

    Changminnnnnn all the way !!!

  • Jaime

    I love both Jaejoong and Junsu (and of course Yoochun), how can I choose?!?

  • http://twitter.com/kawaiimisachan Nora Elouazzani


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002929290578 Solimi Mohi

    jeajoong & junsu <333333333

  • Ama11

    Obviously, a person from jyj or dbsk will win….GO and Eric will be the last runners or be left behind

    Hard to choose between junsu and jae….but then I’m sucker for cute and playful guy

  • Goldenoak84

    YAY a better picture of Junsu ^^

  • Eidor

    Please change a better picture of jaejoong.Or it‘s unfair.

  • Jann

    Chunnieee ;;

  • http://twitter.com/Saskiafern Saskia

    Jung Yunho!! ^^

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XR3I6NJOZFHT5KVMTXT2H67C24 ako

    Xiah junsu

  • Nicolejj

    Jaejoong is the best!!!

  • fish


  • 1291611242

    jaejong  hero 加油!!!你是最棒的

  • saroj khan

    hmmm,not relli a fan of dbsk, so i do no not gett all the hype.but they doo have a special place since they were the ones that got me into first place..i was rooooting for jay but alas :(

    soo i am going for eric ,loved the fact how he handled his group after the breakup and what he gave up for the shinwa ,prettty admirable trait :DDD

  • http://twitter.com/KimmyRyae Kim Ryae Bin

    yah!!! imma DB5K fan…how can i choose between my beloved oppa’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/tealonyx Ms. LA

    my cutie junsu for sure!! he smiles..i’ll melt!! we could keep repeatin tis cycle forever all thru our happily married life!! hehehe^^

  • http://twitter.com/zaoldyeck_dpl phuonglinh

    my dear junsu here…but…where is chunnie? 

  • 460491575

    junsu oppa we will fighting

  • Llibby

    Eric~~you are the best leader.

  • http://twitter.com/wowxiah Lillian

    Junsu is the best from the bottom of my heart!! fighting!!

  • http://twitter.com/wowxiah Lillian

    Junsu is the best from the bottom of my heart!! fighting!!

  • Minnie


  • http://twitter.com/AKTFforever MissAKTF

    UGHH~ I can’t vote! I’m sure Jae’s gonna get the most, so I’m voting for my bias, baby Changmin~! I’m glad to see he’s now currently after Jaejoong. <3

  • http://twitter.com/AKTFforever MissAKTF

    dammit, he’s no 3. i analyzed wrong

  • Lina

    They all have great qualities, but Jaejoong is just… unreal. Who wouldn’t want him as a boyfriend? Just looking at him brings naughty thoughts to mind. LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/lovejkfeverjk lovejkfever

    jaejoong, love you to be my lover

  • http://twitter.com/zaoldyeck_dpl phuonglinh

    junsu ah…no2…im so glad…

  • Elly


  • http://twitter.com/junshoe Beisu Hill


  • carly zhao

    junsu fighting

  • Good458


  • awts

    no yoochun?? kekeke… i’m for all the dbsk boys!!

  • Ryeo Hyeong

    Jaejoong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabydav17

    changmin ♥♥♥

  • http://twitter.com/zaoldyeck_dpl phuonglinh

    junsu ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • http://twitter.com/hikaru_jj myduyen


  • Cindy


  • Swgolf

    Love you forever!!! Eric

                          From China

  • Shinhwabada

    Eric Fighting~~

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nur-Saadah-Ab-Rahman/100000345865242 Nur Saadah Ab Rahman

    hahaha..dominated tvxq5…i love this…hahahaha

  • Hey!!!

    go yunho…go changmin.. <3

  • sha_min_13

    And why can´t I vote… ? : (

    If I could, then Changmin all the way ~!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShiBurrowes Shi Burrowes

    Junsu, Jaejoong, & G.O <3

  • Jess

    LOL: “Try not to massacre each other, Cassies. And fans of G.O. and Eric, may you make it out of this poll safely.”   SeoulBeats sure knows us well XD 

  • Jess

    BTW……..Where the hell is PimpChun? There’s an Ideal Type World Cup and there’s no Yoochun? O_O 

  • Kris Jung

    of course Yunho an then Changmin -w-

  • http://twitter.com/enroute_nikki Nikki

    Jaejoong all the way!!!!!!!!!

  • 460491575

    junsu oppa I love you no reason

  • Anonymous

    I love you, Junsu, but I am voting for Jaejoong this time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1699611984 Laura Donaire


  • kun

    haha DBSK!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sooxiah-Lee/100002715464378 Sooxiah Lee

    Junsu you’re the best!! fighting!!

  • Nashie_004

    i love junsu!!!!!!!!!!

  • junxi

    you should have put mickey yoochun here!..hehe..i love dbsk…but my favorite is JUNSU…saranghae…

  • carly zhao

    junsu fighting, even though ur not the best looking one, but i love u

  • Lagoon

    i don’t and never see what everyone else sees in jaejoong but i do know he has such a huge fanbase and so it’d be a surprise if he doesn’t win lol
    it’s kinda boring how he always wins, tho… meh :/

    • Anonymous

      shooooooo!!! jae is beautiful <3

    • Anonymous

      same here! he’s not handsome or pretty. i don’t find him attreactive and he’s totally GAY!

      • mino

        same! i admit that jaejoong can sing. but he is definitely NOT my ideal GUY. he’s a bit too effeminate for my liking.

        • msp_cool

          you do realise that he doesent HAVE TO BE YOUR IDEAL TYPE TO WIN THIS.
          you might have a different taste but so many more people realise his looks

      • Anonymous

        Heh, someone is jealous that he is so much more beautiful than you.  Gawd, he is sinfully handsome!!  Tsk tsk, so much hate for God’s gift to women–okay, you don’t have to enjoy the gift, us Jaejoong lovers will more than compensate for your lack of taste.

      • Anonymous

        lol someone is blind as a bat here!
        oh so you are a HoMin stan!
        i am an OT5! and i absolutely hate stans like you!
        SHAME ON YOU!
        even if you support one half of DBSK, it doesn’t give you the right to troll on the other half!
        go to hell!
        all 5 of them are talented and handsome! you just stop assuming that you understand the situation b/w the 5 of them more than anyone else and stfu about JYJ even if you dont support them!
        i bet HoMin must be ashamed to have troll fans like you!

        • huh??

          And if you support the 5 member, it doesn’t give you the right to say “go to hell” or “shame on you”
          what the difference between you and her??

          • Anonymous

            what do you mean by there is no difference?
            this person trolls on JYJ both on seoulbeats and AKP for no reason!
            i dont troll on either! i support all 5 of them..
            learn to read before you come to blindly support another HoMin stan!

  • 460491575


  • Huaminhtrang4391

    love Yunho and changmin :x

  • Anonymous

    Changmin and then Yunho of course! TVXQ FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/only6SHINHWA EunBin Kwak


  • Chewy

    This is the battle of 2nd place! May the best one win.

    • Anonymous

      lool so true!! jae is gonna get the first place anyways ^___^

  • Ranshin

    oh my junnie…you’re definitely my type,,^^

  • Hikari

    go scary maknae…VOLDEMIN!!!

  • AleLi

    hEY!!! iF Jaejoong win why people think is not right? If Changmin is 2nd I’m ok…don’t be stupid…to many girls Jaejoong is her type…What’s the problem??!!!

  • Anonymous

    Junsu is my bias in DBSK but I chose Yunho just because he seems more like my ideal type ^^ And all you Jaejoong haters, go away! Ya’ll are just mad that he beat your biases :P

  • Roa

    Is the leader loved the least? ;____;
    That’s kind of sad actually…

  • Anonymous

    Jaejoong es la perfeccion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amo todo de él!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 460491575

    no matter what junsu oppa is the best

  • chikaru jaejoong

    I love the four members of TVXQ, but I voted for TVXQ’s Jaejoong :D

  • Anonymous

    yoochun should be here!!!! :(

    *totally biased :D
    i guess ill choose jaejoong…or changmin

  • Anonymous

    Is jaejoong that attractive!? He wins everyone :P

  • Merry.

    sorry guys, its truly a fight for 2nd place. may my jaejoong beat the living daylights out of your baises just by standing there and oozing amazing-ness =D

  • Cassiiez_b2uty

    Jaejoong ^______________^ I love u the best !!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=749839156 Joanna Do

    wahhh~ jaejoonngg. : D
    and dbsk members are all in the top three!! hehehe
    but nevertheless, all the guys there are hott~ XD

  • http://twitter.com/AKTFforever MissAKTF

    Jaejoong is liked because all the people who like him thinks he’s the ideal guy, that’s not a problem, that’s one of the reason you like someone.

    I’m so glad to see Changmin at number 2. I love him, he’s my first bias but Jaejoong is my second but any DBSK boys are fine with me.


    • Anonymous

      coz then it’ll be the an ideal dbsk type poll lol

  • A334339

    Eric of shinhwa ……fighting!!!

  • Easy

    eric  fighting shinwa 2gether 4ever  ❤❤❤❤❤❤             

  • Easy

    eric  fighting shinhwa 2gether 4ever  ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Boo.

    I must be the only one who does not get Jaejoong’s appeal. O_O
    I don’t find him attractive or ideal at all. His singing of course is a different story.And the only one who ACTUALLY thinks GO is so ideal guy material XD

  • Sreya34


  • seeeeehyun


  • Soeunssh


  • Anonymous

    Honestly, if this poll was say 3 years ago, i can understand why Jaejoong wins, but now… have you looked at his picture lately? T__T

    • http://twitter.com/Kris_Jung Kris Jung

      the fans are blind -.-

      Of course he is not the dazzling man he used to be, but well He will always have the most of the fans (I neather cant understand why nobody see how deteriorated he is u.u)

    • Anonymous

      Jaejoong has been filming his drama Protect the Boss the past two months, averaging around 3 hours of sleep per night.  Anyways, thanks for the indirect compliment; so you are saying we JJ fans love him more than just his beauty. Aww, thanks for saying that we are not shallow at all.^^

      • lights

        so, JJ still work like a slave even not in SM ent. anymore? that’s so bad..

        • support_to_jyj

          You are not a slave, if you are well paid for your hard work and you like what you do.  ^^ 
          sorry for my english if you don´t understand.

          • KJ

            so he didnt like to work with TVXQ?
            And he was paid even before. (Or else how he could buy expensive cars and many cellphones, and ipods and expensive clothes?)

            But now he is now more happy? I don’t see that, but well -.-

          • Anonymous

            ofcourse they were paid BUT they was not paid the amount they earned!
            if you earn $5000 for a task and you get paid only $50 then you have got to be an idiot for staying at that job!

          • minmin

            hmm..how about yunho and changmin? they are idiot because they stay at SM?? i don’t think so..
            and btw, i read all your comments here and i think you use a couple of rude words..just calm a bit..

          • Anonymous

            interpret my comments as you want i dont care!

          • KJ

            and thats a rude coment xD
            (I dont like JYJ because of the fans -.-) thank u so much

        • Anonymous

          slavery is something when you don’t get paid for what you are doing stupid!
          our boys are very well paid now! they actually do something while you sit on your ass being a retard!

    • http://twitter.com/Ginatoho Gina Alvarado riz
  • Hoabachhop9999

    eric oppa

  • 张燕

    eric oppa ,加油!

  • Swgolf


  • Zhuwenling

    eric go go go



  • Babe_belle

    From fifth to third place, I saw all of his love is so powerful. Eric oppa. Fighting!!

  • Hizumi

    Shim Changmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maca


    Smart, flawless, handsome, sexy, cute, mature, dorky, sarcastic, hot, childish, amazing singing skills, very good acting skills, cool at danding, tall, honest, blunt, snarky…and the list go and go

  • Anonymous

    Eric of Shinhwa (16%, 1,014 Vote)I’m a Jaejoong fan but just wow! Shinhwa’s fans are awesome!

  • Shannon548


  • yunholover

    YUNHO  !!!! you are my perfect man !!!! you are so manly , handsome , honest , sexy  ,so hot 
    and very kind !!!!!! im in love with you !!!
    i love min too , i love his voice !!! 
    homin couple yahhh !!!


    fighting Eric
    Fighting SHINHWA

  • Ming

    Changmin ~ ♥

  • Jenny

    eric eric eric

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yeon-Hee-Ye/100001842704294 Yeon Hee Ye

    changmin~!!! >_<

  • Anonymous

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why people think Jaejoong is attractive. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Anonymous

      true to your name :)
      for you GD might be a stud and i can never understand why..

  • simin

    Changmin only

  • yuki

    Changmin DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/histuki Gấu Ham Ăn


  • Bezuize


  • babymin

    changmin is my bias and i voted for him yesterday, but today i voted for yunho…both of them are my ideal type..and i love their brotherhood <3

  • http://twitter.com/wowxiah Lillian

    Junsu is the best!! fighting!!

  • Conniewhang452z

    Eric, you mean so much to me. Shinhwa means so much to me. March 2012 comeback! AHHHH =)

  • Wiesteria

    Hate to say it, but it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win from the get-go.

  • hhh

    Yunho of DBSK ,,,, good!!!

    i love 2 DBSK

  • tanny

    YUNHO  !!!! !! you are so , honest , sexy ,,,&kind 2 DBSK !!!…………….god bless YUNHO & Changmin

  • Jmariecottle

    Jaejoongie~My first and only bias in all of Kpop. I’ll forever love your unique laugh, mesmerizing eyes, and spine-tingling high notes!

  • 460491575

    junsu oppa you are so beautiful you are so wondful you are so handsome

  • 460491575

    l love you only you

  • Sandy0207

    SHINHWA …..ERIC         Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Swgolf

    ERIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT MAN!!!!!!!!!!  FIGHTING!!!!!!

  • Laura


  • Mm


  • Kamilazld

    Eric , eric forever

  • Nashie_004

    junsu’s the best for me….though he’s not the most handsome…i really do think he’s the cutest and the most talented…junsu fighting!…

  • Nashie_004

    junsu will always be the winner for me..

  • Mikylee12

    Jaejoong is my favorite!!! I love u, JJ~~~

  • EVA


  • http://twitter.com/gyulming 민채현


  • s0207

    ERIC Fighting! SHINHWA Fighting!

  • http://twitter.com/Forever_JJs S

    Go Jaejoong and Junsu.. ^^

  • Jesmin_jr

    yunhoooo—– fighthing 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000532002556 Gabriele Hong

    eriiiiiic !

  • Zijin07

    ERIC Fighting! SHINHWA Fighting!

  • junxi_004


  • Ranshin_10

    i like the junsu the most….

  • lee

    Junsu is my # 1 ><

  • http://twitter.com/Ginatoho Gina Alvarado riz

    As expected Jaejoong #1 ^^ Junsu too <3

  • juyoung lee


  • http://twitter.com/KimcheeSushi フェィシア

    wow. 4/5 of DB5K :D poor yoochun. it’s okay yoochun. seolinja will take you back.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

      My love.

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