• benny

    oh my god.. they could not lay off the autotune, its horrible

  • Amy

    The song is surprisingly not awful, but these girls are kinda ordinary and plain. Nobody would give them a second chance if Eric wasn’t backing them/promoting them so aggressively through Spy Myung-wol.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    i heard it the first time and didn’t like it
    this is the 2nd time and i can barely get through half of the song. i hate it. the autotune is bad and lucky that eric is in it

  • guest

    So 1/4 actually has a voice worth listening that’s bad even in kpop standards

  • bleh-_-

    that was really…really…really…BAD. If it weren’t for the subs at the bottom i would have never figured out what the girl is rapping or when they say rocket girl…..I agree with the post, the rapping was HORRIBLE, NOT EVERYONE CAN RAP and we can list Jeon-myul under those THAT CAN’T! the only two that saved this song was Joa and Eric. SO MUCH AUTO TUNE TOO! O.O

  • eboy07

    Lets see what they can deliver.

  • kc

    I concider my self a pretty nice person… but man, her voice makes my ears bleed “thas my Favorite song~” ah~ her voice can start a forest fire
    besides her though, the blond and chick with the pigtails can stay, not so sure about the red head but like I said, I’m a bit nice so might as well make it a threesome^^
    I’m a bit surprised really, you’d think someone like Eric Mun would be better at picking girls…

    • Anonymous

      You know, me too.  I hate to totally dis someone because I know these idols work so hard, but even after listening to it several times… the rapping in this song, ugh.  I literally cringed everytime Jeon-yul came out front and center to ‘rap.’ And “Locket Girl?”  If they know the girls’ English isn’t that good WHY have a song with the “R” in the name which is always a problem.

      I totally agree with you, I expected better of Eric.

      • kc

        I agree completely, and well… it’s sorta like when Secret’s “Magic” came out, from what I heard it sounded like they were saying “Mazic” and well, that’s really rather irratating, seriously, they’ve had to have heard what magic sounds like when you say it, why make these girls say it if they can’t -.-
        And I really wish there was another word for Jeon-yul’s “rap”, like that style of rap, the kind SNSD sorta does, is so annoying. for me rap should be a bit more fierce and less “ooo, eee” sounding -.- I don’t know, I guess alot of girl groups when they rap they sound like that, really I think they just shouldn’t have it in there it’s it’s going to sound like that -.-

        • Anonymous

          You know we could call it ‘chic’ rap or ‘crap’ for short…. but that probably would go against our ‘nice’ natures.  LOL.

          • kc

            lol^^ fits it far to well 

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1454993355 Kokonoe Stein

            yea, you two really are nice cause im not. that sounded like Crazy Frog on crack and even hearing Eric rap for the first time in a good while was not worth going through more than one fourths of this crap. Kpop puts out some real interesting sometimes rediculous things but this is just…just…terrible. 

  • http://twitter.com/Chewywonbin Honey

    This song is sooooooooo BAD!!!!!! Eric what happened? Did you also sleep throughout picking good songs for the girls?  I’m disappointed. 

  • http://twitter.com/mdy10dec Mary

    How on earth can Locket Girl get a break…. That was bad as in very very very bad.

    Eric… I love you man. But recently i am doubting your choices. Yes.. I hate his Spy drama.

  • Crissy

    And we ALL know Korean fans will go crazy just cuz “their oppa Eric” was involved LOL

  • http://twitter.com/maryisVIP 매리

    Honestly i feel embarrassed for Eric. To be associated with them. sighhh. MV and voices are rather cringe-worthy!

  • Anonymous

    I tried to listen to this song without watching the MV, and oh my ears ;___; 

  • Vicky

    i guess they were going for unique, it could be a likable song if that one girl wasnt rapping and without the red heads part. the hook, the part after that and erics part are what pretty much makes the song sound better. the dancing is fine along with video so i wont write out this group yet and i’ll wait for a second single. mainly because they seem unique. and i dont want to hear this version live.

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  • Linhmunblackjack

    Oh my G!!! what the hell??? I can’t hear anything. I just heard a sound like a pig!!!~

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