• Chris Sekar

    BEG just released a great album and I’m disappointed that this Seoulbeats writer wasted it By not talking about the music but appearances!

  • Disappoint

    I waited a whole 24 hours waiting patiently for a post here about BEG ‘s wonderful comeback….
    And this is what I got…??
    Not even a show of the MV teaser let alone any of their songs??
    I’ll go back to waiting for the post I’m hoping someone here will write…..

  • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

    This is the fault of human kind, we all love to look at beautiful people. We have nobody to blame but ourself for believing in it, because it’s ultimately our own decision (no matter the pressure).  

  • http://blackmagic32.livejournal.com/ Cas

    My thing is what is so wrong about getting braces if you need it. Okay so it changed her face that’s known to happen. I had braces for about 2 years they didn’t remove any teeth so the changes to my jaw line were as drastic but I had a friend who had 4 teeth remove and after had his teeth were straightened he looked like a totally different person.

    I honestly don’t see whats the big deal about this; her face shouldn’t overshadow their comeback. How can there be an article on this but not on their actual comeback.

  • maldita

    Do braces really affect someone’s jawline like that? My brother won’t through hell with his braces for years with so many stuff done and removed in his teeth, but he still looks the same. Granted, Miryo DID have braces. I saw their appearance in “Taxi” a year ago and she was so self-conscious about it.

    • Anonymous

      Braces plus weight loss can actually effect a jawline even more so if someone is required to fix their jaw to better align their teeth. When I had braces I was required to wear an expanding retainer with my braces to widen my jaw because my jaw was small for my age and not giving my teeth enough room to grow, on top of that I had 4 teeth removed. You would be surprised how dental work effects the overall appearance of the face as a whole.

  • Anonymous

    BEG released quite a MV and an album, and instead of talking about that we are focusing on looks again. How abou we talk about that MV instead which is a lot more newsworthy than looks.

  • Dave

    Ga In isn’t that good looking to begin with but she looks like hell here

  • Anonymous

    I am probably the only one who think BEG overdid the sexiness in this new MV . I love the concept and most part of the MV though.. 

    • abc123

      I have to agree with you about the MV. Some parts just seem like they are trying too hard to be sexy esp. Narsha’s. People might hate me, but those parts make the MV look a bit cheap

      • Anonymous

        Agree with you.. sexy is one thing.. but rolling around on the floor in underwear and a scarf only is a tad bit uncomfortable to watch

  • Bunny_lita

    Nothing about that amazing video or the album? We all know Miryo is plastic! New topic please.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    she did have braces though. during their long break and they volunteered somewhere on, it was shown that she had braces.

    anyways it though someone was gonna write about the awesomeness of their mv??

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I thought gain was the only one who doesn’t have any work done. I mean if she did, she would have done double eyelid surgery which is like the first and most basic procedure that people go for. But she doesn’t have double eyelids.

    • mcmooster

      She got her nose done

      • mcmooster

        She admitted she got her nose done; originally she wanted to get double eye lids as well but because her monolid look was so popular with people, she decided to keep them. Or something like that, that’s what she said in one of her interviews. 

        • binha silva

          She really got plastic surgery, but in her photos before the procedure she was already very pretty ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rose-Queenxknit/100002285001991 Rose Queenxknit

    Just SAYING it was JEA who had a fix and not Ga-In …….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IYXXB326MYEATHOPVKWBRY37CA Bernadette

      JEA?! WTH! did you see Jea’s pic before its exactly the same as how she looks like now… just with those heavy eyeliners…

  • Naughtykpopsecrets

    http:// naughtykpopsecrets.tumblr .com/

  • Anonymous

    To me Miryo looked stunning during Sound-G era, even prettier than Narsha and Ga-In. But whatever, we all know BEG love their plastic surgery, but that’s not important. Their flawless music and voices and performances and everything else is what we focus on and why we love them. Even without the surgery they would still be fierce and sexy because it’s just a vibe and style they carry naturally to be fierce

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  • Anonymous


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