• yaya

    I’m in love with Sunny Hill’s Prayer! So much better than their previous single!

  • Suziee (@Suzieeq_luv)

    If there is one scene that is getting a lot of people hooked on Scent of A Woman. It is the tango scene.
    Sunny Hill is proving to be a popular group on the forefront of making great music videos.

  • Liz

    I did not like Midnight Circus at all, but Pray I absolutely LOVE!!!! This group stands out from the rest!

  • Felicia

    I love Sunny Hill! their MVs are always interesting to watch and the songs they put out aren’t just catchy but also have great musicality and voices as well I can’t wait to see what they put out next

  • JW

    Agree with all five things!!!
    Prayer is so good I shed tears in the end…
    Khuntoria better get themselves together for the next ep.! It’s going to be super duper epic :D

  • jyyjc

    That sunny hill mv was so sad T__________T

  • Daydream

    what 15 episodes? booo. I am so going to miss my Shin and Gyu-won.

    Protect the Boss is so awesome, it’s like the drama that Spy MW could’ve been if it was better written, directed and acted.

  • shalimarsubagja

    Suny Hill MV is creepy and sad. But consider that they are idol group, the MV is a brave move.